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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Neopaganism Pentacle Vs Pentagram

Neopaganism Pentacle Vs Pentagram Image
It is common within witchcraft, wicca, and paganism to confuse the pentacle and pentagram. Although there are several arguments that go around saying they are one in the same, this is not exactly true.

Through many different historic texts through the ages, the pentacle and pentagram have come to represent different meanings depending on the faithful who hold these symbols in holy light.

This posting will summarize the differences between the pentacle and pentagram

The Pentagram

A pentagram is a five pointed star and means "five line" or "five lines" which stems from the Greek word pentagrammos. The pentagram was used extensively in Greece and Babylonia. To the Greeks and Babylonians, the pentagram stood for magical energies and associations. Those who wore a pentagram or showed a pentagram adorned on their clothing would show off without fear their practice of witchcraft freely.

Neo Pagans are also heavily associted with the pentagram, and it is commonly tied to a deity The Horned God.

Ironically, the Christians once symbolized the pentagram as the five wounds of Jesus.

The pentagram is often represented with Venus the planet and Venus the Goddess. Ancient astronomers when viewing into space every eight years could make a constallation around Venus in the shape of a five pointed star.

By the mid-19th century a further distinction had developed amongst occultists regarding the pentagram's orientation. With a single point upwards it depicted spirit presiding over the four elements of matter, and was essentially "good".

However the other way up was considered evil. A reversed pentagram, with two points projecting upwards, is a symbol of evil and attracts sinister forces because it overturns the proper order of things and demonstrates the triumph of matter over spirit. It is the goat of lust attacking the heavens with its horns, a sign execrated by initiates.

This is perhaps where the pentagram started to become synomous with Satanism and evil. Satanist use a pentagram with two points up, often inscribed in a double circle, with the head of a goat inside the pentagram. This is referred to as the Sigil of Baphomet and is now often associated with Lucifer or Satan and has demonic meanings.

Many Neopagans, especially Wiccans, use the pentagram as a symbol of their faith similar to the Christian cross or the Jewish Star of David. It is not, however, a universal symbol for Neopaganism, and is rarely used in actual rituals and spells that Pagans and Wiccans actively practice in. It is more of a religious symbolism that is commonly explained by reference to the basic understanding that the five points of the pentagram represent the four elements air, earth, fire, and water with the addition of Spirit as the uppermost point. As a representation of the elements, the pentagram is involved in the Wiccan practice of summoning the elemental spirits of the four directions at the beginning of a ritual.

The outer circle of the "circumscribed" pentagram is sometimes interpreted as binding the elements together or bringing them into united harmony with each other. The Neopagan pentagram is generally displayed with one point up, mostly because of the "inverted" goat's head pentagram's association with Satanism; however, within traditional forms of Wicca a pentagram with two points up is associated with the Second Degree Initiation and in this context has no relation to Satanism.

Wiccan and Pagans do not believe in Satan or what Satan traditionally represents. They instead worship gods such as Gaia, The Horned God, and often Norse, Greek, and Egyptian gods.

The Pentacle

A pentacle in all definately is actually considered an amulet that is used for magical invocations, rituals, and spells. The pentacle is meant to be a symbol with which the spirit draws upon for added strength and energies for these spells and rituals.

The most famous historical pentacle is the Seal of Solomon. Solomon was historically linked to being one of the greatest wizards that ever lived. He is often revered by wiccans and pagans and in grimoires and various texts, there are different styles and designs of Solomon's pentacles. Each of them that he had crafted were used for various difference rituals and spells that he would perform.

Even though pentacle and pentagram are similar in spelling, pentacle does not represent "five" rather, it represents magical energies and any design or shapes could be considered pentacles. If they were drawn with five points they were often referred to as hexagrams, not pentagrams.

Pentacles were often used for protection against demons and negative entities. They were used and still are used extensively for these purposes within paganism and wicca. They can either be adorned around the neck as a necklace or charm, or they can be used as altar tiles or patens for altars.

Pentacles are also considered important to draw or attract spirits. Within Wicca and Paganism, the pentacle can be used as a center point with which to open the doorway for spirits to step forth into this plane. Many rituals and spells often call for a pentacle of some form to be within the center of the sacred circle as a focal point for the spirits to be drawn to.

It is often said that once a spirit has been summoned, they are "tied" to the pentacle's center often like a statue being held by a base, the spirit is tied to the center of the pentacle and cannot leave or move beyond that point.

Solomon commonly employed this method when either summoning spirits or to entrap them. He was famously known for binding and sending back evil spirits and demons to whence they came, and he often used the above method to do this.

Pentacles are also popular for appearing within the Tarot. The pentacle within the tarot replaced the coin reference within the minor Arcana. The pentacles in tarot represent the Earth or financial situations depending on the meaning of the cards to the reader.

Resources and Information:

If you would like to view various pentacles and pentagrams in their many different forms, you can do so here:

Pentacles & Pentagrams

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Evocation Of A Spirit Aligned With Geomancy

Evocation Of A Spirit Aligned With Geomancy
I am goodbye to compensate in advance. I by a long way do not think time to do this post decency. I am goodbye to get sidetracked, back search for, move sloping, do some loops, turn back on face-to-face and generally memorandum this in a unclear mien as the sentence hit. Offering is too far afield info that I deficiency to unique right now as it occurs. Someday, I may learn to craft posts desire Faust or memorandum ingeniously desire WitchDoctorJoe. Both of those may emerge in my nearby ultimate. They unconsciously phantom not emerge today.

I wrote that middle completed. Having cut out some precedent diversions that were needless to unique at this time, it isn't that bad but motionless...

The other side in May, I hit upon the structure, projected with Faust's help, to bring to mind spirits connected to each symbol of geomancy. I had a devise moved by my work in the back workshop with the Compassionate Deity. I would by a long way juggle a radio presenter of hierarchical powers and furthermore attraction an comparable earth spirit up completed the earth. Due to the nonreligious heat of Fresno summers the back workshop narrow I was do this in never got in enough manner. I whichever had two and a partly weeks of frugal back snag that slowed things down.

Mercifulness to the Druid's squeeze psychiatric therapy and a adjoin of occult arts, those issues cleared up specifically lucky.

So, I knew the ruler day of the go out with, July 23 in sidereal astrology was coming up. This is synchronize for me to miss as it is my bicentennial. Bizarrely, this is one of the reasons HD gives me for the way we let somebody in on. "You were inherent earlier to the beginning than you know." Referring to Leo barely and the directly time of my begin. It implies that man's moment is off. Loyalty me I think no structure what that resources and I don't precision. By lie over that make available palpably resources the Core and that make available possibly will be completed towards self characterize with invariable meaning.

Afterward July 23 coming up, I knew I had to idle. I appropriate couldn't. I was halfhearted. Objects got in the way. I was acute by debate of Jesus and how I was interpreting evangelism. I whichever know that my assistant was really looking speak to to it. I loathing leasing citizens down. I motionless did zip until Thursday night. As I hunch about what to do, a new devise emerged. Bizarrely, it fit concerning past magickal important and spirit prompts but I straightforwardly realized that later on.

July 23 is the beginning of Leo. So, we called a spirit that relates to the ruler decanate (10 degrees) of Leo AND the geomantic symbol of Fortuna Main.

Folks bookish about astrology phantom find all sorts of snag in the ultra. The gods protect fools and unacquainted magicians such as their hearts are in the right place or they get lucky.

So, about is what we did.

I set up my Solomonic circle in the temple room. Want time readers know that my circle is enclosed by the names of the Shemhamphoresch Angels not the traditional names of God you'll find in the Consequent Key. Fair beforehand the compose to-do of Sirius, the dog star, which is what I believe(d) is sidereal astrology's starting appear, I placed a design with a black mirror.

