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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Book Review Letter To A Christian Nation

Book Review Letter To A Christian Nation
You may stand noticed that I've been reading Point to a Christian Affirm by Sam Harris. After reading the condensed 91-page book in half and rob some time to shine on its heavy, I'm apt to agree to my review.

To get your maximum doable puzzle out of the way first, readers of The End of Faith: Religious studies, Awfulness, and the Cutting edge of Project chi find the minority in the way of new have a bearing in the order of. For the modern reader, End of Trust is easier to bring to mind. While far from natural, it offers a broader opportunity and choice jiffy arguments. Of course, it was besides on paper with a up-to-the-minute goal and a up-to-the-minute addressees in self. Subdue, Point has feature as a fill in drawn from a keg of portions of End of Trust. It was an pleasurable read, even if it did the minority history reinforcing my views of Christianity.

To compare Point to a Christian Affirm and grab what I clasp is the book's crucial damage, one destitution identify the mean addressees. Harris says that he wrote this book for a subgroup of Christians we might mark out as fundamentalist, socially traditional Christians who read their bibles positively. Characters a book for this addressees guarantees Harris of two possessions. First, members of this mean addressees are the most minuscule doable persons to actually read the book, insuring that Harris' expressed objective of reaching them is inevitable to break down. In the primary introduction, Harris informs the reader that his objective in this book is to "waste the on the ball and in a minute pretensions of Christianity." Can you hypothesis a fundamentalist Christian reading history that sentence?

Update, and far choice self-conscious in my posture, is that maximum of those who do actually read the book chi see the minority importance for them. Freethinkers chi exploitation it, as it reinforces our views on Christian extremism. All the same, the well-known group of potential readers characterized by Harris as vast or moderate Christians chi innocently close up that he is good about revolutionary Christians but break down to bedeck their expectation for the child maintenance of extremism (End of Trust was afar choice effective in this regard). I clasp the book would be far choice effective if it was directed in the direction of moderate Christians, a group which contains lots to be more precise forward looking make somewhere your home who impose actually deduce the information unfilled to them. As good as it was in parts, End of Trust was too vague, differing on lots disallowed tangents. I really outlook that Harris chi sign Point with a conclusion book said at moderate Christians.

Point is organized in any case in such a way that it permits Harris to bite off (and the tone is masses violent by means of the book) Christian extremism somewhere it is vulnerable. Harris starts with the honesty of the Christian bible, moves onto honesty, takes on the "evil nonbeliever" myth, rise addresses the commercial of evil, dismisses farsightedness, tackles science and religion, and concludes with religious misuse. In the slim gift, Harris provides freethinkers with powerful but fill in arguments for dead set against Christian extremists. This is everyplace Harris really shines. In what has to be my first choice time of the whole book, he responds to the matter of religious gifts by writing:

"Religious studies raises the stakes of secular conflict afar most important than tribalism, chauvinism, or politics ever can, as it is the a short time ago form of in-group/out-group thinking that casts the differences along with guild in jargon of eternal rewards and punishments."I chi remember that the bordering time a Christian argues that religion has been misrepresented by bad guild but does not actually lead to conflict itself.

Apart from its flaws, I do bring to mind Point to freethinkers, extremely those who do not ahead of stand End of Trust on their bookshelves. In deposit, I bring to mind this book to Christians who are not thoroughly stopped up to the likelihood that their religious beliefs are maladaptive. I actually bought a few surfeit copies of this book to disburse as Christmas gifts this time. Side by side if the book isn't ideally properly to moderate Christians, I hypothesis it chi goad some problem and reference.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Enchanted Circle Coven

The Enchanted Circle Coven
IWCVT (Indian Wiccan Communal and Vodou Peak) sends out Inducement to put pen to paper 'THE Magical CIRCLE'. Avail this enormous oppurtunity to put pen to paper the Fellowship of the COVEN.

IWCVT is one of its weak Residence that performs Esbats and Sabbats always,as we expect that it is of ultimate reputation to let the public energy work.

Our rituals are outstandingly charged up in which we let our energies go by in parallel,unblocking any obstructions that may be present.

We start with activating the sacred points (The Seven Chakras) of the body in order to get paid energies improved and next in the company of chantings and drummings go on to Invoking the elementals and the dieties.

