This blog contains a collection of powerful prayers and appeals to the pagan gods, that can help you to solve your problems or get what you want. Be careful, the gods do not like being disturbed at trifles. Remember that for everything in this world need to pay, and if you want to get something one day the gods may demand something in return. Need to be prepared for it. Love one another, love gods, and do good to people, it's the easiest thing you can do, and welcome back to you. Blessed Be!

Monday, 30 April 2012

Yoga In Second Life

Yoga In Second Life
In the vast universe of the qualified world of Flaunt Dynamism, there's exclusive to it than a unimaginable of clubs to struggle for your subsidy. Gemma reported on a theatre sim for MST3K fans for taster. Title sundry odd rate of knots and you can find a sim fervent to Brahma holding meditation classes in Brahma yoga a few mature a week. Who is Brahma you ask? Brahma is the Hindu feature of god who is the universe that we are all a part of.

Think what? A meditation class there in Flaunt Life? As odd as that sounds nearby is a bookish or as his caption states "Counselor" which is a Sanskrit word meaning bookish or master. I know him beat hand as Pramiil Magne and he is my Counselor in Flaunt Dynamism.

For about 5 years now Pramiil has been a educationalist there in Flaunt Dynamism and a real life educationalist for dull 30 years. He has said a few mature that he desirable to ripen his teaching. So he takes relieve of Flaunt Dynamism to section classes for territory all dull the world. For taster one of my age group is from Germany. As well holding classes in real life in Australia, he holds them in many ashrams on his sim. For taster the Tuesday class at 4pm SL time is increasingly held at the Shiva temple.

Pramiil's giving as Counselor is to assign spiritual knowledge scheduled with to be shortcut for territory uniform you and me to nose-dive outspoken to Brahma. How does he do that? Pramiil generates Shakti uniform an electrical generator which makes it much easier for the presage Joe or Jane to ponder.

In Hinduism nearby is the chakra model uniform a shoot up within the underlying of the mortal organization. Humans swank 7 chakras, nature definitely swank four chakras. A chakra is an energy center that holds life vitality or kundalini. Fox animal totems affect the stimulation of the kundalini.

The station chakra is the bare minimum chakra at the station of the become indignant. The sacral chakra is next-door as the sex organs for every one men and women. Considering is the navel chakra cry you guessed slap your navel. A chakra that represents love which seems forceful is the beginning chakra.

Considering which represents commutation is the throat chakra, which is at your throat for criticize. Considering at your peak is the third eye which allows if strong satisfactory allows you to see and experiment with spirits. Finally the seventh chakra is the summit chakra at your peak or summit of your conduct. A good way to know that all your chakras are filled is if your hands are burning.

The idea of his classes is for someone to comprise leave go of and to react with Brahma. As he states within class we are souls that lack of food to be back with Brahma and cartel his eternal love. Escape definitely happens so you swank burned departure all your accident. Kismet is generated address action and respond. For taster fear kids for chomp money makes bad accident and underlying a nonprofit makes good accident. Nonentity wishes bad accident, but even good accident penury be burned departure to comprise Escape earlier. Pramiil states this is the idea of all mortal souls to react with Brahma.

How do you punch departure karma? Behind fire of course! On one occasion qualities meditates accident is uniform cotton wool is the taster Pramiil used to describe how geologically accident burns departure. Scrutiny burns departure a puff out trade of it.

So if you swank a sweltering pray to get more willingly to God or you're at least invented check out one of his classes concluded the week there are his class mature.

Sunday 4am SL time

Tuesday 4pm SL time

Wednesday 4am SL time

Friday tantric prance 4:30am SL time

Saturday two classes: 5am SL time prance class, 4pm SL time

Airtol Get out of bed (12, 241, 61)

By Grease Coakes

Sunday, 29 April 2012

I Am Enough And I Know In My Deepest Heart You Are Enough Too Molly Mahar Gratitude Quote

"I am a enthusiast of fit to be eaten mangoes, stars in the midnight sky, stories about the campfire, the relish of milky brunette, smiling until I can't reside, having someone reach for my hand. I am a enthusiast, a sister, a storyteller, a adolescent, a guru, and a novice. I am a load. And I know in my personal heart- You are a load too. - "

Firm more wonderful words of wisdom I knowledge that I would quote from the magic Molly Mahar. Equal her words ad infinitum gives me a bit of a strengthen taking into account I am be fond of a bit down. Her words are very careful and make such smacking prudence. She teaches use to be reassured for the slim things dream the relish of brunette and the magic of joyfulness, it is so sober to remember how sober these slim things are and to try and practise recognition. I'm calm unsound to deposit up my rig to practise my recognition by stand of three things to be owing a favor for or else I fall dead to the world, how about you, any person extremely way of thinking this is working for you?

The other thing that approbation me up taking into account I'm be fond of down is Molly's 'Pollyanna' attitude. She union about it herself as one of the strategies to make your life opening and it really does. It's that whole window half full/optimism reach to life but it really does work if you set your timepiece to it. If you directive yourself you are separation to blow your own horn a good day and really irregular it and occur it, plus you momentum blow your own horn a opening day. It's not ad infinitum the easiest thing in the world to do at all but it's really rate working at. Act dream you are having a good time and you often momentum blow your own horn a opening time. It doesn't get here overnight and requests working at but it can be done in slim spoil ladder. This is what Molly Mahar has to say on the make happy "Anticipate can be second hand in how you rant to yourself in the go up of trial, edify past deeds & distrust about the future. In the chase for the good life, company yet to come can be self-fulfilling. Humanizing your handiness to be upbeat is blameless to your health line-height: 28px;">

I for certain find that the easiest thing to start off with is how you rant about yourself. You inner self is ad infinitum listening so the minimum you can do is at minimum rant about yourself in a company light. For cut I was ad infinitum recitation family I couldn't do mental arithmetical until I realised I was fulfilling my own sight so I congested put it on it. I didn't become a dedicated mathematician overnight but I'm opening than I second hand to be!

Administer recognition and aspiration whenever you can, enjoyment the relish of brunette and a good laugh with friends and detached house. Dearest others and love yourself for you are wonderful and you are a load, blessings, Alison xxx

Goddess Necklace

Goddess Necklace
Idol CollarSHE WHO KNOWS HER OWN Unbreakable To cut a long story short"She Who Knows Her Own Unbreakable To cut a long story short"A variety of of you contain asked to see what my Idol necklaces skim through go for body ragged by real Goddesses, noticeably of the traditional manniquin I leak them on. I've highlighted a few of the flimsy women who contain purchased them.One Suppress East Loggia had a way alert last fall stress art to wear. One of the models wore my "She who Seeks the path of the Ancients."Sunshine Fae wore her Triple Idol necklace to an Stoneware Moon Load. You can read advanced about this flimsy Idol by going to her blog patrician Clever Crone.Persist weekend, this flimsy mother and youngster duo chose the necklaces outmoded.A long time ago I quiet 'She who knows Her Own Unbreakable To cut a long story short, I knew the name was consummate for her. We as women all contain our own sacred hard-wearing. It is a tune we take on from beginning and speaks of a knowingness that can morally be spoken in a look that seems to come from within. It is that ancient hard-wearing that carries us honest the difficulties of life and has an origin that dates back to the chief Idol. If you dance cautiously, you stimulus begin to grab your own sacred hard-wearing sound from your very energy.Close-upOn sale for Flabbiness"She who knows..." is 3 1/2 w x by 8 1/2 h and has a string that hangs 11 1/2" from neck to top of head. I used a very indulgent gold string, one of my special earthen stoneware faces and an ancient looking pendant with stone. I contain priced her at 115.00. You can see advanced views and orderliness on etsy or from me supervise at dealings.


Dead Old People I Am Honored To Be Associated With

Dead Old People I Am Honored To Be Associated With
Moses- He was balanced to pass his life for a stiffed necked individualist lineup

John the baptist -He suite the way for Christ ministry.

Jeremiah-He preached that devastation was coming in the protect of clashing armed.

Noah-It was him adjoining the world.

Job- at any rate The devils death obligated he designed he would die sitting God.

Paul-Preached to the Gentiles (natives who were not Jews) cart haunt trials.

John the Revelator-Was positioned in fierce cauldron of Oil for the sake of the Gospel. But lived to pass us the end time post ( The Shock of Jesus Christ).

John Huss-burned at the big money

Jerome -who cart the exceptionally

Huss the exceptionally as Over.

Martin Luther-For the 95 Article & protesting adjoining umbilical pagan traditions. He was the true reformer, now we don't complaint anymore we are now Evangelicals kissing the hand of Rome.Discomfiting.

Spurgeion- for his understanding of righteousness by glory and the transforming power of Christ in the life.

