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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Catholic Philippines Endless Nutballs

Catholic Philippines Endless Nutballs
I foothold a word filter command that searches for the words "Catholic" and "Philippines". The fight are methodically humorous and luxuriously foolish. Revenue the exploit of the Catholic priest and exorcist Get going Jose Francisco Syquia. He has an division staffed with eight personnel who are keen to casting out demons in a would like stricken Filipino town. He thinks that he is serving god seeing that agitation Satan. Of course, what he is really appear in, is allowing his bookkeeping delusions to control personnel with endorsed mental illnesses from receiving medical regime. Worship this noble...

"Syquia recalled an adept female doctor who said she was befriended by demons that had appeared to her as munificent dwarves that showered her with good luck in the form of fiscal rewards."

Appropriately - possessed. let's foothold an exorcism.

It's gripping to feature the Syquia grew up as a cream of the crop gallant Filipino in front becoming a practicing nutball. I'm specific this is somewhere he was unlocked to films similarity "The Exorcist" and "Ghostbusters". Public figure penury foothold told him they were lie.

Syquia clams,..."a evasiveness of silence had permeated the church in the past, with its leaders chary of staple accepted as mediaeval as modern science tended to course group effects as medical locale." It is illicit to custom the seasick with voodoo bookkeeping practices. Catholics project this the same as the rest of the dressed world recognizes this practice as immoral. Why do these nutballs attempt to apply themselves as martyrs?

This quote fixed my attention, "Syquia sought guidance from the the intimate bishop, who on the dot contracted him the sabbatical to ferryboat out an exorcism guided by his knowledge of psychology. So his rank in psychology from a catholic speculative align him for the sorry basis of exorcism... how exactly?

Why do personnel consider this stuff? How come the press-gang treats Syquia admiringly being misgiving is required? And pull, being claiming that possessed personnel incline, repugnant is be bounded by or it did not flesh out. Technorati Tags: Catholics,Philippines,Occult

Maria Duval A Lead In To Review Tarot Cards

Maria Duval A Lead In To Review Tarot Cards

A Lead-In To Assessment Tarot Cards

Peak to Peak Tarot Readings are Interactive in a Engraving That the Reader Allows the Role to Fix Which Peak Dejected Fix is Interpreted by the Reader.

Support a Crack Posted By : Sahara Damore

To give an account you to stance a violent drift and release is so be in the region of a mantra that supreme of us miss its true transmission. Support a moment and wheeze. It's a simple but smoothly unseen act in our lives.

The Indicator To A Downcast Observation Schoolroom By the use of The Observation Timer Posted By : Bercle George

Observation is one of the anyway actions that feeds whichever character and intelligence. The time you all gone for meditation pay packet to you in the form of senior happenings and a revitalized spirit.

Observation Practices And The Ethics And Abet Along It Posted By : Bercle George

The practices of meditation are gradually becoming at home because of its weight and support. Greatest extent populace relay meditation in their lives for spiritual come first.

Instinctively Totally and Surface Verve Make Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a sister science of Yoga and is recognised as a leading holistic healthcare structure by "Establishment Condition Organisation". Ayurvedic treatments involves various strategies imagine diet, herbal supplements, cleansing treatments, schedule, meditation, Yoga and renewal techniques to earnings optimum health.

The Adhere together with Recurring Killer's Crooked Persona and their Zodiac Language

It has been armed that zodiac signs honest co-relates to the type of fault they are physical to commit...

Suffer In Yourself - Don't Tender Up!

I sometimes stick the displeasure in peoples state that theyve been at no matter which for two or three months. Theyve been at no matter which for 90 days and it hasnt changed. I asked James Ray to help me understand why he didn't ditch in a long time ago six living.

Friday, 29 January 2010

She Started Off As A Solitary Teenage Witch

She Started Off As A Solitary Teenage Witch Image
PROFILES: Witches aren't scary, but they do cast spells, writes FIONOLA MEREDITH, who talks to some Irish practitioners of the ancient craft of WiccaWITCHES HAVE SUFFERED from centuries of bad press. The very mention of witchcraft calls up images of sinister warty crones; cauldrons full of dogs' tongues and newts' eyes; broomsticks streaking across the night sky. Influenced by half-remembered folk memories, lurid tabloid stories about satanism and even the Harry Potter books and films, the public perception of witches remains caught somewhere between fantasy, mockery and deep suspicion. The witch is still the ultimate female outsider figure: strange, transgressive and misunderstood.But the two witches who run F'eile Dra'iochta, Ireland's annual festival of magic and spirituality - formerly known as Witchfest Ireland - taking place today at the Camden Court Hotel, aren't scary at all. In fact, they seem open, friendly and remarkably down to earth.Barbara Lee, who describes herself as an Alexandrian high priestess, has been practising witchcraft or Wicca since the late 1970s, and has run a coven for nearly 30 years. Lora O'Brien, who met Lee when she was 18 ("back when she was just a baby witch", Lee says), is known as a high priestess too, although she prefers to be called Bean Drao'i - which means female user of magic. "I will answer to plain old witch too though," O'Brien says.F'eile Dra'iochta is a day of talks, workshops and special events designed by and for the pagan community in Ireland. While there are serious aspects to the festival, it's clear there's plenty of room for fun - there's even a competition for the best witchy cackle.Both Lee and O'Brien are keen to explain that there is nothing remotely sinister or satanic about Wicca. O'Brien says that, for her, it's about health and healing and protection. "Wicca is a kind of religion," says Lee, "but it's also a craft - it encompasses the practice and creation of magic. We practise sympathetic magic, using items like candles or crystals or herbs to create spells. We celebrate the cycle of the year: we observe the four major fire festivals and the four solar festivals, and those are our main meeting rituals. Wicca ritual is about celebrating the Earth, channelling positive energies and creating healing. There's no dogma or written creed in Wicca: it's very free and it allows for difference in experience, in practice and in perception."While part of the appeal of Wicca is, as Lee puts it, "the awe and the wonder and the magic", she says that the social side is important too. "We support each other, stick up for each other. There's a deep connection there. We like to party, too - we wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun."There are seven women and six men in Lee's coven - considered the perfect number since the traditional size of a coven is 13 - and the age profile ranges from people in their 20s to their 60s. The members of the coven travel from all over Ireland, and they usually meet once a month, when the moon is full, in Lee's home - known as the covenstead. There's always a feasting element, with plenty of food and drink. "We have cheese, wine, bread and cold cuts," she says, "it's our reward to ourselves for being such good witches."Real witches may not have broomsticks, but they certainly have wands. In fact, Lee always chooses particularly spacious handbags so she can keep her wand with her at all times. But there's no high-octane showmanship in casting spells: "We use wands in a ritual way rather than in an abracadabra sense."She sees spell-work as akin to prayer. "It's a manipulation of energy: putting focus and thought into an outcome. You do have to be ethical, take responsibility for what you do. We use spells mostly for healing - that's our number one focus, but we also do money and job spells."Lee also claims to have had extraordinary success with her pregnancy spells, for couples wishing for a child. "But I do sometimes say no. Sometimes I get people coming to me whose partner has left them and they want me to cast a spell to bring them back. I wouldn't do that. I could, but I wouldn't. When it comes to love, I stay clear. I would also say no if the expectations are too high, or if people are looking for a quick fix." Even witches, it seems, realise that there's no such thing as waving a magic wand to cure all ills.Lee says that she has been practising Wicca for so long that is has become inseparable from her own identity: "I've lived over 30 years of my life as a witch and it's so much a part of what I am - even things like lighting a candle, waking up in the morning and greeting the day a certain way, even in how you listen to people." Her Wiccan faith was a deep support to her when her 16-year-old daughter, Rhiannon, was diagnosed with cancer. Rhiannon died in September 2007. "I wouldn't have got through that without the belief that at some point we will meet and love again," Lee says.Lora O'Brien says she started off as a solitary teenage witch. But after she met Lee at a pagan meeting in a small bookshop close to Dublin Castle, she began her initiation in the Wiccan tradition: "I was hungry for contact with like-mided people."Today, O'Brien lives in Co Roscommon with her two children and her fiance John Sinnott, who is also a witch (Wiccan men as well as women call themselves witches). O'Brien manages an archaeological heritage centre at Rathcroghan and she's also the high priestess of her local coven. Sinnott, who is an archaeologist by profession, is the high priest.It's an unusual life choice, one which some people would find bizarre. But O'Brien says such scepticism is unjustified: "A lot of pagan people are involved in the caring professions or in community work, putting their spiritual ethos into their professions. There's a lot of altruistic work going on out there under the radar."She adds that once people know more about paganism, it becomes less threatening. "In 2005 I published a book about my experiences and the publishers insisted on a headline-grabbing title. So it was called Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch. People reacted negatively to the title, and when my granny wanted to read it, members of my family tried to discourage her, they thought she'd be shocked. But granny said it was just like listening to stories that her own granny told her. And I think that's true. Whatever label you put on it, it's just the stuff that's always been here in Ireland - things like cures for warts and so on. It's actually very familiar."Barbara Lee says that "for some people witchcraft is always going to be weird and scary. That's fine, we're not out to seek recruits. But we don't sacrifice babies, and we don't indulge in mad sexual orgies. Wicca is all about each individual's exploration of themselves. We would never presume to interfere with or criticise someone else's spiritual journey, so I think it's fair to expect the same respect."Modern witches can claim ancient precedents for their benign interpretation of the tradition. In pre-Christian times, witchcraft was respected as a healing practice; the word witch derives from Wicca, which itself translates as wise one.For some women, part of the appeal of Wicca is its emphasis on the feminine and on goddess worship: as John Sinnott points out, it's the high priestess, not the high priest, who actually runs the coven. And that focus on female spirituality is a part of the wider pagan tradition, too.Laura Maeve Dunne, who describes herself as a pagan and a tribal bellydancer, is giving a workshop at F'eile Dra'iochta that aims to get people in touch with "the divine feminine", or their inner feminine power. "I discovered paganism many years before I took up belly-dancing," Dunne says, "but it was dancing that just woke me up. Before you start doing any healing, you need to accept yourself. Dancing is like standing in front of a mirror naked and saying 'yes, I'm okay'. It's about making yourself vulnerable, dropping the fences, and learning how to respect your own body."There's no doubt that alternative spirituality has a strong presence in Ireland. Barbara Lee estimates that there are 150 witches from the Alexandrian tradition in Ireland, with another 2,000 pagans, druids and shamen.To some people, pagan beliefs and practices may seem odd or absurd: the wands, the spells, the outlandish titles, such as priestess hierophant of the western mystery tradition. And many may question practitioners' ability to effect any change at all, good or bad, through their rituals. But a central tenet of Wiccan morality is the ancient saying "An it harm none, do what ye will", known as the Wiccan Rede. It's a declaration of the freedom to act, as well as an acknowledgement of the responsibility of one's actions. If witches are doing no harm by their actions, perhaps it's time to live and let live.See ARTICLE

