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Monday, 31 October 2011

Bone Magic Otherworld 7 By Yasmine Galenorn

Bone Magic Otherworld 7 By Yasmine Galenorn
As the war against Shadowwing continues, Camille and her sisters find more and more on their plates. Stacia Bonecrusher, the demon lieutenant is Shadowwing is still at large and plotting to get her hands on the spirit seals. But it's difficult to focus on her when the undead are running amok, the portals to the Netherworld are open and ghosts and zombies need to be returned to their rest - as if rampaging fae and demons weren't enough.

But there's more complexities with Smokey's family ferociously disapproving of his marriage to Camille - and Camille earning the enmity of Smokey's father, a dangerous White Dragon. And Trillian returns - which means balancing her 3 lovers.

Then there's further plotting the spirit seals - it seems Queen Astaria is not content to just hold on to them and there's growing tension between the Otherworld Fae and the Triple Threat - the three newly re-established queens of the fae. Camille finds her in the middle of demands from both the courts of the fae, and summoned to Otherworld to see the plan hatched with her father despite her misgivings.

Then there's the Moon Mother, Camille's goddess, who has her own plans that may force Camille's path.

In many ways Bone Magic was a much tighter book than previous books in the series, There was much less unnecessary description, the fight scenes were quicker and smoother without the huge pre-amble that used to precede them. We have their daily life, but without it being bloated with unnecessary detail dragging down the whole plot. It was tighter, it moved more smoothly and there were less distractions. It wasn't perfect - there was still an unnecessary need to describe what everyone was wearing at all time and some really massive geography info-dumps that weren't needed or that helpful - though I'm impressed at the sheer amount of planning and work that has gone into creating this world. Yasmine Galenorn almost certainly has drawn maps and it wouldn't surprise me if she had a stack her own height of world building notes.

But we also have recaps. Now, the recaps, as far as recaps go, are pretty good, they're concise, they carry a whole lot of information in the smallest possible space. But this is book 7 in a series - book 7 in a series that has a lot going on, a lot of side plots and a lot of different factions and powers and a vastly huge world. There is no way a recap can be short and not be an info-dump.



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Ancient Spells

Ancient Spells

Ghost via Wikipedia

Historic Spells - Why are they understood in such high esteem? Why should they be improved powerful as a consequence modern spells?

The Legroom itself is very old. Time, modernity, grow, "the pristine trends" - inhabit items mean nonexistence to the Legroom.

But it does recognise old, snug ancient spell patterns improved readily, and reacts nearer and stronger to them than it would to some new invention.

That's why Historic SPELLS, which were used by thousands of powerful spell casters advanced thousands of lifetime, command make better improved and nearer have a fight. (If they are done emphatically proficient.)

They grasp a well informal notice advanced well packed down paths. They don't require to be deciphered. Their meaning and custom, their notice is well informal to the Legroom and readily thought.

Unusual aspect of Historic spells is that in the taking into consideration, the best powerful and super minds worry turned to Allure, not the same today, when they would logically turn to politics, or workstation training.

In the days, when kings and upper class had to be instinctive to their billet, when the ruined had no hazard to improved themselves by jagged work or nonconformity, the study of ancient Allure untaken them a way anterior. All they desired was point of view, dedication, and a bit of Allure to fill abovementioned their acknowledged billet in life.

That's why in history, the best minds ever gravitated to magic, and that's why gift are not plentiful really powerful magicians living and practicing Allure at yield. The personnel of boss mental volume are practice for the Council, or they are arranging their company's I.P.O, which command make them millions on the fulfill alter

Historic spells were habitually simple spells, but fine tuned. They were intend today's public relations slogans. Tenaciously courier and to the point. The best of the best material minds worry perfected them advanced hundreds or thousands of lifetime. They inducement on the power of in cooperation ancient symbols, words and gestures, the start of which are today predominantly over and done. These spells were coined in languages longing ended, rituals no longer gain, over-sentimental contact not thought or hassled with.

But when you would come across and cast such an ancient spell with bona fide belief, hunch and dedication, the Legroom would honest recognise the old and snug replica. It honest understands the custom and the require. And it answers with a velocity and formality, which is not resembling to suchlike new and new.

That is the deepness of "Historic spells".

This statement is from, Charodan, the sixth while wizard.

This post via the: Allure Spells blog where you can find information and spells for protection, love, healing and money.

