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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Surya Mantra

The Sun God or in the Hindi Vernacular is the right perceptible chunk of fabrication which we see, signification and depend upon for our ranking. We cannot booth short the Sun.Surya Namaskar or Sun Honor is a very advantageous ritual in Yoga and in the Hindu religion. Aloof from the Mantras rationally recited because and behindhand action Surya Namaskar,this is an advantageous Mantra right to Surya.The Surya Mantras are of use in attracting life forming energy from the Sun. Impart are speckled versions of the exact Mantra.I bother translated and answer less than the speckled versions of the exact Mantra. Impart might muted be other versions.

This is the full Mantra right to the Sun.Adityasya namaskaran ye kurvanti dine dine lJanmantarsahastreshu daradriya nopjaayate ll Akal mrithyuharan sarva vyadhivinasham lSurya paadodak tirth jatre dharyamyham ll Anen namaskarakhyen karmaga shrisavitrusuryanarayan priyataam ll l

l ll : llIn some versions of this hymn Surya in the close verse is replaced by Vishnu.

This is different exemplar of this Mantra, which is recited because despoil Tirth [Divine Water] behindhand action Surya Namaskar.This is the utmost widely followed Mantra by practitioners of Surya Namaskar.Adityasya namaskaran ye kurvanti dine dine lAyu prajnya balam viryam tejastesan cha jayate ll 1 ll l

ll ll

This is different exemplar of the exact hymn, right to Vishnu or Narayan.Akal mrityuharan sarva vyadhivinasham lVishnu paadodak tirth jatre dharyamyham ll Shirire jarjribhute vyadhigraste kalevare lAushdham jhanvhitoyam vaidho narayano hari ll l

ll l


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