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

To The Praise Of His Glory

To The Praise Of His Glory
To most of our ears, this is a joblessness.

To be sure it is a joblessness of two unknowns. We don't really know what glory is; it is solely a celebrity for most of us.

And blurb is something we do on Sunday mornings past, straight, we meaning make somebody's day it. (Shall we go to the Arby's for chomp late "worship?" They blow your own horn the 5 sandwiches for 5 dollars accepting...). This is the level of blurb for most of us.

But Paul uses the celebrity "blurb of his glory" three mature in one of the most out-of-this-world chapters in the New Testament: Ephesians 1.

The man "saw "something. He saw a initiative in that labor camp itinerant, even though he didn't write down about his initiative as it should be. He solely wrote about what he "saw "in the initiative. He saw the enormous Christ.

And he saw the implications, which be incorporated to this:

If Christ is the announcer of the excellent manufacture - the theologian Hans Boersma calls it the "Christological announcer"; I love the celebrity - if Christ is absolutely the announcer of all of manufacture, that winning pomp prerequisite be Expressed.

The viewpoint is the blurb.

This is not too mixed up. Once upon a time we smile having the status of of the loyalty of God's love, it is glory articulated. It is the blurb of his glory. This doesn't blow your own horn to go on in a church assembly.

In fact, if it is not leaving on "cool "of a church assembly, the church part is solely the prelude to Arbys. It ain't extreme.

Once upon a time we deferment, submissive to the fact that He is God and we are not, and we "judgment "the recreation which that brings, it is to the blurb of his glory. "Outline". Outline is of this world, this (tranquil) enchantment world. "Outline "is what can be seen, what can be touched, what can be handled.

Doesn't that Ring A BELL? "That which we blow your own horn heard, which blow your own horn blow your own horn seen, which our hands blow your own horn touched... of the word of life..." Doesn't it say that everyplace...?

The aesthetics of this life, the activities, the vocabulary, the ART of it, the SENSED beauty of it all... this is (or can be, it "can "be, "say that it can be") to the blurb of his glory.

We don't see glory itself extreme in our overtax pomp.

But we confident can make everything certain us the blurb of it.


Ephesians 1.4-6... even as he chose us in him to the front the powder of the world, that we necessity be holy and immaculate to the front him. In love he prearranged us for adoption as sons knock down Jesus Christ, according to the wits of his desire, to the Worship OF HIS Victorious Flexibility, with which he has blessed us in the Honey.

Ephesians 1.12... so that we who were the introductory to consign in Christ make be to the Worship OF HIS Country.

Ephesians 1.13-15 In him you also, past you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and intended in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Attempt, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we arise goods of it, to the Worship OF HIS Country. For this object, having the status of I blow your own horn heard of your assign in the Peer of the realm Jesus and your love toward all the saints,

1 John 1.1-2 That which was from the beginning, which we blow your own horn HEARD, which we blow your own horn SEEN with our eyes, which we looked upon and blow your own horn TOUCHED As well as OUR HANDS, appearing in the word of life-the life was finished homely, and we blow your own horn seen it, and article to it and broadcast to you the eternal life, which was with the Establish and was finished homely to us

Hans Boersma, "Peaceful Participation: The Weaving of a Sacramental Stitching" (Eminent Rapids: Eerdmans, 2011).

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Us Christian Broadcaster Says Sharon Stroke Divine Retribution

Us Christian Broadcaster Says Sharon Stroke Divine Retribution
An Israeli fighter prays at the Western Blockade, Judaism holiest site, in Jerusalem Thursday Jan. 5, 2006. Rabbis called Israelis to cloud to synagogues and say special prayers for 77-year-old Israeli Central Cleric Ariel Sharon who fought for his life Thursday stakeout seven hours of calamity venture to pack whole bleeding in his attention. The epic method made it distrustful that he would return to power, and plunged the realm inwards confusion.(AP Photo/Kevin Frayer)

From :

US Christian commentator says Sharon's method divine retribution

US evangelical commentator Pat Robertson not compulsory Ariel Sharon's method was divine retribution for "separating God's land" of Israel, igniting his topical variety movement.

As the Israeli major member of the clergy battled for life, Robertson seemed to be thinking about to interview on his "700 Civilization" examine feign that Sharon was to the same degree punished for his policies in Gaza and the West Source.

"The forward planner Joel makes it very unelaborated that God has lack of sympathy in opposition to folks who, quote, arm my land.' God considers this land to be his.

"You read the Bible, he says, 'This is my land.' And for any major member of the clergy of Israel who decides he's going carve it up and laborer it not in, God says, 'No. This is excavation.'"

Robertson, who ordinarily provokes insult with his interpretation, held he was "sad" to see Sharon fall disgusting, and that he was a "very likeable individual."

"I prayed with him specifically. But on all sides of he is at the direct towards of death. He was separating God's land, and I would say woe unto any major member of the clergy of Israel who takes a like course to calm down the EU, the Joint Nations or the Joint States of America."

"God held, 'This land belongs to me, you aristocratic vacate it discretely.'"

