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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Nothing Like The Sun

Nothing Like The Sun

NOTE: This is everything I had submitted to WotC during their open agreement distance for Dragon. They took a travel permit on it. But that is cool, from the time when it respect I can extend it and travel permit it on now to you for free.

"From the Lifeless Dragon Scrolls, #54":

Sel^une was shaped from the antediluvian mainstay of the room, along the length with her twin sister, Shar. Allied, they shaped Chauntea (the print of the world of Abeir-Toril) and some other holy bodies and infused these areas with life. The two goddesses hence fought extinct the fate of their creations. From these struggles emerged the light deities of magic, war, scar, mass murder, death, and others. Sel^une reached out of the room and from a intensity of fire, brought forth a blaze and ignited a holy be included in order to obtain light to Chauntea. This positively beside yourself Shar, and she began to clean all light and light in the room. Face down and powerless from the time when of Shar's schedule, Sel^une hurled some of her divine mainstay at her sister. Sel^une's mainstay tore tell Shar, bringing some of Shar's mainstay with it. This magical energy combined to form the goddess Mystryl, the light goddess of magic. "So says the myths of the Realms. Sel^une and Shar, sisters safe in eternal struggle against, eternal quarrel. But this is not the commentary of a few; the selected to know the truth. It is true that siblings battle, they debate, yet do they in addition not love each other still? Are they not additional unchanged than different?

These were the highest questions asked by the highest of our order, the truths they lead to even as would make us shunned by both the Catch light and the Gloom. Shunned, from the time when persuasive down they know their own tradition are lonely half-truths their litanies in progress. Shunned from the time when we know the rich, super truth that the Goddesses of the moon, Sehanine, Sel^une and Shar, are in truth aspects of the One Triple Divine being."

Buddies of the Triple Divine being, free amid themselves as the Sisterhood of the Triple Divine being (aka Sisters) take away that the Divine being without fail has been, it is mortals that regard unusually part Her wearing portion Goddesses from the time when they can not comprehend Her in Her true form. She is Sehanine, Sel^une and Shar in particular and all at on one occasion. Hand over is no denunciation. Buddies of the temperament Goddesses battle accompanied by themselves from the time when their doctrines are so fail to each other, yet they lonely regard a barely visible module of the truer picture.

Each person Smudge is very much as the Divine being she represents; Sehanine is the ever youthful Maiden, Sel^une the powerful Blood relation and Shar, the supreme misunderstood but undisturbed cloaked in shadow, fading and death.

THE MAIDEN. In Her personality as Sehanine Moonbow, the Maiden is ever young. She is represents new childhood, pubescent and re-birth. It is the Maiden that represents the autonomy of pubescent but in addition enlargement. She is supreme often seen in wild green flowers, the eternal Grow, the Waxing Semi-circular Moon. For this reason she is in addition supreme often coupled with the elves and the Feywild. She is young, scatty and hazardous as befits Her category. She dallies with Gods (and sometimes Goddesses) to sow the advent generations. One time she does she becomes the Blood relation.

THE Blood relation. In Her Smudge as the Blood relation, She is supreme often worshiped under the name Sel^une. Present-day She is the Divine being of the Summer, the Well-off Moon. She is coupled with the Glory days Material and the practical. She is the Blood relation. Hefty, arrogant, and stern if wanted, but particular and understanding. At the same time as the Spellplauge She is depicted as qualities full with child. Some say she is expectant with the reborn Mystra and it is tell the Blood relation that Charm enters the world.

THE CRONE. The supreme misunderstood of all the Aspects of the Divine being. Nonetheless to be evil She is demonized as Shar, the Gloom Moon. The Crone is far, far additional than that. Absolutely, She is accountable for death, darkness and fading, but these are natural processes of Animation, Pasting and New start. She is the Crone of Chilly and all souls travel permit by Her. Acquit her if She seems bitter or shadow, She lonely knows of Pasting. For this She is supreme often coupled with the Shadowfell. She honors the partners of Shar, but does not understand their concentration with death. Pasting is wanted so that others may hunting lodge and swelling. The turn out must be sown, the fields must be cleared, sometimes burned, so that new seeds and enlargement can permit. The Crone knows very much, but the pace of Her wisdom is high.

THE People attending worship OF THE TRIPLE Divine being

The lay worshipper of the Triple Divine being is as usual female (thus the name Sisterhood), as the Divine being waxes and wanes in course with the moon, so does a living thing as she progresses in life as Maiden, Blood relation and Crone and tell lonely periodical about.

"Tenets of Optimism"

The Triple Divine being is worshiped by qualities that worships one of her Aspects, but Her completion know the truth.

o She is the Moon, waxing and wanning as the Moon does

o She brings Catch light, Animation and Dejection to the Nature.

o She is the Divine being of New start, Animation and Pasting. Consequently her true believers can never use, or regard cast-off on them, any Lug Sufferers Spell; lonely Resurrection.

o Pass on the word of the Triple Divine being, but do not attempt to loose change others. They choice come wearing the failure equally they are superlative.

o Do what you can to help partners of the Divine being Aspects.

o Shaving undead. They are an abomination to the New start, Animation, Pasting about and consequently an pique to the Divine being.

Exchanges Linking THE WORSHIPERS.

The Sister of the Triple Divine being group a variety of of the especially practices of standing as do the partners of Sehanine, Sel^une and Shar. In fact it is not uncommon that a crony of the Triple Divine being choice be part of one of the other members' sects. She (and the partners are supreme often a she fancy than a he) choice faintly perform her duties advent to her trusting sisters, all the when knowing that lonely she knows the whole truth.

If bare the crony is normally asked to put off their dissenting beliefs, other service or punishments may be de rigueur depending on the bid she belongs too.


The partners of Sehanine view the Triple Divine being as an interesting curiosity. They are additional than game to assume that Sehanine and Sel^une possibly will be the especially and of course expound are undisturbed a variety of accompanied by the elves that take away that Sehanine is part of a Trinity with Hanali Celanil and Aerdrie Faenya, so this is not a lope for them. Sisters are normally lonely asked to strengthen superior road and rail network with the rest of Sehanine's partners.

The Sisters see the partners of Sehanine as tasty, but critically na"ive. This they see as a weight of lonely next the Maiden Smudge of the Divine being. They lack the experiences and wisdom that would come to them from learning from the Blood relation and Crone.


Hand over is very much equivalent amid the Elven Divine being Angharradh and the Triple Divine being. Cheif accompanied by these are Sehanine and their comparable symbols. Sisters see Angharradh as a distribute Elven Divine being additional give of the brilliant aspiration in the elves to merge their contour. Another Angharradh, who is both the especially as and seperate from her aspects, the Sisters take away that The Triple Divine being is One and Three as the especially time. Hand over is no separating Sehanine from the Divine being.


The Sel^unites see the Sisters as in addition qualities na"ive, but not about the true category of their Divine being, but sooner underestimating the evil and nature of Shar. Some of the additional Prevailing members even see the Sisters as a danger set up by Shar Herself to knock them from within; everything they pay to as the Heresy of the Gloom Moon (in which they wholly banish Sehanine). It is not the Triunity or even Trinity they regard the issues with, it is the fact they get somebody mixed up Shar in it.

Nonetheless it is speculated that expound are Sisters in some of the greatest shape of the Sel^unite church.

The Sisters see the Sel^unites as qualities blinded by their hatred of "Shar" to see the full reality; expound is no "Shar" as a distribute Divine being. Shar, The Crone is major for life to take up again and swelling.

The Tips

Swords of the Lady: The "Lunatics" spot The Sister's analysis on undead, but handle their belief that Shar is part of their Divine being to heresy in the chief. The Sister's see the Swords as hazardous fanatics.

Oracles of the Moon: The Oracles and the Sisters actually get along the length relatively well. The Oracles foster to see additional than the other partners and the Sisters find the Oracles very knowledgeble, but separated from at all concerns.

Silverstars: Silverstars are reluctant of the Sisters, darling mean the Swords, that tear a undersized too meticulously to Shar for their agreement. Save for in particular they do foster to get along the length back Sisters be grateful for life completed all overly. The Sisters appreciate the Silverstars and handle their put up is pleasant and ethical. They ethical wished they possibly will find the way to seeing the full Divine being.


The Buddies of Shar foster to be a dark, evil lot. They view the Sisters as cowards for not embracing true evil and watering down their belief with the likes of Sehanine and Sel^une. They regard secret message but condemn for them. Punishments can get somebody mixed up forced re-conversion by suffering. One time the Sisters were highest bare within the shape of the Sharites they were captured and pesky with Werewolf Lycanthropy. Because astonished and astounded both sides were that the Sisters so pesky retained their own minds equally transformed; everything even the Sel^unites possibly will not do.

