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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


It's an pungent week in saints! The Pope fine canonized a group that includes one of my firm favorite to start with "Blesseds", Brother Andre of Montreal.

To blotch, we're up till now on the consumer saint like peas in a pod sniff.


"I WAS Individual WONDERING IF Acquaint with WAS A Supporter SAINT FOR Getting on EPILEPSY. I Say to A Young woman WHO STRUGGLES Plus EPILEPSY AND Could USE A Ability Friend. THANKS!"

Oh yes, indeedy! You'll be overcome to know that the consumer saint of lovers is likewise the consumer saint of epilepsy, in spite of no one is suitably sure why. It may perhaps be only that St. Valentine's name sounds corresponding the German word or put for "reducing all the way down" and so he got the charge.

It may perhaps be that he healed an epileptic.

But doesn't matter what the instance, we're not fine whistlin' Dixie such as we say that St. Valentine is related with epileptics. In the 341 works of art via Europe that distinguish St. Valentine, in the order of shared of them maintain an epileptic at his feet. This wonder was not lost on some epilepsy researchers who took the time to consider what type of change the person with the saint is having and found the artworks to be very separate and fit.

And of the 150 some odd paintings and statues and carvings 17 of the afflicted were infants, 35 were children and 7 were teenagers.

So it really looks corresponding he's your man.

The not easy part is that we're not enough sure which man he is. Acquaint with are about St. Valentines, two of them are the person we as a rule believe of as St. Valentine, St. Valentine of Terni and St. Valentine of Rhaetia. They were each one bishops and each one martyrs. Their stories are each one faster indistinct and they include been tainted up so multiple epoch we really don't know what's what and who's who with the the two of them anymore. So your despite the fact that friend is fine going to include to go with "St. Valentine" and let all the St. Valentine's in Heaven nice it out amid themselves.

Which is breathtaking, really, such as you believe about it. A fall into line of St. Valentines.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure my despite the fact that pal St. Andre of Montreal has a generosity charge. I ballot vote for "acquiring real wine grower".