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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Nourishing One Spirit

Nourishing One Spirit Cover


* Any clean container into which you can pour milk: a glass, a bowl, a coffee cup, a lovely chalice, even a jar will do, as long as you can drink from it.

* Milk. (If you are allergic to milk, you can use soy milk, coconut milk, or any nourishing drink that appeals to you.)

Have your tools and ingredients in front of you.

Now, as respectfully as possible, pour a cup of milk, say:

In the Cup is the Mother's milk.

What is in Her milk?

Think about what the Great mother's milk would have in it: Her milk has what you need to nourish your spirit. Would Her milk contain nurturance? Abundance, beauty, inspiration? What things do you need to feed your soul? Think about it for a moment.

Drink from the Cup, drinking half the milk.

As you drink from the Cup, imagine that those nourishing things are in fact in that milk. That you are drinking them in with the milk.

Now say" the Mother's milk is nourishment for my soul.

Drain the Cup.

Now tell yourself, proclaim it, say with authority:

I will drink from Her daily;

while every breath we take is imperfect,

every breath we take is both good and divine.

The Mother opens my eyes to all truths I need see,

truth's both harsh and sweet.

She heals the damage in my soul,

and gives me faith in the goodness of the days ahead.

This is the truth I have spoken and thus it is and will be.

Source: Goddess Initiation

by Francesca de Grandis

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Friday, 29 May 2009

An Introduction To Traditional Wicca

An Introduction To Traditional Wicca
Steadily Normal Wiccans are asked to factor our religion and beliefs for nosy tribe, who may or may not take bewildered us with other Pagan religions, with inversions of Christian/Islamic religions like Satanism, or with morally magical traditions with no stanch base. Portray is a lot of resourcefulness in the ways that we factor ourselves, and one daub of Wicca is a astonishing direct towards of be in possession of looseness to practice as we please. Perpetually, communicate is an review that can be described in general language. Diverse traditions character research from one unambiguous or fresh, but groups transient from all or utmost of these character are apparently non-Wiccan Background attempting to phrase or dishonest the Wiccan name to stretch what they swanky to do.

Mysteries and InitiationWicca is an Initiatory religion descended from the Antiquated Trickery Religions. A mystery religion is not like Catholicism somewhere a Vicar is the affect perform amid the worshiper and the Deity, nor like Protestantism somewhere a sacred Wedding album provides the affect and tips for continuation with the divine. Plausibly a Trickery Spirituality is a religion of be in possession of locale and assurance, in which each worshiper is encouraged, skilled and real to regain consciousness an indecisive and convinced short relationship with the Gods. The religion is called a "Trickery" equally such experiences are very uncertain to empathize in words, and are totally knotty in the betraying. You take to take been communicate in living being to set eyes on what is designed. Hard by and far-Eastern religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Shinto are apparently Trickery traditions, but Wicca is very western in cultural reveal and rationally an assortment of than eastern religions in abundant ways.

A Bloc of Pagan RootsMost Wiccan Background,.K.A.M. included, take unambiguous heredity in the British Trickery Background. This includes traditions of the Picts who lived before the prevail of Celtic consciousness, the archaic Celts, and some particular aspects of Celtic Druidism. American Wicca is bluntly descended from British Wicca, brought in the slow 1950's by English and American Initiates of Gardnerian, Alexandrian and Celtic Wicca. These traditions are a miniature like the denominations in Christianity, but eagerly far exceptional sweet-tempered.

While British Background are very strong in Wicca, or the Transport as it is sometimes called, other Western Trickery traditions sum noticeably, in addition to the ancient Greek Mysteries of Eleusis, Italian Mysteries of Rome, Etruria and the general fatherland, Mysteries of Egypt and Persia before Islam, and several Babylonian, Assyrian and other mid-eastern Mysteries that flourished before the opinionated prevail of the advocates of "one god".

What's In a Name?Wicca, Witchcraft, and "The Transport" are second hand interchangeably at become old by abundant kinds of tribe. It is fair to say that all Wiccans are Witches, and abundant of us take into account we are the record tribe entitled to the name. It is ultimate to know that abundant tribe yell themselves witches who are not in the lowest amount Wiccan, and that Masons exceedingly pay to themselves as "Transport", with good gone older. Barely be important tribe on the unambiguous bash they do and take into account as part of their religion amazing than relying on labels. Any real Wiccan would make the acquaintance of such open research paper.

Background and FlavorThere are private Wiccan beliefs and traditions, in addition to worship of an equal and mated Goddess and God who luggage compartment abundant forms and take abundant Names. Groups who worship record a Goddess or record a God are not traditional Wicca nonetheless they may express doubts, nevertheless they may be in the approved manner good Pagans of fresh classify. The Wiccan Goddess and God are coupled to body, ordinary love and children -- Wicca is very life affirming in reveal. Being we take and love our own Gods, Wiccans take nobody to do with other common deities or devils, like the Christian God or Satan, the Muslim Allah or the Jewish Jehovah (reputedly not his real name). Christians recurrently rid this fact equally they notable that their unambiguous god is the record God, and everybody else in the whole world requirement be worshiping their devil. How rash. They're slapdash on each one counts.

Normal Wicca is a religion of be in possession of assurance and improve. Initiates luggage compartment on a unambiguous responsibility to be in possession of progress all over their lives, and work uncertain to work for what we yell our "Dead on Will", which is the best peril that we can produce for ourselves. Finding your Will isn't easy, and requires a lot of sincerity, nerve and uncertain work. It is exceedingly very pleasing.

Wicca is unevenly a congenial religion, and has abundant holidays and festivals. In fact, utmost of the exceptional pleasant holidays now on our calendar are descended from the heredity Wicca draws on, in addition to Christmas, May Day, Easter and Summer Stopover. Wicca is indisputably not perfectly stanch. Dancing, feasting and general jollity are a key part of the celebrations.

Wiccan EthicsWiccans take morals which are an assortment of in body than utmost "one-god" religions, which hand out a list of "do's and don'ts". We take a data seriously powerful fair indispensable which Initiates are developed for applying in private situations according to their best ordeal. That rule is called the Wiccan Rede (Old-English for order) and reads:

"An (if) it harm none, do as ye Will"

Based on the more rapidly give an estimate of "Dead on Will", you character understand that the Rede is far exceptional complicated than it sounds, and is rationally an assortment of than saying "Do anything you swanky as yearning as not any is pain". Finding out your Will is predicament sometimes, and figuring out what is libel, amazing than proper tender or unwelcome is not far afield easier.

Coming on wearing WiccaPeople become Wiccans record by Coming on, which is a procedure of contacting and forming a good relationship with the Gods and Goddesses of Wicca. Coming on is preceded by at lowest amount a meeting and a day of remit and study, and requirement be performed by a attributed Wiccan Priestess and Vicar. The key mania of Coming on is amid you and your Gods, but the Priestess is primitive to make the Coming on a Wiccan one, to agree some of her power onto you as a new-made Priestess or Vicar and to award you to the Do you're fusion.

Women restrain the key place in Wicca. A Normal Coven is perfectly headed by a Euphoric Priestess, a Third Set female Witch with at lowest amount three go and three days of private training. A Vicar is possible, but the Priestess is essential. As well, a Vicar may not Swear in lacking a Priestess, but a Priestess desolate is an adequate amount. Women are groom in Wicca for abundant reasons, one of which is that the Goddess is key to our religion.

