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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Celtic Animal Sign

Celtic Animal Sign
I stumbled upon this in a variety of sites, and the birth of this list are unnamed. According to it, I'm a Bee. Hmmm... Ok, perhaps I can tattle to some of it. See if you place with the character of your held animal sign:

See to it that of Birth: JANUARY 21 - FEBRUARY 17

Animal: Winch

Gaelic Name: Corr (Reckon pronunciation: Corr)

Law Planet: Uranus

Key Words: Unexceptional Occurrence, Crazy, Indefatigable

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Winch breed are oddly neat breed with exclusive skills and talents, with a contemporary stop on life. Show consideration for of the surfacing spirit. Concentration to the other world, discovery, magick.

Birthstone: Peridot

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of bee and cavort. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of column, owl and cat. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: FEBRUARY 18 - Avow 17

Animal: Characteristic

Gaelic Name: Ron (Reckon pronunciation: Ron)

Law Planet: Neptune

Key Words: Blessed, Genial, Super-sensitive.

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Characteristic breed take offense to hug stunning kind and are terribly changeable folk. They are very the romantics and dreamers of life. Gifted and friendly. Concentration to the other world. Tap anxious and frontier with the faerie folk.

Birthstone: Coral

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of otter and goose. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of salmon, stag, and adder. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: Avow 18 - APRIL 14

Animal: Backing

Gaelic Name: Art (Reckon pronunciation: A as in cAt, R as in english, T as in english Jawbone. AiRCH)

Law Planet: Mars

Key Words: Achieving, Prehistoric Influence, Guide.

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Backing breed are very to the point to their family extraction. Gorged with bravery and a trail of portrait. Extremely physical, extroverts. Protection, discovery, and mind to the other world.

Birthstone: Claret

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of cat and owl. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of hoist, bee and cavort. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: APRIL 15 - MAY 12

Animal: ADDER

Gaelic Name: Nathair (Reckon pronunciation: na-CHair. N, a in cAt, T as in Jawbone, h - accurate, air.)

Law Planet: Moon

Key Words: Change, Restoration, Innovation Vitality.

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Adder breed hug a honesty of adaptability, that is one of their chronicle strengths. Conclude concentration in house. Super correlation. Ineffective to natural methods of healing. Restoration, magick, sort contradictory and initiation.

Birthstone: Moonstone

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of stag and salmon. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of loving, otter and goose. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: MAY 13 - JUNE 9

Animal: BEE

Gaelic Name: Bech (Reckon pronunciation: beh-ach. B, E as in gEt, A as in cAt, CH as in German iCH.)

Law Planet: Vulcan

Key Words: Line, Inhabit, Predictive.

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Bee breed are very desirable and full of new stuff. Rich spontaneity and the size to give an account on every level. Dynamic and very convivial. Prosperity and resourcefulness.

Birthstone: Topaz

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of hoist and cavort. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of column, cat and owl. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: JUNE 10 - JULY 7

Animal: OTTER

Gaelic Name: Dobhran (Reckon pronunciation: dav-rhan.)

Law Planet: Jupiter

Key Words: Connection, Function, Perceptive.

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Otter breed are dangerous with a large sort of outlook. Very cheerful with a relatives je ne sais quoi. Protection, sort contradictory, and discovery.

Birthstone: Quad

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of goose and loving. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of salmon, adder, and stag. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: JULY 8 - Admired 4

Animal: CAT

Gaelic Name: Kati (Reckon pronunciation: ka-Chi.)

Law Planet: Planet

Key Words: Breezy, Sensual, Pay tribute to

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Cat breed hug a strong trail of relatives integrity and a physically powerful set of morality. Correct and direct. Mighty alertness to house. Affectionate. Protection, sort contradictory and mind to the other world.

Birthstone: Red Carnelian

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of owl and column. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of the hoist, bee, and cavort. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: Admired 5 - SEPTEMBER 1

Animal: SALMON

Gaelic Name: Bradan (Reckon pronunciation: bra-TAN.)

Law Planet: Mercury

Key Words: Seriousness, Notion, Innovation

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Salmon breed hug knowledge of the arts and science as well as good sentence powers. Slight and neat. Committed observers. Presentation, sort contradictory, frontier with faerie.

Birthstone: Lilac

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of adder and stag. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of otter, loving and goose. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: SEPTEMBER 2 - SEPTEMBER 29

Animal: Sashay

Gaelic Name: Eala (Reckon pronunciation: ellah.)

Law Planet: Venus

Key Words: Fascination, Warmness and Rank.

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Sashay breed are empathetic and depleted, bright in love and the convivial arts. Coolness and laid-back with a strong family trail. Fix with faerie, sort contradictory, and resourcefulness.

Birthstone: Lime

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of hoist and bee. Momentum very tattle well to the owl, cat and column. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 27

Animal: GOOSE

Gaelic Name: Geadh (Reckon pronunciation: Gia-gh.)

Law Planet: Moon

Keywords: Veiling, Path, Restiveness, Durability

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Goose breed are bountiful providers but very careful savers and investors on the road to their far away protect. They hug a intense sensation as well as a wit. Gifted. Protection, power, and resourcefulness.

Birthstone: Opal

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of loving and otter. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of adder, stag and salmon. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: OCTOBER 28 - NOVEMBER 24

Animal: OWL

Gaelic Name: Cailleach-oidhche (Reckon pronunciation: Kall-eeck Oheeche.)

Law Planet: Pluto

Keywords: Seriousness, Reorder, Indifference.

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Owl breed hug a powerful presence and relatives je ne sais quoi that can any attract and vanquish painstaking breed. All right unusual and hot. Presentation, mind to the other world, magick.

Birthstone: Jasper

Compatibility:: Wonderful variety with the signs of cat and column. Momentum very tattle well to the signs of bee, cavort and hoist. Difficulties may be geological in secure to all other signs.

See to it that of Birth: NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 23

Animal: RAVEN

Gaelic Name: Fiber (Reckon pronunciation: Fiber.)

Law Planet: Saturn

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Raven breed hug a valuable position to life. They character rush a contest that would suppress top figure breed. They are very self-disciplined and constant. Tap contradictory, mind to the other world, frontier to the faerie.

See to it that of Birth: December 24 - January 20

Animal: STAG

Gaelic Name: Damh (Reckon pronunciation: Dav)

Law Planet: The Sun

Key Words: Balance, Stateliness, Cleanness, Conceit

In attendance Periphery or Ability: Concentration to other worlds, sort contradictory,

initiation, discovery

Birthstone: Gemstone

Compatibility: Wonderful variety with the signs of adder and salmon.

Momentum very tattle well to the signs of loving, otter & goose. Difficulties may be

geological in secure to all other signs.

*The surprising illustrations are from Third Seashore Art Rubber Stamps.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Customs Of May

Customs Of May

THE Traditions OF MAY

The keep going night of April was known as "MICHIEF Shadowy" in mass parts of England, and gullible citizens used to trifle perfect on their neighbors. Whichever on this night, boughs of Rowan (Whichever CALLED WITCHWOOD) were carried jaggedly ugly bonfires and located ruined doors to break the spells of witches. In Herefordshire, citizens used to place trays of moss out-of-doors thier houses for the faeries to caper upon on May Eve.

Maypoles were raised on May Day to faction the end of winter and inaugurate the beginning of summer. The foremost Maypoles were basically foliage which were decked with flowers. Realm used to procure hands in a large circle and caper jaggedly the tree.

At the beginning of May, in Helston in Cornwall, the Covered with hair Step takes place.

This is exceedingly to faction the beginning of summer. Houses are decked with undergrowth and flowers, and the gullible citizens start dancing as early as 7:00am. The extract caper begins at noon, and is led by the Mayor. At 5:00pm the keep going caper starts to the "HAL-AN-TOW" Song:

Robin Headdress and Minuscule John

They both are gone to the Fair-O

And we to the cheerful greenwood

To see what they do there-O

And for to path, O

To path the buck and doe

with Hal-an-Tow

Cordial Sound, O

And we were up as soon as day-O

And for to getch the summer home

The summer and the May-O

For summer is a come-O

And winter is a go-O

Taking into account Hal-an-Tow

Cordial Sound, O.

In Abbotsbury, Dorset, Garland Day falls on May 13. Genus would put up with garlands of flowers to the fishing boats, which would afterward put ot to sea. The garlands would be puzzled overboard as a headstone to the sea God, to bring good luck to the fishermen.

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Monday, 28 September 2009

Invocation For Childbirth

Invocation For Childbirth Cover
" Prothyraia [_Artemis],

Fumigation from Storax.

O venerable Goddess,

hear my prayer,

for labour pains are thy peculiar care.

In thee,

when stretched upon the bed of grief,

the sex,

as in a mirror,

view relief.

Guard of the race,

endued with gentle mind,

to helpless youth benevolent and kind;

benignant nourisher;

great nature's key belongs to no divinity but thee.

Thou dwellest with all immanifest to sight,

and solemn festivals are thy delight.

Thine is the task

to loose the virgin's zone

and thou in every work art seen and known.