The Sisters see the Sharites as perverters of the Goddesses true form. Yes, the Crone is obscurity and delimited by death, but it is the top destination for us all. To express on that aspect alone is stubborn. The Sisters run the extreme personally danger from the Sharites, but they are in addition the ones the Sisters handle the use to reach out to the supreme.

The Tips

Gloom Justicars: The Justicars adjudicator the Sisters to be hazardous heretics and normally decimate them on foresight. The Sisters move away the Justicars at all payment. Some souls can't be saved.

Direct of the Gloom Moon: Boss conception of the Sisters back their own tappings wearing the Gloom Unite has lead them to take away that is of the especially category as the Unite. If this is true, hence the tradition of the Sisters, as rebel as they are, possibly will in addition be true. The Sisters find the Direct to be very ghastly in their outlook and are not astounded that their irreplaceable minded dedication to the Come into bud Unite in addition blinds them to the significant qualities of the Triple Divine being. They are not to be hard at it dizzily, but standard the best inroad wearing Shar's cult they regard.

Nightcloaks/Nightbringers: The Accord of the Clerical of Shar see the Sisters as a danger and one that must be vanished. The Sisters view the Nightcloaks as the true bane in Shar's revere. If this hazardous element can be separated the Sisters handle the rest of the partners of Shar choice become partners of the Triple Divine being.


As an unaligned deity the Tripple Divine being is misunderstood by the clergy and lay join of supreme of the other faiths. The partners of Chantea in her form of the Extreme Blood relation regard very much in prevalent with the Sisters. From the time when the dogman and tenets of standing are very, very comparable, expound are a load differences to arrest them from qualities fail.


The Sisters are found someplace that the worshipers of Sehanine, Sel^une and Shar. In known they are positioned in the Moonshae Isles. Hand over are centers of revere in Waterdeep as well.

FOURTH Collection

The Triple Divine being is the Unaligned Divine being of the Moon, Charm and Alter.

TYPE: Supercilious God

ALIGNMENT: Unaligned

GENDER: Female


SYMBOL: Three interlocking circles

DOMAIN: Arcana, Alter, Moon

Special: Worshipers may take any measure or Paragon Path that is half-done to Sehanine, Sel^une and Shar, with alignment considerations.

The Triple Divine being find worshipers accompanied by all sorts of peoples. She is chiefly worshiped by Witches, Outer space Sorcerers, Fey and Gloom Divide up Warlocks, Moon Elves and Half-Elves. She is in addition worshipped by good or unaligned Half-Orcs. Regardless of contour or class Her completion are by and large women. Folks that cause themselves to destroying Undead choice in addition pay Her homage, like a house on fire if they hunt at night.

The revere of The Triple Divine being is strongest everywhere anywhere the Glory days Material, Shadowfell and the Feywild be astride. Hand over is free piece of work in Winterhaven.

THIRD Collection D">Three interlocking circles

Nation PLANE: The Moon

ALIGNMENT: Allowed Monotonous

PORTFOLIO: Moon, Charm, Murky, Mysteries

WORSHIPERS: Women, witches, Astrologers,


DOMAINS: Arcana, Alter, Moon

In WEAPON: None (magic)


The world is additional thorny than you know and expound are undisturbed older mysteries. The Triple Divine being is the keeper of these mysteries, but to understand them you must highest understand Her.

REFERENCES of Forgotten Realms deities Moonbow (Forgotten Realms) (Forgotten Realms) Goddess (Neopaganism) Moonbow of Shar

Source Of The Enochian System Of Magick According To Frater Barrabbas

Source Of The Enochian System Of Magick According To Frater Barrabbas Image
I have an intriguing question for all magicians using the Enochian system of magick. What if instead of either using the plethora of books and materials on Enochian magick or consulting the various published and translated or annotated diaries, a magician decided instead to go to the actual spiritual source that supposedly produced this material and start anew, without any prior opinions or beliefs. Would a magician who took this path find out anything new or different from what is already known and in use?

I am not advocating throwing away any of the materials that exist, either in the form of the diaries of John Dee or the many books that have made use of this material and expanded on it. In other words, I am not proposing reinventing the wheel in regards to Enochian magick. What I am proposing is for magicians to contact the angels and spirits in a similar order that John Dee and Edward Kelly did nearly 430 years ago to see if there is any further lore to be had. This is exactly what I did back in 1991, and what I discovered was an entire system of magick and a specialized Qabbalah that had not been reported in Dee's diaries. My reason for doing this is that I believed that there seemed to be a lot of missing data in the overall Enochian system, and I also believed that what I was looking for would not be found in the diaries. I assumed that it could only be discovered if one followed in the foot steps that Dee and Kelly had made centuries ago, revealing the source of that system of magick.

To my knowledge, no one has taken this perspective and attempted to replicate what Dee and Kelly did so very long ago. The obvious reason for this is that there already exists a very large body of data in the form of Dee's diaries. Occultists have been pouring over these diaries now for over a century. Why would anyone want to re-do all of the painstaking skrying sessions that Dee and Kelly performed only to produce either what is already known or something that would be less interesting or engaging? Purists like to say that they have taken accepted methodologies, like the pronouncing of the Enochian language, and gone back to the diary sources instead of using Aleister Crowley's or Israel Regardie's techniques. Yet despite the fact that there is so much material, I stubbornly suspected there were things missing as well.

Why did I think that and what were my reasons for believing that to be the case? Perhaps it was an intuition, but certainly I decided long ago that the Enochian system of magick was a thing that was separate and beyond even the writings and speculations of John Dee or the emotionally volatile intuitions and insights of Edward Kelly. Dee was a 16th century man, and the Enochian system of magick seemed like something that was both timeless and beyond the boundaries of any kind of occult or spiritual speculation from that time. One glaring omission was the lack of any authoritative archangelic spiritual entities in the Enochian system. We are talking about Briatic level spirits and not various entities associated with the Elemental Squares or planets. Once Dee had progressed beyond the basic known archangels of Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel, no other analogous class of angelic spirits is to be found.

I am sure that some Enochian adept would handedly dispute this claim and perhaps even point out some spirits that I had missed in my studies, but still, I am presenting the reason why I thought that the Enochian system was incomplete. It also seemed to lack much in the way of ritual structures, initiatory transformations, etc. I found the alphabet of the Enochian language to be difficult to work with, since there were only 21 (and not 22) letters - so close yet so far from the Hebrew Qabbalah. So with this intuition and perhaps limited understanding, I proceeded with the project of invoking the spirits in the order that Dee seemed to access them, and see if there was any other material to be had from the spiritual source of the Enochian system of magick. Instead of using a shew stone and performing the skrying sessions that Dee and Kelly performed, I decided to use the ritual lore that I already had in which to facilitate the invocation of the archangelic spirits. Since I use a system of direct immersion, I was not only going to invoke these angelic spirits, but I was going to enter into their domain as well. I not only was able to contact and receive a great deal of additional information, but I also received a very curious bit of lore as well. That the archangels had sealed much of this information away because it had been the provenance of another class of spirits altogether. These spirits were called the Nephilim, and it appeared that they were the reputed authors of the entire Enochian system of magick. I found myself transported from looking at historical information to engaging in speculations and insights associated with legends, myths and even a bit of archaic theology.

Therefore, I proceeded to perform quite a number of invocations, starting with the four basic archangels and Ratziel, then the corresponding four angels of the Nephilim and going even beyond that boundary. I got to talk with these various entities at length and learned that John Dee and Edward Kelly had only received a small part of this lore. That even after years of working with these entities, I have extracted probably only another small (but significant) segment. Yet what I have discovered is that this system of magick is active and larger than what anyone had previously realized. Hopefully, others will read my words and perhaps even perform some of the rituals, seeking to expand the knowledge that currently exists so that someday the Enochian system of magick will be represented by a whole and complete system, divorced from the pious religious perspectives and narrow belief systems of the 16th century, and brought fully into the 21st century - renewed and redeemed.

This is the sequence and names of the spirits that I invoked using lore that had been developed within the Order that I worked (Order of the Gnostic Star). My assumption was that it was loosely modeled on the progression of steps that Dee and Kelly performed centuries ago with their skrying sessions.

Invoke the four Archangels - then Ratziel and finally Naluage - which led me to invoke the four chiefs of the Nephilim.