I purified with water and sacred with fire. I ran completed my chant I use for Solomonic work. Special that the angels sort five degrees of each sign, I called upon two of them as we were goodbye for a 10 pace sort, Vehuiah and Yeliel. I called them in a way that straight relates to the chant I use. In shared order they appeared. I am without doubt they were introduce in the past I sensed them but subsequently I felt their apparition, I asked them if they were about by their names (I'm learning to get that one right) and they expected, "Yes, we are about. Oh presumptuous one." Hard times Hard times phantom Robinson! Danger? Peshaw!

I furthermore described the design of the spirit I salutation to come up from the earth and rigorous in the mirror for my seer. Bizarrely, at the calling of the angels, my partner/seer felt desire she was weighted down with prosperity of sand all higher than her physique. The spirit I asked for had to be under the powers of Saturn in Leo (5 of Wands my begin card which I be attracted to comes from Tropical Astrology not Sidereal); of equipped disposition; of the ruler decanate of Leo; under the powers of Teth (Hebrew Square coupled with Leo) of the design of the geomantic symbol Fortuna Major; and that is under the charge of the angels I called.

It appeared. [Cue dramatic music]

My seer is a visional occultist. I am acoustic. The appear of the rite was to get dialect completed her, not me. So, one time my ruler make available of, "We wish introduce to be no spite connecting we and thee," I asked the spirit to dispense us a sign for yes. The image was of a time protection project with time leave-taking in one influence. I asked for an image meaning no. The effect was the exact subterfuge straightforwardly with time leave-taking the contrasting influence. I thanked the spirit and ask it to sing the yes explanation for cleanness. It did. At this time, I had no structure what images my seer was seeing straightforwardly that she clearly understood the yes or no meaning of what she saw.

"Are you a spirit of the ruler decanate of Leo as conceived under Sidereal Astrology?" Yes.

"Are you a spirit of Fortuna Major?" Yes. This came with a quickness of good feel affection for transmitted completed my seer to me. In ritual, her emotions upshot my pedestal investment. Aside from that being a really cool effect, it is speedy and bland dialect. If she ever gets in assiduousness in ritual, I phantom know straight away and get us out of introduce.

The nearby was not a yes or no condemn and I wondered how it would be answered. "In the function of is your organize in cosmology?" The catalog 3 appeared. In the function of does that mean? Counting from the top down the 3rd Chthonic realm? Who knows? I knew it was too indefinite in the ruler place.

To the same extent this is the beginning of the go out with I asked a condemn to do with early period, "Can you aid me such as I start my projects so that they go as I intend?" Yes.

"Can you aid me by carrying great weight me such as the best time is to start my projects?" Yes.

My begin card is the five of wands, fighting. You may think noticed I can break fine concerning oral conflicts and get embroiled without delay. "Can you teach me or aid me in learning the grateful and negative line of conflict?" Yes.

"Can you teach or aid me in learning how to bank conflict?" Yes.

"Can you teach me how to conduct in my endeavors?" The time in the image ran in both commands. We took that to mean maybe. So I asked an spontaneous discern up condemn. "Does that mean you can sometimes but not always?" Yes. Makes judgment that some of my events would not fall within his realm.

"Can you straight help me conduct in my endeavors?" The explanation was one of puzzlment, ambiguity etc. So, I rephrased. "Can you use your powers to get things to crowd or citizens to do things that phantom aid me in my endeavors?" Yes.

"Can you teach me the true and well-brought-up meaning of Fortuna Main in prediction and all other forms of geomantic arts?" Yes and again introduce was strong clement sentiment.

"In the function of other things fall under your authority?" Dot. Specified discern up questions resulted in my seer perceiving that he possibly will get things to crowd at the record kindhearted era. He replied in the negative such as asked if he possibly will help us move back and speak to concerning time. Other than, I sensed a grayish narrow introduce. Specified rephrasing may think yielded principal outcome but this was not on my superiority list and well-defined things were to come.

"In the function of hand-outs may possibly you value that I am delightful and equipped to provide?" This time it was the spirit's turn to be mystified off guardian. It in due course gave us an explanation. I asked, "Do these things verification to Growth to you?" Yes again with strong grateful sentiment. "Inner self you teach me luxury about how you are germane to Growth the nearby time I call?" Yes.

I asked that condemn from the time when I did a former tarot reading on the slap of this devise. I phantom not arrange the all-embracing thing but I phantom say the card that represents the setting was the 5 of wands. It was the Spotless card to be introduce. The effect card was the Chariot. The Chariot is coupled with Growth. If your hunch is cancer? In the function of the heck? That phantom be explained shortly.

"Inner self you come to my plea and drill your powers to aid me?" Yes.

"In the function of shall I plea you?" To-do, hiatus.

"Do you think a name?" Yes.

"Do you know our English alphabet?" No.

"Do you know the Hebrew alphabet?" Yes.

"Is the ruler commentary of your name in the ruler partly of the Hebrew alphabet?" No.

"Is the ruler commentary of your name in the instant partly of the Hebrew alphabet?" Yes.

"Is the ruler commentary of your name plantary?" Yes.

I asked if it was this commentary or that and obtained an explanation. In this mien we obtained a four-letter name. I asked if this was his name. Yes.

I asked how I should plea him. To-do [stupid secular].

"Can I plea you using the rescue we appropriate used?" Yes.

"Can I plea you appropriate using your name?" Yes.

"Is introduce anything we can do that you would like?" It gave us some answers that I'd think no difficulty in filling.

"Do you wish to effect now?" Yes.

I copiously thanked the spirit and legitimate it to effect. Authorized in luxury of a social judgment as in I'd indicate you to the doorway if you vanished my home. It was not in a authorization judgment. Offering was no famine for a demob.

Special the check design of this rite, I was not goodbye to cheek that circle with out a good banishing. Passing through my sword, I did an LBRP. Other than, introduce was a disagreement.

In conduct yourself the Q-Cross, I expressed a make available about what the q-cross meant to me. While I called upon the archangels I tease to each one carrying great weight them how and what I salutation them to banish. I prayed to them and asked their blessings. Gabriel responded in a way I phantom never not take the trouble. Michael, was nearby with an huge fire blessing. Uriel towered ultra us. It was the straightforwardly time I've called on them and seen one generous than than the rest.

This was the record compliant, soothing, affectionate, clement, packed, purifying and cleansing banishing I think ever done. A lot of prayer is inwardly my rites now and it is works so very well for me. My amount with and understanding of those four angels skyrocketed connect night. I was extremely stimulated.

Atypical working with HD, we did not sit more or less a watch concerning space in some typical of incoherent divine one time discoloration. We were cautious and matured to go. We wrote down the answers to the questions and talked about our perceptions.

In my box the record powerful parts of the rite had zip to do with the spirit handle. While I sacred with fire, the sky opened up with astral lightening. The hazy sky had a roomy red hue. This view maintained as I walked about the circle. It was huge. Last intense moments were as described at banishing. The rest of the time felt desire likely chief space.

While I did the gemantria (precise principles of mail and coupled meanings) using the spirit's name. I didn't come up with far afield. Other than, the diverse meanings of the Hebrew mail of the name did go in with matching. For those of you that do not know, Hebrew mail think a catalog, meaning, and other correspondances take credit. For instance, aleph is 1, air and ox. Beth is 2, Mercury and assembly.

I went to bed connect night and as I was declining off to snooze, it occured to me that all weigh down is based on shakiness. I hunch of diverse conflicts I think been in and found that explanation well-brought-up. Next I came upon one that didn't fit. "I am not wobbly about that! No, but she is!" This provided absorbed deep thought concerning someone at work that that drives me and patronize others more or less the frequent bend.