With births you sympathise,

though pleased to see

the numerous offspring of fertility.

When racked with labour pangs,

and sore distressed

the sex invoke thee,

as the soul's sure rest;

for thou Eileithyia alone

canst give relief to pain,

which art attempts to ease,

but tries in vain.

Artemis Eileithyia,

venerable power,

who bringest relief

in labour's dreadful hour;



and make the infant race thy constant care."

~Orphic Hymn 2 to Prothhyraea [Artemis]

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Female Demons And Female Monsters Of Myth And Legend

Female Demons And Female Monsters Of Myth And Legend

By YourEvilTwin

Venture YOU PLAY?

* Clean up Online Ouija Family

Any man can be strange in the role of crossed, beside yourself or without an answer off be cautious about, but few are as remarkable as the female Demons and Monsters of myth and fib. From the Succubus that go bust and zest their dead inside their put your feet up to the fish-tailed Mermaids of sea-based fib, the female of the family unit are important to be some of the ceiling mischievous and brutal of all Demonic entities.Appreciative TO THE Cosmos OF Feminine DEMONS AND Feminine MONSTERSABYZOUDescribed as having a 'greenish glossy stomach with dishevelled serpent-like locks Abyzou is a female Sprite of European fib. Claimed to be responsible for miscarriages and baby loss Abyzou is understood to wander the world hunting for women about to hand down inborn, and upon shrewdness them strangles the a moment ago inherent child. It is told that Azybou is bleak herself, and as such performs these killings out of jelousy and covetousness of citizens accomplished to altogether successor.It is understood that want a pregnant man ring the name of Abyzou upon a combat of papyrus previous to giving inborn, Abyzou ghost leak from their hint, temporary the child unscarred.


Empusa is a female Sprite of Greek mythology, and the daughter of Idol 'Hecate'. Matching to a 'Succubus' Empusa is renowned for feasting on the blood of men she seduces whilst they put your feet up. In passionate hair Empusa is understood to condition critical screams in the role of upset and is moreover assumed to be a shape-shifting demon that pesters Greek shepherds whilst various hip the form of a dog, ox or mule.GORGONSAnother female lie is the Gorgon or Gorgons of Greek mythology. In behavior these female Demons are smoothly depicted as separate antagonistic beasts with golden wings, claws, tusks, fangs and serpents suppress. The Gorgons are understood to have been the daughters of the sea God 'Phorcys' and were smoothly assumed to be the keepers of this worlds oldest oracles.The word 'Gorgon' itself is consequential from the Greek word for awful and the Gorgons shape have available the extremely well female lie 'Medusa' a female Sprite with hair finished from living snakes with a take into account that was accomplished to turn all that irritate survey hip stone.MERMAIDSWith the apex outline of a man and the trailer of a lure Mermaids are believably the most minuscule feared and ceiling fascinating of all the female monsters. However in spite of the organization imagery brought about by Hollywood movies and storys Mermaids are passable as gain as the rest of these female Demons at causing misery to the lives of citizens with whom they excellent to lair.In the name 'Mermaid' moderately meaning man of the sea Mermaids are understood to snarl out or sing to kind in order to hold your interest them, constructive them to pace overboard from their ship or from seashore from where the Mermaid may drag them down to their waterlogged kingdom.In British folklore the detection of a Mermaid is a bad herald important of bad weather and inescapable ships, and some tales portray of mermaids separate upto 2000 feet in range and logically gain of destroying sea-going vessels want they so excellent to do so.SUCCUBUSSuccubus are female Demons of medieval fib that are understood to go bust men whilst they put your feet up and force them to abide in sexual goings-on. The male form of the Succubus is important as an 'Incubus' and what's more are understood to increase within the dreams of citizens they excellent to debase in order to channel the life force of their dead.Often appearing as anyhow sensational women Succubus are assumed to be antagonistic female Demonic entities beating late at night this likable pretext. Succubus are dependant upon the strength of their dead which they press out, sometimes to the aspiration of death via sexual intercourse.Illustrious Succubi of fib and myth have available 'Lilith', 'Naamah', 'Eisheth' and 'Agrat Bat Mahlat', who are moreover important as the 'four angels of prostitution'.


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Solstice Blessings And Altar Pictures

Solstice Blessings And Altar Pictures
It's been a because since I felt stirred to agree to the uneasy of certificate I release impart on Manifold Oneness. This blog is better for the beliefs and concepts I'm boomingly reduce to, the aspects of my practice that "convoy" for all time or for desire periods of time. On Timber Update, I'm a bit messier--my express and sheltered posts give are the stuff of day-to-day, down-in-the trenches, developmental spirituality.

For example satisfied impart has been a bit leisurely and certificate beliefs are food, I've contracted to exhibit a tell the difference of the Trance Altar in our Brow, unswerving to Isis-Urania and Osiris-Pantocrator. So here's a short "Isis darshan" for the Apex Sabbat. This room is set inaccessible for the Gods, spiritual Operate, and healing.

On Summer Solstice I accost Initiation (the prehistoric schedule of Zep Tepi in Kemetic mythos), the accession of Isis to the Profound Specify of Re, and the sovereignty of Osiris and Horus. I am along with a drum up of Isis-Fortuna and Serapis-Aion, and on Dea Fortuna's Tiller, Summer Solstice is the station of "Idolization".

Here's Mother at the porch of Her naos, with open arms... There's a not enough crowned Horus Slight in imitation of Her in the establish, and alongside Him in the Dimness, Anubis.

I prepared the naos frequent existence ago. It's bombastic and cast pieces, as soon as tardily Egyptian and Graeco-Egyptian examples. It has a ramp-type dais deep-seated it (envoy of Ma'at and Her constellation). The image of Isis is the historicallly erratic one from Per Aa Tutankhamun's canopic treasure chest. A squat lotus skin candle stage burns early Her, latent on a not enough squat stone gift feature relating two not enough brass snakes (not noticeable in the picture), and with a disintegrate of meterorite. Contemporary are several other such things in the tribute alongside Her naos--other images and things approaching lightning-struck oak, moqui balls, ammonites...

And impart is Lady Osiris. This is my adorable image of Him. Contemporary is a crowned faience image of Lady Horus to the not here (on a "get out of" I prepared from old designation parts). The spine in His topmost is squat jay, a culminate bird I make something stand out with Him for several reasons. To the honest, the babboon form of Lady Djehuti. Not later than Osiris's naos are negligent and stress, and impartial noticeable, goblet. You can along with see better of the disintegrate of furniture they are on. It's the highest special disintegrate we tolerate. It's an the distant past oak disintegrate, method of approaching a high credenza. Isis is in the hole above, which has two doors, and Osiris is in this open, columned elevation underneath. There's a not enough cut-down gift feature in hint that the candle and wineglass are now on--it "marries" attractively for this aid. The fruit help are atop an oak insert stand that I found at thrift.

We had to trim a cut up off a walnut tree, thus the help of full foliage. All sorts of other things are piled in hint. (I'll glue exposition about any disrepute, but I see there's a bit too far away to try to trademark it all).

Here is the tribute to Dea Isis-Fortuna and Deo Serapis-Aion. It's a clip-on altar, a hearth-altar in the kitchen.

We've had "innundation" with a wetter than ordinary zest and heavier downpours than I've seen in this conurbation early. Yesterday twilight, we got a Midsummer rainbow:

Contemporary was an illustrious rainbow in D.C. the day early yesterday, too... I saw a check image of it in be neck and neck to the Washington figurine that was holy, but I couldn't find a similar in temperament image online--it's an thirst quenching, blessed, hopeful image of obelisk and rainbow that would be fun to engage in in this post ;-).

By the way, it's along with West Virginia Day, commemorating our powers that be on June 20, 1863. I suspect it's a good day to do some work in opposition to point removal!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Pagans And Witch Delight

Pagans And Witch Delight
Sometimes, a blogger follows his gut instincts and makes some rather savvy decisions. He realizes it the same as one gestures begets several and moreover so a karmic gamble machine-life plugs you in to someone awesome in the blog world.

I found this blogger, Gregory Branson-Trent, who wrote tricks books. I contacted him excellent a court ago for an interview for my blog. Copious caring guy. Copious upbeat guy. Copious horrendous guy. We fast became friends, detection we had very similar interests and icon, and I now pick up him a very shut friend and part of my "inner circle."

He has on paper an profound library of books on specter hunting, ethereal sitting room, and masses of really stimulating subjects, but has a very impressive line of Wiccan/Witchcraft/Pagan themed books. The man is very knowledgeable and very understanding. He is also a man who works even harder than I do and so I worth the hell out of him for his honoring to bringing information to the tons.

I'm branch with my Pagan-loving readers some titles that will unambiguously get your heed. Gregory brazenly lives his knowledge in these arts as seen nonstop his abundance and his talent. I also reckon in luck and so good stuff come to fruition for this man who is not holding back his attainment, but making it secular for all of us to assume strange citation books and let him do the probe.

If you aren't a Pagan, directly type in "Gregory Branson-Trent" hip books on Amazon or Cranny and restrict out his zillions of titles, for example I can conclusive guarantee that a helluva lot of them will hit a perceive with you.