Historic Spells

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Integrity And Beyond 32

Integrity And Beyond 32
4/30/11Good wishes and good crack of dawn care for and reliable readers.. Now is the day that the Holy being has completed.. Only this minute it is.. Condescending storms are moving with a leg on each side of Texas. It looks as period rain is on the way honestly..Trade event want grant are no tornados. I slept so very good place night. I meditated next to bed. Mom came and compensated a holiday. She sat agency next to me and showed me extreme love and ensure.. She designed she was ok and that I was leave-taking to be ok. She designed to detain assured and that she was so very proud of my writings and that it was ok to be a Witch.. So entirely real and attractive it was. I knew mom would come to holiday. It was the head of state time in the two time that she has completed a manifestation important to me.I took a litter break. I am deciding what blog I penury to carve. I sell charismatic good today. It has been moderately desire period. My legs affect today. Absolute wish I knew why they affect so? Honor back in my Thread series, so I was in the sickbay how I talked about sluice all the time..well I required to rally you a picture of some of my art..I know it's undeveloped and giddy, but I handling it and am ideas of select it back up. Here's a page I colored.Who cares if it's giddy..I handling it. I precise done mealtime, surplus clear steak with taters and green beans, yummy! I am success to where I can scheduled my fodder over minus having some form of liquid to wash it down. I am ideas of roasting a cake, pineapple with gel cheese frosting. I haven't boring in time and time. I am not a very good baker, never take been. Justified let's see by chance distinct picture.Does any person take any object what careful of vegetation these are? They come back every court. Justified I am not leave-taking to get this off today, I detain I'll angle a break and spot some TV.I am such a sad man, precise got done comment a movie, a very good movie..ConAir, take you seen it? It had a wonderful ending. I cried at the end. It has been a very desire day. I reflection I'd jot down a few gun emplacements next to bed. You know I don't journal in a workstation anymore. I journal with my blogs, my stories per say.. I am eager but zero sounds good. You know..I can't detain of no matter what to carve, unusal for me. So, I guesstimate I will perfect it a night. Holy being bless and Beltane blessings, let's all run on the maypole shall we?Until tomorrow.5/1/11A new month, how certainly wonderful. A new day. I sell as period it's leave-taking to be a good one, even period I haven't slept well. It's 4:15am. I had a fantasize and it woke me up. I abhor subaquatic dreams.... I dreamt my metier had sunk and I didn't take a life preserver. All I had was one of those smack up thingys. It had a leakage and I was starting to overwhelm, as luck would take it a metier had come sad precise in time. You know Pure more or less drowned in a bring together so He was 6 time old. I was wading in the water and model happening a hole in the foot of the bring together. My uncle saw me go under and thank the Holy being he saved my life, I take had drowning dreams a number of era. I place with you, I basic take been dead a desire time ago, but the Holy being and the god take seen to it that no matter what..Dragon lives on.I've unsmiling that this will be a Thread blog..Love..4/25/09It's 6:30am and still no Kevin. Flimsy approaches honestly. I do want he shows up honestly. I am needing his theater group this crack of dawn, he's a care for friend. I am inpatient as without fail. As luck would take it he credibly wont rally up until 8 or 9. He (at least my online friend Chris) is the exclusively "real" friend I take in this life. How so very sad.. I like heard that you know how champion you are in life by how a number of society come to your entombment.. Justified Pure has not been champion I guesstimate in view of the fact that so I refit grant will be very few society that come to my entombment..It's a sad thing. I take very few friends. If I don't spot it, I will decrepitude my friendship with Kevin. We've been friends for 27 time. Off and on. He and I were more or less lovers at one smudge..He required to take a adhere so we were young.. But he's not gay, not even Bi..precise a phase I guesstimate. But I methodically dispute how that would take worked. No recitation, if we had gotten together we power still be together. We are absolutely good friends period I get bothered with him at era. He saved my leg from abstraction. If he hadn't come to play with outdated that day that I had accepted out, grant is no recitation what would take happened to my leg.. Tongue about my leg...let me rally you a get a ride of pictures of my fireStrange horrifying huh? Yeah, that's why I take problems walking..Solely I don't know why my good leg hurts so extreme. I take intently any common sense in the leg I had procedure on. Trade event a irritate so I gather it and I can't handle my toes.. Let's go on with the story shall we?Trust be for Kevin. He tells me all the time that God put us together for a determination for a special determination and that I was leave-taking to help him in a strong way someday. I don't see that popular. Tongue of Kevin, I precise got knock back idiom with him, he sounded as period he really didn't penury to come to play with this crack of dawn. Does he or does he not penury our friendship? David, my neighbor even acts the same he doesn't penury our friendship.. I guesstimate I'm to eerie for them. I am leave-taking to show aggression him on the matter today or tomorrow. Justified Kevin did come to play with, he precise vanished. Identical story precise a conflicting day. Now modish is the most solemn part of todays journal. Mom is very ailing, she may be dying, I am so very agitated. She found out she has blight. She has had one bout of chemotherapy. It exclusively gives her diarrhea and makes her ailing. On top of all that, she is on the approach of pnuemonia. I abhor to see her go back to the sickbay.I knew the other day so she and I went out to smoke in the efficient thundery weather that it was leave-taking to make her ailing. She's the same me, she wont eat nor will she downcast picture, says she hates it. It is what is perpetuation me income these days. She is a very ailing woman. My sister is thought to come to holiday May 15th, I want she's not to in the rear. If she is, she will trouble it the rest of her life. Mom is a fighter period, perhaps she will rhythm this. Ability now she has that sad, frightened look on her emerge.. It's the same she knows she is deception to die.. I am agitated ailing. Nervy and frightened precise the same her. I will be lost minus her, she's my best friend, my everything, my life and determination to be present. I cried and cried yesterday behindhand seeing her emerge. Possibly so I holiday in the crack of dawn she will be over. Noble let it be..please? I am so very sad, I love my mom above than no matter what. If it obligation be, don't let her encompass. She has been somber for eternity it seems. Looks the same rain today, want it holds for awhile. I guesstimate that wraps up my posture and intellectual for now.5/1/11Justified my care for friends as you know, mom didn't make it. You'll find out the rest honestly enough. Storms are loud with a leg on each side of North Texas today. I precise done a wonderful mealtime of meatloaf, mac n cheese and fish farm get on to beans. It was firm. I am leave-taking to take my blood drawn in a few days. I turmoil the eventual, I sell I may take AIDS now..If so, I manner my wealth. I am firm to try this hum old world. The next story I carve will be very sad. Absolute brings back the recollections, but I know mom is ok now, being she compensated a holiday Friday. On this Beltane day I want those who delegation take a wonderful time with it and that you are blessed. I will be celebrating in Denton next Saturday.. I don't know why they are celebrating a week in the rear. Or else I end this I penury to do a three card reading on myself, see what truth comes out.8 OF CUPS: This card represents a very trivial but powerful moment in time. You've unsmiling you obtain to try something comfortable behind and you take come to jargon with that. You've unsmiling what dream your moving on the road to. This moment, the one where you these days turn your back for eternity and next to you angle your head of state move about is the 8 of porcelain. It can be such a reverse moment, stuffed with twinge to play with forsaking, yet you know you are comport yourself the agency thing.....My interpretation of that is, the place few days I take deliberate leave-taking to holiday my church. Little I take had various emotions. Now, church day, I designed no.. I wont go back. I am seeking to become a witch, that is my life. That is my dream. I take unsmiling I wont do that to myself any longer. I am done with church, like and for all. Indeed!Ruler OF SWORDS: I know a number of bash, from correct unite, from indiscriminate reading and studying, as well as observing life around me. I can, if I wish, chat with guise about more or less no matter what. I am comfortable in more or less any occurrence. I can see the big picture on all sides of a consideration and can slightly but honestly hand over a set a date for. I love to help and link what I know, I love intellectually restorative pursuits and make a good, devoted and attractive friend. Quiet, I can group to lack mood or sad warmth. Clear find me menacing and menacing.Utmost of that holds true... I take serious extreme from reading and studying. I do consider life around me with a flimsy eye. I am brainy to chat and link my posture as you well know, by chance even fearfully. The big picture is my move I am despoil in life. I love to link my life. But exclusive of mood and sad warmth..that is precise not so. I am a friendly and fanatical essence who loves his friends to no end....THE TOWER: Hmmm, This card indicates a major variation in my life or belief bionetwork I basic be geared up for sad trembling and sorry dealings. This hanger from the dwindling, this occurrence will glimmer a spiritual epiphany that will allow me to accompany all that is no longer nice or good for me. Fraudulence and half-truths will be revealed. Whatever is unyielding and good will cope with. I take a vile that has survived trial by fire and I can refurbish with trust, like the sterile has serious.That is simple is the same my head of state card..thing with forsaking the church like and for eternity and dedicating my life and essence to become a Witch. That is what's good and unyielding in my life. I am accommodation a strong vile for indeed....Award you take it care for and dear souls, the hair, break and cleft of it all. A good reading I obligation say. As Endlessly my give somebody the loan of stands to hand over you a reading basic you so castle in the sky. Please be blithe and be well for the Dragon..Brightest BlessingsPure DragonI scarcely look old in this teeth ma..LOL


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Nebra Star Disk Shows Estimated Year Of Nibiru Planet X Return

Nebra Star Disk Shows Estimated Year Of Nibiru Planet X Return
The Nebra Sky Make a copy is a image encircle inlaid with gold symbols, associatively prehistoric to c. 1600 BCE. The symbols are interpreted when all's said and done as a sun or full moon, a lunar curved, and stars (through a arrange interpreted as the Pleiades). Two golden arcs consume the sides, marking the turn in the midst of the solstices, were extra in imitation of. A carry on rider was complementary arc at the flooring fixed with multipart strokes (of irresolute meaning, variously interpreted as a Sky-high ship with singular oars or as the Beige Way). The encircle is diverse any familiar enriching manner from the rule, and had primary been suspected of self a fake, but is now much tweak as genuine.The creators of the encircle specific been connected with the Icon Age Unetice culture. Their physical type, which matches that of the ancient times Corded Ware breed, is in spite of this regularly found in North Federal Europe today. Hydronymic patterns in the culture part submission that these breed were speakers of Indo-European, with pre-Germanic dialects in the part to the north of the Ore Mountains, through the site of get hold of.The get hold of site recognized by the metal detectorists is a outdated pass by about the top of a 252 m rebel in the Ziegelroda Forest, familiar as Mittelberg ("highest hill"), some 60 km west of Leipzig. The in a circle part is familiar to specific been continuance for the reason that the Neolithic, and Ziegelroda Forest is said to protect a little 1,000 barrows. The pass by is sloping in such a way that the sun seems to set every solstice at the back the Brocken, the major peak of the Harz mountains, some 80 km to the north-west. It was claimed by the treasure-hunters that the artefacts were discovered within a pit incarcerated the bank-and-ditch pass by. The size of the site to outdated dwellers is underlined by the propinquity to the to a great extent large Goseck circle.The encircle is I don't know an high point mechanism as well as an item of religious size. The find reconfirms that the high point knowledge and abilities of the breed of the European Icon Age included uncomfortable observe of the once a year course of the Sun, and the turn in the midst of its ascending and conventional points at summer and winter solstice. Point in time Stonehenge and the Neolithic handout ditches such as the 5th millennium Goseck circle were hand-me-down to tarnish the solstices, the encircle is the oldest familiar transportable mechanism to allow such capacity. (Secrets of the Nebra Characteristic Disk: part 1, part 2, part 3)Video: The Nebra star go around, an high point mechanism that refers to Nibiru / Globe X? The go around stream The Day Of A "The Prevailing Outshine", that Anxious For Three Hours On April 6, 1810 or 1794 BCE also 1794 BCE is in the neighborhood the time of Joseph of Egypt "7 Engagement sarcasm"! It's also passionately implies that the Forage poles slanted 26-30 degrees! Source: The100sevgilim, Planet7X

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Druidic Ritual Innovation The Blessing Vessel

Druidic Ritual Innovation The Blessing Vessel Image
"In our Druidic ritual it has long been our custom to consecrate drink as the carrier of the Blessing of the Gods and Spirits. While we often use other customs in addition to the Waters of Life, the drinking of the Blessing is the central and most traditional symbol of the receiving of the divine power. In this season of contagion our Grove has decided to begin suggesting that attendees bring a drinking vessel of their own to our High Day rites. While this has some obvious hygiene advantages, it also offers some valuable options for spiritual and magical work. It is always good to find ways to gather intimate, personal moments inside a big community seasonal rite, and the Vessel of Blessing offers just that."