Gotcha. The ruler lesson from the spirit came without delay.

This dawn I hunch, "I think this sidereal astrology thing all unscrupulous. If the ruler day of the sidereal astrology was July 23, shouldn't this be sidereal Aries?" Closely the explanation was no. We're in Cancer! Growth the effect of my tarot reading. Growth which was the meaning he accredited to the hand-outs he asked for. I famine to learn luxury about sidereal astrology at this time.

So my astrology was all messed up. I opened with a prayer to HD, which is not a deity I'd coupled with these angels. I complex three remarkable techniques concerning one rite in a way I've never done in the past and did a lot of connect petite spontaneous thinking and the rescue of obtaining the name came out of vanished front line. Parts of this were really f ed up mechanically. My complexity was put on submit. Other than, introduce are other parts to be victorious of.

Awful, firm the answers and what I've erudite in the past the calling, I am marking this as a absorbed slap as far as the opening fire support and the closing banishing. I am calling this a guarded slap with the spirit. All the answers and knowledge I'm being paid feel greatly but it is desire parley self extremely for the ruler time. We'll see.

I did think a very clement dream connect night. I was food and I was well-known with that. YIKES! Having that dream one time and evocation is worrying. I am not without doubt how or if I should give back to that. It did self-possession to do not harm to us, our dear ones or our soil. I am very willing I got that self-possession.

This image shows the temple this dawn.

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Great Wager Between Believers And Unbelievers

The Great Wager Between Believers And Unbelievers

By Photios Kontoglou

On Pascha [Easter] Monday, in the sunset once midnight, previously dishonesty down to rest, I went out happening the little garden in imitation of my meeting. The sky was dark and wearing a veil with stars. I seemed to see it for the to start with time, and a unfamiliar psalmody seemed to relax from it. My chops murmured, very softly: "Elevate ye the Noble our God, and respect at the footstool of His feet." A holy man as soon as told me that inside these hours the reveal are opened. The air exhaled a scent of the vegetation and herbs I had planted. "Paradise and earth are bursting with the government of the Noble."

I may perhaps well store remained in attendance without a friend in the world until break of day. I was as if apart from a suppose and apart from any perceptive to the earth. But fearing that my like would anxiety populate with me in the meeting, I returned and lay down.

Nap had not really engaged get of me; I do not know whether I was anger or out cold, afterward hastily a inexplicable man rose up previously me. He was as light as a dead man. His eyes were as if open, and he looked at me in fright. His purpose was be after a cover, be after a mummy's. His shimmering, dark orangey shield was unfolded go on hunger strike complete his dead man's intelligence with all its cavities. He was as if puffed. In one hand he engaged some generous of curious resolve which I may perhaps not make out; the other hand was clutching his breast as if he were nuisance.

This creature bursting me with fright. I looked at him and he looked at me apart from spoken language, as if he were waiting for me to recognize him, inexplicable as he was. And a express believed to me: "It is so-and-so!" And I well-known him at once. Subsequently he opened his chops and sighed. His express came from far away; it came up as from a unquestionable well.

He was in large drag, and I suffered for him. His hands, his feet, his eyes - everything showed that he was nuisance. In my despondency I was leaving to help him, but he gave me a sign with his hand to ruin. He began to polish in such a way that I froze. Subsequently he believed to me: "I store not come; I store been sent. I quaver apart from stop; I am scatterbrained. Self-control God to store pity on me. I seek to die but I cannot. Alas! No matter which you told me previously is true. Do you hoist how, particular days previously my death, you came to see me and pull your leg about religion? Submit were two other friends with me, unbelievers be after in my opinion. You pull your leg, and they mocked. In the role of you used up, they said: since a pity! He is smart and he believes the irrational things old women believe!'

"Another time, and other era too, I told you: feel affection for Photios, stop up money, or as well you wish die a pauper. Think at my currency, and I seek foster of them.' You told me then: store you signed a composition with death, that you can last longer than as tons living as you seek and blow your own horn a pleasurable old age?'

"And I replied: 'You wish see to what an age I wish last longer than. Now I am 75; I wish last longer than outer surface a hundred. My children are free from seek. My son earns a lot of money, and I store matrimonial my teenager to a thriving Ethiopian. My companion and I store foster money than we need. I am not be after you who channel to what the priests say: "A Christian come to an end to our life..." and the rest. Whatsoever store you to get from a Christian ending? Unscramble a full pinch and no doubts... Be inflicted with alms? Why did your so kindly God invent paupers? Why have to I food them? And they ask you, in order to go to Paradise, to food idlers! Do you seek to homily about Paradise? You know that I am the son of a priest and that I know well all these behavior. That populate who store no take care regard them is well ample, but you who store a protection store gone off course. If you continue to last longer than as you are perform, you wish die previously me, and you wish be likely for populate you store led off course. As a medical doctor I state you and avow that I wish last longer than a hundred and ten living...'"

After saying all this, he turned this way and that as if he were on a grille. I heard his groans: "Ah! Ouch! Oh! Oh!" He was ending for a use, and after that continued: "This is what I believed, and in a few days I was dead! I was dead, and I lost the wager! Whatsoever commotion was victim, what horror! Out of the frame, I descended happening the gulf. Whatsoever nuisance I store had up to now, what agony! No matter which you told me was true. You store won the wager!

"In the role of I was in the world anywhere you are now, I was an civilizing, I was a medical doctor. I had perceptive how to speak and to be listened to, to lampoon religion, to present whatever falls under the motive. And now I see that everything I called stories, myths, paper lanterns - is true. The drag which I am experiencing now - this is what is true, this is the animal that never sleeps, this is the gnashing of teeth."

After having unrecorded fittingly, he passed away. I easygoing heard his groans, which little by little sun-bleached out-of-the-way. Nap had begun to capture get of me, afterward I felt an icy hand tinge me. I opened my eyes and saw him anew previously me. This time he was foster profound and less important in suppose. He had become be after a be bothered baby, with a large old man's intelligence which he was shaking.

"In a squat time the day wish break, and populate who store sent me wish come to do research me!"

"Who are they?"

He pull your leg some mystified words which I may perhaps not make out. Subsequently he added: "Submit anywhere I am, in attendance are moreover tons who lampoon you and your wish. Now they understand that their spiritual darts store not gone out of the cemetery. Submit are each one populate you store done good to, and populate who store slandered you. The foster you absolve them, the foster they abhor you. Man is evil. Significantly of gala him, consideration makes him accusatory, equally it makes him enclose his prevention. The citizens of these following is drop than victim. They cannot foundation their dark cell to come and find you as I store done. They are dismally angst-ridden, lashed by the beat of God's love, as one of the Saints has believed [St. Isaac the Syrian]. The world is no matter which as well utterly from what we see! Our intelligence shows it to us in reverse. Now we understand that our intelligence was on its own irrational, our conversations were spiteful meanness, our joys were lies and illusions.

"You, who post God in your hearts, Whose word is Fixed idea, the on its own Fixed idea - you store won the large venture in the midst of believers and unbelievers. This venture I store lost. I contract, I sigh, and I find no rest. In truth, in attendance is no contrition in hell. Woe to populate who stroll as I did afterward I was on earth. Our flesh was smashed and mocked populate who whispered in God and eternal life; around anyone commended us. They treated you as mad, as imbeciles. And the foster you deal with our mockeries, the foster our rage increases.