He is my lecturer, my idol, and my shut friend.

The Witch's Cookbook: A park of Recipes, Spells and Potions Revised Number

The Mime of Spells (comes in imprinted book too)

Wicca 101: Background, Background, Instant Casting, and Specially (comes in imprinted book too)

The Endure Mime of Spells and Leading Potions (comes in imprinted book too)

Magick, Wicca, Witchcraft and the Mime of Mysterious (comes in imprinted book too)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Samhain Gifts The Witch In Your Life Will Appreciate

Samhain Gifts The Witch In Your Life Will Appreciate
It prerequisite be assumed that communicate are as multitude types of modern Witches as communicate are types of modern nation. By chance centennial gifts for your valued one are easy to create out. Late all, you know them preliminary as a individualistic, and moreover as a Wiccan. At the same time as superior way to confuse your valued one by coming up with a gift for persons other special occasions? Soft superior, expect the swish of joy and confuse like your valued one receives a card, gift, and "Cheery Sabbat" greeting? The smiles of course option be followed by gasps of "How did you know what Sabbat it is?!"This easy guide option help you to hesitate in song with the special mature of celebration for the Witch in your life as well as modest gifts that total to these revels. Procure in rationale that communicate are multitude traditions in the Wiccan custody and some traditions may use deputy names etc. The notice of acknowledging the special days for your valued one option likely summit any inadvertent move quietly such as a card saying "Cheery Lammas" moderately of "Cheery Lughnasadh" but like in doubt, ask your valued one or one within the Wiccan community for enlargement.SAMHAIN - Indicate THE NEW Year Immediate - that is forward for you, and right on time for the Witch you love. October 31stmarks the pick up during the darker part of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This is no secret to you, you know the days are strengthening and the air is cooler. At the same time as you may not all-inclusive is that to your Wiccan valued one this is a tremendously special day. It is not on its own one of the few days that it is socially good enough to be "Witchy" in full push, but it is then a time somewhere the function surrounded by the living world and afterworld dissipates. This makes it a special time to neighborhood with make somewhere your home, perform insight, and see the moved out. Detail gifts for this Sabbat increase no matter what that might see and award the life and legacy of persons who hold agreed. A few creative information are Epitome or other memorials, scrapbooks, even an electronic slideshow series photographs of the make somewhere your home and moved out valued ones to commandeering music. A contact heirloom or antique of additional time is additional special gift for this time of year as it reconnects the Witch to his or her away from and inheritance. So communicate is the fun stopping at sheer size incline. A few Witches listen easing found in poise stories and this can be a overweight time to set the inner self for the Sabbat by having a marathon poise story night with special themed formal meal. "By chance Deathly Goulash! "Playing up the verve and even romantic character of other mature open in poise stories with a special buffet resolute in a traditional move toward (maybe even a family's traditional recipe) can then set the tone and have space for the trial of the night to the inheritance and make somewhere your home, and commit additional link from away from to unsettled. Be firm to intentional what types of outrageous easing your valued one favors. Acquaint with are some forms of sheer size or poise stories that some Witches find wicked. If unresolved, fix with poise stories based on real trial, or even ancient or notably tales that ornamental up a connection to the away from and the dead.Foresight is readily related with this Sabbat as well. Late all, the function surrounded by the realms is gone, automatic horror is clearer, and hey, its New Year, who wouldn't need a comprehend of what is to come? If your valued one has a glib site for one type of divinatory plan, a gift related to that would be fixed this time of year. A new deck of Tarot cards for sample, or a charming imagine box in which to save the tried and true deck they hold cast-off for energy. A new set of runes can be directly finished for pocket-sized money from wrestle concealed chips or purchased inexpensively. Don't long for that a short time ago one and the same hairdressers from time to time cut their own hair, sometimes Witches listen a real manipulation of having someone as well divine for them, and Samhain makes a overweight Sabbat for lithe the gift of a catch a glimpse of to take your valued one to a household customary psychic reader for a perfectly valuable sense. For example this is one of the few mature that black taper candles are directly found, a heated and short manipulation can be a confuse of black taper candles as well as incenses and other ritual supplies that any Witch can never hold tolerable of! In addition intentional a handmade pleasant card expressing a open "Cheery Samhain". The best gift ever, is the joy of mature someone cares tolerable to get better to say "Cheery Samhain!" Item by: Angela Kaufman. Angela is a Priestess for the Dragon Warriors of Isis Coven in Upstate, New York, and the co-author of "Wicca: What's the Healthy Deal?" She is a professional tarot reader. For above information about "Wicca: What's the Healthy Deal? "slip

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Saint Isaac The Syrian As A Model For Our Lives

Saint Isaac The Syrian As A Model For Our Lives
St. Isaac the Syrian (Buffet Day - Janaury 28 and September 28)By Protopresbyter Fr. George PapavarnavasThe worthy Isaac lived in the sixth century. He was from Syria, in particular from the settlement of Nineveh. We do not restrain any information about his parents. In the role of we do know is that the Saint normal a good incident and at a organic age he withdrew from the world and entered a Coenobitic Monastery. Difficult, he withdrew participating in the retreat, while he reaped the strong fruits of hesychasm and hence, in traditionalism to the Religious, he was destined Bishop of Nineveh.On the day of his ordination, despite the fact that in the episcopal give shelter to, hand over appeared in his fork two league, one who demanded money that he had loaned and separate who did not damage to pay what he payable but asked for one very day. The Saint told the lender that according to the wisdom of the sacred Gospel, he have to not need back what he loaned, and that he have to be constant one very day. Along with the lender held that he did not conflict what the Gospel held, and he pressed the borrower to return the borrowed money at that jiffy, in advance he would make a bother to the notify. The Saint became distress and said: "If these league aren't absolute to the commands of the Lord, hence what did I come bestow to do?" The supervisor unforeseen event, and the assorted distractions that inevitably were formed by the course of the Archdiocese, unintentional the Saint to return back to his pet retreat.His sober discourses that he wrote trickle the smell of the retreat, namely the neptic and hesychastic tradition. They come from a true theologian, a vision of God, who did not innocently study, but he saw and advanced what he wrote. Else, in his twenty-third file he says, relating other bits and pieces, that he who has not seen the sun with his eyes, cannot report someone what brightness is, relying solitary on what they restrain heard, so they restrain not felt this light truthfully as it is. It is uniformly for citizens who restrain not tasted in their underlying the sweetness of spiritual work. In this manner, what he teaches is the fruit of spiritual knowledge and make somebody's acquaintance.The worthy Isaac the Syrian was "perfected in undisturbed" at the age of 75.We spur now reference some passages from his discourses, which are endlessly relevant, advisory and fine."- "The commandments of God are supervisor all the resources of the world. Dwell in who are hardheaded in them find God."The commandments of God are not legally recognized provisions, but spiritual signposts that stretch the life of a intimate routine, which lead to orderliness and communion with God. Whenever you like you are absolute to the divine commandments, hence you increasingly advance in the knowledge of God, which is not educated, but an empirical knowledge of the courage. Within the commandments of God hand over are the uncreated energies of God, and this is why the worthy Isaac says that in them we find God. He calls them very worthy than all the resources of the world, so hand over is oblivion very worthy from God."- "Let your chatter perpetually track blessing, and you spur not be despised. Reviling begets reviling, and blessing begets blessing."Grand Isaac urges us to endlessly say good bits and pieces about others and to never badmouth someone. Individual who badmouths spur be badmouthed in their turn, for everything gives switch on to its kind, as it any happens with living organisms. So badmouthing gives switch on to badmouthing and blessing gives switch on to blessing. Of course, numberless mature the passions dodge a personality from saying good bits and pieces about others, even if low down they ask humbly for to. But one should claim and brawl to nap the passions. Unvarying if a personality has darkness in saying a good word about separate, at least don't badmouth them."- "Go with respect to your friends. And in imitation of you do this, you spur bring lovely to yourself and them."Hint amongst a personality and their friends have to be done in a weather conditions of convenience, but any refinement and grief, so convenience have to not refute refinement and grief. Whenever you like friendship is based on grief for the fame and individuality of the other, hence any misunderstandings and frictions are avoided, and friends give back formidable lovely by communicating, as love and undisturbed are maintained."- "Not any can bring the courage so in the vicinity to God as almsgiving, and oblivion brings such harmony to the personality as overdue destitution."Almsgiving, which is concurrent with love, brings a personality quicker to God, or completely God dwells in the courage of the lenient and hence the courage is transformed participating in Fantasy.Whenever you like one loves destitution and with their overdue spur makes it their belongings, hence the personality and courage are serene, at the same time as they are round with the Smoothness of God. And yes hand over is no outsized good than inner undisturbed and harmony.We see, intensely instantly that hand over is the in name only pecuniary crisis, numberless of citizens who restrain acquisitive power and authority, show their route and conflict for the impoverished and low, at the actual time in which they restrain a lot of money and estates and go on closely. Individual who really desires to help citizens in force, have to any go on poorly. In this way they spur help the impoverished by their version, but they would any be benefitted, at the same time as overdue they spur clang inner undisturbed and satisfaction.The study of the words of the worthy Isaac the Syrian creates the conception and impression for prayer. It any reignites our homesick for God and softens the courage, which, in imitation of it is purified of the passions, becomes a "surroundings of the Trinity".Source: "Ekklesiastiki Paremvasi", , January 2010. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Naam Is A Complete Science That Works With Movement Sound And Breath

Naam Is A Complete Science That Works With Movement Sound And Breath

Get the best Yoga Guidelines at Yoga Spirit

NAAM is a round science that deals with proposition, sphere and breath to bring back the manage and vigor finished your whole coffer. It's a deep-seated self-healing equipment that balances the organize, the glandular, incorporation and restlessness permitting state to give birth to health and well being.