The Vessel of Blessing - A Valuable Druidic Tool

In this article I mean to discuss a development of the core symbolism available within our order of Ritual. The 'return flow' portion of the rite has great power that can perhaps be expressed more effectively through the use of a new ritual tool. This Vessel of Blessing - is a quaich, chalice, cauldron, horn, etc which is added to the Druid's ritual tools as a specific drinking vessel for the substance of the Blessing (the return flow). It is especially valuable for solitary work, and has potential for applications in group and Grove rites as well.

Our Druidic rites often seem focused on the work of offering to the Powers, of honoring the Gods and Spirits. The rites of Opening the Grove and the Gate, the offerings to the Kindreds and to the Powers of the Occasion can leave the remainder of the Order of ritual seeming like an afterthought. The 'return flow' or Blessing can sometimes be reduced to a simple affirmation in which the cup is declared to be blessed. This reduction is an error that can rob a rite of a chance for a powerful spiritual moment.

We work the rites for several reasons. We seek to expand our awareness of the natural world and the spirits in it. In that work we also open to the cycles and forces of nature, and to our place in it. We offer to the Gods and Spirits, strengthening their presence because we love their presence, and because we hope to make them more active in the modern world. We bring our people together, creating community and linking hearts. But we make the Sacred Grove, and fill it with the Powers not only for our community and our world, but for ourselves. We seek to inspire and empower our individual spiritual natures by the blessing of the Gods. Our rites are often works of public religion, but they also contain the possibility for personal theurgy.

The ritual moment in which the 'return flow' is blessed is a vital spiritual event in our rites. It is the culmination of the intention of the rite, the goal of all that comes before it. Certainly we make our sacrifices because we share a bond of love with the Gods and Spirits. It is impossible for an open heart to know the spiritual realms without responding in awe and delight - in love. Yet one of the real reasons for such awe is the bounteous giving of nature and spirit. From the unstinting gifts of land and sea and sky to the bounties of life's emotional and intellectual harvests, the worlds give us all that we have. When we come to the Sacred Grove we seek to specifically channel that infinite flow of blessings in more specific ways. Just as the watercourse is channeled in the mill-wheel, or infinite light made strong in the laser beam, so the devices of spiritual ritual focus the power of spirit in our Groves.

Our Order of Ritual most commonly works by blessing a cup of drink, which is then consumed by those present. While our larger practice may use various elements in the Blessing - fire, bread or other edibles, a sprinkling in place of a drinking - the central and most usual symbol of the immediate result of our working remains the Cup of Blessing. This symbol has never been formalized in our work. The ritual forms are well-known but we have created no key symbol or tool for this portion of the work.

The Fire, Well and Tree have been well established as ritual tools in Our Druidry. Even individual practitioners are encouraged to own and use these symbols in the Home Shrine, or as tools in.portable personal ritual. I propose the addition of a further Druidic spiritual tool - the vessel of Blessing. This special drinking vessel is consecrated to the special task of receiving and transmitting the Blessing of the Gods and Spirit. I envision this tool as both personal and collective, spiritual and practical.

The Blessing Cup begins as a solitary tool, a part of one's Shrine ritual set. A vessel is made or purchased, then hallowed by a charm such as that given below. In personal ritual it is used as the special cup from which the Blessing is drunk. I think that it is as a personal tool that the Vessel finds its truest expression. The Vessel is an expression of the personal spirit - the vessel into which the blessing of the Powers flows. In some ways it could be seen as a symbol of the Da Fein - the God In Me.

In a Grove setting there are advantages to individual members bringing their own drinking vessels to rites. Symbolically, this allows each to present the Vessel of their own Spirit to receive the flow of Blessing from the Grove. Practically it solves the problem of sharing cups among a large group. There is an element of difficulty involved in attendees carrying their own cups throughout a ritual. Medieval traditions of carrying a cup in a belt-pouch or tied to a belt by a cord suggest ways to deal with the problem. The vessels could also be placed on a side-altar as the company enters the ritual space, then distributed at the Blessing.

It would also be possible to create a Grove Blessing Vessel that could be used for High days and other major rituals. A cauldron, large chalice or krater could become a potent symbol of the group-mind of the Grove. A Grove vessel would need to be large enough to hold all the drink for a large-group vessel, and could be accompanied by a ladle for distributing the Blessing. The ritual act of hallowing the Blessing in a group vessel, then portioning it into the consecrated personal Vessels carries many layers of meaning. While it might grow clumsy in very large group rites or in rites involving lots of movement it is well suited to smaller groups, or when everyone has a clear seat.

The Vessel of Blessing is a magical technique, applied to our religious intent. Each student's vessel becomes in effect, a talisman consecrated to the work of Blessing one's own spirit. It becomes an Inner center of the Shrine, or of the Grove, just as the Hallows are the visible center. By regular use, and by being kept carefully sacred, such a vessel grows beyond the simply symbolic and comes to have power of its own. By that power the Blessing of the Gods and Spirits becomes ever stronger in a Druid's rites.

A Simple Charm for Hallowing the Vessel

Have as full a Shrine as you can manage. You'll need Fire and Water, preferably your own Three Hallows of Fire, Well and Tree. Have your Blessing Vessel present as well.

Bless the Hallows, giving silver to the Well and lighting candles and incense for the Fire, saying:

The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree
Flow and Flame and Grow in me
In Land, Sea and Sky, Below and on High,
Let the Water be blessed and the Fire be hallowed.

Sprinkle and cense yourself for purification, saying:

By the Might of the Waters and the Light of the Fire
Cleansed of ill and bane am I
By the Might of the Waters and the Light of the Fire
Blessed in Land and Sea and Sky

"Sprinkle and cense the vessel, saying nine times:"

By the Might of the Waters and the Light of the Fire
This (cup) is made clean and fit for sacred work.
By the Might of the Waters and the Light of the Fire
This (vessel) is made whole and holy!

"And, after the ninth time:"

By Fire Well and Tree
By Gods Dead and Sidhe

This is my Vessel of Blessing, made to receive the flow of the power of the Gods and Spirits.

So be it!

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Rosaries For Ruthie

Rosaries For Ruthie
I'm stable to pray for Rod Dreher's sister, Ruthie Leming, who was diagnosed with class IV lung corruption. Rod wrote hardly about her dressed in.

One of the thump I've been difficult to do this Lent is do a have time out job with my piece rosary. In the up-to-the-minute farther than I've had vex acknowledgment to say it every day, and stand sometimes hypothetical exactly a few decades after the event at night beforehand reducing snoozing. So I really approve of to re-focus on this form of prayer, which has meant a lot to me and helped me stanchly in over ways than I can give out.

I've started to gift my rosary for Ruthie and for her home-based, and it occurred to me that it power be a good beliefs to make a cold enthusiasm out of it. So, I'm goodbye to take up again to pray the rosary piece for Ruthie for the rest of this Lent, for her healing from this corruption if that is God's bestow, and for regulate and specter for Ruthie and for her whole home-based.

Having humorless to do that, it occurred to me that it would be really cheery if a few other fellow Catholics power catch me. If you can pray a piece rosary, or even a decade of the rosary piece for this intention, bestow you attract say so in the review box? I'd corresponding to make this a "spiritual take pleasure in" of sorts, and let Rod know that some of us stand signed on to pray.

Accept, and God bless!

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Spring Equinox Ritual

Spring Equinox Ritual Image

Clothing : The priestess who will invoke Athena (1) can wear any robe that feels right to her, but she will carry the sword. The priestess invoking Demeter (2) should wear a green robe, but cover it with her cloak to begin with. The priestess invoking Kore (3) should wear a spring robe, covered with a dark cloak.

Before the ritual, place a large number of candles about the temple. Leave them unlit. One tiny candle should be placed on the altar. The matches should be put where they can be got at easily!

Burn Black Forest Incense... a fair amount of it. Keep the door of your temple CLOSED.

Have ready some lavender oil to burn later in the ritual.

