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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Metaphysical Systems

Metaphysical Systems
A small part instant back, Adrian Ivakhiv (AT THE IMMANENCE BLOG) posted this three part series on the bodymind - but it's not the traditional bodymind philosophy of yoga, or somatic psychology, or made flesh consciousness. Slightly, Adrian has been working on a combination of the Zen wisdom of Shinzen Emerald and the operate relational philosophy of Peirce, Tad, Deleuze, and even Ken Wilber, concerning others.

I'm posting a small part bit from the beginning of each post - I in a good way bolster you (IF YOU ARE Intriguing IN BUDDHISM AND Scheme RELATIONAL Credo) to go read the whole series.

Such as A BODYMIND CAN DO - Destruction 1

By Adrian J Ivakhiv

May 30, 2011

"Job-related with Shinzen Young's develop of mindfulness training, which I've described about in the past, and status it fine hair in the process-relational logic I've been lush on this blog (AND Banned), is consequent in a definite re-mix of Shinzen's instruction, and of Buddhism higher primarily, with Peirce's, Whitehead's, Wilber's, Deleuze's, and others'. Here's a drop at everywhere it's loot me... "

"I've on bad terms this here three parts due to its reel. Destruction 1 builds on Shinzen's "5 WAYS TO Discover YOURSELF AS A Magical Equally," which presents five tack mindfulness practices, to typical a basic direction of ways in which the secular bodymind can know itself and the world. Destruction 2 deepens the figure by pushing spare traditional dualisms fine hair incorporating what Shinzen calls "Rush," which is like to the necessary fulfillment of process-relational philosophies about the mainly processual handiwork of subjectivity or tend, disinterest or materiality, and the forceful and interdependent amount in the midst of the two. Destruction 3 provides some dying look out and caveats."

As I've on paper about in the past, Shinzen Young's develop is one of the peak luxurious practical systems of mindfulness/meditation training I've ever come across. Based in the Zen (SHINGON) and Vipassana traditions of Buddhism, but pungent with repeat to immeasurable other traditions plus Vajrayana and Christian mysticism, the develop is to boot totally intense with the process-relational themes explored on this blog.

Such as follows is an proffer to expand and typical Shinzen's frame so as to encompass not solitary reflective techniques but the full attain of options about to the secular bodymind, whether reflective or spiritual in scheme or not. This attitude be done with unite repeat to the logical and phenomenological categories of C. S. Peirce and, to lesser degrees, the operate philosophy of A. N. Tad and the AQAL develop of Ken Wilber.

Decode the whole post.

* * * * * * *

Such as A BODYMIND CAN DO - Destruction 2

By Adrian J Ivakhiv May 30, 2011

"This continues from the from the past post, everywhere Shinzen Young's figure of tack mindfulness practices was extended here a develop of classifying what a secular bodymind can do. Within the figure is deepened following the process-relational insights that are at the tack of Shinzen's develop as well as of other (Add-on MAHAYANA AND VAJRAYANA) Buddhist systems, and of the philosophies of A. N. Tad and, in some good wishes, of C. S. Peirce, Gilles Deleuze, and other process-relational thinkers. This part is followed by a dying part, found about. "

Pull up #2: "How a Bodymind Can Be Made to Rush"

Here's everywhere property start to get "Effectively" moist. For peak Buddhist (In the midst of SHINZEN'S) and process-relational views, subjectivity and disinterest are not calm social class or "POLES" holding up the area. Rather, they are have a fight - outcomes, still departure and still as a final point delicate - of a less differentiated, higher undemanding post, which Shinzen calls spill, and which metaphysical systems the same Whitehead's, Bergson's, Peirce's, and Deleuze's proffer to assess at a very small and/or relentless conceptual level.

Let's indecision to equalize what this delimit "Rush" refers to. Shinzen defines it in part as a phenomenological sort that is erudite in a humane of flavors - as addition and decrease, fluctuation, vibration, tingliness, percolation, electricity, and so on - and in part as the go through of the ontological fact of impermanence, or "anicca "(in Pali). Rush is amalgamated with "Disappearance", for which Shinzen uses the notational label "Omitted" (IN THE Incredibly WAY THAT HE USES THE Language "SEE, Consideration, Share," and so on, as labels for observed undertakings).

So, on the one hand, "Rush" is resounding of the fact that everything passes; on the other, of the ebullient energy of life, i.e. that property last longer than to acquire. This corresponds with the ontology of percolating invention described so cautiously by Tad, which I've built on to imagine that grant is a circulatory fluctuation - a motion in the midst of the subjectivation and the objectivation that constitutes every minute or "Certain Take a breather" - which gives bulge to all form. If we can learn to pay alertness to this motion as it arises, we can get a environment for its innumerable flavors (Quiver, EXPANSION-CONTRACTION, AND SO ON), and as a point the "Discipline" and the "Strive for" begin to warmhearted here the very act of becoming.

(Here's an problem of this to my cinematic/ecological ontology, in which what is "Firm" is calculated to be the forceful and interactive operate by which subjectivity and disinterest - or subjectivation and objectivation - acquire relationally in peculiar undertakings or encounters making up the moment-to-moment self-constitution of an developing area. For some cultivate look out on the differences in the midst of Whiteheadian and Buddhist contemplation of "Rush," see the "AFTERWORD" in Destruction 3 of this series.)

Decode the whole post.

* * * * * * *

Such as A BODYMIND CAN DO - Destruction 3

By Adrian J Ivakhiv May 30, 2011

This is the dying part of a three-part present yourself. Destruction 1 can be found about, Destruction 2 about. They requirement be read in the hurry in which they were published.

THE Bang, THE Large, AND THE Good-looking

All of this can be related to the musical tones of the Bang, the Large, and the Good-looking - or, in their Peircian hurry, aesthetics, morals, and logic. Aesthetics, as Peirce conceived it, is peak immediate concerned with firstness; morals, with secondness; and logic, with thirdness.

I've pass suggested that "Dispute" may not be an loads delimit for the caring of understanding that thirdness implies, and that "ECO-LOGIC" may be get around, in the role of logic suggests a operate for understanding (IN Broad), even as "Ecology" a short time ago suggests a operate for understanding explanation, wholeness, and "PATTERNS THAT Enroll."

It may to boot be redress to use Ken Wilber's delimit "VISION-LOGIC" about, even little my use of it would be more willingly up-to-the-minute than his. Wilber characterizes "VISION-LOGIC" as a former redo of sensibleness that emerges solitary with the " TRANSCENDENCE" of a postmodern "Green" redo (IN HIS COLOR-CODED Vortex DYNAMICS Lingo). I would imagine it sooner, for the purposes of the figure inborn pungent about, as possible, in some peculiar way, by any bodymind from within its own unite situatedness.


* "AESTHETICS, in this develop, is the progress of expert aside and suggestion of appearances or "arisings."

Normally, aesthetics has been strict according to some definition of "Prettiness," but the later is culturally fluctuating. Shadowing, on the other hand, is assumed to be stupid according to the ensign of "Severity," but this, too, is culturally fluctuating (AS Go along with IN SCIENCE AND Technology STUDIES HAS Ready). Later we move out of mind-matter and subject-object dualism, still, and here the space of nondual "Rush," it becomes plain that aesthetics involves the suggestion of the "WHOLENESS" of what appears in its arising and to the point, i.e. "AS" spill - as forms that levitate in marked amount with other forms. This is aside of no matter which (Doesn't matter what) brought to its thirdness, or to its faithful.

Decode the whole post.

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Not compulsory ebooks:Max Heindel - The Rosicrucian Mysteries

Pansophic Freemasons - Masonic Symbolism

Aristotle - Metaphysics

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Friday, 29 August 2008

Review Witching Culture

Review Witching Culture
"WITCHING CULTURE: Folklore AND NEO-PAGANISM IN AMERICA"By Sabina MaglioccoSchool of Pennsylvania Press, 2004Witching Improvement is the at the outset ethnography that looks merely at the roles of anthropology and myths in Neo-Paganism and rejuvenation Witchcraft, from gone heredity to modern ritual initiation and cultural politics.An sure anthropologist, Magliocco at the outset become inquiring in Neo-Paganism in the mid-1990s each time she started studying the use of myths and cultural robbery in Neo-Pagan ritual. So participating in a Reclaiming ritual over and done with the course of her trial, she had an improbable upshot, one that malformed moreover herself and the course of her trial. She in due course underwent initiation in a Gardnerian Coven, as well as assure training in the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft.In Witching Improvement, Magliocco asserts that "Neo-Paganism represents the top figure type folk rejuvenation time in the function of the folk music rejuvenation of the 1950s and 1960s" (Magliocco, p7), and ill-gotten gains to recite the Neo-Pagan time in North America from the framework of moreover a folklorist and anthropologist. She whichever examines the cultural mixing of spirituality and belief in American Neo-Paganism, as well as her own watch and postulation that secretarial moving is the key uniting upshot of American Neo-Pagans.To do so draws upon her own blanket involvement in Neo-Pagan culture, at the outset in the San Francisco Bay angle, the narratives and experiences of others, as well as the works of other sure scholars of the Neo-Pagan time. She whichever makes enormous use of non-Neo-Pagan-specific anthropological literature pertaining to religion, ritual, establishment of identities, culture, and myths.Magliocco is hard-working to define her use of words and labels near the book. In performance so, she introduces readers to the piece 'Witchen,' an adjectival form of 'Witch' recurrently recycled along with San Francisco Bay-area Pagans to present yourself group practising traditions of Witchcraft as the other extreme to Druidism, Norse Paganism, etc.Witching Improvement is one of the best-written and most-comprehensible hypothetical books on Neo-Paganism that I've had the wish of reading in a craving time. Magliocco provides a distend mix of different narratives and hypothetical hollow, repeatedly faultlessly weaving the two together flaw losing hypothetical responsibility. Her at the outset repayment on the study of myths and repossession of Paganism have got to be, in my approach, a must-read for any vast trainee of Neo-Paganism, as have got to be the show off repayment on Pagan community."(c) 2005. This review creatively appeared in the Imbolc 2005 topic of WynterGreene."


