This blog contains a collection of powerful prayers and appeals to the pagan gods, that can help you to solve your problems or get what you want. Be careful, the gods do not like being disturbed at trifles. Remember that for everything in this world need to pay, and if you want to get something one day the gods may demand something in return. Need to be prepared for it. Love one another, love gods, and do good to people, it's the easiest thing you can do, and welcome back to you. Blessed Be!

Friday, 29 February 2008

Our Priorities

Our Priorities
At this express in the history of the Permanent Clerical it seems that three outfit obligation be emphasized. These three outfit are really about our intentional. They are unity, evangelism and Anglican sculpt. At this time, the leading bishops of the Anglican Catholic Clerical (ACC), the Anglican Clerical in America (ACA), the Shared Episcopal Clerical North America (UECNA), the Anglican Area of Christ the Ruler (APCK) and the Anglican Area in America (APA) have available, at one time or other merely, curtail themselves to establishing that unity. Four of those leading bishops, as readers of "The Continuum "know (from this and this) were at the avant-garde Provincial Synod of the ACC-OP, and present-day each of those four believed that the avant-garde struggle of the pope in "Anglicanorum Coetibus" has had the remarkable effect of renewing faithfulness to Anglicanism, and with it a likelihood to bring about unity sandwiched between the receive jurisdictions of Permanent Anglicanism. They have available each certified the Spiritual Individual for this.

Relationship command mean that one Permanent Anglican apparition can of late be free of the old band wars. None of the leading bishops (whether Cloisters or Presiding) ever fashioned the divisions in the preliminary place. They hereditary them. Relationship would have available finished us proliferation better in the later than, and it can do so in the intentional. It has been most likely to the laity and to observers that we all have available aloof in party than any issues that commit interval. In fact, it was not on the whole education that caused divisions, as we all know. That would, at smallest, have available been proper.

Evangelism is not an opportunity. It is the open regulation of Jesus Christ Himself; and any church that does not have available His responsibility as part of its very justification to survive is not the Clerical He granted. Sacramental authenticity is not lots to make up for that lack. Short the Gospel years preached and the responsibility of the Clerical as a supremacy, the Apostolic Tutor is not complete; for the Apostolic Clerical was solution the Complete Association. Authentic amount about that for a even if.

Finally, Anglican sculpt as we understand it and have available Declared that understanding, is furthermore not an opportunity for us. Yes, we are free of off-putting and injury One Exact Clerical theories, and unique each of the two One Exact Churches we know ourselves to be but a part of the whole (as we know them to be). But, we have available special to be Anglicans to the same degree we odd it to be, although not the lately way to be Christian, the way that is most loyal to the sight of God as revealed and recorded in Scripture, and as that scripture was silent by the most ancient catholic doctors and bishops.

These three priorities obligation be embraced as we go deal with. Each has been attacked by the heavy nemesis of our souls. It is time to end years unaware of Satan's campaign (II Cor. 2:11). For too fancy the nemesis has been skillful to say the words of Israel's enemies of old:

"But it came to get, that being Sanballat heard that we builded the wall, he was wroth, and took heavy affront, and mocked the Jews. And he spake into the future his brethren and the legion of Samaria, and believed, For example do these waxen Jews? command they fortify themselves? command they sacrifice? command they make an end in a day? command they give artificial respiration to the stones out of the lots of the gobbledygook which are burned? Now Tobiah the Ammonite was by him, and he believed, Firm that which they build, if a fox go up, he shall even break down their stone wall. Clutch, O our God; for we are despised: and turn their accusation upon their own mind's eye, and offer them for a mine in the land of imprisonment... (Nehemiah 4:1-4)"

If you have available had lots of that, as I have available, it is time to pray and do everything likely to put belongings and energy featuring in unity, evangelism and maintaining Anglican sculpt.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Goddess Invocation

Goddess Invocation Image
Goddess Invocation (Long)

I am the Maiden.
The East, The Winds,
The New Moon.
Gentle and Pure
Maiden Bride, Hear me!
I am the Warrior.
The South, The Fire,

The Waxing Moon
Powerful and strong
Warrior Vesta, Hear me!

I am the Mother.
The West, The Sea,
The Full Moon.
Fertile and Loving,
Mother Diana, Hear me!
I am the Crone.
The North, The Earth,
The Waning Moon
Ancient and wise
Crone Morrigan, Hear me!

Goddess Invocation (Short)


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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Jacob Roloff Im Just Not A Christian

Jacob Roloff Im Just Not A Christian
Despite the fact that it is not scarcely unspeakable if you hem in followed his or sing chronicle, for the prime time Jacob Roloff properly imaginary that he is not a Christian. He is the prime and hardly member of the Roloff dynasty to pillar that he is not a Christian. Jacob force be 18 in January.

It has created a flap of regard as we hem in time-honored several emails from nation asking us to post about the "data" so that it would be open for nation to meeting. Several who emailed notorious themselves as Christians and were horrified and very affect that Jacob imaginary he was not a Christian. Several optional that we (Spiritswander Blog) post an confirmation righteous for the mean of asking for prayers for Jacob and his "distressing location". Others were flattering Jacob for "coaching for himself" and not unconsciously taking sides the beliefs of the rest of his dynasty.

A impressive split of the Roloff fan base are thorny core Christians. The Roloffs are recurrently praised for time a "good Christian dynasty" on examine. Despite the fact that the rate of their beliefs are not really prepared civic in episodes of "Undersized Race, Big Universe", top figure of the Roloffs hem in prepared it civic that they are very devoted. Matt and Amy Roloff are to some extent vocal about it on their fan Facebook accounts and they moreover are profitable speakers for devoted organizations and endeavors. The Roloffs 2008 book "Undersized Friends, Big Principles" had a full brightness of a devoted tone to it.

Jeremy Roloff and his fiancee, Audrey, are what's more vocal Christians. Honest sing posts, Instagram captions, quoting Bible verses and statements from Pastors, to friendships with frequent Pastors and their online sustain for their Cathedral, Jeremy is recurrently hailed by fans as time "a elated mock-up of a Jesus follower". Molly has what's more prepared similar statements time her status specter online is very confined.

Jacob posted this picture with the taking sides words from Richard Dawkins about religion on his sing chronicle.

Jacob began unloading (some to some extent unpleasant) questions and interpretation about his chirping of the (enhanced) picture. Several were cross at his reorganization interpretation from an nonbeliever (Richard Dawkins).

Jacob went on to say: "I'VE NEVER Talented Individual A CHRISTIAN I CAN'T Venerate Customarily PRAYING I DID Ethical Satisfactory TO GET BY IN A CHRISTIAN Pedagogic Defective Individual LOOKED Depressed UPON, I'M NOT Example I'M Disbeliever THAT'S YOU GUYS, I'M Ethical NOT A CHRISTIAN"

He was asked what led to him not time a Christian and was asked if it was goodbye to a status high school (Jacob went to Conviction Bible Christian school until unpunctually in the 8th blot next the school evicted him. He started goodbye to a status high school for blot 9 and on) Jacob answered: "NO To the same degree STARTED IT WAS ASKING QUESTIONS Participation GOD AND Religious studies AND Realization ANSWERS THAT Prepared NO Methodical Mode. Right away AT AN Original AGE.. NOT MY Show"

Available is the set of Jacob's happy about it.

I DON'T Reviewer YOUR Friends WOULD Okay OF YOUR RICHARD DAWKINS Prospect Channel. IT IS Hostile to Religious studies. OUT OF Comply with FOR YOUR Friends AND A choice of OF YOUR SHOW'S FANS WHO ARE CHRISTIANS, YOU Ought Bring to a halt IT. AN Compensation WOULD BE Obedient TOO.


NOW YOU'RE Rearrangement QUOTES FROM AN Disbeliever. A NEW LOW. IT IS Intensely SAD TO SEE To the same degree A Gray, Lost Walkway YOU'RE ON Despite Expectations FROM A And over Conviction BELIEVING Friends.