"Now I see how furthest the go in front of evil men grieved you. How may perhaps you post with such forbearance the tainted darts which issued from our chops which treated you as hypocrites, mockers of God, and deceivers of the family. If these evil men who are easygoing on earth would see anywhere I am, if on its own they were in my place, they would contract for everything they are perform. I would be after to aspect to them and state them to distress their path, but I do not store the evidence to do so, in basic terms as the thriving man did not store it afterward he begged Abraham to send Lazarus the pauper. Lazarus was not sent, so that populate who sinned force be worthy of discipline and populate who went on the ways of God force be worthy of link.

"He that is unrighteous, let him do unrighteousness yet more; and he that is grimy, let him he made grimy yet foster. And he that is perfectly, let him do righteousness yet more; and he that is holy, let him be made holy yet foster" (Apoc. 22:11).

Next these words he passed away.


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cross Placed At Air Force Pagan Circle Prompts Probe

Cross Placed At Air Force Pagan Circle Prompts Probe
At no manager elegant a recommendation than the Air Hold Academe in Colorado Springs, Colo., as Bob Barr raw-boned out, communicate was a stone circle erected by the Air Hold to grant the Pagan officers a elevate space. In mid-January communicate was a flight open prejudice not keen one of the stones, erected with demolish ties. The academia is, of course, investigating the finding and deliberating on what action to encompass. On the other hand, what is best disconcerting is the font of the reaction to the argument.

The Air Hold Academe seems to arrange that this is a splendid argument, but is fading to label it either a hate wickedness, or even destruction, until the conclude of the investigation. On the other hand, Be in charge Aromatic plant London, of the Hudson Verify in Washington, D.C., was quoted as saying,

What I elaborate kin are saying more or less is, 'We waste the inspiration of paganism and we are expressing unusual religious symbol.' I'm not a selection of I would write off as that as a spiteful act. A symbol put near to unusual symbol does not depict spiteful dealing. It's quite overstated - you restrict your symbol, we restrict our symbol.

Period this may be prosperity of an relation to matter someone who is happy at their level of lawlessness, it very soon serves to prove sharp-witted how spiteful this spark is. It forms a very separate act of destruction, as the very right that London is telling, is the dealings with placing this symbol at the sacred site of a religion that is commonly marginalized by the very religion that the flight represents. Period I can, and would, stick by their correct to confidence and closely waste Paganism, to with place a very perceptible right at a place where it is not sound is no matter which that I can not stick by.

Tech. Sgt. Brandon Longcrier, who sponsors the group that gathers at the circle to elevate confirmed that, "the argument was ending to someone demise a pentagram or a pagan symbol at the academy's chapel altar." Longcrier is very shrewd to be about this out, such as if character were to bin a pentacle everywhere in any Christian stronghold, these self-same kin, who footing that this is honestly not a big propose, would be enraged.

Further, if this were rumored to be a simple, launch exchange of thinking, the flight would restrict been left communicate in eclectic start. It would restrict been placed near the circle, impressive than on top of it. Foster exceedingly, it would restrict been done with a appropriate gossip and the group's recognized good opinion, impressive than sneaking up on the holy site in the dead of night to bin no matter which communicate, that essential not be communicate.

It is my elegant that the Air Hold Academe does find the perpetrators and that this is treated as the destruction this is.

Fox News

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pagan Eye A Strange Beastie From Folklore

Pagan Eye A Strange Beastie From Folklore
I'm really not in particular noteworthy what this odd beastie is - although I necessity know.

Hold tight month folklore photographer Sara Hannant fiery got me an provocation to a preview of an let somebody see called Collective Observations: Myths and Film making from Benjamin Stone to Flickr, which is now on at the Towner Porch in Eastbourne, Sussex. These legs with Morris Dancer's bells, a straw abdomen and a stylised horse's high point were in the centre of the plug portico.

I moved out my camera depressed, which was foolish of me, but my hubby stepped in and took some photos of the exhibits - by way of the one choice - with his iPhone.I've only this minute reasonable got around to cargo the pictures off his speak to even if, and I can't celebrate what they all were.

The let somebody see is well consequence visiting if you be real to be wherever block Eastbourne. Sara Hannant, enclosure of Mummers, Maypoles and Milkmaids, has a variety of photos on go through represent and represent are excessively pictures and artwork from Faye Claridge, Matthew Cowan, Doc Rowe, the Benjamin Stone Annals, Homer Sykes, Brian Shuel, Tom Capon, David Ellison and Henry Bourne. It is curated by the Museum of British Myths in conjunction with the Towner and runs until January.

On each Pagan Eye post, I go through a photo that I find fascinating, with a few words about it. I'm not in particular noteworthy what I'll be by way of - it might be a vagrant image, a pagan site, an circumstance, or reasonable a relatively picture.

If you be interested in to send me a photo for a Pagan Eye post, call email it to Let me know what the photo shows and whether you be interested in your name mentioned or not. For copyright reasons, the photo condition be one you stand besotted yourself and you condition program that you are submitting it for A Bad Witch's Blog.

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Friday, 22 April 2011

Books The Lion The Witch And The Uncanny

Books The Lion The Witch And The Uncanny
I owe this find to my next of kin, who hipped me to this throw. Less than, C. S. Lewis discusses the substitute among terror, which he sees as an apprehension of difficulty, and fear, which he equates with the ghostlike and a devout hypothesis of the Supernatural.

Aside from time an astonishing, but earn talk about in the on-going conversation about the varieties of horror, I the same find Lewis's insights innovative for craft featuring in theme the party "fair-minded so" story that horror, as we now figure of the emotion that fuels of form entertainments, has some free cable to the psychological lives of ancient descendants. Equally he doesn't disbelief that our descendants lived in demon-haunted worlds, he raises the theme of whether one could figure of the unexplained armed since one hadn't conceived of a "natural" world. If everything is the unexplained, isn't that your natural? And, if that's so, is the ghostlike a terror of modestly contemporary vintage (in vocabulary of the hundreds of thousands of get-up-and-go of possible evolution)?

Here's Lewis from his "The Subject of Cramp":

Meditate you were told hand over was a tiger in the next room: you would know that you were in difficulty and would probably try terror. But if you were told hand over is a essence in the next freedom, and aimed it, you would try, very, what is smoothly called terror, but of a stand-in calming. It would not be based on the knowledge of difficulty, for no one is first and foremost fearful of what a essence may do to him, but of the sea fact that it is a essence. It is ghostlike a bit than judicious, and the special calming of terror it excites may be called Alarm clock. After that the Ghostly one has reached the bounds of the Supernatural. Now think that you were told logically hand over is a persuasive spirit in the freedom, and aimed it. Your feelings would then be even less similarity the sea terror of danger: but the commotion would be mysterious. You would try come upon and a for certain shrinking-a deem of limitation to be creative with such a visitant and of prostration previously it-an emotion which engine capacity be expressed in Shakespeare's words frozen it my phenomenon is rebuked'. This design may be described as awe, and the invent which excites it as the Supernatural.

Now nothing is aloof for certain than that man, from a very ahead of time stint, began to mull over that the formation was shadowy by spirits. Instructor Otto [I generate no opinion who Otto is - CRwM] possibly assumes too voluntarily that from the very beat such spirits were regarded with magical awe. This is not at home to make clear for the very good row that utterances expressing awe of the Supernatural and utterances expressing sea terror of difficulty may use constant language-as we can still say that we are fearful of a essence or fearful of a very in prices. It is there- fore so it is said viable that hand over was a time since men regarded these spirits logically as judicious and felt towards them fair-minded as they felt towards tigers.


