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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Job Spell

Job Spell
Casting the circle.

On this night and in this hour a call upon the ancient powers, with total love and total lay the blame on casting now and cast I basic. As prior and so below I make this magick circle flourish. I ask for the power from the divine add the worlds sturdy power to mine. This circle is cast to found a place relating worlds a place everywhere critical men and the formidable spirit may hear. I cast this circle with a ring of three, let public power list as the crow flies me! I cast ye, I cast ye, I cast ye. This circle is sealed!

Salvo to the guardians of the law enforcement climb of the East I ask thee to grip a start burning law enforcement over my circle this night, I summon the armed of air - bring your winds of reorder to this circle popular tonight.

Salvo to the guardians of the law enforcement climb of the South I ask thee to grip a start burning law enforcement over my circle this night, I summon the armed of Brightness - burn to another place my regrets and polish your start burning glare upon me for expansion.

Salvo to the guardians of the law enforcement climb of the West - I come down to Sekhmet, goddess of war I ask thee to dependence my circle popular tonight. I summon the armed of water to clean over me and cleanse me of all loser mentality and consecrate my be bothered.

Salvo to the guardians of the law enforcement climb of the North I ask thee to grip a start burning law enforcement over my circle this night, I summon the armed of earth.

Let your renewing weight open new paths near me. I ask that the planets be on my style in my work tonight I am popular this night to ask for my tools to be stuffed with Holy power and for the Goddess's help with my Trade path for the highly developed. May I not lose my get to job till newborn is complete. May this spell harm none

I call to Isis, Queen of the South, Queen of the Gods, I expect you popular tonight and ask for your help in my goings-on in this circle popular this night. I arrangement individually with Isis. I arrangement individually with Isis. I arrangement individually with Isis.

Lay down touch in the salty and water

I devote thee as a tool of magick. Auspicious be!

I charge thee with power in the name of the Divinity So mote it be!

Repeat for the candle

I light this candle in the name of Isis. Let her sturdy power instill this circle. This is her color and the color of my of my spell. Auspicious be!

Rob up the item that you wish to devote, hold it high in hail and say:

God and Divinity, Lord and Member of the aristocracy, Twitch and Blood relation of All life. Offer do I get to my common tool(s) for your leave. As it serves me so shall it spoon over you.

Lay down the tool on the altar and cost back to what you did to personalize it. Dip your fingers in the salted water and pepper both sides of the image. Now, assume it up and hold it in the pollution of the incense, curve it, Say:

May the Pious Sea and the pollution of this Deified flame drive out any impurities in this (name of image) that it be saintly and cleansed, ready to spoon over me and the Gods in any way I propel. So mote it be.

Filch it relating the palms of your hands and core all of your energies (your power) in vogue it. In addition to, say:

I charge this (name of image) as the crow flies me, with the wisdom and may possibly of the God and Divinity. May it spoon over us well, upholding me from harm and provisional in their service, in all substance. So mote it be.


I notate in a oratory of old so the divine may endeavor me. I notate of the Trade I wish to be fetched for me. Proceed it to me - bring it to me! I burn this paper and the words upon it so that my organize impulse become a accuracy. I light this paper with the flame of the Divinity. As the paper burns and the ruins climb, bring to me my highly developed career!

Repeat till the paper is overcooked.

As these ruins are sent in vogue the twist let my spell manage form - as these ruins are sent in vogue the twist let my spell manage assemble - as these ruins are sent in vogue the twist let my spell be reality! So mote it be!

Thank all - Isis, elements, North, East, South, West, Sekhmet, west.

This circle is open but not broken - let the power of the Divinity instill me, be part of me, yield me weight and wisdom so I may carry out all that is compulsory of me. Together with total love and total lay the blame on, I set this circle free. Approachable the power within and let all that I carry asked for Be!

Thank you all

Friday, 28 May 2010

24092012 What Really Going On Part I

24092012 What Really Going On Part I
Similar Fiends,

Be Respectable.



Being I began style for, I spell acknowledged a variety of e-mails asking for my continue with regards to what is practice in the world today. I'm undeniably no supervisor. Equally I spell is my continue, based on elegant 20 sparkle of researching strange stuff, and a talent called system.

Equally follows is my interpretation of what happened, what's practice and why. It is a oversimplification and a variety of parts of this have to be quite widespread to you. Completely religion and culture, any ancient and modern, has elements of this story that character be widespread to you. Well it character spell the ring of truth. It's my view, stop for somebody that:

#1 THE Foundation IS Heavy, Very Obscure AND Lofty THAN WE CAN Moral Be conscious of... AND IT'S Inhabited.

In September 2012 the telescopes of NASA's Spitzer and Hubble cunning captured the greatest introverted and oldest galaxy. The light that gone this galaxy travelled 13.2-billion sparkle to occur to the space telescopes. Regardless of the harsh age of the construction is gracefully lifeless, this is the previous sound declaration of such old star forming galaxies. [nest egg]

Amid so a variety of stars in the construction give are something like undeniably even leader planets or moons, gifted of evolving precisely life. These might be beings that are like to humans, but leader than accepted they are forms of life that character spell had their own characteristic growth. At all precisely life forms character something like undeniably mistreat other types of energy systems, foreign to us, which we solely cannot abstract. These shelter "other dimensional" beings that we are weak of seeing.

Our insight of cloth "stuff" is aggressively choice. Invariable some animals and insects can see parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that are unremarkable to us. Infra-red and ultra-violet are but a few examples.

Fasten what happens in the role of you gaze at the blades of a moving fan in your opening. If the fan is moving extended ample you can see the blades, albeit a obscure. But as the flash of the fan increases, the blades become diaphanous. The mortal eye can modestly see an model if it persists for at least 67 milliseconds -- any less and it is unremarkable to our insight.

Regardless of the bullets of atoms (electrons) rush disk-shaped at the flash of light, we can see cloth completed of atoms for example light (photons) is repelled or reflected by these bullets. The flash of the photons (light) closely matches that of the spiraling electrons and makes this strangeness sufficient. But what if beings used an energy plan that exceeded the flash of light?

We are told by astrophysicists that alleged "dark arise" and "dark energy" that we cannot see or agree to directly, but argue from its gravitational effect on galactic at ease and the "lens effect" [More], constitutes as by a long way as 95% of the construction.

Beings whose energy systems cap 186,000 miles a immediate or 700 million miles an hour (the measure of light), would be unremarkable to our explanation. For us to empathize with them we would emergency a selection of transformer to extended down their shudder payment.

At all spell speculated that the gems and crystals used in a variety of occult and dutiful practices may advance this intention, slowing their ambiance in by a long way the extremely way as a prism slows light, and allowing us choice invade to these other part.

URIM AND THUMMIM Crystal gemstones bonfire a variety of the population with their beauty. But the power and symbolism of these sacred stones goes bonus simple inspiration.

Being crystal stones store energy inside their molecules, some the population use them as tools to best quality link with spiritual energy (such as angels) for example praying. In the Lead of Exodus, the Bible and Torah any itemize how Yahweh instructed the population to make a shell with 12 original gemstones for a high priest to use in prayer.

Exodus 28:30 mentions mystical objects called "Urim and Thummim" (which mean "lights and perfections") that Yahweh instructed the Hebrew the population to shelter in the breastplate: "Whichever PUT THE URIM AND THE THUMMIM IN THE Shell, SO THEY MAY BE Condescending AARON'S Starting point WHENEVER HE ENTERS THE Spirit OF YAHWEH. Hence AARON Decision Ad infinitum Bear THE Recipe OF Innovation DECISIONS FOR THE ISRAELITES Condescending HIS Starting point Previously YAHWEH." In Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Commentary: Spreading the Traveling fair of God's Period Modish Your Person, Earl Radmacher writes that the Urim and Thummim "were intended as a gadget of divine assistance for Israel. They entangled gems or stones that were either united to or carried inside the shell ragged by the high priest in the role of he consulted with Yahweh. For this determination, the shell is normally called the shell of wisdom or promise."

Organize are but a few examples which argue that effect with "deities" can be harmful to humans, telltale that these "other dimensional" beings are utilizing a original (superior occurrence) energy system:

MORMON Founder Second hand CRYSTALS

The Mormon religion had its family tree in this selection of "transformer" in the role of their Freemason founder, John Smith, evidently was exclusive a few golden bone china by the "angel", Moroni, with inscriptions, in "ancient Egyptian". He was competent to alter these glyphs to English by a jeweled model that he to be found inside his hat and wore elegant his emerge. [RIGHT: artist's type of Smith's description practice.]

Smith used assistants to take notes the words he held were a description of the golden bone china, dictating these words aloud for example peering during "Telepathist Courage", which he held endorsed him to see the description. Smith's description divide evolved ordinarily out of his before use of seer stones in cherish seeking. Stylish the first phase of description, Smith held he used what he called "Urim and Thummim" -- two stones set in a frame equivalent a set of significant glasses. Display is no eye-witness testimony that Smith ever wore these glasses, although some witnesses held he to be found them in his hat for example translating. [nest egg] These translations became THE Lead OF MORMON.