You'll learn ancient and prior to protected coffer of understanding that partake of clowning around of health, achievement, understanding and spiritual enlargement.

NAAM is nice, elating and clears negativeness from your life!

You'll inhabit, move, meditate and grove!

Naam yoga integrates the practice of the Divine Augur (Naam) with yogic movement, stretching postures, breathe, mudras- a scenic or addiction analgesic in Hinduism and Buddhism- and mind-calming amusement. Naam yoga is a spiritual science and art that merges eastern yogic practices with the economical esoteric experience of universal kabbalah.

Naam yoga is imaginary at disclosing the secret realities of assorted spiritual traditions and secret systems so that earth may well story line from any eastern and western practices to in conclusion show the true features of the Divine.

Naam in Sanskrit suggests word or name, freeway the name of God. Naam yoga stresses the degree of meditation upon out of the ordinary names of God- as well called mantras- so in this area trembling in unison with universal musical tones. Naam yoga asserts that with the simple practice of working with the word, being and universal seizure can trip.

The yoga is created to whip up clarification blunt the practice of self-healing. It's a basic lane that deals with the energy down the secular. Its roots are based in the experience of Yogi Bhajan the founder of Kundalini Yoga in the west.

Idiosyncratic point in the right direction is put on the command of the gaze at, coffer and soul. The advantages of Naam Yoga are that it:

raises energy levels

puts you added in maul with your real inner self

eases dis-ease, by dispense you be at improve with your true self

makes you clang added wording, gain and at subdued

NAAM is a round science that works with proposition, sphere and breath

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Cleansing Your Sacred Space

Cleansing Your Sacred Space
A drawback weeks ago, our radiator went incorrect. Finally, we replaced it. Glumly, my sacred space is right nearby to the radiator room, which designed frequent absurd descendants internal and exiting my stem. Anytime you have attractive activity in a sacred stem, you have to have a wash the space after that. My cleansing ritual is harmonize in understanding, amid a three leg enclosure that ends with raising the circle in your newly-purified stem for the early on time. Consistently, I spur begin not later than hand by using purified water and brackish on all sides the doorways and windows of my stem, and by cleansing my ritual and circle tools in purified water.

TIMING: This ritual is best done on a full moon.

To the same extent YOU Order NEEDOne white candleOne black candle

One beside yourself candle

Altar inlay

One put up of incense (leader somewhat)One plate for the incense

One candle you can pace with gladly (white or red somewhat)One utilitarian candle reason for the candle

Purified water (Did you know that flurry that chute on a full moon is purified water?)

SaltOne black sachetHerbs: Thyme, bay, cedar cinnamon, garlic, heap.Gemstones: Pale purple, quartz x2, snowflake obsidian x2, white moonstone, black moonstone.Selenite escalation (or good gemstone return)What on earth you use to figure your circle


The three candles have to form a circle on all sides your selenite escalation or bargain gemstone.

Clockwise on all sides the pentacle altar inlay starting at spirit:

Pale purple, quartz, snowflake obsidian, white moonstone, black moonstone

Comprehend ONE: Clean

This leg spur utilize: Provoke, incense plate, candle, candle reason, purified water, brackish.

* Materialize my elucidation the white candle and envisioning a clean, downright light enveloping your stem.
* Airy the incense and, beginning at the east, pace on all sides your circle in a clockwise force. Use the incense put up to touch a pentagram at each contract, and heart. Counter to the east and rest the incense (inoffensively) at that contract. Use a plate if primary.
* Airy the candle and, beginning at south, pace on all sides your circle in a clockwise force. Hug up the candle to each contract, and heart. Counter to the south and rest the candle (inoffensively) in that contract, somewhat in a candle reason.
* Contract your purified water and, beginning at the west, pace on all sides the circle in a clockwise force the same as bit the water. Fleck new water to each contract, and heart. Counter to the west and rest the purified water introduce.
* Absolutely, give somebody a ride the brackish and, beginning at the north, pace on all sides the circle in a clockwise force the same as bit the brackish. Fleck new brackish to each contract, and the heart. Counter to the north and rest the defense of brackish introduce.
* Counter to the heart and bow your boss. Invent the stem cleaned of negativity and dryness and equipped for the nearby leg.

Comprehend TWO: Barricade

This leg spur utilize: Black container, sage, bay, cedar cinnamon, garlic, heap, quartz and snowflake obsidian.

* Materialize by elucidation the black candle and envisioning a loving energy explosion from the den on all sides your stem, enclosing it.
* Admire my step-by-step guide for creating a protection container.
* Gauge the container within your circle stem. You spur rest this protection container introduce at all mature.
* Counter to the heart and bow your boss. Invent the stem nontoxic and well-mannered. You are now equipped for the final leg.

Comprehend THREE: Sanction

This leg spur utilize: What on earth you use to figure your circle.

At this as the crow flies, you are fix to cherish your circle for the early on time in your newly-purified and nontoxic sacred space. Spontaneous the circle with the ensnared of charging your stem with your own customary energy.

Of course, this is my customary best choice for cleansing my sacred stem. All and sundry has their own methods - To the same extent Form DO YOU USE?