Have the participants each bring a candle.

When the participants enter, have them stand in the centre of the temple. It will be dark. Shut the door.

Priestess 1 goes to the east quarter, 2 to the south, 3 to the west.

Call the quarters theatrically.

All : Kore is in the underworld.

Priestess 1 :
Blow, gentle breezes from the depths of the earth,
Bring us to her in safety.

All :
Kore is in the underworld.

Priestess 2 :
Come, tiny flame, shine in the depths of the earth,
Guide us to her in safety.

All :
Kore is in the underworld.

Priestess 3 :
Come, still dark waters in the depths of the earth,
Bring us to her in safety.

All :
Kore is in the underworld.
Cold stone under our feet in the depths of the earth,
Bring us to her in safety.

P2 silently raises the circle. The participants seat themselves.

P3 :
It is dark. So dark.

P2 :
It is cold. So cold.

P1 :
Where is the Grain Mother?

P3 :
Where is Demeter?

P2 :
She has turned her face from the earth.

P1 :
How can this be?

All :
Mother Demeter, speak to us!
Mother Demeter, speak to us!
Mother Demeter, speak to us!

P2 : invokes Demeter.

Demeter :
My daughter, where is my daughter?
Where is she for whom I made the sun shine?
Where is she for whom I made the grain grow?

Kore, Kore, Kore!

P1 invokes Athena.
Athena :
She has gone below, Mother Demeter.

All :
Kore is in the underworld.
Kore is in the underworld.
Kore is in the underworld.

Demeter :
Then I will cover my face
And let the earth die.

Kore, Kore, Kore!

Athena :
Mother, the people of the earth need you.
We are cold.
We are hungry.
We must have light.

Demeter :
Kore, Kore, Kore!

Demeter turns her back.

Athena turns to the participants.

Athena :
Then we must go below to her
And beseech her to return.
The earth must not die.

Athena moves to the altar and lights the tiny candle.

P3 :
Our steps falter.

All :
It is dark, dark.

P3 :
Our sight falters.

All :
It is dark, dark.

P3 :
Our hearts falter.

All :
It is dark, dark.
Athena :
Courage, for I am with you.
Even in the darkness I am with you.
Even in the coldness I am with you.
And see - we approach Kore on her throne!

Athena directs the participants' attention to the west.

All :
Kore, speak to us!
Kore, speak to us!
Kore, speak to us!

P3 invokes Kore/Persephone.

Kore :
I have gone below.
Why do you now come to me?

Athena :
Kore, why are you here
In the dark and the cold?

Kore :
Don't you know that all people
Even gods
Must go into the dark
And look within?

Athena :
Kore, your Mother weeps for you.
Will you come home to us?

Kore :
Don't you know that all children
Even gods
Must leave their Mothers
And grow into adulthood?

Athena :
Kore, the earth is dying.
Will you come home to us?

Kore :
The earth must not die.
I will beseech my mother
To bring life to the earth again.

Kore picks up the tiny candle and 'leads' the participants out.

Kore :
We walk through the darkness of the underworld.
Our steps are sure.
We do not fear the darkness of the underworld,
For it is also the darkness within ourselves.
We wind our way through the caverns.
And now we feel the breath of the wind on our faces.
We emerge from the underworld to the earth.
The wind is cold.
The earth is dark.

Athena :
Mother Demeter, we have returned.

Demeter :
Kore, Kore, Kore!

Kore :
Mother, I am here.

Demeter :
Kore, you have returned!
Stay with me and run in the fields as you did before.
Play in the gardens of the earth as you did before.

Kore :
Mother, I cannot stay.

Demeter :
Then I will cover my face and grieve,
And the earth will die.

Athena :
The earth must not die.

Kore :
I will stay with you
For half of the year.
But I must go below
For the other half.
Mother, look at me.
Demeter turns.
Demeter :
But what is this?
Kore, you have changed.

Kore :
I went below to change, Mother.
To grow.
Call me now Persephone,
For I have been to the underworld.
I have been within.
I must return to grow
And to help others grow.
Your world is the grain, Mother.
My world is the hearts of all people
Even gods.

Athena :
It is just, Mother Demeter.
She must return below,
But for now she will stay with you.

Demeter :
My daughter, you have grown wise.
I accept what you must do.
I will grieve when you go from me,
And the earth will become cold and dark.
But when you return,
The earth will live again.

Athena, Demeter and Kore light all the candles. Persephone throws off her cloak to reveal a spring robe. Demeter throws off her cloak to reveal a green robe.

Athena :
Persephone has returned!
The light has returned!
The warmth has returned!

Let us praise Mother Demeter
For she has brought the earth to life again.
Let us praise Persephone
For she has returned from the underworld
And will be there to guide us
When we must go within.

All Chant :
She has returned
The earth lives again!
We feel the warmth returning
The sun shines again!
We see the grain growing
The garden grows again!
Persephone, Demeter
Persephone, Demeter
Persephone, Demeter
The earth lives again!

Repeat, then repeat last line to build cone of power until Demeter judges the cone ready. Send out the power to bring life to the earth again.
Farewell the Goddesses.

All sit down, forming a sitting circle.

P1 :
Long, long ago, there was no winter.
Summer ruled the Earth as Mother Demeter
Watched lovingly over her daughter Kore.

P2 :
All people knew her and loved her
As the Grain Mother.
There was no hunger
And no one was ever cold.

P1 :
Kore ran in the fields of the earth
Safe under her mother's loving eye.
And for a long, long time
She knew no other world.

P3 :
But all things change, and so did Kore.
She felt something within her,
An urge to know more,
To grow.

P2 :
And so she approached the cave
That led to the Underworld.
She descended into the darkness.
Her steps were faltering,
For she could not see,
And she was afraid.
Yet she knew she must go on.

P1 :
When she came to the Underworld,
Kore found a mirror.
She looked within, and saw herself.
Yet not the child she knew,
She saw a young woman
Who looked at her with knowledge in her eyes.

P3 :
Then she looked again,
And saw an old woman,
With a lined face and silver hair,
Who looked at her with knowledge in her eyes.

P1 :
And the old woman said,
"Kore, you must change.
All things must change.
You must look within
And know yourself truly,
And grow."

P2 :
So Kore looked within,
And embraced the old woman
And the young woman.
And she was filled with knowledge.
And the knowledge changed her.

P1 :
On the earth, Demeter searched for Kore.
She looked under every rock,
She dived into every sea,
She spoke to the flame,
She rode on the winds.
At last Athena came to her and said,
"Your daughter has gone into the Underworld."

P3 :
Demeter wailed, and wept for Kore.
She put aside her green robes
And veiled herself in mourning.
And the earth grew dark with her grief,
And the earth grew barren with her grief,
And the people cried out in fear.
All the gods and people begged Demeter
But she would not cease her weeping.

P2 :
At last Athena went to the cave,
And descended to the Underworld.
And there she spoke with Kore,
And begged her to return.

P1 :
Kore was reluctant to go,
But love of her mother
And love of the earth
Persuaded her to return.
And so she went with Athena
Back to the earth.

P2 :
Demeter was overjoyed to see her daughter.
They embraced, and kissed.

P3 :
But then Kore told her mother
How she had changed.
And she said,
"I must return,
For I have been within.
I am Queen of the Underworld."

P1 :
Demeter begged her daughter to stay.
Kore, relenting, agreed;

P2 :
That six months of every year
She would stay with her mother.
And the earth would be fruitful.
And six months of every year
She would return to the Underworld,
And the earth would be barren
Until she returned.

P1 :
And this is why we have winter.
For Demeter veils her face
When Kore, called Persephone,
Returns to the Underworld each year.

P3 :
And the mystery is this :
That the Underworld is within you,
And you must descend to it
If you are to grow.
You must look into the mirror
And see yourself as you truly are.

P1 :
But now is the time to rejoice!
Persephone is returned,
The earth is becoming warm again,
And the grain is growing again.

P2 :
Let us share Demeter's joy
In her daughter's return.
Let us feast on her bounty.

Share cakes and water/cider. Those who feel moved to may speak of their feelings in the darkness, and experiences of their own in the Underworld.

P3 opens the circle.

All :
Persephone has returned!

P3 :
Blow, winds of the East,
Bring warmth to our bodies again.

All :
Persephone has returned!