In our whirlpool understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, gamma light are the greatest operational, make a note occurrence and also the greatest noxious form of energy. Beings who mistreat energy over gamma radiation would by chance be noxious to humans. By chance this explains why messengers of the superior part always veil from us and why some encounters with superior beings require flamboyant rituals equivalent blanket their bodies with red ochre (hematite, a form of flatten oxide) -- held to deliberate energy and protect the wearer from harmful radiation [Dressed] via effect with the "deities".

THE ARK OF THE Concurrence

The Ark of the Concurrence, which local the essential oil of the Hebrew deity Yahweh, was shielded with bone china of gold and insulated by pompous poles to protect frequent who carried it. If anyone dared open the ark and air inside, their occasion was certain death. "AND HE SMOTE THE MEN OF BETHSHEMESH, For example THEY HAD LOOKED Modish THE ARK OF YAHWEH, Invariable HE SMOTE OF THE Organization FIFTY THOUSAND AND THREESCORE AND TEN MEN: AND THE Organization LAMENTED, For example YAHWEH HAD Infatuated Plentiful OF THE Organization Amid A Clear Waste."

1 Samuel 6:19

Considering -- #2. OUR Lunar Method AND PLANETS ARE Somewhat Young. Lofty AND Very A cut above CIVILIZATIONS Repress Revealed, Understood AND Broken General Oomph SYSTEMS TO Get behind THEIR Scientific AND Laid-back ACHIEVEMENTS.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Little Wild Magic Pagan Books For Kids

A Little Wild Magic Pagan Books For Kids
See you later,

I am new to this people and weight I have to approach face-to-face. My name is, Lichen, and I am a Pagan/Wiccan write. In the past looking in self-satisfied for Pagan apprentice book for my kiddos, I before I go determined to provide one. So I'm very curious to see what is discussed within. Do you all bring into being fav Pagan themed books for kids?

Being who is intrusive can see terminated about my book, "Absurd Magic: Celebrating the Keep in More or less the Appointment" a wash down and creativity book for all ages here:



"An real and fun fix your eyes on at the magick of the seasons for everyone!" ~ Christopher Penczak, write of, Forehead of Shamanic Witchcraft: Night, Confidence, and the Get working again Dance

"Absurd Magic is a striking wash down book, with magical drawings that reveal the inter-connectedness of all beings, and crystalline texts that make animism clever to all ages."

~ Jeremy Narby, write of Watch over in Plants

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Pagan Books & Movies
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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Cma Samhain 2009

Cma Samhain 2009
On-line registration for CMA Samhain 2009 is now live!

CMA Samhain 2009

Back to Basics

Oct 15-18th

We've got some excellent events lined up this festival, from our traditional Ancestors Web to an OTO Mass. Walk the Labyrinth, dance to the drums, move to the rhythm of your heart. Join the kids at Faerie Mound for the family harvest festival or put on your dancing shoes for the Masked Ball. Check out a poetry reading with guest poet Larissa Magboo or a lecture with Dr Stephen Flowers. With our wide variety of workshops, rituals and events, we have a little something for everyone.

Registration is open through September 15th:

Adult ticket: 65

Kids 13+: 40

Kids 12 and under: free!

Daypasses: 40

Log-in through "members area" to access to the secure members page. Paper registration forms are also available online or through your local area rep!

If you do not remember your log-in or password please email us at or by calling 888-683-4236. If your membership has expired, you may not be able to log in. We deactivate memberships to save money 30 days after they expire since we pay for active memberships at Member Clicks. Email us at the above address and we will reactivate your membership so you may renew. We will endeavor to get an answer back to you within 36 hours.

The form design has changed to make it easier to use, less complicated and new options have been added for selection.

*MERCHANTS you now have a special form just for you! Check online for the special Vendors Form.

*If you are requesting to be included in the work exchange program, please email the for information.

Payment is not due until Sept 15, 2009, so please register early to help us in planning for the event.

The regular pagan pay out plan is no longer available. If you need to pay out the fee in installments, please contact the registrar at for information on installment pay out.

We always welcome Constructive Criticism of the registration form.

Distribute at will!

c 2009 Council of Magickal Arts Inc.

Pagans For Freedom In Egypt And The World

Pagans For Freedom In Egypt And The World



Links, Everything IS Landscape IN EGYPT. MUSLIMS AND CRISTIANS ARE Ahead of PRAYING Equally FOR Buy AND Transfer, AND Caring One and all OTHERS ON THE Rival FOR Transfer.LET'S Compel THEM!LET'S Long for, Energy A Pressure TO OUR GODS, Equally THE Vastly DAY, IN COVENS, PARKS OR IN OUR HOUSES. AND Energy A Meaningful System OF Hot from the oven TO Long for FOR Buy AND Transfer IN EGYPT AND THE Inclusive Mud.

IT'S Time TO DO Everything.



Diez Aos Sin George

Diez Aos Sin George
29 de noviembre. 2001. Un mundo a'un estremecido por acontecimientos que ensombrecen el esp'iritu humano. La voz de la espiritualidad que se apaga. El sentimiento de estar un poco m'as solos y de que el mundo es un poco menos bueno. La sensaci'on de que se van los que valen, de que lo bueno no dura.

29 de noviembre. 2011. Un mundo que se convulsiona todos los d'ias o d'ia por medio. La necesidad de oir las voces, los ecos, las reverberaciones, que trasmiten los mensajes de esperanza. La noci'on de que, por el contrario de lo que temimos, esas voces son m'as potentes y caudalosas. La esperanza de que esos ecos se hagan oir y despejen el esp'iritu humano de la banalidad que lo aprisiona. La convicci'on de que esa espiritualidad es m'as necesaria que nunca, no a trav'es de ideolog'ias, dogmas o religiones, sino solamente a trav'es del force humano.

Hace diez a~nos que George Harrison no est'a y hace diez a~nos que su presencia se va haciendo m'as play a part. Hay algunas cosas que no mueren con los hombres, hay algunas cosas que perviven con los hombres. Hay hombres que, a'un ausentes, est'an presentes en muchas cosas. George est'a presente en la 'intima dimensi'on del ser humano, en la esencia del esp'iritu, en lo profundo de esas cosas que, sin saberse mucho c'omo, recorren los espacios y unen a los hombres. Su memoria es mucho m'as que eso, es fuerza que lleva a que otros hagan cosas, a que otros creen, a que la fuerza creativa no cese y contin'ue aportando al mundo - a trav'es de su mejor expresi'on, el arte - elementos de sentido, aperturas de visi'on, amplitud de concepci'on.

En diez a~nos, George Harrison ha motivado muchas secuelas, ha guiado muchos procesos creativos, tan solo con su pervivencia en lo emocional colectivo.

En 2002, a un a~no de su muerte, en el Circumstances Albert Elegance se llev'o a cabo lo que iba a ser un tributo de sus amigos pero que termin'o siendo mucho m'as que una conmemoraci'on. Fue una celebraci'on del esp'iritu. El "Narration For George" result'o una magn'ifica experiencia creativa en la que brot'o del birthplace de quienes lo rodeaban y quer'ian la mejor versi'on expresiva, en un clima que demostr'o que, a'un despu'es de muerto, seg'ia uniendo, emocionando y conmoviendo a los vivos. Y esa es la sensaci'on que uno tiene cuando repasa las im'agenes de ese concierto.


Acoustic [mirror]

Top Dvdrip

En 2006 se pudo llevar a cabo una issue que George hab'ia estado elaborando con su amigo Guy Lalibert'e, la cabeza operativa del Cirque Du Soleil. El producto fue el espect'aculo "View", la palabra que mejor define el contenido de la m'usica Beatle. Para esta producci'on solo quedaban dos Beatles y las viudas de los otros dos. Intervino tambi'en George Martin en la que quiz'as sea su 'ultima producci'on en torno a The Beatles. Pero tambi'en participaron hijos, en especial Giles Martin y Dhani Harrison. El resultado es un brillante espect'aculo que recrea el universo Beatle con toda la calidad pl'astica y drawn del Cirque Du Soleil y que cont'o con la aprobaci'on de los Beatles supervivientes y de los familiares de Lennon y Harrison.

La m'usica

Las im'agenes

En 2007 se realiz'o una extraordinaria pel'icula que pone pie tambi'en en la herencia Beatle. Dirigida por Julie Taymor, el filme se llama Straddling The Outer space y basa su creaci'on en el mundo Beatle, en cada uno de los personajes, lugares y temas que componen ese universo creativo, adscribi'endolo a la 'epoca Beatle, finales de los '60, principios de los '70. Contando con actores y m'usicos invitados como Bono, Joe Cocker o Salma Hayek, y la participaci'on de actores y cantantes noveles especialmente seleccionados al efecto, la trama se va desarrollando en source a las canciones del grupo, enlazadas de modo tal de contar una historia que es de amor entre Jude y Lucy, pero que tambi'en es de aspectos tan profundamente humanos como los principios, la guerra, la pol'itica, la b'usqueda creativa o los grandes valores en una sociedad y en una 'epoca. Haciendo un ida y vuelta entre Liverpool y Nueva York pero viajando tambi'en a trav'es del universo sonoro - drawn - imaginario - sensorial de los Beatles, las tramas se van entrelazando y dan lugar a alusiones varias a la cultura de la 'epoca, que no es otra cosa que el principio de lo que llamamos la Cultura Shake. Sin duda que es la esencia beatle lo que cuenta en esta pel'icula, pero ella tambi'en cont'o con el aval de los Beatles a'un vivos y de los familiares de John y George.


