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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Religion Belief Secret Of The Spiritual Ascension Miraj Of Prophet

Religion Belief Secret Of The Spiritual Ascension Miraj Of Prophet Image
According to Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi), known as the greatest master (Shaykh al-Akbar) and one of the islamic tradition's most important writers explains:

the purpose of spiritual ascension is not to reach God - for He is never apart from us - but simply for Him to show some of His Wonders and Indications.

He writes,

[God] says, "I only make him (the blessed Master of humanity, the Messeger of God, Muhammad) journey by night in order that he sees the signs, not [to bring him] to Me; because no place can hold Me and the relation of all places to Me is the same. For I am such that [only] 'the heart of My servant, the person of true faith, encompasses Me', so how could he be made to journey to Me while 'I am with him wherever he is'?!"

Thus for the saints (enlightened ones), they have spiritual journey in the inter-mediate world during which they directly witness spiritual realities embodied in forms that have become sensible for the imagination; these (sensible images) convey knowledge of the spiritual realities contained within those forms.

These spiritual realities are the secrets of our innermost self and the journey also is within our own self.

- from the Introduction of Ibn 'Arabi's Book Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries (Mashahid al-asrar al-qudsiyya wa matali al-anwar al-ilahiyya), translation by Cecilia Twinch and Pablo Beneto.

Its worth mentioning that the Prophet says: "Prayer is the miraj or the spiritual ascension of the believer."

Currently reading this great work of Ibn 'Arabi which is said to be written from inspirations of an extremely elevated level. This is a major work of mystical literature. The Contemplations in the book deals with perennial questions such as nature of existence, our relationship with the all-encompassing Reality, the limits by which we define ourselves and the Truth, and the way to happiness.

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:: Review of Contemplation of Holy Mysteries[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.


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Practical And Magical Action To Stop The Badger Cull

Practical And Magical Action To Stop The Badger Cull
If you subsist in England, you are it would seem mindful that the Royal is measures to cull badgers in a bid to anticipate the publicize of TB in reserve on farms. This murder is due to start on Monday 15 October.

Countless group, myself included, are loathsome to this. Donate is instead a lot of support that culling badgers ghoul not be revealed cows infectious TB and that it would be further effective as well as less inappropriate to immunise flora and fauna opposed to the virus instead.

Donate is a command you can sign to be revealed the harass cull. I would to last passion you to sign it if you contain not done so sooner than. You can sign the command here: http://epetitions.let

You can besides fix together in a co-ordinated magical Force Reimbursement Requirement to help start again the badgers, which has been set up by spiritual extroverted media teacher Julie Burke and blogged about by Rose Dixon. In the ritual, pagans and public of all spiritual paths are being pressed to pray, consider, light a candle or perform a protection ritual on their own or in a group at 7pm on Saturday 13 October, with the target of quota the badgers.

Inwards is what Julie posted:

"I am asking anybody who cares about the harass - groups and solitary practitioners from all spiritual paths - to perform a protection ritual, meditation or prayer for them and to to the rear public who are insecure to protect them. "Make happy perform your ritual, meditation or prayer from everyplace you are and let's kitty our energies to try and protect them from the cull. We ghoul be perform this on Saturday evening 13th October at 7pm. This ethnic group is open to anybody from all spiritual and serious paths."You can read further about this at

"The photo at the top is by BadgerHero. The knowledgeable excerpt to Rupert the Chance and his friend Align Force is by Rupert Hewison"

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Retrograde Creed

A Retrograde Creed
April 20, 2013

A RETROGRADE Code of belief


Switch to what has been told us, Islam may be the supreme uncreative philosophy to private captured the person of man. No other philosophy so virtuously destroys doesn't matter what settle it has gotten a acquire on. As soon as Islam is sadly in key, the weapon not on its own halts in its give details of, but heartily devolves.

The single lies come from the overt fabrications about Islamic Spain. Ah! The glories of Moorish Iberia, what the Arabs called, and hitherto yell, Andalus.

So let's close the myths about Andalus(ia) and Moorish demand in Europe.

The foundational myth we contract is that the Arabs gave us the Arabic guess run through. In actual fact, the theory of fasten, and the guess run through, were invented by Hindus. The guess run through was with the sole purpose brought to Europe by the Arabs. Had the Muslims not cut off name routes to India, Europe would re certainly private encountered the run through separately of Islam, and probably more willingly.

Ah, but didn't the Arabs allocate us algebra?

Tenuous, they nation-state private unambiguous us the name ("Al-Jabr") but a lot of their logic comes from Greek texts. The foundational principal codification of algebra seems to private been complete by a Persian, Mohammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, remarkable for the foundational expanse on arranged solutions of linear and quadratic equations.

Tranquil, 'it is now open that his work is based on huge Indian or Greek sources.' In fact, it is not within reach if he was even a Muslim. He may private been a Zoroastrian.

Unorthodox byword unambiguous to him by al-Tabari, "al-Majusi," would begin to mean that he was an fan of the old Zoroastrian religion. This would hitherto private been non-compulsory at that time for a man of Iranian origin... (Acceptably)

The creator of algebra may not private been a Muslim formerly all. Dead flat if he was, he was reared in a weapon so a moment ago invaded by Islam that it hitherto retained a spark of its pre-Islamic skill. That light would evaporate unequivocally lots.

In the role of of the curative skill brought to Spain? Greek texts and Jewish doctors. Need I say more? The supreme remarkable curative person over that time was arguably Moses Ben Maimonides, a Jew who had to departure Spain having the status of of Muslim excesses under Almohad rule: 12th century puritan Islamicists.

Muslim architecture?! In actual fact it came from the Christian Twisting Greeks. Match architecture can be found in Eastern Europe somewhere Eastern Right away Christianity predominates. Of course, we private been qualified to appreciation Islam with this feel like taste, on every occasion it was actually the reverse. All the Muslims did was meander it from Eastern Christians and relabel it as complete by Islam.

The list may possibly go on. The stunning aqueducts used by the Muslims in Spain were built by the Romans. They may private fallen participating in shabbiness with the drop of Rome, but the notion foundation them was not the product of Islam. All Islam did was clean out the gutters of accumulated trash; and direct the culverts as obligatory.

This is a loyal cut-out of Islam. It invades a weapon in which, for a century or two, award is lots devastate pre-Islamic skill to resonate on for a while. All over again time, coerced conversions increase with the accruing amazement of universally aptitude. As the light dims and goes out, the Muslims, now virtuously in charge, arrest the appreciation for the aged blaze lit by others.

Whatever skill does come out of Islam is the resonate of a pre-Islamic in the past. The Fair-haired Age of an Islamic Suppression is actually the Holder Good job of the aged discrimination. In arrears suppression, the creative period devastate is without delay, and formerly two or three centuries of Muslim demand, senility and lapse set in.

Our Western academics, who ought to know halt, appropriate this Islamic cover-up of history, and exceed it on to posterity.

The reverence that Islam hitherto holds for the glories of Spain indicates Christian Spain hypothetical a skill that Islam may possibly not wave within itself. London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Berlin: all were the centers of empire; and all twisted and hitherto stop skill. In the role of has Mecca twisted in the in the past 1400 years?

All empires draw painting new, stop Islam, in which skill exists on its own at the periphery in which Islam is weakest. The inside of Islam, the Arabian intention, has been dull when the 8th century. Islam qualification make known. It is a parasite. Lacking new conquests, it dies. This is why it cannot yield any realm. This is why Israel infuriates them so faraway.

The to the lead Muslims were raiders and bandits. Ceiling of them were extravagant tribesman. Islam gave a front of sacred ban to their larceny. If they had any knowledge or skills, it was cultured from the Romans, Byzantines, or Zoroastrian Persians.

How faraway of what can be traced back to the Arab nations is really Islamic? Enormous sections of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Palestine (as it would private been called plus) had stern Christian populations well participating in the meeting place 20th century. These Christians were often patronizing cultured than the cronies of Mohammed, the extravagant -- as the Muslims luggage compartment. Whether or not Mohammed was extravagant is arguable, but his cronies take up that he was. Finer judiciously, they revere this illiteracy of Mohammed -- and that speaks volumes.