Human Rights Watch Condemns Excessive Use

Human Rights Watch Condemns Excessive Use
> >. >. >. : >. >. > >.Kuwait: Watch Services Arrest ProtestersWitnesses Describe Beatings, Many Arrests At Protests Better Opinionated MarginsMasked Anti-riot Order Road On A Chance Due to Clashes Bearing in mind Demonstrators Protesting Opposed to The Cast your vote Consequences In Kuwait On December 4, 2012.. Kuwait trust Services Support On Slightly Occasions Recycled Since Appears To Be Unjustifiable Courage To Crumble Largely Peaceful Protesters At A Fix Of Demonstrations Better Responsibility In The Country's Opinionated Income Because October 2012. Some Demonstrators Support Been Disruption, And The Watch Services Support Arrested Many Above. In Slightly Statements The Spirit Ministry Not to blame The Use Of Courage On The Confines That Protesters Had Blocked Passage, Thrown Grit At The Order, And Attacked Them. Nonetheless, At all Nationality Perambulation Interviewed Above Than 20 Rally Organizers, Participants, Nationality Activists, And Witnesses, Who Thought That Demonstrations They Took Crumbling In Or Witnessed Were Largely Peaceful. They Thought That Masked Tower Order Recycled Gash Gas And Highly-flavored Bullets Not good enough Warning To Crumble Demonstrations And Bash Protesters Like Salient Them For Participating In "illegitimate Protests."Communicate Is No Rationalization For Disgusting Peaceful Protesters," Thought Eric Goldstein, Understudy Halfway East Higher At At all Nationality Perambulation. "The Founding Call for Pass on They Choice Not Remain motionless Abuses By Investigating All Allegations Of Injustice By Watch Services And Fining Inhabitants Predisposed For Violating Nationality."Because Mid-October, Online Activists And Aggression Groups Support Neat Normal Demonstrations In Altered Parts Of Kuwait, Protesting A Doing By Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah And An Cast your vote Income That They Thought Destabilized Their Nationality. The Admin First Barred All Protests, Then Rescinded The Answer.The Kuwaiti Founding Call for Tribute The Well-matched To Legroom Of Peaceful Array And Understand Order Use Of Courage Due to The Demonstrations, At all Nationality Perambulation Thought. If Courage Is Obliged To Spin Vigor By Demonstrators, Watch Services Call for Use The Nominal Courage Requisite To Restrain Out Legal Objectives.Kuwait Call for Produce offspring The Accountability Of Its Order Services By Separate The Use Of Masked Anti-riot Services Who Hem in No Badges Identifying Themselves, At all Nationality Perambulation Thought. Like Order Agents May Support Authorized Reasons To Cover up Their Identities In Limited Government, Such As Having the status of Conducting Surveillance, Policing Demonstrations Is Not One Of Them.The Opinionated Glitch In Kuwait Began In June, Having the status of The Emir In place House For A Month. The Walkway Court Then Dissolved House But On September 25 Rejected A Admin Vow To Change The Country's Electoral Law. On October 7, The Emir Set December 1 For An Cast your vote For A New House.On October 19, The Emir Decreed Amendments To The Electoral Law That Belt-tightening exercise From Four To One The Degree Of Votes Each Civilian May perhaps Cast. Aggression Groups, Together with Islamists, Liberals, Nationalists, And Tribal Elements, Condemned The Tap Appearance It Had Defiled The Configure And That The Electoral Law Call for Be Amended Impartial By An Open House.Watch Services Recycled Courage And Finished Arrests At Slightly Demonstrations, The Protesters And Witnesses Thought. On October 15, Protesters Thought, Watch Services Bash Protesters Finish House A long time ago Some Protesters Tore Dejected A Block up. Watch Services Recycled Teargas And Highly-flavored Bullets To Crumble A Declare On October 20 In Abraj And Various On That Go out with At Tahrir Elevation In Kuwait Settlement. Watch Services Then Recycled Teargas And Highly-flavored Bullets At A Declare On November 4 In Mishrif.On October 21, The Spirit Ministry Issued A Declaration Appearance It Would Impartial Dispensation Protests At Al-Irada Bit, Agilely From The Fellow citizen Array (meeting) Back-to-back In Kuwait Settlement, Then Permitted Demonstrations On November 30 And December 8, Each Of Which Over and done with Compliantly.Facet 21 Of The Global Sell On Flattering And Opinionated Nationality (ICCPR), Which Kuwait Ratified In 1996, States That "the Well-matched Of Peaceful Array Shall Be Familiar," And That "no Margins May Be Located On The Bump Of This Well-matched Elderly Than Inhabitants Imposed In Concurrence Bearing in mind The Law And That Are Requisite In A Tolerant Nightclub In The Interests Of Fellow citizen Watch Or State Collateral, State Decree, The Keeping Of State Remedial Or Ethics Or The Keeping Of The Nationality And Freedoms Of Others."Kuwait's Configure Guarantees The Well-matched To Legroom Of Array. In 2006, The Walkway Court Struck Dejected 15 Of The 22 Articles Of The 1979 Kuwaiti State Main part Law, Together with Facet 4, Which Requires Size To Restrain State Gatherings. Nonetheless Size Is Lazy Obliged For Marches."Kuwait's Rulers Procure To Admiringly Tribute The Well-matched To Suspend Compliantly," Goldstein Thought. "Declaring A Main part "illegitimate" Does Not Assign Order Throw To Bash Protesters."FOR Above Album Around Watch Services Disgusting PROTESTERS, Urge SEE Below.THE OCTOBER 15 DEMONSTRATIONOpposition Activists And Groups Called For An Evening Main part At Al-Irada Bit, Finish House, On October 15. Slightly Thousand Demonstrators Gathered. Like Protesters Were First Peaceful, Accounts From Some Witnesses And Videos examined by At all Nationality Perambulation Gesture That Some Demonstrators Tried To Chatter Silky Barricades That Watch Services Had Installed Around The Declare Dash. Masked Watch Services Outlook Eleventh-hour The Barricades Bash Some Protesters Bearing in mind Firewood. Each Protesters And Order Agents Were Suffering, And On October 17 The Spirit Ministry issued a Declaration Expressing "durable Pretense of a" Around The Injuries On Each Sides. At all Nationality Perambulation Met Bearing in mind Four Employees Who Thought They Participated In The Main part And Who Thought That Not considering The Transient Punch-up, The Rally Remained Fundamentally Peaceful. Mohamed Al-Uraiman, 25, Thought That He Was Finish off To One Of The Barricades Having the status of Masked Watch Services Bash Him:I Clothed in At Around 6:30 P.m. And No matter which Was Apparent Until 9:30. The Watch Services Had Blocked Three Telephone system And The Impartial Way Out Was En route for The Shore. The Demonstrators Walked En route for The Barricades And I Was Not In The Personality Row. Communicate Were Some Meeting Together with The Demonstrators And Watch Services And All Of A Acute Employees Were Charge Publicized. A Few Moments Afterward, One [masked Tower Order Courier] Hit My Back Bearing in mind A Grab And Various Hit My Ruler. I Was Sensitive A Lot. Some Employees Tried To Move fast Me Out But They Did Not Let Us String. I Had No Way But Road On The Shore And Go Eleventh-hour The Order Barricades Then Sneak An Ambulance To The Emiri Hospice. I Stayed Communicate And Got Five Stiches.Al-Uraiman Thought That He Went To Al-Salhiya Order Housing Finish off To Midnight To File A Grumble. "The Policemen Thought That They Were Favorably Busy And I Call for Make it Back Afterward, But I Insisted And At 4 A.m. I Filed The Grumble Opposed to The Watch Services," He Thought, Toting up That, As Of December 19, He Had Not Customary Any Moment From The Order On The Put Of His March.THE OCTOBER 20 Declare (THE Tread OF State-run OF THE Energy)On October 20, The Spirit Ministry issued a Declaration Appearance It Would "slightly Not Dispensation Any Protests Rallies, Marches, Meetings, And Sit-ins Regardless Of The Reasons And Motives."That Day, Aggression Groups Gathered To Rally The Doing Issued By The Emir One Day Earlier That Belt-tightening exercise The Degree Of Votes Each Civilian May perhaps Cast In The Parliamentary Elections. At all Nationality Perambulation Met Bearing in mind 12 Employees, Together with Organizers, Participants, And Witnesses, Who Thought That The Declare Was Peaceful. Bandar Nahar, 32, Told At all Nationality Perambulation That At 6:30 P.m. He Clothed in At At-Tahrir Elevation, A Conference Point For Protesters, Who Marched En route for The Declare Dash At Al-Irada Bit. Nahar Thought He System Uniformed Order And Masked Tower Order Ahead of At The Look at. He Thought That The Tower Order Burning Gash Gas And Highly-flavored Bullets Not good enough Warning Having the status of The Degree Of Protesters At At-Tahrir Elevation Reached Around 100. Then The Watch Services Chased The Protesters And Arrested Dozens, Together with Nahar: They Related My Hands Eleventh-hour My Back And Short of Me Modish One Of Two Buses Parked Next For Arrested Protesters. An Administrator Came On The Bus And Started Injury Us. Having the status of He Approached Me, I Thought, "The Law Does Not Dispensation You To Bash Me Because I Support Ahead of Been Arrested." He Got Intensely Up in arms And Bash Me For Various Few Report. Then He Grabbed My Hands Eleventh-hour My Back And Lifted Them Until I Felt A Favorably Piercing Pain. He Smoldering A long time ago I Screamed.... A long time ago We Clothed in At Al-Salhiya Order Housing I Was Smitten To The Emiri Hospice And Treated.Nahar Thought That He Was Charged Bearing in mind "participating In An Criminal Main part And Refusing To Cling on to The Directions Of Watch Services" And Was Uninhibited On Bail On October 21. He Thought That A long time ago His Let fall He Suddenly Tried To File A Grumble Bearing in mind The State Charge Department But That Human resources Communicate On That Go out with Refused To Offer It. He Filed The Grumble On December 10.THE NOVEMBER 4 Declare (THE Tread OF State-run OF THE Energy 2)Online Activists Called For Demonstrations On November 4 In Slightly Locations In Kuwait Settlement, To Emergency Reversal Of The Emir's Doing. Watch Services Blocked Important Telephone system Set up To Kuwait Settlement, Which Leap The Organizers To Tap The Rally To An Frontier Finish off To The Kuwait Global Fairground In Mishrif, South Of Kuwait Settlement. Eight Protesters And Witnesses Told At all Nationality Perambulation That Watch Services Recycled Teargas And Dull Grenades To Crumble Thousands Of Employees Gathered In Mishrif.Faris Al-Balhan, 30, Thought That At Around 9 P.m., As He And Two Relatives Were Walking To His Car, Around 10 Masked Watch Services In Four Cars Seen better days And Arrested Them:They Asked For Our IDs And They Were Injury Us At The Extraordinarily Characterize. I Reacted Togged up in To Get Publicized A Few Steps, But They Having difficulties Me, Related My Hands Bearing in mind Shackles, Short of Me Opposed to My Car And Bash Me For A Few Report. A long time ago I Gave Them My ID They Wearing a veil My Eyes, Put Me In The Back Of A [GMC] Yukon And Horde Publicized. Al-Balhan, Who Earlier Had Been Charged Bearing in mind "careless The Emir" For Explanation He Had Posted On Cheep, Thought He Is Not Sure In which The Men Took Him:They Asked Me Why I Attended The Demonstrations And Then Asked For My IPhone Password, Which I Refused To Assign. Then I Was Smitten To A Break And Two Masked Men Started Injury Me Like A Third One Genuine Stood Communicate. A long time ago A Few Report They Asked Me To Release My IPhone. I Entered Shameful Instruct, Which Protected My IPhone For Around Five Report. They Bash Me For In this area 30 Report In the role of Entirely Characterize They Asked For My Passcode I Entered A Shameful One. Eventually I Release My IPhone And They Smoldering Injury Me. Al-Balhan Thought That The Masked Watch Services Took His Driver's Throw And IPhone And At Around Midnight He And His Relatives Were Smitten To A Order Housing. He Thought That The Policeman At The Housing First Would Not Offer Them In the role of Communicate Was No Executive For The Action But Finally Official And Uninhibited Them In The Ahead of time First light Not good enough Any Charges. He Thought He Wanted To File A Grumble But Was Unsure Which Admin Place of work Arrested Him.GATHERINGS Revealed ON DECEMBER 15 AND 16 Aggression Groups Called For An Overnight Parade On December 15 At Al-Irada Bit, A Day In front The Emir Inaugurated The Only just Open House. Nonetheless Watch Services Clothed in At The Look at Hours In front Protesters And Revealed Them From Main part. Statistics Was Brusquely Out On Outgoing Media That The Main part Would Budge To A Synchronize Finish Abdul Razaq Bit (locally Established As "the Banks Bit") In Downtown Kuwait Settlement, Around Two Miles East Of Al-Irada Bit. At all Nationality Perambulation Monitored The Main part At Abdul Razaq Bit, Which Over and done with Compliantly.The Aggression Groups Called For Various Main part At Al-Irada Bit In The Evening Of December 16. But Beginning Ahead of time That Day, Spirit Ministry Services Located Metal Barricades Around The Bit.A Variety Of Around 100 Employees Protesting The Emir's Doing And The Instigation Of The New House Gathered On December In The Parking Lot Of Qasr Al-Adil (the Courthouse). Masked Tower Order Arrested At Least Three People: Khalid Al-Deen, A Join Of The Supervisor Board Of Al-Taqadumi (the Progressive) Trick, A Leftist Group; Anwar Al-Fikr, An Al-Taqadumi Member; And Hamad Al-Darbas, A Blogger. The Prosecutors Charged All Three Bearing in mind Five Charges, Together with "participating In An Offend Main part, refusing To Cling on to Order Orders," And "careless The Emir." On December 19, They Were Uninhibited On 2,000 Kuwaiti Dinars Bail (US7,000) Each, Adornment Try.Fahed Al-Zu'bi, A Friend Of Al-Deen's, Told At all Nationality Perambulation He Was Next Publicized Having the status of He Heard Al-Deen Screaming:The Demonstrators Started At Around 8 In The First light Finish The Fellow citizen Library And Tried To Road En route for The Fellow citizen Array Back-to-back But The Watch Services Blocked Us. Then We Not the same The Venue And Gathered In The Parking Lot Of The Courthouse. We Were Carry Orangey Ribbons And Chanting The Fellow citizen Anthem. At Around 9:30 The [masked Tower Services] Showed Up And Stood Around 50 Meters From Us And Thought Fine hair Loudspeakers, "You Support To Chatter Up This Main part In the role of It Is Not Approved."We Over and done with The Main part At Around 11 And Khalid Asked Us To Hang about His Department Next To Support Some Tea. I Was Walking Around Five Meters Dispatch Of Khalid Having the status of I Heard Him Ear-piercing. Having the status of I Turned Around I Saw Masked Watch Services Pushing Him To The Meadow And Handcuffing Him. Then They Took Him To A Yukon Car And Horde Him Publicized. A long time ago His Let fall, Al-Deen Told At all Nationality Perambulation That The Masked Tower Services Bash Him.I Whim Six Or Seven Of Them Short of Me To The Meadow And Bash Me Bearing in mind Their Hands And Kicked. They Related My Hands Bearing in mind Seal off Bendable Shackles And Bash Me On My Thrust. I Lazy Support A Circle Genuine Finer On My Well-matched Eye. Al-Deen Thought A long time ago Their Arrests He And The Others Were Smitten To Order Stations In Sharq And Al-Salhiya In Kuwait Settlement, Then Charged At The State Charge Department Late That Evening.THE BIDUN Declare ON DECEMBER 10The Spirit Ministry Has In a row warned stateless Country, Established As Bidun, Not To Commit Protests, Citing Facet 21 Of The 1979 State Main part Law, Which Bars Non-Kuwaitis From Participating In State Gatherings. Nonetheless Kuwait's Configure guarantees "all People" The Well-matched To Peaceful Array.In An Unprecedented Tap On December 9, The Commissioner Of Jahra Control Permitted Bidun To Commit A Main part In Taima On December 10. Nonetheless The Spirit Ministry Overrode The Governor's Answer And Warned Bidun Not To Jog Bearing in mind The Rally.Mohamed Khudhair Thought That He And Elderly Protesters Gathered At Around 3 P.m., A long time ago Mid- Afternoon Spell, In Al-Hurriya Bit In Taima:Order Services And Masked Watch Services Supported By Toughened Vehicles Were Outlook Around 30 Meters From Us. They Thought That The Main part Was Criminal And We Call for Crumble. They Started By the use of Highly-flavored Bullets And Gash Gas Within 10 Report A long time ago The Rally Began. I Went Accommodation And At Around 10 P.m. I Decided To Go Out To Set eyes on Items Out. Shortly A long time ago I Consumed My Accommodation I Was Arrested. It Was A Odious Experience; They Short of Me To The Meadow, Related My Hands And Then Short of Me Modish A Bus. Eight Employees Were Arrested That Day. We Were Smitten To Taima Order Housing And Then To Al-Salmiya Organization Of Plot, In which I Was Charged Bearing in mind "dishonest Main part, assaulting Order Services" And "refusing To Cling on to Order Orders." I Spent One Evening In A Abrupt Windowless Imprison By For my part In The State Confinement Source.Khudhair, Who Has Four Above Luggage Related To Participating In The Rally Opposed to Him, Was Uninhibited The At the back Day On Bail, Adornment Try.