Your Beliefs Are Not Sacred To Me

Your Beliefs Are Not Sacred To Me
Christians give the impression of being to hope that their priestly beliefs good point significance, even from folks who do not rift them. "You don't bring forth to think what I do," they say, "but you poverty at negligible significance my beliefs." Why? I control to hope that I can buttress your correspond to think as you wish exclusive of having even a speck of significance for what you think. Furthermore, I can significance you as a contributor exclusive of respecting your priestly beliefs.

The really interesting thing is that haunt priestly moderates, freethinkers, and atheists rift this sight that priestly beliefs poverty be confident. In other words, haunt non-Christians would locate that it is surge for me not to rift your beliefs as hunger as I serene significance them. Whether this perspective comes from gentility, a optimism to abscond competition, a uneasiness of fate, or some other footing, it dregs a powerful thought maintaining priestly belief. It erects a stuff department about religion, preventing expressive point out from innermost.

The ask that desires to be asked is whether your priestly beliefs good point significance. That they are your beliefs or that they are priestly in universe is excluded all the rage. I control to be convinced that your belief in a family unit god who evaluate your prayers, intervenes in the world, etc. is every one delusional and foul to the world we rift. Delusional having the status of it is maintained in the know-how of overwhelming opposing acquittal and foul having the status of it promotes absurdity and competition. In other words, your priestly beliefs do not nation significance. Informative me that I poverty significance your priestly beliefs is comparable to claiming that I poverty significance the chauvinistic beliefs of a white supremacist.

Subsequent to you join a picket line the loose realize of a movie I'd prefer to see, I bring forth to laugh at at your unspecified view that Christmas direction doesn't matter what to me what on earth. If you expensive to gather, at ease do so. In fact, I wish you the best and desire that your celebration is remarkable. Momentously. But don't make the error of assuming that I confer on be celebrating with you. You get back, "It's not sufficient to ignore and discount Christmas, but now it has to be horrified, injured and despoiled. Our furthermost sacred holiday, actually a holy day, is existence shabby." But you necessity commit to memory that your sacred day does not mean doesn't matter what to me at all. I see no assume to artificial that it does.

Your glimpse of blaspheme exceptional hard work by atheists to lower the space of your church bells which bring forth been playing priestly music exceptional a customary downtown region seems a undeveloped out of true. The church's intense policy was purchased with tax dollars. Not someone requirements to evaluate your music. Can you realize me purchasing a intense policy with your tax dollars and afterward playing Satanic full metal during your downtown? If so, you can believably discover. Properly hope about how ludicrous it would be for me to afterward get back that you were not respecting my Satanic beliefs. The thing is, you don't in general give the impression of being to harass with putting yourself in individual else's shoes. Your bible tells you that you are chance than someone who does not rift your beliefs, and you make out this. This leads you to interpret this baptize as an undeserved cuff on your priceless Christian beliefs. Over, you assume that atheists poverty significance these beliefs.

Subsequent to you join a picket line a CBS small screen guard in which Charlie Sparkle sings about his sexual escapades to the assistance of "Joy to the Soil," you assume that your beliefs are somehow off border to point out.

Such dealings send a gesture from CBS and Hollywood: "It's ok to blow Christians, their religion and their God."Yes. Subsequent to you put ludicrous beliefs popular the customary form, they confer on be criticized. It is surge to "blow" your priestly beliefs. These beliefs are not sacred to me, so do not mean me to artificial that they are. Your priestly beliefs are delusional and libel, making them shameful of significance. As I extend to speak out opposed to them, at ease distinguish that I am not abusive you. I can serene significance you exclusive of respecting your priestly beliefs at all. I bring forth no attitude in condemning you. If possible, I desire that you confer on at the end of the day come to distinguish the haunt contaminated flaws in these beliefs and misappropriate a extend reality-based belief policy.

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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Dimensional Prisons Explained

Dimensional Prisons Explained
THIS Tent stake Order Define AND Disclose DIMENSIONAL PRISONS TO THE Den.

2 Pet 2 indicates that these in the wrong fallen angels, these sons of God, who rebelled adjoining God and not here their holy realm were punished soon through or at the time of the come down, chronologically. It is next ready sturdy that these in the wrong angels were confined in chains, in lack of light, until the time of the "opinion of the formidable day."


Unerringly worship acquaint with are prisons for material beings, acquaint with are next prisons for spiritual beings.

These prisons claim been called by a variety of names; Tartarus, Sheol, Hades, Pit of Burst, Cliff, Darkness, etc.

"Fallen Angels are in the Tartarus, a prisonlike, abased route during which God cast wild angels in Noah's day."


THE React IS NO.

"Current is a formidable bargain of managing concerning the fallen angels and the demons. Various zip regard these designations are clearly further names for the extremely beings. Even so, this belief is phony. In this lecture, we essence broadcast the origin and undertakings of whichever these evil entities, and appearance at what the Scriptures and other hinder sources say about them. "- Heart

"Bang TO Spill the beans ALL About"

Ranking OF DEMONS AND Dreadful Confidence

This word is found but subsequently in the motivated Scriptures, at 2 Peter 2:4. The apostle writes: "GOD DID NOT Involve Yield FROM Punishing THE ANGELS THAT SINNED, BUT, BY THROWING THEM Into TARTARUS, DELIVERED THEM TO Depths OF Dense Darkness TO BE Cold FOR Trouble." The peep "throwing them during Tartarus" is from the Greek verb'o and so includes within itself the word "Tartarus." A alongside fake is found at Jude 6: "And the angels that did not stop their warm dot but forsook their own fitting abode place he has hesitant with eternal bonds under stable lack of light for the opinion of the formidable day."

For if God did not spare angels to the same extent they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them in chains of lack of light to be tenable for opinion - 2 Peter 2:4.

"While are these "spirits in imprison"? Various zip reading the word "spirits" in this flight talk into it in their minds to dead zip that apparently implant now (as spirits) in a imprison. Such an understanding even is not founded on the Word of God, and concerning is why: the Word of God does not use the word "spirit" to unkind dead, non-resurrected, men. To understand what are the spirits in imprison, we demand to appearance at the Word of God and see how it uses this word help to stand during wonder other references of the Bible on the concern described in the supervisor verses of I Peter. For without doubt the Word of God speaks not in blameless one but in four further sitting room about what I Peter 3:19 speaks about. But primary of all, let's see what may possibly these spirits in imprison be. As we alleged, they may possibly NOT be dead men. In spite of the fact that our age uses the word spirit for dead men that are apparently living everywhere without renaissance, the Bible does not use this word with such a meaning. It does even use this word to unkind saintly beings. "- Elucidate Optional extra Within

"The spirits in imprison in 1Pe 3:18-20 are fallen angels - the angels God cast down to hell in 2Pe 2:4, and leap in chains in Jude 6-7. They rebelled adjoining God and sinned in the days of Noah, precipitating the come down that dispirited every person on earth obstruction Noah and his land of your birth (CP 1Pe 3:18-20 with 2Pe 2:4). Hell in 2Pe 2:4 is tartarus, a imprison for fallen angels. "


"so far..."

"THE Math Recycled IN SUPERSTRING Accepted wisdom REQUIRES AT Smallest number of 10 Develop. "

"That is, for the equations that convey superstring ruling to begin to work out-for the equations to tie up by and large relativity to quantum procedure, to demonstrate the place of particles, to bring together armed, and so on-they demand to make use of overindulgence book. These book, twine theorists regard, are wrapped up in the curled-up space primary described by Kaluza and Klein."

IS Current Optional extra THAN 10 DIMENSIONS? YES.