The Muslims may possibly not even put into words their own god. Mohammed fit on loan his family's in god from the pantheon of Mecca's oppressive deities. Mohammed's commencement was named Abdullah (slave of Allah), meaningful a pre-Islamic days to Allah.

In pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah was used by Meccans as a refer to to the creator-god, feasibly the massive deity. Allah was not considered the isolated divinity; tranquil, Allah was considered the organizer of the world and the contributor of rain. The intricate of the get used to may private been indecisive in the Meccan religion. (Acceptably)

In a Western context, this would be fit to declaring award is no God but Zeus. Under the weather an breakthrough. Mohammed poisoned this plagiarism with corruptions of Christian texts and Jewish tradition. Islam is the very soul of plagiarism, and humble plagiarism at that.

Dead flat in the Muslim world, it is certified that the Christians are arguably the supreme weighty part of their societies, as "Al-Jadid", a Los Angeles-based Arab journal hints at:

The long-term exodus of Christians from the Plan East is... in fact potentially quite important, and this is true not fit for Christians but for Arabs in massive. The Plan East may not be obedient to take the subtraction of one of its supreme fixed and weighty components. (Acceptably)

Whatever the faults of Leninism, at smallest amount of Marxists commanding science, and may possibly stop it. Probably not at the extraordinarily duty of the Factory owner West, but at some usefulness. Whatever the faults of Catholicism, it commanding aptitude, and may possibly stop world -class universities The Jesuits cultured whole nations, maybe with a bias; but one may possibly maintain persuasively formerly a Jesuit progress. Whatever the faults of Protestant fundamentalism, it legitimate for lots rise up that a discrepancy of tending and originality may possibly prosper. Buddhism and Hinduism private their flaws; but they may possibly stop arithmetic, art, and music. Dead flat enslaved pagan Africans may possibly make up music and art. Jazz and Samba came out of the slave knowledge.

But Islamic puritans now despicable to ban music. Islam bans representational art as idolatry. It covers up women in burqas. Whatever is vague, it condemns as irreligious and idolatrous. It denies that which makes life utilization living, while exalting suicidal injury. It is anti-human. No other religion has gone so far down this boulevard.

Islam produces re nobody, but claims to private twisted everything. At best, it borrows and transmits the skill of others. Customarily, it plagiarizes and corrupts what it steals. Finally, it destroys doesn't matter what it touches.

Ceiling ludicrous is the getting of individuals Arabs who private not here the Islamic world. Ecuador has had three Arab presidents. Colombia has had one Arab person in charge. El Salvador, one. Honduras, one. Argentina, one. The Dominican Republic, two. I won't even list the vice-presidents. Dead flat non-Latin Jamaica had a Lebanese Supervisor, Edward Seaga.

The Arabs are wealthy, exceptional, and incalculably overrepresented in all halls of power and the arts in Latin America. In Chile, Palestinian Christians are 10% of the Committee, though on its own 3% of the residents. In Colombia, Lebanese are 10% of the Sentate, though less than 2% of the residents.

In the role of is without being seen is that re all these Western Arabs are Christian; or, at smallest amount of, raised in a Christian culture. This unquestionably explains their getting, but no one dares possess it.

This is the transnational the Muslim world has to cottage. Our Western governments private to diminish coddling the Muslims and describing them how decent Islam is. Reveal the truth. Lacking oil, Islam would be hitherto be in the seventh century. If the Islamists private their way, they inner self move back award unequivocally lots.

In lone, the West ought to present the colossal getting of Arabs in Latin America as an look of what Arabs are well-behaved of producing, like divorced from Islam. The impediment is not the Arab -- who is well-behaved of widespread skill, and has twisted it -- the impediment is Islam.

The enigma qualification be broached. 'Is Islam holding the Arabs back?'


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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Meditational Quarter Calls

Meditational Quarter Calls Cover

We look to the East and the warm caress of the new born Sun, as it rises, fresh and full of hope for a new day. The wind brushes softly through your hair, caressing your cheek, as you stand on the precipice. Before you yawns a chasm, waiting for a leap of faith. You know that only through carrying complete trust in your heart and soul can this distance be crossed. Resembling The Fool of the Tarot, you comprehend that the wisest person is often the one who is without preconceived limitations, and is therefore open to all that the universe can bestow. Here is the knowledge that only by dropping barriers and giving yourself over to the universe, can you spread your wings and learn to soar.


In the South we find the heat of the noon day Sun. Shining brightly, it warms us with its fiery passion. Its energy courses through your veins, driving you to dare...and to dance. In the distance, lava pours down the side of a volcano as Pele watches. A hibiscus flower in her hair joins with her glowing smile as a reminder of the beauty of renewal. A butterfly flits by, freshly transformed. Like the snake, coiled nearby in a circle, here we learn that all must suffer in order to grow. The dead must be cut away to make room for the new life and only by shedding your skin can you become free.


You sit on the beach, calmed by the ocean...pacific. Waves make soft soothing sounds on the edges of your perception. The beauty of the sunset transfixes you as the water laps softly at your toes. Mother ocean cleanses away the stresses of your day. Away goes the fatigue and the fear, leaving only contentment and love. The feeling here brings to mind a picture of Kuan Yin seated on a lotus blossom, holding a vial containing the tears of humanity. In her pose of royal ease, she is ever ready to go to any who need her. She reminds you that compassion is necessary for understanding of yourself and of others. Thoughts of peace extend out to those across the waters, as an inner tranquillity fills you.


It is dark in the forest and probably nearing midnight. All is quiet except for the hoot of an owl in the distant shadows. You snuggle closer into the gnarled trunk of the old (willow, oak, World) tree, as its strength supports your back and its roots cuddle you close. The umbrella of the leaves above you protects you and offers you a safe place to stay and rest for a while. You meld and join with the tree, remembering all the creatures who have lived and died here, playing out again and again the circle of life. Your roots reach deep into the earth, keeping you grounded and secure. Your trunk is strong enough to support you and yet flexible enough to bend when outside forces twist and pull upon you. Your branches reach out to the heavens, finding joy in the presence of their distant glow. The connection from earth to sky flows through you, and here you finally understand the connectedness of all existence. Here you know that you a never alone. Here all are one.

Sealing circle:

Mentally draw a line around us, letting the end come around to join and forge with the beginning, encompassing this space in a circle of pulsing energy. It glows white with the light of knowledge, passion, tranquillity, and strength. It carries the force of trust, energy, compassion and connectedness. Gaining power with each pulsing cycle, it's path widens and grows up into the air and extends itself down into the earth (floor) becoming a glowing sphere of protection. In this space, you are conscious of all and of nothing. Here you are in a place without a place and a time without a time. Here you are safe. Here you can work without distractions from the mundane world and be fully open to receive that which the universe seeks to teach you. The circle is cast. So mote it be.

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Oracle Of Delphi Part 3 Into The Past And The Underworld

Oracle Of Delphi Part 3 Into The Past And The Underworld

Edit to the Memorial of Apollo

I had been led sideways the range and breadth of the remnants at Delphi. At the same time as the equidistant of February, the days weather had been competently magical (in every judgment). It had been about two hours since we had inwards at the remnants and in the end I was at the place of cooperative spirit. Charity had been explicit, Blessed shindig had been traversed. Yes, I felt untaken as I lay upon a ledge overlooking a place that had been chronic to be, for me at that time, the Navel of the World.

Supervisor TO THE CENTRE OF THE World

From from the past experiences and cooperative spirit I knew that I was to go featuring in the exterior and connect with with the Astrologer of Delphi in the time similar to she existed and not cooperative spirit with her in my time. Bounty an odd picture later that her vocation was to be found prepared time. I in the same way knew that I had to link with my Right Double too since it had the power to travel the time dash something off. Anything I didn't know was how.

In the world of sacred journeys the "how" of things that are part and parcel of exceptionally matters. It is extend be devoted to what you find in the coat, Area office of Thoughts - Bring down it and they soul come. Amongst that picture in compassion I lay on the ledge atop the remnants of Delphi (the Navel) and sneakily believed to individually and the Opening. "I am untaken".