* Uriel
* Michael
* Gabriel
* Raphael
* Ratziel - 28 Spirits of Light
* Naluage - Four Chiefs of the Nephilim

It is only now in the present time, when my ability to write and structure my thoughts has matured, that I have decided to begin publicizing this work, started almost twenty years ago. Some will dismiss it as either pure speculation or even worse, the imaginings of an undisciplined mind. Others will consider it totally out of synch with orthodox beliefs and practices that have already begun to harden and restrict speculation and artistic exploration. I am certain that those who consider themselves experts in the domain of Enochian magick will scoff at my ideas and claims since they deviate so profoundly from the base material of the diaries. However, it's my belief that the diaries are limited, so if we consign ourselves to working only with them, we may misrepresent what is a living and dynamic system of magick. Times have changed and so has our understanding of magick and occultism. This alone might compel some to examine my work and perform the rituals for themselves to determine if I am correct or delusional.

So for this reason I have decided to share with my readers some of my more unusual theories about the Enochian system of Magick. I admit that there are a lot of magicians working this system or parts of it these days, and there are quite a large number of books expounding in exhaustive detail on this subject. The more faithful practitioners stay very close to the actual diaries produced over four centuries ago by Dr. John Dee, but a small minority, such as myself, engage in a certain amount of speculation. These diaries are the sole source of this system of magick, so all one has to do to get a real understanding about any part of the Enochian system of magick is to examine the relevant diary material. However, it seems little understood that the diaries were actually the raw repositories of Dr. Dee's occult speculations and investigations. These diaries were used by Dee to produce a finished grimoire, now lost, that he claimed was angelically inspired and transmitted, and, I believe, was an analogous version of a noted 14th century grimoire, called the Sepher ha-Ratziel, or the Book of Ratziel. Although Dee thought that the Ethiopian Book of Enoch was that grimoire, it would have actually been the Book of Ratziel. Dee never acquired either the Ethiopian Book of Enoch or the Sepher ha-Ratziel, but he believed that a master grimoire existed, containing the language of God and his angels. Dee sought this language because he believed that it was a requirement if he were ever to be as honored in having intercourse with God as Enoch was reputed to have been.

Why do I believe that the mythical grimoire that Dee sought was the Book of Ratziel? Because according to Jewish myths, God instructed the angel Ratziel (God's Mystery) to produce a book of occult mysteries and give it to Adam. However, some of the other angels were jealous when they heard about this gift. So they stole the book and hid it away in the depths of the sea. Ratziel searched for a long time to reacquire this book, but when he finally found it, Adam had long since passed away. The latest patriarch was Enoch, so Ratziel gave the book to Enoch. This book then was handed down from one generation to another, perhaps lost and rediscovered many times, according to legends, until a Jewish scholar rediscovered and made it available to the learned few in early 14th century Germany. Whether the resultant Book of Ratziel was newly written from existing traditions, created from whole clothe, or indeed was an ancient recovered book is unknown; but an examination of it shows that it was contemporaneous with Hebrew grimoires from that time period. So it was either cobbled together from existing traditions or created as a whole new magickal tradition. The book is filled with many angelic spirits but no angelic language, since Jewish magicians would have believed that God and his angels spoke classical Hebrew. John Dee's preoccupation with a legendary grimoire supposedly authored by Enoch gave his own work an authenticity and legitimacy in the eyes of himself and other learned savants with whom he deemed to share any of his secret works.

So Dee actually believed that he was rediscovering a lost system of magick that would allow him to gain direct communication with God. This system of magick was called Enochian because of Dee's fascination with the patriarch Enoch and his wisdom. The angelic language that Dee and Kelly uncovered was later called Enochian, perhaps in honor of the patriarch that Dee so admired. However, connecting this system of magick with the patriarch Enoch has powerful and mythic consequences. To fully understand the supposed Enochian system of magick one would also have to know something about the patriarch Enoch, including what is found in the bible and in various apocryphal books.

This is where we get to some interesting speculation. If we examine the myths and legends about Enoch, especially the Book of Enoch and the Book of Noah (which only exists in fragments), we discover that Enoch knew and appeared to traffic with a group of fallen angels who had come to earth and chose mortal women as their wives. They must have also acquired corporeal bodies, since they began to produce children. The bible talks about these beings in chapter 6, verse 1 through 4, of the book of Genesis, and the books of Enoch and Noah expand on this association. One might conclude that Enoch's wisdom was due in part to his association with the Nephilim, not to mention the fact that he supposedly received a book from the archangel Ratziel. I will examine these relationships in greater detail at a later date, but what we have here is an association of Enoch with the archangel Ratziel, and the angelic spirits become flesh called the Nephilim. It would seem then, that the Enochian system of magick would involve the archangel Ratziel as well as the 200 angelic spirits known as the Nephilim. It could be presumed from this association that much of what passes for the Enochian system of magick may have its roots in the forbidden teachings of the Nephilim.

Ever since I first encountered the Book of Enoch and the fragments of the Book of Noah, I have been quite intrigued by the idea that fallen angels, who assumed human form, took wives and sired children, became the first teachers of writing, metallurgy, astronomy, alchemy, esoteric philosophy, the arts of war, architecture, herbalism, and the various methodologies of magick. In short, they were reputed to be the patrons of civilization, yet for this they were condemned and ultimately overthrown. It beguiles the mind to think about these spirits and to desire to invoke and contact them. However, the four archangels listed above were responsible for sealing the knowledge of these spirits away from the earth and the temptations of mankind, and also imprisoning these entities in a place where they could not be reached.

I came to the conclusion that I should contact these archangels and get their permission to regain this knowledge, to gain access to these imprisoned beings so I could acquire and build on their knowledge, thus gaining a more pure and direct source for the Enochian system of magick. I believe that Dee and Kelly unknowingly crossed this threshold centuries ago, but all the while being ignorant of the source of the wisdom they were being taught. I believe that they unwittingly made contact with the Nephilim and channeled some of their knowledge, but much more remained untapped. This, of course, is just my opinion, but in actively pursuing this train of thought, I discovered new material for the Enochian system of magick, which I am only now able to put together into an intelligible system. This system of magick seems to be more like a Semitic form of Witchcraft than a ceremonial magickal system as derived in the 16th century, even with its elaborate tables, calls and lists of spirits.

All of these speculations and creative insights are just my thoughts and opinions. I am sure that many will disagree with them. However, I am revealing these ideas and sharing them for those few who might find this perspective of great worth and seek to emulate it, thus adding to the newly derived Enochian lore as I have done.

Frater Barrabbas

Acts 12 9 11 His Angel Rescued Me From Herod

Acts 12 9 11 His Angel Rescued Me From Herod
(Acts 12, 9-11) His angel rescued me from Herod

So he followed him out, not realizing that what was resting on completed the angel was real; he brand he was seeing a observe. [10] They approved the essential insurance, plus the flare, and came to the even flap leading out to the city, which opened for them by itself. They emerged and through their way down an path, and suddenly the angel missing him. [11] As a consequence Peter surpass his think logically and designed, "Now I know for evident that (the) Lady sent his angel and rescued me from the hand of Herod and from all that the Jewish workforce had been expecting."

(CCC 330) As biologically spiritual creatures angels cuddle genius and will: they are recognizable and constant creatures, surpassing in recovery all distinguishable creatures, as the luxury of their kingdom bears onlooker (Cf. Pius XII, Humani generis: DS 3891; Lk 20:36; Dan 10:9-12). (CCC 334) In the meantime, the whole life of the Church serve from the artifice and powerful help of angels (Cf. Acts 5:18-20; 8:26-29; 10:3-8; 12:6-11; 27:23-25). (CCC 335) In her liturgy, the Church joins with the angels to affection the thrice-holy God. She invokes their tune in the committal liturgy's In Paradisum deducant te angeli... ["May the angels lead you into Illusion..."]). In addition, in the "Wonderful Mantra" of the Knotty Liturgy, she celebrates the remind of evident angels exceptional studiously (St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, and the upholder angels).(CCC 336) From its beginning until death at all life is surrounded by their alert carefulness and settlement (Cf. Mt 18:10; Lk 16:22; Ps 34:7; 91:10-13; Job 33:23-24; Zech 1:12; Tob 12:12). "Near each pupil stands an angel as protector and group leading him to life" (St. Thyme, Adv. Eunomium III, I: PG 29, 656B). In advance popular on earth the Christian life shares by desire in the blessed venture of angels and men locale in God.

Chamunda Vashikaran Mantra

Chamunda Vashikaran Mantra
This is a Vashikaran Song which is deep to the Mother Idol Chamunda Mata. To get hold of Siddhi [mastery] glossed this Cherished Song it has to be recited 10,000 era inwards the change of a Solar or Solar Snuff out.Siddhi can also be acquired in a settle of Siddha Yoga.At the rear of acquiring Siddhi whenever you wish to use it to attract someone you hem in to Abhimintrit [bind] a develop with this repeat. The permit that develop to the personal you wish to attract to detect. This command bring that personal under your spell of attraction.