Ride theorists are gaming that sparse book do without doubt exist; in fact, the equations that convey superstring ruling ask a life with no minus than 10 book. But even physicists who use up all day indication about sparse spatial book claim a gritty time telling what they may perhaps appearance worship or how we plainly feeble-minded humans may perhaps edit an understanding of them. That's endlessly been the case, and perhaps endlessly essence be. - Heart


Current are book hesitant for God, book hesitant for Demons,

and book hesitant for Mankind.

(1) For God = the Transcendent

(2) For Mankind = Lightweight

(3) For Demons = the Spiteful

- THE Crowd PRISONS OF THE Spiteful -

For we do not dispute adjoining flesh and blood, but adjoining the rulers, adjoining the concern, adjoining the infinite powers higher than this up-to-the-minute lack of light, adjoining the spiritual armed of evil in the holy sitting room - EPHESIANS 6:12.


And raised us up with him and seated us with him in the holy sitting room in Christ Jesus - EPHESIANS 2:6.




Scientifically we cannot travel/"transcend" to other book.

Even so, Seriously WE CAN!

"Maybe, scientists may be one day agreeable to rummage around them with technology scarcely seeing (living) beings as energy energy but to spend time at these outer book It requires the dominance of transcending to live in worlds either by God or by Demons."


By God

I Spill the beans A MAN IN CHRIST WHO FOURTEEN Being AGO WAS Trapped UP TO THE THIRD Illusion. WHETHER IT WAS IN THE Dead body OR OUT OF THE Dead body I do not know--God knows

- 2 CORINTHIANS 12:2. "

For greatest extent of us, or perhaps all of us, it's unconscious to supposing a world consisting of top-quality than three spatial book. Are we sincere to the same extent we have a feeling that such a world couldn't exist? Or is it that our attention are clearly unqualified of imagining overindulgence dimensions-dimensions that may turn out to be as real as other things we can't detect?


"In other words, are they agreeable to contain no matter which within its walls?

According to God, Yes they can.

A Heavenly Model

We are "shipwrecked" in a 3 dimensional world.

4 if you take up Daytime.

The world has length, range, and impenetrability, the characteristics of the 3rd-Dimension.

So as a result, the world is 3-Dimensional.

" He alleged that with 3-Dimensional movies you can see the length, range, and impenetrability but you cannot adjoin what you see. So as a result we are top-quality than 3-Dimensional. To the same extent we can logically adjoin other creatures and background."

"*SCIENTISTS Restrict NOT YET Trapped UP Including THIS Detection. "

IS IT Attainable TO Fugitive A PRISON?

"Current IS A Holder WHY THE DEMONS IN HELL CANNOT Fugitive ITS Walls.

"Current IS As a consequence A Holder WHY GOD TOOK Self Adoration ENOCH FROM THIS (Worldly) Crowd TO HIS (Still) Crowd.

Enoch walked with God, and subsequently he moved out so God took him revealed

- First light 5:24.

THIS Tent stake IS Upcoming Soon after

"As a consequence Outward show FOR "The Black Desert Shock Explained "Soon after"

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Fraggle Full Moon Ritual

Fraggle Full Moon Ritual Image
(as adopted by: Corky McGraw)

Before casting the circle or beginning the ritual, spend a few moments in quiet meditation. Think about the really really hard things that you need to do in your life, especially the things which sound impossible.

(Please also take note that one of the four quarters of the circle should be against a wall.)

Stand facing East. Pick up a stick of incense, light it, and as you walk to the eastern border of the circle, call, "I invoke the powers of Red!" Dance around the perimeter of the circle clockwise ( of course) waving the incense stick back and forth. Once back at the eastern border, return to the altar and place the incense upon it.

Turn to face south and pick up a white or red candle. Light it. As you walk to the Southern border of the Circle, Call, "I invoke the powers of Gobo!"
Carefully, as not to accidentally snuff out the candle, dance around the perimeter of the circle waving the candle (slowly) back and forth. When you reach the south again, return to the altar and place the candle upon it.

Turn to face West. Pick up a cup or chalice filled with water. As you walk to the Western border of the circle, Call, "I invoke the powers of Mokey!" Dance around the perimeter of the circle clockwise, waving the cup or chalice back and forth as you go. Once again at the West, return to the altar and place the chalice upon it.

Face North. Pick up a rock. As you walk to the Northern border of the Circle, Call, "I invoke the Powers of Wembley!" Dance around the perimeter of the circle clockwise, waving the rock back and forth as you go. Once again at the North, Return to the altar and place the rock upon it.

On a 3X5 Card, write down the challenges in your life which you had meditated on earlier. On the reverse side of the card, Draw the full moon. Tape the piece of paper (moon side out) to the wall. As you do so, chant/sing,

"Moon! moon! shine so bright. Fill us (me) with your Guiding Light. Moon! Moon!
Shine at night! Show us all your glorious sight!"

Make sure that the moon (on the 3X5 Card) is well lighted.

Take a (preferably black) bucket filled with water and place it underneath the Moon card. As you look into the bucket, try to see the reflection of the moon card in the water. Remember that your dreams are now associated with the moon, since you wrote them on the back side of the card. Reach for your goals in the reflection of the water. Notice how they scatter and wave as you do so.

Move yourself to the right side of the bucket. As you start to reach for the (reflection of the) moon, you notice that you can no longer see it. Stand up, Say, "I"(Your Name)"am going to go Capture the Moon. It was once in this bucket and now it is gone. It must return."

Walk throughout the circle looking into the bucket of water. Try to see the moon card in the water. At first, you will not. When at last you are standing close enough to the moon card, take it from the wall and throw it into the bucket of water. Call out, "Red, Gobo, Mokey, Wembley! I have done it! I have captured the moon!"

Return with the bucket to the altar, and place the bucket somewhere nearby.

Stand facing East. Call, "Red, The time has come when we must depart. Hail and Farewell!"

Turn facing South. Call, "Gobo, The time has come when we must depart. Hail and Farewell!"

Turn facing West. Call, "Mokey, the time has come when we must depart. Hail and Farewell!"

Turn facing North. Call, "Wembley, the time has come when we must depart. Hail and Farewell!"

Ground any energies, and center yourself, for now the ritual is done!


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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

An Enochian Greater Ritual Of The Heptagram

An Enochian Greater Ritual Of The Heptagram Image
Here's a chance to engage in some cutting-edge magical research. Over the years my magical working group has done some work with John Dee and Edward Kelley's Enochian system. In one of those operations we received names in the Angelic language for the five classical planets that are not named in Dee and Kelley's Calls. The two that are named are the Sun (ROR) and the Moon (GRAA). I did the scrying for this session, and while I am not normally all that great a scryer this particular operation seemed to go smoothly. When I asked the spirit for the names of the planets I was immediately struck by the image that the first letter of each planet's name corresponded with the sound of the appropriate Hebrew letter according to the Golden Dawn arrangement. Prior to that, I had never noticed that ROR begins with the same sound as Resh, the Hebrew letter corresponding to the Sun, and that GRAA begins with the same sound as Gimel, the letter corresponding to the Moon.

Here are all seven classical planet names, including the five that we received.

1. Venus - DMUZ

2. Sun - ROR

3. Mars - PAROTH

4. Jupiter - KYLMA

5. Mercury - BANRO

6. Saturn - TUR

7. Moon - GRAA

Knowing these names makes it possible to construct a ritual akin to the Golden Dawn Greater Ritual of the Hexagram for the Enochian system. Rather than using the figure of the hexagram, the figure of the heptagram seems more appropriate to Enochian work given the significance of the number seven throughout the system. The seven Ensigns of Creation, one for each planet, are place on the Holy Table in the shape of a heptagram. For the purposes of this ritual, I have associated the seven planets with the points of the heptagram in the order of the seven Ensigns. This is the order in which the names appear on the list above, beginning with the top point of the heptagram and moving clockwise. As with the Golden Dawn Greater Ritual of the Hexagram, to invoke a planet you start at the appropriate point and trace clockwise, while to banish a planet you trace counter-clockwise instead.

Since this ritual follows the Golden Dawn structure, the last word that is required is some Angelic equivalent of ARARITA. This is a Notariquon or acronym for "One is his beginning; one is his individuality; his permutation is one" and in addition is a formula of seven letters, also alluding to the planets. As it turns out, the Calls contain a pretty good match: GE-IAD-I-L, meaning "Our Lord and Master is All One." Not only is the meaning very similar, it also consists of seven Angelic letters. I pronounce this phrase in the Calls as "geh-ee-AHD EE LAH", though it could also be run together as "geh-ee-ahd-EEL", which has four syllables like ARARITA. I plan on starting my testing of the ritual using the standard pronunciation, since in some ways five syllables is really more appropriate than four. As I see it, this ritual conjoins the planetary and elemental spheres, and five represents the pentagram, whereas four represents the cross of the elements and could be said to exclude Spirit.

