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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Spring Invocation To Persephone

Spring Invocation To Persephone Cover
One of the Goddesses in ancient Greece, Persephone is famous for being Queen of the Underworld. She is also the goddess of Spring's bounty, or of harvest and is known by the name Kore (maiden) in some cases. She is often depicted as a young goddess holding sheaf of grains and a flaming torch or sometimes shown in the company of her mother Demeter. There are also times when she is shown beside Hades in the underworld.

It wasn't this way at the very start. Persephone was the daughter of a well-known god, Zeus, and an average goddess, Demeter. As a young child, Persephone was loved by all the other gods and goddesses. She was said to be a very beautiful young woman that everyone wanted her. One day, as she was playing in the flowery fields in the plains of Enna with her nymph friend, she was abducted by the god of the underworld, Hades. Only Zeus and Helios bore witness to this event, but they hid it from Demeter. Torn by the loss of her daughter, Demeter, together with Hekate, searched the whole world in search of her child, but failed in doing so because Persephone was with Hades in the underworld. When Helios finally revealed what had happened, Demeter was devastated, and when she was consumed by rage that she punished the Earth's inhabitants with bitter colds and blustering winds. Trees refused to bear fruits, fields began drying up, and the life on Earth became harder because of Demeter's response to the situation.

Sprint Invocation to Persephone

Come, Persephone,
With your paint-pots and brushes:
Stipple the fields with flowers,
Dot the branches with bright blossoms,
Streak the Spring sky with pale pastels.
You are the one who paints the eyes on the pansies,
And the lines on the lilies so the bees can find their food,
And the blushes on the rosebuds.
Without you,
The bearded iris would have no smile
And the black-eyed susan would be blind.
Come, Persephone:
The world has rested too long
Under Winter's snowy cloak.
Come bring your brushes and bright colors
And dress us in the shades of Spring again.
We invoke you, gracious maiden of freedom and beauty:
Join us now.

by Elizabeth Barrette

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