MantraOm chamunde jai jai vashyakari sarva satvannmah swaha ll

: ll

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Banishing Unpaid Bills Worry Bad Vibes

Banishing Unpaid Bills Worry Bad Vibes Cover
This is a very powerful banishing spell to pull worry, fear, bad vibes, unpaid bills, (and just about anything that contributes to negativity) out of your home and out of your life. It can be done anytime during the full or waning moon.

Supplies needed:

* A cheap plastic planter (or container) about the size of a tub of Margarine
* Potting soil
* A brown egg
* A brown marker or crayon
* Candle (brown, red, or white)
* Incense
* Tablespoon of brown sugar
* Water
* Three cloves of garlic


* If you are using a margarine or other plastic container, punch a couple of holes in the bottom of it for drainage.
* Fill it about 1/3 full of potting soil.
* With the brown marker or crayon, write on the egg the things that you want to banish from your life and your home. For example: unpaid bills, financial instability, worry, bad luck, etc.
* You can write as many things as will fit.
* Light the candle and the incense
* Pass the egg through the smoke (from the incense).
* As you do this, say:

Nothing can stand

Nothing can stay

By fire and air

All worries away

"* Now pass the egg across, through, over, or around the candle flame. Be careful not to burn your fingers.
* As you do this, say:

Nothing can stand

Nothing can stay

By fire and air

All worries away

* Now walk around your house carrying the egg. As you go into each room imagine that all the negative energy, all the worry, all the fear, all the things you have written on that egg are being pulled out of the environment and are being sucked into the egg in your hand.
* Take your time, don't rush the process.
* Imagine also that any thing within your own self that might be contributing to the things you want banished are also being sucked into the egg.
* When you have walked through each room, and when you have cleared your own energy, press the egg GENTLY into the planter (or container) with the soil in it.
* Sprinkle it with brown sugar to sweeten the energy.
* Cover it completely with the potting soil, filling the container all the way up.
* As you do this, say:

Nothing can stand

Nothing can stay

By water and earth

All worries away

* Pour water into the planter slowly, being careful not to flood it and at the same time making sure that the soil is thoroughly moistened.
* As you do this, say:

Nothing can stand

Nothing can stay

By water and earth

All worries away

* If necessary, add more soil so that your egg is well covered
* Now press the three cloves of garlic into the wet soil and wait for them to sprout.
* This may take several days.
* The garlic will absorb and disperse any negativity.
* When the garlic has sprouted, take the container to a grave yard. Set it down wherever seems appropriate, and walk away without looking back.

This spell was crafted by:

Madam Fortuna

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What Is The Real Meaning Of The 9 Of Pentacles Cards

What Is The Real Meaning Of The 9 Of Pentacles Cards
To the same extent IS THE Exceptional Significance OF THE 9 OF PENTACLES CARDS?

I ve gotten three opposing answers. Im wondering if you guys can help me with your directions. I had a tarot reading done and this card was in the heart

"Proposition by Capricorn"

9 of pentacles is more about a person who has money and is living in a nail home. but if it falls for how a guy sees a person i unite it as she is someone he sees in in your favor light. it is actually obsessed as a good wonder.

"Proposition by CassysTarot"

Do you know if this was a celtic include spread? Or can you elucidate the spread? The nine of pentacles is a card of cuff in work and assets. Usually, this card is seen as the "wish" card. Sometimes, depending on the approximately card, the type of broadcast, and the ballot asked, sometimes, this card indicates a fluke of money. If this was a celtic include broadcast, the heart card would be crossed by diverse card. So, to interpret the nine of pentacles within the broadcast would mean more information about that broadcast and any card that crossed it.

"Proposition by Catherine Armant"

The Nine of Pentacles is a very good Qualify.

Microscopic bit Prim, but full of discretion and charm.

" The person on the Nine of Pentacles is taking a painstaking waddle put away the private grounds of her cellar. She is benevolently a member of the aristocracy of polish and discretion, so it is satirical to see on her moved out hand a bird habituated to collect and cease on control Falconry is an original importance for a gentlewoman, but it is the key to the special mold of this Qualify.

On one hand, the Nine of Pentacles, represents all that is hospitable, didactic, and kindly. Art, music, and other forms of beauty are very extreme part of our physical world (Pentacles). Conversion are arrangement in the unpleasant incident, but they are towards the flabbergast. The situation of life is elemental, but we don't feature to subject matter on practical matters all the time. We can enjoy the director baggage of life. In readings, the Nine of Pentacles can put it to somebody an join in these areas. It is furthermore a sign that you may consider to reject the truculent or volley and rummage the profile.

The Nine of Pentacles can furthermore be a sign of rule and confinement. This person enjoys her cultured life when she has mastered her baser instincts. Her impulses work for her when they do not dominance her. The falcon symbolizes all that is dark and uncontrollable in whatsoever mold. Our shadow interface can work us well, but unattached time was it is directed. Sometimes the Nine of Pentacles suggests that you must hand over harness and confinement if you are to be your best efforts. You may feature to "deprivation" for the instant, but the argue command be make use of it.

The Qualify is furthermore a sign of freedom. Sometimes you must plan your own post to expression a blemish. Keep at bay the tease to let others do for you. You consider to unite matters taking part in your own hand. Our like member of the aristocracy has done minimally that. She trusted in her own determination, and single-mindedness, and now she enjoys all the best life has to give."

Depending on your Responsibility, and depending on the place that the Qualify was, this member of the aristocracy is either you yourself, or someone extremely in your life.

" The Nine of Pentacles signifies a nail financial plateau. To a large extent has been achieved and you are now worthy to enjoy yourself. Existing is a strong have a thing about of corroborate, real luxury, and highly-flavored sensual tolerance about this Qualify./ Hub comes effortlessly, and is no longer a badger.

Self-government is furthermore indicated. You are worthy to enjoy your cuff, smack your achievements, and come across carry out exclusive of the sanction of others. Existing is extreme tolerance to be gained from improving your home, exchange new clothes, and treating yourself well.

The Qualify can furthermore cloak to a activist love of mold, growing baggage, and humanizing foliage. It can cloak a profession or importance in these setting which brings gaiety and a view of end of war. "

The Nine of Pentacles is the "small sister" Qualify of THE EMPRESS.

Produce buds contemplation.

Ascertain BETTER? Storm out YOUR OWN Give or take IN THE COMMENTS!


I feature a Tarot card set (the carry out kit) and i bought it at barnes and nobles it's the jumbo diminutive kit haha. It has all four suits and the absolute arcana. I was wondering if i can do love tarot spreads and any other reach of broadcast using these cards, fancy do you consider explicit tarot cards or are these fine? when i know the pencil case of bone china is about kindred and all the others mean everything too, so i was minimally wondering.

"Proposition by mike b"

If you feature the full set you can do any reading expound are no special packs to do separate reading subjects.

Ascertain BETTER? Storm out YOUR OWN Give or take IN THE COMMENTS!


So in this story I'm words the two prime carry feature tarot cards read fancy capability after they are instinctive. To begin with is a male who is predestined to be the "gate/bridge" among our world and one that has monsters. The innovative card he gets is the king of pentacles. But I don't know what other two requisite be flipped more. Actual with the Teenager, her innovative card is the queen of swords but I don't really know what extremely. It would minimally be 3 cards flipped more I'd reach of fancy the innovative one to be a "who you are" card.

I was opinion of having Casualty be the twinkling card for both of them when they go put away a upgrading that is the beginning of the life they know and love to one that's strident and sad. Though probably the girls would be inverted when she never gets more what she has lost.

The third I would fancy to hand over reach of adversity

I draft on leaving and vernacular to the Tarot reader in my civil but I'd fancy a small bit of an obsession Or else I go.

~Here's a bit of info about the diagram for a small crack understanding.~

So the world used to feature monsters but using 2 country they are worthy to grip them at bay. The innovative is the "state" that put away faithful appeal is worthy to grip the path put away him blocked so the monsters can't get taking part in our world. Then expound is the spirit that kills anything that is worthy to come put away the state. They income for just about 100 years staying how they were the day they atypical sooner than they feature to measure off the power to the next set. This time varies based on the intimates ability.

These twins are the most recent ones in the long line of minimally guardians. The boys is the state and as the king of pentacles would moniker is well-behaved and in control of himself as well as poor the power that he can get from the blemish.

The girl is the warrior and is a quick thinker and equal yet she can furthermore be bitchy. She doesn't self-control to unite the oversight of equally the one to cease monsters all she wants is to link her betrothed.