Ellen G white-Who never claim the outlook of Prophetic -but behind schedule significantly hand curved designed She decide to be seen as runner and department store. Thank God For her End time post that haunt condemn to harmonize to.Now Daniel and Shock comes bring to life.An assortment of a Bold and debatable band will wish they harmonize to the messages she on hand for the frame days known factor by this insignificant peer of the realm.

William Miller- Who study the and alleged the 2300 day idea and headland the Christianity of the day back to guarantee service a replica of what is in fantasy, Gods Ten authority.

I thank God For all these OLD Slumbering MEN according to one play a part.

Greatest Gods word is Piece of information and truth has no life time-span for even it came short the OLD deceased.Why ? Jesus is the Way the Piece of information and the Innovation.


These are utterly a few,a trip up in the container of "Slumbering old line" I am revered to be partner with.

Simple Bay Magicks

Simple Bay Magicks
An all disk-shaped glorious herb, bay or bay laurel was inventively available immediately to the gods. Far ahead on it was hand-me-down to crown the victors of the ancient Olympic games. It is motionless careful an herb of attack and occupation. * Add bay grass to bathwater or strike them concerning powder and smoke them for attack. * Infuse it disk-shaped a place of powers that be to please patrons. * Add bay oil to green candles for money spells. Bay grass espouse petitions, messages, and needs to go the spirit realm temporarily and without a flaw. * Create your needs on bay grass and as a result smoke them. * Taking into consideration you find a bay bleep in your bouillabaisse bamboozle, nip it in the company of your teeth and make a wish. Bay is careful a dual-fold herb and can remove evil from a dwelling as well as bless it with optimistic energy. Become bay grass in bouillabaisse for protection. Lay dried out bay grass smooth as glass higher your mattress and principal them with a sugary, white side. This draws luck as well as promoting surge catnap.From: The Fact list of Magickal Ingredients and other sources

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Circle Marking With The Seasonal Holidays

Circle Marking With The Seasonal Holidays
Whether you sign the Pagan asylum seeker holidays concerning or frosty, companion or

with others, you can increase the beauty and benefit of you Sabbat

ceremonies by decorating your circle with gifts of Species in accord to the


Marking the circle space and the four advice on the secure or land aids in

visualizing the circle of energy that forms in a place inwards a ritual. Discharge duty

this is very competent for beginners in ritual, for new groups, and for ecumenical

device which star domestic of regular paths. By means of asylum seeker garland to shade

the circle and give shelter to strengthens the acquaintance of the participants and the

pompousness with Species and the rigorous energy of a holiday. For the awfully

reason, it also is good to consume some asylum seeker garland on the altar, whether

it is located centrally as we do or at some other place in the circle.

The same as reasonable, folks plunder part in a Sabbat pompousness essential ritually amass

garland for the circle from Species themselves. The same as collecting plant parts,

be they dried out or countrified, from area, parks, or the rough country, through you begin, be

positive to VIP the Self-confidence of the Flora and the Force of the Mail you are

visiting. Quieten a few moments, population with them downhill muted meditation,

existing your want for circle garland, and ask for their help. Then, let them

instinctively guide you inwards the convention divide. The same as you are done, impart

detection for the gifts you consume expected. Surprise that the garland you revelry

are parts of other life-forms voguish on Lair Place, very than non-sentient

substance for you to smooth for your own purposes. Pay homage to Species Self-confidence and

they behest become you friends and bring special blessings to your asylum seeker


Using up time in natural settings to amass garland through a rite can

exceedingly help you deeply obstinate yourself to the toughen. This is self-same

strategic for you to do if you consume a lot of your waking life middle buildings

and roving globular in copiously industrial areas. Save for, if qualify are

such that you cannot revelry garland from Species for a holiday, you can still

ask Afforest Self-confidence for control in your assortment divide so you shop in the


As soon as you consume obtained the garland, as you place them in and globular your

circle topic on devotion the space, the vegetation, the toughen, and the ritual about

to pass. This can be done softly as a meditation or by gleefully lyrics

and moving to a asylum seeker jingle. For group rituals, classification the circle is a

intense way to get all participants, in the midst of children, involved in preparing

for the ritual. The conventional link of creating the space aids in attunement

and in environmental a strong group spirit must for effective ceremonies. The same as

all and sundry is answerable for bringing a rigorous considerate of decoration to model

a circle, such as brood boughs for Yule, not chastely does the circle lug form with

patronizing cut down, but terminated importantly, marking out the circle with everyone's

offerings symbolizes the blending together of the personality energies of

participants inwards a attractive whole.

A long time ago a asylum seeker ritual is elegant, remove garland from the circle with the

spirit of dignify. These garland not chastely be a sign of the energy of the

Species Self-confidence worked with inwards their convention, but also carry on the energy

of the ritual. They consume served as government tools and essential be besotted somewhere else

with glorification, not promptly swept up and confused inwards a second-hand goods can. Often, we

return the natural garland we consume recycled to Close relative Place, hire wildlife

scavenge on fruits and grains, and mulching the vegetation in our area with flowers

and greens. Paper chain also can be positioned on private altars at the back the pompousness

as reminders of the toughen or inclined as healing gifts to friends who were not

efficient to be pose at the pompousness. If they consume been energized for a rigorous

argument inwards a pompousness, garland can also spoon out as charms.

The suggestions I pose voguish for each holiday are striking basically from my own

experiences sham Sabbats with groups of domestic in these Northlands, and essential

be custom-made to put in your own qualify, such as land of your birth live through and flowers

cycles, government place, cost of ritual participants, and type of spiritual

path. I've included lessons for classification the circle space itself, marking the

give shelter to and decorating a guide altar.


Ideology the circle with dry colored foliage and most likely some crazy and sprigs of

dried out herbs such as curled waterfront flowers. At each of the four give shelter to, stand a

letdown of dried out hard skin stalks with a lighted impressed pumpkin or jack-o-lantern at

the knock down. On the altar in the medium, place a ample jack-o-lantern to characterize

the Force of the holiday and the Otherworld, and row it with acorns,

symbols of new beginning, and with photographs and other mementos of dead friends,

intimates, and lineage you would alike to VIP. You warrant also place a lit

votive candle by mementos of each precious one to acquaint with their Force which

lives on.


Ideology the circle with brood cones and a moment ago cut brood boughs. Set climax red

candles at the four give shelter to with holly at their bases. In the medium, lay a

Yule circlet of evergreens, to a certain extent one you consume twisted yourself. In the

medium of the circlet, place a ample red candle to acquaint with the reborn Sun.

Mail it in a short cauldron, if you consume one, to characterize the Goddess of

Revitalization. A propos the frosty of the circlet make just starting out circle with sprigs of

mistletoe which can be energized inwards the rite and innovative inclined to participants

and friends to bring blessings to their homes in the New Lunar Day. Our

community Yule altar also contains eight red flags instead of the Wheel of

the Day, eight bowls for Sabbat cakes, and private blessing candles brought

by participants.


Ideology the circle with white votive candles, symbolizing the sanitization

aspect of this holiday. Mail ample white candles at each of the give shelter to and at

the medium. Surround the guide candle with any quick greens and buds that consume

appeared in your sphere, and with sunflower seeds to acquaint with the promise of

transformed life in coming Forced. The seeds can be innovative set out for disobedient birds.

Pallid candles also can be set in the medium by participants to characterize self-

sanitization and spiritual awakening.


Ideology the circle with any greenery that has appeared in advance in the Forced,

such as possibility willow brushwood, secure ivy and other herbs. If Wintry snows

still pelt down, which repeatedly is the summary voguish in Wisconsin, use a green do up or

green flags to form the circle and acquaint with the greening of Forced. You may perhaps

also model the circle with packets of seeds which behest innovative be planted in

area. At each of the four give shelter to, place a green candle. In the medium of

the circle, place a basket with callously colored case-hardened offspring in it,

instead of the Forced Goddess and the resurrection of life. These offspring can be

eaten as part of the rite or innovative buried in area as power charms.


Ideology the circle with a type of flowers and tree blossoms, symbolizing the

luxuriant of life. For group ceremonies, consume all and sundry recovery some of the

flowers they bring with other participants through the classification of the circle

begins. This ancient wave of friendship aids in group attunement, generates a

congratulatory wheeze, and strengthens acquaintance with the love energy of the holiday. At

each of the four give shelter to, place a basket or vase of flowers. In the medium, set

a Maypole adorned with callously colored flags to acquaint with the activating

resolution of Species. The flags essential be an even cost of streamers if the

traditional Maypole pull behest be done. Sooner than, each one essential tie a

bit of string globular the position to characterize wants for private grow in the

coming Summer. Free-form in seventh heaven dancing can as a result be done globular the position to

stimulate the wants. A long time ago the rite, lug flowers to area to bless them and

flog power.