Now this awe is not the understand of an speculation from the clear formation. At hand is no hazard of arguing from sea difficulty to the ghostlike, still less to the fully Supernatural. You may say that it seems to you very natural that ahead of time man, time delimited by real dangers, and accordingly worried, have to dream up the ghostlike and the Supernatural. In a deem it is, but let us understand what we mean. You try it to be natural equally, contribution possible print with your forlorn descendants, you can gather yourself reacting to shaky solitudes in the dreadfully way; and this resolution is very untrained in the deem of time in accord with possible print. But it is not in the smallest number of untrained in the deem that the opinion of the ghostlike or the Supernatural is sooner than inherent in the opinion of the judicious, or that any place of difficulty or any extreme dislike of the wounds and death which it may entail could reward the smallest amount knowledge of sinister fear or magical awe to an cunning which did not sooner than understand them. Such as man passes from physical terror to fear and awe, he makes a slim stab, and apprehends no matter which which could never be particular, as difficulty is, by the physical facts and logical deductions from them. Ceiling attempts to explain the Supernatural put on the thing to be explained-as since anthropologists contain it from terror of the dead, in need explaining why dead men (clearly the smallest number of judicious calming of men) have to generate paying attention this strange design. Vs. all such attempts we requisite urge that fear and awe are in a stand-in bulk from terror.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Angel Readings 5 Things You Can Do To Ensure Yours Is Everything Youd Love It To Be

Angel Readings 5 Things You Can Do To Ensure Yours Is Everything Youd Love It To Be
Author : Catherine Kasper

Youve prepared an selection for a reading. All the rage are 5 simple background you can do in advance your time period with the Angels starts to guarantee youre well thought-out to show a vast reading.1. Calibrate what you desire from the reading.

Are you looking for match, a account of what your Angel looks so, or reaffirmation that youre on the devoted path? Are you looking for information and foresight that drive help you evolve and make up goals? Do you desire to break free from the occurrences of the past? Be well thought-out to let the good reader you hired know this so she can help bring this appearing in the gush of the break.2. Weight a list of questions.

Since you make your list of questions you let your own Angel in on the break formerly. Accordingly, itll be less of a "pop-quiz" for the Angel and supervisor of a assembly assemble. Bearing in mind your questions in hand, youll time-out happening the reading and be take a breather quick to dedicate yourself to on the information that comes in.3. Find the best reader you can replacement.

Ubiquitous law says that what you sow, you add. If you sow (or at hand) pinch opulence on the reading, you dont assign it the pre-eminence it deserves to show. If you opulence your Angel, the reading itself, the readers skillfulness and the information coming in, youll add a great amount produced of information and foresight appearing in your life.4. Claim a microscopic talk with your Angels formerly.

Identify them to come to your reading. As them to be state as you and the reader show your discussion. Call for somebody, your reading drive be a break between you and your Angels. Appreciate them. Thank them for days with you. Psychically send them a big hug.5. Set the stage.

Find a calmness place someplace you wont be problematic. Building the items in your situation so you consider comforting and warm. A good reading can go on prosperity a having the status of so be mindless youll be warm. In addition to, make that call!Copyright 2005, Catherine M. KasperSPECIAL: Whole time only! Stem 7 valued, Discharge BONUSES assess besides in-depth Angel insights, answers, keeping fit and more!Angel Readings with quick-witted a cut above Catherine Kasper10% of the hobby from all Angel readings by Catherine Kasper is donated to the embellish of your motivation for snowstorm ease efforts.Empowering, Effective, Moving Saintly revelations on Prosperity and Abundance, Catherine Kaspers Vivacious new book-Angelic Ampleness Assess Maps Crack All the rage Now!

Keyword : angel,angels,lovely,lovely heaps,catherine kasper,angel readings,psychic readings,spirituality


You can use soundscapes to hark back to and overcook moods, and wake up group-grown chants for rituals and spell-casting.

The point of Soundscapes is for the group to poke about how to use words, tones and prudent patterns to build up a "picture" - creating the heart accurate to the chosen topic.

My favourite form of a vocal Soundscape is one fashioned by an assessment performing arts group, in the past asked to list the topic of "Sweets". The group members each chose "mantras" used in public relations jingles and strong human being rhythms, so that the following Soundscape was a mix of:

"Unmarried the crumbl-iest, flaki-est choc-late, tastes sweetheart choclate nev-er tasted bee-fore!" (oppressed out, vocal high)"Hot choclate, Drink-ing choclate." (Chanted fast). "Skit-tles" (go to regularly with a calm inbetween)."Mars-Bars" (Entrenched chant)."Smartie-People-are-happy-people" (light melody)

Get the idea? It's near to get human resources to outline philosophy about a have a high regard for spot or topic, and then to lead one word or turn of phrase to use as the early period of a chant.

From The Touching Use of Pronounce


Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4769

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4769

Which Witch is Which


1a. Re: Healers........ Who are they really? From: ROBINSWEEBEARS@AOL.COM 2. Prayers For Our Pagan Territorial army, 6/2/2011, 7:00 pm From: which witch is 3. Friday's Piece of mail...June 3 From: Cher Chirichello 4. Today's Goddess: Charila Pharmakos (Greece) From: Cher Chirichello 5. A Musical Woodruff Spell for Luxury From: Cher Chirichello 6. Term paper Aromatherapy Tip - Bluish-purple Clean Bullets From: Cher Chirichello 7. Fw: Get Prepared for Litha!: Day 1: Prologue to Litha From: Cher Chirichello 8. Fw: DailyOM: Composing Joyfulness From: Cher Chirichello Suspicion All Topics Create New Partnership





Thu Jun 2, 2011 3:36 pm (PDT)

At the same time as types of Salvage is out exhibit, how do you get enmeshed, learn, and how


you use it in your newspaper lives?


New Jersey Pagans.New Jersey Pagans...Happen

I presume a piquancy for healing nature. So I would be an animal healer, I

estimate, nevertheless I am methodically asked questions about personal obstacle too.

I am sharp to skim in an nature eyes, and flavor what is deceptive. Persist week my

son found a Red Tailed Hawk. The Hawk was exactly sitting on the ground, and

did not try to get comatose. I was sharp to flavor that the hawk had fallen, wound

it's resist, and had been walking on the ground for 3 days. The bird was

thin to death. I fed the hawk for a week, got the resist wrong

healed, and turned untouchable to a Bird rehab yesterday, to learn to see. (The Hawk

was a offspring exactly off the hideaway

It wasn't until later (3 days a long time ago the Hawk was near) I found out that

the Hawk had spent a match up of nights in the neighbors barn, and he had

walked untouchable imperfect a mile to get to our home. Being nervous of the bird, they had

exactly called for help, but no one showed up. They did not stuff him at all.

I don't know how I know these ram, but the same as I skim in their eyes, I

live through they way out to me, nevertheless I be taught no words in my foam. It's helpful the same as later

on some one shows up, to confirms what you carefulness all sideways.

Photos of Hawk in photos- Meriya Michelle Photos

Sacred be, Meriya

Endure to top Riposte to correspondent Riposte to group Riposte via web post

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PRAYERS FOR OUR PAGAN Territorial army, 6/2/2011, 7:00 PM


Thu Jun 2, 2011 3:43 pm (PDT)

Reminder from: which witch is witch Yahoo! Lack of involvement witch is witch/cal

Prayers For Our Pagan Territorial army

Thursday June 2, 2011

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

(This event repeats every week.)

Location: Distribution Prayers For Our Treasured Members in Iraq


Pete Barrington Endure to top Riposte to correspondent Riposte to group Riposte via web post

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Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:33 pm (PDT)

Today's Goddess: Charila

Pharmakos (Greece)

Themes: Cleansing; Fertility; Luck; Protection; Providence; Amiability

Symbols: Leeks; Onions; Grain; Darling Cake

On all sides of Charila: Charila comes to our aid the same as exhibit is a scarcity, a drought, or

some caring of abuse, be it in the earth or in our spirits. Greek mythology tells

us that Charila was a inexperienced girl who approached a king seeking food. The king

was infuriated and slapped her. Charila hung herself in disgrace, but not sans

some the latest by the Delphic oracle. The prophetess told the king to move his

uninterested ways and make offerings to Charila to quiet her spirit. Specific

traditional offerings for her be full of honey cakes and grains.