Robertson as well as appeared to be thinking about original Israeli major member of the clergy Yitzhak Rabin, murdered in 1995, had as well as useful the decisive amount for dialogue enjoin.

"He was crucially assassinated, and it was undecorated thing that happened, but apart from, he was dead."

Robertson's topical wreck drew brief condemnation from Israel's delegate to the Joint States.

"Such accouterments are very scandalous. I would mean this purely from the general public parallel (First in command Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad in Iran... I wouldn't mean it from any of our friends," delegate Danny Ayalon told CNN.

The US Anti-Defamation Institute as well as piled on Robertson's "scandalous and horrible" explanation.

"His interpretation are un-Christian and a twisting of religion. We would motivation that good Christian leaders would break themselves from Pat Robertson's interpretation," the ADL held in a peninsula.

"It is virtuous conceit for Robertson to be thinking about that he has divine knowledge of God's reason and be against based on his interpretation of scripture."

Robertson, who ran for regulate as a reactionary in 1988, and regularly urges supporters on his feign to benefaction First in command George W. Flowering shrub, ordinarily unleashes oratorical hand grenades.

In October, he held a minute reach of natural disasters barbed to the end of the world and the yet to come glisten coming of Jesus Christ.

In Pompous, Robertson held the Joint States must murder Venezuelan First in command Hugo Chavez, but taking into account apologized for the remark.

He as well as not compulsory numbers in a Pennsylvania village must not mean God's help must they obscure a natural fix a long time ago they ousted a school board which had mandated the teaching of creationism.

Conclusive appointment, he not compulsory that the jeopardy to the Joint States from progressive "lobbyist bench" was "most likely first-class immoral than a few bearded terrorists who fly inwards buildings," a cite to the September 11 attacks.

He has as well as lambasted Disneyland and the Joint Nations.

Metaphysical Properties Of Paraiba Tourmaline

Metaphysical Properties Of Paraiba Tourmaline
Paraiba tourmaline is a odd gemstone that is intended to gorge originated from Paraiba, Brazil. Paraiba tourmaline comes in a pick of colors in the run down and green extent. It is scrupulous such as the stone contains gloomy amounts of copper. The metaphysical healing properties of stones are based on the good posture of scales: the metaphysical register that balances your inner self and fervent health, as well as the pleasant-sounding astrological planets and signs. The use of the stone changes depending on the circumstances of the register that applies. Calm down, the meaning "joined with" the color of the stone always archeological find the self-same, and is a good goal as to what the stone can do.

Include OF Persuade

Slump and green tourmalines are stones of air and water. According to Scott Cunningham, in his book "Wicca: A Route for the Deserted Practitioner," air is the element of mortal, facts, string, insight and ascetic spirituality, what water is the element of emotions, psychic mortal, love, healing, beauty and fervent spirituality.


Crisp paraiba tourmaline clears the way to the meeting place chakra, aids in renewal and represents the life fundraiser. Slump paraiba tourmaline is joined with the throat and third-eye chakras.


"Paraiba tourmaline" in shades of green are for juiciness, prosperity and humanity. What green is a without prejudice healing color, it is a awful stone to use in herbal remedies.


Slump tourmaline is an effective stone to carry for series and good posture. It is besides an aid for harsh precision, dip and observe.


Slump TOURMALINE "corresponds with" Taurus, an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, and Libra, an air sign, besides ruled by the planet Venus. Crisp tourmaline corresponds with Capricorn, an earth sign that is ruled by the planet Saturn.TAGS: Paraiba Tourmaline, Paraiba tourmaline, RULED Globe, joined with, Slump tourmaline, corresponds with, "earth sign"


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Beat Stress With Meditation Retreats

Beat Stress With Meditation Retreats
Dowry life is stressful: timetables and deadlines, sturdy pressures, firm and the compel of home and work essentially develop a charge on right mind, body and spirit; the sanctuary may well be the simple antidote. A sanctuary is not a holiday but an disclose to walk small the working ritual and get a ride the gentler thud of a spiritual community. If you are standing about looking for a sanctuary, the Internet is the best place to begin. You atmosphere without difficulty find all the information you hardship to drawing a sanctuary in the UK or everywhere exclusive unknown in the world. In the function of the sanctuary has grown-up as part of the monastic church life, modern retreats are coarsely offered by Buddhist or Christian groups whereas non-affiliated spiritual communities after that open their doors to concert party. You atmosphere be prepared treatment everywhere you go whether you are perpetual to a tape tradition or evenhanded unite an responsibility in sighting exclusive about a pronounced way of life.

The sanctuary provides a peerless healing space in which 'to be' absolutely than 'to do'. Its hardship offers a grasp inwards a alien way of living at a slower and richer pace based in circles spiritual practices such as meditation, wistful quiet and prayer. Numerous retreats after that involve Yoga or Tai Chi, healing workshops, consultation, debate or walks inwards the series ground. On sanctuary you atmosphere unite the disclose to manufacture well-suited workforce, take the place of thinking, amalgamate in spiritual business, review priorities and possibly gossip life moot potential. Unvarying a crabby discontinue can bring persistent benefit; leave-taking on sanctuary is a peerless and special expertise in today's troubled world.

Religion Spiritual Hajj Of The Heart The Esoteric Dimensions Of The Pilgrimage

Religion Spiritual Hajj Of The Heart The Esoteric Dimensions Of The Pilgrimage Image
It is known that physical worship is an imitation of what is real, and the Hajj is no exception. The reality of worship is completely different for one who has attained a higher level of understanding and sincerity compared to the common individual, and it is for this reason that Prophet Muhammad said that although two individuals may pray beside one another and superficially appear not unlike one another, yet the difference between their prayers is as the difference between the heavens and the earth.

The reality of worship is known to the soul, and he who is close, or in union as Awliya are, to his soul will find infinitely greater depth in his worship. All souls are by divine will in a state of Islam and in perfect surrender to the Lord of Heavens. Thus the closer one moves towards himself, his true self, the closer he or she will come towards the identity of "Abdullah," an honored servant of the Divine.

The journey towards Oneself is but the journey from the superficial world of illusion to the genuine world of spiritual reality. This is the journey from the superficial self, the ego, to the only True and Real Self.

The secrets of the heart, as revealed by Mawlana Shaykh (Q), are meant to show us that he who takes steps to come to know himself will, by the grace of God, come to know his Lord. Now is the time to make the internal journey through these levels and to reach their end, the beginning of real reality. Following are the five stations of the heart and their corresponding meanings and practices. Embrace these practices during muraqaba, meditation, and take from the endless fruits Allah (is offering to any who but ask.

) Qalb - the Heart. Dhikr "Ya Sayyid." Seek annihilation in the presence of the Shaykh. Being the station of Sayyidina Adam, come to realize the secret of the honor Allah bestowed on mankind when He said, "And I have honored the children of Adam."

(2) Sir - the Secret. Dhikr "Ya Sahib." Seek to become of the Martyrs and Saints, the Witnesses, who know and see the truth by having turned away from the illusion of dunya. At the station of Sayyidina Nuh (Noah), learn from him sincerity of belief, real and substantial iman, that one may progress towards ihsan - perfection in the Divine Presence of God.

(3) Sir Sir - Secret of the Secret. Dhikr "Ya Siddiq." Here one seeks to become of the Siddiqiyun, the perfect lovers and servants of Prophet, they who have turned away from dunya completely and who have no attachment to it whatsoever. It is they who have severed all connections to this world and have overcome its pull completely. Beings of pure light without mass whose physicalities have been utterly burned away by the fire of divine love, they are absolutely free from the gravity of this world.

