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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Yhvh Tetragrammaton

Yhvh Tetragrammaton Cover
My Rosary prayer, and indeed my whole religious belief system, is based on the Quaternity (as opposed to Trinity). As its name implies it has four members:

Y - God-the-Father
H - Goddess-the-Mother
V - Holy Son
H - Holy Spirit / Daughter

This Godhead, the Quaternity, is expressed by the Y H V H name of the Divine, which is where we get those mis-pronunciations like Yahweh and Jehovah.
The Y H V H has been called the Tetragrammaton, which in Greek simply means "four-lettered Name."
For a scholarly (and Kabbalistic) explanation of how the four-part Godhead came to be, read this article, Shem ha-Mephoresch.
You have to scroll down a bit to find the portion that explains the YHVH deities.
Kabbalists and both modern and ancient Jews say that the Y H V H name cannot and should not be pronounced, it is the magikal Ineffable Name. They refer to the Name as HaShem, which means, literally "the Name."
When a modern Jew writes the English word, God, they always spell it thus:

G-d with a dash in the middle, out of respect. Many of the ancients (and nowadays a few moderns) dedicated their entire lives to figuring out the "true" pronunciation of YHVH, the Ineffable name. Modern Jews believe (and are taught in Jewish schools) that Jesus Christ obtained magikal and healing powers by learning the 72 magikal names of G-d, all forms of YHVH, and had them tattooed onto his arm. Jews, of course, do not believe Jesus was divine. Tattoos are anathema to Jews to this day, and getting magikal names tattooed on your arm was considered "cheating." Like ancient and modern Jews, most Esoteric Kristians tend to shy away from tattoos. But we don't believe Yeshua had any tattoos either! He got his magikal powers from his direct-connect with the Godhead. Indeed, he was a channel for the third person of the Quaternity, the Vahv, the Sacred Son. There is a way that the mystic or serious seeker after god/dess can "hear" the original pure sound of YHVH's name. The still small voice in your head may "whisper" the true pronounciation to you if you practice a certain special but very simple breathing exercise/meditation with the four letters. This takes awhile, maybe months, and you must be sincere. Sometimes a mantra of "reveal thyself, reveal thyself, reveal thyself," over and over again convinces the Divine of your sincerity, shows Them that you really long for Them, desire only Them. We teach this easy but ancient mantra exercise in our Esoteric Mystery School email lessons. And our Order of Melchizedek, the Priest(ess)hood of YHVH, devotes their work and service to the Quaternity. If this resonates with you, you may wish to join the Order of Melchizedek, High Priest of El Elyon (Most High One). El Elyon was of course also known as Yahweh, YHVH.

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