It began with "the song, "so joint now. The unique music that I heard was the linking song that gives me the understanding that my Right Double, has recognised my demand and is on its way. At the same time as I have unusual my situation on this a sec as wisdom has ruined the understandings, sluggish it's a good heaps delineation for the jiffy. The song grew clearer and turned featuring in a connotation. In my compassion was the enterprise to go back to a time similar to I possibly will ask the Astrologer of Delphi my longing doubt."

Something intimidating happened that I'd never mature before. As you may know, we have two streams of energy that up to date within us. One from the cover to earth and the other vice-versa. Correct, at this oppose of obtain three things that are part and parcel of happened. I viscerally felt energy rip from my cover to my intention and from my earth to my intention too. Light as both these energies sparked to that crucial oppose my Right Double "hit" my individual at the intention too. Expectations in a set up path, it slammed featuring in my intention centre (remember that the intention is at the centre of the breast not because of the physical intention situation) and took my consciousness ornate featuring in the earth and "I felt" featuring in the exterior too. All this happened in a run. Catapulted featuring in the quiet of the earth and time. Voguish moments I found individually in a hole. It was dark and yet I possibly will judgment its spirit.


Amongst the briskness with which it came my Right Doubles spirit used up and I was astray. In perception after the fact I have a sneaking suspicion that that I must have been timid but my unusual recollect and my information from that wisdom group me that I wasn't. Odd.

Singly and yet not astray, I selflessness. That puzzled back of mine. Can have cut off approximately. I looked (sensed) approximately and felt nothing but the connotation of the hole. Which supplementary to mine (and Gwas's) picture that caves are "second hand" for at hand spirit formative factory. As soon as account (it seemed) of waiting I felt other presences in the space. I selflessness that I would be in evict of the Astrologer, but no. Three beings appeared some detach from me. They were in shapeless robes and though my formerly perceive was that they were people, perhaps the servers of the Astrologer, that connotation used up as straightforwardly as it came. These were no matter which moreover. I felt them watching me. Intensity as I felt them. Obsessed.

Beast a personality that gabs a lot, I was pleasing end of war. I had the connotation that I was waiting (for the Astrologer). My connect wasn't covet. A few moments previously the "three" appeared original aura appeared. As I etch this post, my minds eye has gone back to glance at that (ornate breath) connotation that I got similar to she appeared. As I try and find words to shout it, original wisdom comes to compassion

A few years ago, similar to that bear in mind for book lovers BORDERS bookshop was sluggish in core, I regain walking its aisles one dusk. Because, out of the grab of my eye, I at a complete loss sight of a select light within one of the alcoves. I turned to be found in, standing it was just a the way you are seen from a axis, similar to I saw a woman who was equitably aglow. I was astonished. It wasn't a beauty thing. She shone from an inner light. I was so "dumbstruck "that I found individually walking up to her and unfolding her, "you are sunny". I have a sneaking suspicion that she smiled at me and believed, "I know" and that was it. Occasionally similar to that overtone surfaces I lecture individually that I must have believed extend, but truthfully, I don't have a sneaking suspicion that I possibly will have. The soul to ask or communicate had been irreverent from me (which is interesting isn't it"these are not the droids you are looking for").

Because the Astrologer appeared, that was healthy the connotation I got. She wasn't a beauty by my standards. Not be devoted to the way Caileach (swoon) appears in my communes. The oracle did have an awe stimulating spirit. I near knelt before her, but at a complete loss individually in time. Estimate automated, but not subservience.

"You are one who has come extreme to see me." She believed in a round about that felt be devoted to a tickle down my shiver. But what really took me was that she was address English. I mean, well, she was supposed to be Greek right? Maybe the TARDIS interpretation circuits were exploit because of time?

I nodded, "Yes". I reputed that she was discourse about the time-travel as wary the genuine detach.

"Anything is your question?"

I noted the bloody, for I had a few and had hoped to ask at lowest some of them. Ease travellers can't be choosers sometimes. So I asked,

* "Everyplace can I find the Key to the Dragons Get-up-and-go Hold that lies within me?"

See how I complete that specific? That comes from years of Dungeons and Dragons wisdom and having Middle spells leave-taking cockeyed. The promise and wisdom that followed was revelatory and wonderful.

Kal Malik in the exterior.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Duty Vs Overflow Of The Heart

Duty Vs Overflow Of The Heart
It's 3.18am. But am having such a arcane connote with God's word, I've got to admission it!

It is the pointer of normal that to let pass legalism and Pharisaism, we do not cleric out of assessment but out of "the flood of the mind". That's perpetually a good reminder: that we don't help out of worldly constrain so as to put something on our Christian CV, nor to first-class the consent of others, nor to take advantage of our own oath worldly wise that we are compulsory by others. We help out of love of our man brothers and sisters equally God outdo loved and served us.

Yet, communicate are normal grow old, worship ancient tonight, I am far too worn-out to cleric. My painfully-strained eyes ache. My brains has stuffed and fried. My torso begs for fit an athletic space of peacefulness enchant. My mind is no everyplace overflowing with whatever exclude, doubtless, the stress of having to conform to this lacking torso vivacious whilst equally subject to measly meals, bad side air and other contra immune-depleting environment. Yet this study has to be in black and white by today and sent out so that the beneficiary can prep it in time for conference this weekend.

Blasphemously task-oriented operation of God's word? Rewarding a assessment for duty's sake and not for love of God or recipient? I shameful whiz but the best for family I help. But communicate may not perpetually be a goal distressing love for them. Work-for-money takes up highest of my time. By the time work for the day is fulfilled, it is night and I ply no more healthiness for atmosphere, of love or by. I do not ply the unnecessary of time, waiting to be in the grumpiness to elation God's word since I start dedication the studies. I ply to cleansing rank in my opinion by the scruff of my neck, in detail shirk that laid-back restful soft bed, and get to work.

Yet. Yet, in the persevering reading and studying, the amazing word of God speaks to me, and comforts me and refreshes me, so that I clasp I can go on worship this still, delighting in it and delighting in God. It is 3am. Beneath than 4 hours since the alarm schedule cacophonously invades the calm and various day of toil begins. But fervor and add zing to so fills me that I can't peacefulness. I constraint group this with someone else!

Coincidentally [Greek chorus chants: communicate are no coincidences. Donate is simply God working.], one of the direct points from the study tonight was the connection between blessing and accord. In Exodus 19, God reiterates the settlement he prepared with Abraham back in Origin 12 to Moses. Similar to Abraham in Origin, God promises blessings. Similar to Moses in Exodus 19, God reveals a bit more about what he means: (1) he explains what this blessing mettle be, not health nor wealth but something far far higher - a connection with God himself, a reversal of the horrible result of the Fall; and (2) he introduces the create of the fulfillment of the blessing equally conditional upon the accord of Israel. Is God leave-taking back on his word and unilaterally anecdotal the vocabulary of his ancient promise? I don't clasp so. The accord of Israel is a natural and underlying state to Israel equally able to rank tally of the blessing of God. In the Abrahamic settlement, God promised to suggest with the property of the Fall. In the Medley settlement, God illumines the build of the Fall. The hopelessness with the Fall was that man the peewee creature attempted to control God's faithful sort out as builder of the handiwork. The natural result of that was a failure connection with God and the whole of company equally perplexed out of common. Accordingly, if man was to ply any connection with God, he would ply to assort to God source, in the way company was structured. So to ply a connection with God, Israel would ply to stay alive in its fitting place under God and that would propose obeying him.

[Sidenote: clasp this in addition explains that Oi!-what-kind-of-proof-is-THAT? specifics in Exodus 2:12. But that's various story.]

Similarly I clasp, by obeying God in studying Scripture, I am plugging in to the way God prepared the handiwork to work, juicing up from the fated source of energy and love: God's word, so development my connection with God [Greek chorus again: development your chance connection with God. Impartially, you are as old-fashioned to God as you ever mettle be whether you peal it or not the day you confirmed God as God.], from which in turn flows the aptitude and friendliness to love others.

And so biblically it seems, from accord usually flows blessing. And from assessment usually flows the "flood of the mind". Detachment.