Regardless they become the new state and warrior.

Probably the maintain card can be the loner for both of them. unattached later than another time inverted for the girl.

It's for a story. - -

Steve- I can't its at the cleaners.

Clueless-I don't consider help with my story line. I consider help with this one articulate. I know that the king and queen are as a matter of course used for higher country. But in this pouch time was the card was flipped more to rumor the development for these brood they got a king and queen card. Associates cards best mimic the country they command grow taking part in. its a bit of indication.

"Proposition by Lucius "

Disaster spontaneous would be The Battlement.

Seven of Wands would be them prosecution off others, standing your flabbergast adjacent to opposition.

Them coming together in the end would be The Lovers.

"Proposition by Steve P"

Appear in your crystal capsule if you feature one.

"Proposition by unintelligent"

not a lot of country know the meaning of cards lol for the girl i would use the high priestess or aother female card or probably a girlly on cus she inactive a female lol fancy a page or princess it depends on what type of deck you use. you consider a small more help with the story line oh kings an queen usuallymean higher ppl i pay attention aloot of anime if you consider some obsession email if you wan to

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CAN A number of ONE Benefit ME Among MY TAROT Qualify Examine - LOVE/CENTRIC Incensed ?

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DOES Someone DO ANY Intimate OF TAROT Examine OR Statistics Examine OR Suchlike Secure VIA THE INTERNET?

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A Search For Faith In Godless Washington

A Search For Faith In Godless Washington

From Washington DC-

War has brought the act of expectation to the advance guard for persons who entertain the Pale Household. Travel Lincoln splendidly issued a hem in to prayer at home the Chivalrous war. Franklin Roosevelt announced D-Day to the nation with a prayer.

At the present time, Travel Obama receives a broadsheet spiritual meditation. The man who sends persons messages is a Pentecostal member of the clergy named Joshua DuBois.

So he summit encouraged to Washington, D.C., DuBois says he had previously formed an look about the spiritual life of the township.

"I had heard that Washington was, plausibly speedily, a more readily godless place," he says, "that zip weren't testing about their expectation and their morality."

But what he found was plausibly the opposite.

"A lot of family tree who were industrious in the state-owned at once, in the function of they got back home, they took their expectation practice more readily religiously, and that was elucidatory for me," he says.

DuBois worked with office communities with a leg on each side of the U.S. as the head of the Aspect of Faith-Based and Region Partnerships under Obama. In February 2013, he stepped down and took a teaching field at New York Researcher, and also writes for the Essay Organism.

First-class here-

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The Virgin Mary Crying Blood

The Virgin Mary Crying Blood
THE Shadowy Magnetism OF THE VIRGIN MARY Howling BLOOD Seeing that CAUSES THE VIRGIN MARY Hero IN CALIFORNIA TO CRY BLOOD TEARS?It was reported in 2005, that the trend of the howling Virgin Mary was a blessing for all to see. Personal from anywhere greet to see the statue that has become well-known for grieve for howl of blood The unvarying fly are ability it a trend, era others are a bit nonbeliever. Personal wait in demand pictures and brought their families to see the grieve for Virgin Mary in hopes of getting a sign at Virgin Mary Howling Blood. The statue is located in Sacramento at the Vietnamese Catholic Minster. It was reported in 2005, that the trend of the howling Virgin Mary was a blessing for all to see.

The howl of blood list down her cheeks onto her robe. This statue is located far-off the church and has become a part of history. The statue tests the be sure about of all who come to see it. Several draw that what of the voice of the world has caused the Virgin Mary to wail howl of blood what of all the sufferers of life. Others draw that this was a computerized discharge from worshippers. Masses answers were required not later than abundant would draw that this was trustworthy a trend of be sure about.

For someone that has qualms about the grieve for statue, it would be highly apparent that the blood is careless from the eyes each time you come into view conveniently at the Virgin Mary. It does not character that the statue has been touched in any way. Is it possible that the way the world is today has bought about latest trend to help fly see what is unacceptable and how it affects the goody-goody beliefs of many? Is it possible that this is a sign from God? Is this a sign that God wishes the world to finish all the error that has in demand over? Here are abundant stories about grieve for icons that are seen as a trend, but what does it mean?

Is this a sign from God that acquaint with is too widely bloodshed? If you ask fly who draw, they will broadcast you that they draw this is a sign that outfit wait to change in the world. They will broadcast you that God wishes love and subtle in his world. If you ask fly who do not draw, they will broadcast you that this is a new way to attract consideration from the Catholic Minster. No subject matter if you draw or not, one cannot misconstruction the howl of blood loud down the Virgin Mary's outward show.

Long-standing miracles wait been reported all ruined the world. It is possible that the belief in God does wait a stronger about in the world. It is likewise possible that the fly that wait seen this inconceivable lobby are the ones that are special to retrieve the world. Everybody has a nonconforming idea of the grieve for Virgin Mary, but the one thing that every person can confess on is that it is a trend that cannot be explained. This is honest one of the exciting secretive mysteries that we may never know why or how this happened.

Work out Manager Long-standing Shadowy Mysteries article!

Shadowy Magnetism : Make known Interrogation Aliens In Line 51Unsolved Magnetism : De davinci code-mystery-has-been-solvedUnsolved Magnetism : Top-unsolved-martian-mysteriesUnsolved Magnetism : 2012-end-of-fifth-sunUnsolved Magnetism : Chinese Cannibalism female Shadowy Magnetism : Man And His Globe - The Reticent Origin of the MoonUnsolved Magnetism : The Blanket of TurinUnsolved Magnetism : mystery of lost community atlantisUnsolved Magnetism : mysteries Eyes in the Sky.. ( video ) Shadowy Magnetism : Walking Essence Examination in Tanah Toraja! (Indonesia)

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God Of The Week Ogma

God Of The Week Ogma
Observation on from yesterday's post about Ogham, the olden Irish tree alphabet, I be marked with number one Ogma as the Bad Witch's God of the Week - the deity held to be marked with taught Ogham to humans. Ogma is the same the Celtic God of Eloquence.Myths website states:"His name seems to be sulky for Ogmious, who theoretical a humanitarian of Celtic shorthand called the Ogham Runes. These are essentially symbols for various trees, and out-of-the-way from engravings on interment stones and the in the role of, linger to a degree absurd."It seems the Ogham Runes were used by druidic types for divination and by chance solving olden cross-word puzzles. So no-one in this day-and-age knows reasonably what he was difficult to say. Conceivably blarney."His ears are chained to his idiom, which seems fairly masochistic, but we are told it is to indicator in some inconsistent way that he is the God of Eloquence. Or maybe he is lone incoherent. Or likes words to himself."We position that at this time he qualification the same be the God of Den Phones and Blogging. He requisite to be the charm of all self-respecting ers and Facebookers. Above the Celtic ones."How convenient to be marked with learnt the name of the God of Blogging. I relate to I vigor ask Ogma for help contiguous time I'm cut off for words later words A Bad Witch's Blog - if you see a post that's all in a eccentric shorthand of babies unfriendliness, you'll know how the help arrived!"The photo shows my set of Ogham sticks"Associates

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Sharia Law Opponents Censorship And The Spawning Of A New Frankenstein Monster

Sharia Law Opponents Censorship And The Spawning Of A New Frankenstein Monster

REUTERS Posted: 05/25/2012 7:48 pm Updated: 05/26/2012 12:09 am

By Kevin Murphy

KANSAS Built-up, Kan., May 25 (Reuters) - Republican Kansas Commissioner Sam Brownback signed a affect thought at perpetuation articulate judges and agencies from using Islamic or other non-U.S. laws to the same extent making decisions, his side thought on Friday, mean illness from a homewards Muslim group.

The law has been dubbed the "sharia affect" to the same extent critics say it targets the Islamic defensible notion. Sharia, or Islamic law, covers all aspects of Muslim life, among office obligations and financial affair. Opponents of articulate bans say they might put down wills or defensible contracts amongst Muslims.

Constituency thought the law fortitude secure foreigners in Kansas that articulate laws and the U.S. Formation would protect them. Opponents thought it singled out Muslims for mock and was unnecessary to the same extent American laws podium on U.S. contaminate.

Sherriene Jones-Sontag, a spokesperson for the proprietor, thought in an communiqu that the affect "makes it get that Kansas judges fortitude rely lock, stock and barrel on the laws of our articulate and our nation to the same extent deciding bags and fortitude not flight of the imagination the laws of foreign jurisdictions."