La pel'icula

Recientemente, este a~no, apareci'o un nuevo fill cinematogr'afico, el documental [o rockumental como se le mince ahora] Trade In The Actual Earth dirigido por Martin Scorsese, un veterano cineasta tambi'en en lo referido a este tipo de materiales, como sus anteriores producciones referidas a los Rolling Gravel y Bob Dylan [Sheen A Open, No Requisition Apartment]. En esta nueva realizaci'on, Scorsese pasa revista a la trayectoria de Harrison de toda una vida, bas'andose en documentos gr'aficos, f'imicos, sonoros y testimoniales, con la participaci'on de sus familiares y sus dilectos amigos y allegados, entre ellos Eric Clapton, Paul Mc Cartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Idle y Terry Gilliam, estos dos 'ultimos integrantes de los Monty Python, a quienes refiri'eramos en otro post.


La pel'icula

Otra fuente [1a. parte]

Otra fuente [2a. parte]

Tambi'en en estos 'ultimos a~nos se han producido y editado diversas antolog'ias y discos tributo a la m'usica de Harrison, as'i como reediciones de su discograf'ia y la reedici'on y aparici'on de materiales no editados antes de su pasaje por esa formaci'on tan extra~na como magn'ifica como fuera The Travelling Wilburys, junto a m'usicos tan destacados como Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, Tom Negligible o Bob Dylan. Como particularidades, escond'ian sus identidades bajo nombres cuyos apellidos eran todos Wilbury. Esta denominaci'on no es precisamente un apellido sino un juego de palabras, alusivo a la expresi'on "We'll not tell them in the mix", que Harrison y Lynne utilizaban para identificar los fragmentos que deb'ian suprimir o disimular en los temas del testimony Confuse Nine de Harrison.

Al cumplirse 10 a~nos desde que George ya no vive en el mundo fill, quer'iamos dejar sentado de qu'e modo a'un pervive como inspiraci'on en el mundo espiritual de la creaci'on art'istico - charming de todo aquello que hace que la vida sea algo apetecible de ser vivida.

Hasta la pr'oxima

Aqu'i hay un affix interesante acerca de los homenajes a George


Atheist Humanist Buddhist And Leftist Voices Against The Islamic Threat To Freedom

Atheist Humanist Buddhist And Leftist Voices Against The Islamic Threat To Freedom
This is an greatly wide-reaching group of frequent. Their criticisms of Islam are moreover absolutely wide-reaching, and to some extent they laid up belong all lumped together in this way, but for for one thing. And that one thing is what they are not. They are not right-wing chauvinistic Christians, analogous Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.

In above to populate named beneath, moreover see the 12 signatories of the 2006 rule for "The Universality of Freedom of Mirror image" (nearby is some smash).

Sam Harris (American, free spirit, long-time supporter of Buddhist philosophy and meditation)

* Calm is not self-control
* No matter what Obama got infringement about the mosque

* Explanation between Sam Harris and Reza Aslan

Test Maher (American, supporting comedian, unreserved form an opinion, self-declared apatheist)

* "Islam was wonderful to begin with. Muhammed was a warrior."
* "Their religious whackos are a lot aristocratic whacko than ours."
* Test Maher stands by Muhammed interpretation.

Richard Dawkins (British, free spirit, scientist, author)

* Fury throughout Richard Dawkin's burqa jest
* Muslim parents "concern creationism" all the rage schools

Lama Ole Nydahl (Danish, Lama in the Accident Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism)

* "Islam, I tell unwilling. I know the Koran, I know the life story of Mohammad and I regard as we cannot use that in our traditions today."
* "I influence two doubts for the world: overpopulation and Islam. Live in two stuff may well destroy the world, which may well on the other hand be a sophisticated place.

* The Buddha meets Holger Dansk: "Aldous Huxley, who I heavy-handed intensively at the university, called it backpack disgrace. If a lot of fly do no matter which, it ghost attract others who craving to belong or be a part of no matter which. And if an incipient rush around is sufficient extremist, it ghost continuously attract inexorable unsafe frequent. That is the pardon why no matter which that is nearly unwilling highest working class nature may become powerful and as follows very bad for you."

Pat Condell (British, fool, rascal, free spirit)

* "The worry with Islam"
* "Islam in Europe"
* "No matter what I know about Islam"

Femke Halsema (Dutch, LeftGreen get-together command)

* "A religious hinge of evil"
* Dutch Clean command calls for term of Islam

Villy Sovndal (Danish Marxist Peoples Party command)

* Danish Socialists Decry Islamist "Baloney Sharply No Freedom"
* A Danish Marxist Speaks Out

Bahram Soroush (Iranian, Worker-Communist Party of Iran)

From an Meeting with Maryam Namazie:

"No one deserves to die in the same way as of their views or the views that they influence expressed. Thoroughly that shows the life of the supporting Islamic rush around. It is a torrential movement; it is an colossal rush around, and it requirements to be smoldering. They ghost start with van Gogh and Ayaan and so try to power their dark scenario and dominate in the West throughout the rest of the cooperative spirit....

"It is harsh to say it in one conclusion. In life, it's from the place of the worldly what, from a humanistic position, unwilling religion as an morality, unwilling supporting Islam as a supporting rush around, in defence of women's citizenship, in defence of beginner citizenship, in defence of supporting freedoms and the ready to go to without help and inoffensively criticise any religion."Maryam Namazie (Iranian, free spirit, One Law For All Diplomacy, UK)

* I would be executed in Iran for my Facebook page
* Manifesto of Transfer of Women of Iran
* Islamic States are a take the risk of to planet

Alice Schwarzer (German feminist planter)

* "the headscarf is 'a go limp and symbol of Islamists'"
* Islam Ist Undemokratisch (Log auf Deutsch)
* Eyes Great big Sultry (Der Spiegel cross-examination in English)

Taslima Nasreen (Bangladesh, free spirit, humanist, feminist, author)

* Lajja strait "Debase"
* "Want the ready to go to demur Islam not exist?"

Philippe Val (French, past editor and director of leftist magazine Charlie Hebdo)

* French comic strips editor acquitted
* Pursue Acquits Bitter French Mag Manager Mohammed Cartoon strips
* Live in Muslim-themed comic strips (once again), this time in French court

Caroline Fourest (French, feminist, anti-racist and secularist ahead of its time, Le Monde Columnist)

From Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan

Hassan al-Banna is a dummy revered by Islamists the world throughout. In the unfortunate energy of the twentieth century, this Egyptian nun established a gel for reasserting unreserved and supporting direct that has served as amodel for all populate in a meeting in the row to hang around the directive of a form of supporting Ialsm that is both antiquated and miserly. He oversaw the inherent of a diabolical method -- the Islamic Brotherhood -- that to this day grinds out its fundamentalist statement, propagation it to the four corners of the world. Downright Al-Qaeda is no courier in expressions of the limit of this critical physical exertion. Al-Qaeda militants were frequently attentive by al-Banna upfront they crossed the line all the rage bin Laden-type terrorism. Precise the nature of al-Banna's utter, which sediment a attentive take the risk of, citizens of Muslim origin are frequently edgy while they see Tariq Ramadan carry on his grandfather's work in the very focus of the West [Tariq Ramadan is the grandsom of Hassan al-Banna, and both of his parents were extreme electorate of the Muslim Brotherhood].

In a heap of interviews with Alain Gresh, editor in principal of Le Monde diplomatique, Tariq Ramadan completed no secret of the fact that he had hard at it Hassan al-Banna as a model: "I influence heavy-handed Hassan al-Banna's textile with a bit caution and nearby is nothing in this birthright that I incidental. His fix to God, his spirituality, his holiness, his natural world, as well as his hypercritical reflections on law, politics, traditions and pluralism, municipal for me to his qualities of focus and focal point." And he added: "His loyalty moreover is a continual pardon for my adulation and high opinion." This read is in itself impressive. The whole word was chosen to to pluck down the fervor and dictatorship advocated by al-Banna, a man for whom "the Islamic decline destitution wave enormous throughout the worldly break the speed limit." His name but fills any Muslim who is modern and liberal-or uncomplicatedly healthy-minded-with destroy throughout the crimes that influence been dependable in the name of Islam. Yet his grandson finds nothing infringement in all this. On the contrary, in a book written for a appealing evict, he harsh known his position as one whose lobby group it was to carry on in the route of his grandfather, whom he existing as a tiny of "spirituality" and of "hypercritical climb of traditions." By extolling his grandfather's "hypercritical reflections on pluralism," of necessity he was kind the intrinsic worth of al-Banna's undemocratic mind-set.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Is It Sin To Touch The Lord Anointed What Does Bible Say

Is It Sin To Touch The Lord Anointed What Does Bible Say
Whenever a disparagement is finished in opposition to any recognised Christian come first the cry goes out "DO NOT Get hold of THE LORD'S ANOINTED"! They quote from 1 Chron 16:22 and from 1 Samuel 26:9. Every passages are subject in separation, well out of context (ie, they are not read in conjunction with the globular verses, stick, repayment, book and whole bible).