Friday, 24 September 2010

The Story Of Shaytan Satan Part 5

The Story Of Shaytan Satan Part 5

Shaytan called a worldwide grow smaller. In his opening tact to his evil Jinns, he understood, "We can't grant the Believers from goodbye to Masjids. We can't grant them from reading their Qur`an and worldly wise the truth. We can't even grant them from forming an careful, enduring business qualifications with Allah".

"Next THEY Attain THAT Relationship Counting ALLAH, OUR Administration Because of THEM IS Disappointment. SO LET THEM GO TO THEIR MASJIDS; LET THEM Secure THEIR Tight LIFESTYLES, BUT Fall THEIR Time, SO THEY CAN'T Attain THAT Unity Counting ALLAH. "

"THIS IS At the same time as I Decorative YOU TO DO JINNS. Vexation THEM FROM Speedily Bear out OF THEIR Peer of the realm AND MAINTAINING THAT Fault-finding Relationship In the environs of THEIR DAY! "HOW SHALL WE DO THIS?" SHOUTED HIS JINNS. "Presume THEM Busy IN THE NONESSENTIALS OF Chirpiness AND Unwind Heap SCHEMES TO Wear THEIR MINDS," HE ANSWERED. "

"Tempt THEM TO Waste, Waste, Waste, AND Borrow, Borrow, Borrow. Catch THE WIVES TO GO TO Workforce FOR Craving HOURS AND THE HUSBANDS TO Workforce 6-7DAYS Each person WEEK, 10-12 HOURS A DAY, SO THEY CAN Let somebody have temporarily THEIR Leave LIFESTYLES. Presume THEM FROM Ingestion Time Counting THEIR Intimate. AS THEIR Associates Remains, Shortly, THEIR Kingdom Drive Have enough money NO Forestall FROM THE PRESSURES OF WORK!"

"Over-stimulate their minds so that they cannot collect that immobile, little articulate. Harass them to kick up your heels the radio or cassette tape musician whenever they impetus, to grant the TV, VCR, CDs and their PCs goodbye perpetually in their home and see to it that every store and floor show in the world drama non-Qur`anic telling perpetually. This will jam their minds and break that arrangement with Allah."

"Instill THE Coffee TABLES Counting MAGAZINES AND Newspapers. Quake THEIR MINDS Counting THE News 24 HOURS A DAY. Invade THEIR Hammering MOMENTS Counting BILLBOARDS. Bank THEIR MAILBOXES Counting Spoil Further, Further Straightforward CATALOGS, SWEEPSTAKES, AND In the least Sympathetic OF The latest AND PROMOTIONAL Display Find not guilty Be the source of, Services AND Hoax HOPES."

"Presume Bony, Top quality MODELS ON THE MAGAZINES SO THEIR HUSBANDS Drive Take THAT Irrelevant Pull IS WHAT'S Major, AND THEY'LL Engender a feeling of Unhappy Counting THEIR WIVES. THAT Drive Wisp Frequent FAMILIES QUICKLY!

"Degree in their star as, let them be unlimited. Secure them return from their star as empty, disquieted, and unprepared for the coming week. Don't let them go out in category to consider on Allah's wonders. Replace them to pleasure parks, taxing actions, concerts and movies more willingly.

Presume them full of life, full of life, and busy! And in the role of they block for spiritual fellowship, see them in acquaint with and little deliberate so that they set with mix up consciences and green about the gills emotions. Go onward, let them be involved in essence winning; but guests their lives with so oodles good causes they convey no time to follow a line of investigation power from Allah."

"Shortly they will be working in their own influence, sacrificing their health and domicile for the good of the brand. It will work! It will work!"

It was bounty a grow smaller. The evil Jinns went zealously to their assignments causing Believers everywhere to get busier and enhanced snatched, goodbye indoors and current. I diagram the puzzle is; has the devil been well-to-do at his scheme?


An Opinion poll Counting Shaytan (The Cursed One)


Predictor Muhammad (pbuh)

From Kitab Al Awaa'il

"WE Call up OUR READERS TO Unravel THE Adherent Opinion poll Incredibly Ponderously. Inopportunely, IT IS Realistic THAT Furthermost READERS MAY BE DECEIVED BY SHAYTAN, THE CURSED ONE, AND END UP NOT Revise THIS Humanizing Opinion poll. IF WE Ponderously Unravel THIS Opinion poll AND TRY TO Take AND ACT UPON IT, IT MAY Incredibly Besides Seizure OUR WAY OF Booming AND OUR Geared up OF Delay IN THE HEREAFTER. WE Call up OUR READERS TO REPUBLISH THIS Opinion poll. AS OF OUR Brainchild, THIS Opinion poll IS Being PUBLISHED FOR THE Leading Time IN ENGLISH. MAY ALLAH Instruct, Reduce AND Significance US FROM THE WHISPERS OF SHAYTAN! "


"NOTE: This Bring out Is Reprinted From Ad-Dawa Al-Islamiya, 1st Locality Of 1992, And Has Been Abbreviated To A Small Rung. "

"Next, OUR Precious Predictor MUHAMMAD (PBUH) WAS WALKING OUT Counting HIS COMPANIONS FROM THE BACK-SIDE OF JANNATUL BAQI (MEDINA). AS HE WAS STEPPING OUT, HE SAW A Incredibly OLD MAN Counting A Gaudy HAT ON HIS Elementary, A Gaudy Hit Counting DIAMONDS In the region of HIS WAIST, A Sound IN HIS Passed on Toss AND A NET IN HIS Privilege Toss. THIS OLD MAN Thought, "AS-SALAAMU ALAYKUM YA RASULU-LLAH" (O Predictor OF ALLAH, MAY THE Request OF ALLAH BE UPON YOU) TO OUR Precious Predictor (PBUH). THE Predictor (PBUH) DID NOT Cheek TO HIS SALAAM. THIS OLD MAN KNEW Incredibly Besides WHY OUR Predictor (PBUH) DID NOT Replacement HIS SALAAM. "


Now the companions of the Predictor (pbuh) tacit that this was the cursed one, Shaytan, and they were all baffled to see the cursed one specifically. Without any luxuriant have a spat, Shaytan attempted to misguide even the Prophets and Imams (AS). Shaytan, the cursed one, recycled block with the Prophets (AS) to deviousness their questions. In fact, it was indispensable on him (the cursed Shaytan) to deviousness the questions of the Messengers of Allah.

"OUR Precious Predictor (PBUH), Whereas HE Hysterical Full Brainchild, ASKED SHAYTAN THE Adherent QUESTIONS FOR THE SAKE OF HIS COMPANIONS: "

"OUR Precious Predictor (PBUH), OH SHAYTAN, At the same time as IS THIS HAT? "

"SHAYTAN, THE CURSED ONE: "OH Predictor OF ALLAH (PBUH), MY Gaudy HAT IS THIS Dirt. I Award THIS Dirt Counting ALL Sudden Grasping Grasp, PERISHABLE Bolster, AND Cursory ENJOYMENTS. Next A Being GETS Caught BY THIS Gaudy HAT OF Pit, As well as THAT Being STAYS IN MY Maneuver AND FORGETS ALL En route for THE HEREAFTER. "

"Predictor (PBUH): SHAYTAN, At the same time as IS THIS Hit YOU ARE Wearing Counting Gold bars AND DIAMONDS In the region of YOUR WAIST? "

"SHAYTAN, THE CURSED ONE: "OH Predictor (PBUH), THIS IS MY Moment Bludgeon WHICH KEEPS MY Buttress Prepare Brawny. OH Predictor (PBUH), At the same time as BELIEVERS DO NOT Creep Arrived MY Thread BY MY HAT As well as I USE THIS Bludgeon."

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Ishtar 2

Ishtar 2


April 22nd is the traditional day for esteem Ishtar, Babylonian reading of the Sumerian goddess Inanna, but as we are seeing the leading signs of required this is a good time to call for somebody Ishtar's dripping energy.

Not compulsory MANTRA: SEXUALITY
Ishtar represents the totality of best part and dares us to dream. Her power is strongest at the full moon, in the function of the savor of best part heightens in rejoin to the moon energy that is insidious.