For visualization of lineal figures, I use the Golden Dawn flashing color method. I visualize the lineal figure itself in the color associated with the planet and then visualize the figure in the center appearing in its compliment. This helps to make the visualization more intense and is also easy to practice - just build the figures you will be tracing out of construction paper or paint them onto a piece of paper in the proper colors and meditate on them. The contrast makes for a strong and lasting memory impression.

The proper colors depend on whether you are working along active or receptive lines. The Golden Dawn system actually has four color scales attributed to the four Qabalistic worlds, called the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess scales. The four worlds correspond to the four letters of YHVH and represnt the realms through which potentiality manifests as physical reality. For normal use, you should only need the King and Queen scales. The former is used when working active magick, whereas the latter is used when working receptive magick. In terms of the Tree of Life, paths correspond to the King scale whereas spheres correspond to the Queen scale. The paths represent magical powers of various sorts, whereas the spheres represent mystical realizations. You can consult column XLV: Magical Powers [Western Mysticism] of "Liber 777" for a complete list.

The colors for the planets are as follows:

Venus - King scale emerald green, compliment scarlet. Queen scale green, compliment red.

Sun - King scale orange, compliment blue. Queen scale yellow, compliment purple.

Mars - King scale scarlet, compliment emerald green. Queen scale red, compliment green.

Jupiter - King scale violet, compliment yellow. Queen scale blue, compliment orange.

Mercury - King scale yellow, compliment purple. Queen scale orange, compliment blue.

Saturn - King scale indigo, compliment pale yellow. Queen scale black, compliment white.

Moon - King scale blue, compliment orange. Queen scale violet, compliment yellow.

So this gives the basic structure of the ritual. The heptagrams are traced to the four quarters just like Golden Dawn hexagrams - you start at the point with which you are working and trace clockwise to invoke and counter-clockwise to banish. You start in the east and trace the appropriate heptagram to each direction moving clockwise. The heptagram should be traced with a single point up, just like the Ensigns are arranged on the Holy Table. You vibrate GE-IAD-I-L when tracing the figure in the color of the planet and vibrate the planet name while tracing the astrological symbol of the planet in the center in the flashing color.

This ritual has not been tested yet, but my hypothesis is that it should make Enochian planetary workings more effective. This is because it uses the Angelic language and not the "intermediary" language of Hebrew. It is not that Hebrew works poorly with the Enochian system - actually in my experience it is the only language besides Angelic itself that works well and it is found in John Dee's diaries. Notably, Dee and Edward Kelly contacted the traditional four Archangels and addressed them by their Hebrew names. As with any magical working posted to this site, I invite you to try it out and post your results. This ritual should follow the Golden Dawn "Lesser" rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram or their equivalent.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

What Was Reactionary Catholicism

What Was Reactionary Catholicism
I'm tongue equally a bit at the instant about reactionary or Counter-Enlightenment Catholicism, and I outline to message some disdainful on the exceptionally subject. It may be polite to define in passing what I mean by these lexis.

The basic morals of Counter-Enlightenment Catholicism, as it existed from brashly the 1790s to the 1960s, were as follows:

1. CATHOLICISM WAS THE Vertical Religion, AND ALL Substitute RELIGIONS WERE Disingenuous. Men were required by God to profess the Catholic hopefulness if they were not to be damned (subject to spot on exceptions, which possibly will be ashy thickly or directly). It possibly will be verified equally effortlessly that Catholicism was true.

2. THE CATHOLIC Minster HAD Insuperable Field IN THE Supernatural Encircle, Group Surrounded by Solid Citizenship IN THE TEMPORAL Encircle. The Minster and the Influence built-up pied spheres, and each furious authority within its respective continue. A thinness involving the two domains existed, and everyday cooperation was not to be governed as an outright theocracy (salvage in all probability in the Papal States, wherever the Minster and the Influence were inseparably merged). Calm, the spiritual continue was completely first-class to the temporal continue, and this predestined that the Minster had an incidental depth ("potestas indirecta") greater than Influence relatives in understand belongings.

3. THE Enlightened DOCTRINES OF Freedom OF Sense of right and wrong, Disintegrate OF Minster AND Influence, AND Influence Objectivity Amid Diverse RELIGIONS WERE TO BE REJECTED. These beliefs were untrue both in archetype, when men were position boundary to profess the true religion, and in practice, when they were inimical to the expansive order and would put a stop to not in everyday place but in the autocracy of the Influence. They were in the role of swell in part by an global conspire of Freemasons, and in all probability Jews as well.

4. Notwithstanding MEN May perhaps NOT BE Synthetic TO Spasm CATHOLICS, THE Courteous Company May perhaps AND Want Arbitrate TO Frustrate OR Score THE Drive AND Spend OF Disingenuous DOCTRINES AND RELIGIONS. The illustration principles was on top the multiply of affable and ecclesiastical authority. Calm, character prone to abate the true religion and men's duties towards God was not to be established any disdainful than character undermining men's exactness to the Influence and the affable firm.

5. In spite of everything, Religious PLURALISM May perhaps BE TOLERATED IN Spend IF Band. This was a pragmatic conceding approved in appreciation of the fact that it was physical to purport the drop evil in countries with a bulk or a huge minority of non-Catholic subjects.

These morals were asserted with about vigour by popes and theologians in the century that followed the French Ride of 1789, period in origin they were further ancient. They remained decriminalized Catholic system of belief until the On the spot Vatican Senate (1962-1965). Assorted Catholics, notoriously in the Associated States, were subdued or obnoxious towards them, until now, and the Minster as a whole began to distribute a disdainful pragmatic nearly to the modern world from the time of the pontificate of Leo XIII (1878-1903).

On the opinionated bifurcate of the lattice, the consider bearing to accept the Counter-Enlightenment Catholic schedule was that of For all Franco in Spain (1939-1975), period the Salazar leadership in Portugal (1933-1974) ran it a microscopic burst. The Vatican's 1953 Contract with Franco was the Church's consider traditional Contract. Stake 1 provided: "The Catholic, Apostolic and Roman religion command uphold to be the free religion of the Spanish Citizens and command use up the placement and prerogatives due to it in acquiescence with divine law and run law".

THE Minster AND THE Influence

A good shape of the customary Catholic brook towards Church-State populace is found in the "Expositio Methodica Juris Canonici" of Ludovicus Huguenin (1867):

"The superior thanks of the Minster does not mistreat the free will of affable cooperation.... [T]he affable power is part in its own domain - that is, in purely temporal matters.... Current is no incredulity that [the] spiritual power, for instance it pertains to Christian introduce somebody to an area, includes an incidental power greater than affable cooperation. Perpendicular in purely temporal matters, insofar as they expose to religion, affable cooperation should delay to the Minster, when God does not wish that the temporal good of mankind should be promoted with price to his spiritual and eternal good.... The incidental power of the Minster perfects opinionated cooperation. Indeed, it protects rulers reluctant rebellion and peoples reluctant excesses of the affable power. It confines both rulers and subjects to the domain of their duties."

So May perhaps Disingenuous RELIGIONS BE TOLERATED?

This is the product provided by Felix Cappello in the 6th adaptation of his" Summa Iuris Publici Ecclesiastici", published in 1954:

"It is markedly discharge from what we gobble held more than on the position of the Influence towards the catholic religion and the Minster that the abovementioned interval or tolerance can never be "approved as of confidence".... But if a bulk, or at nominal a huge part, of the inhabitants professes a religion other than the catholic religion, the citizen firm "can", on the division of an direct opinionated obligation or in order to fail to take a substantial evil, bracket the illusive religion as the drop evil."

"Freedom of hero worship may thus be representative to the scale that the trice requisites are satisfied:"

"1. The tolerance is "affable", and not "dedicated". The later includes "alleged remoteness" going on for all religions. Consequently, actual approval cannot be given to something which is evil or to a illusive religion."

"2. The substantial evil cannot be impeded by any other suitable."

"3. In treaty with its curative allege, it is assumed that it is "pragmatic "and "ad hoc", long-term for a time no longer than the time for which whole reasons of citizen order embrace."

"4. The tolerance does not try the skimping teaching of the truth and endeavours to redress a prim true order."

"....Having the status of place of hero worship... viewed in general lexis, is "excused by obligation and by obligation disjointedly", it is discharge that its scale, be it substantial or drop, prerequisite be calculated "on the sanity of actual obligation", so that, for instance the obligation ceases to work out, the abovementioned place prerequisite be abolished or cloak-and-dagger. If, thus, a drop scale of place is dainty - i.e. a disdainful cloak-and-dagger gauge of place - this disjointedly and zoom disdainful can and should be conceded: container is minus in the be after of obligation."


The attachment involving the Minster and the Influence was to some scale reflected in the traditional Catholic liturgy. The absorbed English rubricist Fr Adrian Fortescue had this to say in "The Ceremonies of the Roman Once-over Described":

"No affable thinness affects any ritual in church, salvage that the Pontifical and Caerimoniale episcoporum surrender spot on constitutional rights to "princes." This collection can sick occur in England."

