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Sunday, 7 December 2014

News As Soon As Lee Kikwang Ends High Kick His Charismatic Transformation Where He Dyes His Hair

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Group BEAST member Lee Kikwang prepared a new hairstyle and transformed into a charismatic style from his flower boy character.

From MBC 'High Kick Through the Roof' (know an 'High Kick') that recently ended, Lee Kikwang appeared as Hwang Jungeum's crush, Saeho, gathering the attention through his charming image.

After 'High Kick' was ended last week, he dyed his hair a bright color in order to match the concept of his new album, and he attempted an image transformation.

Truthfully, while recently revealing 'Shock' during their activities, all the other BEAST members attempted a diverse style change to appeal a strong charm, but because of Lee Kikwang's appearance in the sitcom, he continued to clung onto his common black hair. But, as soon as Lee Kikwang ended 'High Kick', he completed the strength of BEAST's transformations with his first hair dye.

In order to firmly transfer from 'flower boy Saeho' to a charismatic 'muscular Kikwang' with solid abs, Lee Kikwang dyed his hair a bright brown, and he emphasized his masculine beauty with his good-looking forehead.

As fans saw Lee Kikwang's first hair dye, they cheered, saying, "He became handsomer", "He is an unrealistic visual who is associating himself as a cartoon hero", and they are showing hot reactions to his transformation. Lee Kikwang's image is gushing out a pure flower boy image and a sexy double charm that can be difficult to coexist with one another.

On the same day, Lee Kikwang's affectionate impression about the ending of 'High Kick' was uploaded onto his minihompy. Lee Kikwang delivered his sadness and thankfulness regarding the ending [of 'High Kick'] by saying, "Through 'High Kick', I, Kikwang, believed that it has been a great opportunity to mature and it is a thankful piece of work for me."

Also, with the words "From now on, I promise to show a really charming image with the members as BEAST's Lee Kikwang," he expressed his sad inner heart regarding the fact that he couldn't be helpful during their [BEAST's] side-by-side music activities.

Because he couldn't be with them due to his personal regular schedule, he still didn't forget his promise to the fans that he would return with BEAST's friendship and with his best appearance.

After challenging himself in the acting field with 'High Kick', Lee Kikwang, who is receiving love calls from his current and various works, is planning on concentrating on the rising trend of 'Shock' in their music activities.

By being selected as an entertaining MC in the newly starting corner 'Hot Brothers' from 'Sunday, Sunday Night', he is expected to show another charm while expanding his activity field.