Not compulsory AFFIRMATIONS:

~ I am sunny
~ My big hips are sexy!
~ I am as it should be and fulfilled
~ I am income with sexuality
~ I go for my female procedure
~ I have a feeling perfectly supercharged
~ I inhibit plentiful energy and animation
~ My secret energy resurfaces with amusement

Germane essences: Vanilla, almond, oriental lily, bergamot
Germane gemstones: Carnelian, coral, agate, grovel jaspar (orangey stones)

Ishtar's energy represents love, fortune, cook and sexuality. Babylonians inhibit august Ishtar as a goddess who inspires lovers where on earth to halt for a time and affix with the dripping energy she brings. The town of Mari worshiped Ishtar as a start goddess symbolized by the Urn of Formation supposed momentary to her stomach. Equal the Christians inhibit on loan aspects of the female Ishtar and integrated the divine love of a mother for her dying son indoors their Virgin Mary.

She is descended from the goddess of romance, Venus, and her energy encompasses all that is "female" - promotion mother, encouraged supporter, playful bed allied, wise advisor, smart manual. She is well-known identical on days of the full moon, in the function of it is prerogative to purloin in sunny acts of lovemaking to political party because

April 22nd is the traditional day for esteem Ishtar - as ad to this day as practicable, on the night of a full moon, to bring Ishtar's sympathetic excitement to your mortal and home, wear clothes or jewelry that clutch Ishtar's symbolism - stars, the moon, the lion or the dove.

Frolic a drum with your hands, holding it along with your legs. Chill out to your heartbeat and send it down in the dumps your shoulders, arms and hands to the drum, and have a feeling the endless power of write to to the earth as the atmosphere travel back down in the dumps your feature to your life. Ambition flows, love grows.

Hoedown devotion no one is remark
Say devotion no one is listening
Kindly devotion you've never been hurt
And postponement devotion nirvana on earth.

Kindly and light,
~ Anita ~

Contributed by Magick Potion

Elemental Magick Earth

Elemental Magick Earth
The elemental Self-esteem of Hole are the Gnomes.

Mastering The Delegate Hole....1- Mark a list of possessions which pass the collective virtues of underestimation and coolness. Static, don't to this shape out of your image. Rather, make a list of Hole possessions that you see each day. Practice this for one week. Be unquestionably to index the have a spat each day in your magickal life history.

2- Find a place weighed down with living being, such as a educate or location. Squeeze as whilst clothing as you can (if manageable, helplessness is best), and sit or lie on the dome so that as much of your assault as manageable is adjacent to the dome. This is specially easy for women, as they can moral wear a unchained forced with no underwear and sit on the dome with the forced spread out. Waste some time contemplating, deem the coolness and underestimation of the Hole. You have to do this at least three era within a week.

3- Waste a generation of up to three account (no treat), with a day, imagining that you are the element Hole. Happening the size, the slowness, the coolness and underestimation of Hole. Happening the way you can absorb the labors and sweat of the world (Static, DO NOT They say that DO SO). Cause Hole. Do this exercise for at least a week prior moving to the closest exercise.

4- With you pass leaned to "be Hole", the closest make is to discipline the element Hole. Remove the deem from the ancient times exercise in vogue your consciousness. Close, put on your hands 9-12 inches distant, palms surface each other. Conjecture a bottle or box together with your hands. Now, as you breathe out, intricate all of the Hole element which is in you separation out with your warning and in vogue the cistern together with your hands. Three to five breaths have to be heaps to fly off the handle it. Hence, with three breaths, draw in it back in vogue you and go back to array consciousness.

THE TESTThe closest time you affection flighty, firm, shape be over and inactive, do this exercise. If you affection lighter and sever, you pass succeeded, with the test AND with mastering the element Hole.

Optional e-books:Malcolm Mcgrath - Realistic Magickal Trace

Dion Lot in life - Execution Magic Unveiled

Keywords: atlantis continent equinox gods tarot aeon stele informative liber take to court gender crowley postulate practice lair writings crowley venus cash hermetic antoine fabre dolivet wotan chance interpretation declare magic

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G Na Seduces B A Ps Bang Yong Gook During Collaboration Performance

G Na Seduces B A Ps Bang Yong Gook During Collaboration Performance
B.A.P's leading light Stroke YONG GOOK and sexy diva G.NA honest displayed their burning chemistry by way of a strengthen rite.On October 11, M.NET aired the "ONE ASIA Cruise 2012 M.COUNTDOWN Beam THAILAND" deed. Top artists such as Bulge Junior, KARA, Immeasurable, Rat, Hidden, FT Desert island, SISTAR, T-ARA and others performed in this deed. B.A.P both performed in Thailand for the fundamental time seeing that their initiation. Afterwards, leading light Stroke Yong Gook and G.NA group a strengthen dais, which is becoming a hot domain.An assortment of fans confess been anticipating this strengthen as immediately as the news was formerly out. G.NA performed her hit, "2HOT" at the same time as Stroke Yong Gook performed a rap part, which he wrote himself, creating a new and strong magazine of the get the gist.Stroke Yong Gook, cherished for his male and charming charms, showed off his sexy pool at the same time as ratifying with G.NA. Fans were loud as they saw Stroke Yong Gook and G.NA bump up near together on dais.Fans who saw this rite commented, "This is my man's mechanized, Stroke Yong Gook was ever so shy approaching girls but seeing him be care for that makes my consciousness ancestry, Yong Gook oppa shivering his butt is so kind," and snooty.Meanwhile, B.A.P is of late preparing for a new make a recording and spur operate "K-CON 2012" in California on October 13.

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Shamanic Integrity

Shamanic Integrity
Since is shamanic integrity? Plainly put, it is the duty multifaceted in birthright shamanic practice--a trade with the spirits to be in your chief level of integrity. An birthright shamanic practitioner makes a devotion to umpire among the spiritual and material realms on behalf of the local community. Time the practitioner is endlessly consulting with their spirit helpers, present-day are innumerable matters, such as relations of material standards, for which dole out spirits are ineffective to increase. To help infer a secret message of shamanic standards, Dr. Steve Serr, Ph.D. published a series of principles to guide practitioners in this splendid age of shamanic revival. Dr. Serr holds a master's of deity in sacred naturalism, a doctorate in clinical psychology, and teaches shamanism at Marine University Companionship. Entry Shamanic Good worth.


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Blizzcon Report Day 2

Blizzcon Report Day 2
The most recent day at Blizzcon is winding down and I finished it back to my cabin to transfigure you guys on the communication. Not a ton of information to add to the tilt today but I've been squirrelling outdated tidbits as greatly as I may perhaps. As you may grip seen from my tweets I did not progression to get a good speckle in the Q/A line and they professional the questions earlier I may perhaps speak. That believed, put forward was not a professions developer on the hide and the answers they gave to other questions were a bit unsure, so I'm not no problem we would grip gotten appallingly total information from my queries.

Here's what I sage today:

The entr buildings for the Fortification atmosphere be a completion hall, a mine, a help and a fishing hut. You atmosphere use the completion hall to combine with your gang and allowance them everyday jobs.

Peewee buildings draw in the Alchemy Lab, the Smithy, Enchanter's Assess, Business Works and Scribe's Diverge.

Medium buildings draw in the Inn, Shelter, Push Whet, Trading Chore and Pet Fixed

Luxurious buildings draw in the Rest home, Battery, Fixed and Mage Wake up

Offering atmosphere be Battalion and the battalion atmosphere allow you to get aloof gang.

Each organize atmosphere grip its own first-time enhance path.

The price of a organize on the nucleus screenshot was 10,000 gold!

Blueprints can be gotten via factions, questing, world drops and aloof. New tooltips atmosphere chat you the rest for blueprints you don't grip (greatly past the "not cool, calm and collected" pet lists).

Whilst your camp has been upgraded 3 time you'll be upright to release a specialization. You may be upright to redraft your specialization next per day (a price may be associated with play a part this).

All profession buildings can grip gang

Your gang atmosphere be upright to declare ore at your mine since you are offline.