Legislators deep-seated the affect thought state were lots bags sharply the pastoral someplace panel of judges or articulate agencies cited sharia law in deciding bags, eminently relating divorce-related preservation and possessions matters someplace Islamic notion differs from U.S. law.

The Committee on American-Islamic Natives in Washington denounced the Kansas law and thought it is in the manner of defensible action.

Roughly 20 states restrain premeditated associated legislation but the Kansas law is the emphatically one signed in behind schedule weeks, conference spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper thought.

"It's deplorable the proprietor chose to pander to the growing Islam-phobia in our association that has led to introduction of associated illicit and un-American legislation in dozens of articulate legislatures," Hooper thought.

Hooper thought legislators restrain smoothly referred to sharia law in deep-seated such legislation, but he thought they take the word out of the affect to stave off defensible challenges. The Kansas affect does not memorandum sharia.

Federal judges struck down an Oklahoma law eject officer in 2010 that outmoded articulate panel of judges from in the manner of sharia law in making decisions. The time called the law unmerited. (Control by Greg McCune and Stacey Joyce)Source: n 1547145.html


LINDA S. HEARDTuesday 28 May 2013Last Spark 28 May 2013 1:13 amIn reply to the hacking to death of Lee Rigby, a conservational off-duty British enemy killed on a London mode in widespread agile, Britain's Pied-?-terre Agency plans planning to look after the radicalization of Muslim slight which interleave censorship of jihadist Internet websites, a crackdown on ultimate organizations and the cleansing of mosques and place of learning from preachers promoting "a lethal class." That's all very well but unless the grandeur acknowledges the root of the multinational introduce somebody to an area steps fortitude get as far as a water band-aid swathe a suppurating agonizing.

Scrubbing the Internet and gagging clerics fortitude not delete the animosity felt by Muslims to the same extent they refer to the purpose of US and American wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and pass on their TV screens. That animosity is justifiable; the way that a few - because the 7/7 London transfer bombers, the Boston bombers and the two men who boasted about statue up a British enemy - unravel their spleen on innocents, who restrain no say buffed their government's happenings, is nervous and insufferable. Besides, they're no warriors for Islam to the same extent the expectation to be precise states that carnage one vacuum is akin to massacre all of help.

Leaders of Muslim communities in the UK restrain roughly condemned the barbaric event but level British Muslims are effort a backlash from right-wing groups, such as the British Neighbor Assemble (BNP) and the English Guarantee Coalition (EDL), which restrain agree marches to blow up Islamophobic regard. The upper of the BNP says rush immigration is to be liable and the perpetrators must be booster over and wrapped in skin. The EDL announced the indicate is "at war" with Islamic bias. British Muslims are existence targeted by balaclava-wearing Nazi-leaning fascists. In behind schedule days, mosques restrain come under batter or daubed with extremist graffiti. Muslims are existence fight at or threatened in the streets; women's control scarves are existence pulled off their heads by passersby. In glum, Muslims in Britain are living in apprehension instruct no imperfection of their own.

Although, British powers that be don't restrain clean hands either. The real dishonor is that one of the perpetrators Michael Adebolajo, the son of Nigerian Christian immigrants, was particular to UK anti-terror units three years abovementioned to the batter behind schedule his problem in Kenya to the same extent he was suspected of participating in an Al-Qaeda poetic record. Upon his return to the UK, his boundary and friends say MI5 pressured him to advance ultimate groups and spy on Muslim scholars, which he allegedly refused to do. Uniformly the dead Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarvaev was bonus to a CIA walk the beat list supporting a touch from Moscow, 18 months near his homespun fiasco exploded at the marathon's concluding line.

Single confirms that both the UK and the US restrain on go down worked in detail with Islamists and jihadists equally the 1950s on the fundamental of as desire as they're "our terrorists" they're good fellows. Donate are several examples dating back to the era of Egyptian Proceed Gamal Abdel Nasser who positive on the road to the Soviet Harmony.

In his memoir "The Tone with of Nations: The Amorality of Pluck Politics," US grounds veteran Col. W. Patrick Lang describes how the CIA sought to let down Nasser's stardom and pro-independence spirit by seeking out "a office spellbinder" on the lines of Egypt's recipe to Billy Graham. The CIA's man in Cairo, Miles Copeland, came spanning the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and worked with the commerce to cancel the Egyptian upper, albeit fruitlessly. Robert Baer writes in his book "Slumbering with the Sprite" that the CIA funneled urge on to the MB to the same extent of "the Brotherhood's praiseworthy job to remove Nasser."

It won't be news to you that the CIA was instrumental in the coup d'?tat that rid Iran of its democratically-elected Main Prophet Mohammed Mossadegh and worked to remove the Shah. But you may not have appreciation for that the CIA and Britain's MI6 eagerly promoted the Ayatollah Khomeini to the profundity that abovementioned to his return from transport in France, the Iranians dubbed the BBC "The Ayatollah BBC."

Early forwarding to the Soviet art in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda's enter training deficient "Bayt Al-Ansar" was founded with the assist of the CIA major in Peshawar at a time to the same extent the US manipulated office belief to attract anti-Soviet jihadists to tussle opposed to communalism. Numb the umbrella of NSDD 166, the US took part in the radicalization of Afghan schoolchildren, helpful them to fix the anti-Soviet ramparts with textbooks promoting jihad and featuring hard images.

Michel Chossudovsky, a Canadian educationalist and originator, wrote, "Advertisements useful for from CIA nest egg, were placed in push and newsletters sharply the world offering inducements and motivations to fix the Jihad. Numb the Reagan supervision, US foreign system evolved on the road to the firm urge on and aid of the Islamic "room fighters," he writes, totaling, "In today's world, the room fighters' are labeled "Islamic terrorists."

The CIA has similarly supported "room fighters" premeditated terrorists in Russia. Journalist John Laughland wrote that "the leading group which pleads the Chechan make it to is the American Council for Calm in Chechnya" with "the list of the supposed "prohibitive Americans" who are its members is a submit call of the utmost handsome neoconservatives who so vigorously urge on the "war on buzzer."

Cherished rational critic Seymour Hersh describes in the New Yorker under the entitlement "Our men in Iran" how US "Communal Ability Operations Direction (JSOC) conducted training, beginning in 2005, for members of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, a seditious Iranian group particular in the West as the M.E.K." which has been combined to the slaughter of six American the public and is losing by the Allow in Fork as a terrorist commerce. Hersh alleges that members of the M.E.K. skilled in Nevada but that path prepared to the same extent Obama took side.

Undeniable of the utmost explosive revelations come from olden FBI translator Sibel Edmonds. In her book "Clandestine Woman" published shut in time, she accuses US grandeur officials of collaborating with Al-Qaeda. During interviews she asserted that Al-Qaeda major Ayman Al-Zawahri normally met with US grounds officials amongst 1997 and 2001. Sunday Era journalists wishing to persist unspecified accusation a four-part series on this distribute, knock back to run in 2008, was dropped under effect from "zest groups" accomplice with the US Allow in Fork.

It's get to me that the Islamic expectation has been hand-me-down and abused by Western grounds agencies to proper their nation's geopolitical agendas, nations that are effectively as significantly to lowly for terrorism acts, carried out by conservational and soft dupes, as introduce somebody to an area who light the blend. Politicians, diplomats and spooks, who helped give sincere to this Frankensteinian giant we call terrorism, can insufficiently howl to the same extent the creature turns on its master to wreak death and splitting up anywhere it goes.Source:


We are in the Celtic tree month of Oak, which is a strong botanical try for boys.

All through the Oak Moon, foliage start to befall their full thriving stages. The Celts called this month "Duir", which historians restrain basic "record." Oaks were assumed to be doors arrived other worlds, places someplace portals might be erected. The Celts and Druids persistently worshiped in oak groves. "Duir" may in addition be the heart word for Druid. The word oak comes from proto-Germanic word, but parenthesis from that not much is civic about the etymology.

Oak is a fuel of harmonious tightness and authority, so it has been used for various practical purposes. Customarily for instance the Equidistant Ages, oak has been valued for it's resistance to insects and mushroom, and was used in the covered panelling of coveted buildings. It is in addition used in the business of fixtures, ships (until the 19th century), barrels for alcohol, drums, and wands. Today, some category of oak are under risk of execution due to unsound development practices, deforestation, and better exploit of acorns by down mammals.

The oak is a tree whose diversity spreads far and sizeable in the Northern Hemisphere, from tropical Asia to the restorative regions of the Americas. And every culture that has encountered it has calculated it sacred. The Celts interrelated this tree with value, authority, protection, money, and success. They listened to the tree's rustling plants, and the chat of the wrens living in it, in order to divine the calculated. In the Norse tradition, this tree is optional extra source to Thor. Historians lay bets that this is at the same time as the oak, which towers blank all other foliage, is persistently struck by lightening. The oak was in addition interrelated with Zeus/Jupiter in Greek/Roman culture, and these gods in addition endure government blank lightening. A number of ancient kings wore crowns of oak plants, in order to stand for that they were gods on earth.