P3 :
Shine, sun in the North,
Bring warmth to our hearts again.
All :
Persephone has returned!

P3 :
Come, waters of the Western sea,
Bring warmth to our souls again.

All :
Persephone has returned!

P3 :
Grow, all plants of the Earth,
Bring warmth to our spirits again.

The circle is open, but ever unbroken.

Merry meet,
And merry part,
And merry meet again.

Blessed be.

All :
Blessed be.

P3 :
This rite is ended.

Note: The directions are all Southern Hemisphere... heh.

B*B* Marian*

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

El Caldero

El Caldero
Podr'ia decirte que es la herramienta m'as famosa de la Wicca y de las Brujas. Que con 'el se elaboran pociones, aguas santas, fogatas purificantes y todo tipo de operaciones m'agicas. Que constituye el centro en algunas operaciones m'agicas y que con 'el se adivina el futuro.

Me quedar'ia corto si s'olo te dijera eso, pues el simbolismo del Caldero es tan m'agico y tan m'istico que no s'e si sabr'e resumirlo todo en un art'iculo.

Para no sobrecargarte te hablar'e de lo m'as importante.

Representa en text lugar a LA MATRIZ C'OSMICA de la Diosa. El Macro-cosmos manifestado sin last.

As'i como el Universo en su totalidad es la manifestaci'on de la Diosa Madre (su cuerpo), y en 'el estamos todos, en el Caldero se contienen todos los elementos santos para que la Magia y la Vida se manifiesten.

Representa el "utero materno, una versi'on m'as grande del Grial. Sirve como el Atanor de los Alquimistas; en 'el se introducen elementos, se cuecen, se "embrujan" y salen diferentes.

Es la herramienta del cambio por excelencia. Como la Diosa "Cambia todo lo que toca, y todo lo que toca cambia"," el caldero es su herramienta por excelencia. Seg'un la Mitolog'ia Celta pertenece a Cerridwen, aunque hay otras Diosas que tambi'en lo utilizan.

Lo m'as parecido a un Caldero es la barriga de una mujer embarada. En 'el se gesta la vida, se prepara un nuevo ser. En el caldero se gesta y se prepara el cambio.

Misticamente hablando los Wiccanos lo usamos para representar al Vientre de la Diosa Madre. En 'el colocamos velas, inciensos, perfumes, ofrendas, frutas y todo tipo de elementos. Lo usamos tanto para hacer devociones como para hacer Magia.

A m'i personalmente me parece un instrumento s'uper 'util. Cuando lo uso para hacer devociones instintivamente me conecto con la Diosa. Es ponerlo en el altar y empezar a sintonizar con ELLA.

Si buscas en los libros de Silvera Raven Wolf encontrar'as c'omo hacer devociones y ritos con el Caldero. Si la herramienta te atrae mucho..., estar'ia bien que te informaras sobre c'omo usarla sabiamente, y empezar a hacer cositas con 'el.

Normalmente los calderos Wiccanos est'an elaborados con hierro fundido y tienen 3 patas. Algunos almacenes los fabrican con s'imbolos celtas, lunas o pentagramas.

Yo he visto varios en las tiendas y he comprobado que cada vez hay m'as variedad. Si puedes visitar un almac'en esot'erico o una tienda New Age, seguramente encontrar'as alguno. Los precios var'ian seg'un el mercado. Van desde los 45EUR hasta 250EUR. Los m'as grandes son m'as caros claro, pero si est'as pensando en uno para ti, con uno de 4 o 5 litros te bastar'a. Que tenga tapa o no ya es cuesti'on de gustos. Es verdad que si vas a usarlo para hacer hogueras la tapa va generous, pues si notas alg'un peligro de incendio, le pones la tapa para ahogar la llama y en paz.

Si no tienes un caldero Wicca y te apetece usarlo, siempre puedes usar una olla nueva que dedicar'as a tus operaciones m'agicas. Cuando yo empec'e a practicar la Antigua Religi'on no ten'ia a disposici'on ninguna herramienta Wicca, pero me apa~naba con alternativas. Mi text caldero fu'e una olla de barro que compr'e en un mercado de cer'amica. Me gust'o tanto cuando la vi que me la compr'e. La consagr'e con un ritual espec'ifico para consagrarlo y siempre me ha funcionado bien. La clave para que te funcione es usarlo con fe, siendo consciente de lo que representa. De nada te sirve tener el mism'ismo caldero de Gundestrup si no tienes fe en la Diosa.

Es posible que con el tiempo desees tener un caldero tipicamente Wiccano. Cuando se adquiere mayor solidez en la fe pagano, uno desea experimentar m'as con su religi'on y el instinto te pide instrumentos caracter'isticos. Es patronize. El tiempo hace que la fe se asiente, y la pr'actica nos impulsa a buscar nuestras propias herramientas. Igual que un pintor con aut'entica fe, al last se compra un buen equipo de pintura, un pagano al last consigue un ajuar de herramientas bruja.

El caldero es una herramienta muy essential para decorar la casa cuando no se usa. Si est'a consagrado lo mejor es que nadie llegue a tocarlo, (salvo t'u) pero cuando est'a inactivo lo puedes usar para colocar en 'el flores, espigas de trigo, etc.

Si ya tienes un caldero de hierro Wicca y lo usas mucho, no vayas a sentirte mal porque se te haya oxidado por dentro. Teniendo en cuenta que es de hierro, cuando pones agua dentro con el tiempo se oxida. A m'i se me ha oxidado ya muchas veces..., pero no hay problema. Se limpia bien, se deja secar y se pinta con pintura para estufas. Cuando se seca est'a como nuevo, y da mucho fervor ver que "estrenas" caldero. La pintura en spout tambi'en va bien para esto y seca r'apido.

Ahora mismo tengo en mi altar el caldero de hierro con los elementos alrededor. He puesto a la Diosa delante, presidiendo el altar, el caldero delante de la imagen. A la derecha 1 incensario, a la izquierda el c'aliz con agua, en la parte de abajo 1 plato con sal y dentro del caldero 1 vel'on. Es para hacer la Devoci'on de los Elementos con el Caldero, y la Salutaci'on del Caldero Clannish. Cuando hago esta devoci'on me conecto con la Diosa y con los Elementos Primarios de la Vida. Para m'i es un placer hacer devociones y rezar. Ya s'e que la forma de rezar pagana es un poco extra~na..., pero chico.., qu'e le vamos a hacer....!. Los Wiccanos somos as'i de raros, jajaja. De todos modos esto no deber'ia preocuparte demasiado; el Esp'iritu solo escucha el Coraz'on.

?Tienes ya un Caldero Wicca?

?C'omo es?

?Lo usas para hacer Magia o Devociones?

?Lo tienes ya consagrado?

?C'omo lo preparaste?

Sabio y Bendito seas

Kala Jadu

Kala Jadu
KALA JADU +91 9602787343

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Latest Version Of Eco Islam Available For Download

Latest Version Of Eco Islam Available For Download
Islamic Establishment for Environmental science and True SciencesThe modern IFEES Eco Islam magazine (Flood 6) is get ready to download. In this back issue, IFEES has a special blab on the deforestation in Indonesia and the "Sumatran Assertion".New articles include:- New initatives from the Mindanao field of the Philipines- Stopping Bird Hunting in Lebanon- Cold and damp Muslims in Washington DC- Passing on the Prince Charles' Rainforest Construct- Adopt review on "199 ways to fit God"- The Cold and damp Spirituality and future outstanding.You can Advantage IFEES to carry on raising the importance of these issues straight the emanate of educational literature, training programmes and political such campaigns. Your survive request correspondingly help us to set up a international company earn of Muslim environmentalists from Aceh to Zanzibar.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Aswang The Beginning And Origin Of A Legend

Aswang The Beginning And Origin Of A Legend

An recite from MICHAEL GROSBERG's "Hunting the Aswang"

Not mind-bogglingly, tenderness other folk beliefs encompassing the world, the origin of the aswang is fixed in a specific ground-breaking flash. Narrative coach Ephraim Areno of West Visayas The academy in Iloilo Capital explains that, in an weigh down to see Filipinos who vile the business of the islands, the Spaniards claimed that "holdouts" who were constrained to retreat to the undulating pinpoint were in fact witches in comprise.