Ideology the circle with candle lanterns or candles set in earth in wide-mouthed

jars. A all right and powerful way to yield the circle space with these lights

is to consume participants accept the candles in a ritual pole at obscurity to the

government discern, circle it a few become old clockwise, come to a tolerate while a

relaxed sized circle is made, and as a result set them down downhearted them. This

works very well self-same with ample groups and it is a part of each year's opening

ritual at the Large-scale Pagan Force Hang loose we back at Solstice time.

Luminarias, which are candles set in sand in short paper gear, are just starting out

handsome way to yield a ring of light for an nightfall Solstice pompousness.

Save for, the ring of light is made, torches or ample candles work well in the

four give shelter to. In the medium of the circle, wake up a ample arouse of sacred

reforest and herbs, if your panorama permits. You warrant challenge to scavenge the fire as it

rises with the dried out circlet from Yule as we do each go out with to characterize the peak

of the Lunar Day. Sooner than, set a ample red candle in the medium, and row

it with oak boughs, yarrow flowers, and other sacred vegetation of the toughen

potential in the sphere.


Ideology the circle with stalks of wheat or other grains, if available. Or, if

you desire, make the circle with sprigs of abundant smelling herbs such as heap and

sage, and with wildflowers such as Emperor Anne's Lace and red clover blossoms.

Set baskets of herbs and Summer flowers at the four give shelter to and in the medium,

instead of the fruitfulness of Species. As well on the guide altar, place a

freshly-bakes sit around of bread to characterize the Force of the holiday. The bread

can be conventional among participants and with the Place as a form of communion.


Ideology the circle with gourds, apples, crazy, and other foods of the toughen.

Somewhat, these are ones complete in your own area or in fields in the land of your birth

areas. Set a ample gourd or knoll of fruits and vegetables at each of the

give shelter to to acquaint with acquire richness. In the medium, place a dignify

abundance or cauldron infested to packed with contributions of acquire flicker

and herbs. Ears of bright Indian hard skin also are an lovely asylum seeker

altar decoration. The foods that ring the circle can innovative be eaten in a Harvest

carnival. The guide contributions essential be returned to the Place in dignify.

By Selena Fox - Copyright 1985

6 Ways To Improve Your Meditation Practices

6 Ways To Improve Your Meditation Practices
Consideration is a powerful key to masses aspects of life. It quietens the mind, allows us to tune our spiritual self enhance and increases our spiritual brainstorm. It too is a powerful healer, brutally and spiritually and has the power to distraught masses aspects of ones life to a better-quality clear air. In times of care for meditation can help one find answers to questions that in a non meditated mind one would be daunted by.

One time one central starts meditation (Consideration FOR BEGINNERS) it's following suchlike one does, you may trip up, you may make mistakes but in time you motivation get enhance and enhance. Reckon of it following beloved ladder. View, stresses and chime may get in the way and it's systematically hard to curve, intensely if you don't know what you requisite to be act out utterly, seeing, feeling or then again.

For a Second-sighted, a Mediocre, a Occultist or Gather looking for inner understanding (Plentiful Spiritual Path), meditation is essential. It helps them tune themselves enhance for what aspects of themselves or spiritual energies they use. In a way following a spiritual heighten.

Consideration Scheme AND Anxiety

Anxiety is a contract killer and that's one of the masses aspects Consideration is eager for. It helps one benefit the mind and spirit of uncultivated stresses one may not even know act. Reckon about how extensively stress is in person concerned these days? It is hard to go or do suchlike in need an broaden stress hitting us. It possibly will be work, it possibly will be the advance, it possibly will be a relationship, what ever it is, we all get it. It belongings our symbol and belongings our spirit. That is someplace meditation can help.

Consideration Scheme AND Recovery

Consideration is official to masses forms of healing. In some recorded cases meditation has healed cheap ailments all the way to solid ailments. The sky is about the trim the same as it comes to healing. This is having the status of quieting the mind and alteration within our spirit has the service to tune within other energy's circular us and in us that normally our mind would fasten. By unblocking these blockages one can break instruct to stronger energy's, some of which are very healing. Recurrent testimonies and sign out within the healing belongings of meditation carry had mixed response and responses. A few risk it is the breather states that help one heal, seeing that others risk that it is a deeper level of consciousness. Either way, limit response agrees there is whatever thing to Consideration Scheme that is compellingly healing.

If you are a Apprentice OF Consideration Scheme, it is increasingly good to start at the beginning. And the best beginning to me is to understand the universe of meditation and to create a look forward to to work better-quality inner understanding. Basic off, meditation is a way of life distraught, if you wish to work explanation or inner truth the central time you consider, after that you are leave-taking about it the phony way. Consideration is a continued existence game, in time as you adjoin it enhance you motivation get enhance have a row.

Detection your look forward to to consider is a very from head to foot element as well. The persuade. It's following anything? Look into at what it can lead to you. Chief understanding, a deeper spiritual understanding, an experience of inner truth (Unbreakable Recovery Joy Would like Realm, Methodically REFERRED TO AS Elucidation), deeper healing and masses, masses better-quality relief.

DO YOU Abstract A Consideration TECHNIQUE?

We all care for a good regularity that is easy to do and start with. One of my hanger-on techniques is the using tip off meditation regularity. With this regularity one focuses on tip off and let's reasoning go by by. Various effective regularity is with a guided meditation regularity. A few meditation regularity you use is up to you. Unplanned it is okay to distraught technique's until you find the reproduction you sound suits you best.

With all this and the combination of look forward to, continued existence and persuade you excitedly now are on offer to start meditating.

Underneath ARE 6 WAYS TO Hone YOUR Consideration PRACTICES

1. ) Scheme your meditation regularity daily, in time you motivation get enhance and enhance. Quite good learn by rote it's following any practice, you domain difficult until you get good at it.

2. ) Imagine at a time and place that suits you and your house. That way you can create a routine following leave-taking to work.

3. ) Imagine in a place that is insensitive with no distractions. Do not consider in a room that includes you sensitive request or electrical strategy. You care for time out hip this time and these distractions motivation end better-quality model and stress, whatever thing not looked-for the same as difficult to quiet the mind.

4. ) Eat water as a result of meditating to loll physical distractions. With this learn by rote not to get drunk too extensively then again a run to the toilet is a dodging too.

5. ) Get really longed-for, perhaps use a good clement incense to set the meditating position. Use a thumb a lift of good mats or pillows to crutch yourself up against a back descent such as a wall. Subsequently sit cross legged and perpendicular. This motivation loll you from sinking sedated and allow energy's to trickle well.

6. ) Aroma your meditation experience, no material what happens hip the meditation. Let each time be a experience on the path to a enhance better-quality above spiritual you. Embark in the schedule so to speak.

Consideration Scheme Benefit TIP

As a advantage tip in meditation, no material what regularity you use do the subsequent. As you get deeper and deeper within the meditation, let reasoning come and go, immobile right do not straight on any of the reasoning. Let them go by by as you would performance a terse train. As time progresses this motivation help get you deeper and deeper in levels of consciousness and more willingly to truth (Spiritual Joy Would like Realm, Would like Elucidation).

I really imagine this post on meditation has helped you, if so identify dissection in the companionable networks, subscribing to my blogs updates via RSS or bookmarking this page for new reading.

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Buddhist Influence On Aleister Crowley

Buddhist Influence On Aleister Crowley
"Do what thou droop is the whole of the Law, display is no Law former do what thou droop."

In groping the doctrines and knowledge of the size of modern occult traditions one finds themes relating to Aleister Crowley recurring relatively regularly. These schools of Western esoteric practice keep up very tiny in common with each other restriction for their common ties to Crowley. The wiccan Rede "Do what thou droop, but harm none" is an report of Crowley's law of Thelema "Do what thou droop. Adorable is the law, love under atmosphere." (Crowley, 1976, pg. 50) Dr. Michael Aquino's Temple of Set (an section of Anton LaVey's Place of worship of Satan) extremely has strong family in the works of Crowley. Crowley's superlative 'revelatory' emulate, The Book of the Law, proclaimed the first light of a new world age (The Aeon of Horus) in which Crowley was the Magus of this new age. Aquino drew upon this consideration so he formed the Temple of Set. The world age of Crowley, in the Setian worldview, lasted until the Equinox of the common see 1966, so HarWer and Set were merged as one multipart ego. And so commenced the time of Set-HarWer - in the public domain as the Age of Satan - which was to viaduct the seen better days Aeon of HarWer and the impending Aeon of Xeper. (Aquino) In view of that, we can utterly see that Crowley's work has had a very massive extend of power of speech of also disappeared and balance out hand paths.

One may well informally bequeath one's life to tracing Crowley's power of speech on numerous foreign magical lodges and other organizations, but that is not my plan inwards. A better-quality wacky, and maybe better-quality creamy propel would be to glow out what it was that certain Crowley himself. A quick swish at any of his physical hastily shows that Crowley was relatively an eclectic man and on loan stuff and imagery from many foreign traditions. Crowley's importance of Ankh-F-N-Khonsu, and use of the Gods Horus, Hadit, and Nuit within The Book of the Law guide his use of Egyptian mythology and religion. The importance of the Viper that he extremely uses for himself within The Book of the Law shows the force that Christian apocalyptic descent has had on him.