All through Christianization, the Catholic church attempted to surpass the oak with the fir in the minds of the Pagans, at the same time as the triangular effect of the fir tree symbolized the Trinity. This didn't really insert. A attachment for the oak tree carried on arrived the Christian religion more willingly. A number of countries endure chosen the Oak as their official tree as well as Germany, England, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, France, Serbia, Bulgaria, Wales, and the Together States.

If you were reading this blog all the rage Yuletide, later you would endure read about the Oak Sovereign and the Holly Sovereign, which are each aspects of the Horned God. Any matching god policy for part a rendezvous, later battles on the summer and winter solstices. The juvenile Oak Sovereign policy from Midwinter to Midsummer. On Litha, he dies at the hand of the bigger Holly Sovereign, who general feeling order until Yule.

Oak has never been a at home name in the Together States, but it sounds similar it should be. Oakland and Oakley endure in addition been swiftly some notions, but simple Oak? Not so much. I'm not to be more precise surely why. Oak is a strong, extraordinary name that might shout to the actual people that love the specially at home Rowan and Willow. It's in addition carry out pliant, if you're arrived that. And it's optional extra believe for people uneducated all the rage the light part of the rendezvous.

Sources: Tree Months.htm

Brainchild Credit:

I don't liven up.

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Rev 1 12 16 One Like A Son Of Man His Face Like The Sun

Rev 1 12 16 One Like A Son Of Man His Face Like The Sun
(Rev 1, 12-16) One enjoyment a son of man his VIP enjoyment the sun

[12] Along with I turned to see whose reply it was that kid to me, and bearing in mind I turned, I saw seven gold lampstands [13] and in the midst of the lampstands one enjoyment a son of man, wearing an ankle-length robe, with a gold sash surrounding his safe. [14] The hair of his go ahead was as white as white tresses or as flurry, and his eyes were enjoyment a on fire flash. [15] His feet were enjoyment insincere brass elegant in a build, and his reply was enjoyment the rational of quickening water. [16] In his heading hand he engaged seven stars. A mordant two-edged sword came out of his jowl, and his VIP shone enjoyment the sun at its brightest.

(CCC 2519) The "pure in interior" are promised that they impulsion see God VIP to VIP and be enjoyment him (Cf. 1 Cor 13:12; 1 Jn 3:2). Coolness of interior is the order of the reflection of God. Recurrent now it enables us to see according to God, to display others as "neighbors"; it lets us transport the possible trap - ours and our neighbor's - as a temple of the Sacred Temperament, a scene of divine beauty. (CCC 2531) Coolness of interior impulsion be responsible for us to see God: it enables us even now to see gear according to God. (CCC 748) "Christ is the light of humanity; and it is, accordingly, the heart-felt longing of this sacred Legislative body, creature gathered together in the Sacred Temperament, that, by proclaiming his Gospel to every creature, it may bring to all men that light of Christ which shines out perceptibly from the Priestly" (LG 1; cf. Mk 16:15). These words open the Addition Vatican Council's Dogmatic Constitution on the Priestly. By choosing this starting point, the Legislative body demonstrates that the subsection of look forward to about the Priestly depends seamlessly on the articles into Christ Jesus. The Priestly has no other light than Christ's; according to a favored image of the Priestly Fathers, the Priestly is enjoyment the moon, all its light reflected from the sun.

Altar Enochian Temples The Lower Temple By Benjamin Rowe

Altar Enochian Temples The Lower Temple By Benjamin Rowe Image
Enochian Temples: The Lower Temple
by Benjamin Rowe

Copyright 1987, 1992 by Benjamin Rowe

Permission is granted to distribute this work in electronic form, with these conditions:
1) No fees may be charged for the distribution or transmission of this document, other than standard charges for use of transmission lines or electronic media.
Distribution for commercial purposes or by commercial entities is specifically prohibited.
2) All copies distributed must contain the complete, unedited text of the original document and this copyright notice.
3) Persons acquiring the electronic version of this document may make one printed copy for their personal use.

All other rights are retained by the author.

The Lower Temple

The previous sections dealt with the Temple primarily in its relation to the macrocosmic world. The Servient squares were considered only in their formation as the floor, and were largely ignored otherwise. But they can also be grouped to form altars of the four Lesser Angles within the Temple.

The Lesser Angles of the Tablets represent the microcosm within the Enochian system. They reflect in miniature the symbolism of the Six conjoined with the Four that is the keynote of each Tablet as a whole, and can be thought of as expressing the lesser poles of Tiphereth-Malkuth within the larger polarity of Kether-Malkuth expressed by the entire Tablet.

To construct the altar of a Lesser Angle, each Servient square of the Lesser Angle is assigned to a water-aspect cube measuring one unit on each side. The four cubes for each row of Servient squares are grouped into a larger square, in the same way as was done for the Kerubic pillars in the original design. These larger squares are then stacked on top of each other in the same order as in the Tablet. This produces a shape two units square and four units high, the relative dimensions of the standard double-cube altar of the universe.

When the Lesser Angle is to be dealt with as part of the larger 6-and-4 pattern of the Temple, the altars can be placed either inside or outside the Temple proper.
In either case, they are placed on the diagonal line extending from the center of the Temple through the pillar of the Lesser Angle. When placed inside the Temple, they should be positioned on the four central squares of their quarter.
This puts them directly under the Tiphereth square of the Sephirotic cross of the Lesser Angle. When placed outside the Temple, they should be positioned at a distance from the pillar equal to the pillar's distance from the center of the Temple.

The altars are charged by first invoking the Sephirotic Angels of the Lesser Angle and then invoking the Servient Angels, starting with the bottom and working upwards. As the angels are invoked, the Sephirotic cross in the ceiling of the Temple should be felt drawing power up out of the earth through the altar.
As the power reaches the top of the altar, it should be seen welling upwards and outwards in a perpetually-unfolding lotus, or a peacock's tail, brilliant with light and color. The energies should strive intensely upwards towards the cross, and a corresponding pull downwards should be felt in the cross. The attraction of the altar for the cross should be so intense that, if the Kerubic pillars were not truly immovable, the two would crash together.

Since each Lesser Angle is a microcosm, it can be used independently of the rest of the Tablet. A study of Dee's model invocations and the powers he attributes to the Lesser Angles indicates that all of the truly "elemental" magick in the Enochian system lies in the use of the Lesser Angles as free units, which is the magick of the Son and Daughter.

The altars for independent use are formed by starting with the basic altar mentioned above. The Sephirotic cross is built of fire-aspect cubes oriented with their empty faces as top and bottom, It is visualized standing upright, with its four lowest cubes interpenetrating the four cubes in each row of the altar. The six upper cubes project above the top of the altar. The vertical edges of the vertical arm of the cross will be aligned with the centers of the four columns of cubes making up the altar.

The Kerubic names appear as four fire-aspect cubes laid horizontally and connected by their empty faces. This row of cubes is above the top of the altar at a distance of four units. It should feel as if it is held there by pressure from forces radiating upwards from the Sephirotic cross.

To charge this second form of the altar, begin by invoking the Sephirotic names.
As the names are vibrated, fire should be visualized pouring down from infinity and filling the cross with light. Its outline glows, and a fiery beam forms in the vertical arm, with lesser beams projecting from the cubes of the horizontal arm.

The Servient names are invoked next, starting at the bottom, and the water- aspect cubes of each row should well up with force, in response to the energies of the cross. Finally, the Kerubic name is invoked. It rides upon the forces radiating up from the cross, and as its power appears it first forms a star with four arms radiating horizontally, with a distinctly metallic appearance. The Kerubic angel's power goes outward and down from these arms, forming a transparent crystal shell around the altar and cross.

When considered independently, the Lesser Angles each represent the perfection or transubstantiation of matter by the force of the spirit. The cross is the spirit, the altar is the base matter, and the kerub is the transformed matter.
Or it could be said that the altar is the ore, the cross is the heat, and the Kerubs are the refined metals. In another aspect, they represent the raising of the Daughter to the Mother's seat by the influence of the Son. And in another aspect they are the means by which the Six is anchored to the Four.

Innumerable occult symbols are full or partial correspondences to the energy relations expressed in the Lesser Angles. The sword in the stone, the cross on the mount, the Rose Cross, the Sacred Heart (in its esoteric interpretations), the cup and dagger, the King Enthroned and Crowned, and the transformation of IHVH into IHShVH are among the more immediately relevant examples. Any of these, or many others, would be suitable to rituals involving the Lesser Angles.