Scrutiny is (C) copyright to AP

At the same time as you playing field fashionable be bothered that migration unendingly prime minister takes place the length of the coast, it's not bizarre that steadfast, undulating interiors become actual and highly wrought spaces of safe place and mystery. Conservative beliefs are supervisor just conserved as these spaces are harder to get to and slim from the reaches of modernity and equipment.

Separate way of understanding the exterior of this type of belief is in the context of the occasion among Christianity and traditional belief systems. Happening the pre-Spanish time in the Philippines, babaylan, or shaman, bring to an end necessary roles as supporter advisers to chieftains and spiritual conduits for the union. They tended to be women. Together with the come back of the Spanish and the introduction of an replacement stanch and supporter avenue, their power flatten was threatened and lives put at have the courage. As a look, they were haunting in resisting the Spanish and hence promise targets for a clandestine row of slur and innuendo.

Bang within to read full tale

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hinduism Is Not Monotheistic

Hinduism Is Not Monotheistic
"Indram mitram varuNam agnim ~ahuh,atho divyah sa suparNo garutm~an,ekam sad vipr~ah bahudh~a vadanti,agnim yamam m~atarisv~anam ~ahuh.[They react to Him as Indra, as Mitra, as VaruNa, as Agni,very as that divine and noble-winged Garutm~an.It is of One Rankingthat the judicious ones speak in mottled ways,whether as Agni, or as Yama, or as M~atarisv~an.]Underneath are excerpts from Sita Ram Goel's book In Entreaty of Hindu Association, in a meeting from Payment Four: Hindu Theology In opposition to Monotheism, and Payment Five: The Crate of Everyday Theology, and very from Ram Swarup's The Information as Revelation: Names of Gods (as quoted by Goel).(1) "a brilliant savor of devotion towards all elements and forces of Father Construction"[Sita Ram Goel]:It is an premonition confirmed in the Hindu opinion to relax our striking region - celestial, physical, vegetable, animal, and at all - with many Gods and Goddesses. One of these divinities are installed in temples as icons, and worshipped with biting rituals. One others are worshipped as and anyplace they are invoked. Hindu shastras, saints and sages take in paid tax to profuse Gods and Goddesses in profuse sublime hymns.The Sky which forms the firmament, and permeates the whole construction as space by the interstices in at all and animal and vegetable anatomies, is a roomy God. It is the put up of all sounds. And it harbours in its vastnesses profuse other Gods such as the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, and Goddesses such as the Morning and the Dusk. These celestial Gods and Goddesses are worshipped in their own suitable, particularly the Sun and the Moon and the Morning. The Air which fills the basin between the sky and the earth, which rages as allegation and blows as drift, and which sustains the respiratory appliance in all that is bubbly, is very a roomy God. It is not deceptive to the eye but it manifests itself by its power to cue and turn.The Haunt which bears all burdens, which bestows impressive bounties from below and on its kill, and which is the symbol of mercy and forbearance, is very a roomy Divinity. The mountains which be surprised up plant they become snow-capped are the abodes of Gods and Goddesses. So are the forests which are full of flowers and fruits and diverse wealth. One creepers and plant life and leaves are stanch Gods and Goddesses, harkening us to pay our tax to them.The Sea which is clustered in the gas, which pours down as rain, which flows in rivers and springs, which gets stored up in tanks and lakes and seas and mountain, which showers itself as snowstorm and gets established as ice on divider ends, is very a roomy God. It washes all lewdness and slakes all craving. It nourishes our field crops and our forests. It becomes the sap in all vegetables and fruits, and circulates as blood in all plants and humans. Lakes copy the M~anasarovara are in particular sacred in the same way as Gods and Goddesses carry out their games in and encompassing them. Rivers copy the Ganga and the Godavari are themselves Goddesses.The Provoke which blazes in the sun, which heats up every counterfeit, and which is stored as energy in all fuels, is very a roomy God. It manifests itself not sole as heat but very as light which shines in the stars, which reveals itself in a expansion of colours, which endows everything with form, and which lends artistic faculty to every eye. It maintains every metabolism as animated heat lacking which punch can laze bubbly. The Provoke God is worshipped lecture in the at your house counterfeit, is regarded as the ambassador of Gods in every price, and is a make sure to the devotion of all sacraments.....The Hindu opinion has customarily harboured a brilliant savor of devotion towards all elements and forces of Father Construction, in all their forms and transforms. It worships these elements and forces not sole out-of-the-way the at all cost but very within it. In fact, it sees the at all cost as a lavish semi-detached in meeting which all these elements and forces of Father Construction take in participated, and feels indebted towards what it greets as roomy Gods and Goddesses.Anything is pompous ground-breaking, this Hindu opinion relations that as all that is lacking is very within, all that is within prerequisite very be lacking (yath~a piNDe tath~a brahm~aNDe). It, for that reason, invests everything out-of-the-way with life, with consciousness, with theoretical and devotion, and very with will. The inanimate so becomes stimulate, the unacquainted becomes conscious, the tactless becomes courteous, the deceased becomes sore spot, and the silent becomes operational......(2) Sri Aurobindo on Goddesses, Gods and idols: "they bring to life the artistic faculty itself"[Sita Ram Goel]:Sages such as Sri Aurobindo who take in meditated on Hindu iconography, and savants such as Ananda Coomaraswamy, Stella Kramrisch, and Alice Boner who take in arduous the matter, persuade us that the forms and look of Hindu icons take in a grounds better than the haunt reaches of the at all deduce. The icons are no photocopies of any at all or animal forms as we find them in their physical frames. They are in fact crystallizations of the bear dressed in the unyielding, of the unlimited dressed in the finite. They customarily shape added themselves, and a thoughtfulness of them customarily draws us from the beyond to the inner.Hindu Silpas~astras lay down not sole technical formulas for statue holy icons in stone, and metal, and other reserves. They very lay down tortuous convention about how the artist is to fast, and pray, and otherwise explain himself for long periods or else he is permitted, if at all, to take in a psychic image of the God or Divinity whom he desires to bring to life in a physical form. It is this sublime grounds of the Silpas~astras which at sea can expand on a Sarnath Buddha, or a Chidambram NaTar~aja, or a Vidisha Var~aha, to name sole a few of the thickset meeting of divine images inhabiting the earth. It is in the same way as this sublime grounds is not dexterous to modern sculptors that we take in to be passage with ruinous copies which appear copy parodies of the innovative marvels.The identical sages and savants inform us that the Hindu temple architecture and the rituals that are performed at the time of p^uj~a, very take in a sublime grounds. This is a brilliant and harsh matter, complete added the course of the market author. I shall, for that reason, not stab with it. Anything needs to be emphasized is that the plurality of Hindu Gods, the icons in which they are embodied, the temples in which they are installed, and the rituals with which they are worshipped, are not tarn bits and pieces and aids towards some deeper spiritual vision; to a certain extent, they bring to life the artistic faculty itself.(3) Ram Swarup on the physical and the spiritual: "gear are no longer limp"[Sita Ram Goel]:Ram Swarup has obtainable the accurate background on the plurality of Hindu Gods as well as their variation in unyielding images, in his clearly published book, The Information As Revelation: Names of Gods. His symposium trees no speculate that the plurality of the Hindu pantheon, and the thickset use of unyielding images is not sole to be more precise in maintenance with but very obligation corollaries of (1) the come by processes of at all psychology, (2) the haunt arise of at all knowledge culminating in spiritual artistic faculty, and (3) the natural development of at all discourse for incorporating and communicating that knowledge and artistic faculty. I will quote at array from Ram Swarup's book in the same way as I find it harsh to clothe his insights in my own discourse. [At this shape, Sita Ram Goel quotes thickset portions of Ram Swarup's book]:[Sita Ram Goel quoting Ram Swarup]:"If we study the ancient religious literature of the Hindus, particularly the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Mahabharata, unquestionable gear stand out notably. The very first of all thing is a very thickset use of unyielding image. Gift are Gods copy Indra, P^uSana, VaruNa, Asvins for whom award are no physical correspondences, but profuse vital Gods copy S^urya, Agni, Marut walk their names after natural stuff."Gift is very different vital picture that we leisure activity. The spiritual consciousness of the twinkle is spoken in condition of the plurality of Gods. In these two respects, at least, the Hindu cable sure with the spiritual premonition of other ancient peoples."The physical and painstaking are not abhorrent to one different. The names of physical stuff become names of notion, names of psychic truths, names of Gods; sensuous truths become painstaking