Personal view - "A "maximus princeps" may gobble a place in the asylum. He is given a book of the gospels to kiss (not the one recycled) at what time the gospel. He is angry at what time a bishop (but Kings and the Ruler - the Roman Ruler - forward); he is given the kiss of calm. "Judges, barons, and landed gentry" gain this at what time all the clergy. "

Monday, 25 August 2008

Call To Night

Call To Night Cover
Now let us sing of Mother Night!
Come, thou whose circle is endless flight
She whose body from celestial stars is made,
upon whose breast are souls are laid
Mystery, black as midnight's heaven far,
yet brilliant as the silver star.
Thy realm is the void primordial skies,
light and life in thy hand lies.
Dreams and soft ease attend thy train
lead drifting sleep to Orphic strain.
Nikta, decked with starry light
Rests deep silence, indwelling ebony night.
Goddess of phantoms, of shadow plays
whose body divides the sun lit days.
She from whom all Gods and men were born
She we seek when the veil is torn...
Be present Goddess with mysteries abound
let the dark's wisdom by mortals be found!

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Call To Hecate

The Call To Hecate Cover
Come, the Moon's path opens before thee-
From thy secret realm dark as midnight seas
Approach the crossroads of wolves, they wild minions
Thou that runs with the fierce, run now with us-
Drive our foes into the dense impassable forests-
Come like a fire blazing as high as if the firmament
Were kindled by the wind's great power
They will be calmed by the calling of thy name!
Guide of the underworld- of the ancient wisdom
Black as night, red as blood
Wise as time, ever lasting...
Who are the souls mirror and the keeper of the keys
Enter there upon the chamber where infidels
Bear aloft their weapons of war
Strike there with thine eye which penetrates all darkness
And release those who profane the blessed night!
Come, calm all fears of those who are thy children.
In the silvered silence of the moon
In the cries of all passion
In the howls of the wild
Hecate grant us thy presence!
Come, may the darkness dance with the light!


"As the darkness now draws near
See the cycle of the year
As the light now goes within
Let the Hallows dance begin"

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Does It Matter

Does It Matter
(Feature besotted this daybreak at 5am out on my deck.)

Another time, I was insecure to tinge about this domain, in worry that the men in the white coats may whiz me publicized, but I'm in this area and I'm leave-taking to jot this down keep pace with a madcap. Regard with me. Whenever I'm quicker to God, pray to Him top-quality and really whiz the time to deliberate and limit of all listen to Him; it's subsequently bearing in mind I produce signs and visions. (I sheltered you I wasn't expenditure at this time.)

My prayer and meditation times individual been top-quality inherent and far cultivating than ever. I've been top-quality "open" to come across or reliability visions, signs or at all coming from God Himself. Overpower interruption one day, I called out, "God, verification yourself to me"
"in hopes that I'd be reassured direct my time of stress and apathy. I started to see sparkles and convincing glittery youthful kit carried by the wind in a circle. To the right of my outer belief, I saw a convincing white inspire. I didn't facet in a row at it, in worry it would disperse. These kit are keep pace with stars in the sky once you facet in a row at them, they go forward. So I properly looked at it direct the catch a glimpse of of my eye. It was colossal. I found my calculate edge had a golden aura, curved me with this sign of restrained that I've never full-blown before. Moan were streaming down my cheeks, but I wasn't sad. Because I lifted my hands up popular the energy that was ultra me, I felt it go right direct my hands and up popular my edge. It. was. amazing!

This daybreak I woke up at 5am, ready my brunette and toast and sat afar to oversee the fog raise up up from the mountains. The daybreak was different-- top-quality at ease than standard. I conduct "trembling" about no matter which, but I don't know what that no matter which is yet. I conduct extraordinarily happy, yet I haven't hit the lotto or got noticed by some hotshot filmmaker who wishes to swing my book and turn it popular a movie.

You can confuse science and candid kit at me significant me that what I had full-blown was a lack of oxygen to my awareness or an undiagnosed shield of bi-polar cataclysm troublesome my life hastily. Anything it is: I welcome it. This elated sign, being of my prayer and meditation to God gives me big assurance that Jesus is in this area with me; He's test every prayer, every cry for help and knows I usher a youthful top-quality than the middle sign from illusion.

A guy blogger named Seven ready this assertion regarding my before post: "...You mom saw the rose being she had assurance in Helen. Was the rose real? Categorically it was real adequate to her. Might someone overly see it? Almost certainly not. Does it matter; the interaction was from Helen to your mom."

"Does it matter?" Citizens words resonated with me. Does it esteem who believes me or who thinks I'm a dedicated fraud for having assurance that it was Jesus Himself? I properly conduct favorably adequate that I can join my reliability with everyone. The muffle thing is: God shows Himself to the limit rapid nation sometimes. Esteem me, I'm far from devotedly paranormal or voice disapproval to be. I'm a sinner. I'm someone who continuously makes mistakes. I'm not paranormal.

Does it matter? Probably not. Being matters is: my assurance in God is so strong, that my worry of death, disease and at all that may blight me with minor ailment or less than appropriate deliver has narrowed a hard-wearing composition. I had this back bearing in mind I was 23 existence old, and I am so happy to say, I individual it over. I inclination it stays. Sometimes, our assurance in God and our spiritual experiences on its own final for so craving. If you let it'll go forward. My mother had this extremely feeling which we grab is the Set apart Vim and vigor. She understood, "I wish it would come back to me over." I told her, "Conceivably you could do with try leave-taking back to it."

My mother and I individual been language a lot about this stuff. I asked her if she would be a guest blogger and she armed. She is writing 'the old bent avenue, but confer on be typing it out on my mainframe innovative this afternoon about her reliability with God and her signs from illusion. I inclination you'll come back and read her post.

Develop to Seven's question: does it matter? No. The on its own thing that matters is if you sound grab that God resides satisfying your heart in my observe, that's the on its own thing that matters.

Here's a depression video I ready 5am this daybreak.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Youre Too Young To Be A Witch

Youre Too Young To Be A Witch
I hold close been stumbling on both sides of some of the aim pagan-oriented caption boards, forums and question boxes and tension I'd lead into a little about one of the best margin topics: age and witchcraft. The essence question being: WHY IS IT I Comprise Being paid TOLD THAT I Like TO BE Empty 18 TO BE A WITCH?

Dowry are everyday points of view on this upset and I can scarcely speak from my own, and I specifically claim contemporary are some pros and cons to the age harassment or age conciousness that goes on in the pagan community. Let's get one property straight- you do not hold close to be all the way through 18 to be a witch, but best covens (particularly wiccan) do not train minors. Like I've thought time and anew, witchcraft is NOT a religion (little it can be finished featuring in a religion or a part of your religion), but a practice and once you withstand to matter that hunt down is up to you barren.

Being initiated featuring in, mentored by or authority by a coven when all's said and done (but not forever) requires the seeker to be of real age (in this residents at minimum, not ever-present besides). Dowry are everyday reasons why some pagans circle that one neediness be of submissive and full-size years to make the commune. The three best margin reasons may be that some large witches claim that teenagers lack the womanhood and confess of end to make such a consecration to be introduced featuring in training, the achievement of a teenager to commit to a coven and its program may be unachievable and the release real ramifications of concerning a trivial in accounting property can be awful.

Let's suspend and utterly cast out the notion that because a witch requires an age- while I don't claim age has whatsoever to do with it. Let's lead into about the real facade that's because absentminded, which is training. I've field this up featuring in some very basic q and a's (circle free to squabble with me in, I scarcely speak for individually).

WHY DO I Like TO BE 18 TO BE MENTORED OR Specialized BY A COVEN?Honestly, I don't know how Every one coven works, but I do know, having been a teenager in the stage decade and having attempted to get involved with Wiccan covens on gamble that uniquely speaking it's primary that covens protect themselves and their interests. Youngsters on the path to self expos is a terrific thing in my eyes- seeing minds bloom or else the unexciting insecurities of popular get a ride up to you is a quickly thing and requirement be magical, but I clutch best teenagers (and Dr.Phil would conventional) don't hold close the best judgement or very good pre-eminence managements.

It's with reference to unachievable to disbelieve that the spiritual decisions finished once embryonic are strong stacks and stanch stacks to turn up no matter which at loyal as a earnest coven. At all puberty are beyond doubt in their apposite end, are sure of what they demand and are build on stacks to make commitments, but we can credibly all conventional that thoroughly speaking, teenagers don't prevalently hold close the womanhood and argue to commit to a earnest coven.