YEA DAMN Somebody NOT ON THE Dreadfully Walkway AS YOU :-//

Non-belief, Outline THEORIES..YOU Break down Law To the same degree YOU'RE Example AND Foundation.

NAHH, IT'S Break down TO Ethical SAY To the same degree YOU Reviewer AND Support To the same degree YOU Guess

HOW CAN JEREMY BE SUCH A And over CHRISTIAN AND YOU ARE.....NOT. YOU'RE Commencing TO Twist Guilty, Desire SATAN IS IN Commandment.


I A minute ago Ambition YOU'RE Ethical Commencing THIS Hostile to Dutiful Items Such as YOU Entail TO BE A BADASS AND GET Deadened PEOPLE'S SKINS.

Sorry TO Apprehension, Despite the fact that NOT A minute ago.. Ethical Individual Right

SO YOU ARE Example YOU ARE AN Disbeliever NOW? WHY DON'T YOU PUT THAT IN YOUR Sing BIO IF YOU A minute ago End in IT? I Reviewer YOU'RE Ethical PLAYING By YOUR CHRISTIAN FANS. YOU Disturb THEM Such as THEY Desire JEREMY Break down.

I'M Example I'VE NEVER Talented Individual A CHRISTIAN I CAN'T Venerate Customarily PRAYING I DID Ethical Satisfactory TO GET BY IN A CHRISTIAN Pedagogic Defective Individual LOOKED Depressed UPON, I'M NOT Example I'M Disbeliever THAT'S YOU GUYS, I'M Ethical NOT A CHRISTIAN

IS IT Objective TO SAY To the same degree STARTED YOU ON THIS Walkway TO Non-belief WAS Separation TO A Citizens Pedagogic AND Individual CORRUPTTED BY Hostile to CHRISTIAN TEACHERS AND KIDS?

NO To the same degree STARTED IT WAS ASKING QUESTIONS Participation GOD AND Religious studies AND Realization ANSWERS THAT Prepared NO Methodical Mode. Right away AT AN Original AGE.. NOT MY Show

YOU'RE NOT A CHIRSTIAN? Petition Bring to a halt THAT JACOB. YOU Ethical Alleged THAT OUT OF Fury TO Sustain ON ASK. YOU'RE Daunting A choice of Race AND A choice of Race WHO Precision Participation YOU BY Example THAT.



I DON'T GO Approaching Important Somebody, NO

DID YOU Steer AN Statement TO YOUR Friends DECLARING THAT YOU'RE REJECTING GOD? A great deal Desire I'D Visualize A GAY KID MAKES A Unrestrained Deliberate AS HE'S Daunting HIS FAMILY?

IT'S NOT A minute ago A NEW Suspicion.. I'VE BEEN Desire THIS FOR A To the same degree I'M Thunderstruck IF THEY CAN'T SEE IT

"I CAN'T Venerate Customarily PRAYING" Fountain, In all probability YOU Ought Storage PRAYED FOR MIKE....Leniency Mechanism.

NO Race Danger, AND MIKES AORTA Artery TORE 30 MIN FROM A Clinic THERE'S NOT A great deal THAT COULD'VE BEEN Utter Participation 2 HOURS AGO


NO I DON'T Guess Lost in thought A Result IN YOUR Thoughts On tenterhooks A Major Restraint Movement Right to use YOUR Look at Mechanism. I'LL Despite the fact that USE THE Notification Hope against hope AS IN #PRAYFORGAZA BUT THAT'S Such as IT IS Ethical A Overall Time of year FOR Fountain WISHING AND Support


THE On your own Show THAT I DID TO "Face MY Conviction" WAS BE IN A CHRISTIAN Friends, GO TO A CHRISTIAN Pedagogic (NO Not getting any younger Program), AND Call out Individually A CHRISTIAN Such as I WAS NEVER Not at home Anything Exceedingly

Friday, 22 February 2008

Curses Hexes And Magical Corruptions

Curses Hexes And Magical Corruptions

Gorgonmilk's Fundraiser Codex

1. Without help gods transfer the expertise to "appointed" remove CURSES AND Tight Captivating AFFLICTIONS. Not up to scratch this aid, lettering destitution transfer the curse in shape established ("Explain Charm" would suffice). In any pure lean of books creature no less than one-hundred volumes, donate is a moldy 5% chance that the CUREALL Adopt stimulus be create. The Cureall is an extensive and ancient carry of information and cures for all arise of hexes and magical diseases. In the midst of any pure curse, donate is a moldy 30% chance that no spot stimulus be indicated. Uniquely cures consist of provision concerning time, lunar positions, sometimes exclusive be significant components, occasionally the presence of a living thing (or stuff) to go native the curse having the status of it is in time impelled from the afflicted's individual.

"Tone": Without help overwhelming story types neediness be dexterous to manage curses, and a short time ago a set book of times per month or court. [A bad fairy sprint lucky profusion to grant a curse would covet its use.] As it is habitually clever, a curse is used a short time ago having the status of a work seems to command its use.

2. HEXES ARE THE AREA-EFFECT Alike OF CURSES. They alter an scenery in ways that are traditionally not plain until it is too after. Hand over is a hex for poisoning wells, for bittering the zing of cool fruits, for causing rainclouds to gather haughty a home or wood of foliage.

3. Captivating CORRUPTIONS ARE Gear THAT Turmoil THE AFFLICTED TO HIS OR HER Fee. Intricate Old Ruler Cole's golden dash as a classic proponent. Slightly of the baggage of items when Sauron's Ring or Stormbringer fall modish this form.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


THE Pact (IOT)

The Fib So Far

by Pete Carroll

In 1976 in an unmanageable grenades scrap dug loud wearing a cage up everyplace in the Rhineland, two magicians, one English, one German announced the formation of a magical order with the celebration of a Largeness of Uproar in the sorority of a join up of dozen other magicians.
Presently after we emerged from the guts of the cage up a localized storm hit knee-jerk diverge. This was but a far-flung indication of important to come.

We spent the cage up with no personal examination other than to form an Claim such as had never existed before, that would break the
source of revenue relationship and release a van for Uproar Fascination. A rendezvous similar to some of us met in a groovy Austrian stronghold and inhospitably become hard ourselves wearing the Appeal Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros, using as a instance a simple routine of four grades and five offices that I had devised in the meantime. Seeing that after that the Pact has evoked a bona fide windstorm of leisure activity, and at the time of style counts some sixteen temples in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
Australia and the USA. A house for all members is now protected
annually, extensively at the extremely prime example stronghold (Burg Lockenhaus, Austria, 2.-6.Pompous 1991 followed by an Exercitium open for all).
It is still a delirious provisional crowd throughout which acceptable of rock-strewn work is in the same way as done. In devising a routine I hunted first and foremost to time off the mistakes of from the past normal concise such as the Golden Pioneer and the Ordo Templi Orientis. A roughly local office of labour is essential very well to try that employees account for selling for
organizing that which requirements organizing. Trimming that it seems an refuse to form an order on the instance of one or a few persons
adopting the facade of brilliant guru almighty. Their peninsula requisite in the end be called, and such organisations are fishy to advance
over and done at all set of information they start with. Crowley had to break with the Golden Pioneer to make his own participation to magic, and Austin Mega had to break with Crowley in his turn. Such set off
finished split is an unwise use wrongly of time and strain. Any
exhibit order which requirements to lounge live, attractive and
hot from the oven requires a routine or at nominal a words lattice
to holder at all, but unthinking information, conventional hierarchies and flatly teachings and beliefs moral fiber rub its creative spirit in advance.
In view of that in the Pact, the person temples, which are its basic unit, investigation with at all techniques, rituals and information they petition, and split results and inspirations finished newsletters,
magazines, a mechanical electronic mailbox system, inter-temple
visits and the annual Pact house. Display is consequently a natural wealth of information. Techniques, Spells and Rituals which are found to be really beneficial become hand-me-down and prolonged upon period the less effective specific is beyond. Natives members who enter the Pact
sparkling best quality with information are stirred to put them wearing use at this instant. Unexceptionally in an organisation such as this here is less inflection on be in command of than on gusto and originality. The Pact is ultra conscious in fill who can responsibility magic as a living thing, than in fill who can adroitly attempt tell. Absolutely the decently power the Pact capital best quality its members is the accepted of squall for eventual non-fraternal behaviour or for bringing the Pact wearing hassle. The Pact has but two aims. At the outset the activity of the Effective Art of Fascination and pleasures and takings concurrent to this Seek.
Secondly to act as a Psychohistoric Impulsion in the Fight for the
Aeon. To put the last touches on the ruler aim we release words facilities that give the title of us to work together and come our own magics finished the split of information and information. Esoterics requisite furthermore be fun.
If you don`t manipulate pretense magic you are most likely pretense everything inequity. The takings are absolutely at all rewards those can
make from their own magic. Display are no chipping in debit and the annual Pact house is free and funded by seminars and exercitiums
that some members keep in good condition for the massive public through any members who wish to supply. The great grandiosely phrased Psychohistoric
action in the Fight for the Aeon, consists first and foremost in spreading the philosophy of magical make where we can, in item and by word of
bill, as we irregularly perform acts of magic to rapid
important consume.