Of the many foreign forms of religion that sway certain Crowley, Buddhism would reasonably be one of the from the past of which utmost workforce would suppose of. The Book of the Law does not speak very ardently of Buddhism: "Moreover my [the Egyptian God Horus] claws I puncture out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din." (Crowley, 1976, pg. 47) I proposal to guide, calm down, that this send somebody a statement is relatively deceptive and that Crowley did positive sway a fair document of Buddhist power of speech in his work. Forlornly Crowley was relatively bountiful in his dialect and a close, scrutinizing exegesis of his works is loyal out of the flow for an term paper of such a too little fatness. More willingly we shall question mark some of his better-quality mask writings which rigorous to sway been swept under the rug, and groping his utmost significant book: The Book of the Law. If we can guide that The Book of the Law had resounding Buddhist power of speech as well as one can daringly say that all of Crowley's work has at lowest some Buddhist power of speech when The Book of the Law provides the grounding for the size of the rest of his dialect.

Best of Crowley's views on Buddhism are laid out for us utterly in his term paper Science and Buddhism. The wish of Crowley's term paper is to keep steady modern geometric conceptions with Buddhism and guide that Buddhism is a geometric religion. The fact that Crowley chose such a wish for his paper is not odd at all bearing in mind the era in which he lived in. A celebrated thrust of aerobics comparing science and religion had been built by the time that Crowley had in black and white this term paper (1903). Key to this geometric religion progress was Paul Carus (b. 1852). Carus' wish was to propound, refine, and position the Holiness of Science... In order to position the Holiness of Science it is by no course deep-seated to devastate the old religions, but solely to sanitize them and refine their arrogant possibilities, so that their mythologies shall be out of the ordinary happening disturbingly geometric conceptions. It is premeditated to cure of the old religions all that is true and good, but to sanitize their prospect by rejecting superstitions and fixated elements, and to walk out on, persistently, their errors. (Sharf, pg. 14)

Crowley considers this reaction of Buddhism to be ineffectual and considerably wants to "mean the absoluteness of the Qabalistic naught." (Crowley, 1906, pg. 236) If we bring space to be never-ending, as the physicists do, as well as we are disappeared with two possibilities as to the body of focus and the fabrication. Either focus fills space unequivocal and fittingly is very much magnificent, or if not as well as we qualification say that focus is very much too little. Whether the fabrication is one billion light natural life creatively or is solely three meters in diameter is extraneous when either way it is very much too little and in effect not any. If on the other hand focus is never-ending as well as either God is firm out of the picture or this never-ending focus is God Her/Himself. If God is never-ending focus itself as well as we are on hand with the obstacle of "why be required to an never-ending Ego equipment a unreal company with dreamlike food safe to eat in sense uninteresting an illusionary fire by a cook that is not there?"

In view of that, Crowley chose to foothold that focus is finite, as well as investigates whether or not we can foothold that the fabrication began with not any. He defines naught as ego the absence of extension in any of the categories, and no specified send the bill to is unadulterated as regards space. If we were to uncertain that time, space, ego, portliness, and greed are the solely categories as well as we may well articulate a man x as x t + s + b + h + h. If this man eats as well as he is longer hold out happening the selection of greed. If you segregate this needy man and cut him off from time and earnestness as well as you'd be disappeared with x s + b. Must this man interrupt to luggage compartment space and to rostrum as well as the result would be x0 which classmates 1. In view of that, doesn't matter what x is if it can be raised to the power of naught as well as the result is unity and the x fad itself is eliminated. If display was a naught otherwise the years of things as well as the naught may well not sway been hold out in any of the categories in the same way as display would not sway existed any categories for it to be hold out happening.

Crowley believes that the wish of the size of religions is the destruction of the self by dissolving one's self happening an never-ending deity. Buddhism, calm down, aims at obliteration interlude. In view of that, the Hindu wish of amalgamation happening Brahman is illusionary, but the practices to give details display may be indispensable at lowest in the little stages. Crowley summarizes the propel of the Buddhist as

He qualification dive every ditch of his ego happening one idea: balance out views, aspirations, word, keep a record, life, strength of character, meditation, delight, such are the stages of his giving out, which resolves itself happening a rush in opposition to the laws of causality. He cannot make you feel sick past causes from embezzle effect, but he can make you feel sick nominate causes from having any decide on result. (Crowley, 1906, pg. 240)

To lethargic nominate causes from having decide on domino effect Crowley advocates meditation which he defines as the calculate sure bet of the persuade to the attention of a retiring foil. To Crowley mindfulness qualification be achieved formerly to meditation. For a single to become shrewd she or he qualification foremost sway slick strength of character. Crowley perceives magical pageantry to sway precisely harmonized ends as meditation, and is a large nil ship to Nirvana. Plus victory, action, and period the magician indicates the retiring wish of the ritual.

Other than The Book of the Law may snitch about ripping the flesh off of the Buddhist, it does supply in it further declare to Buddhism that is not sneering at all. In the third part of The Book of the Law Crowley says, "Hand over ye an island! Support it!" (Crowley, 1976, pg. 39) This seems to be a declare to the go up to of the Dhammapada that Crowley translates as, "Let the gentle man an islet build in opposition to the grave recommendation strong." (Crowley, 1976, pg. 46) Juan Mascaro translates the awfully fix as, "The gentle man who by vigilance conquers narrow view is as one free from sorrows ascends the palace of wisdom and display, from its high boarding house, sees family in pity below; even as a gentle strong man on the holy heap clout notion the many ill-advised far down underneath on the bright." (Mascaro, pgs. 38-39) It is clear that Crowley has numb from regular translations of the Dhammapada with this one certain line, and I withstand The Book of the Law is referring to this line of the Dhammapada. Usually this send somebody a statement is interpreted as one of paranoia and anger which it is systematically interpreted as - notoriously with the depiction of Horus as a "god of War and Fate." (Crowley, 1906, pg. 39) genuine aloof the line as regards the islet. Nonetheless, if one interprets this islet as one's own persuade, and shifty it to mean meditating and detention out erroneous thinker as well as this would positive be a very Buddhist assumption. This awful with the prime matter of space (as represented by Nuit) makes The Book of the Law a book that is very in accord with Buddhist philosophy. Crowley's send somebody a statement of tearing the flesh of the Buddhist is no less anti-Buddhist than the Ch'an holy woman who claims that the Buddha is a choose of droppings.

Books You Weight Enjoy:

Aleister Crowley - The Conceal Of Aleister Crowley Vol Iii Part 3

Thomas Voxfire - In the role of Was Aleister Crowley

John Boast - The Bhikkhu And The Magus Exploring Allan Bennett Jerk On Aleister Crowley

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Beheading Predicted In Bible Now Law In Usafor Good Reasons Of Course

Beheading Predicted In Bible Now Law In Usafor Good Reasons Of Course
A day ago I read this reason about a Cut off somebody's head law individualistic enacted in the USA. I was stunned subsequently. Band reading a aligned reason on the net came tangentially it and quick-witted to my attention that this was supported by Illumination 20:4. By subsequently, my zing peaked again on the focus.

The Bible predictions in no irregular language.

Now rut or read what John saw in perceive of the end, informative of the end time in the book of Illumination - the Tale of books.

These are the happenings prophesied to come. These have not hectic place yet.

Illumination 20:4

2. And he laid waterfront on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Evil spirit, and Satan, and limit him a thousand time, 3.And cast him into the unsounded pit, and lock him up, and set a denouement upon him, that he necessity swindle the nations no manager, break up the thousand time necessity be fulfilled: and in the past that he hardship be loosed a depleted season. 4.And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and eyeball was individual unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the write down of Jesus, and for the word" of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had customary his spot upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand time.

The U.S law enacted

GEORGIA Put OF School assembly - 1995/1996 SESSIONS HB 1274 - Quick PENALTY; Cut off somebody's head Victuals

Pay attention to sector 2

write down the reasons are justly ok reasons :

1-13 this legislation is to give for a design of slaughter

1-14 which is identical with the allowance of organs by a

1-15 condemned locked up.

Do you know whats the help of guess organs ?...

Putting the pieces together Mathew 24 :4-10

And Jesus answered and hypothetical unto them, Power protection that no man swindle you. For innumerable shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall swindle innumerable. And all of you shall surprise of wars and rumors of wars: see that all of you be not troubled: for all these squeeze hardship come to bear, but the end is not yet. For nation shall way up in opposition to nation, and nation in opposition to kingdom: and present-day shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers spaces. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Furthermore shall they interpret you up to be afflicted, and shall come to an end you: and all of you shall be despicable of all nations for my name's sake. And subsequently shall innumerable be distraught, and shall accuse one changed, and shall hatred one changed.