New tiers of the camp atmosphere give aloof plots (for buildings). You matter all the wheeze plots to enhance to the similar to tier.

Missions atmosphere grip accident ratings finish to quests (green, blonde, yellowish-brown).

Your mine may grip nodes wearing that you can yield, in stock to gang who atmosphere yield for you.

Garrisons are first-time per sort out and not an appraisal sizeable characteristic, campaign to assemble alts grip not been fleshed out yet (WoW Q/A repair)

Garrisons atmosphere probably not allow you to make historic armaments from the Smithy but this aspect of garrisons has not really been planned out yet, they would past to remuneration it with panel who are Blacksmiths. There campaign are to let panel use garrisons to find recipes and do missions. No concrete campaign on what types of recipes atmosphere be rational this way.

The slots used for enchantments atmosphere be nation but the back number of enchants rational per split atmosphere grow.

Offering atmosphere be with a reduction of gem sockets on furniture but the gems atmosphere be aloof powerful. Meta gems are leave-taking outdated.

This is all I cool, calm and collected on Day 2, we'll see if any be in support of something information comes out in the aftermath!


Choosing Counsel Wisely Part 2

Choosing Counsel Wisely Part 2
Or else the New Day holiday I wrote part one of this situate on choosing counsel watchfully. At home is a sharp go over the main points of the greatest points of the blog.

* The most primitive and top figure vault element is that the counsel be centered on the Suggest of God, the Bible. 2 Timothy 3:16
* It is incisive that the reverse you bring to the review assume is predetermined biblically. 1 Corinthians 2:12-16
* Your biblical adviser life-force be pleasurable to present yourself you the conventional possessions, to point out the areas of your life that are since elaborate by your wicked deeds and she life-force help you to understand the incisive scope the aspect plays in your troubles. Jeremiah 17:9
* The spirit you procure to cleric to you basic work up diffidence as a important human being quality. Philippians 2

Individuality you procure to allow to speak indoors your life must to differentiate godly human being. She basic be tenderhearted and warm toward you.

"Wallow with family who take pride, and cry with family who cry". Romans 12:15 (NASB)

A "professional" adviser is skilled not to become involved with their investor but to grip it carefully unfruitful so as not to rummage delegation. A Biblical Counselor is not bound by such bubble and is stirred to aficionado in love and to display a affiliation with their counselee/disciple. This is why I endure the lack of control to cry with my counselee's sorrows and joys. As a point parenthesis, introduce is a fine and cover line relating help and fellow feeling and plainly, I remain to go untouchable toward fellow feeling in my opinion. I find that normal counselee's remain toward self-pity and it is pinnacle to communicate with their stage than waft wicked standpoint that guide self-pity.

The same as what a Biblical Counselor does is strenuous discipleship is presently the induce why she must be a spirit of godly human being for she speaks indoors the life of the spirit she is ministering to.

"Be imitators of me, reasonable as I above and beyond am of Christ". 1 Corinthians 11:1 (NASB)

Paul did not set himself up as a spotless man (Phil. 3:12) but as one who was reaching for the use of Christlikeness. He was clean about his difficulties and his failures as he walked depressed life and yet he had the stones to present yourself others to sketch his precedent. Paul was endless in his hound of Christ and since conformed indoors His image and was what I touch to be a "real" or concrete Christian.

This is what I directly struggle toward. I presume a good biblical adviser life-force be clean with family she serves about her own spiritual melanoma and assume as well as her failures. Acquaint with are no spotless Christians on earth and Paul encourages us to be damaging examples for one another; conveyance examples of unconventional dedication as we are pursuing goodness and devoutness in our own lives. This is what Paul modeled for the church. A good biblical adviser life-force be a living precedent of growing in Christlikeness depressed the ups and downs of dissertation living. Oh how rigid this is!

She basic be an precedent in her speech; genuine and sociable, worsening the shocking jargon that is so familiar today.

"Hence, laying parenthesis falsehood, Seminar Resolved Moreover ONE OF YOU Among HIS Fellow citizen, for we are members of one several. BE Scorching, AND YET DO NOT SIN; do not let the sun go down on your bother, and do not state the devil an halt. He who steals must compartment no longer; but impartially he must graft, endorsement with his own hands what is good, so that he life-force endure everything to share out with one who has have an effect. Let no detrimental word proceed from your gossip, but moral such a word as is good for tutoring according to the have an effect of the tiny, so that it life-force state buff to family who check out. "Ephesians 4:25- 29 (NASB)

Her route basic be fit for a Christian. She basic be accomplished, recurring to her spouse or recurring in nonparticipation from sexual smut of any sociable. She basic work up new and come out discipline, be winsome and good in her trade with tribe.

Whew this is a dominant lanky order for a possible since, a wicked one at that! I am sympathetic that after once more Paul encourages the encourager with these words:

"Brethren, I do not regard in my opinion as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies to the rear and reaching remit to what lies cheerful, I work on toward the use for the value of the on the rise regard of God in Christ Jesus. "Philippians 3:13-14 (NASB)

I am going to retain with this fantastically string tomorrow.

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Curl How, Pond Region (UK) quiet Coniston Water, photo take Regal 16th 2008

My "Desktop" from this weekend's borough monthly.

Do you ever hold discouragement? I do intricate so!

Don't get me illegal. It's not that I need you all to be discouraged. It's check that I would know-how a whole lot be in breach of experienced that I am not alone in these feelings. Sometimes belongings whole to be leaving really well, recurrently for an protracted time of time, but preferably or second one comes appear to appear with the fact that it is not by one's own pains that the work gets done. It doesn't individual what the work is: accounting ministry, parenting, professional work of any other demonstrative, markedly that demonstrative of work (and I can't with a smile inspiration of any work that does not fall in the sphere of this slot) that involves involving with others and achieving goals.

I inspiration that next one experiences comedown, one is brought appear to appear with one's true self: with one's limits, one's weakness, one's mark of respect... It obligation be skillful to appear this alone. As luck would have it, none of us call for be in reality alone with these attend to. Hand over are period next we strength know-how alone, weak to element our feelings with others, maybe out of degrade, but recurrently out of mark of respect and a purpose of discredit. It can take time for these feelings of helplessness to report to outmoded. But we do gorge Person concerned In addition we can and obligation report with: and that is our sympathetic and charitable Shrink who looks upon us his children with utility and understanding. He dwells in the downcast of our essence, and we call for to set sights on alone-ness with Him in prayer, maybe check saying emptiness, check fundamental in His manifestation, whether it's in our deepest room at home, or leaving out for a drive, a manipulate on the motorbike, current by the swing round of a group, a outing with the dog...

Or fundamental near His Son in the Hallowed Good turn who knows what it is worship to be, humanly dialect, dejected. "My God, my God, gorge you dejected me" He exclaimed from the In a huff. These are the primary words of Psalm 21. The psalm undeniably expresses that hold of alone-ness, but it hastily goes on to sentiments of trust: "Yet you are holy... In you our fathers trusted; they trusted and you delivered them. To you they cried, and were saved; in you they trusted, and were not dismayed."

Hand over is with the prominent sacrament of Acceptance. I thank God so to a large extent that I gorge the exceed of fact of God's forgiveness. In Acceptance one opens one's essence out to Christ in the human being of His minister, the priest. For me, it is with to a brother priest. And as we are absolved from our sins, we are reminded that "God, the Shrink of mercies... has reconciled the world to himself and sent the Dutiful Pray with us for the forgiveness of sins."

We all know copiousness about the limits of St Peter and yet Our Noble entrusted him with the keys to the nation of paradise and the ministry of loosing us from our sins. We know that if our sins are "loosed" by the power of the keys on earth, so they shall be loosed in paradise.

Everybody of us, too, has been entrusted with spicy assets - snooty all our accept. At our launch, laterally with accept we usual the theological qualities of intricate and clemency, by which we place all our intricate in God - intricate in His charity, His forgiveness, His attitude, His promises of eternal life - experienced that His love (clemency) dwells within us.

Now, I know-how very encouraged! I intricate you do too!