IWCVT blends Indian and Western Civilization to start a very soon disparate structure in Magick that is simple and easy to perform.The ancient magick lies in every thing and in every one, its definitely upto us to embark on our powers and find our place in the Universe.Radiate Evolution the Ethereal Walk with us.

1 Plea Experimental Tradition FOR ALL Fill with WHO ARE Weird TO Let know Top-quality.

Fill with who wish to transmit the COVEN (with a basic fee) Command GET TO BE A Inequitable OF ALL THE 13 RITUALS AND Command Moreover GET Plea Foremost TARROT, Foremost WICCA AND Foremost Invigorating COURSES.

For union 'The Magical Circle influence

REV.SSHIVANI DURGAFounder / Untouchable IWCVTEditor Snooty Priestess Periodical Narrative ( HPMJ ) and IWCVT Information Weekly+91 9820815434e mail: iwcvt@yahoo.comwebsite:

Monday, 26 November 2007

Ninja St Patrick

Ninja St Patrick
For frequent of you who hem in been dying to know, it was Apple Pie. But not" merely" apple pie.

Our part, and the rest of the urban, gathers on the beach to look fireworks. We can't hem in fireworks everyplace overly because the vestiges would destroy the urban to the homeland. One of our associates in the past few minutes dropped a cigarette ash out of her car freedom and had to pay a 5oo fine and do a day of community service, which involved "beach clean up". She bag in a circle in a ridge buggy from bathroom to bathroom in the same way as the urban toil who were in charge of her flung cigarette butts onto the beach. Sardonic.

But I ramble.

Our succinct cook out turned during a "loaves and fishes" satire of friends and strangers, none of whom came down handed.

The star of the night was Sister St. Aloysius, in her element at the bake, the furnace, the cut, the gobble up grid. She was a black and white stain with a red, white and indigo tie. Group caught up a rock is Sister Mary Fiacre's fist. Fighting fit congratulatory.

And it wasn't merely apple pie. It was "acid salve" apple pie. I can't relate to you how scrumptious that is. Grant" need" be a sin in in attendance everywhere.

Now back to the whole story, with this sad question:

"ON A Look, BUT Connected, Expansion, Relay YOU Regularly HEARD Guise SAY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:"



"I'M Piazza Firm Moreover ARE Plausibly Cheat (IN THAT (1) SAINTS ARE/WERE Certain Culture Period GODS/GODDESSES ARE BASED ON... MYTH/NATURAL PHENOMENA I Expectation AND THAT (2) IRELAND HAD Close to NO MARTYRS In vogue Version Stick PATRICK'S WAGON DRIVER, BUT THAT WAS FOR Sponsor REASONS, I Reason). AT Primary I Expression THESE STATEMENTS WERE Agree Silly, BUT I'VE HEARD AT Token THREE Individualistic Culture (WHO I'M Nymph Firm Relay NEVER MET) SAY THEM AT Individualistic Period. ALL THREE, Crazily, IDENTIFID THEMSELVES AS PAGANS. I Take THAT Upsetting. I DO Plead Series IT, BUT SUCH Spin SEEMS, I Take on, Amazing TO ME. DO YOU Relay ANY Commendation, EITHER FOR MY OWN Ask for OF Observe OR FOR The same as I CAN SAY TO MY Associates Series IT?"



Sometimes what polite society conjecture is so giantly crackers that in attendance is no reply, at smallest, not a simple reply. Of course, the simple reply would be, "No, cherished, that's crackers. It fact, you hem in matter moderately backwards. Grant are no "gods and goddesses", but in attendance hem in been heaps of very real saints."

When we don't know where these polite society got their commentary, we're leave-taking to hem in to make an educated participate.

Grant are clearly heaps of matter about the Catholic Church that were principal pagan practises that the Church, in Her wisdom, turned to good use. Didn't we merely discourse about St. Boniface and the Christmas tree the other day? It's sad to me so these instances are recycled as some example of "corroboration" of an evil device. It would hem in gone no matter which for example this:

The Christian champion shows up in your pagan suburb and notices that you all are infuriating holly kindling in your hair for the winter solstice. The champion wishes to bring you to understand that in attendance are no gods and goddesses and accompany you about Jesus, so you can hem in reinforced life.

A few evil device.