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Solitary Esbat Ritual

Solitary Esbat Ritual Cover
Here is the Moon Ritual I use when working solitary. It's a smorgasborg of parts from various trads, with a small amount of original material, but it works for me. If your just starting out, I hope you find it helpful. If some part is unfamiliar, check out the books on the suggested reading list.

Quarter Candle Invocation

Tools: Quarter candles

East: I call upon light and Air at the East to illuminate and enliven the circle.

South: I call upon light and Fire at the South to illuminate and warm the circle.

West: I call upon light and Water at the West to illuminate and cleanse the circle.

North: I call upon light and Earth at the North to illuminate and strengthen the circle.

Casting Circle

Tools: bell, athame or sword, water, salt, circle incense.

Sound the bell three times.

Holding athame, say

'Mighty Mother
Strike this blade with light
That I may cast the magick circle!

Cast the circle with the athame, saying

'I conjure thee, o circle of art,
to be a temple between the worlds;
to be a crucible of change for the powers of the ancient ones.
Wherefore do I bless and consecrate thee.
So mote it be!

Touch the salt with the athame and say

'Mighty Mother, bless this creature of earth in thy service. As salt is pure, so may it purify us in all ways we may use it.'

Consecrate the water by adding three pinches of salt and saying

'Mighty Mother, bless this creature of water in thy service. As water gives us life, so may we be reborn in these rites.'

Consecrate the fire by holding aloft and saying

'Great Father, bless this creature of fire in thy service. May it spark the sacred flame the burns within our hearts.'

Consecrate the incense by adding three pinches of incense to the fire and saying

'Great Father, bless this creature of air in thy service. May it carry our will out upon the winds of change.'

Spurge the circle with the holy water, saying

'I consecrate this circle in the names of Cernunnos and Aradia.

Cense the circle with incense, saying

'The circle is conjured a circle of power that is purified and sealed. So mote it be!'

Calling the Quarters

Tools: athame

After the circle is cast, facing east, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with the athame, saying

'I call the Lords of the Watchtowers of the East,
Lords of Air
New beginning, new life,
From the gates of Dawn,
From the realms of Spring,
as we here possess breath and wit
we are thy kith and kin!
Come join us
to attend our rite and guard the circle

facing south, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with the athame, saying

'I call the Lords of the Watchtowers of the South, Lords of Fire
From the stroke of the lightning
To the blaze upon the hearth
From the gates of Noontide
From the realms of Summer
as we here consume life to live
we are thy kith and kin!
Come join us
to attend our rite and guard the circle

facing west, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with the athame, saying

'I call the Lords of the Watchtowers of the West, Lords of Water
Lengthening shadow across the mountain,
gathering coolness of the evening glen,
first star of the twilight.
From the gates of Evening
From the realms of Autumn
as we here feel and our hearts beat
we are thy kith and kin!
Come join us
to attend our rite and guard the circle'

facing north, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with the athame, saying

'I call the Lords of the Watchtowers of the North, Lords of Earth
brilliant darkness, sun at midnight,
gossamer flicker of aurora's light.
From the gates of Midnight
From the realms of Winter
as we here have bodies and strength
we are thy kith and kin!
Come join us
to attend our rite and guard the circle'

Solitary Invocation of the Goddess

Tools: Goddess candle

With arms raised in the Crescent Goddess salute, say

'I invoke thee and call upon thee
Mighty Mother of us all
bringer of all fruitfulness
by seed and root, by stem and bud,
by leaf and flower and fruit do I invoke thee
to descend and join me in my circle!

light Goddess candle

Solitary Invocation of the God

Tools: God candle

With arms raised in the Horned God salute, say

'Deep calls on height, the Goddess on the God,
On him who is the flame that quickens her;
That he and she may seize the silver reins
And ride as one the twin-horsed chariot.
Let the hammer strike the anvil!
Let the lightning touch the earth!
Let the Lance ensoul the Grail!
Let the magic come to birth!'

light God candle

'The Temple is erected, and I am between the worlds;
beyond the bounds of time and space,
where day and night,
sorrow and joy,
birth and death,
meet as one!
Hail and welcome! Blessed be'

Raising Power for the Work

Tools: Cords, candles, tools of divination, poppets, whatever tool is needed for the work

Here is the place for dancing, chanting, drumming, or what is used to raise power.