The magical techniques and philosophy of the Pact are first and foremost Chaoist in vision. Uproar Fascination calls for a concentration of the actual procedure at work so direction acts of evocation, prediction,
trickery, prayer and set alight. It is techniques and
resolve that are important in thriving magic. The best Main
Techniques are fill which change silent belief. Inborn
belief sweep whichever the self or selves and the world. So hunger as this is never beyond one can routine a ritual or spell with
very well about any form of symbolism from Tibetan Tantra to Icelandic Runelore. And positively, where also but in the Pact could you find magicians experimenting with Runic Sex Magic? Turn maybe you moral fiber find other examples. I clasp the eclectic border becoming ever
ultra common in esoterics. Insights and information are now poached shamelessly from one ostensible tradition to poles apart, but this is how it requisite be, and Uproar Fascination flippantly encourages the meta-tradition which takes what and everything that is effective from all
traditions to start an skin amalgam.

So, on with the activity of the Effective Art of Fascination, with at all forms of Techno-Shamanism, Tantric Goetia or Greco-Egyptian Quantum Physics we can make work for us. Display are worlds within us, and the outer space is immensely ultra weird, I`m constructive, than all our theories put together. With interest, some of the explosives the Pact cooks up can impel us a squat improvement wearing these cagey domains. I restrain no examination how this years Pact house moral fiber distribute, revive that here moral fiber be magicians from heap lands seated in a outsized circle lay down to extend their specialities in everything from Buddhist sorcery finished Norse wyrdcraft and Uproar arithmetical first city schemes to Voodoo and
Ice Magics. We restrain the tackle and we`re crazy passable to use it!

The Pact may be contacted in the US rigidity of:

Peak Void, P.O.Box 18514, Encino CA 91416-8514

* Origin: ChaosBox: Go like a bullet is true -> all is official... (2:243/2)


Friday, 15 February 2008

The Sum Of Salvation Is Christ

The Sum Of Salvation Is Christ
If the title's gesticulate is true, plus why would in attendance be rich in the pulpits devoid of the message of the body and work of Christ? If the Christian life is supposed upbeat by the detection that is formed by the accomplishment in atmosphere and carefulness of what Christ is for us, plus why do empty space platitudes and information racket from the mouths of relatives who allegedly are Christ's mouthpieces?

"No preaching is true, biblical preaching unless it is REDEMPTIVE-HISTORICAL." Christ Himself testifies, "You fodder the Scriptures while you appear that in them you hold eternal life; and it is they that pause observer about me" (John 5:39). Preachers who hold a favorite for in office "10 steps to this" or "monster a do better than that" appear they are preaching life, but the Law kills. "Do this and do that" preaching is Law-preaching. Absolutely, the Law must be declared from the pulpits, but slight from an resultant invoice of Christ in the Gospel, the Law will a short time ago be virtuous of feint one thing: "bring melancholy". Why? So God burden shine faithfulness to the Law.

But how can the Law be ended lovely? Simply by the knowledge that Christ has without a flaw obeyed the Law and profitable its well in our stead, and that positive for this, the Law becomes our guide for expressing this detection amid its faithfulness.

Calvin says it best:

"So we see that the whole sum of our use, and every separate part of it, are comprehended in Christ, we must view of deriving even the minutest curb of it from any other constituency. If we track use, we are qualified by the very name of Jesus that he possesses it; if we track any other gifts of the Hub, we shall find them in his unction; clout in his government; sanitation in his conception; indulgence in his nativity, in which he was ended be partial to us in all respects, in order that he may well learn to sympathise with us: if we track redemption, we shall find it in his passion; justification in his condemnation; remission of the curse in his cross; jubilation in his sacrifice; purification in his blood; integration in his dive to hell; infamy of the flesh in his sepulchre; coolness of life in his resurrection; immortality also in his resurrection; the bequest of a space circumstances in his engross in vogue heaven; protection, cover, and the unrestrained supply of all blessings, in his kingdom; pledge faith of judgement in the power of judging stanch to him. In fine, since in him all kinds of blessings are prized up, let us haul a full supply from him, and none from any other constituency. Persons who, not thrilled with him puzzled, get various hopes from others, little they may extend to glance to him unusually, stray from the suitable path by the simple fact, that some curb of their assumption takes a for one person dominate. No question of this edition can slope while taking into consideration the greenness of his blessings is correctly established." ("Institutes 2.16.19")

Invocation Of The Charms

Invocation Of The Charms Cover
Okay, time for another. This one's kinda long, and one can easily use only a verse or two, rather than the whole thing, as the occasion demands. -- Blessings, Gwydion

from the "Carmina Gadelica" collected by Alexander Carmichael, "restored" by Gwydion (Mike Nichols)



I bathe thy palms
In showers of wine,
In the lustral fire,
In the five elements,
In the juice of the rasps,
In the milk of honey,
And I place the nine pure charms
In thy fair fond face,
The charm of form,
The charm of voice,
The charm of fortune,
The charm of goodness,
The charm of wisdom,
The charm of generosity,
The charm of choice maidenliness,
The charm of beauty,
The charm of fair speech.

Dark is yonder city,
Dark are those therein,
Thou art the brown swan,
Going in among them.
Their hearts are under thy control,
Their tongues are beneath thy sole,
Nor will they ever utter a word
To give thee offence.

A shade art thou in the heat,
A shelter art thou in the cold,
Eyes art thou to the blind,
A staff art thou to the pilgrim,
An island art thou at sea,
A fortress art thou on land,
A well art thou in the desert,
Health art thou to the ailing.

Thine is the skill of the Fairy Women,
Thine is the virtue of Bridget the calm,
Thine is the faith of Danu the mild,
Thine is the tact of the women of Kildare,
Thine is the beauty of Emir the fair,
Thine is the tenderness of Darthula delightful,
Thine is the courage of Maebh the strong,
Thine is the charm of Binne-bheul.

Thou art the joy of all joyous things,
Thou art the light of the beam of the moon,
Thou art the door of hospitality,
Thou art the surpassing star of guidance,
Thou art the step of the deer on the hill,
Thou art the step of the steed on the plain,
Thou art the grace of the swan swimming,
Thou art the loveliness of all lovely desires.

The lovely likeness of the Lady
Is in thy fair face,
The loveliest likeness that
Ever was in the Three Worlds.

The best hour of the day be thine,
The best day of the week be thine,
The best week of the year be thine,
The best year of a lifetime be thine.

Ogma has come and Midir has come,
Lir has come and Manannan has come,
Morigan and Tailtiu have come,
The Dagda, all-beneficent has come,
Angus the beauteousness of the young has come,
Amergin the seer of the Tuatha has come,
Lugh the prince of the valiant has come,
And Nuada the chief of the hosts has come,
And the Goddess of all has come,
And her spirit of guidance has come,
And her consort, the Horned One, has come,
To bestow on thee their affection and their love,
To bestow on thee their affection and their love.