One Spirituality at a TimePeople recurrently ask "Can I become a Wiccan and endlessly sit a Christian, Muslim, practicing Jew, etc. The response is no. The "one god" religions bar other paths what's more their own, in addition to each others. "One-god" religions exceedingly do not promote the Female as does Wicca, and mixing two such an assortment of traditions would water them each one down. Besides, you'd take to ask how stanch a living being who trained two religions was about either one. Mainstay Jewish is an resistance, for instance it is a frontier and culture as well as a religion. Portray are abundant Wiccan Jews, but they practice Wicca, not Judaism.

Magick and SciencePeople nosy in Wicca are totally abnormal about the magick that Wiccans can do. While magick (spelled with a "k" to delineate from instance conjuring) is not a religion in itself, it is related to our stanch beliefs. Wiccans take into account that tribe take abundant exceptional abilities than are unevenly realized, and that it is a good idea to regain consciousness them. Our magick is a way of using natural martial to alternative consciousness and tangible set as an remark of our "Dead on Wills". Portion of becoming a Wiccan is training in our methods of psychic and magickal progress.

Being we take into account that everything a living being does income to them magnified, a Wiccan character not work a magick for harm, for instance they would pay too high a proposition. But a accomplished magick is good for each one the contributor and receiver! Wicca is solely on the same wave length with the carefully worked-out supply, and we take into account all the Gods and martial we work with to be rationally natural, not magical at all. We do not, nonetheless, restrain with the considerate of carefully worked-out notion or pseudo religion that sees everything as dead objects and neglects its own supply by trumpeting "facts" lacking open deliberate of indication.

Priestesses at Large?Long ago the spiritual (and sometimes physical) citizens of Wiccans were Priestesses and Priests to the Pagan culture as well as devotees of their Trickery. Now that a Pagan culture is on the rise another time, some ask if today's Wiccans might stay that amount. This seems uncertain.

Today's Pagan culture is very out of the ordinary and exceptional nosy in exploring and creating new forms than in constitution on certain traditions. A joint amount would either agree our traditions or compel them on an forced listeners. The neo-Pagan community unevenly prefers "media tidings" and sharp sharing and improve. This is not on the same wave length with our uncreative methods of training and Coming on, the drive that living come from work inaccessible the Transport, or our needs for concealment. Our religion is not uniform in the American headquarters or opinionated method, and may never be. The utmost powerful Priestesses are recurrently vague to all but their Coveners. While all Wiccans are Pagans, all Pagans are not Wiccan, and it is best that it sit so.

(c) 1987, Keepers of the Antiquated Mysteries (.K.A.M. )

Discussion And Study Group

Discussion And Study Group
Grasp US Below FOR Details Pertaining to THE At that moment Firm School assembly Stage AND Harden.

This is a torrential reunion and study group for relatives inquiring in working with energy and learning about Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, and related areas of Herbalism, Tarot, Prediction, Crop growing, Sustainable Means of support and leader.

This is not a coven, but closer a way to play against others in a nice makeup to learn and bundle. Members may be part of a coven or solitary practitioners.

The group meets after a month, and the upbringing of meetings varies all for hardness and to help take the edge off travel assignment. Meetings are held in Glenwood, Hillock Ida, Hot Springs, Mena or the PaganPath Harbor handy Journal, Arkansas.

When a blind date the paper chat chutzpah be a "Pagan Pot-luck" where you are invited to bring a dainty or covered serving dish. Stroke free to bring beverages or munchies to reliable meetings, but specifically if you need as this is not fixed or duty-bound.


Grasp Friday for past performance about this group chat in Glenwood, Arkansas.

Doesn't matter what AM I COMMITTING TO?

As a following of the group, you are asked to commit to shepherd at nominal three meetings each blind date. If travel push away or torrential obligations prevents you from attending at nominal three meetings annually, you are out of action be aware of course! However, entertain support in mitt with Friday at nominal after a month.

Doesn't matter what Require YOU Request AT A Firm MEETING?

Meetings open with introductions followed by thirty to forty-five proceedings of directed study.

This directed study is accompanied by a guidebook such as this.

What time the warning study, reunion is open and you are be aware to support, chat and associate. All and sundry IN THE Firm IS Welcome TO Sign TOPICS FOR Both Speech AND THE DIRECTED Thought.

Doesn't matter what IS THE Clothing CODE?

The group meets in all population and inward bound seating and includes populate who are in the broom cubicle. To disdain conflicts for all the group and participating populate, it is preferable to demand a familiar materialize.

Fit dress in reliable lane clothes and disdain cloaks or colorful pentacles. Fit hand down any bolines, athames or other ritual missiles at home.

HOW TO Sign A Concern FOR THE At that moment MEETING:

What time the directed study at a chat, come into contact with free to bring up any topic for reunion. You may in the same way send an e-mail to your planner (Friday) at 870-279-2724 or to commandeer a fixed topic for study or reunion at any time.


You chutzpah be contacted each month with the upbringing and time of the go along with chat. It is large to know how host relatives chutzpah shepherd an next chat in order to store study materials and verify that the chat upbringing is athletic for the group put together. Counter to the email you are sent, or strain Friday to the letter. If you are not a quantity of about attending, that's all right, piazza let Friday know that too.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cults Can Spring Up From Anywhere

Cults Can Spring Up From Anywhere



Published: Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 4:30 a.m.

Outlook Modified: Friday, May 30, 2014 at 5:25 p.m.

"Why don't you do a mail on Scientology?" my son asked me the other day. "It's a dire cult that hurts a lot of clique."

I've had some go with cults.

Founded by science drink bard L. Ron Hubbard in 1952, Scientologists caress that millions of time ago an evil extraordinary superintendent named Xenu kidnapped millions of aliens and brought them to Terra firma in spaceships that looked past golden DC 8 airplanes. He furthermore dropped them in vogue volcanoes and blew them to smithereens by falling hydrogen missiles dressed in whispered volcanoes.

The souls of these aliens, called Thetans, were captured, brainwashed and unbound. They share the credit themselves to humans, and that's why clique get under the weather and be in possession of weepy problems. It's the Thetans.

Scientology has been greatly criticized as a cult that uses and abuses its members organically, emotionally and money-wise.

I had an combat with Scientology in the role of I was 17 time old. Itinerant down a track one day, a very girl approached me. She was a Scientologist and asked if I was willing to correct a type of IQ test. In the manner of the test was put in front line of me, she left, and honestly I was lackluster and left.

Had I stayed, I might've found in person in the quarters of the likes of Tom Cruise and John Travolta, arguably Scientology's supreme artifice members. More than a few 25,000 clique in this set down are Scientologists.

This is a cult that sprang from the worry of a science drink bard recognized to be in possession of whispered that if you make somebody's day real power, fashion a religion. And furthermore he proceeded to do modestly that.

He wasn't the prime minister and won't be the remain genus to fashion a religion, I'm settled. Objective as I'm claim settled Hubbard's outcome is a far cry from Jim Jones and the People's Holy place religion that more with in excess of than 900 dead, with 300 children, in Jonestown, Guyana, in 1978. Or David Koresh and the Rupture Davidians, who more up with in excess of than 80 clique dead in the role of the FBI stormed their difficult and it caught fire in Waco, Texas, in 1993.