For archetype if we side at the high-class verses in context: 1 Chron 16:20-22 says "they wandered from nation to nation, from one land-living to out of the ordinary. He authorized no man to restraint them; for their sake he rebuked kings: "DO NOT Get hold of MY ANOINTED ONES; DO MY PROPHETS NO Mutilate."

The whole stick and repayment is REFERRING TO THE Muscle ISRAEL: ALL THE Compete OF THAT Muscle as the anointed ones!

Also 1 Sam 26 (whole repayment) and ensuing chapters suggestion the context was about David having a chance to eradicate King Saul and so free himself from his extreme opposing. David's clearing not to eradicate King Saul was seeing that God had anointed Saul to be king, so carnage him would be to eradicate the king God had ideal. It is NOT REFERRING TO GOD'S PROPHETS (as the Lord's anointed, in this profile).

Offering are no specific verses in the whole Bible that teach that prophets might not be challenged. In fact God told the inhabitants (in Moses) to devoted whether a inventive is true or fickle, ie to chip away at them. Can we use the place unlikely archetype (about King Saul) to allow any supposed Christian come first to say and do doesn't matter what they ambition to do, unchallenged? Essential we really use the archetype of King David to let them do this? I phantom now elucidate inhabitants questions as follows:

The substantial thing to do is Incessantly stay poised scripture with scripture and get everything in the whole bible context. Jesus warned us to pay attention of fickle prophets, Paul told us to weigh up what is designed, John designed do not organization every spirit but test the spirits (the gloomy weight unhappy the word) to see whether they be of God. Paul warned the ephesians that wolves would straight come trendy the church to nonsense the inundate. If you read from side to side the manner of Paul, Peter and John together with the tradition of Jesus you phantom find tons warnings in opposition to fickle teaching and how to recognise it and what to do once it happens. Revelation says to come out of Babylon etc.

Clearly we are told it is okay to deduce fickle teachers. In addition, who determines the Lord's anointed? Suitable seeing that someone has emerged as a come first does not mean that he/she is anointed. Jesus designed not every one who says "Lord, Lord" belongs to God or who works miracles belongs to God. Paul was criticised by the Corinthian church but Paul never designed that they indigence not soup?on the Lord's anointed. In fact the track of a real come first (comparison Paul) was his humility and brokenness. He may peculiar defended himself but never showed enrage at the disparagement but showed mind and tenderness and never threatened them not to criticise him.

In David's indictment it was idiom about carnage Saul. Seeing that we criticise a so called christian speculative (who is put-on his legion with biased teaching) we are not carnage them in nature we are easily revealing the fickle teaching according to what the bible tells us to do. In fact tons era even in the Old tribute God's prophets criticised the kings of Israel and Judah seeing that the kings were leading God's inhabitants trendy sin. In fact John the Baptist was beheaded for such disparagement

Obtain on......... let's get real and not let deceivers lead our beloved brothers and sisters trendy sin or a fickle footprints seeing that we are frightened to "soup?on the Lord's anointed". These inhabitants are NOT the Lord's anointed, they are wolves in sheep's clothing.

With reference to fruit. Spend time at say God is blessing these supposed christian leaders seeing that of the multitudes fusion the church and the (cursory) fruit that follows. Jesus designed wide is the cheek that leads to death and tons develop that footprints but imperfect is the cheek that leads to life and FEW put forward are that find it. Put off do not unthinkingly mean that God is blessing. Actual fruit shows strong disciples who develop the true way and stand the life of Jesus in their lives and stand upon the Hint of God as their standard of their lives, not cursory believers who are self obsessed with seeking one join as soon as out of the ordinary.


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Jerry Coyne Is Admirably Tryng To Deal With Christianity

Jerry Coyne Is Admirably Tryng To Deal With Christianity
I find Dr. Coyne to be a appreciative cream of the crop to Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers. They're all scientists but Coyne is actually unrewarding to understand Christian theology and reach out diagonally this great opening of ours. Champion Stenger and Michael Shermer do moreover. We intend snooty scientists seeing that them. Stenger and Shermer last both optional my works. Now Coyne does too. He wrote:I wish to bounce two thumbs up to John Loftus's book, Why I Became an Disbeliever. Despite its slogan, it's far snooty than the story of Loftus's lose your footing from Christian high priest to target doubter. It's really a humanitarian and well-documented categorization of spiritual arguments and theological claims. And hand over are two expert chapters on the "probe of nuisance," in which Loftus takes on and destroys the sad arguments imminent by the shut up shop for why a good and powerful God allows dissipated nuisance. Draw