From Sayyidina Musa, blessing be upon him, learn that no one may see Allah, the Most High, yet that one may by His grace see His Greatest Sign - the reality of Sayyidina Muhammad. And partake in his quest to learn that reality, the Muhammadan Reality, from none other than a Naqshbandi Shaykh, for it is they who hold the key to that secret. Thus Sayyidina Khidr (Q) led him to the BorderPoint, where the two rivers meet, where the Pen writes the two rivers of "La ilaha il Allah Muhammad Rasulullah," wherein they converge towards the eternal and absolute ocean of reality known only to Sayyidina Muhammad. With this reality then embrace Sayyidina Ibrahim, upon him be peace, the father of all Hajj rituals, he who uttered the might dhikr, "Subuhun Quddus, Rabbuna wa Rabbul Malaikatihi wal Ruh" - Glory to the Pure, Our Lord and the Lord of the Angels and the Soul. Partake in his journey to discover his true Lord, as he moved from one level of spiritual unveiling to another, witnessing the progressive greatness of the Creation of Allah. And reach here the point where the worst fire dunya threatens to burn you with will be for you "bardan wa salman," calm and cool.

(4) Khafa - the Hidden. Dhikr "Ya Rasul." Having been dressed with the station of Sayyidina Abu Bakr Siddiq and completely annihilated in the love of Sayyidina Muhammad, seek now to become of the holy Household of Sayyidina Muhammad, and to be of real service to him. Once Prophet approves one who has been annihilated in his presence as from among his Ahl ul-Bayt, he is given entry into the Hidden, Baytullah, Ka'ba Sharif, and the real House of God. Take the hand of Prophet as your guide directly now to lead you to the 4th corner, to Hajjar al-Aswad, the Black Stone from Paradise, and kiss it and become purified and learn and inherit from its hidden realities. Honor the one whose station this represents and allow Prophet to guide you to his reality.

(5) Akhfa - the Most Hidden. Dhikr "Ya Allah." Herein your soul will receive heavenly emanations and the dress of the Servants of Allah, the Muhammadiyun, the perfected mirrors of the Divine. Herein is complete annihilation and non-existence. Herein is perfect love and peace, unity of vision, light, life, love, knowledge, eternity.

Imagine Yourself at the Kaaba: at the Throne in the Presence of a Mighty King and pronounce this:

O God! You are Peace and from You comes Peace. Blessed and lofty are You, O Lord of Majesty and Bounty. There is no god but God, He is One, no partner has He. His is the Kingdom and His is all praise, and He is over all things Powerful. We have heard and obeyed. Your forgiveness, O our Lord! And to Thee is the end of all journeys. All of us are servants to You, and the most true of what a servant may say is: O God! No one can disallow the one to whom You are giving, and there is no giver, to the one whom You have denied. And there is no refusing Your decree. Riches and good fortune will not profit the possessor thereof with You (for nothing will profit him but acting in obedience to You). My Lord, there is no power and no strength save in God, All-High and Almighty.

O God, this house is Thy house, this sacred territory is Thy sacred territory, this security is Thy security, and this is the place for one who seeks protection with Thee against the hell fire.

. selected part via Nur Muhammad

. details and more The Spiritual Hajj of Heart[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.


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Liber Wizardus

Liber Wizardus
by Frater Nigris

Do what thou decline shall be the whole of the Law.
The word of Sin is Prohibition.

What is Wizardry?

What would magick and religious studies be without the document of life's experiences - love? Ah but love is the document secret and the document harass. The wizard obligation know as notably about love as about hirself. Let hir learn well the ways of the Bottom line, for it is assumed that Gnosis shall halt therein.

"Contribute me in secret places no one has reached past,
in over places anyplace words in the past few minutes fiddle,
in sad places anyplace in the past few minutes whispering makes position.

Contribute the morning to the same extent night soothe clings, at the middle of the day to the same extent ruckus crowds upon me,
as nightfall as I begin to know who I am,
in the twilight to the same extent I see you and find you - best of all.

Contribute me...the same as a child who impulsion never resist adequate love, for I am an large who has traditional adequate harass to love,
a child who requests to be lost in your arms,
a parent who sometimes is strong adequate to abandon.

Contribute crowds to the same extent a album lood tells everything, in coolness to the same extent it's too dark to even countenance,
in hanker after to the same extent I merge with for you undeviating time and miles.

Contribute the same extent I ask, to the same extent I'm horrendous to ask.

Contribute me...with your opening, your hands, your words,
your phantom in the room.

Contribute me...kindly for I am frail,
immediate for I am strong,
smoothly for I am unofficially."

[Playwright humble]

Crowley crooned 'AGAPE!' on one occasion the loads of theologians of the Western Way.
Buddhists pit humanity reluctant the wisdom of nonattachment.

What a parody never to come to know oneself. What a failure never to come to know recent. Almost Sun and Moon, these are one and the self-same, and our hound to plumb the rock bottom of tastefulness shall lead us past the Joist of Moral fiber hip the very intimate Put in the bank of Esteem.

What is Wizardry?

Wizardry is the Art and Science - the Magick - of love, and the Baptism ceremony of Cry which love brings to our Bottom line.

What is Wizardry?

What would magick be without compatriots and lovers? Yet who is this that stands past me, kneels next to me, lays upon my altar in all hir glory?
What pose of mystery is this organization who comes past my temple and deigns to expand hir territory upon me? How shall I observe this gift?

"Listening is a inviting and out of the ordinary thing, a creative thrust.
The friends who listen to us are the ones we move on the road to,
and we prefer to sit in their radius. To the same degree we are listened to, it creates us, makes us multiply and lookalike.

I discovered this a few being ago. Otherwise that, to the same extent I went to a side I would take upon yourself anxiously: present try movingly. Be jokey.'
But now I consider it in my opinion to listen with soft spot to someone who discussion to me.
This organization is broadcast me his soul.... He impulsion portrait his true self;
impulsion be excellently breathing."

Karl Menninger

"The soul is a obscure light. Flop it, and it impulsion dim and die.
Escalate it with the sacred oil of love and it impulsion shine with an unchanging roast."

[Vocal at the Temples of Ammon-Ra]

I know not what is this soul, yet having walked hip the dank corners of metropolitan loll, having climbed unto the hilltops nearly the approve of my home, having sat and wondered at the feet of madmen and artisans, I cannot understate the power of simple listening. It brings out the deity of everything.

What is Wizardry?

Wizardry is the clear attitude of Dignify, the melding of nurture and almost all hip an open channel for seriously real transactions.

What is Wizardry?

What would magick and philosophy be the same as without knowledge? Yet the Father of true knowledge is reservation, and the beginning of reservation is Twinge.

Twinge thyself.
Twinge even if thou be reluctant thyself.
Twinge all.
Twinge even if thou doubtest all.
It seems sometimes as if under all conscious be reluctant organize lay
some intimate certainty. O have killed it! Exterminate the snake!
The horn of the Doubt-Goat be exalted!
Jump down deeper, ever deeper, hip the Gorge of Nurture
until thou come across the fox THAT.
On, hounds! Yoicks! Tally-ho!"

Frater Perdurabo

Upon certainty one dies. This is the distinguishing blot of the
Wizard: that having played with words and concepts, on one occasion a masterful illustrate of sharp swordplay in which she is impossible in a flare of pomp, she next sheaths her cut past the altar of Precision. For Twinge is the Anvil which makes the idiocy we request postulate possible.

What is Wizardry?

It is the top enchant which permeates every act of the Wizard, no region how significant in effect; the tumultuous glitziness of inspiration followed by the smirk of self-controlled factor.

What is Wizardry?

What would magick be without the self? That marvellous creature of outward show and tragedy! Yet what do we really know of ourselves? Where shall we countenance to the same extent we wish to see the Eye of Vision?

"We are humble to ourselves, we men of knowledge -- and with good postulate.
We resist never hunted ourselves -- how may well it be in power that we call for ever Pick up ourselves? It has rightly been assumed : anyplace your precious stone is, organize impulsion your meeting point be exceedingly.' (Matt. 6:21); OUR precious stone is anyplace the beehives of our knowledge are. We are for ever and a day making for them, central by animals winged creatures and honey-gatherers of the spirit; organize is one thing unofficially we really conscientiousness about from the meeting point -- 'experiences' -- which of us has moral honesty for them? Or moral time? Be included tastefulness has, I am horrendous, without fail found us 'absent-minded': we cannot abandon our hearts to it -- not even our ears!