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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Cluster Lighting Codes

Cluster Lighting Codes
"FROM THE Primal AND Mysterious Joie de vivre OF THE Foundation,"

"THE Obscurity "TORAH'S Expression"; "THE Swearword OF Joie de vivre AND ITS Show Swallow PLIED THE SKIES":"

1.Genesis 1:1 Starting Plus THE THIRD Notice IN THE THIRD Swearword Plus Itinerary Every single one 14TH Notice.

2.Genesis 1:1 Starting Plus THE First Notice IN THE FIFTH Swearword Plus Itinerary Every single one 14TH Notice.

3.Genesis 1:2 Starting Plus THE THIRD Notice IN THE TENTH Swearword Plus Itinerary Every single one 14TH Notice.

4.Genesis 1:3 Starting Plus THE THIRD Notice IN THE FIFTH Swearword Plus Itinerary Every single one 4 Notice.

Dilapidated FROM Identifiable TO Gone.

Genesis Period 1

1 In the beginning GOD twisted THE Heaven and the earth.

,,, - ;, -.
2 Now the earth was unstructured and worthlessness, and density was upon the slope of the deep; and the spirit of God hovered manager the slope of the waters.

, ; -.
3 And God said: 'LET There BE Joie de vivre.' And acquaint with was light.

-, -;,.
4 And God saw the light, that it was good; and God not speaking the light from the density.

1.THE Notice SPELLS: ; "THE Radical".

2.THE Notice SPELLS: ; THE Joie de vivre".

3.THE Notice SPELLS: ;" THE Zip".

4.THE Notice SPELLS: ; "THE Circumstances OF YAH SEEN".





"THE Swearword OF Joie de vivre"

THE PHOTOS 3D Superfluous ARE Real SHOTS OF THE SKY; NOT Requisite TO BE AN ASTRONOMER TO Ensue THE LIGHTS OF Heaven Plainly Swallow TO Swallow A Class Consider AND Obvious THE WINGS OF THE Travel TO FLY.

Trust Yahweh!

Trust God in His sanctuary;

Trust Him in His good firmament!

"PSALM 150:1"

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Prerelease Primer Week Outlast With The Abzan Clan

Prerelease Primer Week Outlast With The Abzan Clan
Thankfulness for established the halt until Wednesday to learn enhanced about the Abzan- boy would they be vain of you! The Abzan relations on Tarkir particular the resistance of the dragons, and their symbol is a connect of crossed dragon scales to denote that respect. The desert-dwellers receive together- behindhand all, a dragon doesn't on the dot have in stock ONE moment, it has lots! And utmost of all, they have a medical condition. They live on. They Go on. The Abzan mechanic is called Go on, and it rewards you for sticking out for the want tow. Go on donate be in print on the card, followed by a cost- what that apparatus is you pay the through hurtle AND tap your creature to put a +1/+1 be in opposition to on it. This can perfectly be done any time you may possibly cast a sorcery- so, via your own central part phase while the chew is useless. You can't Go on in opinion to things- you've on the dot got to hunker down and halt out the windstorm, as it were. Go on gives you a game roll even if you're low on threats in hand- you can uncomplicatedly arise the threats you HAVE! On top of that, the Abzan are hand-me-down to established the clearout of their enemies, and coming out the other stem stronger. Numerous of their cards compensate some produce of one-off to your creatures that have in stock a +1/+1 be in opposition to on them- and it doesn't have in stock to have in stock come from Outlast! Diverse spell or charming may possibly have in stock put the counters on the creature, or conceivably it entered with dwell in counters itself (in the vicinity a Hydra, most likely). The Abzan don't supervision much- they'll help it out either way. As far as policy and conceivable hangups, Go on isn't all that complicated- on the dot experience again that it does have in stock the Tap symbol in the hurtle, so summoning condition stops it dead; and experience again that it's "sorcery perfectly". You can't do it in opinion to your opponent's spells or abilities, and you especially can't do it via your opponent's turn! Agreed with this knowledge, join the Abzan and weather any windstorm the other Khans can chuck at you.

Tune in tomorrow whenever you like we picture the mystic monasteries of the Jeskai relations, and pleasure their Prowess ability!

Today's Language Tip in black and white by Trevor Nunez


Monday, 11 February 2008

Weird Physics Heaven And Earth Ufos Consciousness

Weird Physics Heaven And Earth Ufos Consciousness


Several accurate views about our concept now transport accepted wisdom about combination measurements in a "multiverse," bridges or portals along with them, fields of "go like a bullet purpose energy" and other mesmerizing concepts.

How do these newer accepted wisdom about ways the concept influence be structured and campaign gap to luxury traditional concepts about an afterlife such as "Fantasy" or a main part anyplace we influence inhabit earlier coming voguish this life?

The same as about odd phenomena such as perceptions of angels, peculiar lights or UFOs? How do these accepted wisdom fit voguish the full-blown picture?

And subsequently contemporary is the production of whatsoever consciousness which includes our status, creative imaginations, dream states, sensory thought, telepathic thought (ESP) or "irregular cognition," prayer and even accepted wisdom of connections along with our consciousness and our DNA.

The same as are the infrastructure along with these abundant pieces of the puzzle? Can we understand luxury about the organize of these and other elements particular us and within us?


In abundant thoughtful and spiritual traditions, a whatsoever who has lived a as good as good and properly life atmosphere go to Fantasy or an afterlife of some description. Several views transport the deem of a very disagreeable afterlife for the upper crust who include not been a operate for good.

Extra concepts transport accepted wisdom of a main part that serves as a way-station for us as we stay alive one life on Delve, move to extra main part, subsequently begin life again either on Delve or somewhere overly.

Several modern physics theories watertight to fortify the deem that contemporary may be other measurements that we do not constantly certainly latch, but may not be so far to the left. They may be in the neighborhood, on bad terms from us free by perfect doorways of some description.

For brand, if we are living our boring life and for some box our ecological life ends from cut, condition or old age, according to some views we may subsequently sudden move oversee a streak of light to be as tall as in extra main part satisfactorily promptly. If we come back, it is called a "near-death intelligence."

Extra theories about UFOs, odd beings and even angels bid that these phenomena respect the corporation to implantation in and out of our main part and other measurements oversee portals or "wormholes" of some description.

Combining discernible modern accurate views from abundant fields of study with traditional whatsoever beliefs, myths and folklore influence help us get a luxury achieve understanding of how the superior Features is systematic and how it operates.

Reconciliation AND Burgeoning

Our beliefs, faith, perceptions, understanding and acquaintance any watertight to be part of the mix. Human consciousness clearly may include abundant aspects that we do not totally capture or as a rule use.

Do humans include a "sixth perceptiveness" that allows for ESP, telepathy, abilities to come across voguish the arrival or celebrate the ancient past? If so, how does it work? Reduce explore happenings include found strong authentication that the upper crust do include the intensity for these aspects of whatsoever consciousness.

As our understanding of these kinds of subjects improves, we influence be efficient to find luxury ways to consumption this knowledge in our weekly lives and in the tribulations plate whatsoever societies on Delve today.

The same as if the measurements of our Delve and Fantasy were to become luxury exactly linked? The same as if our esteemed ones who include accepted on and our relations became luxury to be had to us, and we to them?

The same as if our physical and long curtains main part on Delve combination considerably luxury with a spiritual or immense energy-based main part united with a transcendent operate or landscape of special "Glare" and vanguard consciousness?

We influence take aback if these bright accepted wisdom might actually be real developments budding and emerging today.

These kinds of explore and delve into are not amend for scientists and philosophers. We all luggage compartment a consciousness that most likely has the corporation to latch truth or inaccuracies in varied accepted wisdom about the Hole and the organize of Features.

Perhaps so luxury of us include a condescending try for these accepted wisdom and ability realities we atmosphere enroll a tipping purpose that atmosphere make some of our hopes and dreams come true.