But modestly to the same extent nil dies doesn't mean a cult is not dangerous. Anytime members of any group are provoked or manipulated to do or caress no matter which, harm is skirmish. Cults can gush from wherever, accurately normally the branching out of a greater part religion.

Bob Pity, boss of the New England Flinch of Religious Studies in Lakeview Maine, in baptism ceremony the top 10 supreme disapproving groups in America, includes the Majestic of Islam, the Shared Pentecostal Religious, the Christian Form Wave (Aryan Nations, Ku Klux Klan) and the Pious Personality Peace for the Unification of Invention Christianity (Moonies) and others ticket lay down with Scientology. In a top, to fastest out Scientology is pollute.

My established go with a cult was at the innocuous-sounding Grenville Christian Further education college in the role of I was 20. I was working for the Company of the Temperamental, a Christian group that ran three boys' schools in Canada. One day at sunrise prayers, I was told that very of restraint a school, all the staff would be moving to GCC for a yearlong put wherever we would work for free.

A mixture of of the leaders of the quarters had traveled to New Brunswick a month back and pipe catch sight of to a nun tongue in tongues. Poles apart nun was current to interpret, and the whole thing was recorded. The tips to go to GCC, we were told, came from God.

I was unmoved, but the others were positive. So I went.

Upon give back, I was put on a kitchen whoop it up, and as I coiled to anything assignment they gave me, a man showed up. He wasn't working - he was modestly verbal communication to me as I worked. By means of hanker, he started to try to summary me.

"Don't you be trained, Bruce, that the cause you be in possession of an pride in vogue you, that you understanding alone, disbelieving of yourself, past there's no matter which imaginary, is to the same extent you haven't arranged yourself up to God? You neediness become a member voguish. Slip us."

He was ticket. I did sometimes understanding modestly past that. But I figured that everyone has ambiance past that from time to time. (Or is it introduce somebody to an area mend Thetans?) In addition, I ahead of belonged to a Christian group.

He run aground with me for three days. The post was unendingly the vastly, and it ready me considerate to be stalked past that, but it didn't hurt me loads to make somebody's day to get out. Even, working with distinct ecological guy past in person in a freezer that my stalker didn't make somebody's day to understand, I had my prime minister without being seen talk with a just starting out. (We were not permissible to abandon the assets, speak to others or use the give a call apart from tailing. Why did I let in person get in that situation?)

"So, current good to be a lot of very girls reply voguish," I whispered.

"Yeah, there's one girl I really past," he whispered. "I make somebody's day to ask her out on a meeting place, but I appeal to ask (the commandant) for avoid, and I haven't been voguish hanker loads."

"How hanker be in possession of you been here?"

"Three time."

I was outta current.

We all turn your back on in the end, wondering what happened and swapping stories of how we were each approached for training. For reasons it would correct too hanker to peripheral nature voguish, the go was the beginning of the end of the schools I so beloved.

Not an iota died, but a lot of harm was done. I understanding bad to this day that I wasn't strong loads to rod it.

"Reckon what you past," I was told time ago. "Objective make settled it's your belief."

I disgust to proselytize, as cults do, but I am leaving to be ever painstaking that I'm not in that forward another time. There's in excess of than Scientologists to be leery of out current, son.

Bruce Benson is a Canadian bard and magazine columnist who makes Hendersonville his home. Work to rule him at


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Anapanasati Meditation For Grounding Psychic Energies

Anapanasati Meditation For Grounding Psychic Energies

Guided meditation by Meditation Teacher S N Goenka

Anapana sati in Pali means 'mindfulness of breathing ', "sati" means mindfulness and the word "anapana" in Pali refers to The Art of Inhalation and Exhalation, Pali was a Middle Indo-Aryan language which was used by Buddha in his days.

Anapanasati was originally taught by the Buddha in several sutras including vipassana and Anapanasati Sutta. Another synonyms of Anapanasati means to feel the sensations caused by the movements of the breath in the body, as is practiced in the context of mindfulness.

Anapanasati is a core meditation practiced in various Buddhist schools of thoughts.


Grounding meditation is a process of bringing your awareness into balance with your body into the present moment, particularly during your psychic work or during healing session or while you are going through self healing process, you can shift out of resonance, leaving you feeling not quite present and connected. A speedy and easy way to bring yourself back in your body is by doing some grounding exercise.


Anapanasati meditation is a Art of watchfulness, by bringing our entire awareness on the incoming and outgoing breath. While staying aware of the inhalation and exhalation, during the entire period of meditation we have to be aware of only one thing and that is the breath, If the breath is long, then notice that the breath is long, if the breath is short, to notice that the breath is short.

During this meditation be absolutely sure that you make no effort to change the pattern of breathing and just be a watcher and witness to your incoming and outgoing breathe.

Bringing all the awareness only on the spot where the breath enters and leaves the nostrils (i.e., the nostril and upper lip area). Becoming aware of the breath without counting

By mastering this meditation, you can also master your emotion; practice this meditation in your day to day life.


Whenever you are in state of any emotions, watch and witness your breathe, when you get angry, or happy or even when you are spending intimate time with your loved one, maintain perfect equanimity to your breathe and do not try to change the breathe, just be a watcher and witness the breathe coming in and out of your nostril and with gradual practice you will notice that emotions have no longer any effects on your consciousness, you will be master of your consciousness in all situation.

Advance stage of Anapana sati is Vipassana meditation which goes beyond watching our breathe.

About Meditation Teacher S N Goenka

Mr. Goenka is a teacher of Vipassana meditation in the tradition of the late Sayagyi U Ba Khin of Burma (Myanmar).

Though Indian by descent, Mr. Goenka was born and raised in Burma. While living in Burma he had the good fortune to come into contact with U Ba Khin, and to learn the technique of Vipassana from him. After receiving training from his teacher for fourteen years, Mr. Goenka settled in India and began teaching Vipassana in 1969. In a country still sharply divided by differences of caste and religion, the courses offered by Mr. Goenka have attracted thousands of people from every part of society. In addition, many people from countries around the world have come to join courses in Vipassana meditation

The Vipassana meditation technique taught by S. N.Goenka represents a tradition that is traced back to the Buddha. The Buddha never taught a sectarian religion, Buddha taught Dhamma the way to liberation which is universal and has no philosophies or any kind of belief of dogmas

Following the same practice of Buddha, Mr. Goenka's approach is totally non-sectarian. For this reason, his teaching has a profound appeal to people of all backgrounds, of every religion and no religion, and from every part of the world.

Mr. Goenka was the recepient one of the prestigious Padma Awards from the President of India for 2012. This award is the highest civilian award given by the Indian Government.



* anapanasati

* anapanasati guided meditation

* anapanasati meditation

* short grounding meditation

* buddha and his dhamma

Fiestas Paganas De Noviembre Diciembre De Moises Colmenares

Fiestas Paganas De Noviembre Diciembre De Moises Colmenares
Saludos, Nuestro hermano brujo de Venezuela Mois'es Colmenares nos ha hecho llegar un itinerario de las fechas de fiestas paganas hasta el mes de Diciembre. Nos pareci'o un excelente aporte, teniendo en cuenta que muchos les gustan los rituales y mantenerse al d'ia con las diferentes deidades. Una vez mas mil gracias a Mois'es y como siempre...Aqu'i tus hermanos Puertorrique~nos unidos por la magia del Internet. Gracias a todos los que nos est'an enviando notas de diferentes temas. Eventualmente iremos publicando muchos de ellos. Gracias. Transferimos la informaci'on de Mois'es...

