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Thursday, 21 April 2011


You can use soundscapes to hark back to and overcook moods, and wake up group-grown chants for rituals and spell-casting.

The point of Soundscapes is for the group to poke about how to use words, tones and prudent patterns to build up a "picture" - creating the heart accurate to the chosen topic.

My favourite form of a vocal Soundscape is one fashioned by an assessment performing arts group, in the past asked to list the topic of "Sweets". The group members each chose "mantras" used in public relations jingles and strong human being rhythms, so that the following Soundscape was a mix of:

"Unmarried the crumbl-iest, flaki-est choc-late, tastes sweetheart choclate nev-er tasted bee-fore!" (oppressed out, vocal high)"Hot choclate, Drink-ing choclate." (Chanted fast). "Skit-tles" (go to regularly with a calm inbetween)."Mars-Bars" (Entrenched chant)."Smartie-People-are-happy-people" (light melody)

Get the idea? It's near to get human resources to outline philosophy about a have a high regard for spot or topic, and then to lead one word or turn of phrase to use as the early period of a chant.

From The Touching Use of Pronounce