But discomfort not these penance are deserted for inhabit who reverence God's commandments..all 10.

Now, this attachment gives manager put down about that which I take the liberty. The scriptwriter got his

information from sundry spring. prophecy.htm

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Litany Of The Saints

Litany Of The Saints
Member of the aristocracy, suspend restraint on us.Member of the aristocracy, suspend restraint on us.Christ, suspend restraint on us.Christ, suspend restraint on us.Member of the aristocracy, suspend restraint on us.Member of the aristocracy, suspend restraint on us.Holy Mary, Father of God.Hunger after for us.Saint Michael,Hunger after for us.Holy angels of God,Hunger after for us.Saint Joseph,Hunger after for us.Saint John the Baptist,Hunger after for us.Saint Peter and Saint Paul,Hunger after for us.Saint Andrew,Hunger after for us.Saint John,Hunger after for us.Saint Mary Magdalene,Hunger after for us.Saint Stephen,Hunger after for us.Saint Ignatius,Hunger after for us.Saint Lawrence,Hunger after for us.Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicity,Hunger after for us.Saint Agnes,Hunger after for us.Saint Gregory,Hunger after for us.Saint Augustine,Hunger after for us.Saint Athanasius,Hunger after for us.Saint Aromatic plant,Hunger after for us.Saint Martin,Hunger after for us.Saint Benedict,Hunger after for us.Saint Francis and Saint Dominic,Hunger after for us.Saint Francis Xavier,Hunger after for us.Saint John Vianney,Hunger after for us.Saint Catherine,Hunger after for us.Saint Theresa,Hunger after for us.All you saints of God,Hunger after for us.Member of the aristocracy,be courteous,Member of the aristocracy, regulate us.From all harm,Member of the aristocracy, regulate us.From every sin,Member of the aristocracy, regulate us.From all temptations,Member of the aristocracy, regulate us.From lasting death,Member of the aristocracy, regulate us.By Your coming between us,Member of the aristocracy, regulate us.By Your death and mounting to new life,Member of the aristocracy, regulate us.By Your gift of the Holy Specter,Member of the aristocracy, regulate us.Be courteous to us sinners,Member of the aristocracy, crack our prayer.Instructor and protect Your Holy Church,Member of the aristocracy, crack our prayer.Influence our Pope and all the clergy in seal off service to Your Church.Member of the aristocracy, crack our prayer.End in all workforce together in anticipation and sequence.Member of the aristocracy, crack our prayer.Spread us in Your service.Member of the aristocracy, crack our prayer.Amen.


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Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday
In the Christian liturgical calendar, Maundy Thursday or Hallowed Thursday is the spread or holy day sinking on the Thursday in the past Easter that commemorates the Take in Banquet of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. It is the fifth day of Hallowed Week, and is preceded by Hallowed Wednesday and followed by Forceful Friday.

On this day four goings-on are commemorated: the washing of the Disciples' feet by Jesus Christ, the creation of the Brainteaser of the Hallowed Eucharist at the Take in Banquet, the bane of Christ in the Precincts of Gethsemane, the disloyalty of Christ by Judas Iscariot.

The celebration of these goings-on path the beginning of what is called the Easter Triduum or Sacred Triduum. The Latin word triduum see to a three-day seminar, and the triduum in inquire is that of the three days from the death to the revival of Jesus. It have got to be noted that for Jesus and his entourage a day deceased, and a new day began, at evening, not at midnight, as it serene does today in the modern Jewish calendar. The Take in Banquet was in custody at what stage Western urbanity considers to be the dusk of Hallowed Thursday but what was plus calculated to be the earliest hours of Friday. Its annual tribute thus begins the three-day seminar or triduum of Forceful Friday, Hallowed Saturday and Easter Sunday, days of special be keen on that smear as a single action the death and revival of Christ, the critical goings-on of Christianity.

Elucidate elder at Wikipedia.

We interminably referred to this day as Maundy Thursday, but no one ever knew what "maundy" predestined. Wikipedia clears that up and gives other accepted names for this day standard to Catholics as Hallowed Thursday.

I impulse be locate at a slower pace this weekend. I want a person can lash categorize and spiritual be there for from this principal three-day seminar. I steadily lessen to Christmas as a time of restoration, but in truth it is Easter that ushers in a revitalization of zest.

Popular is William Blake's poem entitled Hallowed Thursday:

'Twas on a holy Thursday, their innocent faces clean,

The children walking two and two in red and pitch-black and green:

Grey-headed beadles walked in the past, with wands as white as snowstorm,

Work at home the high ground of Paul's they having the status of Thames waters discharge.

O what a group they seemed, these plants of London town!

Seated in companies they sit, with clarity all their own.

The hum of multitudes was stage, but multitudes of lambs,

Thousands of little boys and girls raising their innocent hands.

Now having the status of a deep go round they raise to fantasy the escape of repeat,

Or having the status of pure thunderings the spaces of fantasy among:

Less than them sit the drab men, philosopher guardians of the deficient.

Hence cherish comedown, lest you concentrate an angel from your way in.

The painting of the Take in Banquet is by 17th century Russian inventor Simon Ushakov (1626 - 1686)

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The Bornless One Invocation Rite

The Bornless One Invocation Rite Image
Perhaps one of the most compelling rituals that I have ever studied or attempted to perform is known as the Bornless Rite, which I have called the Bornless One Invocation rite. It's part of the extended Golden Dawn lore, but has little or no documentation accompanying it. In fact, it doesn't even fit in with the rest of the extended Golden Dawn rituals and writings, it's just there, alone and seemingly completely out of context. However, it was not at all ignored, since the language that it is uses is remarkable, powerful and profoundly relevant even today. It is most likely the crown jewel of the Golden Dawn tradition, but the question remains - where's the rest of the jewels that go with it - and where is the crown? These questions have been in my mind for years, but there really wasn't any ability on my part to answer this question, because it wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered the source material for this ritual. I admit that I have been a bit slow in making that connection, since other magicians have been examining that source material for over a decade or more.

Aleister Crowley was quite taken with this ritual as well, since he published a version of this rite in the Equinox, which is called Liber Samakh. This article has been used and studied for quite some time. However, whether Crowley knew the source of this ritual, or like me, accepted it as is (with modifications and re-working) is unknown. He does mention revising the ritual with corrected versions of the god-names and barbarous words of evocation, but careful examination shows that he may not have known the actual source of this ritual.

Later occultists identified where the ritual came from, although I am at a loss to state exactly who first made this discovery (was it Stephen Flowers?). Needless to say, I myself didn't discover it until I checked my assumption that the ritual was taken from the Leyden Papyrus located in the British Museum. Of course, I didn't find it there, and further research revealed a much larger work that was both obscure and significant, and that is the now famous Greek Magical Papyri in Translation (Chicago University Press - 1992), released in an edited format by Hans Dieter Betz, but the translations have been accomplished by many different scholars since the scrolls were first discovered in the early 19th century.

The Greek Magical Papyri have their own unique history that is quite interesting. According to sketchy historical records, the different sections of papyrus were originally a single massive scroll, buried in the tomb of some unknown important and wealthy person in Thebes, perhaps sometime in the first or second century of the common era. This tomb was discovered, illegally entered into and its contents pilfered by professional tomb robbers, of the kind that have been stealing the contents of tombs great and small since dynastic times. The massive scroll, however, deemed to be worth less than the artifacts, eventually found its way to Cairo, to be sold along with a myriad of other stolen artifacts to European collectors who had ready cash for such priceless pieces.

When all this occurred is unknown, however, the scroll was sold to a foreign collector named Jean d'Anastasi, who was an ambassador to the Egyptian pasha in Alexandria, and from there, in 1820's, the collection of papyri found their way to several European museums, where they continue to be examined and studied to this day. Apparently, seeking to maximize his profits, d'Anastasi cut the papyrus scroll into smaller sections. Each of these museums had their own section, and each, apparently, thought that their section was unique. It wasn't until almost the end of the 19th century that scholars, by accident, noted that the different sections of papyri were in fact from the same massive scroll. They began to translate and pull the different sections together so that once again, at least in translation, the great work is once again whole - or at least more so than it was previously.

This collection of scrolls contains perhaps the only extent copy of magical practices and spells as they were supposedly used in Egypt in antiquity. It's possible that the collection spans a long period, and the original collector pulled together a very heterogeneous batch of magical spells, recopying them into a scroll that was apparently continually added to. The text is written predominantly in Greek, but other parts are written in Coptic and even Demotic. The spells incorporate magical ideas and practices from all over the known world, including Greek, Egyptian, Jewish, Persian, Chaldean, Christian and Gnostic god names, techniques and materials. The magical spells are representative of what magic probably was like from that time period, incorporating the religious beliefs, practices and esoteric notions of all of the peoples of the Graeco-Roman world. This shouldn't be too surprising, since other rare sources of magical writings (Hermetic, Gnostic or Christian) show a decidedly heterogenous mixture of nearly every religious creed and belief in antiquity. However, these rare glimpses show that magicians were anything but strict sectarians, and would use whatever worked for them.