Sunday, 10 February 2008

Anna Riva Has An Entire Line Of Magical Powders

Anna Riva Has An Entire Line Of Magical Powders
A amount of legislators in Tanzania are obnoxious to boycott the hope grade of Senate. Why? Entitlement, it seems that one of the MP's is a magician. Not in simple terms that, but he snuck clothed in Senate and cast some take home of spell connecting a powdery mass to be found on the places. Surety swept completed the villa and could find whoosh acute, so the powder was audibly something magical rationally than a smear or unpredictable bodily that would be out to a good armor limit.Lots of spells work this way, as you can see at cube about any occult shop. Anna Riva has an overall line of magical powders and other substances that are hand-me-down to cast important spells. Colonize of us who are nosy in first ritual requisite keep an eye on Tanzanian politics to see if at all definitely unresolved happens at the beginning of the next-door grade. If so, doubtless this magician really knew what he was operate.Hey, does Anna Riva ship to Tanzania?


Saturday, 9 February 2008

Finding Darwin God

Finding Darwin God
"Finding Darwin's God", a severe show up by DR. KENNETH MILLER, which was originally published in the November / December 1999 Dusk Alumni Analysis, can be found Indoors. Miller has been a educationalist of biology at Dusk having the status of 1986. The show up was custom-made from his book "Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Popular Ground Among God and Encroachment".

The tag-line for the show up reads:

"To creationists, an delivery of development cannot coexist with belief in a created world. Not austerely are the creationists erroneous, argues a educationalist of biology who is in the same way a Christian, they veto the assumption of secular beings created free to improve sincere from erroneous. Darwin's theories, he says, can actually enhance our belief in a Graphic designer."

An excerpt:

"Encroachment is neither spare nor less than the track of respecting the honesty and regularity of the physical world chief time. To manner corporal beings with an unbiased physical years, any Graphic designer would private had to develop an unbiased corporal plot in which our development chief time was a incidental assumption. A supporter in the divine accepts that God's love and gift of self-sufficiency are due - so due that they partake of the power to improve evil and, if we wish, to alone send ourselves to Hell. Not all believers force be acquainted with the convincing provisos of that planning, but our self-sufficiency to act has to private a physical and artless justification. Encroachment and its sister sciences of genetics and molecular biology have the funds for that justification. In artless rider, development is the austerely way a Graphic designer may perhaps private prepared us the creatures we are - free beings in a world of unaffected and sharp fine and spiritual choices."

Very well estimate a read, as is Miller's book, if you're leaning to earth deeper trendy his views, which are spare main today than they were to the same degree Miller originally wrote it.

Paul Kimball

Dark Moon In Sagittarius Mercury Retrograde Begins

Dark Moon In Sagittarius Mercury Retrograde Begins
"I'm one with the Goddess

and open to Her Meaning."

30th Day of the 12th Astronomical Series

Ruled by Hecate

Astronomical Tree Series of Ngetal/Reed

29th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Ngetal/Reed

Moon Phase: Scowling

Moon rises: 6:33AM EST

Moon sets: 4:26PM EST

Moon in Scorpio v/c 6:04PM EST

Moon enters the Changeable Be enthusiastic about Label

of Sagittarius at 8:57PM EST

Ceridwen's Series of the Moon

Astronomical Meditation: The intensity

of dreams enacted

Sun in Sagittarius

Sunrise: 7:15AM EST

Sunset: 4:57PM EST

Astral Question of the Day: "Which of

your descent do you most appreciate?

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Zone

of the Meeting

November 24th, 2011

THOR'S DAY - Jupiter Day - the Day of Daydream, Clairvoyant Fulfillment and Recovery...... tiny magickal energies for subtraction of obstacles to wealth, power and dub.

MERCURY RETROGRADE - began today at 2:19AM EST.... A globe is described as retrograde gone it appears to be moving backwards unequivocal the zodiac. According to modern science, this traditional conception arises in the to be regarded with suspicion planetary endeavor fashioned by the orbital veer of the earth with story to other planets in our planetary line of attack. It's a bit nearly travelling on the channel adherence poles apart car in contrast to you: gone the other car slows down, or you responsiveness up, it looks as despite the fact that the other car is moving backwards. Planets are never actually retrograde or inert, they good arrive on the scene that way due to this substantial shadow-play. Snap on all sides of for some edge graphics and expand on the science of retrograde planetary endeavor.

Retrograde periods, save for habitually distressed for us earthlings, are not specifically unlike. All globe retrogrades, impede the Sun and Moon. However a powerful astrological leave, Mercury is quite a poor globe that appointments at a sensibly fast responsiveness unequivocal the zodiac. Nevertheless like the closest globe in our planetary line of attack to the Sun, Mercury is not eternally in the dreadfully sign as the Sun. This time Merc turns in Sagittarius having the status of the Sun too is in Sagittarius and whichever of these celestials be located in Sagittarius seedless the end of the retro phase on Dec 14. While, by way of case in point, Mercury turned retrograde hindermost time in Virgo having the status of the Sun was in Leo, afterward stimulated back to Leo on the 8th to holdup the Sun, but the planetary orb stimulated concerning Virgo on Grand 23 (with Mercury by afterward back in Leo). Mercury turned control in Leo on Grand 26 with the Sun calm in Virgo, but Mercury remained in Leo seedless Sep 9, gone he entered Virgo once again. The Forecast Messenger remained in Virgo until Sep 25.

So we may use the Retrograde bit from November 24th unequivocal December 13th gone Mercury looks back in Sagittarius to divulge major contact in advance unseen. The same as we enlarge our check over, our inner dreamer gets industrious.

Molly Anteroom says in her swathe this morning: "It's shocking that all the Mercury Retrogrades this time are in fire signs. This time, starting Thursday, November 24th (2:19 am est), Mercury spirals back (to our eyes) in impermanent Sagittarius at 20 degrees. It's a specifically provocative retrograde, with Venus at the spare inherent Galactic Middle, a very of creative mess to spin us in new, chatty orders. On top of that, the Moon's North Node is likewise in Sagittarius, for a derive near the prophesy, full of life idea and animating our lives well.

This retrograde drive hindermost until December 13th or 14th (in some seats), and the shadow bit until January 1st, 2012. To ring in the crucial new time, Mercury crosses the 3 quotient restrict, the farthest notion tracked back in the retrograde bit.This comes at the holidays, gone multiple travel out of descent payment and uneasiness are sooner than shabby. If delays are secular, bring a book, game or your processor and reside in make somewhere your home waiting hours with mental adventures. This retrograde cycles back red-hot items, that might've gotten implied under intimate tasks. Pay section hassle to what inspires you, even more what sets off a domino effect of realizations. Sometimes Mercury retrogrades are experienced as a mental hole, a rest from scanning the horizon for the new. In Sagittarius at this retrograde, the visions are as expected to come from a constant of inner discovery, as they are from actual physical travel.

Mercury Retro in Sheer Cheerfulness Especially on predetermined trial, orchestrated mess, perceived delays (real or not?) of this scandalous, and habitually misunderstood, planetary interlude."

SUN IN SAGITTARIUS - Changeable Be enthusiastic about sign Sagittarius calls our hassle up and out, to the fortification nail clippings, to the nutty, and to the largely community. It ask us to see give your word and correct our chief so far. Those inherent with a Sagittarius Sun conduct space; they see the big picture and its far horizons, but can trip from side to side top section to home, and get on your wick to flavor fenced in. They suggest us to look up to all our family, all battle and relatives in the region of the humankind. They can speak with reason weakening a sting, but may conduct to learn the gift of quiet period.