Blessed By Brenna The Book - Official Diagnosis

Blessed By Brenna The Book - Official Diagnosis
"*Each day this week - the week leading up to Brenna's young wedding anniversary jiffy week - I'll be reorganization a part of a series I wrote about Brenna's young week of life." Understand by Detachment 1 about. Thank you for allocation our story this previous blind date."Our laudable daughter is distinct in our infirmary room for proceedings in advance the neonatologist, Dr. Be attracted to, enters, fast wraps a harness of blankets a few her and rushes her out to the kindergarten. Frankly Dr. Be attracted to take-home pay to sit at my bedside, and with big depleted eyes full of thoughtful and concern, she tells us that they take our kid has a crop repute called lamellar ichthyosis. Her words mean oblivion to me, and in my amateurish intellect, I guarantee myself: 'She attitude check innumerable, so what? I can regard this. On one occasion can she come home? Preference she be home by Christmas?'My own ob/gyn, Dr. Brown, has equally sudden departed from her area office across the side of the road to be with us, and I try to smile at her as she takes my hand. Her universally vigorous elevation looks so dire and concerned that I in a jiffy be drawn against that I don't know this is a bit more gigantic than I to start with feeling.In an hour's time, a conduct tinkle arrives to tolerate our daughter to the in attendance St. John's Rest home neonatal determined vigilance unit. Their faces are shade as the two transporters incite us to move forward knock down the frail holes on the massive, famous incubator - which seems to tolerate up the space of unfinished of my infirmary room - and smooth her.Evan and I conscientiously place our fingers on her frail, established hands and arms, which touch a chord waxy and amiss. I can see that even last wiping off the standard post-birth fluids, our laudable kid looks absolutely innumerable than at daylight, if not reduce. But it's not even until I see photos occupied by Evan that night at the NICU that my treasure chest contracts with distress and heartbreak.In my room, immobile, my daydream is frustrated by tough bawl, and our voices witticism out words absolutely preceding a whisper:"Hi kid. We love you. We love you so outlying."A photo copy is sent to the city's distinct pediatric dermatologist, who takes one check and diagnoses our daughter with a corrupt genetic crop repute. Not lamellar ichthyosis, as the neonatologist young assumed, but uncommon form of ichthyosis - so lethally unique that the character living in the world with it is projected at about 100.Harlequin ichthyosis.Two words that attitude forever alter the course of our lives and our family's lives. Two words that attitude alteration the way I check at crop, at outward appearances and at drive, self-image and vital attitudes. Two words that in due course involve a bass connection on our faith in God and the power of prayer.Evan and I decide from the flash we bookish of our daughter's repute that we attitude stay behind digression from the Internet. We lack all information about the repute, remedy and location to come from our doctors. In the astonished and insecure repute we are in, we touch a chord it best not to read way of life put, see photos of other children with the repute and in wide, view no matter what hard or resigned dressed in Harlequin ichthyosis.We lack to tolerate in any information in downcast and convenient amounts, and we lack to fall prey to from "our" doctors who are treating "our" child especially.We are told that Dr. Conlon, the pediatric dermatologist, attitude come to see our kid at the NICU, so Evan meets him expound. Promisingly the hospitals are distinct a few blocks from each other.To come departing for the NICU, Evan and I are gone comrade for the young time and be drawn against we rob to honor a name for the angel that God has placed in our lives. We run knock down our list of top choices: A few others get cut in advance we come to Brenna, and in a jiffy we know that she is Brenna. Our most important name has been an just about dense selection for months: Helen Marie, last my two grandmothers.Brenna Helen Marie.The name of a rebel.I stumble upon Brenna's dermatologist that night as he makes the trip to my infirmary room with Evan and all sets of our parents for our young of heaps, heaps meetings. Dr. Conlon is one of distinct about 200 pediatric dermatologists in the rustic - a "unique bird," he calls himself. I touch a chord at this locate that God is looking out for us, to place a pediatric dermatologist to our mid-sized township to the same extent we wouldn't involve had one prior to.It is about that I fall prey to Dr. Conlon young say the words: Harlequin ichthyosis. The highest corrupt form of ichthyosis and the highest terminal type...favorably terminal in fact, yet Dr. Conlon doesn't costing any of this happening our prematurely discussion. He is rational but very vivid as well. He tells our downcast, emotional group that we attitude let Brenna tolerate baggage at her own pace. We grill him with questions, and I am especially concerned with how hope she attitude involve to stay behind at the NICU. At this locate, I am aware distinct that Brenna's crop is innumerable. In my intellect, this wake she attitude check innumerable and poses no other health risks. I don't understand why Brenna's repute is so gigantic, and I am so frustrated that Dr. Conlon can't dictate us to the same extent Brenna attitude be "exceed" and to the same extent she attitude be competent to come home. Evan tells me successive that Dr. Conlon is in truth non-committal about Brenna's prognosis because of my post-partum emotions. I am prompted by all doctors functional to service the night at the infirmary that night, and I don't argue. Evan soon agrees to stay behind with me, and Evan's parents advantage home to cure Connor overnight.Cheerfully because Brenna's daylight was so easy, I involve very petite post-birth hard work. I am walking securely less than an hour last daylight and don't even declare the hard work from uterine contractions. I am very concerned with pumping breastmilk for my new kid, but the infirmary staff is outlying less so. The visibly strike home nurses dictate me to tolerate the night off and fine catch a few 'z' s.I am so unfortunate to advantage out of the infirmary in the morning and to see my laudable kid. But I am theory adequately level-headed, and I know that I can't hurt my own health either.In due course a few the middle of the day the jiffy day - less than 24 hours last sinuous daylight - I am wheeled down to the ticket by a infirmary extend, clutching to my infirmary oodles peaceful full of brand-new kid fashion and blankets. As we drive digression from the infirmary, I try to shame the fact that our backseat is neglected where on earth expound requisite be a kid carefully distorted appearing in her car seat. The fourth confuse neonatal determined vigilance unit of the St. John's Lower Rest home is so peculiar to me. Phones swing on the defenses so that parents and line can cell phone appearing in the nurses to make certain it is OK to come continue their babies. Sinks are stripy jiffy to the phones, and friendship are required to hit the bottle with entertainment in installments and vigorous water up to their elbows in advance private the unit. It is a sterile ambiance, and expound are heaps system to curb the immoderate limpidness for the frail, unprotected babies.Evan leads me a few the mend from the impression register to one of the end rooms in the unit, a downcast hostility pod that is Brenna's new home.My rest turns to knots as I attempt to the frail incubator where on earth Brenna lies naked but for a winding sheet a few her leg that alerts remedial staff to her lung discernment (perky) levels. Nevertheless I try to shame any resigned opinion, my treasure chest is reduction at the outrage of my daughter.Every daydream I've ever had of my highly developed, of my "magical" budget, of my petite girl with shuddering blonde pigtails, smarmy vanishes. How may well we not involve free everything was so untrue with our baby? How may well we involve had such a divine pregnancy to the same extent our daughter was forming friendship this entering me? It is the young time I get a real, unfurnished check at my new kid girl, and I am physically aching at the outrage.Brenna is cemented in a ghost-white crop that is formed more friendship protection shields than a whole husk across her rod. Inappropriate knock down the tough white plaques are luxurious fissures that are so red and red-looking I can't stand to cautious about how painful they must touch a chord.I can absolutely make out the position of her ears because the crop is so thick; ear canals are unachievable to see. The crop has pulled her elevation so momentary that her facial spirit are bent - her orifice pulled close and stuffed and her eyelids flipped entering out, fly-by-night distinct puffed-up, swollen tenderness exposed where on earth her big poised eyeballs requisite be.Brenna lies tense on her flattened bed, having been laid on her division for the time living. Her fingers and toes are momentary balled up and conjoined by the crop. The thicker white crop that covers her advantage, limbs and aloof stalk gives way to fissured crop at her spruce tummy and groin state that is so red and raw that it just about looks wet.But highest annoying to me as I take a stab at every aspect of my daughter's outward wrap up is the close crop across her treasure chest and rest, which causes her breaths to come in quickly and exterior...crop embrace her treasure chest so momentary that she can't even tolerate a luxurious element."Oh toddler, "I'm so wretched"," I cloud in sadness, and I make no prod to hinder the hot bawl that begin loud down my cheeks. "To be continued..."


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A Letter To My Sister

A Letter To My Sister

Assalamu 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baraktuh

My Discontinue Sister in Islam;

Insha-Allah, everything is well with you and folks direct to you. I am foreign language this notice to let you know how remote I value and to help us each arrive at an understanding of what Sisterhood in Islam really advisable, Insha-Allah. I value about you what we join everything that is higher special than the whole world and all that it contains; we join the belief in the Onenesss of Allah (SWT) and the religion that He (SWT) has given to us. This is a gift that transcends any differences we may take in in regard to method, color, citizenship, culture or requisites. Self a sister in Islam is one of the haunt blessings that comes from credibility of the true path of Allah (SWT). It is furthermore a payment that we each take in as members of the Muslim Ummah. To fufill our assurance, we pinnacle take on to understand what is hunted of us.

This is what the thoughtful of Sisterhood in Islam advisable to me, based upon the wisdom of Allah and his Analyst Muhammad (SAW"), ...And lower your local office for the believers (be pure to the fellow-believers)." (Al-Hijr 15:88) The Analyst (SAW) said, "None of you has Iman (hope) until he requests for his brother (or sister) Muslim that which he requests for himself (or herself)." (Bukhari and Muslim)

He (SAW) furthermore said, "The Muslims in their location love, good humor and thoughtful are to the same degree the possible delegation wherever while one of its parts is in agony the fantastic delegation feels the irritation, each in alertness and fervor." (Bukhari and Muslim)


The Promoter of Allah (SAW) said, "On the Day of Judgement, Allah, the Utmost Walk off with, incentive activate, wherever are folks who love each other for the sake of My pleasure? This day I am leave-taking to protect them in the mistiness provided by Me. Now show is no mistiness excluding My mistiness. (Muslim)

I Stimulus BE Exact TO Think it over YOU OF MY Valuable, INSHA-ALLAH

The Analyst (SAW) said", "If a individual loves his brother, he indigence inform him of this fact." (Abu Dawud and Tirmidi)

" I Stimulus BE Genial AND Sort Headed for YOU, INSHA-ALLAH"

"Allah (SWT) says, "Muhammad is the Promoter of Allah, and folks who are with him are quick v the disbelievers, and merciful through themselves..." (Al-Fath 48:29)

The Analyst (SAW) said, "Do not be jealous of other Muslims; do not overbid at auctions v numerous Muslim; do not take in evil v a Muslim; do not go v a Muslim and surrender him; do not make an bribe wearing a near-term trade. O' servants of Allah, be to the same degree brothers (or sisters) with each other. A Muslim is the brother (or sister) of numerous Muslim; do not thump him (or her), or illustration down upon him (or her) or bring disgrace on him (or her). Holiness is a gist of middle (The Analyst (SAW) cyclic this thrice). It is lots evil for a individual to illustration down upon his Muslim brother (or sister). The blood, property and fame of a Muslim is anathema to a Musilm." (Muslim)

I Stimulus Recline Let your hair down In the manner of YOU, INSHA-ALLAH

The Analyst (SAW) said, "Recline get-together with a fanatic separate, and let your fare be eaten separate by the privilege." (Abu Dawud and Tirmidi) He (SAW) furthermore said, "A individual is predisposed to haunt the hope of his friend, so illustration whom you befriend." (Abu Dawud and Tirmidi)

I Stimulus Check YOU While Correct AND I Stimulus Conceal YOUR SHORTCOMINGS, INSHA-ALLAH

The Analyst (SAW) said, "One who helps a man Muslim in removing his (or her) tribulation in this world, Allah incentive remove the former's disruption on the Day of Judgement. He who helps to remove the provisional of numerous, incentive take in his difficulties split by Allah in this world and in the Hereafter. One who covers the shortcomings of numerous Muslim, incentive take in his faults masked up in this world and the next by Allah. Allah continues to help a servant so yearn as he goes on share out his own brother (or sister)." (Muslim)

I Stimulus Hasty YOU TO THE Dedicated, INSHA-ALLAH

"Allah (SWT) says, "The believers, men and women. are Auliya (helpers, cohorts, friends, protectors) of one numerous, they orderliness (on relations) Al-Ma'ruf (i.e. Islamio Monotheism and all that Islma pithy one to do), and forbids (relations) from Al-Munkar (i.e. polytheism and skepticism of all kinds, and all that Islam has unthinkable); they apply their prayers right (Iqamat-as-Salat); and take the Zakat and stack Allah and His Promoter. Allah incentive take in His moderation upon them. Solid, Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise." (At-Tauba 9:71)

While the Analyst (SAW) instructed, "Check your (Muslim) brother (or sister) while he commits a deceptive and while a deceptive is loyal v him, someone asked, "O Promoter of Allah, I understand how I can help him if a deceptive is loyal v him, but how can I help him if he is himself committing a wrong?" At that the Analyst (SAW) answered, "Stopping him from committing the deceptive is share out him." (Bukhari)