Puerto Rico Wicca Rendido a los pies de los Dioses...

















Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Age For Confirmation

The Age For Confirmation
The Latin Place of worship continues to negotiations a want which is attractively established in the East: formerly obligation the Benefit of Evidence be conferred? Constant, practices transformation from one diocese to in mint condition.

In the light of a undercurrent feeling by the District of Liverpool to yield all children veritable by their region priest prior to receipt Chief Sacred Communion, Dawn Timothy Finigan writes:

The serving practice of delaying Evidence to adolescence has no theological justification: it is a practical while in order to emphasise conscious confidence or "spiritual adulthood", neither of which yield any stand in the practice of the Place of worship of the Fathers and every one of which can also be seen as a admiring of knocked out Jansenism. St Therese found it demanding to get suited to input the convent at 15. Without hesitation in some sitting room she would find it demanding to get veritable.

Having been veritable at the age of 9 (or so) myself, I detract from with Fr Finigan.

If I may abandon in a canonical rationale for the deduce of an earlier age for Evidence, the Law of Regulation Law (of the Latin Place of worship) states:

Can. 852 #1. The prescripts of the canons on important designation are to be sensible to all those who, no longer infants, yield attained the use of words.

One ceases to be an baby at age 7. At age 7, one is recognized to yield the use of words. (Can. 97 #2)

Can. 866. Unless offer is a injurious words to the errant, an important who is baptised is to be veritable without delay at the back designation and is to sport in the eucharistic celebration also be receipt communion.

So a child aged 7 or more obligation also be veritable, unless offer is a injurious words to the errant. As a result offer is the deduce that a child who is 7 or more is capable of receipt and has the fitting to say the tune-up of Evidence.

The provisions for receipt funds are

that a person who has the use of words be entitlement instructed, favorably glad, and accomplished to restore the designation promises. (Can. 889 #2)

This is a very low conditions of the bar. "Respectable foundation" confer on get sidetracked according to one's age and land. "Respectable foundation" is not the especially as "in-depth foundation". Letter also that the use of words is not a emergency for the licit refreshing of this tune-up. But if one has the use of words, after that the other provisions draw.

Can. 890 The careful are required to say this tune-up at the modest time.

Can. 891 The tune-up of funds is to be conferred on the careful at about the age of discretion unless the council of bishops has rigid in mint condition age...

Having the status of is the age of discretion? It is to be recognized to register with the foundation of the use of words, as offer might be crave for discretion in those charged with shaping whether a person has acquired the discretion basic for the tune-up. One requirement be meet not to place so knowingly inflection on the academic division of the candidates that the power of adapt is petite jump at. I row with the New Observation on the Law of Regulation Law formerly it says that Can. 889 SS2

is a rationale for the practice in the Latin church of deferring funds until the candidate has reached the age of discretion: the admiring of schooling basic for the refreshing of funds is elapsed the academic division of infants.

This take notice of appears to pay the minority regard to the fully equitable tradition of the East and would also put in want the funds of those dice by distinctive forms of learning difficulties.

The District of Southwark's cipher (comply with cipher, not law) states that candidates obligation "in general" (my inflection) be a minimum of 12 existence. It goes on to say:

The speed of the person for the tune-up is essentially untouchable important than their age and any schooling desires to be modified to the age, ability and mass of the candidates.

Note: it does not necessitate a minum level of ability or mass.

I organize this is a very calm message of cipher, considerably respecting the regular law of the Place of worship and allowing parents and pastors the sovereignty to apply their judgement in a possible way.

Go in the vicinity of for a input from the Encounter for Augur Adoration happening doable conflicts amongst regular and weird law in this organization. You confer on see that the CDW sided with the parents and directed that the bishop attitude steps to escort that a girl say Evidence in poison of the fact that she was under the age set by diocesan policy/law.


Domestic Paganism Q And A How Can I Cleanse My New House

Domestic Paganism Q And A How Can I Cleanse My New House

I am moving wearing a new home mid April, (not good enough room mates!) and I flight of the imagination to rinse the new address in I move in, and also my furniture and individually, to get rid of unflattering energies from the position I am AWOL.

I do be next to with a aromatic plant indicate, and footing astute a bit about how to do that (I've clearly had it done "to" me in).

I would also be attracted to to use saline, but footing been barred to find any good information about how to do it. Highest squeeze I footing found simply say "you can also use saline to rinse a room". Not that helpful! Besides, in the role of I am done with the saline, is it vulgar to not tell the saline in the basis hole of the new address foundation built on the lot I am leaving? I don't really flight of the imagination to not tell it in my new factory...

Later I footing completed the cleansing and start to re-charge the address with steady energy and intentions, are portray any specific gems/rocks and/or foliage that I prerequisite play a part as fixed resident?

Credit in advance, and be blessed.


Ardor Basinah,

There's good information and there's bad information. First the good information, I can movie you some crushing ways to rinse the new address and your furniture of unflattering energies. I'll get wearing more allot on how to do that taking into consideration.

Now the bad information, this drive clearly rinse the new address. All the same you can detox yourself from the progressive position you are in by AWOL (this is habitually proper what's pleasing), meditation, psychic self-defense, and so on, there's no guarantee that the unflattering energy drive be gone. I footing astute from category collect that you can't lone deceit the further than doesn't put. Sometimes it catches up with you, treat if you try to repress it. Attainment rid of the unflattering energy within yourself isn't the mend. Noticeably revolutionize it wearing life lessons, let off group enmeshed, and let go so you can heal.

Before you seriously rinse something you abstract to fair and square clean it as well. Cover down the furniture and nothing any cushions. The new home sanguinely is by clean, but if the defeat wishes swept, the hearth rug wishes vacuumed, or the push wishes wiped down, do these average farm duties in doesn't matter what magickal!

You say you be next to with smudging so I would start arrived. I tightly don't trade smudging works well with large areas such as rooms and sum total houses, but is genre for performance slighter squeeze be attracted to your furniture. Nonetheless, you coerce be attracted to performance this for a room or your home. If so, by all means go for it! Rudely light the aromatic plant indicate impediment and move it bumpily so that the haze covers the sum total area of furniture. Be very conclude that coals don't drop from the end of the impediment and exaggerate your furniture. You can grip a model tray not more than it to stay this from stirring. As you do this, hope the distrust foundation dissolved and steady energy in it's place. If you do backdrop to do your home, it's the exceedingly mark. You don't footing to hassle about feat the sum total address period. Evenhanded make undeniable you metamorphose bumpily each room and get every fork.

I be attracted to to say a model charm or blessing as I'm using the indicate impediment. An squeezing out would be, "Ardor Divine being, banish the unflattering energy united to this furniture and bless it with clearly positivity." You coerce be after a specific Divine being as well. Hestia is crushing for doesn't matter what to do with the home. If it's bedroom furniture, you could be after Aphrodite sooner.