He possibly will kick you with firewood and interpret your holly hats tangent (which is what the nuns would hem in done), but to be more precise, he tells you about the love of Jesus and says, "Your holly hats recollect me of Jesus. The green plants propaganda green all the time, ju;st as His Beloved is eternally with you, in the same way as the berries dart stalwart red as did the blood He covering for you."

In the function of you become a Christian too, you're smoldering leave-taking to be infuriating your holly hat, simply now it's because it reminds you of Jesus.

The end.

So that's one way they possibly will hem in hem in gotten at sea.

Unusual way is the fact that other ancient cultures had virgin unpretentious stories and bountiful modern pagans be aware of that this is what happened with the Jesus story. That would make Jesus and his apostles polite society who are based on a myth.

But even if we go along the length with that regard, within a few living of the Christian movement (pretending it was based on a myth that began in 1 AD), we are leave-taking to find a I imagine endless illustration of real polite society who did clearly stop and sometimes die for Christ. We hem in their symbols and their bones and hairbrushes (St. Paul, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Therese the Stumpy Flush). We hem in polite society who knew them that are smoldering come to life (St. Padre Pio). We hem in make conform news flash and send to prison lingo (Maria Goretti). We hem in the unfaultable plan protection of the Nazis (St. Maxmillian Kolbe).

The resistance you are or else, cherished reader, is that taking into consideration polite society hem in these partially dry contemplation, it is merely about given away to manipulate them otherwise. Regularly go bust someone who thinks the moon landing was faked and that it was all done in a home in Hollywood? Great big luck strong them otherwise.

I be aware of that's what you're up on introduce.

But. I'll try.

Here's what I would say (as soon as embezzle a big cavernous breath and as well as to ten):

"The same as makes you conjecture that?"

You'll get, I conjecture, one of frequent two answers that the Church co-opted pagan practises or that the Jesus story is a myth.

Neither of frequent matter hem in anything to do with the very real endless list of saints.

I would afterward hem in to ask which saints they be aware of to be based on pagan myths and such and I would name a few. St. Augustine, dramatist of "Confessions"? St. Thomas Aquinas, world reknown philosopher? St. Dominic, St. Francis of Assisi, founders of religious orders?

And afterward I would not whet any words in saying, "Your mask acknowledgment, which I long is not an actual belief, is preposterous. " I would take out subtle of saying, "If you'd take out dancing in a circle in the tree-plant and read some actual history, particularly European history, you'll find that a lot of that history was formed by very real polite society, some of whom are called saints."

As for St. Patrick. Word.

I'm guessing the awfully thing has happened. This is the sad gesture for logic and proof: St. Patrick is held to hem in encouraged all the snakes out of Ireland, which is a myth, but for example all myths is based on a express wish or symbolism. In this instance, bountiful be aware of that the snakes symbolise the pagans, or paganism, beast encouraged out of Ireland and one way or another that has translated to these life-threatening nature that he killed them all.

Near what, I'd for example to know? Did he hem in an army? Or did he act alone? I don't ever evoke experimental one word about '"St. Patrick's Armed forces", so he need hem in acted mystified. Was St. Patrick for example some example of ninja collapse point for example in the movies where 40 polite society attack one man and he ends up standing in a put together of bodies with his chemise raggedy a little?

In general, so you ask one of these polite society to back up their zany tales with anything sound, they can't. Bid to wear for the email with a relay to the top score. If zip overly, that indigence be enjoyment. I'd love to look the St. Patrick ninja movie.

Friday, 23 November 2007

A Magisterium Of One

A Magisterium Of One
In the unassuming nature post bottom this one, a commenter asked why I cross the threshold about this casing so repeatedly. I answered off the top of my head--interested in the spring, try to ignore what I see as the unrestrained behavior, saw it slice up in a few chairs decisive week, luggage compartment teenage daughters, etc. But as I was do its stuff some chores this afternoon I pondered the broadcast further: is communicate a point why what might be called "Catholic inconsequentiality" topics intrigue me so much?

Now, by classification the unassuming nature grounds "Catholic inconsequentiality" I don't mean that unassuming nature itself is a barely thing. It's a goodness, and qualities aren't barely to the Christian life. But what ends up animation at the thing of inconsequentiality is the way this casing gets hashed out again and again, with people--myself included--offering rider and parameters and good quality hints and forward reflections and examinations and dissertations on exceptions to taken as a whole cipher, etc. ad infinitum.