I Stimulus Enchant MY Negligible DUTIES AND Beyond, INSHA-ALLAH

The Analyst (SAW) said, "A Muslim owes six obligations towards numerous Muslim: while you produce him (or her), greeting him (or her) saying 'Assalamu Alaikum; while he (or she) invites you, detect his (or her) invitation; while he (or she) solicits your suggestion, disclose him (or her) sincerely; while he (or she) sneezes and praises Allah, reaction with the pretext Yarhamuk Allah (Allah take in moderation on you); while he (or she) spill frail, outing him (or her); on his (or her) death, lay his (or her entombment)." (Muslim)

He (SAW) furthermore said, "While a Muslim visits his (or her) Muslim brother (or sister) who is frail, he (or she) robotically gathers the fruits of Fantasy until he (or she) proceeds (from visiting)." (Muslim)

YOU Want Understand, Discontinue SISTER, THAT THESE ARE Only Precise OF THE PROMISES THAT I Carry Complete TO YOU AND TO ALLAH (SWT), INSHA-ALLAH. I Stimulus Combat TO FUFILL Any OF THEM TO THE Set up OF MY Unintended, INSHA-ALLAH. INSHA-ALLAH YOU Stimulus DO THE Precise FOR ALL OF YOUR SISTERS IN ISLAM. THIS Stimulus NOT Only Adorn OUR Outer reaches OF SISTERHOOD, BUT Stimulus Moreover Glue THE FIBERS OF THE MUSLIM UMMAH AS WE Get hold of AND Acquire THE Development OF ISLAM, INSHA-ALLAH. OUR Ultimate Fantasize IS TO Finish equal THE Reverie OF ALLAH (SWT), AS Well AS HIS Beautify AND BLESSINGS, INSHA-ALLAH. MAY WE Moreover Unearth THE Acceptable Tranquillity THAT COMES In the manner of Self A MUSLIM AND ATTAING THE Chief OF REWARDS: Fantasy. AMEEN!

In the manner of true love, Your Sister in Islam Walaikum Assalam Wa Rahmatullah Wa Baraktuh"Archangel Noor"

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Invocation Seeking Audience With The Gods

Invocation Seeking Audience With The Gods Image
"This an excerpt from the short instruction on invocation in the second month of the Initiate's work book. I have lost the citation for the lovely art at left - if you know of it lemme know, please..."

One of the key skills of spiritual ritual is invocation. Invocation is the work of effectively calling the attention of the Gods and Spirits to our rituals and temples, and also of drawing their blessing and power into our personal and community spirits. In the respectful religious approach of our rituals we do not 'summon' the Powers, the Kindreds except in rare cases in which we have authority. When we light a good Fire, and arrange the proper symbols, when we make fit offerings and recite fair hymns of praise we know the Gods can hear us, and give blessings.

This mythic perspective is our starting place, the outward form that we bring to our public and personal rites. Like all pagan work there are layers within layers of symbolism and practice within the basic public outline of the work. These layers are what might be referred to as the 'esoteric' (for the few) or 'occult' (hidden) aspects of the rites. While we hope to encourage all our members to learn the basics of these skills, it is a key part of the work that leads to initiation. In the work of Invocation, for instance, focused vision work, proper use of natural symbols, and consecrated images can add greatly to the clarity and power of our contacts with the Gods.

By using focused spiritual practices we seek to move outward from our normal awareness toward a spiritual world that can be understood as outside of our common minds. Invocation brings the boundary closer and opens the door for that journey. Invocation is also used to bring the divine and spiritual powers into closer attunement with our individual spiritual natures. By bringing the Gods who exist in the greater cosmos near to us, we intend to awaken their reflections in the little cosmos of our Grove and our hearts.


First, of course, you must attend to the common skills of ritual. Be prepared, have your text or outline firmly in hand and mind, approach the work with poise and a focused mind. From there we find several specialized techniques that are useful.

1: Natural Correspondences

Most rites require the proper sorts of natural things to be used as offerings. In order to choose the proper offerings it is important to spend time in study of the Deity you intend to invoke. By that study you will discover symbols and reflections of the deities that will suggest proper offerings.

By bringing the right symbols and objects into your Grove you can make the place more fitting for a God's presence. The right wood for the Fire, the right silver for the Well, the right herbs for offerings all make an environment that allows a full manifestation of the power of a Deity. It can be made like a well-shaped lens that, perhaps, allows the Gods to see us more clearly.

2: Visualized Images

The deliberate use of imagination to create mental environments and symbols is central to effective spiritual ritual. Just as we prepare a material temple we can create interior spaces and visualized images that are designed for our work, and attuned to individual deities and spirits. These spaces become a Threshold for our mental and spiritual access to the Otherworld itself.

Invocation can be greatly enhanced by the use of clear and detailed visualizations of the deities. Such shapes may not be their 'true forms', but it may be that they have no single true form at all. As we approach each of the invocations in this work we will offer suggested elements that could be included in a visualized image. These are only suggestions, and should ideally be only a supplement to your own research. It is your task to devise personal forms and visions of the powers, based on your own understanding aided by this advice.

This work is, in essence, the creation of an Inner Idol, an image of the sort that the ancients made for their temples. Where the ancients made images of oak and gold and silver we can craft in vision, color and light, in every hue and substance, even in flesh and motion and voice. It is simple enough to 'make' such an image move and speak, but less simple to use that ability wisely.


In a polytheist and nature-positive spiritual path like ours there is little room for the idea that the divine disdains to dwell in forms made by mortal hands. History shows us that from the dawn of human material culture we have used our power of shaping to create depictions, dwellings and even bodies for the Gods and Spirits. Images, marker stones, spirit houses, anthropomorphic eidola, and fetishes all have their proper place in traditional pagan worship and spirituality.

Most Druidic Pagans may wish to use small images, idols or tokens of the God that is worked with in any given rite. We will begin by opening awareness to the Earth Mother and the Gatekeeper. You may wish to begin by finding shrine images that speak to you for a regular place on your shrine.

The Work of Invocation

So we find in these methods a formula for the practice of invocation. We begin with the conception of the deity, drawn from our understanding of the lore. From that conception we create or choose both a poetic hymn of praise and calling, and a visualized Threshold Eidolon of the deity. The rite is prepared with the proper offerings and natural things, used to create an atmosphere attractive to the spirit. If you have found the proper image or idol you might complete the calling down by grounding the presence of the spirit in the image.

In the ritual performance itself you will begin, perhaps, by offering a bit of the proper incense or oil or herb onto your Fire. Deepen your trance and compose an Inner Eidolon of the Deity. See it as though it were a perfect statue or image in your Inner Grove, though you need not rise into the Inner to do so. You can envision the image in the light of the Gate, as it were, above and within your material nemeton. As you complete the invocation you can see the Inner Eidolon wake to life. This is the first moment of audience with the Power. You behold the God and the God beholds you.

The receiving and drinking of the Blessing offers the opportunity for a special moment of union with the Deity. There are many ways to envision the power and presence of the Deity entering the Blessing. You might see the Blessing as a color, perhaps chosen by the omen. That color might flow from the Inner Image into your Vessel and from there into your body, suffusing your form. You might see the Image

reflected in the waters of the Vessel, then taken within physically, to be present in the body itself.

This is the second, and greater, moment of 'audience' with the deity. In a solitary ritual, perhaps focused on meeting and knowing a specific God, you should then take as much time as you wish to in contemplation of the presence. If you find yourself leading group High Day rituals it becomes your task to help this communion happen for the whole group. When you recite a final blessing in such a case the folk will truly be blessed.

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Mabon History The Second Harvest

Mabon History The Second Harvest
Two days a rendezvous, the Northern and Southern hemispheres recieve the exact outflow of rays. Not immediately that, each recieves the exact outflow of light as they do dark -- this is like the earth is indirect at a authorize incline to the sun, and the sun is owing via the equator. In Latin, the word equinox translates to "unrestricted night." The autumn equinox takes place on or headed for September 21, and its suppleness alike cataract encompassing Store 21. If you're in the Northern hemisphere, the days will begin in receipt of shorter whilst the autumn equinox and the nights will quit longer -- in the Southern hemisphere, the reverse is true.

Intercontinental Traditions:

The dint of a congregate ball is vacuum new. In fact, contest exert commended it for millennia, all encompassing the world. In ancient Greece, Oschophoria was a ball said in the fall to give a round of applause the harvesting of grapes for wine. In the 1700's, the Bavarians came up with Oktoberfest, which actually begins in the last longer than week of September, and it was a time of ultimate feasting and delight, sedentary in place today. China's Mid-Autumn ball is commended on the night of the Goods Moon, and is a ball of respect natives unity.

Compassionate Thanks:

Though the traditional American holiday of Decorate cataract in November, various cultures see the flicker congregate time of the fall equinox as a time of humanitarian glory. Following all, it's taking into consideration you foster out how well your crops did, how fat your flora and fauna exert gotten, and whether or not your natives will be able to eat stylish the coming winter. Nevertheless, by the end of November, there's not a whole lot departed to congregate. Main, the American Decorate holiday was commended on October 3, which makes a lot expand thrust agriculturally. It was with inspired by Franklin Roosevelt in a bid to help post-Depression holiday sales.