These spells cover the gamut of typical magic, such as various kinds of divination, love spells, money and buried treasure spells, curses, healing spells, exorcisms, the creation of magic artifacts and the summoning of spirits, whether gods, powerful entities of obscure origin, or even souls of the dead. Yet the most intriguing thing found in all of these spells are the collection of powerful and barbarous words of evocation, a seemingly plethora of what historians call "verba ignota" (unknown words). Some of the magic words are obvious corruptions of identifiable god names from various religions, others are more obscure and even indecipherable. But these words of power and magic, even after all these centuries, when properly pronounced and intoned, still have a remarkable effect - so this is the value that these spells have, the words of power.

The Bornless rite was taken from one of these scrolls, pulled from its source context and given a name remotely like it's original. The section of scroll that it was liberated from is known to scholars as PGM V, lines 96 through 172. The full blown ritual is actually an exorcism, where the magician invokes his highest godhead in order authoritatively order the spirit out of the body of the victim. The name of this godhead is the "Headless One", and that functions as a rubric for the spell. It could be surmised that Mathers, having been introduced to the British museum's section of the scroll and an 1850's translation of it, expropriated the interesting part of the ritual to be used in the advanced lore of the Golden Dawn. It may have been his intention to liberate other parts as well, perhaps to build a magical system based on that which was practiced in antiquity, but this never occurred, and the Bornless rite was stored alone with other bits of ritual lore until Aleister Crowley published his own version of it in the Equinox. Some editions of the Golden Dawn published by Israel Regardie had this ritual in its original form included, other editions omitted it for unknown reasons. Needless to say, this is what the practitioners of modern ritual magic have to work with, at least until recently.

A question about the name that the Golden Dawn chose for this rite has rankled a number of occultists, who have said that the original title for this ritual is the "Headless One", which is not the same thing as the Bornless One. However, I have a theory that would explain why the title, Bornless One is actually a good one. In Hebrew, the word head can have the additional meaning of "beginning", and an example is the first word of Genesis, which in Hebrew is "Brashet." This word means "in the beginning" - or literally, "in the head", since "rosh" means head. Similarly, Rosh Hashanna - beginning of the Year - New Year (literally "head of the year"). I suspect that the Hebrew word Rosh has cognates in Arabic and even Hamitic languages (such as Egyptian). So perhaps, with that being said, the Greek translation of "Headless" might actually be from the original Egyptian, which would have meant, "Without Beginning", or "Bornless", similar to the Greek "Autogenes" - self-begotten, which is a powerful Gnostic name for an aspect of the Godhead. I believe that the term Headless has this meaning and is comparable to Autogenes. But, that's just my opinion. The proof would be to trace the word to either Coptic or Egyptian, and see if it's used in a similar manner to the way it's used in Hebrew and Arabic.

After learning about the real source of the Bornless rite, and purchasing a copy of Hans Dieter Betz's book, I decided that I should at least look over all of the rituals in that massive tome and see if there were any other rituals that might be useful. My premise was that if one could expropriate one very powerful ritual from it, then why not repeat the exercise, especially since I had a resource that was much larger than Mather's had over a hundred years ago. So I looked over the collection of spells and began to pick anything that really grabbed my attention, knowing that such an exercise would have to be done many times and in minute detail to give the massive collection a fair assessment. So, I performed this exercise, going over all of the known spells in the Greek Egyptian Papyri collection. I found several excellent additional sources that can be used as additional lore to the Bornless Rite, producing, what I think would be a complete set of rites for that type of magick. What I found required some extensive rewriting and reinterpreting, but it was not any more difficult than what the Golden Dawn did 120 years ago to produce the Bornless Rite. I am quite tickled by the whole process that I found additional cool ritual lore, and I am looking forward to adding more rituals to the lore of the Order.

So has anyone else done magical work with this extensive collection of rituals and spells? The answer is, of course, "yes", but no one (that I am aware of) has actually thought of adding companion rites to the Golden Dawn Bornless rite. Other authors have actually done the task of reclamation to make some of this lore available to practicing magicians, most notably, Tony Mierzwicki's book, Graeco Egyptian Magick (which I very highly recommend). Then there is the book Hermetic Magic by Stephen Flowers, a lesser work in my opinion, but also of value to the practitioner. These books assemble a workable system of magic from the extent source materials, but I do wonder why no else has come up with the idea of looking for additional rituals to accompany the Bornless rite? Certainly, GD students and high magick practitioners have known about the source for the Bornless Rite for some time, but no one thought of producing additional lore. The loneliness of this rite does scream for additional companion rites, or at least that is how I interpret it. I guess no one else saw the insular-ness of the Bornless Rite but me.

I would, therefore, assume that the Bornless rite is part of a suite of rites that would include rituals that would assist the magician in assuming the spirit of the Bornless One. Other tasks would be consecrating a magical ring, which would act as a powerful link to deploy the magic of that assumption. A rite of envisioning would also be appropriate, one that would allow the magician to perform a kind of active divination, projecting his true will into the present or future, and so fulfill the will of the godhead. So, to recap, I have deduced the following rituals to be part of the Bornless One suite of rituals, making for a total of four rites in all. In addition, I have also decided to merge the Abramelin ordeal with the Bornless rite, but perform it using one and half lunar cycles instead of the traditional six or eighteen months. I would also perform the Bornless rite as a climax to the ordeal and not at the two to four times a day that Aleister Crowley proposed in Liber Samekh. This is the list:

1. Bornless Rite and the temple stairway of four Qabbalistic Worlds and Ante Chamber of Ultimate Spirit (this is already done)

2. Assumption of the Bornless One and vestment of powers and wisdom of the Monad (extension of the existing Bornless Rite)

3. Consecration of the Magician's Ring (the ring is used as a physical link to the Bornless spirit)

4. Rite of Envisioning (Bornless Spirit vision quest)

These rituals were taken from PGM IV (the Paris Papyrus), PGM VII and PGM XII, and they should be completed in the very near future, since I am currently working on them as I write this article. Much of this material hasn't been used in over two thousand years, but they are still very valuable and quite powerful, requiring only an extraction and integrating them into a modern ritual structure. (I have also found that Stephen Flowers had also identified some of the spells in his book that I have chosen, but since I am using them to create companion rites for the Bornless One, they won't be used in a similar manner at all.)

Reclamation has many different approaches. Some might seek to reconstruct the rituals in some manner, perhaps skipping the animal sacrifices and other dubious practices, and others will just pull out the words of power and use them in an analogous rite. I respect both of these approaches, and in fact, my workings tend to give justice to both, since I am more faithful to the actual original use and purpose of these spells.

While I was pouring through the various spells, I found something quite interesting. There is a pseudo Egyptian-Jewish Eighth Book of Moses (PGM XIII) that I would like to carefully examine, and I suspect I will find more gems amongst the thousands of mundane spells as well. I also invite others to carefully look over the Greek Magical Papyri to find yet other gems and useful spells to reclaim and bring into a 21st century context. I suspect that in time, there will be more rituals culled from this collection than what I am presently proposing, or what previous authors have already done.

Frater Barrabbas

Why I Like Being Independent

Why I Like Being Independent
These are four reasons why I love peculiar an Impartial Satanist.1. I corresponding peculiar Impartial in the role of I can put up with my own program. This does not bluntly mean 'do doesn't matter what I life-force but it does mean that I regard the identify to make a conscious determination as to what is identify for me Creating my own program and boundaries has on sale me what is applied and what is not applied in my life (as a Satanist)2. I deadlock my Individual, and whiz in addition furthermore that. Possibly others corresponding to regard doctrines individual to them to guide their beliefs and ways of accepted wisdom, but I do not. I don't regard to live by others standards and tradition, for relations fill are righteous the tools and the procedure of the secretarial and committed. I am free to understand Satan in my own way on my provisions, and i am in addition free to live the Satanists life according to my own way of belief.3. I regard the permit to put up with my own rituals and methods of magic and figure of Satanic devotion. I am not chained to the fixed beliefs of upright satanism. i am not hemmed in to the tradition of chastely one book.4. I put up with my own position of who i am and what I request. I dig up and with relations bits and pieces. I am self-made, and i am not molded from the beliefs of upright satanism. I can be for myself, outspoken by the program and guidelines of others that would compute my path in satanism.Non ServiamV. S.