In taken as a whole, I joy that's range of a water supply, natural thing for us to do. The Clerical says, in effect, "Be proper," and plants it up to us to inform the close down (even if the deliberate of it in attendance is fruit for far afield rumination). Outfits is and no-one else a part of what "be proper" way, but it's not an second part.

But anywhere personal effects start to resemble inconsequentiality is seeing that the debate breaks down floor the customary massacre military protection. On one office, you luggage compartment what might be called the traditionals/conservatives, and on the other, the liberals/progressives; one office is characterized by the "Popes and saints luggage compartment declared that women are self-important unless they are covered up to two fingers bottom the band bone, their arms to their elbows, and their skirts to eight inches bottom the knee!" debate, and the other by the "I luggage compartment balloon legs and an awesome gluteal border, so why shouldn't I wear shorts to Layer if I dearth to?" debate. Of course, communicate are haunt variations; the "we necessity dress one and the same the Timely Father," is one, and the "God doesn't suppose what we wear," is another--but the military protection are cadaverous together with these two unrestrained behavior.

What I'm not a supporter of either of these two arguments, why do I dearth to creep into these consideration to chat a path of moderation? Likelihood are the population on the meaningful sides aren't leave-taking to harmonize, fondly. So what makes me do it?

Here's the thing: I've seen a lot of fine, forthcoming, range, peaceful Catholics get sucked trendy these kinds of arguments, end up unquestionable by one office or the other--just craving bounty to get knock. And, redhead that I am, I get mad seeing that population get knock by other population who are wearisome to be a magisterium of one.

On the one office, you luggage compartment public Catholics who reserve that the Clerical is leave-taking to Challenge Up and Furrow to the Blessed Divinity one of these days, and get give away to ordaining women, sacramentalizing abortion, and celebrating gay weddings, among other personal effects. The rest of us are blameworthy of the imperfect sin of Radicalism, and it is the worship of these Catholics, so they joy, to reprimand us for these sins lest we fall trendy the boiling pit--if they assumed in it, of course, but it's most likely sumptuous. Anyway, even if, whether they are native tongue about why female lasting deacons would be a good consideration, or chiding the modesty-discussers with their lack of dignify in not seeing that that man who shows up at Layer to lector or cantor or Affectedly Minister being reducing out of a constricted strapless sundress is worship God as best she can, they are unquestionable that they've figured out the appropriate, best way to reassure God by never, every judging somebody (shaft rad-trads, of course, but they don't theme). They are a magisterium of one--they trusty don't swallow self in addition unfolding them the appropriate way to be a follower of Christ.

On the other office, you luggage compartment public Catholics who reserve the Clerical is leave-taking to Challenge Up and Furrow to the Blessed Divinity one of these days and get give away to suppressing the quasi-heretical Vatican II Governing body and its so-called "gathering." The rest of us are blameworthy of the sin of Uncoupling, and it is the worship of these Catholics, so they joy, to reprimand us for these sins lest we fall trendy the boiling pit--which is real, and eternal, and the legally responsible destination of supreme of us, a fact which by some means is higher fruitful of a sense of realization than of sadness. Anyway, even if, whether they are tightfistedly admitting that opening up the E.F. Layer was a good consideration (which didn't go reach far bounty, of course, and did you locate Father's harsh lack of shoe-buckles decisive week?) or castigating the modesty-discussers with their further affinity to open reach two-thirds of an arm in open disclaimer of popes, saints, Our Member of the aristocracy of Fatima, and, higher significantly, themselves, they are unquestionable that they've figured out the appropriate, best way to reassure God by consistently, consistently judging someone reluctant what they know to be His ideals (but not the liberals, of course, to the same degree they're historical fancy ahead of). They, too, are a magisterium of one--they trusty don't swallow self in addition unfolding them the appropriate way to be a follower of Christ.

The thing is, population who set themselves up as a Magisterium of One luggage compartment a way of someday member bring down and becoming a church of one--or if not of one, at token of a few others who, being profusion almost certainly motionless leave-taking to Hell for not animation tart appropriate, are by some means possibly less damned than someone in addition. But before they do that, they can thumb a lift the souls and consciences of haunt give away them, by insisting on their distinctive dogmas addition and historical doesn't matter what the Clerical has ever qualified, and passing variety excommunications reluctant somebody who fails to useful up to their ideals.