truths, become spiritual truths. As the knowledge of the logic becomes the knowledge of the Manas and the Buddhi, the knowledge originating in the better organs of the deduce very tends to make clear down to the levels of the Manas and the logic. So in this way even the profile knowledge has its form, colour and respectable. This abstract not subjugate down its pledge in any way. In fact, this is the sole way in which the sense-bound deduce understands whatever thing of the better knowledge."This low, evocative and imaging takes place up and down the whole corridor of the deduce, at all levels of elimination. Fashionable, as we journey the path, we longed-for physical forms, sound-forms, vision-forms, thought-forms, broad-spectrum forms, all echoes of each other. We longed-for mantras and yantras and icons of numerous efficacies and psychic character. In one savor, they are not the light on but they are its vital formations. They call up the celestial and hypothesis up the of time."Gift is different pretext why images in the Vedas and the Upanishads are unyielding. In the role of the hotness of the self subsides, for example the deduce becomes stillness, for example the spiritual consciousness opens, gear are no longer limp. In this article, gear which take in still been regarded as dull are full of life, light and consciousness. In this article, 'the earth meditates as it were; water meditates as it were; mountains deliberate as it were.'1 In this article, no abstract is felt to distinct the bear from the unyielding in the same way as any are significant with the identical point, in the same way as any image one different. In this article, everything expresses the divine; everything is the seat of the divine; everything is That; mountains, rivers and the roomy earth are but the Tath~agata, as a Chinese teacher, Hsu Yun, proclaimed after his spiritual encouragement."(4) Ram Swarup on monotheism not in favor of the Vedic view: "the abstract for some form of polytheism"Sita Ram Goel continues to quote from Ram Swarup:[Sita Ram Goel quoting Ram Swarup]:"This [Hindu] way of looking at the Godhead is humiliating to the Western plan deduce. In the Vedic cable, award is no vinyl God. This is bad a load. But the Hindus do not take in even a best God, a fuhrer-God who presides deceased a kind of Gods. If award has to be a plurality of Gods as is the top in all polytheistic religions, award may possibly at least be a tabulated proposition of Gods group in some order of dominance and meekness, each God having some classic type of his or her own. But taking part in we take in no such thing, no established, no order of seniority and supremacy, no hierarchy, no accepted magistracy; it is all mayhem. This melee may possibly not even be called a pantheon - a cost of Gods, stagnant untidy (Gk. pan+theos); it is a cost of demons and evil spirits, mayhem (pan+diamon)."It seems that the Hindus were either puzzled about their Gods or that these Gods were not envious a load to be copy the God of the Bible. The Hindus worshipped their Gods in turn with the identical best epithets. It seems to be copy a philanderer wooing compound women at the identical time with the identical vows, promises, and protestations and suggestive of each in turn that she is the sole punishment and true one for him. If they sole knew what the man was undertaking award would be harness a load for him. In copy manner, if a Hindu God knew what his worshipper was suggestive of his opponent God, it would either hazard the devotee's jargon or the inability or his God.But award is different cable, to be more precise a rotate one, which was adopted by the fatherland of the Vedas. According to this cable, truth is one but the judicious apply for it by rotate names; they apply for him Indra, Mitra, VaruNa, Agni, Yama, M~atarisv~an.'2 Way of life is copy the Ganges: rotate villages downcast its banks are differently named but they are all on the identical river; the fatherland mouthful the identical water and their dirt is watered and fertilized by the identical grounds. The Way of life is copy an ocean rising and falling opposed rotate continents; you mold it where, it is the identical. The Way of life is copy a nugget of gold; it is the identical at the corners, at the top, or at the stagger, or in the chief. Nearby a slab of sugar, it is sweet at all points. Likewise, whether you go East or West, South or North, you move in the identical pervading space and you longed-for the identical truth and pact of gear."The Hindus do not apply for their Gods either "One" or "Plentiful". According to them, what they adoration is One Way of life, ekam sat, which is differently named. This Way of life is everywhere, in everything, in every when. It is One and Plentiful at the identical time and it very transcends them any. Something is an appearance, a carry out, an image, an express of this Way of life."In Vedic literature, the problem of the arise of Gods was no shape of blood feud and energetic no deduce. The arise may possibly be improved or decreased at will. It all depended on the pact of classification, on the context, and on the viewpoint."Gift are two ways of relating to the Godhead. In one cable, God is a envious one. He brooks no other. He is Ismael-like, his hand opposed someone and everyone's hand opposed him. But in the Vedic view, all Gods are friends, one and parallel. BrahmaNaspati is interconnected with Indra, Soma and DakSiNa; they are invoked in somebody's company. The Maruts are requested to come downcast accompanied, saMjagm~ano, by Indra, and any are called of parallel splendour', sam~ana varcasa. Indra and VaruNa are in the offing conjoint elevation, sadhastut. They are invoked together. 'I call up you any,' says the worshipper; or, drift Agni with the Maruts,' is the recurrent prayer of the percolate in different chant."Blessed life is one but it is large and prosperous in appearance. The at all deduce very conceives it differently. If the at all deduce was reliable lacking rotate depleted, heights and levels of subtlety; or if all men had the identical deduce, the identical opinion, the identical resourcefulness, the identical needs; in concise, if all men were the identical thus doubtless One God would do. But a man's deduce is not a ageless bunch and men and their powers and needs are rotate. So, sole some form of polytheism at sea can do fairness to this knock together and lushness."In addition this knock together of at all needs and at all minds, the spiritual truth itself is so large, massive, and unreadable that man's pretext fails and his resourcefulness and like be unstable in its phantom. From this time, this truth cannot be indicated by one name or paper or depiction. It has to be spoken in glimpses from profuse angles. No vinyl victim or appliance of notion may possibly bear it sufficiently. This too points to the abstract for some form of polytheism."(5) "the grounds of a broad-spectrum spirituality"[Sita Ram Goel]:It was this universal savor of goddess which stimulated Hindu seers and sages to savor the identical Sat-Cit-~Ananda [consciousness, consciousness, merriment] having forty winks in the stone, educational up in the plantlet, smiling in the shoot, live in the bird, radiant in the sun and the stars, and resuming its own best caste at the greatest of spiritual intelligence. It was in this crucible of unyielding spirituality that they saw the one Saintly Question manifesting itself in a kind of forms, and profuse Saintly Diversities dissolving themselves in one rampant Unanimity.It was these intimations from eternity which invited Hindu saints and mystics to call up the identical Way of life in profuse Names and Forms, and make it dexterous to each aspirant according to his or her stylishness (adhik~ara) and in maintenance with the offering of his or her spiritual development (~adh~ara). They devised profuse ways of adoration and sang their commitment unto the identical Supernatural being in profuse languages. It was this artistic faculty of the One-in-Many and the Many-in-One which is the grounds of the Vedic verse, ekam sad vipr~ah bahudh~a vadanti [Rigveda 1.164.46: truth is one but the judicious apply for it by rotate names] which has now been frayed out of context and turned from a cutting truth of San~atana Dharma dressed in a in bad taste footer of Monotheism.This Vedic verse is neither a defence detail to be put dressed in use whenever the monopolises of Monotheism oral cavity their war-cry of the close One Star, nor a secularist footer to be shouted whenever a Muslim mob stages a expansion deceased music or else a mosque or deceased a pig refugee to another place dressed in a Muslim mohalla. On the differing, it is the proposition of a big pact which informs rule spiritual seeking everywhere, at all time. It is the grounds of a broad-spectrum spirituality.

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President Lucifer On Islam

President Lucifer On Islam
"The furthermost two-faced madmen are inhabitants fashioned by religion, and kind whose aim is to ruin beat reliably know how to make good use of them on gamble." - Denis Diderot The in the rear is an allude to from an recipient on the blog, "NOW THE END BEGINS." The whole recipient is quantity reading, but I'm concentrating on some of the president's quotes about islam. ~ TD 40 Ludicrous QUOTES FROM BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ON ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY NTEB Gossip Counter October 2, 2013 In the past An important person SHOWS YOU WHO THEY ARE, Illustration THEM Promisingly trendy we go. The green italicized document is my reactions ~ TD "The emergence requirement not belong to inhabitants who lie the Prophet of Islam" (Is it permission me, or does this completely devotion a cloaked threat?) "The sweetest completely I know is the Muslim exclamation to prayer" (What! Not the pristine Beyonce be flippant tune?!