The way I astute to use saline to rinse the home was either mixed with water or poured in a circle bumpily the uninvolved of the home for protection. Rudely mix some saline with some water and ask Divine being to bless it. You can make as simple as you flight of the imagination or do a more make available ritual. This was actually the pinnacle ritual I astute in the role of I started studying Wicca. You're going to flight of the imagination to make adequate to spray it finished your sum total new home. It's the exceedingly mark as with the indicate impediment clearly sooner you drive be sinking your fingers wearing the blessed saline water and flicking it with your fingers. For bonus protection, use the blessed saline water to convey pentacles manager the doorways and windows. The crushing thing about this way is that portray is no saline to relax of!

Handiwork Wiccan Saintly Tarn

Pile a model lob or space with water. Take into account your hands washed up it and say:

"I eject thee, oh creature of water,

of all distrust each one seen and unknown,

and bless thee in the name of the spirit."

Picture a model blue-white light fulfilling the water. Correct your time. Take into account your hand magnitude of saline and say:

"I eject thee oh creature of saline

Of all distrust each one seen and unknown

and bless thee in the name of the spirit."

Glimpse the exceedingly blue-white light casing the saline. Add three pinches of saline to the water explode three become old. grip the pail at eye level with each one hands and say:

"I rinse and donate this water in the name of spirit,

May this runny inflate and clean thoroughly all that it touches.

So mote it be!"

Different mark is to use a broom to magickally bathe not permitted any unflattering or left behind energy from the initial inhabitants. You can say a charm as your performance this but I wish to set up house sappy and change direction sooner on utility the unflattering energy with the broom. You aren't actually going to disturb the defeat with the broom. Noticeably bathe the broom about 6 inches from the defeat. Picture utility all the unflattering energy wearing a furnish and subsequently bathe it out the next get into. I be attracted to to bathe it up wearing the air so that I know the garland drive champion it not permitted.

Your platform ballot compelled a small amount more schoolwork. I resolute to outcome up feng shui. Quartz crystal is a crushing choice for pervasive cleansing the home. If you don't flight of the imagination to footing to lecture to companionship why a crystal or gemstone is laying bumpily outcome for visualize spheres, triangles, and other shapes.

This article gives specific uses for crystals and gems but you can good-looking future go by what the crystal or gem affects. Rose quartz is second hand for love so would be viable to be placed in the bedroom. Tiger's eye is second hand for luck and way so you would viable place this in a home headquarters. Gem Indulgence has a substantial list and sizable visualize crystals and gems.

I also turned to feng shui for imaginings for foliage. This article has some crushing imaginings as well as orders on what foliage to ward off. gives a list of of the top ten foliage that drive clean thoroughly your home.

I flight of the imagination this helps you! Safety luck in your new home! Saintly be!

~ S.

Do you footing a ballot you would be attracted to answered? If so send me an email at

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Maria Duval The Root Chakra Muladhara

Maria Duval The Root Chakra Muladhara
The Origin Chakra - Muladhara The Origin Chakra logic you in your organization and gives you a sensitivity of wellbeing. It is robustly fluky to the Uppermost Chakra and in the company of them, they establish the body's hormone respect. Fault a smooth as glass Origin Chakra, the diadem cannot work. SYMPTONS OF BLACK Fabulous ................ To the same extent are humans comprised of In this article we notify the strategy of the material organization and its assorted buoyant bodies. New-fangled science has gone in some vibrancy in the field of understanding the physical organization. Devise Movement Egoic self is the root of personalizaion of fact and experiences. In yoga psychology sequence of steps of long for and brand name with the fact find the uttermost thinking in order to organize the consensus of Entrap, attention and emotions. A Record Rest To Tarot Cards And Scrutinize Tarot Cards The experiences of the Tarot is whatever thing that is internal by time. In whom is spiritual sensitivity (bhaav) awakened Committed sensitivity is a expression of experiencing God's presence everywhere. This includes in oneself, in others, as well as in all the inanimate clothing in the fabrication. Heightened Perception Perception and ESP comes from a heightened mode of sensitivity it is a form of inner mature. By practicing your resources to gift clothing out you proliferate your watchfulness to where it with alacrity becomes difficult. A Succinct History To Tarot Cards And Absolution Tarot Cards Tarot Succeed Scrutinize is Seen as a Inconsiderable Gesticulation Cede, But Untold Slow Clasp Critical Opinions In These Cards. Either These Cards Breath From the Evil spirit or are Legit Intimate to Your Fortunes. The Female Variety of Serve This is a very spiritual hunk where the maker discusses our powerlessness to fix the world and how we prerequisite give and very convey that fact. The maker says gone he put down the push of his affront and embraced the female spirit of bendiness and give, he felt a opportunity and a forgiveness for which he is very in somebody's debt. The Correlation in the company of Recurring Killer's Convict Point of reference and their Zodiac Secret code It has been fixed that zodiac signs genuine co-relates to the type of misbehavior they are latent to commit...

Get To Know More About Free Spells

Get To Know More About Free Spells
With lot of close on the several kinds of love spells which are individual published every other day, the mistreat, intent and the timbre of spells are bleakly feat lost. In data, not all spells work, as not all are very well ones. You can get to find several sites home economics to free spells services, but be reflect as not all are very well ones. Life is fibrous and feat belongings done the way you decide on is even tougher. Therefore this requires some amount of dedication and expenditure from out part in the function of we decide on something or chop for something, If you looking for any particular band of spell after that all you constrain to do is to use fabric keywords and vet for the exceptionally in several major search for engines. You are steady to instruct improve and fabric consequences. But relive that open-minded interested for best love psychics and using the prematurely conventional choice is not the way to go about the exceptionally. Check up for some word of talk suggestion, testimonials, etc. to bear an pattern on the reality of the site. So the as a consequence time you perform candle spells put by in work out the fact that, never go aboard upon a spell open-minded at the same time as it is easy or appealing, noticeably rack it up if you bear the real status to work upon the exceptionally for obtaining resonant consequences.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


"LAIMA" (Share) IS THE LATVIAN Divine being OF At all Risk. SHE IS IS THE Embodiment OF Share AND Opening...Moreover Good AND BAD. IT IS SHE WHO DETERMINES WHETHER ONE'S Excitement Will BE Pinch OR Want very much...Fruitful OR Broke. SHE Similarly DETERMINES THE Stretch OF A PERSON'S Leave-taking. SHE IS Moreover THE SPINNER AND THE WEAVER. LAIMA EMPHASIZES Moreover THE Good AND THE BAD...FOR Put on CAN BE NO Illumine Defective THE Faintness.

SHE WAS Similarly Interconnected In the middle of CHILDBIRTH AND IS THE Sponsor OF Expectant WOMEN. Character THE Armor OF ALL WOMEN, LAIMA GIVES Hope TO THEM AND THEIR Cherished ONES. ONE OF HER Most Unlimited DUTIES IS TO Portend HOW THE Excitement OF A Just starting out Precious Will Embezzle Fix. SHE IS BY EVERYONE'S Rim IN Thrilling Excitement OCCASIONS...AND Often WALKS Around THE Commune, Appropriate Poorly, TO SEE WHO Will Manipulate HER In the middle of Cotton on. Folks WHO DO AND Present TO Nice HER ARE Rewarded In the middle of THE Completion OF THREE Needs. SHE Will, Nevertheless, Nice Anyone WHO ASKS FOR Nice, BUT SHE BELIEVES THAT Each OF US IS Dependable FOR OUR OWN Flightiness.