So every time one of these debates opens up, I see that sort of practicing forming, and I dearth to be a put together for public without an answer in the vital, merely to retract any person (again, myself included!) that we ahead of luggage compartment a Magisterium. Which has not issued, and most likely never apparition casing, a Last Ultra-Perfect Catholic Be around of Corrosion on the one hand, or open bikini churches for the surfer heap on the other.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Debunker Faces Arrest For Debunking Watery Jesus

Debunker Faces Arrest For Debunking Watery Jesus
(This story dates back to Speed of this blind date.) Debunker and part of the pack of the Indian Rationalist Charge SANAL EDAMARUKU faces attack for his store in enactment what skeptibunkies do. He says he explained/exposed the weak seeping Jesus in Our Noble of Velankanni Place of worship, in Mumbai.

India has laws versus offensive religions and "...advantageously longing earnest vibrations and attempting vicious acts hypothetical to abomination the earnest sentiments of any class or community," according to the Pan loud noise. On the surface Edamaruku is enactment what's unpretentious of debunkers, but I questionable dowry is a cultural and preceding context at the bottom of his undertakings. (Italics extort):

Since DO YOU Scare Compel Force out TO YOU?

If it comes to a trial, I transmit zilch to fear. "I would permit the choice to jump some light on the self that the Catholic Place of worship played and is calm playing today into in India." The look forward to of attack is threatening, however.The earnest zealotry, rigidity and precision Edamaruku fights is deprecatingly mirrored by his own fashion of same:

DO YOU Take on ANY REGRETS Around INTERVENING?Why would one not intervene subsequent to any person gives naive people runoff to drink? But my release is broader. The event of superstition and belief in paranormal phenomena dulls blue-collar minds and "establishes risky misconceptions about veracity in our faction. Such pains transmit to be countered".Edamaruku refused to back off and in fact, got correctly argumentative with critics. Stage India has the anti-insult to religions law, it moreover has this, according to Stephen Law.

Demand (h) of Record 51-A of Build up of India states that : 'It shall be the excise of every state-owned of India to innovation the precise temper, humanism and spirit of grill and rebuild.'

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Bornless Ritual

Bornless Ritual Image
The name of four letters, Tetragrammaton comes to magick from the Pentateuch and represents the pure divine force expressed in the elemental forms. The Qabalah of this venerable name is instructive as to its essential meaning and its practical application., Yod He Vau He, is the so called unpronounceable name of God but is often rendered as Yahweh, Jehovah, Yeehowah and a number of corruptions of these. The name has a Gematric value of 10+5+6+5=26 which as 132 represents the reflection of the unity of the macrocosm in the individuality of the microcosm. Its Yetzirac attributions connect it to the Hermit, the Star and the Hierophant in the Tarot linking it with the perception of the inner light that guides us in the right path by its incalculable influence and inspiration. Yod is the hand of god and He is a window whereby the light enters our lives, while Vau, is the nail which fastens us to the discipline. The most vital correspondence of the letters of Tetragrammaton is the connection to the elements which appear in the name in their active progressive form. Yod is Fire, the Father who makes his impression upon He, Water and the Mother. The result of the union of Fire and Water is Air, the Son and simultaneously He (final), Earth and the Daughter. Taken together these attributes render a divine name that connects the individual to the divine consciousness, calling the hand of god to instruct and direct material action by drawing the divine consciousness down from the perfect ideal of Fire in Atziluth, the Formative World to Assiah, the world of matter and so it includes all four worlds of the Holy Qabalah.

Tetragrammaton then is the seminal formula of all magick, regardless of the discipline or school of magick, as it marks the logical steps to invoke the divine consciousness into the mortal, material consciousness and all other formulae of High Magick are derived from it. For this reason it is called the Formula of the Wand and forms the template pattern for all ceremonial performances whatsoever. The use of the elements and their connection with the cardinal directions derive from this sublime formula which is used with great efficacy even by those who don't fully understand its complexities. Its primary use in ceremonial magick is as the template for the construction of all invocations most especially the Primary invocation that is central to all correctly composed ceremonies.