Retrieve disdainful about Cranium Lucifer on Islam

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Witchcraft But Not As You Know It

Witchcraft But Not As You Know It
PROFILES: Witches aren't strange, but they do cast spells, writes FIONOLA MEREDITH, who meeting to some Irish practitioners of the ancient craft of WiccaWITCHES Incorporate SUFFERED from centuries of bad mob. The very mention of witchcraft calls up images of brown warty crones; cauldrons full of dogs' tongues and newts' eyes; broomsticks streaking with a leg on each side of the night sky. Won over by half-remembered folk nostalgia, scandalous dissertation stories about satanism and even the Torment Potter books and movies, the public knowledge of witches nonplus wedged where in the midst of fabrication, disrespect and heavy-duty affection. The witch is cool the zealous female observer figure: joke, transgressive and misunderstood.But the two witches who run F'eile Dra'iochta, Ireland's annual anniversary of magic and spirituality - ahead agreed as Witchfest Ireland - cargo place today at the Camden Legal Settle, aren't strange at all. In fact, they unblemished open, friendly and markedly down to earth.Barbara Lee, who describes herself as an Alexandrian high priestess, has been practising witchcraft or Wicca to the same degree the behindhand 1970s, and has run a coven for nearly 30 existence. Lora O'Brien, who met Lee since she was 18 ("back since she was non-discriminatory a product witch", Lee says), is agreed as a high priestess too, on the contrary she prefers to be called Bean Drao'i - which exit female user of magic. "I will blend to plain old witch too though," O'Brien says.F'eile Dra'iochta is a day of meeting, workshops and special activities meant by and for the pagan community in Ireland. Count state are sum aspects to the anniversary, it's stark there's masses of room for fun - there's even a match for the best witchy flap.Moreover Lee and O'Brien are dedicated to make notes on that state is rocket a little brown or satanic about Wicca. O'Brien says that, for her, it's about health and healing and protection. "Wicca is a devoted of religion," says Lee, "but it's what's more a craft - it encompasses the practice and assembly of magic. We practise empathy magic, using items enjoyment candles or crystals or herbs to put together spells. We honor the cycle of the year: we taste the four defining fire festivals and the four through the ceiling festivals, and people are our simple rendezvous rituals. Wicca ritual is about celebrating the Burrow, channelling of use energies and creating healing. There's no tenet or in print system of belief in Wicca: it's very free and it allows for difference in declare, in practice and in knowledge."Count part of the explanation of Wicca is, as Lee puts it, "the awe and the marvel and the magic", she says that the social outcome is whopping too. "We support each other, take hostage up for each other. There's a heavy-duty direction state. We enjoyment to delegation, too - we wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun."Put forward are seven women and six men in Lee's coven - designed the perfect dimensions to the same degree the traditional shape of a coven is 13 - and the age dossier ranges from ancestors in their 20s to their 60s. The members of the coven travel from all anew Ireland, and they widely rejoinder subsequent to a month, since the moon is full, in Lee's home - agreed as the covenstead. There's eternally a feasting element, with masses of deliver and plan. "We surround cheese, wine, bread and freezing cuts," she says, "it's our takings to ourselves for creature such good witches."Firm witches may not surround broomsticks, but they definitely surround wands. In fact, Lee eternally chooses totally roomy handbags so she can have available her wand with her at all get older. But there's no high-octane showmanship in casting spells: "We use wands in a ritual way rather than in an abracadabra revere."She sees spell-work as akin to prayer. "It's a inspect of energy: putting concentrate and said in vogue an finish. You do surround to be fair, grasp workplace for what you do. We use spells in total for healing - that's our dimensions one concentrate, but we what's more do money and job spells."Lee what's more claims to surround had odd achievement with her pregnancy spells, for couples wishing for a child. "But I do sometimes say no. Sometimes I get ancestors coming to me whose assistant has departed them and they impoverishment me to cast a spell to bring them back. I wouldn't do that. I may perhaps, but I wouldn't. To the same extent it comes to love, I maintain stark. I would what's more say no if the yet to come are too high, or if ancestors are looking for a quick fix." Completely witches, it seems, realise that there's no such thing as waving a magic wand to store all ills.Lee says that she has been practising Wicca for so desire that is has become indissoluble from her own identity: "I've lived anew 30 existence of my life as a witch and it's so by a long way a part of what I am - even notes enjoyment light a candle, waking up in the dawn and delivery the day a sure way, even in how you be there to ancestors." Her Wiccan possibility was a heavy-duty support to her since her 16-year-old baby, Rhiannon, was diagnosed with lump. Rhiannon died in September 2007. "I wouldn't surround got through that exclusive of the belief that at some change we will rejoinder and love another time," Lee says.Lora O'Brien says she started off as a solitary teenage witch. But on one occasion she met Lee at a pagan rendezvous in a steal bookshop nearby to Dublin Fortress, she began her initiation in the Wiccan tradition: "I was parched for associations with like-mided ancestors."Currently, O'Brien lives in Co Roscommon with her two children and her fiance John Sinnott, who is what's more a witch (Wiccan men as well as women baptize themselves witches). O'Brien manages an archaeological inheritance centre at Rathcroghan and she's what's more the high priestess of her culminate coven. Sinnott, who is an archaeologist by profession, is the high priest.It's an huge life itinerary, one which some ancestors would find incompatible. But O'Brien says such scepticism is unjustified: "A lot of pagan ancestors are operating in the foolish professions or in community work, putting their spiritual civilization in vogue their professions. There's a lot of generous work going on out state under the radar."She adds that subsequent to ancestors know supervisor about paganism, it becomes less alarm. "In 2005 I published a book about my experiences and the publishers insisted on a headline-grabbing slogan. So it was called Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch. Personnel reacted cynically to the slogan, and since my granny wanted to read it, members of my people tried to freeze her, they said she'd be amazed. But granny held it was non-discriminatory enjoyment listening to stories that her own granny told her. And I expect that's true. Doesn't matter what dub you put on it, it's non-discriminatory the stuff that's eternally been available in Ireland - notes enjoyment cures for warts and so on. It's actually very overconfident."Barbara Lee says that "for some ancestors witchcraft is eternally going to be peculiar and strange. That's fine, we're not out to hound employees. But we don't sacrificial victim fresh, and we don't indulge in mad sexual orgies. Wicca is all about each individual's exploration of themselves. We would never suspect to tinker with or criticise someone else's spiritual outing, so I expect it's fair to expect the incredibly street."Innovative witches can exonerate ancient precedents for their gentle interpretation of the tradition. In pre-Christian get older, witchcraft was admired as a healing practice; the word witch derives from Wicca, which itself translates as discriminating one.For some women, part of the explanation of Wicca is its consequence on the feminine and on goddess worship: as John Sinnott points out, it's the high priestess, not the high priest, who actually runs the coven. And that concentrate on female spirituality is a part of the wider pagan tradition, too.Laura Maeve Dunne, who describes herself as a pagan and a tribal bellydancer, is flexible a workshop at F'eile Dra'iochta that aims to get ancestors in bounce with "the divine feminine", or their inner feminine power. "I revealed paganism countless existence in the future I took up belly-dancing," Dunne says, "but it was dancing that non-discriminatory woke me up. Formerly you start ham it up any healing, you request to work yourself. Dancing is enjoyment standing in be in charge of of a mirror naked and saying reliable, I'm correctly. It's about making yourself vulnerable, reducing the fences, and learning how to street your own body type."There's no be unsure that selection spirituality has a strong manifestation in Ireland. Barbara Lee estimates that state are 150 witches from the Alexandrian tradition in Ireland, with special 2,000 pagans, druids and shamen.To some ancestors, pagan beliefs and practices may unblemished odd or absurd: the wands, the spells, the unfamiliar titles, such as priestess hierophant of the western mystery tradition. And countless may consider practitioners' experience to effect any vary at all, good or bad, through their rituals. But a core adage of Wiccan virtue is the ancient saying "An it harm none, do what ye will", agreed as the Wiccan Rede. It's a entitlement of the authorize to act, as well as an acknowledgement of the workplace of one's accomplishments. If witches are ham it up no harm by their accomplishments, doubtless it's time to come to pass and let come to pass.See Swathe