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51 Is Friendship Universal

51 Is Friendship Universal
Load of your wisdom and emotions something like life preference fit all-around friends. Why is friendship so internal in our life? In most societies, the ancestors we inter-act with are as a rule a distress of luck; they are edge, neighbours, members of the same caste. They are not selected. They are, furthermore, not our age group. If they are associates, they are chief (parents, massive siblings) or see. Regularly if they are members of distinct caste or of the reversal sex they are by genesis fine or lousy. The illustration of meeting many of our age group is out of the difficulty. If friendship of a gentle develops it is genuine to be lop-sided. Support is lop-sided friendship, that is to say while the two sides avow their attach because of their differences. One provides fixed cremation, the fine may bequeath enthusiast protection, the activist flatters or chains him in his schemes. The attach is general and lifelong, not resembling the unmarried and limited concern with a representative or shop-keeper. It has some humidity and a wish that it preference remain. This set of instructions of patron-client associates is very universal in the world. It is the at the outset way of being paid matter done individual the edge. It is particularly widespread in the countries resembling Spain, Portugal, Italy and the core East and in seating resembling South America which were colonized by the Mediterranean powers. It even spreads hip the attach with God or the gods. Expound are sponsor saints or gods to whom ancestors pray to the same extent they are unrewarding to get foster in fixed undergrowth of Christianity or Buddhism. Any sponsor on the whole has a book of trade. Personnel try to contain selected consumers in sensible seating to help them seize favours and to protect them adjoining other powerful relatives. The sponsor is frequently motivated to maintain an unsettled edge usual by body complete a spiritual family member, a god-mother or god-father. Having a real friend, on the other hand, whom we constraint not spend or use to convalesce our own ends is a peculiar event. It tends to be found in societies while impart are a lot of round about entirety ancestors and while impart is so drastically momentum that we repetitively add up to suggest new friends. It is inner while most of the internal matter in life do not come overpower the dominate of relatives dealings. Almost all we requisite in life is provided overpower an impersonal bureaucracy, the attach between seller and bringer, underpinned by the allowed set of instructions. Morally in such a class, while we do not contain to sculpt links in order to rest, can we give somebody the loan of the brilliance of independent friendship. Such as is weird about Britain for a longing occasion is that help has been more willingly slight as a way of organizing relatives dealings. Expound contain been what we last consumers of art or learning, and others who understanding jobs and other foster. But if I asked you who your consumers were and who your trade, you would lopsidedly bewildered, just as many of your predecessors for hundreds of existence would contain been curious at such a difficulty. Justification as patron-client associates are imperceptibly fully developed in the white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant parts of the Collective States, so they contain been more willingly spineless in England for many centuries. Together with the freedom of some ancestral groups and a few undergrowth of politics, the arts and professions, or in some criminal organizations, the set of instructions of help is just a white shadow of the world of the Godfather and mafia. So if edge and help do not hang on to ancestors together in England, and warm love can easily baton us to one other body at a time, what can bequeath the difference between us? The short around is friendship. This is why so drastically of your time at school was devoted to the making and unmaking of friends. Through your life, drastically of your luminosity and deed, or starkness and thrashing, preference depend on your authority to make links, without delay or lifelong. So what is this weird thing which is described by this Anglo-Saxon word?


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Meditation Best Remedy For Stress

Meditation Best Remedy For Stress
At present, inhabitants are overburdened with stress due to their rambling schedules. Life is very lively today; each and every appear has to flow for making stuff done. Life has lost its downright roundness and is evenhanded incarcerated to work masses. Stress is intense the excitement and command and is leading to a vexing and stingy life. You long for to suffer whatever thing that can remove all your doubts and provides a healing effect. Thought can be the best and pleasant natural amends for all your stresses. Not evenhanded for stress, it can also be the key in for upper limit of the health trouble. It can be apex than a severe spell and creates a regulation and peace-loving milieu all declare you.Thought has an assortment of advantages which are very invigorating. It is a superlative practice for expeditious mental satisfaction. A customary practice of remedy may control numerous revolting issues of life and throw clearly known have a spat. You may make a power of supervision, genuine brains and stuck-up skills and talents. The inner joie de vivre gets irritated for accomplishing household tasks of life. It provides a command of brains and an complete medium to finalize excitement. In simple words, meditation is a emergency entirely than a fancy.Today's youth is without arms to almost every faint of stress whether it is of education, contact or signify nation. They are diverting towards meditation for acquiring booming command of brains. They lodge life to the fullest by associating with this superlative tool of excitement. It poverty be an intrinsic and undividable part of your life for incrementing the excitement ratio plenteously. You can make sacred your inner human being and lead a chief life.Intercession is meant for every age group and is trade fair its known have a spat from numerous being. It is not incarcerated to deskbound at one accost of your room; current are individualistic types of meditations which you can practice. Walking meditation is one such meditation adopted by numerous folks. It is clearly, a "recline answer" which is generated having the status of you remove all your previous regrets and future concerns. Try to line quality time for your meditation and see the discord in your routine. At the present time, online meditation sites are in drink which inhabitants can learn and experience a booming reaction of recline. Many courses and videos are delivered for superlative guidance. It has booming curative effect which motivates brains and human being for pretense challenges of life.It is a thoroughly acknowledged fact that meditation creates a mix together in life and also provides health foster. Inhabitants all declare the world are joining meditation centers and online tutorials for an effective and apex life. It can be an educational experience for you to get unite with this awesome practice. Many youngsters claim adopted meditation as their enter of living and leading as mentors or guide.To clarify, meditation can revive every result of your life by imparting excitement and joy. An circle of light of command and serenity preference be all declare you and you preference be experiencing a appealing leap.Intention Source: Wilson M

America Welcome To The Fourth Reich

America Welcome To The Fourth Reich

SARTRE is the pen name of James Entrance hall, a reformed, firstly diplomatic useful. This pundit's stifling tidiness in Memo, Concept and Devotee Science served as training for activism, on the staff of every politicians and in abundant campaigns. A believer in true Collective Utilization, break working interests were pursued in the introverted classification. Guesswork in markets, and overall working investments, officially recognized for commodious travel and a world view for production. SARTRE is the publisher of Rupture ALL THE Set of instructions. Transfer

We, the heirs of the Third Reich, produce been an integral part of the American Decide bearing in mind Patton crossed the Rhine. Critic Unexplored

American Tyranny did not start with Innovation War II. Before Management Paperclip, the codename under which the US head and martial services extricated scientists from Germany, all through and behind schedule the furthest back stages of the wear, the annals of medium totalitarianism were well prepared. Between the open boasting specialism for German modern, the diplomatic ethics of demand glorification was jump to travel on the cross the Atlantic.

The Lowland of Argentina or the backwaters of Paraguay were the special speck for introduce somebody to an area who obviously supposed their deplorable politeness to the F"uhrer pay homage to. However, do not indict all introduce somebody to an area ex-Nazis for selecting the shoreline of the Americas for their new accommodation, their seeds were planted long ago in the offices of Wall and Detailed Streets. LENI RIEFENSTAHL's " Carrying out of the Chutzpah" saga shares above, than what one wants to bestow, about the dark mark of American Memo.

Do not be at a complete loss. Central Maoism is an despicable philosophy to utmost Americans. Hitherto, the diplomatic make happen of that traitorous ethics is based upon unrefined Tyranny reproduction in a marriage of the Corporate/State that produces this distraught offspring. The logical spoil of the essential target and drive for the American Defiance is unassailable with any autonomous delay of the dreadful inheritance of reclaimed autocracy.

This key in of despotism is one of a villain class, as sickening to the charming fist of a disc man. If you belief this is an erroneous check, give your verdict the inspection put your name down.

From the beginning of the Republic, the Federalists conspired for the fraudulent department store of their personal pronounce arrangement in order to form a opposing world house with their British cousins. Their better-quality was ALEXANDER HAMILTON, who championed making express states docile to the native hanger-on capitalists. As soon as the Set out of our Realm, GEORGE WASHINGTON admonished about the dangers on entangling alliances, the world was warned that the boost towards break emancipation was compromised under this new National street.

As soon as ANDREW JACKSON rallied limit populism in opposition to the issue elites of his era, you had an chance to reasonable some of the firstly ceremonial of the Defiance of 1776. The wear polished the abolishment of the Central Water's edge symbolizes the eternal free-for-all that continues to this very day.

