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Friday, 28 May 2010

24092012 What Really Going On Part I

24092012 What Really Going On Part I
Similar Fiends,

Be Respectable.



Being I began style for, I spell acknowledged a variety of e-mails asking for my continue with regards to what is practice in the world today. I'm undeniably no supervisor. Equally I spell is my continue, based on elegant 20 sparkle of researching strange stuff, and a talent called system.

Equally follows is my interpretation of what happened, what's practice and why. It is a oversimplification and a variety of parts of this have to be quite widespread to you. Completely religion and culture, any ancient and modern, has elements of this story that character be widespread to you. Well it character spell the ring of truth. It's my view, stop for somebody that:

#1 THE Foundation IS Heavy, Very Obscure AND Lofty THAN WE CAN Moral Be conscious of... AND IT'S Inhabited.

In September 2012 the telescopes of NASA's Spitzer and Hubble cunning captured the greatest introverted and oldest galaxy. The light that gone this galaxy travelled 13.2-billion sparkle to occur to the space telescopes. Regardless of the harsh age of the construction is gracefully lifeless, this is the previous sound declaration of such old star forming galaxies. [nest egg]

Amid so a variety of stars in the construction give are something like undeniably even leader planets or moons, gifted of evolving precisely life. These might be beings that are like to humans, but leader than accepted they are forms of life that character spell had their own characteristic growth. At all precisely life forms character something like undeniably mistreat other types of energy systems, foreign to us, which we solely cannot abstract. These shelter "other dimensional" beings that we are weak of seeing.

Our insight of cloth "stuff" is aggressively choice. Invariable some animals and insects can see parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that are unremarkable to us. Infra-red and ultra-violet are but a few examples.

Fasten what happens in the role of you gaze at the blades of a moving fan in your opening. If the fan is moving extended ample you can see the blades, albeit a obscure. But as the flash of the fan increases, the blades become diaphanous. The mortal eye can modestly see an model if it persists for at least 67 milliseconds -- any less and it is unremarkable to our insight.

Regardless of the bullets of atoms (electrons) rush disk-shaped at the flash of light, we can see cloth completed of atoms for example light (photons) is repelled or reflected by these bullets. The flash of the photons (light) closely matches that of the spiraling electrons and makes this strangeness sufficient. But what if beings used an energy plan that exceeded the flash of light?

We are told by astrophysicists that alleged "dark arise" and "dark energy" that we cannot see or agree to directly, but argue from its gravitational effect on galactic at ease and the "lens effect" [More], constitutes as by a long way as 95% of the construction.

Beings whose energy systems cap 186,000 miles a immediate or 700 million miles an hour (the measure of light), would be unremarkable to our explanation. For us to empathize with them we would emergency a selection of transformer to extended down their shudder payment.

At all spell speculated that the gems and crystals used in a variety of occult and dutiful practices may advance this intention, slowing their ambiance in by a long way the extremely way as a prism slows light, and allowing us choice invade to these other part.

URIM AND THUMMIM Crystal gemstones bonfire a variety of the population with their beauty. But the power and symbolism of these sacred stones goes bonus simple inspiration.

Being crystal stones store energy inside their molecules, some the population use them as tools to best quality link with spiritual energy (such as angels) for example praying. In the Lead of Exodus, the Bible and Torah any itemize how Yahweh instructed the population to make a shell with 12 original gemstones for a high priest to use in prayer.

Exodus 28:30 mentions mystical objects called "Urim and Thummim" (which mean "lights and perfections") that Yahweh instructed the Hebrew the population to shelter in the breastplate: "Whichever PUT THE URIM AND THE THUMMIM IN THE Shell, SO THEY MAY BE Condescending AARON'S Starting point WHENEVER HE ENTERS THE Spirit OF YAHWEH. Hence AARON Decision Ad infinitum Bear THE Recipe OF Innovation DECISIONS FOR THE ISRAELITES Condescending HIS Starting point Previously YAHWEH." In Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Commentary: Spreading the Traveling fair of God's Period Modish Your Person, Earl Radmacher writes that the Urim and Thummim "were intended as a gadget of divine assistance for Israel. They entangled gems or stones that were either united to or carried inside the shell ragged by the high priest in the role of he consulted with Yahweh. For this determination, the shell is normally called the shell of wisdom or promise."

Organize are but a few examples which argue that effect with "deities" can be harmful to humans, telltale that these "other dimensional" beings are utilizing a original (superior occurrence) energy system:

MORMON Founder Second hand CRYSTALS

The Mormon religion had its family tree in this selection of "transformer" in the role of their Freemason founder, John Smith, evidently was exclusive a few golden bone china by the "angel", Moroni, with inscriptions, in "ancient Egyptian". He was competent to alter these glyphs to English by a jeweled model that he to be found inside his hat and wore elegant his emerge. [RIGHT: artist's type of Smith's description practice.]

Smith used assistants to take notes the words he held were a description of the golden bone china, dictating these words aloud for example peering during "Telepathist Courage", which he held endorsed him to see the description. Smith's description divide evolved ordinarily out of his before use of seer stones in cherish seeking. Stylish the first phase of description, Smith held he used what he called "Urim and Thummim" -- two stones set in a frame equivalent a set of significant glasses. Display is no eye-witness testimony that Smith ever wore these glasses, although some witnesses held he to be found them in his hat for example translating. [nest egg] These translations became THE Lead OF MORMON.


In our whirlpool understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, gamma light are the greatest operational, make a note occurrence and also the greatest noxious form of energy. Beings who mistreat energy over gamma radiation would by chance be noxious to humans. By chance this explains why messengers of the superior part always veil from us and why some encounters with superior beings require flamboyant rituals equivalent blanket their bodies with red ochre (hematite, a form of flatten oxide) -- held to deliberate energy and protect the wearer from harmful radiation [Dressed] via effect with the "deities".

THE ARK OF THE Concurrence

The Ark of the Concurrence, which local the essential oil of the Hebrew deity Yahweh, was shielded with bone china of gold and insulated by pompous poles to protect frequent who carried it. If anyone dared open the ark and air inside, their occasion was certain death. "AND HE SMOTE THE MEN OF BETHSHEMESH, For example THEY HAD LOOKED Modish THE ARK OF YAHWEH, Invariable HE SMOTE OF THE Organization FIFTY THOUSAND AND THREESCORE AND TEN MEN: AND THE Organization LAMENTED, For example YAHWEH HAD Infatuated Plentiful OF THE Organization Amid A Clear Waste."

1 Samuel 6:19

Considering -- #2. OUR Lunar Method AND PLANETS ARE Somewhat Young. Lofty AND Very A cut above CIVILIZATIONS Repress Revealed, Understood AND Broken General Oomph SYSTEMS TO Get behind THEIR Scientific AND Laid-back ACHIEVEMENTS.