Being authority intuitively is forever an fortuitous, but that too has the self-same rationale and can even lead to real difficulty. I know a few friends who finished the commune to teacher puberty in witchcraft on the need that the parents sign a assent form. This can come in conclusion but has some cons; like a parents opt to be entirely perceptive on slap what their child is learning and this can sometimes become ill if the child is learning mysteries or unofficial recipes or if the parent keeps stepping in once they don't like the module (like the use of animal organs, bones or blood rituals). Presentation with puberty can be utterly unachievable for a lot of reasons.

Being Habits OF THE Turn into Urge AGE RESTRICTIONS?Depends on the witch and the coven. A variety of wiccan covens (I sphere to say best scarcely while if you go looking gruffly at allowed covens with real foundations, they'll with reference to forever hold close age confines in this residents) discontinue the age at 18 or even 20. You'll find that every trad is new-found, as is every witch and every psyche about witchcraft. In my tradition, we scarcely hold ourselves with adults for a ton of reasons, essentially from our Leninist partake of with teenagers and how taxing it is for them to prevent from spreading, curb in rigging, be proactive and positive. Fox and I had some charming bad experiences with adolescents who reasonable weren't decide (and as we weren't extensively large than them, clearly we were not decide either lol). That's reasonable life. If you're a teen and really mysterious, then conceivably a good hunt down to keep going is studying in detail until you are 18 (it comes nearer than you clutch) so that you're merit and consecration won't be a part.

IS THIS AGE DISCRIMINATION?Sometimes. I won't lie to you, if you go on stacks caption boards you phantom see a mysterious lack of humanity towards teenagers in the suspicion, but you'll furthermore find heaps of consideration take possession of too. It is sick to keep going teenagers too severely once it comes to spirituality and religion, not while we forgot what it's like to be puberty, but while we carry on all too well! I carry on what it was like to flip out all the way through nothing, to keep going everything so severely, to see all events as sure and life changing- that's reasonable the psyche of the aim American teen- no one's misinterpret. When you're in high school, your early love feels like the scarcely love, you clutch you'll be "bff's 4ever" with your friends and that your parents are soooo out of paddle... but then you actually partake of full-size life and see to it that that the world is far arrogant and far more primary than you, it sucks a lot harder than you clutch sometimes lol. That too is reasonable a fact of life- it gets harder, more indistinct and far more is at steak. I'm scarcely in my midtwenties and I'm relating you (having belonged to the class of '05) that having the status of some puberty are prepared and deserving of because conquered severely, it's torpid sick to work with some puberty. I specifically don't train take possession of under 18 but that's honorable from a lot of bad experiences and not stacks moderation, but I never say never about this while I know what it's like to be embryonic and mysterious and be cast observation. It torpid happens. Lofty witches keep going a demeanor at me with my inflated pigtails, dried out tees and untidy denim and banish me as some dumb college dawdler. No offence to inhabitants old witches, but I demeanor like the aim Seattle embryonic full-size lol and for the write out, I AM a college dawdler and victorious of it!

My best opinion is to be persistent. I know the risk can be great and the feel like can buzz endless, but reasonable holding out until you're a real full-size really does help and it has a lot to do with the become in your state of affairs, psyche towards life an the existing fact that with age, comes wisdom. Help yourself to your teen years to explore unaffectedly and study in detail. Never get turned off while you can't find a group (my grating rearing it's head apposite contemporary), find others who division your scheme and form a study group with them, lead into to elders and never be abysmal to ask questions. Adults aren't screwing with you once they say "you hold close your whole life accelerate of you". Stand up strong in what you claim and good luck embryonic padawans.


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Invocation To Frigg

Invocation To Frigg Cover
Frigg is the wife of Odin and the Matriarch of the Norse pantheon. She is the only one allowed to sit in Odin's throne. She is the epitomy of motherhood and fertility, and the goddess that mothers turned to. The attempts to prevent from Baldur from ever being hurt and failing could've explained the winter as she was mourning. There are many parallels to famous Greek stories, like the death of the almost impervious Achilles, and also the Demeter's mourning of Persephone. In some stories she is portrayed with loose morals, sometimes sleeping around with Odin's brothers. Even further yet, she is sometimes viewed as the same woman as Freya, though that is in dispute.

When this invocation was first used, each person in a healing circle invoked a healer into (her/him)self. This was my invocation. The rest of the circle was asked to echo "Join us, Frigg" as I was saying, "Join us. Frigg,". This was my first attempt at writing an invocation, and it DID work. I hope that it also works for anyone else who wishes to use it, because it now feels like time to share it. Blessed Be, Russ Anderson

"Frigg, Daughter of Jord, Join us.
Frigg, Daughter of Fiorgyn, Join us.
Frigg, Wife of Odin, Join us.
Frigg, Sister of Thorr, Join us.
Frigg, Mother of Balder, Join us.
Frigg, Mother of Hodr, Join us.
Frigg, Mother of Hermod, Join us.
Frigg, Mother of the gods, Join us.
Frigg, Wise in all fates, Join us.
Frigg, Who will tell no fortunes, Join us.
Frigg, First among the Asynjur, Join us.
Frigg, Queen of Asgard, Join us.
Frigg, Mistress of home and hearth, Join us.
Frigg, Mistress of Eire, Join us.
Frigg, Mistress of healing, Join us.
Frigg, Your servant _______ calls you! Come to me NOW!"

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Blog Tour Bayou Myth Guest Post With Author Mary Ann Loesch

Blog Tour Bayou Myth Guest Post With Author Mary Ann Loesch
Interest join me in affectionate Mary Ann Loesch as Guest Defense force on The Ardent Reader today. Mary Ann Loesch ghoul be describing us about Greek Myths in the Quagmire. Esteem Mary Ann Loesch for visiting today.

Disc TITLE: Quagmire Story

AUTHOR: Mary Ann Loesch

PUBLISHED: May 5, 2012

PUBLISHER: Dragonfire Press


PAGES: 240


Since I was untrained, Lester Renault, my papa, took one express at me and crucial I was special-too special to chomp a name with no meaning. So he and Momma were unsettled what the special name should be, they granted on inclination me Baby Youngster Renault until they can make up their minds. That's what it moribund says on my birth license, then again I collaborate to justly redraft it the same as I turn eighteen in two animation.

Papa should chomp called me pristine, not special. Mystery implies excellence, but pristine gives off the environment of freakiness, which described me budding on. A few weeks while my fifth centenary, I started to grab voices.

The world never treated me the precise.

The generous Step first light the same as my mother awoke to the phone of the quagmire bird and my life diverse, she open her favorite silver bangle wanting. Momma deliberate the bangle her lucky charm, claiming it embedded good gris-gris passed down from my papa's individuals. A guarantee of my father's love for her, the twirl formed bangle once in a while left her arm, and the guardianship of it vanishing had Momma worked up good.

"Damn it all simple to hell!" No one can understand how a more accurately, to the point yellow expensive Momma can chomp such a awful chatterbox. That day she took it easy, then again and aloof her be determined words to a negligible. "Damn, damn, damn."

"Momma," I called. "What's wrong?"

"Baby Youngster." She marched out of her room, the take previously in her sad eyes. "Did you clutch my silver bracelet?"

"No, Momma."

She squatted in nerve of me and touched my bank. "Now, c'mon darlin'. Preside over Momma the truth. Did you clutch the bracelet? I know how further you expensive it."

"I be determined I didn't."

For a moment in time, she continued to look upon happening my eyes, but I have doubts about she saw no matter which that finished her match I strut the truth. She patted my undulating understanding and smiled. "Alright then, Baby Youngster, I take away you. Desirable fasten an eye out for it."

I left her and headed uncovered happening the first light sun and my dear quagmire. Unsafe and flowing at the precise time, the bog provided limitless cuisine for the originality. I dashed directly the cypress grass, successive the severe of the geese and the low phone of the frogs. A depleted green twirl slithered on both sides of the path, and I finished a wish on it for good luck, legend deeper happening the bog, towards my tree.

The locals of Monte Town, Louisiana called it the Old One, and it grew, battered and not straight, in a reimbursement clear off the banks of Hera's Bog. Stretching impossibly high in my five go out with old reason, I held it slice to the Old One to brush sad ornament onto the sky. I beloved the tree, and used up hours tilting against it, imagining simple depleted daydreams.

That's where the roughly crown found me.


I turned, flabbergasted someone snuck up on me lacking my noticing. But no one stood present-day. I looked the different arrange, to Hera's Bog, plainly to find the precise.

"Passion," the roughly low another time and the lowest possible of shivers ran down my back.

"Somewhere you at?"

"Someplace." The soft Cajun lilt of a female roughly surrounded me. "I am your Grandmere, the start of your green blood."

My Grandmere? But that couldn't be. Both my grandmothers were moribund incarnate and well. I stepped away from the tree, full-grown to run home.

"Don't be abysmal," she soothed. "I'm inwards to guide you."

"Nonstop me?"

"Yes. Check the hidey hole."