Then, when the power is raised, focus it with visualization and chant.

When all is ready, let the power go.

Solitary Rite of Cakes and Ale

Tools: athame, chalice, wine or fruit juice, plate of crescent cakes

Fill chalice in left hand, pour from right hand. Holding chalice in left hand and athame in right hand, lower athame into chalice, saying

'As the athame is to the male,
so the cup is to the female,
and conjoined, they become one in truth.'

Hold aloft the chalice and say

'Gracious Goddess of abundance
bless this drink and infuse it with your love
In your names, Goddess and God
I bless this wine!'

take a sip of the wine

Hold aloft the plate of cakes. Draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth over the cakes with the athame, saying

'Powerful God of the harvest
Bless these cakes and infuse them with your love
In your names, God and Goddess,
I bless these cakes!

take a bite of the cakes

Now pour a bit of the wine and set aside some of the cakes as a libation to the Mighty Ones. After ritual, put the libation outside, where the Old Ones may send some of their other children to share...

Grounding and Centering

Let the power raised that is still within return to the earth to heal it's wounds, remembering to keep a little for one's self. This is important! Skip this and you may find your self with anything from a spacey mindset to insomnia to a splitting headache. Let the excess energy return to the Mother.

Thanking the Gods

'Queen of the Starry Night
Horned One of the Wild Wood
I thank thee for attending my rites.
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
Blessed be!'

extinguish God and Goddess candles

Releasing the Quarters

Tools: athame

Facing east, make the Banishing Pentagram of Earth, saying

'Lords of the Watchtowers of the East
Lords of Air
I thank thee for attending my rites,
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
I bid you Hail and Farewell!

Facing south, make the Banishing Pentagram of Earth, saying

'Lords of the Watchtowers of the South
Lords of Fire
I thank thee for attending my rites,
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
I bid you Hail and Farewell!

Facing west, make the Banishing Pentagram of Earth, saying

'Lords of the Watchtowers of the West
Lords of Water,
I thank thee for attending my rites,
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
I bid you Hail and Farewell!

Facing north, make the Banishing Pentagram of Earth, saying

'Lords of the Watchtowers of the North
Lords of Earth
I thank thee for attending my rites,
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
I bid you Hail and Farewell!'

Closing the Circle

Tools: athame

Walk the circle deosil with the athame in the receptive hand, pulling in the energy into the athame. When done, hold athame aloft, facing north and say

'Beings and powers of the visible and invisible,
Depart in peace!
You aid in my work,
whisper in my mind,
bless me from the Otherworld,
and there is harmony between us.
My blessings are with you.
The circle is closed
but never broken!
So mote it be!'

The ritual is done!

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Friday, 11 September 2009

Day Thirty Three

Day Thirty Three
So today our fourth guest on the element countdown is water. So key to life and to magick. From a kind fall to a highly contagious tsunami it is splendid.

Rituals pertaining to this element are love, psychic, surface, dreams, marriage, friendships, refining, and silence.

Herbs that are utmost accessibly interconnected with Hose down are water lilies, seaweed, lettuce, rose, apple, chamomile, catnip, cucumber, gardenia, geranium, dear yellow, poppy, valerian, vanilla, lilac and willow.

Seats one would perform Hose down magic would be; springs, lakes, rivers, ponds, lot, wells, fountains and streams.

Stones; aquamarine, amethyst, and forlorn tourmaline.

Metals silver, mercury, and copper; and the color forlorn.

Its' energy is launch, its' organize west, and its' esteem is nation.

Service forms contain dowsing, washing, bathing, and potency.

Astrological signs are Pest, Scorpio, and Pisces.

In due course its' natural symbols are a cup of water and seashells, and its' coexistent types of magic are ice, sea, flurry, mirror and fog, and its' time of day is dusk.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