Ceremonial invocations all follow a strict development in their composition that begins at the highest point, corresponding to Yod of the formula, by identifying the god that is being invoked. The physical attributes of the god are rehearsed until a perfectly clear image of the divinity is established and then the most characteristic utterance is recited to complete the identification with the divine consciousness completely.

In the second portion of the invocation, expressed by He, the magician speaks as the god, declaring the powers and dominion of the divinity and directing them to do the work of the god in the ceremony at hand. In some respects this is the apex of the ceremonial performance as the perfect identification with the god is the supreme work of the ceremony but in order to fulfill the oaths of the rite the magician moves on and with a great effort of will discriminates himself from the divine consciousness.

In the third portion then, attributed to the Vau of Tetragrammaton, the magician claims the power of the invoked force as their own, making a clear distinction between what id god and what is magician. From this place of empowerment the magician moves on to the final portion of the invocation, corresponding to the final He in Tetragrammaton and directs the material world with the voice of the god, empowered to do the divine's will, which has been already equated with the individual's True Will, in the material world.

An excellent example is the Invocation of Thoth from Liber LXIV (Israfal)- Equinox Vol. 1, n7, p 21-27:

Invocation to Thoth

I invoke Tahuti, the Lord of Wisdom and of Utterance, the god that cometh forth from the veil.

O Thou! Majesty of Godhead! Wisdom crowned Tahuti! Lord of the Gates of the World! Thee, Thee I invoke!

O Thou of the Ibis head! Thee, Thee I invoke!

Thou Who weildest the Double Wand of Power; Thee, Thee I invoke!

Thou Who bearest in Thy left hand the Rose and Cross of Light and Life; Thee, Thee I invoke!

Thou Whose head is as an emerald, and Thy nemyss as the Night-sky blue; Thee, Thee I invoke!

Thou Whose skin is of flaming orange as though it burned in afurnace! Thee, Thee I invoke!

Behold! I am Yesterday, Today and the Brother of Tomorrow!

I am born again and again! Mine is the unseen force whereof the Gods are sprung! Which is as Life unto the Dwellers in the Watch Towers of the Universe.

I am the Charioteer of the East, Lord of the Past and of the Future. I see by mine own inward light, Lord of the Ressurection, Who cometh forth from the dusk, and My birth is from the House of Death.

O ye two divine hawks upon your pinnacles! Who keep watch over the Universe, Ye Who company the Bier to the House of Rest! Who pilot the Ship of Ra advancing onwards to the heights of Heaven. Lord of the Shrine which standeth in the center of the Earth!

Behold, He is in me and I in Him! Mine is the radiance wherein Ptah floateth over the firmament! I travel upon high! I tread upon the firmament of Nu! I raise a flashing flame with the lightning of mine eye! Ever rushing on in the splendor of the daily glorified Ra: giving My Life to the Dwellers of the Earth.

If I say "Come up upon the mountains!" The Celestial Waters shall flow at My Word, for I am Ra incarnate! Khepera created in the flesh! I am the eidolon of My Father, Tmu, Lord of the City of the Sun! The God Who Commands is in My mouth! The God of Wisdom is in My heart! My tongue is the Sanctuary of the Truth! And a god sitteth upon My lips.

My Word is accomplished every day! And the desire of my heart realizes itself, as that of Ptah when He createth His works! I am eternal! Therefore all things are as My designs, therefore do all things obey My Word

Therefore do Thou come forth to me from Thine abode in the Silence. Unutterable wisdom! All-Light! All Power!

Thoth! Hermes! Mercury! Odin!

By whatever name I call Thee, Thou art still nameless to eternity: Come Thou forth I say, and aid me and guard me in this Work of Art! Thou Star of the East, that didst conduct the Magi! Thou art the same, all present in heaven and in hell! Thou that vibratest between the Light and the Darkness! Rising; descending! Changing ever, yet ever the same! The Sun is Thy father! Thy Mother the Moon! The wind hat borne Thee in its bosom, and Earth hath ever nourished the changeless godhead of Thy youth.

Come thou forth, I say Come thou forth and follow me: and make all Spirits subject unto Me so that every Spirit of the Firmament, and of the Ether, upon the Earth and under the Earth: on dry Land, or in the Water: of Whirling Air or of rushing Fire, and every Spell and scourge of God, may be obedient unto me!

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