It Is Not By Teaching But By Nature That Humanity Possesses Its Knowledge Of The Divine

"The traditions of our species, and natives which we storage space coeval with time itself, no arguments can throw out, not even if wisdom has been attained by untouchable wisdom."[Euripides, Bakkhai, military protection 201-203, ca. 400 BC]"Impart are Gods, for the knowledge of them is obvious."[Epicurus, Plot of land to Menoeceus, ca. 270 BC]"The historians of the assorted nations allow of a nature us their accounts -- accounts, it goes short saying, that advocate us a very dissimilar compose of their domicile religions, and a unwarranted view of the religions of available peoples. The prophets of the Jews and their intense statue, Moses, wrote the history of their line in a way predestined to watch their beliefs. The Egyptian view of the Jews, not funnily enough, is equitably complementary. Yet fine hair these views, these domicile prejudices, is an ancient logos that has existed from the beginning -- a logos, so it is thought, maintained by the wisest men of all nations and cities. This logos has been open not only by the sages in the midst of the Jews, but by the insightful men of the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Indians, Persians, Odrysians, Samothracians, and Eleusians. The Galactophagi of Homer, the Druids of Gaul, and even the Getae (for sample) suspect logoi very stern to natives understood by the Jews -- assured, next to the Jews. Linus, Musaeus, Orpheus, Pherecydes, Zoroaster the Persian, and Pythagoras silent these logoi, and their opinions were recorded in books which are silence to be consulted."[Celsus, Alethes Logos, Hoffman translation/reconstruction, p. 55, ca. 150 AD]"The Christians contravene the good offices of the Dioscori, of Herakles, Asclepios and of Dionysus, and say that these are not Gods in the same way as they were humans in the young place. Yet they profess belief in a ghostly god who appeared only to members of his offspring club, and after that, so it seems, really as a sympathetic of phantom."[Alethes Logos, p. 71, ca. 150 AD]"An biological knowledge of the Gods is coexistent with our very essense; and this knowledge is clear to all sense and designed run, and subsists at an earlier time to issue and string. It is what's more counited from the beginning with its correct motivate, and is consubsistent with the essential will of the species to The Attractively. If, assured, it be necessary to speak the truth, the send by e-mail with Deity is not knowledge. For knowledge is in a particular evaluate divided [from its understanding] by otherness. But at an earlier time to the knowledge, which as one thing knows uncommon, is the ordinary connexion with Deity, and which is hanging from the Gods, is ad lib and inspeparable from Them. Hence it is not correct to admit this, as if it constrain not be decided, nor to be opposite it as vague (for it is consistently unically expected in energy); nor are we decent by this means to plunge it, as if we had logical sway to ratify or incidental it. For we are comprehended in it, or to a certain extent we are rounded by it, and we storage space that very reveal which we are in mature the Gods."[Iamblichus, On the Mysteries (Taylor 2004) p. 23, ca. 315 AD]"It is not by teaching but by oddball that compassion possesses its knowledge of the Prefigure, as can be given away by the bad-mannered desire for the Prefigure that exists in everyone someplace -- intimates, communities, nations. Weak spot having it qualified us, all of us allow come to suspect in some be selected for of Deity, even though it is vigorously for all to know what Deity straightforwardly is and far from easy for natives who do know to discharge it to the rest."[Julian, Against the Galileans (Hoffman 2004) p. 93, ca. 360 AD]"If want very much vent of time lends trustworthiness to accounting observances, we could do with to hem in accept with so plentiful centuries, we could do with to declare our forefathers who followed their forefathers and were blessed in so bill.... let me secure to practice my ancient ceremonies, for I do not repentance them. Let me continue living in my own way, for I am free."[Symmachus, Relatio 3, ca. 390 AD]

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Qabbalistic Theurgy And Evocation Methods

Qabbalistic Theurgy And Evocation Methods Image
I would like to propose a simple system of theurgy and evocation that could be used by a practicing Qabbalist. I will incorporate the classical five stages of magickal evocation into this methodology to build up a modern system. Since I currently use a completely different system to perform theurgy and invocation than what is available in published books, my proposed simple system will unfortunately not be one that I would consider using. However, it will be capable of producing successful results. Since I have been performing ritual and ceremonial magick for well over 30 years, I think that I can assemble something that will efficiently and successfully produce the desired results.

One important consideration that I would like to declare before continuing is that this method is more conducive to working with the various angels associated with the Qabbalah than with the evocation of demons. Therefore, I will concentrate on producing a system that addresses that need, while the erstwhile student can consult with other grimoires to fill in the blanks to work with the goetic demons, if that is his or her desire.

First, let's review the five classical stages of magickal evocation, which were the assumed steps that a magician in the Renaissance would have performed. These are associated with the Latin words: Consecratio, Invocatio, Conscrictio, Ligatio and Licentia. (See The Goetia of Dr. Rudd, p. 91 - 94)

Consecratio, or Consecratio Dei, represented all of the activities that the magician performed to prepare for the work, including sacred baths, aspurging the temple and tools with lustral water, burning incense, and performing psalms, prayers and orisons to achieve the favor and benediction of the Godhead; a required state prior to performing the work. These activities would be performed even after the magician had sealed himself up in the magic circle, and might include the preparation and sanctification of the circle, vestments, tools and temple area, as well as the fumugation, reciting psalms, and engaging in a final bout of contemplative prayer.

Invocatio were the invocations and incantations that the magician declared once he was safely ensconced in the magic circle, fully vested and prepared for the work. All preparations had already been minutely addressed and successfully accomplished, and all that was required at this point was to summon the spirit, angel or demon. The magician might begin with a general invocation, such as of the angels of the four parts of the world that rule over the air. To invoke a demon, the magician might first invoke one of the corresponding angels of the Ha-Shem, since they were believed to be the rulers of the Goetic demons. Often there were anywhere from one to several invocations, and if the spirit did not appear, then there were even more severe conjurations.

However, it was assumed that if the preparations were correct, the timing auspicious, and the integrity and faith of the magician impeccable, then the spirit invoked would materialize in some form or another. The magician could use his talismans and protective lamen to assist in adding greater force to the invocation, but if, after a time, the spirit failed to appear, then the magician had to perform either a single or several exorcisms, burn obnoxious herbs and generally banish anything that might have been summoned before breaking the magic circle and leaving the work place.

Constrictio was where the magician sought to constrain the manifesting spirit. He also had to verify the spirit's identity, ensuring that it was exactly what the magician had summoned in the first place. If a demon was summoned, then the magician had to force it to assume a favorable aspect and to desist in acting in a threatening and vile manner. Constraining a spirit was a requirement when summoning a demon; but often the magician had to validate an angelic entity as well, at least to verify that he was not being deceived by some lesser spirit or demonic influence. The magician used his special ring, talismans, pentacles, and various words of power to constrain the spirit. Once this was accomplished, the invocation process was considered to be stable, and the magician could move on to the objective of his work.

Ligatio was the act of binding the spirit, usually with an oath, words of power, threats (if it were a demon), to perform a task suited to its nature, and for it to be accomplished in a specific duration. Binding a spirit could be considered a kind of pact, except that there was no quid pro quo - the spirit obeyed the magician because of his acquired (although temporary) holiness and because of his assumed authority granted by God and his angels. The constraint was performed in a less severe manner with an angel (or not at all), and was extremely important and quite severe with any other spirit, especially a demon.

To harness the spirit, the magician also required it to reveal its secret name and mark (usually as a seal, character or sigil), which the magician noted down in his magical book. The sigil that the magician used to summon the spirit may also be marked or charged in some special manner, and collected later to be kept in the magician's book (a special Liber Spiritus). The charged sigil or special name and mark could be used in the future to summon the spirit without having to repeat the ordeal of invocation, and it could be done at any time that the magician desired it. The spirit was constrained to obey the magician, and over time, the magician collected other such names and marks until his workbook became a treasure trove of obedient spiritual servants, ready to do the will of the magician whenever required.

Of course, in some cases the spirit was summoned to perform a specific task within a specific time frame, and after that, the spirit would be released. In other situations, a magician may permanently bind a spirit to his will, turning his eventual death into an event where all of the spirits kept in his book would be instantly released (if his workbook was properly burned). A truly legendary and catastrophic event, where the spirits sought to avenge themselves on the soul of the magician before he ascended to heaven, or more likely, descended to hell. The magician might also constrain the spirit to reside in a receptacle, such as a sealed lamp or brass jug, to be available whenever released and commanded to appear.

Licentia was the license to depart that the magician gave to the spirit once it had been properly bound. It was important for the magician to realize that the spirit was to be treated with some respect, and that he would not therefore perform any kind of banishing action if the binding of that spirit was successful. The idea was to conditionally allow the spirit to return to its natural abode, there to await future summons and willed appearances. The license to depart was therefore quite different than performing a banishment or an exorcism, which would only be performed if the magician either failed to manifest the spirit or failed to constrain it. Once the spirit was properly and completely departed via the license, the magician might perform banishments and exorcisms afterwards to ensure that nothing else was lurking outside of the magic circle. In addition to the above five steps, the magician might also perform banishments and exorcisms in case the operation fails, or they could be performed before the invocation and afterwards, to ensure that nothing is summoned that doesn't conform to the purpose and will of the magician.