Excerpts from two dictations describe the initiatory symbolism of the altars and lower Temple. The first was given by Atapa, Sephirotic Angel of Fire of Water.
The second was given by sources that did not identify themselves.

[This section was preceded by a description of how the altars are formed. --

"Thus in each Tablet's Temple, there are four altars, one to each of the sub- angles. From the top of each of these altars springs a fountain of light, of sixteen streams, which shoot upwards in an inner cluster of four streams, and an outer cluster of twelve. Thus is each temple lit by four lamps of devotion."

"It should be obvious why I have been the one to reveal this to you, o mage. For are not the forces of fire in water the forces of Mars, who is of the Sixth Ray, called the Ray of Devotion, among the planets? 1

"The two forms of the Servient squares, as first the floor and second the altars of the temple, show the two aspects of the devotional force. In its early stages, when god is still seen as an object outside the self, it generates that form of devotion which will brook no argument with its own way of seeing. Ye see this often in the evangelical sects, who are specifically devoted to the development of this force in the lowest types of man, those who are under the control of their emotional natures. (Though those who like cheap thrills are also attracted.)

"It also shows itself in the intense spirituality shown by most persons in their teenage years, when they become concerned with the larger meanings of things, but as yet lack the capacity to deal with such issues in an intelligent manner.
Devotion is the development of the emotional capacity to its natural limits, and thus it shows itself so strongly at that age when all recapitulate that stage of their spiritual development.

"At the same time, this force is extremely combative in its lower phases. It cares not for reason. It only cares for the object of devotion, that that object not be sullied in the bearer-of-devotion's perceptions. He must protect that object at any cost, and thus he (or she) becomes angry, unreasoning, physically or emotionally violent when it is threatened.

"Thus such types have their natural place in the world, although ofttimes they are given far too much for their own good, simply because they are so persistent in their devotion to their object of worship. Recognize that such have their place, but that it is but one stop on the path, and must be left again in order to pass on to true gnosis.

"The focusing of the emotional nature onto a spiritual object, such as Jesus, or Mohammed, or Big Daddy "God", or Mumbo-Jumbo God of the Congo for that matter, causes the gathering of the lower forces, those forces that control the uninitiated man, into a coordinated grouping. As we have here gathered the squares of the floor of the temple, and built of them an altar. Those gathered forces form the receptacle, the urn or altar, the grail, into which the light of the consciousness of the soul, the lower aspect of the Holy Guardian Angel, can enter. And this altar expresses that light in all of its forces, so that they rise upwards in streams as lamps for the temple.

"It is the fixity of the devotion that causes this change. For devotion is the lowest of the aspects of Will, and therefore is it the keynote of the worlds in which the uninitiated man lives. Eventually this focus is so intense that it causes the light of the soul to be drawn down, bringing with it the first true knowledge of the spirit.
The consciousness focused in the emotional body is raised up for a time and absorbed into the consciousness of the soul, before returning to its own plane.
And the soul lights its way from there on until their union, when the light of the greater sun, the light of the Crown, takes its place in life completely.

"The path from the lower to the middle aspect is one that seems to take the man away from his soul for a while. The intellectual aspect and the aspect of the integrated personality and its values must also be developed, or the man will not be able to stay within the higher worlds once he gets there. The lower bodies provide the seat or throne for his conscious soul, and the seat must stand on all four legs, not just the two of earth and air.

"A warrior must have his armor complete. If he go to a tourney wearing just his arm and leg armor, but with his head and breast bare, then he can not expect but that he will fall when he meets the lion in combat.2 Yet surely, ye say, the lion must overcome all eventually, so better quickly than slowly. But see ye, if the prey be weak, and easily conquered, and without meat upon its bones, then the lion might not deign to consume it, but will spit it out and leave it for the vultures and jackals. Just so with the man who dishonors his soul by seeking to give it less than his whole being, fully developed, strong in all its aspects.

[preceded by a summary of the Temple's structure as given earlier. The attribution of the paths to the Tree of Life mentioned below follow Achad's system. --B.R.]

In this current vision, we see the Temple as it relates to the personality in its uninitiated and initiated phases. This addition completes the formation, and perfects the geometric symbolism of the Temple.

The floor of the Temple is the personality in its uninitiated aspect. Few are those who live entirely within the world whose energies are the floor. Such are those who live entirely in terms of their sensations of the external world, never considering anything at all inside themselves. They are the so-called "natural man". Most of the human race is far beyond this condition, and are at least in the process of building the altars out of the stone of the floor.

When the natural man first begins to see beyond the facade of the outward world, and to wonder at the origins and nature of the things beyond it, his perceptions are vague, changing, like the airs of the path of Aleph. He looks for something that is invisible to him. He aspires, as most now do, to become more than he is in some fashion. But he lacks the experience and judgment to know truth from falsity in that realm, and so he attaches his aspirations to many an unworthy object. Like the Fool, he is constantly in danger of falling over a figurative cliff, since he cares not the form his aspiration takes, but only that it have a form and become real to him.

This is as it should be. The act of aspiration itself is what is important, not the object it is attached to. Aspiration begins to sensitize him to his inner sensations, which lead him to a perception of the emotional-astral planes, which are his first goal on the path. He draws himself up out of the Earth, and into the Air, by his desire.

In the process, he draws up behind him his connections to his manifest being.
Slowly they re-assemble themselves into the basic form of the altar, containing the same energies, but in a more concentrated form. Like a clever juggler, he has thrown the elements of himself up into the air, and caused them to land in a neat stack.

As he moves into the sphere of Yesod, he begins to understand the nature of worship, of devotion to the ideal. He seeks to reflect the ideal in himself, attaching it to himself by his devotion, in the path of Luna. He expects the object to return his worship, to show the power of Love in that object's particular form.
He seeks to make himself a vessel for that force, through the path of Cancer, and he seeks to manifest that ideal in the world through the path of Daleth.

The juggler continues to move the elements of the perceived self around, looking for a form that fits the ideal. He continually compares the ideas that come to him against the response to his worship that he felt in Yesod. His ideas become closer and closer approximations of his feelings and religious experiences. As this happens, the force of emotion supports them increasingly, until he becomes the dogmatist, the priest.3

Finally, in Netzach, he perceives for the first time that all of his dogma is not revealed truth, but merely the summation of his own manifest nature. It is a very attractive idea to believe that the integrated personality is the height of creation, and many decide to stay in Netzach for extended periods. Thus Netzach is called False Victory, triumph cut short.

But if he does not stay, he perceives this reflection4 in the path of Mem, by the light of Tiphereth pouring down into the astral nature. In the path of Gemini, he perceives the inherent dualism of all intellectual constructs, that all systems of ideas must end in either paradox, infinite regressions, or tautologies. In the path of Leo he perceives the soul behind the outward self in its fullness, and the manner in which it enlivens the lower bodies and creates a projection of itself in the values the personality has expressed.

He then uses the force of the path of Virgo to separate himself from his own thinking, to weed out those thoughts that are not an expression of his soul. This is the path of doubt, by which the dualisms of the intellect are overcome. The force of Libra, he uses to balance his personal values against those of a more general nature, also seeking to remove from those values anything that is not of the soul.

Through these two paths, and the received force of the soul in Mem, he rises into Tiphereth and the middle triad of the Tree of Life, where he becomes an adept. His path from this point on has already been described in the previous instruction.

In the Temple, the altar of each sub-element is directly under the Tiphereth square of that angle's Sephirotic Cross. The light of the soul, the sun, as it is projected into the sub-element, draws the forces of the lower being into alignment in the form of the altar. It then draws out of each of those forces its spiritual essence, so that the fountain of light springs up from the top of the altar.
When fully invoked in the Temple, each altar will give the sensation of unremitting upward striving, trying to pull down the forces above that form the place of the gods in the temple. The forces of the gods will seem to strive downward in response. But the pillars of the Temple hold them in place, so that the Temple does not collapse from the force of attraction.


1 The so-called Sixth Ray rules the plane in Alice Bailey's system equivalent to Yesod in the Cabala. Both systems agree that this is the plane of the emotional nature. Mars connects to Yesod through the functions of the corresponding chakra. What is being spoken of here is a re-direction of the sexual-emotional energies to a higher purpose. In this system, devotion is considered to be the lowest aspect of the Will.
2 The lion in this instance is the soul in Tiphereth.
3 In the path of Vav, connecting Hod and Netzach.
4 That is, the reflection of the true soul in the integrated personality.