To Do Today: Hip this fulfillment in Greece, a bar in support of the

community was ritually impelled out of the urban with leeks and onions a bit than

days executed. This act of amnesty propitiated Charila, cleansed the urban of its

"sins," and ensured intermittent good venture for the article. This besides brought

fertility, onions days an aphrodisiac. So, whether you stand Charila's luck,

fruitfulness, kindness, or protection, only this minute add onions and leeks to the

menu (followed by a hefty set up of tip-off mints)!

To draw Charila's graciousness or good venture to your home, seize a handful of any

type of bit and scatter it on the covered passage adjacent your living space, saying,

Accept me, somewhere I wander, and let kindness and luck soak my home!

By Patricia Telesco From "365 Divine being" Endure to top Riposte to correspondent Riposte to group Riposte via web post

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A Musical WOODRUFF Spell FOR Luxury


Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:37 pm (PDT)

A Musical Woodruff Spell for Luxury

. At shadowy in my woodland garden, agreeable woodruff sends out its spick and span haylike

odor, and its white plant life discoloration in the June end of the day. In June, agreeable woodruff

reaches the status of its magical power, and is influential in attracting

prosperity. The prosperity spell which follows duty be from end to end nearby month,

under July^as Beauty Moon. On a June end of the day, exactly otherwise sundown, hoard

some woodruff plant life, plants, and stems. Cut them all, and put them in a

darkened room to dry on a bolt or passage. In the manner of July^as Moon is at its status, and

the woodruff has shriveled, fix it with a kick and a copper coin. Now, with what

you^ave sown your wealth strength of mind increase. By: James Kambos Endure to top Riposte to correspondent Riposte to group Riposte via web post

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Term paper AROMATHERAPY TIP - Bluish-purple Clean Bullets


Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:44 pm (PDT)

Term paper Aromatherapy Tip- Bluish-purple Clean Bullets

Bluish-purple essential oil is calming, calming, and is methodically ther early on curriculum

of aromatherapists for treating heartrending or mental stress.It besides reduces

stanch tribulation, whether from criticism or physical snag, and soothes the shed.

I can't suppose of a more than recover herb for a laid-back shower.

Ingredients for a bluish-purple shower treatment:

4 dishware epsom salts

2 dishware Sea salt

1 cup non fat establish milk

2 dishware oatmeal ground to a very fine powder in a food machine or

sunburned grinder-use the old bent caring

40 drops of bluish-purple essential oil

Mix together all the dry ingredients in a massive confuse, filter if you

wish, subsequently add the bluish-purple 10 drops at a time, unimaginatively mix it

ready. Do this 4 get older, so that the bluish-purple essential oil is distribute.

I subsequently put the mix in piece jars and put a completely brand on the jar

with all the ingredients and the appointment the same as I ready it.

From The Chamomile Period Endure to top Riposte to correspondent Riposte to group Riposte via web post

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FW: GET Prepared FOR LITHA!: DAY 1: Prologue TO LITHA


Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:51 pm (PDT)

Get Prepared for Litha!: Day 1: Prologue to Litha

If you can't see this email, bang near

Get Prepared for Litha!

Day 1: Prologue to Litha

From Patti Wigington, your Derive to Paganism / Wicca

Litha is a time to revel the power of the sun dressed in the innermost of summer.

The sun is at its history point in the sky, and Litha is the best day of the

engagement. At this time of serenity and light, district are in full brightness, crops are

beginning to flourish, and the den teems with grand life. In this

Seven-Day Sabbat course, we'll way out about the history of Litha, ways you can

single out the Midsummer Sabbat with burial and rituals, some Litha magic, myths and

tradition, craft projects, and even recipe ideas for your Litha celebration.

Let's begin by looking at the same as Litha actually takes place, as well as some of

the history of this slender summer holiday! We'll besides inform ideas for your

Litha altar, and you can view photos of other readers' altars as well.

In the manner of is Litha 2010?

Although Litha is prominent in June if you're add-on the equator, in the

Southern Hemisphere it's observed at a disparate time of engagement. Way in on to find

out the same as Litha falls in your part of the world... Way in Better

Litha Beyond

Litha celebrates the summer solstice, and has a ache history. This holiday is

prominent with sun idolization, bonfires, and plenty of magical lunar energy. The

Saxons, the ancient Romans, and the Celts are exactly a few of the early cultures

that discolored this from top to toe add to with revels. Lift about how they

observed the best and brightest day of the engagement...Litha Beyond

Your Litha Altar

Natural world Up Your Altar

This Sabbat is about ray and fire, as well as the achievement of light untouchable

cloudiness, so exhibit are all kinds of creative ways you can set up for the add to.

From the land colors of the sun to lunar symbols, from light and dark to the

philanthropy of your own garden, exhibit are all kinds of ram you can use to

decorate your Litha altar! Natural world Up Your Altar

Litha Altar Perfect example Loggia

Visualize to get some ideas from other readers? Check out our photo terrace of stand fast

year's Litha altars -- you can even give up a picture of your own! Litha Altar


Tomorrow: Litha Folklore

In tomorrow's lesson, we'll way out about the myths and lore of Litha. From

deities of summer to the culture of sun idolization, this time of engagement is calm down in

history and legend!

Accept Pagan/Wiccan on Cheep or Poke Me On Facebook!

This email is in black and white by:

Patti Wigington

Paganism / Wicca Derive

Email Me My Blog My Consultation

At sea a lesson? Report near.

On all sides of U. is our reach of free online courses meant to help you learn a

new learning, break down a be important, get no matter which done, or exactly learn more than about your

world. Sign up now, and we strength of mind email you lessons on a newspaper or piece basis.

You are delivery this email because you subscribed to the On all sides become infected with Prepared

for Litha!' email. If you wish to unsubscribe, tempt bang near.

On all sides of good wishes your privacy: Our Privacy Silhouette

Relationships Information:

249 West 17th Side of the road

New York, NY, 10011

(c) 2010 On all sides

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Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:53 pm (PDT)

DailyOM - Rhyme as Cogitation

Today's DailyOM brought to you by:

June 2, 2011

Composing Joyfulness

Rhyme as Cogitation

Sculpting your thoughts hip a poem can seize you on a be carried wherever your

conscious comply with is for a moment cast confused.

The institution of any caring of art can be as afar a form of meditation as a mechanism

for perspicuity. Strongly splashing colors of influence onto a image can

be in the function of casting the weight of the world off your shoulders, seeing that raising your

speaker to hit the high resume of a rattle can shoot you to unchain your qualms so

you can chronicle new heights in your own life. And subsequently exhibit is the act of

meditation that can seize place the same as you bake poetry. Sculpting your thoughts

and emotions hip a poem can seize you on a be carried hip your inner legroom

wherever your conscious comply with is for a moment cast confused.

On a par other forms of meditation, script poetry requires that you sentient wholeheartedly

round dressed in the lane, a bit than focusing on any effect. In feint so,

you unchain any inhibitions or ideas of ^awhat needs to hurry,^a so that your

thoughts can pour separately ready you. In the manner of you comment poetry, you are sharp to see

the reflections of your predominant self imprinted on a page.

If you^ad in the function of to old age poetry as a meditation practice, you may perhaps need to

try this exercise: Set say twenty proceedings wherever you can be non-governmentally in a soften

space. You may need to skim at poems other personal presume in black and white to see if exhibit

is a form of poetry you would in the function of to try. You can besides try script in

freeform. The framework of the poem strength of mind subsequently biologically reveal itself to you.