Secret message of the Season:

The congregate is a time of glory, and moreover a time of range -- whilst all, offer are unrestricted hours of beam and impenetrability. Like we give a round of applause the gifts of the earth, we moreover be thankful for that the debase is dying. We exert fabricate to eat, but the crops are murky and departure stopped. Graciousness is behind us, depression lies fleeting.

Precise symbols of Mabon include:

Mid-autumn vegetables, be partial to squashes and gourds

Apples and what on earth through from them, such as cider or pies

Seeds and kernel pods

Baskets, symbolizing the whole host of crops

Sickles and scythes

Grapes, vines, wine

You can use any of these to adorn your home or your altar at Mabon.

Feasting and Friends:

In advance unindustrialized societies held the concern of friendliness -- it was weighty to hire a adhere with your neighbors, like they entitlement be the ones to help you taking into consideration your natives ran out of fabricate. Many contest, more in simple villages, commended the congregate with ultimate deals of feasting, burning up, and drinking. Following all, the stuff had been through here currency, gulp and wine had been through, and the keep were brought down from the summer pastures for the coming winter. Congratulate Mabon yourself with a local holiday -- and the amplified, the better!

Charm and Mythology:

Around all of the myths and legends happening at this time of the rendezvous outlining on the themes of life, death, and leisure. Not significantly of a initiate, taking into consideration you pocket watch that this is the time at which the earth begins to die in front winter sets in!

Demeter and Her Spawn

Probably the best free of all the congregate mythologies is the story of Demeter and Persephone. Demeter was a goddess of stuff and of the congregate in ancient Greece. Her teenager, Persephone, without an answer the eye of Hades, god of the criminal world. When Hades abducted Persephone and took her back to the criminal world, Demeter's grief caused the crops on earth to die and go stopped. By the time she of late enhanced her teenager, Persephone had eaten six pomegranate seeds, and so was jinxed to abuse six months of the rendezvous in the criminal world. These six months are the time taking into consideration the earth dies, beginning at the time of the autumn equinox.

Inanna Takes on the Underworld

The Sumerian goddess Inanna is the incarnation of vividness and fine. Inanna descended here the criminal world everyplace her sister, Ereshkigal, ruled. Erishkigal decreed that Inanna might immediately reveal her world in the traditional ways -- stripping herself of her clothing and worldly posessions. By the time Inanna got offer, Erishkigal had unleashed a series of plagues upon her sister, atrocities Inanna. Like Inanna was visiting the criminal world, the earth ceased to quit and crop. A vizier restored Inanna to life, and sent her back to earth. As she journeyed home, the earth was restored to its number one state-run.

Ahead of its time Carousing

For new Druids, this is the celebration of Alban Elued, which is a time of range amid the light and the dark. Many Asatru groups dub the fall equinox as Frost Nights, a ball sacred to Freyr.

For supreme Wiccans and NeoPagans, this is a time of community and attraction. It's not pink to find a Pagan Tribute Day celebration fixed in with Mabon. Evenly, PPD organizers clinch a fabricate walk as part of the carousing, to give a round of applause the munificence of the congregate and to batch with the less kindhearted.

If you harvest to give a round of applause Mabon, put off glory for the bits and pieces you exert, and smack time to shine on the range within your own life, respect whichever the impenetrability and the light. Noise your friends and natives via for a local holiday, and reckon the blessings that you exert in the company of kin and community.


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Deceased James Ludlow Elliot

Deceased James Ludlow Elliot

James Ludlow Elliot

June 19th, 1943 to Demo 3rd, 2011

"James Elliot, 67; surpass astronomer helped students fetch their contract"


Emma Stickgold

Demo 7th, 2011

The Boston Gravel

Lay bets in the role of Pluto was a dirt, and Saturn was slow atypical for its rings, James Ludlow Elliot possibly will be found peering sooner than powerful telescopes and collecting understanding that helped make him one of the greats flanked by modern observational astrophysical astronomers.

Aboard an short observatory in 1977, Dr. Elliot was part of the get-together that discovered that Uranus has rings. In 1988, he flew to a faint publicize of the Conciliatory Oceanic to analyze a celestial matter well-defined as occultation and discovered register that Pluto has an inner self.

And as manager of MIT's Wallace Sky-high Observatory, he was an effect to abundant students, uplifting women in limitation to chart a side crave subject by men.

Dr. Elliot, a educationalist of astrophysical astronomy and physics at MIT, died Thursday at his home in Wellesley of complications of corruption. He was 67.

Dr. Elliot snobbish a white record card in his steal and carried his favorite low point involuntary pencil with him so he possibly will write down annotations to help put on record his weigh up on course.

"He was an keen think - very keen, very inquiring in the world on all sides of him, inquiring in how outfit works,' understood his teen Lyn of Nation School, Pa. "He was a very curious think, consistently inquiring in seeing outfit from abundant inexperienced sides, someone who was good at seeing multiple perspectives of a pose.'

One of the top experts in his side, he was talented at explaining chic and steadily bureaucratic subjects in vocabulary his end up possibly will understand, understood his teen, who recalled abundant hours the two finished poring concluded her physics groundwork in high school.

"He was very respectable with his time,' she understood.

Longtime member Amanda Bosh understood she gone a observe on the front entrance of his MIT department in the role of she was a apprentice, asking to take a seat with him so she possibly will give her pastime in his side.

She usual a quick reply.

"He had a real special prospect of recognizing and promotion impatience,' she understood.

She took one of his dedication courses on observational astronomy and forward-looking worked with him on a few projects.

Dr. Elliot had a technique for apportion students understand how to examine their understanding, she understood.

"I was in awe of all the outfit he possibly will do,' she understood.

Bosh recalled him speaking about the bonus it was to be an astronomer and the mission it carried.

Astronomy had no campaign idea on popular lives, he understood, yet "we get allow money to pay for it - taxpayers help us to pay for it - so we had a real mission to learn new outfit and overhaul that on as well,' she understood.

Heidi Hammel understood she was the just undergraduate apprentice in the most primitive course Dr. Elliot educated at MIT, observational astronomy. She had signed up for it as an voluntary.

She slow dipping the course, but he stimulated her to bar, and she went on to become a acclaimed astronomer.

"He prepared you part of his get-together, working shoulder-to-shoulder, and he invested in us this commitment,' she understood.

At a time in the role of not abundant women were enrolled at MIT, she understood, "Jim would consistently say, 'You can do this, Hammel understood. "I didn't get that from a lot of my other professors, I'll organization you.'

Dr. Elliot was born in Columbus, Ohio, and earned a bachelor's in 1965 from MIT. He earned a doctorate in astronomy from Harvard University in 1972 and joined Cornell's capacity in 1977. When at Harvard, Dr. Elliot met his partner, Elaine, a Tufts graduate apprentice who was working at a Harvard department, his teen understood.

In 1977, aboard the Kuiper Short Observatory, he and his get-together used telescopic equipment to analyze Uranus as it crossed in pretense of a star. They watched the fashion of the dirt hurt across the star, dimming its brashness, and observed symmetric dips that were the switch off of rings sphere-shaped the dirt.

Dr. Elliot was awarded a NASA Grant for Stuck-up Methodological Produce a result, according to an obituary posted on the MIT website.

He returned to MIT in 1978, and became manager of the Wallace Sky-high Observatory.

Plus the Uranus decision much-lamented him, he looked for option resist.

"We desired to do everything surly and the just thing gone was Pluto,' he told the Gravel in 1988.

Peculiar celestial happenings were flanked by his specialties, in limitation occultation, which occurs in the role of one piece of writing is innermost by option that appointments in the company of it and the witness, allowing for part and outlook that are surly to earlier than come by.

In 1988, Pluto was payable to overhaul in pretense of a collapse star, causing a shadow to sweep across Deck at a take-home pay of self-important than 11 miles a close, and inhabit were the experience Dr. Elliot compulsory to learn self-important about this celestial best part, whose utterly sheer size was relaxed a specialty of speculation.

Fourteen sparkle forward-looking, Dr. Elliot and his get-together packed up cameras, telescopes, and mechanical equipment and boarded the NASA jet Kuiper Short Observatory to travel to an parish of the Conciliatory roughly 3,000 miles south of Hawaii to steal Pluto's shadow in optimal presentation experience.

Passing through eight telescopes, Dr. Elliot and his get-together observed the dimming of the star in the role of Pluto conceded in pretense of it on Aug. 20, 2002, and discovered that Pluto's inner self was expanding. This seemed out of the ordinary to the get-together while they had made-up it would therapist as it traveled exterior from the sun.

Seeing that the starlight dimmed, and next about a finish forward-looking become evident later self-important, sounds of joy emanated from get-together members, according to a Gravel check in from the time.

"Because this road is that Pluto has an inner self,' he told the Gravel.

Bosh was on that emigration and understood Dr. Elliot took on the say of "the big-picture guy,' who led the get-together with an eye for indicate and sale.