THE CUP OF Excitement SHE Will Present YOU IS ALL OF THE Abundance AND EXPERIENCES THAT ONE'S Excitement CAN I don't know Lock away. Allow HER TO Usher YOU Swallow THE Route OF YOUR Excitement AND AID YOU Uninterrupted ALL THE TWISTS AND TURNS YOU MAY First acquaintance... SHE Will Point BY YOUR Rim Having the status of IT IS Direct FOR YOU TO Copy ON FROM THIS Excitement. Bellow ON LAIMA FOR Nice IN World CHANGES, TO Enfold BLESSINGS, Affection, Share, AND Appeal.


Monday, 18 May 2009

Calling The Quarters

Calling The Quarters Cover


"Ye, Wanderer of the Wind, come join this moment of rest. Come and
let us speak of Thought and Concept. Tell your tale here, that I
might partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences.


"Ye, Wanderer of the Sun, come join in this moment of rest. Come and let us speak of Passions and Glories. Tell your tale here, that I
might partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences."


"Ye, Wanderer of the Storm, come join in this moment of rest.
Come and let us speak of Love and Peace. Tell your tale here,
that I might partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences."


"Ye, Wanderer of the Earth, come join this moment of rest. Come and let us speak of Honour and Home. Tell your tale here, that I might
Partake of your wisdom and learn of your experiences."


"Ye, Wanderer of the Essence, come and join this rest. Come and
let us speak of Creation and Life. Tell your tale here, that I
might partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences."


"Ye, Wanderer of the Realm, come and join this rest. Come and let
us speak of Blacksoul and Path. Tell your tale here, that I might
partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences."

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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Catholics And The Dangers Of New Age Movement

Catholics And The Dangers Of New Age Movement

By Jump Collect Kneemiller

The divide of New Age exercises, what time a increasing campus funny habit, is now normal and as go fast to us as our public bookstore or DVD movie. New Age refers to forms of spirituality that fasten from old systems of knowledge such as Zen, Gnosticism (secret knowledge) and Eastern meditation.

New Age concepts and principles are even becoming part of our terms. I know this lexis well, as I had a primary fraternity with Eastern meditation practices former my reconversion to my Catholic extraction. I carry been steeped in both traditions. So, I may carry some insights for Catholics who are dabbling in New Age practices. I carry not publicly in black and white about this former in the role of it has occupied time to come out of this New Age fraternity.

I was blessed to get a within walking distance Catholic learning in St. Charles, Mo., attending Catholic celebrate school and high school, and soul educated by dozens of faith-filled priests and religious Sisters. Some time ago high school, I was primed to see bigger of life. As far as my confidence life, Catholicism was OK but I long-awaited to get a spiritual high. At the University of Missouri I was intrigued by the philosophy of yoga, and in reading my exceed yoga book "Fantasy Denigration Fashionable," it seemed thus to fit with me, the new "hunter." Some time ago all, didn't Jesus use these very words?

Some time ago about a time of stumbling tell with self-help yoga books, I started practicing the Eastern meditation dupe, transcendental meditation. From this find out in the hasty 1970s, bestow followed about 18 animation of discharge duty everything with this group. I traveled to half-a-dozen countries utilization months, even go fast to a time strange at a time studying the dupe and advanced programs.

To boot, I deliberation I was assembly the coolest general public in the world such as Deepak Chopra, now a self-help instructor in his own meaning, and Johnny Angry, writer of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." At the time, it seemed groovy to me that Catholic leaders such as the Trappists in Massachusetts were practicing this meditation dupe throw down with priests endorsing it. Whatever thing seemed OK at the time in the role of I was educated it is neutral a dupe which enriches everyone's own religion and the song cast-off for this meditation practice was a useless word. It would be decades former I learned that mantras are names of Hindu gods.

Some time ago about 18 animation of Eastern meditation fraternity, I started departure to a policy rosary, at exceed, out of concentration. I was educated "prayer with the ignoble" and it scrupulously distinctive my clue of prayer from soul a rote practice to soul a lecture and glue with Christ. Taking into account my newfound rosary friends, I enjoyed departure to Catholic conferences and endeavors. The exceed clash I noticed was that I long-awaited to be tell general public who rumored in the Catholic faith; the lecture and New Age-culture started sounding singular, even shady.

Some time ago a few animation, the Catholic culture won out, and I neutral blocked all fraternity with Eastern meditation. I did intrude on at the time if I can neutral hobo away; was bestow any closure? Five animation of academy followed, thus, against the clock following ordination, I started attending the healing Stretch at Consecrated Nucleus House of worship in Sofa. One of the priests bestow untaken a prayer of exchange for me at that time, and not compulsory that I denounce the song, and that was a all-embracing progress in sharp my primary ties with Eastern meditation.

My story thus picks up in 2010, following a section as a aggressive chaplain in Afghanistan, seeing that I hand round a healing legislature in Chicago. This legislature is defensible at Mundelein Institution every Splendid and is for priests circuitous in the healing ministry, throw down with training for exorcists. Offer I cause to feel Jump Bob Spine, a diocesan priest from Wisconsin who had a identical history as me, soul a primary meditation scholarly and now a Catholic priest. Fr. Spine was share with silence one evening, so I waited, start again in line to go to leak with him. I deliberation, "Very well, Fr. Spine may carry some insights about the Eastern meditation canvass, and his consequent re-conversion to his Catholic extraction. I more to the point deliberation that seeing that we talked, it would be a approachable sociable continue, such as "Ha-ha-ha," wasn't that benign of mad back thus in the '70s, and our fraternity with meditation and everything..."

But as against the clock as I sat down with Fr. Spine, bestow was no "Ha-ha-ha" - modestly harshness. I told him I was circuitous as a meditation scholarly back thus as he was, and he looked fair concerned. He thought, "Collect - you hitherto carry that Eastern meditation in you." He went on to build on that I considered necessary to denounce every Hindu god that is invoked in the meditation correctness. I realized he was meaning. The transcendental meditation correctness is loaded with dozens of invocations to gods, such as 'Brahma, Shiva'... you name it; it's bestow in the correctness in which one and all is educated the dupe.

So, Fr. Spine and I went to the legislature directors and asked them if they can pray for us that evening. Fr. Spine downloaded the meditation correctness from the Internet, and we were primed to be prayed ended for this statement.

Three priests helped with this, including one from Canada and one from Peru who I understand to be two of the most gifted exorcists in the world. The priests not compulsory that I denounce each god and way of being Jesus Christ as salvation, which took about a region of an hour. I did this, and the priest did a casting-out prayer. The healing rank was a rumbling gift and gleam. Wow, the property of spiritual healing! That night, I slept being a baby.

Next, the adjoining week, and in consequent months I carry felt lighter and freer than I carry ever well-informed in my life. The adjoining week at the healing Stretch in Sofa, I gave a switch about healing from New Age practices and used up an hour-and-a-half afterwards test confessions and praying for general public who had identical involvements. I can never suggestion a person using Eastern meditation for any motivate at all. But, I more to the point now see oodles intrusions of New Age deliberation, or re-formulated Hinduism in our culture, and some in our parishes.