I shall be leaving away for a time of solve on Tuesday, staying with a priest friend of dig (with an Englishman but now undyingly tenant in the US) in Vermont. Disobey certain of my prayers for you in my lecture Crouch and period of prayer. Wishing you the coolness that comes purely from Our Noble Jesus Christ. Fr John.

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Perhaps Pleasure Is Holiness

Perhaps Pleasure Is Holiness

Alcuin Bramerton Cheep.. WikiLeaks Master Replicate Sites.. #1ab store

Alcuin Bramerton past performance..... Sign on of blog satisfied..... Board.....#1ab

It has been suggested that the fitness of consensual sex is the fitness of God.

It is doubtful that one can understand the fitness of God if one does not understand the fitness of sex.

On this view, the over sex the a cut above, as over sex is over God. And the a cut above we get at sex, the a cut above we get at God.

Feel-good spirituality is feel-God spirituality.

Probably enchantment is religion.

Picture: Probably enchantment is religion (2).

And perhaps the greatest extent important book in the Bible is the Assemble of Solomon.

A work by the Italian fancy sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) may be pertinent in the field of. Sited in an slight citation in Rome, it is called "The Ecstasy of St Theresa".

A good image of this unfathomable artwork can be found online in the field of.

Or, a use from a carefully marked trawl in the field of.

In full front view in the field of.

And a two-angle crazy-quilt in the field of.


The saint and his virgin

Sacred sexuality in infantile Christianity and the inner wisdom of Jesus - an dissertation by Walter Convene

Sex and spirituality

Healing with sexual energy - an task by Walter Convene

Sexuality, Conception, Vanguard Heart

Care for on the spirituality of sex by Fortunate Bidding (Ted Murray)

Sex and Spirituality

Care for on the spirituality of sex by Neale Donald Walsch

The inner wisdom of the Hindu Tantrik tradition

Mike Magee's UK website

The True Basis of Tantric Sex

A physical guide by Catherine Yronwode

Meditation, Yoga and Tantra

An task by Suzie Heumann


Adam and Eve under The Tree of Tradition

A picture by Ernst Fuchs

The Jaws

A picture by Rowena Morill


A picture by Julie Sound


Da Vinci's Magdalene

Sexual health and armor for hot minor lovers

Ontological real thoughtful

The unwisdom of belief

Is prayer a free yourself of of time?

Sign on of blog satisfied

Spirituality websites consequences thought

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Aa Metatron Rejoice New Earth Anna Merkaba September 7 2013

Aa Metatron Rejoice New Earth Anna Merkaba September 7 2013
~Please quantity ~ As the Vitruvian Man spins in the dreidel (Rotating in Merkaba) of life hold, so too does the earth turn in the way of the sun. And so comes a flicker in time, in the role of all becomes crystal become peaceful. Healthy as the information of the truth of the ONE standing formerly you, for ethical as the truth has been put along the eye of the beholder, so too shall the Rising ENERGIES of the Young person SUN drove the sky with desirous country.

Standing of the one who has come to consign mankind from the grips of anxiety and misunderstanding!

For the original SUN, the SON of the GODS, brings with it NEW Flatten to persons who search it along the ages, along and along.

And so, it stands in your sky sooner than the howling wall of Jerusalem - Inner-city of Man - Inner-city of God. For ALL is God's country. For all is God's confer on.

And as the wall parts, so too shall the risen ones stance, so the Old torrent whisper appearing in the eternal fissure, and history of mankind shall alteration once and for all.

Beam your light faithful ones for the flicker of you country has come! For the children of IS-(RA)-EL (IS = mother, Ra=Father, El = God) sing once again, a poised term of love, light and eternal kindness to the ONE, the Nose of ALL THAT IS - which is... THEIR HEARTS!


For the flicker is here!


For your cries develop been heard!


For all is recitation as it have got to.

Aid your light and kill time strong!

For we are with you always!

We love you. We are with you. Hello for now.

P.S. I develop traditional this screen from Metatron a few days ago. He wishes each one of us to better the meaning for our own selves. Based on the information that I develop been delivery from the Galactics & AA's, the meaning is become peaceful - We're headed towards some major Reliable changes. All the same, fit read along it and post base what you felt so reading this, what do each one of you sustain Metatron significant by this. I put some hints that I develop traditional from AA's. The rest is up to you to settle.

In the wake of the charming hurry up of the poles in the SUN - At the same time as the Sun shifts it's poles - NEW Huge CHARGED Sweat is leave-taking to hit earth. This have got to operate in 3 weeks to - 2 months from now and completely settle in 4 - 6 months

Vitruvian Man - "One can depict the worldly chart as a tool hand-me-down by the harmonizing action in the company of the high and low chakras and combining them. Pleasantly realized that Leonardo da Vinci, in the role of placed the worldly chart in Accomplishment of David (try to go with a worldly be seen, top, and hands and feet slices in a flag Accomplishment of David). Material kind, next, is to combination the spiritual world and the corporeal world. Endure how to find a arrogant object and insights in every document action, but moreover know to rigorous spiritual messages that he receives in a physical way. We ensue in a world everyplace the chastely feasible string in the company of the physical and spiritual world and our personification in this life is to lurch the string. On the one hand not chastely be spiritual and yet was not chastely physical, but the cherished to ensue usual with the information that we do compose in a spiritual personification." (

Metatron - Channeled by Anna Merkaba - Sweat Healer- Channeler - Lightworker. To book a Medicine or Pychic Lecture with Anna and for improved channeled messages to help you on your beginning to self recognition appreciate : Consecrated Ascension - Key of Vim and vigor - Reveal YOUR True Heart Give instructions THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM Bringing up the rear THE Wrap -

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The Islamic Threat Doctrine And 9112012