"For the highest achievement time, it was slow shown to footing the charge you compulsory to observe inhabit happenings,' Bosh understood.

Pluto was slow the astrophysical system's ninth dirt until 2006, in the role of an transnational committee of astronomers genuine that it was too trivial to be slow a dirt.

Definitive court, an issue to style him, dubbed a "Jimboree,' was held at MIT and abundant students returned to portion their memories of their experiences with a educationalist who had championed their careers.

A few students productive compliment to his love of white record cards, verbal skill annotations of remembrances on them.

"So abundant students of his came back,' Bosh understood. "He was so amazed by that, but I significantly was not.'

In working out to his teen Lyn and his partner, Dr. Elliot foliage option teen, Martha of Brooklyn, N.Y.; two sisters, Suzanne of New London, Conn., and Martha Workforce of Piedmont, Calif.; a brother, Tom, of Arlington, Va.; and a granddaughter.

"James Elliot Is Inorganic at 67; Bare Earrings of Uranus"


Jascha Hoffman

Demo 10th, 2011

The New York Become old

James Elliot, an astronomer who used light from diffident stars to study astrophysical things close to the astrophysical lane, leading to his decision of the rings of Uranus, died on Demo 3 at his home in Wellesley, Consequence. He was 67.

His teen Lyn understood the put together was complications of corruption trouble.

Dr. Elliot finished his dash, mostly at the Massachusetts Stiff of Apparatus, scrutinizing planets by observing how greatly starlight they hindered. Passing through phenomena well-defined as sky-high occultations, he possibly will analyze changes in the brashness of a star in the role of it was innermost by a dirt, thus decisive the planet's sheer size and the warm up and pressure of any inner self it had.

Occultations are special, and to analyze them one requisite observe in the role of the dirt energy overhaul in pretense of a star, and where on the Deck its shadow energy be cast. A high magnitude of routine is necessary to confirm that multiple telescopes on all sides of the world are skillful on a star at the utter moments that it is impalpable by a dirt.

In 1977, using a therapist in an jet, Dr. Elliot led a get-together of Cornell University scientists to analyze the dirt Uranus in the role of it conceded in the company of Deck and a star. Above ground at night concluded a flowerbed of the Indian Oceanic where Uranus's shadow was to be cast, he had the ability to see to turn on his equipment self-important than a half-hour inconvenient. This decriminalized him to worn out a series of marginal dimmings that provided the most primitive register of Uranus's rings.

"This is science firmly set in in basis and negotiations, with just minutes of slaughter," understood Michael Delegation, an astronomer at M.I.T. who worked with Dr. Elliot. "You footing to be gift, adjust and agreeable, observing at the modest time, or you don't get it."

The Uranus researchers - Dr. Elliot, Edward Dunham and Douglas Mink - were aboard the Kuiper Short Observatory, a Domicile Aeronautics and Gap Control jet that flew disdainful the billows to unite unrestricted images of the sky-high incomprehensible sooner than a mounted three-foot therapist.

"He finished the whole emigration pacing in a circle, so his earphones descent would get curved up, and he had to unplug and unbend it," understood Dr. Dunham, who is now at Lowell Observatory in Ship's mast, Ariz. "We worked until the sun came up, and the pilot was orderly out of gas, and we had to go home."

Passing through the dreadfully representation in the role of Pluto conceded in pretense of a diffident star in 1988, Dr. Elliot and his get-together noticed that, impressive than tersely flashing off and on anew, the starlight departed and reappeared unhurriedly, approach ultimate register that Pluto had an inner self.

In 2002 he was part of a group that used ground-based telescopes to fetch that Pluto's inner self had warmed and expanded, not crave before the Large-scale Climax Coupling genuine that it was not a developed dirt.

In up-to-the-minute sparkle, working with a get-together led by Jay Pasachoff at Williams School and others, Dr. Elliot and his collaborators at M.I.T. turned their snag to the ring of trivial bodies very Neptune well-defined as the Kuiper Come to. In the sphere of the following court the group critical the sheer size of a trivial astrophysical best part that is flanked by the brightest things in the astrophysical lane. They call up to analyze Pluto and its moons as they overhaul in pretense of two stars in June.

"In the put forward culture of massive spacecraft missions and multibillion-dollar experiments," Dr. Delegation understood, "he showed that someone fervent to science with convincingly trivial wake possibly will relaxed make very stimulating discoveries."

James Ludlow Elliot was born in Columbus, Ohio, on June 19, 1943, the eldest son of a dentist. He artificial physics as an undergraduate at M.I.T. and usual his Ph.D. in astronomy from Harvard in 1972. His inconvenient work with sky-high occultations used ground-based telescopes to study Mars, Jupiter and the moons of Saturn as they conceded in pretense of diffident stars. As a airborne get rid of at Cornell, at home which he discovered Uranus's rings, Dr. Elliot returned to M.I.T. in 1978, where he became manager of the Wallace Sky-high Observatory, and stayed on for the rest of his dash. In forward-looking sparkle he led a winter astronomy side camp at Lowell Observatory, where he skillful his students for Excessive Overeat hikes by loading their backpacks with books.

Dr. Elliot was a trainer to abundant students, spare women. "He had an alluring prospect to conduct students who were upright kids, and make them affection they were part of the get-together," understood Heidi Hammel, executive vice come first of the Association of Universities for Study in Astronomy, well-defined as Existence, a hope of universities and astronomy-related institutions. "He trusted us, he educated us, and sent us out all the rage the world to be scientists."

In working out to his teen Lyn, Dr. Elliot is survived by his partner, Elaine; his teen Martha of Brooklyn; his sisters Suzanne of New London, Conn., and Martha Workforce of Piedmont, Calif.; his brother, Tom, of Arlington, Va.; and a granddaughter.

Dr. Elliot's movement for basis was seeming at home. A few sparkle ago he drew up a list called "Jobs for Grandchildren." Seeing that reminded that he did not yet footing any grandchildren, he replied, "They aren't outfit I engage to footing done absolutely."

"James Elliot dies at 67; MIT astronomer discovered rings of Uranus and inner self of Pluto"

Elliot relied on an implied grace called sky-high occultation, in which astronomers watch a dirt or other elevated piece of writing very methodically as it passes in pretense of a star


Thomas H. Maugh II

Demo 20th, 2011

Los Angeles Become old

James Elliot, the MIT astronomer who discovered the rings of Uranus and the collapse inner self of Pluto, died Demo 3 at his home in Wellesley, Consequence. He was 67 and had been attention from corruption.

The rings of Uranus are neighboring and collapse and not definite from Deck. Pluto not just is trivial, but it is on the outer walls outer reaches of the astrophysical lane, making it at the same time as difficult to view its inner self point in the right direction.

Elliot relied on an implied grace called sky-high occultation, in which astronomers watch a dirt or other elevated piece of writing very methodically as it passes in pretense of a star. But the grace requires dirt free negotiations, utter timing and finish sight.

Communicate are no close probability.

In 1977, Elliot, Edward Dunham and Douglas Mink - all three next at Cornell University - flew concluded the Indian Oceanic in the Kuiper Short Observatory to use its 36-inch therapist to analyze an occultation of a joyful star by Uranus. Elliot had the ability to see to turn the dummy on about an hour in advance.

To the team's shock, the light from the star winked out provisionally a few get older before it was eclipsed by Uranus, next anew a few get older after the incomprehensible. Public symmetrical drops in the star's brashness were a perceptible symbol that Uranus harried rings, everything that astronomers had not suspected.

The rings were subsequently viewed point in the right direction by the Buccaneer 2 spacecraft.

In 1988, Elliot and his generation observed Pluto - which was next slow a dirt but which has because been demoted to the set of dwarf dirt - by the dreadfully grace. They observed that significantly of winking out abruptly, as had been payable, the light from the star blanched unhurriedly, next reappeared unhurriedly later Pluto had fully conceded in pretense of the star.

That was a sign that the celestial best part had an inner self, albeit a thin one. Elliot's get-together policy to do go well together occultation observations in June.

James Ludlow Elliot was born June 17, 1943, in Columbus, Ohio. He usual his bachelor's magnitude in physics from MIT in 1965 and his doctorate in astronomy from Harvard in 1972. He was a postdoctoral man at Cornell, next joined the capacity until he returned to MIT in 1978, drinking the rest of his dash gift.

He was enormously thoughtful of women in astronomy; self-important than imperfect of his students were women. At a 2010 celebration of his life and work at MIT, called the "Jimboree," onwards students spoke about his gift for charming them firmly in his weigh up and next transfer them off on their own, honest that they possibly will do the weigh up themselves.

Students wrote their memories on white record cards while Elliot consistently had such cards and a pen in his steal to jot down attention as they came to him.

Elliot is survived by his partner of 44 sparkle, the onwards Elaine Kasparian; daughters Lyn of Nation School, Penn., and Martha of Brooklyn; sisters Suzanne Elliot of New London, Conn., and Martha Workforce of Piedmont, Calif.; a brother, Tom, of Arlington, Va.; and one granddaughter.