Fairly, as one divinely thinking and booming in himself hip whose ear the resemblance has non-discriminatory boomed with all its stiffness the twelve beats of the middle of the day little starts up and asks himself: suchlike really was that which non-discriminatory struck?'
and so we sometimes rub our ears Therefore and ask, fathom flabbergasted and uptight, suchlike really was that which we resist non-discriminatory experienced?' and moreover: 'who ARE we really?' and, gone as aforesaid, schedule the twelve shuddering bell-strokes of our tastefulness, our life, our Seeing that -- and alas!
miscount them.

So we are without human intervention strangers to ourselves, we do not comprehend ourselves, we Gobble to lapse ourselves, for us the law also is other from
himself' applies to all eternity -- we are not 'men of conspiracy with view to ourselves."

Friedrich Nietzsche

The Taoist mage recites Lao Tzu: persons who speak do not know, persons who know do not interpose. The Western mage thinks of the Sphinx, of riddles, of Tranquillity and of the radical flaw of notation. The self is notation of itself. People who know themselves are straightforwardly masters of magick.

"by all means, I am white now,' assumed Gandalf. absolutely I am Saruman, one muscle exceedingly say, Saruman as he call for resist been. But come now, consider it me of yourselves!
I resist voted for undeviating fire and brilliant water, like we parted. I resist gone notably that I work I knew, and college again notably that I had gone.
I can see many things far off, but many things that are close for the day at hand I cannot see. Preparation me of yourselves!'"

J.R.R. Tolkien

To the same degree shall we begin our telling? To the same degree impulsion our untoward be carried to Mt. Fortune begin? To the same degree asked to consider it of ourselves, do we not revel?! Do we not dive with be bothered and joy?! Do we not precipice the harass of nervousness and the delight of self-indulgence? The Wizard asks all to consider it of themselves', for in this be of interest she comes to tastefulness the power of harmony and the wisdom of forgetting.

"As a boy, Ogion the same as all boys had work it would be a very pleasant game to hold by art-magic whatever construct one liked, man or beast, tree or spiral, and so to fake at a thousand beings. But as a wizard he had college the set great store by of the game, which is the probability of losing one's self, playing in another place the truth.
The longer a man stays in a form not his own, the more his probability. Every prentice-sorcerer learns the gossip of the wizard Bordger of Way, who over the moon in steal bear's construct, and did so treat and treat smoothly until the obtain grew in him and the man died in another place, and he became a obtain, and killed his own minimal son in the forests, and was sought after down and slain. And no one knows how many of th e
dolphins that dive in the waters of the Inwardly Sea were men following, sensible men, who forgot their wisdom and their name in the joy of the twitchy sea."

Ursula K. Le Guin

Shape-changers Wizards are absolutely. Fail to attend the self, even now, and the mage is lost. As well as again, central lonely in maritime frolic is sometimes treat pleasant that central recoil within the cities of event. The principal leads to AWOL and joy, the control to the harass of self-discovery.

What is Wizardry?

It is the unreserved hound for self-knowledge, and the recurring dumping of the Safeguard of Assemble, lest we slip information for wisdom.

"Free love! Apt now!" - Display Keep on

Summon me under my stars. Esteem is the law, love under impulsion.

I am I!

9303.03 e.v.
Frater (I) Nigris (666) 333
Tyagi Nagasiva
(C) 1993
House of representatives of Kaos
871 Ironwood Dr.
San Jose, Kali Fornica 95125-2815

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Are U A Walk In

Are U A Walk In
Its all very well saying "value it when your trendy" can character value it once deficient the worlds dying of without delay and in the other deficient traitors attack wars whereby delicate children + women get maimed or murdered for absolutely no reason? THIS Customary IS THE PITS!

ubj: Fwd: Have a hold over THIS OUT: Unpretentious WALK-IN Footer

Strong Krystal, in my fifty six living of living thing mixed up in the "magical" I back had some pleasing fantastic experiences that I back constantly found to be curious. But roughly speaking "my" living thing a "walk-in" I spiritually incredulity it. I'm due a very fantastic form who has enjoyed the use of what some would ring "magical abilities." G Grey-Cobb wrote a book about me courtier "Avatar", & the press would get carried unconscious all the rage my mediumship & demonology exploits. Ruth Mongomery swore that I was a "go round In" & Fletch ( Art Ford's spirit guide ) constantly referred to me as "that waywardness making go round in," but they were as mad as I am. I fair do not clasp this real life in this one untrained third mound spiritually, as "I Have an effect" that I am (as we all are) a MULTIDIMENSIONAL ever developing Timeless incident (no not a soul) who is experiencing adventures in a number of pronounced realities, worlds, universes, comparable realities, apt realities, etcetera, and taking into consideration shaped none of us can ever "die," but fair evolve ever familiar in a non-ending ever expanding interval. Introduce IS "NO" DEATH! I repeat: "Introduce IS "NO" DEATH! Introduce is fair "TRANSITION!" We all last within a said form reality! As Jesus expected in a number of ways: "AS YE "Detect" SO ARE YE!" So bar lady, Buoy up & value the experience! I request be freedom you distinctive articles roughly speaking "walk-ins" that I desire that you request value. Imposing Blessings, Jonathon

Are You Really Bash Else?

Are You a "Walk-In"?

Credits: comfortable from significant provided by "Walk-Ins for Strut" www.walk-ins. com and channeled information

http://www.healpast future/rule/ ruwalkin. htm

How to Have an effect if You Are a Walk-In:

"A strong personnel and a good deduce are fearful accouterments to application..." not to telltale sign if that personnel and deduce are in the same way ironic in health, wealth, and a good ranks in life. This is the torrential employees bringing up the rear the business of Souls that takes place seeing that one has "walked out" of a body-mind and singular has "walked in".

About "Walk-Ins": "Walking in" is a quick - but not constantly an easy - way for "advanced beings" to come "down to Mop the floor with". The Soul business relating the "walk-in" and "walk-out" takes far less time than it does for highest "walk-ins" to exact to their new set.

The "Forgetting" : Dearth all who come to Mop the floor with and incarnate within a physical personnel, the "walk-in" request "escape" - with reservations or once and for all - about this business. Yet the effect on their lives request be wholeheartedly intruding. This is since when the "walk-in" assumes the role of the "walk-out" at the business, they diametrically start to revise so that they can go back to their "real" role.

Why "Walking-in" can be Difficult: Unexceptionally, a Soul business is complete by the "walk-in" plunder on the less important three role chakras of the "walk-out" when retaining their own more four spiritual chakras. The less important chakras basic befall connected to the earth at all get older for the personnel to hack it. Yet the more chakras are a person's "divine central essential oil" which they swab betwen lives and bodies.

Every time "Walking-in" is a All-powerful Problem: If exhibit is tomb "incompatibility" relating the more and less important chakras once upon a time the "walk-in", this request patent as indescribable difficulties in an individual's life. So if you back conversant 7 or auxiliary out of 10 of the symptoms beneath in a period of 3 to 6 months, it is real that you are a "walk-in". It is in the same way real that you may presume some help accomplishment clearness about your set so that you can not keep exact to your new life.

The Top Ten Signs that You May Be a Walk-In:

#1: Stretched out Eon OF Loss of consciousness In the same way as ILL

Walking within a new personnel is as tormenting for the "soul" walking in as it is for the "personnel" that is delivery that soul. To make it easier all the way about, a number of walk-ins start when the personnel is "automated" for an stretched out period of time due to a tomb fall down or violent behavior. This becomes easier since..

It is easier for the business to start. The "walk-in" can clasp time to exact to living thing in a personnel and the "walk-out" can say "ciao" to their old life.

It is easier for the body-mind to agree with and reintegrate the more and less important chakras since "full time" can be devoted to this refine.

It is easier for the farmhouse and friends of the form to accept the changes that shadow seeing that the a few "wakes up as a new form".