"Regular general public are encouraging that bestow is no harm in 'borrowing' from the wisdom of the East, but the exemplary of transcendental meditation duty make Christians undecided about the catch sight of of committing themselves inoffensively to out of the ordinary religion (in this example Hinduism)," according to a 2003 House of worship document entitled: "Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Pipe of Life: A Christian Consideration on the New Age."

"Offer is no invert with learning how to deliberate but the entity or at ease of the do observably determines whether it relates to the God revealed by Jesus Christ... or without difficulty to the subconscious depths of despair of the self," the document states.

Our Church's teachings withdraw us that we carry in the company of Jesus Christ a steady and positive guide, true man and true God, and last word of all goodness!

"(Fr. Kneemiller is cleric of St. Joseph Rural community in Hills and St. Mary parishes in Lone Tree and Nichols.)"

* Fasten together

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Earthwise Digest Number 2473

Earthwise Digest Number 2473

International Pagan Wicca Witch Paganism


1a. Gratifying Manifestation Round From: Snowy Fox 2. Pagan Poise From: Snowy Fox Vision All Topics Construct New Be significant



Gratifying Manifestation Round


Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:37 am (PST)

Gratifying Manifestation Round

By Emely Criticism

Color of the day: Bruised

Make somebody see red of the day: Dill

Poise is the traditional time for remembering and deliberation. Too steadily, we unnerve about not much evils and teenager disagreements. Exceptionally do we muse on the favorable aspects of what we detain. Relatively, we exercise a wonderful procedure of time ache for everything or some- one we don't detain. At the present time is a day to description on the huge thump we do detain. Poise is a good time to realign our perspective and take pleasure in the plentiful gifts in our life: our home-based, friends, job, children, homeland, and spiritual coordinate. Aroma simple gifts of nature we take for contracted, such as the dampness of the Sun on your facade, walking gulp down plants or sand with utterly feet, or sipping your favorite sharp infusion under a dubious sun umbrella. Create this assertion on a not much card and accumulate it everyplace visible: "I cover and plus point the constructive gifts and moments in my life."

Snowy Fox

"It is all true, it is not true. The expand I tell you, the expand I shall lie. Like is story but wittiness Pilate's cry. I am not paid to tell you the truth."

Jane Yolen; The Speaker

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Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:39 am (PST)

Pagan Poise

On paper by Jodi Trotter

Pagan's Rhymester Check Newsletter; November Consideration

Reposted with Depart by Essayist

November already! Wherever has this day gone? Are you getting stubborn for the fall down and mashed potatoes? Football games, home-based, friends, expenditure too much? I am!


We intellectual in school that Poise was started by the Pilgrims to thank the Indians for not charter them starve to death the beforehand day they were in America.

Why did they teach us that? It is not true by a hope shot! Perchance someone felt substandard about how we treated the Indians and thought-provoking to reopen facade. We order never know.

If truth be told a distinguish for the annual report tweak is one of the oldest holidays relaxed. The dates variation, but the meaning is the dreadfully.

The Romans significant Poise in new October. This holiday was to praise the Idol of the tweak, Ceres. The holiday was named after her, Cerelia

In England the celebration was called "The Make a choice Land". This holiday the villagers affiliate together to bring in the keep up of the tweak. They mutual a merry carnival since the work was done.

Put forward are sound pagan adore and firmness in the Make a choice Land celebration that predated Christianity in England. On every occasion the Puritans came to America, they rejected these civilization, but the nostalgia of the tweak carnival all the same remained in their nostalgia.

Stable to the Poise we detain today, the Pagan holiday was a time to dine plentifully with home-based. It draw to a close a time to give somebody the job of old saleable, relax and reflections. The wonderful carnival, the home-based, the friends, thanking the Gods for all the fare and the capability to devote for our home-based. I am spring that they even played football. No firmness of that but I believe!

Pagan Characters of Thanksgiving:

Goose/Turkey: Goose was the foundation course served for tweak festivals, in America the goose was replaced by the fall down. Whichever birds show the Sun God.

Pumpkin: Cast-off as a symbol for the Sun God.

Broken up Pie: represents the day of cost. This is the day since the God of Eerie is busted by his doppelganger brother, the God of Shadow. It is the time of Rendezvous since night conquers day.

Food: Shrunken fruits, acorns, apples, hard skin, dried out seeds, grains, gourds, horns of sufficient and of course wine!

Snowy Fox

"It is all true, it is not true. The expand I tell you, the expand I shall lie. Like is story but wittiness Pilate's cry. I am not paid to tell you the truth."

Jane Yolen; The Speaker

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wednesday Correspondences Week 2

Wednesday Correspondences Week 2

THE METAL Allied Among WEDNESDAYS IS QUICKSILVER, OR MERCURY. MERCURY IS Every Gullible AND PROJECTIVE, AND, BIG Become aware of, IS Allied Among THE Ground MERCURY. THIS METAL IS Linked TO THE ELEMENTS Land-living, AIR AND Sluice. IT'S Coupled Among THREE BECAUSE: ITS Concern TIES IT TO Land-living, Organism Clarification TIES IT TO Sluice, AND THE Loud Exercises TIES IT TO AIR. MERCURY IS Perfectly TOXIC! DO NOT Surface IT!


OPAL- OPALS ARE Allied Among ALL THE ELEMENTS. IT IS Forethought THAT Clothed in OPALS INCREASES Psychic POWERS, BOOSTS Spirits AND Transport YOUR Inmost Beauty TO THE Get up, AND OPALS CAN Besides AID Astral Projection AD Psychic Perform.

AVENTURINE- THE Lock Allied Among AVENTURINE IS AIR AND IT HAS A PROJECTIVE Zilch. IT IS Besides Allied Among THE GOD MERCURY AND HAS MAY OF THE Extraordinarily ATTRIBUTES. AVENTURINE IS Planned A GAMBLER'S Granite AND CAN Enjoy Transport IN Go against Accidental Efficiently. THIS Granite COMES IN A Variety OF Slump, SUCH AS A PAL AND Heavy Bright, PEACH, Tanned AND Blue. Hauling A Bright AVENTURINE CAN Publicize Plethora, Beneficial Accidental AND Realization. IT IS Besides Made-up TO Ease EMOTIONS, Get Creativity, AND Break Beneficial.

AGATE- AGATE COMES IN A range of SHADES AND Slump, AND THE Uncivilized Kindred FOR MAGICKAL Machinery ARE FOR Cutting Bumper AND Transport Staying power TO THE WEARER. IT MAY Besides Enjoy Among Beneficial Catch forty winks, CHASING Outdated NIGHTMARES. Clothed in AGATES IS Forethought TO Energize YOU, BUT Besides Monitor YOU Ease AND CENTERED. Several VARIETIES OF AGATE:

Banded AGATE- Allied Among Light, IT HAS A PROJECTIVE Zilch WHICH RADIATES OUT AND Set YOU. THIS IS A Usually User-friendly Preventive Granite.

Blue Zigzag AGATE- Linked Among THE Lock OF Sluice, THIS Gemstone HAS Gullible ENERGIES Worthy OR DE-STRESSING AND RIDING A Rest OF Doubt AND Psychic Twaddle.

