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Monday, 5 July 2010

Invocation To Baldur

Invocation To Baldur Cover
Baldur was the Norse god of joy, light, innocence, beauty, spring, forgiveness and basically anything else positive. He was the second son of Odin, and his overprotective mother, Frigg, received the promises from everything in nature that Baldur would not be harmed. The result was that Baldur was immune to any type of injury. Beloved by all, especially the women, even the mighty hammer of Thor could not harm him. His only weakness - mistletoe. The vile Loki created an arrow tipped with mistletoe, and convinced Baldur's poor blind brother Hod, to fire it at Baldur. It went right through the heart of Baldur, and he was instantly killed. Apparently mistletoe is still a representation of Baldur's springtime resurrection. Another interesting thing about Baldur, is despite how beloved he was, he would not go to Valhalla. Since he was not a warrior, he would go to the domain of Hel, but be resurrected after Ragnarok.

Invocation To Baldur:

Baldur, Son of Frigg, Join us.
Baldur, Son of Odin, Join us.
Baldur, Husband of Nanna, Join us.
Baldur, Brother of Hodr, Join us.
Baldur, Brother of Hermod, Join us.
Baldur, Father of Forsetti, Join us.
Baldur, Slain by blind Hodr, Join us.
Baldur, Master of Breidablik, Join us.
Baldur, Who is much loved, Join us.
Baldur, Who Thokk alone would not mourn, Join us.
Baldur, The Fairest of the Aesir, Join us.
Baldur, Whose Judgments stand unaltered, Join us.
Baldur, Whose Judgments stand unheeded, Join us.
Baldur, The Wisest of the Aesir, Join us.
Baldur, The Shining One, Join us.
Baldur, Your servant _______ calls you! Come to me NOW!"

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