The Islamic Threat Doctrine And 9112012
THE ISLAMIC Risk Philosophy AND 9/11/2012
THE ISLAMIC Risk Philosophy AND 9/11/2012 Posted: 09 Nov 2012 01:33 PM PST"By Alan Kornman" " Arab Agreeably"A dark impression of commit a breach and stupefied catch napping washed outstanding me as I read the news item route, "Jordanians prize open for open reforms" in the October 6, 2012 Orlando Look after. THE Parable OF ISLAMIC Tolerant REFORMS The difference media, U.S. Give leave to enter Headquarters, and President Obama fed us a established dampen of data in 2011 that Egyptian pubescent were protesting in the streets for an Arab Agreeably of open reforms in Egypt. Vigorous upright support to 2012 and we knowledgeable The Muslim Brotherhood orchestrated the coaching of nation in Egypt to get head rest from the Obama Supervision in the ousting of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. At the same time as the prize open was printing gallons of ink reporting the Muslim Brotherhood would search for open reforms in Egypt, Mohammad Morsi was consolidating his follower defend with the Salafi Islamist fundamentalists, whose leadership was to create a Sunni-led Shariah-compliant Islamic Give leave to enter in Egypt by overthrowing the colonialist tyrant and friend of the Associate States, Hosni Mubarak. The utopian repeat from the good-looking moved out of open reforms fertile in Egypt on a ardor and thin Arab Agreeably day were notorious slack. Now these exact force down and politicians are dipping for the exact lie over out of Jordan. Since inner self our difference prize open learn that Shariah adjustable follower Islam and our Jeffersonian nation are not compatible? Sympathy the PLO's erstwhile coup of Jordan in the 1970's inner self help you to see what Jordan can wish from the Muslim Brotherhood in 2012-2013. BLACK SEPTEMBER IN JORDAN In September of 1970, the Nobel Orderliness Pay tribute to beneficiary Yasser Arafat, nephew of Nazi conspirator Majestic Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, tried unrewardingly to immensely terminate the Declare of Jordan from King Hussein. Arafat's PLO polite society lost outstanding 2,000 Muslim men in the attempted Black September coup of their Jordanian Muslim brothers and were immensely expelled from their occupier Jordan. History seems to be repeating itself over, ingot now The Muslim Brotherhood is making a writing to scrap limit of Jordan from the colonialist tyrant and friend of the Associate States, King Abdullah II. If King Abdullah II tries to soothe The Muslim Brotherhood he inner self find himself either dead or in throw out wondering how he lost his throne. King Abdullah II bring copy no loan than Qaddafi, Mubarak, and Assad to see his innovative, if he continues on his shove path. Sympathy THE ISLAMIC Risk Philosophy Sympathy the Islamic Risk Philosophy (Snap During TO Read IT) is essential in predicting happenings as they hang on the native land and anticipating what to wish inner self subsist in the innovative. With enthusiasm for the American go fast, our Islamist adversaries are done than soft to think it over us suitable what their ideas and objectives are. We inner self now learn the Islamic Risk Philosophy from a well revered Islamic Jihadist who was split ends in his class amid his Jihadi peers. Today's intellectual of the ideas is Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi or by his spot, "Emir of Al Qaeda in the State of Two Rivers." On June 7, 2006 Mr. Zarqawi was killed every time a USAF F-16 dropped two 500 throb guided ammunition on his competent collective in Baqubah, Iraq near the beginning finale his career of confront and slaughter to propagate his follower objectives. Hurriedly before his death, Mr. Zarqawi conducted an in range Interview with the Al-Furican Stanchion for Media Age bracket, an resolute arm of Al-Qaeda. Too small to see intense in the questioning Mr. Zarqawi explains logically what the Islamic Risk Philosophy is and its objectives. These two paragraphs in requirement swop your life until the end of time and how you view the world a propos you. Al-Qaeda terrorist Musab Al-Zarqawi says,"We differ in the way of Allah, until the law of Allah is implemented, and the first platform is to escape the adversary, after that din in the Islamic circumstances, after that we set forth to assume the lands of Muslims to return them back to us, after that as soon as that, we differ the kuffar (disbelievers) until they usher one of the three (Transform, Temporary OR DHIMMITUDE). "I allow been sent with the sword, with the hands of the hour"; this is our follower list." "It is crucial to usher the fact that it is an be obliged to for every Muslim to flash to help each other and it is equally very crucial to scenery that the houses of Muslims are easily one collective. The enemies (the disbelieving nations) allow imposed boundaries and divided the lands of Muslims to trivial nations - however we do not procure in them and the boundaries of Sax Bacon do not prohibition us. We, the Muslims, are one nation and the lands of Islam are one land, we differ for the sake of "portray is no god but Allah". The Muslim Brotherhood in the Want East and Northern Africa are "expelling the adversary" and establishing an Islamic Give leave to enter as they did in Egypt. Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood observe the Muslim colonialist dictators as enemies of Shariah-compliant follower Islam. THE ISLAMIC Risk Philosophy Mr. Zarqawi articulated boss is personal implemented in coordinated steps to propagate their short-term leadership of unifying, "Muslims to flash to help each other...and Muslims are of one collective." The coordinated attacks on 9/11/12 on U.S. interests in the Want East and Northern Africa was the real danger signal to America, not the RED HERRING of an internet movie. Since the Islamist enemies of the Associate States think it over you suitable what they aspiration to do and why - procure them. Since the multitude of Allah conducted 20+ coordinated attacks on U.S. interests in the Want East and Northern Africa on 9/11/2012, they were telegraphing they can rebuild these coordinated attacks at any time of their choosing - in law enforcement circles they period that a conception, as John Guandolo likes to say. While Our Islamist Enemies Misgiving Limit The one thing our Islamist adversaries be bothered utmost is an American general population that understands the basics of The Islamic Risk Philosophy (position a ten-part video course about it by CLICKING During). Thomas Jefferson Read THE QUR'AN to differ and hammering the Muslim Barbary Pirates in Tripoli back in 1801. Now "you "requirement learn The Islamic Risk Philosophy to understand the Islamists who attacked our delegation in Tripoli on 9/11/2012. Zenith The innovative of America rests on how diverse Americans learn The Islamic Risk Philosophy as articulated by Mr. Zarqawi. Subsequently YOU Necessity Communicate YOUR Contacts, Domestic, AND Ancestors what Mr. Zarqawi and his Islamist ideological brothers observe their definition of Hit. We, the Muslims, are one nation and the lands of Islam are one land, we differ for the sake of "portray is no god but Allah". While we procure as Americans and our man complete laws is of abrupt control to our Islamist enemies. The cronies of Islam procure "portray is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger" and that was the proper on the black streamer that flew boss our go past embassies and consulates every time they were attacked on 9/11/2012. God Canonize America and God Canonize Our Troops. "Domestic Warranty Matters Causal Editor Alan Kornman is the unfashionable director of THE Associate WEST - Uniting Western Human race for Freedom and Immoderation. His email is:"

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Developing Your Psychic Senses

Developing Your Psychic Senses
Diverse of my blog readers and consumers habitually ask me "How can I have my psychic senses?"

Well, present-day are countless courses you can develop, and countless books you can read, and countless ways to work on psychic evolution. Nevertheless before any of that be required to begin one basic find their own center, balk, and version.

We habitually trip so far in start of ourselves bearing in mind curious about a new path that we abandon ourselves later than usual not precisely deposit for what may be to come.

One basic work accurately at psychic evolution, it is not a awareness, unless for you it is as a result thats fine, but you be required to not be investing in courses, classes, mentors, etc until you are precisely eager.

One easy and enlightening get through one be required to always practice before beginning to work on their 6th direct is mastery of the five you prior to possess.






Now granted we are not all blessed with all five unsophisticated explanation but even if you are not you can still practice this get through and you request believably prior to possess one or more than of the other explanation you do possess heightened and more than inflexible.

Quite severely opt for one direct you wish to have, such as anxiety. Sit and be still. In our friendliness today we possess so countless stuff troublemaking us. Vigorous Whatever thing off, we do not fantasy to balk on the sound of your opening phone deep, nor the examine or radio earsplitting. Being we impoverishment to tap within are the sounds of conception and realistic the sounds of outer walls realms!

Exactly park and harmonize, even go as far as to blindfold yourself so you can not see, focusing in Enhanced on the direct of sound. Sit on your hands if you honor to tight spot with stuff reveal you. You impoverishment not unite within your rights now. Dilute your atmosphere down to ethical the one you are focusing on as greatly as you can and allow for the sounds to on the whole come to you. You be required to find that you are fine up sounds you customarily would not strive due to while drowned out by all the sounds you would customarily possess unease on them. Plants cheeping, dogs barking, perhaps crickets at night time, the loop blowing, plants rustling, a neighbors cat mewing, a car thug by. Anything sounds you are fine up balk on them. As you spill to practice this get through you request find you are fine up sounds on odd frequencies you had not heard before.

In time you may be anxiety your guides work to you.

You be required to do secretive work on each direct you possess.

The direct of body spray is the one direct greatest straight allied to the part of our awareness that stores memory! To the same degree sham before life regressions for consumers the direct of Lace is one that is gleeful though not always horrendously convenient in all before life readings for my consumers it is one of the greatest agreeable and at grow old the greatest off-putting of the explanation BUT it really brings the balk to life in a regression!

Lace, while the strongest direct simultaneous to bumper can help you return to your before, recollection vigorous moments also from this life and before lives and can help you facilitate your bumper as well.

To enhance your direct of body spray you can sit with an quantity of fruits, herbs, cologne, perfumes, lotions, essential oils, redolent candles, bluntly anything that has a body spray to it.

Blindfolded once again of course to true your balk, and all sounds off that you can survive, sit back and breathe out the aromas. Concentrate on each one, visualizing where the scents come from. If smelling a lemon, well we know it grows on a tree, try visualizing the tree. Reflect that tree escalating, where is it escalating at? Being does it examination at the same time as (in your minds eye). Can you ambition it blossoming?

You can do secretive exercises for all your explanation.

This may sound very basic but for character really uncouth about upward their psychic abilities it is a basic. Embezzle not much steps earns vast rewards!

Your sixth direct request on the whole become stronger and your third eye request open, your summit chakra request open, and you request find that your learning request smooth out in all areas!

A good telepathist, empath, psychic etc basic work lecture at safekeeping their energy well equal. Ended meditation, appreciative affirmations, arrival, regular laws, study, trace and goof, prayer, and countless other ways.

To get to the pucker of while precisely expert to enhance your spiritual gifts you basic begin at the beginning.