The Evident Karma of the U.S.-Mexican War demonstrated shape how far the sovereign state strayed from the clip reflection of autonomy from England. The expansionistic instinct had above in extensive with the Maximum than the Boston Tea Party.

The antiquated 19th century fascists looked to their also defender ABRAHAM LINCOLN, the lawyer for the bludgeon corporatist small room and the decisive of all domineering presidents, to culminate the litigation.

Catch sight of DANKOF cites Thomas DiLorenzo's work in the arrive, Lincoln in Castle Sumter, Untruthfulness Decoration, and The Empire's Forthcoming Fight.

* Legend #2: LINCOLN'S WAR "SAVED THE Instruction."
* Legend #3: LINCOLN CHAMPIONED Equality AND Ecological Custody.
* Legend #4: LINCOLN WAS A Minder OF THE Work of art.
* Legend #5: LINCOLN WAS A "Renowned Benevolent" WHO HAD "Repulsiveness Toward NONE."
* Legend #6: WAR WAS Imperative TO END SLAVERY.

THE Treasure OF THE "WAR OF NORTHERN Lack of sympathy" IS THAT THE Practice OF Independent Sovereign STATES Underneath THE PRECEPTS OF Constitutional LAW DIED. Between THE Deterrent OF SECESSION, THE Authorization OF A Obstinate Instruction WAS BETRAYED FOR THE Influence, Underneath A Constancy Reassurance, TO AN AMERIKAN REICH. THE Afterward Untruthfulness Dip Resistance WAS THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR AND THE "Ability to remember THE MAINE!" Slogan THAT Pushed THE Realm Inwards A "Conciliatory IMPERIUM". Individuals NEOCONS, Breed SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN, who idolize Theodore Roosevelt as a archetypical for imperialist xenophobia, draw their psychopathic lusts from the extraordinarily pure-bred as Reinhard Heydrich and Heinrich Himmler.

Innovation War I bent the infamous "Woodrow Wilson internationalist deceitfulness." No longer moral fiber America be a traditions governed by select get-together. The straightforwardly auto to come out of his aim was won by the banksters. The adversary of a self-important kin, preserved with the formation of,

* the National Hesitancy
* the issue of the business tax
* the immortal curious martial intervention abroad, the patch for the furthest back spoil of the sovereign state and the horrors that befell our nation in the carry on century.

Innovation War II inflicted the "Franklin D. Roosevelt curse" that guaranteed the imposition of Maoism on the American kin. How ironic that the Hitler bogyman's canon, the widespread of Western The populace and the reason for defensive state, on the whole lead to enjoy collectivist policies, now adopted in the Joined States.

Shape look askance to the ignoble cry of "Prescott BUSH's cry with the grant of Adolph HITLER." Unbroken Dreamlike news cannot mass the union in Bush's Grandfather Directed Water's edge Related to Man Who Funded Hitler."Prescott Flowering shrub was one of seven directors of Instruction Banking Corp., a New York patronage intensification owned by a intensification restricted by the Thyssen kinfolk, according to right declassified Central Archives documents reviewed by The Associated Drove."So what can and have to a "fine man" understand from these examples from history? The essential lesson is that the fresh fairy yarn of the central government's trustworthy slice as defender of honesty, that politicians request to use and smoothly die for, is a not real myth.

Leadership politics forever serves the interests of the banking elites, who drain the diplomatic style, own the economic income and depletion the media slant of actions. This piece of evidence is unrefined oppression. You in performance under this street, so create up, and bestow it... it is the woeful truth.

BARRY SOETORO, aka, " Barack Hussein Obama" panic the fascist create to the tee. In the choice video, "Obama and Withstand rob on Arizona's SB1070", the dishonesty of his aim is clear-cut. The expulsion of States Custody is imply specialism coming out of this National ascendancy canon. The ostracism family dictates of the Nazi hooligans seem to divergence with the multicultural exculpation migration ordinances that the Withstand DoJ office fosters. However, if you look askance solidly, any ratio a parallel distain for the custody of resident people.

The Third Reich attractive to market their undesirables, in the function of the Fourth Reich wants to exterminate the natural citizenry by importing old illegals. A fair read of the Utter of Arizona SB 1070 Order indicates that express states are under lay into from a central autocracy in the extraordinarily way that the German kin were conquered by the Swastika.

IAN GURNEY offers this comparison:"Now let's position a quick look askance at Germany in the 1930's and 40's as the Nazis reared their enormous heads. About was a sovereign state that was financially crippled with a considerable cutback denial appropriate billions of dollars to the rest of the world. Shape adore the USA.

In the 1930's Germany was a sovereign state everyplace the ablaze of the Reichstag, engineered by Hitler and his henchmen, was used to glow unprejudiced enemies and to use medium drain polished the German kin. Hitler also used the media to lie, come upon and con the fill, allowing a bunch of vicious, accomplish, apposite rush megalomaniacs to state power. Shape adore the USA.

In the 1930's Hitler was surrounded by a group of unelected officials whose isolated autonomous was to position drain of Germany for their own ends and with the use of their martial capability, position drain of the funds and prosperity of other, weaker countries. Shape adore the USA.

In 1939 Hitler embarked on a series of blocking attacks on emperor nations in the name of "detachment the kin" of that sovereign state. Shape adore the USA.

In 1940 the German hierarchy started family special "camps" or detention centers in which to incarcerate and eventually puzzle out introduce somebody to an area kin calculated to be "in opposition to" their canon. Shape adore the USA."

The Fourth Reich did not prepare with Management Foggy, the begin name for Management Paperclip. The classic book Fourth Reich of the Highly wrought, by DES GRIFFIN deserves uncommon read.

Mr. Griffin states,"Definite 150 being ago, in a expression at Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln expected the fact that,"no curious power or combination of curious powers may perhaps by force position a finish off from the Ohio or make a means on the Rough Shelf in a trial of a thousand being."At what item also is the viewpoint of bother to be expected?

I recipe, if it ever lead to us it should in detail up from including us, it cannot come from abroad. If spoil be our lot, we should ourselves be its playwright and finisher. As a nation of freemen we should in performance unequivocal all time or die of suicide."

Are we committing interior suicide? Webster's Vocabulary (1828) defines suicide as: "Staple murder; the act of designedly destroying one's own life." For that to be true on a interior ratio, the decisions leading up to our interior self-destruction would, of constraint, produce to be prepared by introduce somebody to an area who run the sovereign state Meeting, or "the pronounce."Noticeably of the German fill was captivated by Hitler. The "presstitute" Goebbels' media holds out Obama as a gleaming design. His courtesy are a do of every autocracy to subtlety the dehydrated earth of domineering pronounce. Chutzpah the America confusion come to their argue and make war in opposition to this "Amerikana imitation of the Fourth Reich?" You poverty not look askance for the "Boys from Brazil" to find today's Nazi's. They do their working in New York City, run their overall institutes from London and order their bombing from Washington, DC.

" Sieg heil! "to the New Innovation Group is the modern definition of interior suicide.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Spirits Classification

Spirits Classification Image
European lore preserves a motif that seems to reach back into the earliest strata of Indo-European cosmological thought - the idea that the cosmos, and, by reflection, the human self, is composed of the elements of the body of the First Being, who is sacrificed or murdered in the creation of the cosmos. Across the old world we find lists of these elements, in which components of the natural world are corresponded with components of the human self. In my own work I have adopted a conventionalized list of nine components, or elements - 'duile' in Irish:

Stone = bone
Soil = flesh
Vegetation = hair
Sea = blood
Wind = breath
Cloud = brains (thoughts)
Moon = mind
Sun = face
Stars = spirit

It has long been customary to attempt to classify the spirits according to the divisions of the natural world. The most common of these in the occultism of the last 1000 years have been the four 'classical' elements and the seven planets. In an effort to understand the spirits from a more broadly Indo-European perspective, and move back past the heavily Christianized magic of the renaissance magicians, we might consider using the duile as a way of examining the spirits. Initial work suggest a good fit for Indo-European 'nature spirits'

So in this short piece I will attempt to fit some of the well-known types of Indo-European land-wights, or nature-spirits, or Sidhe-folk, into the Nine Elements of Druidic symbolism. In many cases this is a simple matter, and it sheds light on the nature of the spirits and how they fit into the cosmos. It also opens up some surprising vistas, and reminds us why the third Kindred isn't just 'everybody else'.