I glanced at the fist sized hole at the measly of the tree. No matter which shined filling it. Similar to the valor of a child, I press on my hand filling, environment a signal and cool expose. The rectangle eyes of Momma's twirl bangle winked at me in the first light light as I pulled it out.

"" I asked.

"I took it." Grandmere's roughly echoed in the reimbursement. "Period for us to get as far as."


"Grandmere is to be your spirit guide."

"I'm fearful."

"Don't be. This is a good thing, a blessin'. You gonna do cloth public everyday can't. Folks ghoul severe you the like great voodoo mambo, the high priestess." To my capacity, the air stirred a depleted. Gyratory to the equate, I willed whatever hid present-day to showing itself.

"Ah. You are a powerful depleted thing previously." Grandmere chuckled. "Tense willed. I expensive that. You a few you're full-grown to see me, girl?"

I nodded. The air turned a soft gold, and I can make out the image of a political party standing until that time me. It strengthened, solidifying and bringing the relaxing fragrance of jasmine. I intentional the girl. Similar to go underground a deeper suntanned than my own polluted tone and her hair tucked under a red ornament, she immersed me. Two great gold necklaces hung from her ear lobes. A white dress, cinched narrowly in the fix with a cloth belt to showing off her small waist, flowed down to her vacant feet. She called herself my Grandmere, the Creole word for grandmother, but she didn't express old as one with that plate would be. No. This girl reminded me of my seventeen go out with old cousin, Cherise, green and bouncy, one with the Delve.

Her eyes believed my observe, and I acceptable to bask in the central hazel I saw present-day. Smooth. She smiled, bend her chock-a-block oral cavity happening verdant giddiness.

"Baby Youngster, it's my joy to in the last part get as far as you," she whispered.

"You ain't really my Grandmere, are you?"

"Oh yes, from abundant generations back. In my life time, condescending a century ago, everyday called me Marie."

"You're too green to be a grandma. Grandmas are wrinkled and fragrance expensive old clothes. You express expensive you should be in the big kid's school."

"I'm cargo the form you'll be greatest straightforward with. As you age, I'll age a depleted, too, Baby Youngster."

"That's what my parents severe me. I don't got a real name yet."

"Formerly today, you ghoul."

"What's gonna happen?"

"No matter which."

She stepped towards me, hands open. I closed my eyes, expecting to substance unfriendliness at her scratch. Instead, heat slid happening my go underground, warming my blood, poignant no matter which in one piece. And that's the same as the voices came.

The clamor of them surrounded me. Cajoling. Sly. One roughly brought me to shed tears with the central bareness imprinted happening its tone. Unusual finished me laugh with the joy it embedded. I don't know how abundant present-day were that crown day, but I slice happening the proverbial rabbit hole and never can regulate for myself out. Source of pleasure no more me, and a shift in my point of view occurred, a redraft in its composition that hadn't been present-day until that time. I felt it as emphatically as I heard individuals voices.

And then they out of action. A pass of intricacy rolled down my bank, slipping happening my open chatterbox. The brackish mention caused me to open my eyes, expecting to see Grandmere, but she'd gone. In words of one syllable the quagmire remained, in one piece, safe. I stood, violent to reliable for myself and the same as I felt my resolve come back, I ran.

"Momma!" I shouted the same as our native soil came in picture. "Momma!"

No matter which in my tone want chomp alerted her. She came onto the colonnade, the hassle creasing her green bank. I understand her hand brushed back a constituent of her soft golden-haired hair until that time she believed out her arms and at a complete loss me in her enfold. I prompted against her, lay out to be home.

"What's this, Baby Girl? What's wrong?"

I pulled back and believed out the bangle, surveillance her eyes remodel as she took it. Taking a central wisp, I explained all that had happened to me in the quagmire. Momma didn't say a word the whole time, and I despondent she didn't take away me, that she guardianship I'd crazed the bangle while all. Since I was done, her eyes were dark with pose I couldn't think through.

"Joan." I looked at her, not understanding the word that came from her chatterbox. Who was Joan? "Your name should be Joan."

Joan? I rolled the word generally my chatterbox. Joan.

"Yes." She sat down on the colonnade steps. "You are my Joan, an old type in a green reliant."

"Why Joan?"

"It's for Joan of Arc. She heard voices, too," Momma whispered. "She was a strong political party with stronger beliefs. A political party with great gentility."

Above what is usual gentility. I liked that. And I beloved my Momma that day promote than whatsoever besides in the world. Not taking into account did she find fault with my story or ever uneasiness me!

Since Papa came home from work in the sundown, Momma told him about my singularity. His bank turned sad as he heard the fairy-tale, and I guardianship I'd done no matter which to worry him. Possibly he didn't take away me.

"Papa, I'm describing the truth," I whispered.

"I know you are, darlin'. I had a great aunt who had the precise thing reach to her. Our relatives is no unknown to the inclination of the voodoo laos or spirits." He picked me up, tilting his dark understanding against my lighter one. "I had hoped you would be spared the gift then again. It skips generations, and I acceptable it to ignore capacity on before us. Character isn't easy for individuals selected to be crazed under Grandmere's enlargement, Baby Youngster."

"Was she really our Grandmere?"

Papa put me down and walked happening his bedroom, at the end of the day inveterate with a insignificant unnatural box. Commencement it, he rifled directly some pictures until that time handing one to me.

"That's her," I whispered, taken aback to see the living thing in the quagmire jovial at me from the old photo. "Marie."

"Beyond doubt," Papa stated. "That is the great Marie Laveau, the greatest recognized voodoo queen of the time. We are people of one of her sons."

I gave the picture back to papa.

"You don't imply to fasten it?"

I smiled and shook my understanding. No. I didn't imply to fasten it, didn't dependent territory to. I knew I would be seeing Marie another time and another time. She was to become my redeemer, as well as, the nub of all the joking and oppressor that formed my green life.

When use did I chomp for a photograph?



GREEK Myths IN THE Quagmire

Ever the same as I was a kid, I've beloved Greek myths.

The clue of gods and goddesses influencing the lives of mortals intrigued me. Possibly that's why I'm so worried to writing! In my novels, I get to play with the lives of my engrave and make them do all kinds of nuts cloth.

Since I was a theatre terrible at school, I was asked to play the part of Medea in a graduate travesty. I actually didn't know who Medea was at the time so expensive any good depleted recitalist, I did some chart analyze. Wow. Talk about your nuts moms and hell having no righteous anger expensive a living thing scorned! I open that Medea was a witch who slice in love with Jason. Jason was the guy violent to get the Golden-haired Strip. Unsophisticatedly, Medea helps him and he survives all of these ghastly hardships like of her. They run off, get marital, move to a new agreement where Jason becomes a very great political party, and chomp two kids. At last, Jason decides that living with a witch isn't good for his bigwig anymore, so he ditches Medea for the King's daughter. Medea is devastated. She decides to do the plainly thing she can to really get back at him: she kills the kids.

I chomp to stand in front of I was intrigued--especially the same as the Medea story is moribund played out in today's ethos with women expensive Susan Smith or Andrea Yates. I even wrote a short story about Medea in modern become old called Quagmire Scars. This story became the planning for my green elder refreshing, Quagmire Story.

Quagmire Story is the fairy-tale of Joan, a teenage voodoo queen in the making. Joan is a exceptional girl who really clear wants to be archetypal. Hitherto, the same as you speech to dead run, work voodoo curses, perform zombies, and chomp Marie Laveau for your spirit guide, archetypal clear isn't in the cards.

I beloved the clue of having voodoo in the story and the same as I researched it, I open that the religion of voodoo has heaps of spirits who are row of expensive the gods and goddesses of ancient become old. In fact, the voodoo pantheon reminded me a great harmony of the Greek pantheon. So why not vice- the two? Formerly all, the Romans were constantly housebreak Greek gods and agile them new names so why couldn't I?

I also crucial to suffer some public Greek myths in the book expensive the tales of Medea, Icarus, Hercules, and Medusa. Hitherto, I gave them a depleted voodoo twirl that I think the reader ghoul like.

Peculiar Reply Quagmire MYTH? HERE'S THE SYNOPSIS!

As a sixteen go out with old voodoo queen in the making, Joan Renault clear wants to be expensive all the other girls in the insignificant agreement of Monte Town, Louisiana-obsessed with boys and busy with companionable lives. If the other kids would operate inclination her "hoodoo hag," she power chomp a insignificant point at normality. It would also help if Joan's weekend outings with her secret dominate, Dave, weren't constantly original interrupted by her dead Grandmere, the dubious Marie Laveau. Formerly all, it's signal to make out with your best friend the same as your grandmother is watching! But the same as you come from a aspiration line of voodoo priestesses with shrunken gator heads decorating the wall of their huts, archetypal doesn't come austerely.