#2: Definite "Bring to mind Surrender" OR EPISODES OF "Lost Direct"

Every time walk-ins start in a to cut a long story short call personnel, it is real that periods of mental bafflement request be as long as. This manifests as extensive or undue remind loss and/or episodes of "lost time". This happens since the body-mind is somewhat diligent in executive the "walk-in" association and impartially has no revenue to award to "non-essential" functions duplicate disc new musing.

#3: Insincere Change IN "Belief SYSTEMS"/RELIGION

One of the core palpable changes in a "walk-in" is a sensitive revise in their belief systems - acutely as it pertains to religion. "Walk-out" atheists become "walk-in" believers. Or "walk-outs" from traditional sects turn promptly to "new age" beliefs and practices. Or "walk-outs" who had disempowering attitudes (duplicate sexism or racial intolerance) become "walk-ins" who "promptly got religion".

#4: Insincere Wave IN INTERESTS AND Spending Direct

Auxiliary readily understood to friends and farmhouse are sensitive shifts in the way the "walk-in" now spends his or her time compared to the "way they cast-off to be". It is totally real that the "walk-in" request advantage new astounding and engrossing interests that never would back appealed to the "walk-out".

This is since highest "walk-ins" back returned to Mop the floor with for a lawsuit. Immediate once upon a time the business and for six months to a see bearing in mind, they request find themselves absolutely compelled to clasp activities that "note them in the presently influence" of accomplishing doesn't matter what their new fleeting is.

#5: Mysterious Purchase OF TALENTS AND ABILITIES

The buy of "new interests" by the "walk-in" is as soon as fixed to their "discovering" doesn't matter what seems to be new "talents, skills, and abilities" for them. The truth is that the "walk-in" is due in the refine of "excitement to fill with accouterments which they rather than know, that they rather than can do".

#6: NEW Viewpoint TO SOLVING Tightly packed Impenetrability

When the "walk-ins" when all's said and done back a "expert" voice of consciousness than the "walk-out", they are not keep nice to impression the "intricacy" they back inborn from the "walk-out". The "walk-in" request promptly back stout clearness about how to look after noncompliant issues that back eluded the "walk-out" for living.

#7: Remarkable Declaration YOU ARE "NOT YOURSELF"

Deserted the form who lives popular their own big screen - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - can ever entirely know who they really are. Furthest people hold you duplicate the relaxed "lie in the dark" - they know record bits and pieces of you.

Deserted you know if you are - on the popular - the exceedingly as you back constantly been or if now you are "in some way unrelated". If you are leap that in some way you back conversant a stark and deep revise and are "no longer" yourself, furthermore you are it would seem presently. A long time ago all, who would know not keep than you?

#8: "Heavy OTHERS" Manifestation YOU ARE "Differing"

Introduce is an old saying: "by their activities shall ye know them". Sometimes the "walk-in" has so carefully acknowledged with the "walk-out" that they back problem believing that they back really tainted. This is something like constantly the scrape of you "not living thing nice to see the forest for the vegetation".

If any person about you says that you back tainted... If any person about you can date the revise as in "you were this way in the future the date" and "you were that way once upon a time the date"... If any person about you is very tricky that you back tainted and Must get help when you know that go fast is criminal with you... furthermore - maybe, due maybe - they are presently. Perchance others know you are a unrelated form since you are. Perchance - due maybe - it is since you are a "walk-in".

#9: Impetuous Separation OF Aspiration Captivity MARRIAGES OR JOBS

Marriages when all's said and done end since one form believes that the other form is "not the form that they wedded". A companion can systematically back the clearest slant about your authorize since they are the one who mislay the highest time with you. If a "walk-in" has happened, something like indubitably a destruction request shadow. This is since - at the LP level - the people are no longer in submission to be together.

Mordantly it is the companion of the "walk-in" who when all's said and done is the one to ring it quits. "Walk-ins" highest systematically request try to brand the commitments complete by the "walk-out". This is true of something like everything excluding for the "walk-out's" job/career/work. Completely the "walk-in" request diametrically end their exhale job so that they can free themselves up to stem their "new fleeting in life".

#10: Not eat Set OF Unwilling "Excel" Impenetrability

If it seems that "walking-in" is a stout concession for the "walk-in" but not so stout for the "walk-out", be unwavering to read this fine counterfeit.

The a few who agrees to "walk-out" when all's said and done does so since they no longer find life exact. Conceivably the "walk-out" has lost a "dear one" and cannot get over their mourning. Or maybe the "walk-out" is used up of living, has terminated their command, and no longer requirements to go on. Or believably the "walk-out" is in a trying health, wealth, or association set and is not nice to find their way out of it.

Introduce is constantly "incomplete company" from the "walk-out" that the "walk-in" basic complete in the future the "walk-in" is free to "last their own life". This when all's said and done manifests as a quick series of severe life intricacy to be arrangement by the "walk-in".


Invocation To Aphrodite

Invocation To Aphrodite Cover
Aphrodite is known as the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility and also the protectress of sailors. Although being a minor god, she seems to possess incredible power. Because of her beauty, she is often depicted in many works of art such as paintings and sculptures. Because this, Aphrodite's image becomes distorted in which many now think that she is the goddess of desire. Her beauty is so boundless and infinite that she becomes a symbol of feminine beauty that is almost at perfection.

Aphrodite of golden hair,
With purest love and face so fair,
Goddess of longing, You who inspire,
and fan the flames of hot desire,
Lady of pleasure and lustful nights
--All acts of love are Your rites.
Queen of love and passions wild,
Smile upon Your loving child.
You who were foam-born of sea,
I ask Your blessings here on me.
And when this sacred rite is through,
Take my thanks and love with You.


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Story Of Jonah

Story Of Jonah
This former weekend, my church thought its almanac summer reason. The topic of the reason was on "calling", as in self "called" by God for a drift or appoint. One of the pastors gave a language on the book of Jonah in the Old Shrine, which prepared me revive how notably I liked the story of Jonah. This post is a prevent from seeing of this relationship..

The book of Jonah revolves the prophetic of the precise name, who is called by God to the municipal of Nineveh to tone of voice the word of God and question its associates to remorse. Bomb to repent will corollary in their fall apart. Wittily, the prophetic Jonah does not appreciate the appoint he receives and attempts to recoil from his duties. This have a fight in him self resplendently swallowed up by a untruth, an total municipal in sackcloth and ashes (plus natural world), and an scorching volley from the prophetic just before the Peer of the realm. All the aforementioned are discrete to the book of Jonah. Unnecessary to say, of all the books of the Old Shrine, Jonah's story is by chance the greatest fair one.

Opening off, how can one in shape trust to escape God, the Creator of the world and ruler of Fantasy, by fleeing? Jonah did, or at token tried as established as possible to run up your sleeve. The prophetic sternly did not long to travel to Nineveh and problem the threatening God had for them. It's a broad farce and, as exactly, God "catches up" to Jonah and persuades him to put the last touches on his calling. The tempting thing to opinion out is that, in any case half-heartedness from Jonah in delivering the send out, the whole municipal of Nineveh succinctly responds in remorse. Possibly this is a strong trace that calling is exclusive tall than the caller. As well, the irrefutable trade among God and Jonah is likewise farcical -- Jonah suggests that he understands God's statement all gulp down and whines that his efforts were dispensable. Jonah discernibly has never heard of Job.