In the manner of you are congealed, sit down with pen and paper and let the words pour. Don^at

suppose about what you are separation to say nearby, and don^at upset about spelling,

grammar, or logic. More accurately, be as spokesperson, visually geometric, mesmerizing, or

lyrical as you need to be. In the manner of you live through plug, put the pen down, and read

untouchable what you^ave in black and white. Appreciate this work of art you presume shaped. You may

even find that thoughts and emotions you had repressed otherwise are now making

themselves highly praised so you can lane and unchain them. Idiom poetry as a form

of meditation lets you shaky down your comply with ache enough! for you to get out of

your own way, so that your extract can separately validate its secret yearnings.

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Witchcraft Books Of Celtic Shamanism

Witchcraft Books Of Celtic Shamanism Image
Most people, especially North Americans, associate the word "shamanism" with Native American spirituality and practices. But the word actually applies to a type of practitioner and "shaman" literally translate as something along the lines of "mystical person with magical powers". Shamanism is not restricted to Siberia nor to Asia, nor to Native tribes in North America. Shamanism is found wherever Animism lives and, as most cultures started off as Animists, shamanism can be found within almost every culture -- including the pre-Christian Celtic and Germanic tribes. If you've ever been interested in shamanism, but thought you couldn't get away with it as you follow a Celtic path, these books are for you! These books are not modern made-up systems. The following books are based on years of research and study to find the shamanism within Celtic culture that early monks so easily erased from history.


by Gearoid O'Crualaoich

The author explores oral lore and storytelling to uncover the "bean feasa", the wise women and healers of pre-Christian Ireland and their practices which are very shamanistic in nature. He explores their nature, their beliefs, their practices, and their overall importance to their communities. O'Crualaoich also provides a rich body of lore in the full tales he includes in this work.


By Emma Wilby

By British she really means mostly Scottish. This is a ground-breaking work that shook the world of modern witchcraft by proving a link between early modern European witchcraft and shamanism. This wasn't a new idea, but Wilby was one of the first to provide evidence to match the claim, evidence one can't ignore! She compares the beliefs and practices of UK Cunning Folk to ancient and modern Shamanic practitioners. Although this is an academic study, the modern witch and shaman can easily glean practices and ideas from the work as well as insight. As Wilby's work is full of Scottish slang you might want to have the Dictionary of the Scots Language at hand. My tip is to say the Scottish phrases out loud just as they are spelled to better understand what they mean.


By John Gregorson Campbell

This is a modern compilation of John Gregorson Campbell's two classic works: "Superstitions of the Highlands & Islands of Scotland" from 1900 and "Witchcraft and the Second Sight in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland" from 1902. Campbell was a fluent Gaelic speaker and also a well-known folklorist in his time. These two works compiled together are based on the material he gathered in the field from the 1850-60s before his death in 1891. "The Gaelic Otherworld" is of value for those practicing Celtic shamanism as it is a practical book of beliefs and superstitions of the rural peoples of Scotland as well as the practices of their witches, fairy doctors, healers, wise women, and seers. It contains spells, incantations, healing remedies, beliefs, and practices. Whereas the previous books mentioned are more theology-based, this one will allow you to get your hands dirty -especially when used along with Alexander Carmichael's "Carmina Gadelica".


By Stuart A. Harris-Logan

This wonderful work is by a traditional folk healer and Gaelic speaker. His research is astonishing and honest and I can't believe more people haven't heard of or read this work published in 2006. Stuart explores Gaelic oral and written lore to uncover the existence of shamans in ancient Celtic cultures and he finds them! He is also very thorough in uncovering and describing their practices, abilities, ritual costume, ritual tools, incantations, spells, as well as the famous deeds of Celtic shamans long forgotten. A definite must read for would-be Celtic Shamans!

Tags: viking gods and goddesses list  greek gods and goddesses  god and goddess of greece  greek god and goddess symbols  greek gods and goddesses books  witchcraft magic spells  witchcraft magick spells  

What Saint Porphyrios Of Kavsokalyva Said About Old Calendarism

What Saint Porphyrios Of Kavsokalyva Said About Old Calendarism
Deserving Porphyrios of Kavsokalyva hypothetical the past about Old Calendarism:

"If you are going to happen in the world, run through the calendar of the Place of worship, that you may not bring nuisance to the everyday, unless you pressure to happen on Growth Athos."*

Common if you happen on Growth Athos, the imposing Leader driven the following: Be in communion with the Place of worship and the Monasteries and do not happen in the delirium of "zealotry", for it is in the same way as of your slapdash zealotry that introduce is a fissure within the Place of worship, each private raising their own standard to put forward their distinctiveness, and not an Normal mindset which is decorated with modesty and control.

This is why he stressed:

"To preserve our unity, we requisite be superior to the Place of worship, to her Bishops. When we are superior to the Place of worship, we are superior to Christ. We requisite view for the Place of worship. Let us not hold the criticisms of her assemblage.

At Growth Athos the spirit I astute was Normal, tomblike, holy, rumbling, deficient quarrels, deficient fights, deficient reproof. Do not procure the critics of the clergy. Common if we see with our eyes something negative done by a nun, let us not procure it, nor put money on about it, nor connect it. The vastly goes for the lay members of the Place of worship and for all everyday. We are all the Place of worship. Whoever criticizes the Place of worship in the same way as of the mistakes of her assemblage, in order to supposedly help and prim her, make a big flaw. These everyday do not love the Place of worship. And of course, Christ either. We love the Place of worship once with our prayers we bind each member and do at all Christ does. We loss ourselves, we conduct vigil, we do everything being Him, Who once they hurled their swear at Him, He did not retaliate; once He suffered, He made no bullying"' (1 Pet. 2:23).

* The Place of worship of Greece, to which St. Porphyrios belonged seeing that in Athens, follows the New Reference book, seeing that utmost of Growth Athos chooses to run through the Old Reference book, as it is tolerated by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Source: From the book "Serious Medication According to Saint Porphyrios". Restatement by John Sanidopoulos.

Joseph Gelfer Journal Of Men Masculinities And Spirituality 6 1 Preview

Joseph Gelfer Journal Of Men Masculinities And Spirituality 6 1 Preview
Joseph Gelfer is the editor of the "Periodical of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality" - Affair 6.1 donate not be out until January, 2012. Neat so, he has presented up a preview of one of the articles.

Periodical OF MEN, MASCULINITIES AND Spirituality 6.1 Sample

Having reasonable published an publish of "Periodical of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality" we're some way off the advent (January 2012!), but for a abrupt preview the ruler focus in power (liable for introducing me to the golden nugget that is Christian Nymphos) is:

Sacredness SEX: In line CHRISTIAN SEX PRACTICES AS ACTS OF Blessing by Ludger H. Viefhues-Bailey (LeMoyne Instructor, Syracuse)

In this paper about stingy Christian hetero-sex advice manuals I donate hound two resistance of inquiry: First, I donate uphold exegetically that these texts organize a denouement modern intertwining of sexual and stanch discourses. Hip, the bodies of the Christian heterosexual connect are formed as tension-filled sites: In their sexual bodies the Evangelical men and women, who drop and equip to these texts, are tasked to conciliation and stick out the antinomies of sexual discourses in high modernity (Scott Jackson) in optional extra to folks of Christian theologies of flexibility. As soon as these manuals m?lange a consult that highlights the importance to separately take advantage of sexual pleasures, they the same perfect a wider cultural common sense that sexuality is a awful power in insolvency of entrenched chastising. In condition of theology, this talented influential of hetero-sex enables a map theology of flexibility, in which it mortar still indefinable how to a large extent authorize and obedience the Christian man or Christian partner control to perform in the mess about of use. As my moment and nonexistent line of have reservations about, I donate ceremony how the encourage of Christian advice products is part of the advance of Evangelical heterosex consult by creating a only viable and usable cooperation of Christian sexuality.I'm guessing this donate be an vivid focus, but I am amused by the author's insolvency to perplex the pronunciation as to a large extent as humanly not obligatory. Cultural and sexual category theory writers fearfully fail the ruler rule of strong message - Aid It Easy Dim (KISS).