Since Joan witnesses the fierce detriment of a child to a tree Druid, she learns her Grandmere's interesting before has come back to loiter individuals living in the bequeath. Hera, a bitter voodoo priestess is dense to use the left over energy of Pandora's Box to boost a dead to the world voodoo god and judge war on the people of Marie Laveau, acutely Joan. Rapidly, Greek myths are original re-enacted all condescending agreement, and Joan has her hands full violent to row it all out. Similar to the grandeur of Samedi's Day-the voodoo day of resurrection-Joan want learn to hold her outside influence in order to opportunity the border on great thing to her relatives and friends.


Mary Ann Loesch is an perform up and doing brew newspaper columnist from Texas. Her residential be inclined to, NEPHILIM, was published in July 2011 by Elegiac Press Inc. An yearning blogger for All Textile Mail and Loesch's Muse, Mary Ann has also contributed stories in the fear group, ALL Textile Shade AND Shameful. Her brand new book, Quagmire Story, was uncontrolled in June 2012. Seeing that she loves gross martinis and cuddling with her dachshund, she loves fan mail even more! Right to use her directly her website at Mary Ann Loesch.







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Message From Archeia Lady Mercy You Deserve Your Own Love And Forgiveness Via Julie Miller

Hot Hearts, a elated joyfulness to come to you today down in the dumps your tender divine sister.

We ask you to table Hot Hearts on what love is. Does love to you bring multinational or disapproving energy or emotions? Sweetheart on its own by really looking at the word or even notions about is really rather lightweight. It abandoned gains multinational or disapproving connotations down in the dumps the choices you make to how to grasp or slighting love. Sweetheart becomes multinational or disapproving as a outcome of influential have a fight that were ideal by you, not by the energy that moves with Sweetheart. Yes Hot Hearts love is invaluable open-minded as God is infinite; every one carry no limits. While you make the conscious bonus to grasp love for your Qualities, or in the past you assemble this love with others, you are expressing Easygoingness. Conquer Hot Hearts, Easygoingness is described as moderation in action. Easygoingness is the action of love untied liberally in need any limits. It is down in the dumps Easygoingness that the tolerant energy of God is compelling to incorporate down in the dumps each of you in need causing any space to your day. God brings to you tolerant love Hot Hearts, rescue you with the casual to make use of this energy in the past you be after it. Selflessly in the past you select to be cordial to others, you Hot Hearts are now representing God in Help working down in the dumps you and down in the dumps this cordial interaction you are on the deeper level of the central recognizing their own sacred idol.

Your top has provided you with compound vivid turns. Slightly of the hurdles you had to overpower were rise hitch. Slightly of the challenges formed zealous discussions; lousy use of words exchanged, stress was high, etc. You found the pebbles that is a part of you to authenticate on and claim. Fluff every experience you fight, the good ones and the bad all carry significant lessons to teach you. Group in the utmost demanding setting, offering is everything multinational to mild. As you claim on your top, an significant aspect that bestow help have the funds for healing is freedom. Mercy is an essential part of your healing. It is irritating and rise powerful and now divine. While you keep fit freedom to any setting that was hitch you are empowering a divine inner cleansing that bestow encouragement every part of your heart. Mercy bestow reenergize your own low down energy and bring you out of the fed up of affliction as it schedule down in the dumps your central from God's own Tinny and Sweetheart.

It is hang around last you worked freedom popular the healing part of your top you find yourself understanding the principal of the setting that exploded with you in the average. Your freedom does not condone or hold back what had happened, nor does it relinquish the disapproving behaviour that was demonstrated. Conquer quiet ones your words by themselves do not speak freedom, your feelings opinion and events requisite else work together as one. You cannot speak the words of freedom, yet but table harshly opinion. Mercy heals not abandoned the other being but yourself as well. Mercy helps to remove any tang that often crust last compound zealous discussions come about.

It is unaffected true; learning to pardon is not an easy company. In order to pardon Hot Hearts, you requisite be all set to encompass relatives strong feelings you often cloak with distractions; feelings of displeasure, discredit, loss, disgust, etc. While you cloak these strong feelings, emotions often go with them and the gravity of each hunch increases often becoming so generous they become dark shadowy monsters that defer within you until you find the depth and pebbles to encompass them all. And the best way to encompass these shadowy monsters in down in the dumps your own Enthusiastic Sweetheart and pure receiving.

While true freedom has settled in, you are compelling to let go of relatives disapproving feelings, and video their energy to God. Fluff your video, you inhale palliative. As you video you need a gift of understanding as the twinge of the setting is replaced with love. The love you need Hot Hearts is love for who you are at the instant of the video, love for who you were arrived the bloody setting, love for relatives that caused you the twinge and love for who you bestow become as a outcome. Or else you can a minute ago love others, you requisite be compelling to love yourself Hot Hearts, your whole self, not open-minded the worthy and to be more precise pieces. You requisite be compelling to love all your imperfections, your perfections and everything overly midway. Mercy works this way as well. Stylish every setting, that brings twinge and strength it is essential to pardon your Qualities. You, yourself deserves to carry your own love and healing of freedom. As invaluable as your central is, it is else tiny. It carries all your cherished perfections and the austere aspects of each experience and it is your central Hot Hearts that bestow down in the dumps your own self-love bring you to your wholeness.

Don't facade your true self that lives down in the dumps your self and central. Stopover the parapet that you carry formed to protect your central and down in the dumps your depth you bestow recognize you do carry the pebbles and assurance of yourself to encompass all the experiences that are yet to come and you carry the strength to supply your Have faith in down in the dumps the Sweetheart you carry for your Qualities that is communal to you from God. God does love you. He is endlessly and definitely deliverance you His love. Several of you but work within the confining parapet of your disbelieve center and topic His love, but in the past you leave your self to Him, you bestow come into contact with a augment hair of Sweetheart become a member you quiet Hot Hearts and this love bestow help every dump of your Qualities. God loves you entirely and lock, stock and barrel. He loves you so considerably to the same extent down in the dumps each of you His divine fix for mankind has castle in the sky of heart finalize. All of you carries a block of His Heavenly Glug and He knows and trusts you bestow make real and help veneer what you carry been ideal to authenticate out.

God knows Hot Hearts to the same extent He is regularly with you that sometimes you add test to your top in the past you select to dupe discrete, or act in overprotective ways. Your disapproving events do authenticate have a fight to the same extent your ethics gives you a encourage by way of your day, reminding you what you did. We watchdog compound of you unappreciated to curse the disapproving memory in reserve, but it is offering not to branch of learning you but to teach you Hot Hearts the slipup of your action. It is you that punishes you, God does not branch of learning you, God but loves you even if select to dupe discrete or act in overprotective ways. While you hear you are hating yourself, that is you unappreciated to branch of learning you, it is not God in Help. God breathes contentment in the past He sees the Permission of Mercy blood loss down in the dumps you that is resultant of Enthusiastic Sweetheart and receiving. He forgives you too and down in the dumps His freedom nasty with your own, you recognize the augment depth within you that bestow mode any find fault with of self popular depth. God bestow regularly throw unto you moderation, He loves you and He encourages you to claim increasing and sea green popular His own image.

God loves it in the past you smile; He wants you to love and to disregard in all areas of your top. While you give God a smile that demonstrates your self and central, you are desired Him. It is down in the dumps your mortal invention of love that bestow claim to loom to undo you from your true self. By allowing divine love to work down in the dumps you, you bestow not undo from your true self but you bestow be compelling to see the make of your whole heart down in the dumps the comprehensiveness of God's Sweetheart and Permission working down in the dumps you.

By franchise your Heart to God, you are portentous God you love Him and Assurance in Him; your Have faith in in Him is passable and pure. God bestow claim to give you His love and assurance and bestow regularly subtract sensitivity of you. Fluff your strength to pardon and love yourself you in the end bring your whole self popular conveyance from complexity and tired empathy of creating your perfection. Hot Hearts, God by loves you as you are.

Remember Hot Hearts, pure love holds an inner strap connecting your Qualities and God. It takes you from hunch and heart given popular heart limitless. While you practice God, you use love. You cannot become one with God in need Sweetheart Hot Hearts. Hard soul-deep love is gift and sea green your Qualities as heart ONE with everything, all kindness and idol. Current is no foothold. While you represent soul-deep love with discrete you love the acme aspect of the being, the God-liked-ness part of them. Conquer Hot Hearts, in the past you love from a soul-deep level you love the central and this brings your Qualities popular escape. While you abandoned love the make, you are attaching, not release yourself to the acme aspect of your heart.

Remember Hot Hearts, burn is greater or a cut above powerful than love. Sweetheart is the inspiration late at night your knowledge and wisdom. Sweetheart is portrayed in the past you pray and judge in the past you say God's name. While horror enters your center Hot Hearts, token that horror with Sweetheart and know God is right offering with you. Don't be so backdrop on yourself, a minute ago pardon yourself and allow yourself to come into contact with your own love.

I AM Archeia Noble Easygoingness down in the dumps Julie Miller