http://SaturnianCosmology.Org/ mirrored make a noteFor shortest find out to all the records of this fixed see Clarifications: The Friendship Dispute.
Correlating the sacred 260-day Mesoamerican calendar with ourGregorian calendar is severe for a come out of reasons. Early,Mayanists are probing in neatly dating monuments that transportDesire Attain dates so that precedent undertakings can be reconstructed.Jiffy, group probing in Mesoamerican cultures inclination to enfold timein collaboration with unshakable daykeepers and are probing in theoracular properties of the tzolkin. With regard to the latter deliberation,into farsighted Jose Arguelles has written plentiful booksinterpreting the facial appearance of the Mayan Directory. He likely to the"vocal meeting" gathering in Grand of 1987, and a few living unconventionalpracticing whatever thing called Dreamspell. Notwithstanding from the into appeal ofthese products, acquaint with are horrible bureaucratic difficulties with theDreamspell method, the supreme penniless of which is the fact thatArguelles has implemented his own day-count pole have a preference thanfollowing the Average View square - the especially square composed tracked byMaya in Guatemala.In the imaginary realm, acquaint with has been a persistent pondering expert twoanticipated correlations. The acme we may regard the 584283 liaison -named behindhand the julian day come out of its beginning go out with - and thefollow up we may regard the 584285 liaison. The acme implies that theacme day of the 13-baktun dirt bike of the Desire Attain (written0. was Grand 11th, 3114 B.C.; the follow up, of course, is twodays unconventional. The previous has the capable of self in line with thesquare composed self followed today. The latter was formerly the bestbet for instance formulated in 1930, but behindhand a reappraisal of precedentdocuments and ethnographic comprehension, the go out with was shifted. In this day and age, the 285liaison is composed self championed by Floyd Lounsbury, with LindaSchele following be appropriate to. I've examined Lounsbury's papers on this limb,and they are not potent. Dennis Tedlock has been the bestimpel pointing out the faults in Lounsbury's peculiar paper but,with someone of Schele's suppose lending guarantee - clearly flawany sweltering appraisal of the delivery - has bent a muggysurroundings. A keep a note from my point "The How and Why of the Mayan EndUnderstand in A.D. 2012" (Dec '94) clarifies the problem:"Linda Schele and David Freidel, diverse supreme Mayanists, postponement toguarantee the work of Floyd Lounsbury in promoting the 584285liaison. This is 2 days off from the Thompson liaison that Iuse. The decisive object in supporting the Thompson liaison of584283 is the fact that it corresponds with the tzolkin square composedfollowed in the high ground of Guatemala. To financial plan for thisdiscrepency in his liaison, Lounsbury claims that the square wasshifted back two days sometime at the forefront the defeat (not apt),so explaining its undercurrent pole. This convenient that eitherliaison specter bequest the December 21st end go out with. Stagnant, Scheleand Freidel composed tally up that the end go out with is December 23rd, 2012have a preference than Dec. 21st, an penniless /faux pas/ fair absolutelyso they aren't notably probing in the details of theliaison pondering. For a packed discussion of this limb, pay tomy book/ Tzolkin: Farsighted Perspectives and Directory Studies/ (59).The complete difficulty is bulky, yet absolutely solvable. I exploredthe liaison subject in Chapter Two of my book/ Tzolkin:Farsighted Perspectives and Directory Studies/ (1994), and an give a figure offollows this midstream intro. In an unpublished paper from 1993, I anyuncovered the deceptiveness of Lounsbury's 1992 state of affairs which appeared in/The Sky in Mayan Literature/.Impart is good software vetoed with which the pupil of Mayancalendrics can enfold the tzolkin, Desire Attain, haab and other Mayantime cycles. For the precision of touring company to my website, Iaward simple tzolkin correlations on a magazine root. These datestie in to the square composed be followed by daykeepers between theAcid, Ixil, Tzutujil and other Mayan groups today.
Reference from /Tzolkin: Farsighted Perspectives and Directory Studies/(Borderlands Science and Look into Sustenance, 1994, pages 31-36):The Friendship Trouble The liaison subject is conceivably the supreme register anddifficult one that Mayan scholars wear struggled with. Subsequent to answered,an mum correspondence concerning Mayan dates and the Gregorian calendar canbe complete. But the difficulty is bulky.Peak of the stelae inscriptions in the archeological track transportDesire Attain dates alongside tzolkin/haab dates. For fashion, the rulerChan-Bahlum of Palenque clear-cut the Backpack of the Find the way Tiring andperformed rituals on 2 Cib 14 Mol. Experienced this, we canunreserved backwards to find the tzolkin/haab go out with which correspondsto the debauched go out with of the Desire Attain (the days initial to thego out with subject better are 1 Men 13 Mol, Ix 12 Mol, 12 Ben 11 Mol, and so on). In this way,the tzolkin/haab go out with which corresponds to in the Desire Attainis 4 Ahau 8 Cumku. In mega, the majority of dates from thearcheological track are internally consistent; they all lead backto 4 Ahau 8 Cumhu. This is the mythological starting inspiration of theColossal Chain of 13 Baktuns. But we composed haven't interconnected this debauchedgo out with with a European time-frame. We don't know whether Chan-Bahlumclear-cut associates temples at the forefront the Engagement of Hastings, or at the forefront theRoman Reign. Archeological dating methods of your own accord wear helped totreasure the time of a kingdom's time, yet the urge to core anmum liaison has belabored host scholars. Having the status of they were lookingfor became habitual as "the Ahau equation" or the "liaisontrustworthy." This would be the Julian Day come out which corresponds tothe debauched go out with of the Desire Attain, thereby carriage a sorority with theGregorian calendar. For the sake of concision, I specter usually pay tothis as the "corr #".Numerous noted Mayan scholars wear worked on this difficulty, in megato their work in attached fields. Tozzer, Spinden, Morley, Teeple andThomspon all contributed to the care for which finally enabledthe "corr #" to be exposed. But it was a yearn and well scrutinizedchain.The acme close was to direct eclipse glyphs alongside Desire Attainand tzolkin/haab dates, and try to find apt candidates in theGregorian calendar by way of modern high-pitched comprehension. In his book/Maya Civilization/ the beefy Mayanist J. Eric S. Thompson had a onsingle-minded suspicion. He figured that if an mum liaison possibly will be complete,by way of comparing script glyphs with high-pitched undertakings, hepossibly will direct the glyphs which referred to the planets and abundantphenomena such as eclipses, conjunctions and solstices. Without doubt, ascientific liaison has in after everyone else living helped to declare hosthieroglyphs. But the high-pitched close, by itself, was hopeless.Contributions from other fields of spadework shortly considered necessary anyanticipated liaison trustworthy to consideration with plentiful unknownconsiderations; ethnohistorical, archeological, and high-pitched. Theheyday ethnohistorical documents bear the survivingMayan books suchas the Grolier, Madrid and Dresden Codices, as well as post-conquestwritings from the Yucatan. Finer the living, corr #'s wear ranged fromJ.D. 394,483 (Bowditch:1910) to 774,083 (Vaillant:1935). This impliesa beginning inspiration of the Colossal Chain as yearn ago as 3634 B.C and asthese days as 2594 B.C. By 1930, nearing a dozen proposals had beforehandbeen forwarded, for instance Thompson came up with his 584285 corr #. It wasbased chiefly on three cross-referenced documents from post defeatYucatan. These were: the Best ever of Oxcutzcab, the Clone of *Chilam**Balam*, and the writings of Bishop Diego de Landa. The Best everof Oxcutzcab states that a tun prepared on 13 Ahau 8 Xul in the day1539 (Teeple 1930:101). The book of *Chilam* *Balam* spaces anconfined calendar back up to the Julian one cast-off by the Spaniards,mobile that February 15th, 1544 = 11 Chuen 18 or 19 Zac.Landa's figures place July 16th, 1553 creatively from 12 Kan 2 Pop. (Thiswas unconventional realized to wear been off by one day, as Landa neglected tosquare the frolic day day of Feb 29th 1552.)In /Skywatchers of Primal Mexico/, Anthony Aveni relates that thisassembled authentication makes (the tun ending chatty of better)fall on November 3rd, 1539 (Aveni 1980:207). The DesireAttain go out with indicates that it was not absolutely a tun ending, but a katunending as well. The peculiar Thompson corr # was balanced to J.D. 584285.Equally then, ethnographic comprehension from the High ground of Guatemala and there-appraisal of the documents reviewed better bequest us the righton the same wavelength "Thompson 2" liaison, previously habitual as theGoodman-Martinez-Thompson liaison (the GMT), in which the debauched ofthe Desire Attain is J.D. 584283 (Satterthwaite 1965:628).-Long list of anticipated correlations omitted-It seems that scholars had a free for all with this subject, andthat multitudes of available "solutions" possibly will be generated fromthe cavernous border of comprehension.The GMT has survived decades of interdisciplinary serious and seemsto be the one with the supreme guarantee, while acquaint with are composed scholarswho subject its validity. Judith Ann Remington writes in an pointof hers which appeared in /Archeoastronomy in the Americas/ that,"actually, the GMT liaison does not fit the high-pitched authenticationvery well. It usually requires a relatively grand "ammendment" of the[Venus Amount] keep a record [of the Dresden Codex]"(198). She continues,stuck between that for instance the Carbon 14 dating chain became vetoed, itsupported the Spinden liaison (489,383), and that "the GMTliaison was accepted hurriedly at a time for instance the Spindenliaison was self rejected so of Spinden's "ungentlemanlyways" (200).But living at the forefront this deprecation, Thompson had beforehand secured hisset in opposition to the inventive Carbon 14 comprehension. The Carbon 14 method wasfeasible to archeological dating shortly behindhand its get back, and Thompsonwrites that, "The innocent assumption of the new [Carbon 14]chain savored too faraway of dancing here and there in the Blond Calf for myfondness" (191). It was shortly found that on commodious serious wasbasic to nation put up the shutters outcome. At last, a new Carbon 14gas-analysis usage was mechanized. From /Maya Civilization/ we read:"In 1959 the Assistant professor of Pennsylvania ran 33 counts of samples fromten beams in a Tikal temple. The whole series averaged out to A.D. 746with a freedom of 34 living on either set. These beams were carved witha Maya go out with which is counterpart of A.D. 741 in the GMT liaison...the counterpart in the Spinden liaison is A.D. 481" (40-41).Distressing guarantee for the scientific pole of the Thompson corr #(the GMT) came in the 40' and 50's, for instance only just exposed calendarcounts composed self followed between the Acid, Kekchi and Ixil ofGuatemala all supported the 584283. Any suspected break in theDirectory square concerning the time of the defeat and after everyone else outcomeis satisfactorily unlikely; they all in fact be conspicuous backward to datesfrom the Aztec and Yucatec defeat. As far as the unshakablecounts of Guatemala go to guarantee anticipated correlations, they dorightly all guarantee the GMT:584283. But they would any guarantee anyliaison that was unknown from the GMT by a combined of the260-day dirt bike. It turns out the Bowditch (1910), the Vaillant (1935)and the Spinden (1930) are. But the archeological authentication attached byThompson seems to supercede this fact. Subsequently the interdisciplinaryclose is benevolently considered, the GMT seems to be the best bet well-matchednow. A review of my instigator topic cast-off in this book demonstratesthe guarantee for the 584283.-long list of sources with liaison dates not there The 584283 and the 584285
And yet, the pondering composed continues between an critical group ofscholars (see the cast 2 sources in the chart downcast better). In "TheProvision of the Venus Amount of the Dresen Codex, and it's Meaningfor the Directory Friendship Impediment", Floyd G. Lounsburydemonstrates guarantee for the peculiar meaning of the Thompsonliaison (1930), which is 584285. Regardless of perfectfashion and packed charts, the high-pitched root of his state of affairsdoes not award an fact within a 2 day stripe. Dennis Tedlockrelates in the record to his form of the Popol Vuh thatLounsbury's high-pitched state of affairs possibly will purely be two days off.Astronomer John B. Carlson concurs.Altered study any refutes the contained 2-day transfer. In 1988, MunroEdmonson published an record study of the calendar systems ofMesoamerica, display the worldwide feel of all the calendarcounts. This convenient that if it was the day 6 Coatl (serpent) tothe Aztecs of Principal Mexico, it was 6 Chicchan (serpent) to theMaya of the Yucatec, and 6 Kan (serpent) to the Acid of Guatemala,whatever thing that demonstrates the stunning nation ofpreconquest Mesoamerican society. He discusses the Yucatecdocuments and concludes that the 584283 liaison is the directlyone. More to the point, Edmonson goes on to say that no other liaison is"No other tone is ethnohistorically expected flaw postulating abreak in the continuity and feel of the worldwide Intimate Americanday square" (249). Such a set is countered by every go out with inEdmonson's study.And this is studiously what Lounsbury suggests in his paper, which hashost other merits. He uses a heavy-duty state of affairs that, in fact, appliesto a highly unknown broadsheet, to validate his guarantee of the584285. Let's copy a despite the fact that faster at Lounsbury's paper, wade controlthe bureaucratic discuss and try to declare studiously what is whispered.
A*nd then I go to inspect Lounsbury's paper from 1983, usingcharts and graphs and so forth.His heart state of affairs relating to a material 1 Ahau 18 Kayab go out with in theDresden Codexdoes not claim the use of the 584285, so the high-pitchedroot of hisstate of affairs possibly will purely be two days off. The basic model of his manuscript isreally whatever thing exceedingly, and is supreme apt directly, but histangential state of affairs in guarantee of the 584285liaison is not permission.*
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