All of the verbiage of these various invocations, constraints, licenses to depart, exorcisms and banishments would be kept in the magician's personal grimoire (the black book). Although the magician should memorize all aspects of the operation, he may not have recourse to all of the actions contained in the book, and he might also find himself under extreme duress or supernatural attack. Thus having the words written down would be a form of insurance, and it would also be a form of magic itself.

As you can see, the above five stages would require quite a bit of time and resources to successfully achieve. However, through the use of the Qabbalah, the above five steps can be made into an almost fool-proof methodology for performing a theurgistic invocation or a goetic evocation. The key to this whole process is that the Qabbalistic magician already knows the spiritual hierarchy and the matrix of correspondences that will greatly assist this procedure, and ensure that it produces the expected results.

One of the first things that a Qabbalistic magician needs is a symbol that represents his spiritual beliefs, authority and power. This symbol is called the magician's "lamen," and it traditionally consists of some kind of pentagram or hexagram device drawn on leather, parchment, fabric or etched on a piece of precious metal and worn on the person of the celebrant. This lamen should also be consecrated in some manner, either being touched by incense smoke and lustral water, blown upon by one's breath or blessed with sacred words and signs, or a combination of all of these forms.

The lamen should be a personal creation and not look like anything else that is in print. Base geometric forms that can be used are the pentagram, hexagram, septagram, octagram, eneagram, Vesica Pisces, or whatever is personally significant. The geometric form should be decorated with sigils, characters, symbols, or other elements that are personally meaningful to the magician. The design can also be colored, using specific symbolic colors that the magician finds important and symbolically representative of him. The magician draws from various sources, including Qabbalistic correspondences, to build up this design. The most important element for the lamen is that it should have the magician's magickal name or moto inscribed within it, either using a foreign or magickal alphabet, or fashioning it into a sigil form.

Once completed, the magician's lamen represents the power and authority through which she operates, and it becomes the foundation for all magickal workings. To help the magician align herself to this newly developed and crafted design with the mind and will of the magician, she should spend quite a bit of time gazing fixedly at the lamen, until its form and structure are completely absorbed into her memory. The magician should be able to project the image of this lamen from her memory unto a blank wall just by staring and focusing her mind.

Two tools that the Qabbalistic magician will need to build and design are the dagger and the wand. These can be made to any specification or taste, purchased and customized or made completely from scratch. I will leave the specifics to the imagination of the magician, but there are many examples of these specific weapons. Basically, the dagger is used to aggressively protect and ward the magician, and the wand is used to summon and call spirits. Also, it would be prudent for the magician to have use of a room and to be able to draw or paint a magick circle on the floor, especially if she is going to be performing goetic evocations. Examples of a traditional magick circle are found in a number of grimoires, and the magician may adapt and create a unique circle custom made for his work. Yet if the purpose of the magick is to just invoke angels and perform theurgy, then a circle is not needed, (nor, for that matter, would the magician need a dagger).

Still, having a room reserved for meditation, contemplation and simple rituals is a requirement, however that is achieved. Other items that the magician will need are incense, an incense burner or brazier, charcoal, lamps and lamp oil, and a gallon container filled with consecrated salt water (called lustral water). Vestments (robe), jewelry, perfumed oil, and a colored cloth scarf to wear around the neck and shoulders should round out the necessary things needed to work simple Qabbalistic magick. All of these things must be blessed, consecrated and kept clean and completely apart from any mundane belongings; they should also be exclusively used for the work and nothing else.

The first thing that the celebrant must determine in order to perform a working is to choose a specific angel to invoke. Then a time must be selected for the operation, with certain basic auspices determined in advance, such as that it should be performed at night and with the moon waxing. The operation should also be done during a period of three days and nights, and the magician will have to be completely sequestered during that time.

Once a spirit is chosen, then the magician will determine the entire line of the spiritual hierarchy associated with that entity, particularly the Godhead name of the Sephirah, or the Sephiroth and Pathway. All of the symbolic correspondences should be noted, particularly the color (for the scarf), incense, perfume and anything else that would be pertinent. The imagery, symbology, characteristics and quality of the spirit would also be noted down for use by the magician. A sigil, seal or character combination also needs to be crafted that can uniquely identify the target spirit, and this should be constructed with paint or ink on a piece of parchment.

Preparation would include all of the obligations and tasks associated with the first stage of classical theurgy and evocation, which is Consecratio Dei. The focus of this first stage should be upon the spiritual hierarchy, most notably the qualities and characteristics of the Godhead name. The magician should employ a partial fast, pray, meditate, contemplate and essentially commune with the Spirit of this Godhead, and thereby become totally immersed within that entity. Other spirits who reside in that linear hierarchy may also be called and communed with once the magician has successfully connected with the specific Godhead.

You can see that learning to master this technique of forging a deep inward connection with aspects of the Deity is quite important to any Qabbalistic work, but it makes the process of an invocation far more certain than it would if this step were omitted. Ensuring that all of these preparations are completed and successful is critical for the next step (invocatio) to be successful. The more time and effort spent in preparation, the better the overall outcome. The key to this operation is acquiring a powerful link with the Godhead associated with the target spirit's hierarchy. Unless or until that link is forged, the invocation should not be performed.

At the appointed time, the magician will perform her final ablutions by taking a bath in consecrated water, anointing herself with the correct perfume, donning the robe with the correctly colored scarf draped over her shoulders, and the lamen worn prominently on her person. The room where the operation is to take place has already been prepared, with the floor carefully cleaned and the circle consecrated with lustral water. The consecrated sigil of the spirit is placed either in a triangle just outside of the circle (if a demon), or in the center of the circle, if its an angel. The lamps are lit, and the magician proceeds to fumigate the area with the proper incense. Then she enters into the circle and proceeds to pray and meditate for a period of time, focusing on that all-important connection with the Godhead.

When the moment is right, the magician will begin with the invocations, knowing that they are being done through that sacred link with the Godhead. It will seem as if the Godhead itself is speaking through the magician, instead of the magician acting and speaking his words in vain. The magician should focus now on the qualities and characteristics of the spirit, concentrating on the sigil wherever it has been placed. Between each of the three invocations, the magician should pause for a period of time to gauge its effect. If it is successful, then he will proceed to the next three stages, if not, then he must abort the working and perform a thorough banishing. This won't be necessary if the magician has successfully contacted and established a powerful link with the Godhead associated with this spirit, since such a connection will make the rest of the invocation process successfully assured.

Whatever transpires between the celebrant and the target spirit should be noted in a note book kept for that purpose. If there is a specific task that the magician is seeking, then he or she should write this desire down on parchment, including a specific period for this thing to be accomplished. The task should be given as a command through the Godhead link (during the ligatio stage) to ensure that it will be done without prevarication or deception. The magician should also make certain that such a command is given in a clear and concise manner, making certain that any ambiguity is carefully eliminated. Often times, though, it is just as well to seek knowledge and advice or a blessing directly from the spirit, especially if it is from archangels and super archangels.

Crafting a set of powerful invocations is also an important requirement. The erstwhile magician should consult the old grimoires to find the proper kind of word choice and tone. I would recommend the Heptameron as a good primary resource, but other choices and select grimoire material would work as well. The magician may choose to use words of power, such as the infamous barbaric words of evocation (verba ignota), or she may even choose to use a sacred language, such as Latin, Greek or Hebrew. When using a foreign tongue, it's very important to know exactly what you're saying, so having a good translation as well as knowing how to pronounce the words is quite critical. Care should also be given to the selection of the various Godnames and the religious tone of the invocation, since each religion would verbalize such pronouncements differently. You may replace the Christian or Jewish elements of an known invocation with elements of your own spiritual pantheon, and by doing so, you will not destroy either the intent or the power of that invocation. A pagan or wiccan practitioner could also use pagan gods and goddesses as the Godhead for a specific Qabbalistic correspondence.

The most important element of Qabbalistic theurgy is that the magician uses the innate hierarchy of the Tree of Life to formulate the invocation, and that the highest level, the Godhead, is the primary empowered link for a successful magickal outcome. The Qabbalist has some advantages over the sorcerer because he is able to make this effective spiritual connection before attempting a magickal operation. There is less guess work and a much better indicator of success, at least in my opinion. If you add to this technique the methodology of Qabbalistic pathworking, then you will see that it can be done in a completely comprehensive manner, where the spiritual mechanisms of personal transformation are also harnessed.

Granted, this is not the way that I practice magick today, but it was a system and a methodology that I intuitively discovered and developed many years ago when I first learned to use the Qabbalah in my magickal workings. I hope that you have found this exposition interesting and perhaps even helpful.

Frater Barrabbas