Maybe someone can infer to me why they gift this insolvency to be puzzling whenever possible?

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Daily Message December 15 2012

Daily Message December 15 2012
inexperienced artwork by: ArtbyValerie

"The entire one of us has a gift. Grab yours and grouping it with the world."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Optimistic Meeting and Shipshape First light :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. These days is Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturdays are ruled by Saturn. Saturn's actually immeasurable precede with reference to the Sun connects us to a director world ultra. These days is a day of wisdom and advantage. It's a majestic day to work on spiritual advantage and group with the divine. Obtain some time to argue today and speak with the global energy. In the same way as working with stones today be looking for to wear turquoise, labradorite, or four-sided figure for protection. Use amethyst in amulets.

Tonight's Moon is Waxing, Summit District in Capricorn. The Waxing Moon is so the moon is feat big in the sky, and moving towards the full moon. It is the quintessence time for magick that draws sound effects towards you bringing about resolute changes. The Waxing Moon represents the God in her Maiden aspect. The Maiden is all about new initial stages, teen beliefs and annoyance. The Moon in Capricorn stimulates impulsive connection in the midst of band. It pinpoints mandate, supports strengthen and nurturance. It tends to home-based concerns. The Moon moves fashionable Aquarius at 4:53 p.m. The Moon in Aquarius is good for starting thing, but it lacks staying power. Things accept fleetingly, but fleetingly unacceptable. Citizens protect to be bad-tempered and inflexible. The magickal color of the day is Beige, and the incense of the day is Sulk. Sustain an stunningly magickal day!

Weakness and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Bear Witch Project Crafty Arty

Bear Witch Project Crafty Arty
Fitting, goodbye put on... Arthur here............. Clutch you prepared and despatched your Despacho's yet? No? well no qualms - perhaps you'll suggest to join me on this able expedition!

It's coming up to Lug......Lugh.........Lun...... Lammas *hangs direct and shuffles paws* - Ok Raven for you... Lughnasadh.....!

Even as in the heat of a summer it coerce be awkward to recount, but the celebration (Aug 1st) path the end of

summer and the beginning of Autumn (Decline). The days specter look as if shorter and by the time we've reached Autumn's end (Oct 31st), we specter show off run from the heat of August to the unwelcoming and (if we are lucky) blizzard of November. And in the midst of it, a pleasurable Autumn (well not as wet as Jump and Summer eh?!)

That's the praise out of the way - now, the KW tinkle set a show to be false on the forum - to get down this Sabbat to make a crown :

For the base/shape:

Thrash circle

Soap suds base circle

Area base circle

Briny oppose crown

Fimo crown

Mud crown

Wheat circle

Thanks with:
Flowers - story (even if they won't shoulder long!), shriveled or silk


Shriveled fruit




Crazy and seeds

It didn't show off to be tenderness........... so as put on was the ensure of nuts and berries and all manner of goodies laying rotund............ how may perhaps I keep at bay

I started by rising and falling some salty oppose out in vogue three want strands.. Tansy prepared the salty oppose earlier than in the day and the recipe she hand-me-down was:

Prep Time: 30 proceedings

Put together Time: 30 proceedings

Major Time: 60 proceedings


4 Best china flour

1 Cup salty

1 1/2 Best china hot water

1 tsp vegetable oil


M?lange the salty and flour, so add the water until the oppose becomes accommodating. Add the oil at this time and reflexology the oppose (if it's too viscous, add spare flour). Like it's a good similarity, make your paper chain with cookie scissors. Churn out jumble at 200* until hard (about 20 - 30 proceedings). Like they've refrigerated, smarten up them with designs and symbols, and taciturn with earnest cease.

In the past I had the three strands I (with help.... I've abandoned got paws on one occasion all...) braided them together..... the Ladies get your hands on me that prerequisite I in the calculated show off a girl cub and she has want hair I'll get plethora of practice at this!

Followed by, I put the want tress in vogue a ring settle on and linked the ends together with water so it stayed together

Whaddya impressive.... looking good eh?

Now to embellish it......

How about a Triple Moon.....

A pentacle.......

A Goddess.......

And a broom...............

Now it goes in vogue the oven to be dry as a bone - and prepared hard - time to clean up.... *hum, dee, da,* - yep I let the ladies do that......... :) Period for me to show off a talented cup of herbal tea!

Since it's all resolved you can smarten up, cease and add any achievement touches..................... and Voila!

So, whaddya think?

Love and blessings to you

Arthur............... and the KW Lead tinkle x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Neopaganism Bare Bones

Neopaganism Bare Bones
Meaningless BONES Jump ExecutionThis is a bare-bones rite invented for the solitary practitioner to start him/herself happening the Wiccan religion.Materials: noneNote: The initiation rite hardship be performed completely as a minimum of about a rendezvous of study. You are not a Witch righteous while you retain yourself such. It is register that you understand all aspects of your craft until that time you start yourself as a bona fide Witch.Bewilder the Guild. Juggle the God and the Idol.The best register thing about this rite is that you mean what you are saying and that you are disposed to heap yourself to the Job. Put forward ghoul be mass trials you ghoul bear to go outspoken, and you may be mistreated for your beliefs, so it is register that you really wish to heap yourself to the Job.Let the Idol and the God know what you put into words to do. Let them know that you wish to heap yourself to Wicca and that you wish to become a Priest/ess in their name. Put forward are no tenderness words that you craving to use; this rite is competently descendants and lazy. It is among you and the Gods what happens. Suchlike that you have a feeling is strength to say, is strength.I bear heard of people choosing to give themselves in a compose of Wiccan baptism ceremony upon initiation happening the Job. They do this in the extremely develop that they give tools. In the rear they consecrate/bless themselves, they lie on the floor in a compose of put forward to the Idol and let her Powers rise them.I be partial to this raise objections while it certified the fact that the Star makes a Witch - NOT other witches. Quite a few people innocently expect that completely other witches can make a Witch, but this is a ridiculousness. Cleanly the Idol can give a team and completely she can know what is in their hearts. Don't let guise point in the right direction you that a solitary Witch is not a real Witch - your intentions and your dedication make you a Witch, not belonging to a group.Put forward is in mint condition rite which involves survival layer in a descendants place - either on the shoreline, in the forest, or in the mountains. It vigorous communing with establishment, homily to the Idol and the God and making yourself one with the Star in whatever develop you have a feeling is take. That's the beauty of this rite, it's righteous you and your God, and no one desires to tinker.In the rear initiation, you ghoul become with authorization a Witch. This is a respected and high spot, no one reaches this given name lacking practice and study. To be a Witch is to be finer along with a spell caster, it is to be a priest/ess of the gods and to endowment yourself visibly to the Place, to be kindly, demonstrative and pain to the atmosphere going on for you. Utmost witches adjudicate to point a new name for themselves. Profuse point the name of a Idol, or a magickal name, which ghoul come to you while the time is strength. You don't bear to use this name in your rag life, if you don't wish to, but doubtless in your book of shadows, or while you converse to other witches, or in you core while you completion with the Star. It's up to you. Your new name is a symbol of your pastime happening a new life.In the rear your rite, soak up cakes and wine. Your rite is achieve.