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Friday, 1 January 2010

Baphomet Amulet

Baphomet Amulet
This Baphomet Charm Rabbit's foot is a silver great Goat-Head Star; symbol of overall power all through the ages. An sharp symbol to the ancient order of the Knights Templar, this symbol has correspondingly served as a attachment with the powers of the god Pan, as well as having select meaning for Satanists and other followers of the left-hand path.

The Baphomet Charm Rabbit's foot is best used in rituals and spells for the dark arts for it can amplify these energies. We attractively gesticulate that you do not use this amulet for any other rituals or spells that are not dark magick coexistent.

BAPHOMET is a name of unestablished credit. It excel appeared in trial transcripts all the rage the Examination of the Knights Templar in the forward 1300s. Quite a few modern scholars secure the name to restrain been an Old French ruining and misspelling of the name Mahomet (Muhammad).

Quiet, in the 19th century the name came during place English-speaking consciousness with the news report of particular pseudo-history works that tried to unite the Knights Templar with calculate theories elaborating on their restriction. The name Baphomet next became coexistent with a "Sabbatic Goat" image visual by Eliphas L'evi.

Baphomet Charm Rabbit's foot Specifications:

Measuring 1 3/16" in diameter

comes on a black satin tie up