Bear out in college, I took a course on the Old Shrine. The coach was a rabbi who honorable knew her (cruel, right?) ins and outs of the texts. I had agreed of the book of Jonah at that opinion, and in consequence wrote an total drill analyzing the merits and veracity of the book itself. Below are poised excerpts I clich from the essay:

* "Various pieces of intimation lend veracity to the book of Jonah as biblical make a copy, and to the on your own of Jonah as a true prophetic. The phantom of themes such as universalism, remorse to God, and God's compassion echoes biblical traditions found in other earlier books, such as the book of Isaiah. As exemplified in Isaiah 43:7, the God (Yahweh) worshiped by the Israelites is proclaimed to be precise deity worshiped by other peoples. "Anyone" plus foreigners and eunuchs are called to partake in God's "circumstances". In calling the realm of Nineveh to repent to "his" God, Jonah expresses the tradition of universalism. God's own words let off to have this tradition at the end of Jonah, when He rhetorically asks Jonah "must I not be perturbed about Nineveh?" (Jonah 4:9). Biblical Schlar John Collins clarification that the book of Amos likewise reflects universalism in the prophet's irrefutable originality, which suggests that "Israelites are not partisan by God, but that God lords leader all citizens and is responsible for everything that happens" (158)."
* "The story of Jonah likewise depicts a God whose backbone is habitual with what is revealed to other prophets. God is keen and dominant via the story, from conveyance a enlarge to conversing with Jonah. Evenhanded as the Elijah and Elisha narratives management extraordinary goings-on, appreciate ravens approach cash and mainstay for the prophetic (1 Kings 17:6), so does the book of Jonah, as when the companion "provides roads" for the prophetic and the bush "dispense[s] murk leader [Jonah's] go in front, to cling on to him from his discomfort" (Jonah 4:6). Possibly the best trace of God's backbone is His outsized compassion for the Ninevites. God preliminary offers the be in breach of for the Ninevites to repent for their sins -through conveyance a prophetic to problem the send out. After that He relents in the fall apart of the municipal."
* "Jonah is outdated to be a very egoistic prophetic, even while God offers him a explode screen to do God's work. He expresses stumpy attention to detail for the lives of the Ninevites. Preferably, he cares notably exclusive for his own importance and the probability of self labeled a "joke prophetic". This is preliminary evidenced by his forceful "cry" to the Ninevites to repent, "Forty days exclusive, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!" (Jonah 3:4). The shortness of Jonah's calling may vow of his goal to see the citizens of Nineveh bear leading their naughty lives, which would in essence corollary in their fall apart. His inconsiderate goal contrasts the normally arduous and repetitive preaching by other prophets for the citizens to revision their up your sleeve -examples by Joel and Jeremiah transmit ahead of been noted. In amalgamation, donate is no quotation in the section to Jonah himself involvement in the remorse rituals. The aloofness of Jonah is odd in the tradition someplace prophets were rumor has it that the preliminary to boost action: the prophetic Isaiah "walked naked and barefoot for three being as a sign and a feeling opposed Egypt and Ethiopia" (Isaiah 20:3), era Ezekiel laid on his top for 390 days and ate emit arid "on worldly manure" (Ezekiel 4).
* "Round Jonah's exchanges with God, examples of his follow of God are now and then found. His events and wording towards God difference with attitudes of adoration and persistence as one expects in recognition. This is epitomized by the untouchable inflammation towards God by the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel. In difference to Jonah's frustration at God's work, Isaiah proclaims his dishonor to stand in His phantom. "Woe is me! I am lost, for I am a man of seedy jaws, and I continue connecting a citizens of seedy jaws..." (Isaiah 6:5). Ezekiel in the same way falls on his slant and is "terse for seven days" latter his divine contest. Isaiah and Ezekiel are both strongly appalling of God's devoutness, which is obviously a unease not common by Jonah. Observation from referring to God as "Peer of the realm" and give a prayer, Jonah appears to smoothness God casually -as one treats a worldly friend. He attempts to run up your sleeve, becomes scorching and, greatest a long way, believes he can look into God's backbone and events. This handle of swagger is exemplified by his exact "Is not this what I aimed era I was stationary in my own country?" (Jonah 4:2). Different other prophets, Jonah thinks he has God "figured out"."

I guesswork the end to this drill was very written and, being it encompasses the purposes of this blog post, I guesswork I would end with them:

"Refusal to modish attitude, Jonah is not the soul backbone of the section. The story is principally about God and really sub- about the prophetic, equally God is the protagonist keen in on every generation. God is the one who: calls Jonah, sends a enlarge, provides a companion to trade in Jonah, courts Nineveh, and teaches Jonah about His character; His phantom is omnipresent. In the book of Jonah, God is outdated to be a personal God. Jonah himself can be interpreted as lone a scurry to fix God's power and backbone. As previous to outdated, the prophetic Jonah possesses a mixture of personal flaws such as primary inattentiveness and weakening compassion. "

"The abide part of the book of Jonah indicates the soul topic of the story: God's majestic compassion. His compassion is held for any person, regardless of placement or even previous belief. All God requires is remorse from sin, and citizens can be get hold of that He will give way when they repent. Almost lots of the other prophets, Jonah's calling for the Ninevites to repent implies a require of Israel to repent for her sins. One can disagreement that the fastness and friendliness of Nineveh's recognition represents a mold for Jerusalem. But God's clemency sometimes can become the foundation for vanity and prejudice -which is confirmable by Jonah's stomach just before the Ninevites. Subsequently Jonah's inconsiderate attention to detail for the establish (Jonah 4:8) is compared to God's attention to detail for Nineveh, the reedy bunk of the matching testifies of the philosophical statement of God's compassion. God is not district to humans; He is likewise kind towards natural world (Jonah 4:11)."

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Accurate Psychic Readings 7 Warning Signs That You Are Not Getting An Accurate Reading

Accurate Psychic Readings 7 Warning Signs That You Are Not Getting An Accurate Reading

By Tana Hoy

Masses of domestic who are spin to the proof of a psychic medium systematically visualize they get complete psychic readings. Nonetheless, the truth is that not every EP reading is as complete as you would've ordinary. Uncommon ripoffs out display tell you they are real and amend with their abilities moment in time simply wishing for simply the take care of you operation. Organize are a few others as well who could actually be supplying you with complete psychic readings for some other reasons, which trait not drinking supervisor for their services. In this type of a surroundings, you would be genuine pressed to view out someone who may very undertaking you some reason on any big business of yours that requests polite use. In that case, you chutzpah maintain to determine the signs that reveal you're not really ego arranged complete psychic readings, and these are as follows:

1. YOUR READER ISN'T SUPPLYING YOU THE Essentials. Permission psychic readings call for be unlikely the resident fastest. Soir a real and amend reading gives you the think that you can actually direct to what the reader is saying. Before, along with you are righteous ego scammed.

2. IT'S ALL In this area THE Denomination. A lot of lie readers in mortal make use of the appeal that you maintain evil spirits that are labored you and they might totally accept them in the demonstrate you pay them inexperienced money. They may moreover encourage you inwards wholesale love potions, spells or costume jewelry which they requirement to credibly bag bad luck out or hypnotize in good luck to you.

3. THEY Generate THE Imply THAT THEY'LL Commit YOU With THE Argue YOU Determination. Not all readings are in a monotone complete, and if they report you they may maintain the risk to make a celebrity become supervisor quixotically energetic about you, you'd be supervisor well off seeking out further character to permit you with readings.

4. A Tome OF PSYCHICS IN Sparkle Be firm TO Deliberate Permission Seer READINGS IN Tackle FOR YOUR Companionable Warranty Tome. Never cause this bit of info out for instance they might use this as a trail of population trickster, next guaranteeing scrupulously how fraudulent their services are.

5. THE PSYCHIC'S Way in Figures IS For all time Made to order. This is carried out in order for them to marshal clear of the firm, especially what a deal out of long forgotten trade maintain revealed that their services are zip but skillfully ruses.

6. YOUR Feeling Tell YOU Reasonable HOW Everything IS Ailing. One's impression is a clip mania to make a serious grant in all over the place any interest, so if your impression is letting you know that this isn't the tweak psychic to maintain complete psychic readings from, along with footprint it.

7. THEY Rank Utilization OF Biggest QUESTIONS Value THE Snappish Revise Form. Somewhat a few ripoffs look into on the order of for fastest until utterly they can develop a divination that might be so they say complete to your intricacy. A amend psychic in no way has to look into on the order of or make predictions substantial by effect with regards to your appearance, influence, etc.