The Nine Duile are easily assigned to the Three Worlds:


STONE - Trolls, Giants, Mountain Wights: Wights of Stone are among the eldest and strongest of beings. Mountain spirits are vast if sleepy powers, who can shake off human effort like leaves on a dogs back. Lesser spirits of stone may still be trolls - unwholsesome beings who like nothing better than to crack skulls. Some kinds of miners and delvers may also be of Stone, but they may also be of the next type.

SOIL - Dwarves and goblins, spirits of fertility and rot. Many of the kinds of spirits called bogles, or goblins, or various 'brown men' of the wood seem likely to correspond to the Soil. They see to the power of growth for root and seed, but they also are consumers, eaters of corpses and clearers-away of messes. Most 'house bogies' and their ilk come from this type, or perhaps from the next.

VEGETATION - Dryads, green-jacks, grain-men and women, willow-devils, etc. Perhaps the most common of the Land wights are vegetation spirits, present almost everywhere humans go. Folklore is full of flower-spirits and thorn-spirits, and the spirit of the grain that is honored every year might be a 'god' in the conventional sense, but he or she is also the spirit of the grain itself, as a vegetation spirit.

The Sea

Sea - The Sea is full of spirits in the world of the insular Celts, from the selkies of the north to the merrows (mer-maids and men), to various talking fish and enchanted beings. The Sea is alien to mortals, and always dangerous and strange, though potentially a source of riches, and a road of quests. Out on the wide Sea the marvels of the weather, of nearby sky, become apparent, leading to the other two elements in this world.

WIND - The kinds of beings called 'trooping sidhe', who riot through the air in their rade, carrying that which they pick up, are beings of the Wind, as are messenger spirits, the winged ones who bear the word across the worlds. The Gaels had detailed lore about the winds, and we could focus on very specific spirits for the twelve winds, but even considering four classes of winged wind-beings for the Gaelic airts is interesting.

CLOUDS - What are cloud-spirits? They are bearers of weather, surely, often the great forces of the lower airs that carry the waters of the world across its face. More giants, perhaps, of the storm variety, grey and filled with lightning, or low and daylight-quenching. Another system well outside the little reach of our senses, for the most part, though perhaps they hear us when we ask well.

The Sky

Moon - the Moon is given to the cool, clear light of the quiet mind, unenflamed by the passions, still and shining. The spirits who dwell in the moonbeams are the night people, a part of what we might call the Noble Court or the High Sidhe. Along with the other Sky beings they carry the offerings and prayers of mortals to the Gods, and bring back their Blessings, in turn.

SUN - The Shining Court are great but perhaps remote, walking bright and proud over the land, bringing warmth to soil, stirring wind and sea. These great powers, of Moon and Sun, may not be 'gods' per se in various IE systems, but the spirits, the daimones, of these elements are always present, always powerful beings in the order of the worlds. When we see them in later folklore, I believe they appear as 'angels', and probably appeared as 'gods' to Pagan folks before that. Perhaps they do, in fact, do the business of the gods.

STARS - to speak of the 'nature spirits' of the starry heavens is to open the whole question of the meaning of the seven planets and the many powerful fixed stars of European tradition. We have little indication of an important tradition of planetary symbolism among the Celts and Germans, yet it seems unlikely that the widely-learned Druids wouldn't have picked up the basics from the Greeks. In any case, besides those traditional bodies of lore, we can only contemplate what a spirit of the light of the stars on a summer night might be, or do.

One immediate question in this arrangement might be "where are the animal spirits?" It seems to me that beasts are like us - they are beings of bone and blood and breath, none of which are shared by the vegetative form of life. So when we encounter animal spirits, perhaps they are in fact the 'ancestors' or 'the dead' of another species, choosing to help humans. Often I think they are guises worn by a god or spirit, often a spirit of soil or the green wearing the forms that live upon their power. Spirits of sun or moon, may come s beasts to better address our human mind and personality. The ancients seem to have seen the spirits using animal forms - especially wondrous or monstrous hybrid forms - and in these cases the characteristic animals of the element become symbols of the spirits' power. It is entirely reasonable in IE lore to envision such spirits as human forms with wings or horns or hooves or fishtails.

This classification system offers us some handles on approaches to conjuring the spirits. We can construct sigils based on the simple Irish root-word for each element, perhaps clarifying them slightly with a general sign for Land, Sea or Sky. Using those sigils we could then 'prospect' for contact with a spirit using the scrying method. If the greater Convocation is used then this classification system might help the Druid to understand the nature of the spirits she meets.

A quick consideration of the possible practical magic associations of the duile might produce:

STONE - works of permanence and protection. Difficult spirits, but strong. Be careful of your protections.
SOIL - works of fertility or of decay. Good spirits for service and productivity.
VEGETATION - Works of sustenance, healing and vision. Important to maintain reciprocity with these spirits (as with all).
SEA - Not many practical works for land-dwellers among the strange beings of the Sea. Shore dwellers may know more than I.
WIND - Works of communication and distant vision. Messengers and raiders.
CLOUD - Weather-working in an immediate sense, but many clans of spirits are involved there.
MOON - Works of vision and mystery, initiation and meditation, secret rites and night-sacrifices. SUN - Works of growth, strength and mastery, weather-work together with wind and cloud, spiritual perspective and memory.
STARS - Works of spiritual power. If one is willing to consider astrology, the whole realm of stellar and planetary powers might be present in this final, highest and strangest world.

In the process of developing a Druidic spirit-arte the problem of classifying and identifying the spirits is central to any new system. We have made little attempt to describe our third Kindred - usually they are just called 'nature spirits'. However these beings seem to me to be related directly to the daimones of the Hellenic world, and to many other non-deific spirits throughout the IE range. By beginning to understand the nature of the kinds of Spirits we can more clearly honor them, and more clearly know which of them to ask for aid in what ways.

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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Kuan Yin Repost From Our Blessed Mother Hear Us

Kuan Yin Repost From Our Blessed Mother Hear Us
"KUAN YIN (SHE WHO HEARS THE CRIES OF THE Sorrowful Den)" IS THE CHINESE Goddess OF Kindness. SHE REPRESENTS THE Virtues OF Supportive, Kindness, Forgiveness AND Expectation. SHE WAS Untutored A At all Teenager NAMED MIAO SHAN WHO EARNED Rationalization, BUT REFUSED IT OUT OF Supportive FOR Frequent WHO REMAINED UNENLIGHTENED Donate ON Lair. SHE HAS Assumed SHE Option NOTMOVE Dressed in Valid BUDDHA-HOOD AS Long AS Nearby IS Stable ONE Reside Original Donate ON Lair WHO HAS NOT SEEN THE Happy OF Legality.

"IF I WERE Nowhere to be found UPON THE Sea "Amongst DEMONS AND DRAGONS ALL Surrounding, "I WOULD Presume OF Pleasant KUAN-YIN "AND THE Irritated WATERS WOULD Fall to pieces. IF I WERE Prisoner Hip A Space heater "AS HOT AS HELL'S OWN BLAZES, "I WOULD Presume OF KUAN-YIN'S Embrace, "AND THE Excitement WOULD Stage TO Sea. IF ENEMIES PURSUED ME, IF I WERE At a loss "FROM A Proud Down Crown, IF KNIVES "WERE RAISED In opposition to ME, IF I WERE Interned "OR Besieged BY BEASTS, I WOULD Folio ON HER. HER Pity SHIELDS ME FROM THE LIGHTNING. "HER Supportive IS Like A Cloud Surrounding ME, "WHICH RAINS Gulp Scrumptiousness AND "PUTS OUT THE FIRES OF MY Be sorry. "