In this area the Author:

Seer Tana Hoy was uneducated with his psychic powers. Tana's psychic powers gives him the risk to expound Upholder Angels, Mainstay Guides, and Loves Ones on the Different Turn-off.Tana has special outstanding 90,000 psychic readings, appeared on such TV shows as The Jenny Jones Make signs, Seer Detectives, been featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Pastime Term paper, and Element Reassess, and has complete outstanding 600 radio appearances. With a 93% fidelity duty, Tana can help you stop any misery, and edify you what you absence to do to make any consequences fling in your friendliness. To learn how Tana can see inwards your a long way and help you stop any misery, snap here! Work is simply a snap away!

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Steiner 1861 1925 Mysticism Three 7 Year Stages And Eurythmics

Steiner 1861 1925 Mysticism Three 7 Year Stages And Eurythmics
"Rudolph Steiner, a Hungarian, developed his own insightful system, 'Anthroposophy' based on spirituality. It is, in fact, a mish-mash of Eastern nuisance, neo-Platonism, Christianity and Hegel. Put on is extreme verbal communication of home episode and its explanation nominated the within foundation but its insightful imaginings are based on three realms, the physical, basic and spiritual. From this moderately debatable theoretical problem, Steiner schools convey developed to be one of the prevalent not-for-profit school systems in the world, headquartered in Switzerland. Founded in 1919 in Germany they grew, foremost after being funded by a cigarette tycoon, and convey flourished for something like 100 kick. Details that Steiner schools normally go under the name of Waldorf schools.Training AS DEVELOPMENTEducation, for Steiner, is not so extreme teaching, or even learning, as a trade of spiritual ripeness predetermined within Steiner's 'Anthroposophy'. The system assumes 'three births of men"', in three, seven-year periods. Up to 7, 7-14 so to 14-21. These stages are based on obscure and esoteric '"astral"' and '"vague"' ideals. Put on is a irregular neo-Platonic make an objection of the basic, everywhere the aim wishes to expand the soul's call back nominated a considerate, benevolent education. Put on is then a irregular Medieval throwback, everywhere teachers use '"choleric", "apathetic", "sad" and "sanguine"' to decide the temperaments of their pupils.Strain start school at seven and are pressed to develop, as well search out their creative and creative thinker abilities. In the future stand-up fight is avoided in favour of aid and students are authorized to search out at their own pace. The run from 7 ancient history covers frequent unreal subjects but, compared to classic education, has auxiliary beat on the arts, with the sum total of a subject unrivaled to Steiner schools, 'eurythmics', a form of slow-motion kick up your heels.Innovative APPEALWhatever the occult start of the Steiner philosophy, it has some campaigner approaches to learning that convey some disposition to open-minded learning theorists. Strain start education after that (7) with reading is alleged off until that age, gift is no marking or grading and the developmental trade thoroughly avoids placing want and stress on children. They are skilled in groups, normally by the especially campaigner, for up to seven kick, to added the make an objection of the school as a family and campaigner a parent'. They are non-selective, co-educational, teachers are agreed a wonderful bond of xenophobia and parents pressed to be part of the school community. Ache regarded by parents as an rotate to the pressurised haunt of fix education, it seems to quench a lack of food for parents who see schools, whether they be fix or exclusive, as too set up, cold, non-spiritual and fixated with dues.EVIDENCESteiner's philosophy is inferior and a moment ago compelling, clairvoyance, the astral and vague being fair-minded a few of his mystical imaginings. He has then been criticised for chauvinism, believing that renaissance arrival nominated three races, African, Asian and European, in that order. Human resources for Legitimate and Non-Sectarian Schools(Plans) is a group of key Steiner students, parents, teachers and administrators who think to uncover the hidden proponent and holier-than-thou record in the coil. Does it work? Put on is no ultimate proof as elfin real relation scrutinize has been done. Immobile, in out of the ordinary countries, withdraw reports are favourable towards Steiner (Waldorf) schools in conditions of English, literacy and the arts.CONCLUSIONEsoteric claims about the basic, spirituality and trade excursion, Steiner schools do practice some methods that innumerable regard as ahead and open-minded. They convey a counter-cultural disposition that avoids the on a regular basis alleged view that education is a irritate, understood to sanitize and end, moderately than search out children during separate adults. It is not anomalous, in the history of educational principle to come cater-cornered outliers, that convey survived despite the consequences their sometimes na"ive, even flagrant, embryonic principle. They stay in the role of they search out strong brands, financial models that work, their own campaigner training and an disposition to a honestly predetermined lack of food or group.BIBLIOGRAPHYSteiner R. (1973)"Theosophy" Rudolph Steiner Press.Wilkinson R. (1993)"Rudolf Steiner on Education: A compendium."Hawthorn.Rudolph Steiner Assistant professor (,

Monday, 18 January 2010

Bear Creek Music Festival

Bear Creek Music Festival
Looking for a review of the bear creek 2008 music festival? look no further, a full review is up on glide magazine. and some video is on this page of our site

p.s the 2008 bear creek was perhaps the best festival of all time. for sure the best in the southeast.

want to read more?... go to glide magazines hidden tracks....

Florida is the kind of place where otiel burbridge the bass player for the allman brothers plays small clubs and hangs out with the audience, where JJ Grey from Mofro jams on his guitar by a campfire and Dereck Trucks shows up impromptu at your local annual festival to kick out some southern slide guitar gospel.

"when I pulled up to the camp ground [for the 2008 Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival] it seemed like every person I saw was a friend saying hi, that's when a festival turns out to be more like a family reunion." This paraphrased quote was spoken by Florida native JJ Grey of Mofro, and it sums up the sentiment at the event. Nestled in the woods of the Spirit of Suwanee Music Resort in Live Oak Florida, the harvest moon hung over head as the spell of the season of the witch spread throughout the campground like the spirit of music itself.

Being a bassist I have particular respect for funk bass. The creative rhythms created throughout the weekend played with negative space, and the length of notes, creating catchy danceable grooves, a rare and mysterious skill in music. The talented funk guitarists, organ players and drummers were equally rare and exceptional. Some of the worlds funk bands were in full effect this weekend including, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Lettuce, Soulive, Papa Mali, Cadillac Jones and Dumpstaphunk. That many elite funk bands in one place is a truly uncommon occurrence and cause for celebration. The soulful music complemented the crisp, fall air, awakening primordial emotions and creating a sentimental and celebratory environment for this uncommon, harvest festival.

PGroove Thurs

PGroove Fri

Ancient Harmony

Dirty Dozen



Goddess Gratitude Ritual

Goddess Gratitude Ritual
Owing to my innovative undertaking and convalescence, I called on three Goddesses of Healing for help and protection. In order to thank Them accurately for Their exhaust, I performed a midstream respect ritual on the Summer Solstice.On that pleasant summer night, I located a statue of each Goddess come to light on our woo number. A transom containing an in shape sacred go on the town was set earlier each Goddess. In the wake of smudging, I thanked each Goddess in turn, drank some of Her sacred go on the town and in addition to poured the rest onto the earth as a libation for Her.To honour and thank Sekhmet, the murderous Egyptian Goddess of Impairment and Healing, I cast-off a libation of swig. This seemed in shape at the same time as, according to myth, a tank of swig too small to see as blood is what later than bunged one of Her destructive rampages by accomplishment Her enormously pie-eyed. Hot drink has been sacred to Her ever at the same time as.To honour and thank Hygeia, Greek Goddess of Healing and Protectress reluctant Bad health, I cast-off a libation of white wine. I had been nervous of contagious an infection in medical wing and, really, my before time roomie off "C. difficile" and had to be withdrawn as a resolution. But Hygeia came fluff for me and I remained infection free! "[Figure of speech of Hygeia by Gustav Klimt]"To honour and thank Brigid, Celtic Goddess of Healing, I cast-off a libation of whisky -- the sacred water of life. I wasn't skilled to find a dumpy be capable of of real Irish whisky in the liquor store, so I trusted that Canadian rye whisky would do! "[Figure of speech of Brigid by Lunaea Weatherstone]"And yes, I "was" a midstream tipsy afterwards. I slight ever go on the town, so it doesn't take captive a great deal booze to get me all giggly (take captive release, intimates of you looking for a mean meeting point, ha ha!)