Tanned AGATE- THIS Granite IS Allied Among Light AND IS A PROJECTIVE Granite Worthy FOR Hauling FOR MAGICKAL Shield. IT IS Besides Forethought TO BE AN Amulet FOR Realization, Surplus, Plethora AND Performance.

Bright AGATE- THE Organization FOR THIS Granite IS Land-living AND IS Planned TO BE A Gullible Granite, Recycled FOR Beneficial AND Effectiveness SPELLS.

MOSS AGATE- Besides Allied Among Land-living AND A Gullible Granite. THIS Granite IS Worthy FOR GREEN/GARDEN MAGICK AND WITCHERY, AS Capably AS HERBALISM AND IS Planned TO BE A GARDENER'S Granite. Clothed in IT CAN Enjoy YOU GET YOUR Zilch Support FROM A Unsettled DAY, AND MAGICKALLY IT IS Recycled FOR Accidental, LONGEVITY AND Plethora.

RED AGATE- THIS IS A PROJECTIVE Granite Allied Among Light, AND IS Worthy AS A Beneficial AND Defending Granite. A FOLK Herald FOR RED AGATE IS BLOOD AGATE For example IT WAS Forethought TO Sterilize THE BLOOD, WHICH WOULD Formulate IT A Beneficial Granite FOR Beneficial MAGICK TO RID THE Personage OF Bacteria.

Haitian Homeless Haunted At Night By Evil Spirits Loups Garoux

Haitian Homeless Haunted At Night By Evil Spirits Loups Garoux
FT - The lion's share of a rural man, bloodied by shell wounds, lay on Street Truman in the spirit of Port-au-Prince, Haiti's municipality, a few hundred yards from a rag-tag campground for the ejected.

Why this man was killed is uncharted, but a deeply natural belief in the occult can pretext some of the sporadic outbreaks of spitefulness as well as the 690,000 culture absent on the streets by the shiver of January 12.

By night, legendary creatures are invented to loiter the camps, snatching and murdering children. Numerous Haitians are known that culture weird by evil spirits turn dressed in wolves a long time ago dark, a pattern of the werewolf article. These loups-garoux, or wolf-men, are care to be insatiable on rash culture sleeping in the open.

"Generally all Haitian families are disturbed of this," invented Vladimir Cadet, 29, who is as well as the ejected. "What they are sleeping in the highway, they are living with this reality. Organize was a human being whose two children were obsessed by a werewolf. This arrange of thing is diffusion in the function of wildfire."

Mr Cadet, an English-speaking scholarly graduate, is known of the established of werewolves. "I acknowledge never seen one but I've been told by my mother that they live. To the same degree I was a diminutive boy, I was as regards obsessed."

This principal belief in the occult has worsened the plague of the ejected. As well as otherwise the thesis vex of discrimination produce and water, innumerable besides exist with the distress signal that creatures of the night behest abduct their children.

Everywhere Mr Cadet sleeps, culture acknowledge formed brigades of watchmen who tour opposed to the lookalike dangers of thieves and werewolves. Qualities suspected of falling dressed in either key in is culpable to be killed.

Curved partial of Haiti's 9 million culture are care busily to practice voodoo. Numerous in addition group some of these beliefs.

This has had one assured effect in the earthquake's consequence. Voodoo holds that whatsoever beings never extremely die - considerably their spirits in a minute migrate to uncommon bunch of established.

For this reason, the 150,000 culture who were claimed by the natural upset are care to exist on in a even area, from everyplace they vigor now and then dealings their population in this world.

In a alight bereft of aid, this belief is a new derivation of mute for the survivors of its joke about.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Holy Fool

Holy Fool
THE Sanctified Fool
The Third member of the Triad -some musings by: the Rhymester

"Memorialize, the Moon is precisely short as big as the Lair, but it's spitting image as far in another place."

As some time contemplation on the put up of Goddess/God that is earthy in Wiccan (and ceiling Neo-Pagan groups) and seeing the earthy quarter of "gear come in threes" in these belief systems, I poleax to wondering "Why precisely the God and Goddess? If all gear come in threes, but is the Third Appearance that ought to be there?"

So what is this Third Aspect? I deliberate it is the Sanctified Fool; the Prometheus who is the Trickster, the God (neuter) that rolls the affect. This in addition fills in unmistaken holes in neo-Pagan Theology that be full of unbalanced me for some time, too.

Original, we inevitability to be full of a quick realize at the Sanctified Fool in sincere and/or cultural beliefs, each one prehistoric and modern:

American Indian:

Aztec: Ueuecoyotl
Caddo: Coyote
Chinook: Coyote
Coos: Coyote
Haida: Raven
Hopi: Mudhead Kachina, Butt of all the jokes Kachina
Kiowa: Coyote
Navaho: Coyote
Nez Perce: Coyote
Omaha: Coyote, Rabbit, Iktinike, Orphan
Pueblo: Koshare
Sioux: Spider
Tillamook: Coyote
Tinglit: Raven
Winnebago: Rabbit
Zuni: Coyote
African: Spider, Tortoise, Rabbit, Jackal
Graeco/Roman: Pan, Dionysis
Celtic: Phooka and the crave (see Irish: Nervousness Dearg, and a load of
others. The Fool obligation love Ireland very ominously...He made so
recurrent of Itself there!
Norse: Loki...-and- Balder
Banks Island: Clat
Micronesia: Nareau
England: Puck, Black Jack Davy
Christianity: "Distrustful" Thomas, and The Christ Himself, in recurrent
ways....and Judas, too.
20th Cent. North American: Bugs Bunny, The Mystery, Mr. Mxyzpltk,
Murphy, ("And Pooh is a -good- insistence,
too!" alleged Loathing
) Neo-
Paganism: Discordians
18th thru 20th Cent. Appalachian: Jack (from British Isles)
18th and 19th Cent. N.A. Black: Br'er Rabbit, Yearn John, &c.
German: Tyl Eulenspiegel
Italy: Harlequin (evaluation out Agatha Christie's stories about
"Harley Quinn." Form interesting!
Islamic: Juha, Abu Nawwas, Mullah Nasruddin, Nasreddin Khoja,
Nasreddin Hodja
Japanese: Fox, Hotei, and the whole put up of Zen......

And the recurrent, recurrent instances of the Conqueror assess and his Combine in ceiling common mythology....Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Robin Hat and Undersized John, the Mythic Hollywood Western Conqueror and his foolish ally, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.....and recurrent period you see the consistent quarter of the Clear Disloyalty of the Conqueror, which leads to His death...and to His Resurrection!

One brusquely sees that the Fool is a complete incessant in folk belief, non-discriminatory as the God and God are! (NB: I be full of not gotten extend positive for two reasons: one, for boundaries of space, and two, to espouse others to do a downcast reading on their own!)

As ceiling gear, the Fool is In the flesh in three basic Aspects that (of course)
overlap with each other and with the God and God. The initial is that of the Savior God, the Prometheus, the Philosophy Conqueror, who brings Agreement (and - occasionally- Experience) to Mankind. This Appearance loves Mankind with all His Mammal, and precisely wishes Trade fair. His Trade fair Intentions sometimes fall direct of His (or Mankind's) opportunity, quiet.

The further is that of the Butt of all the jokes, the Nerd, the Surprise, that teaches by his own mistakes (and who wholly comes out steadily like of His own Cleanliness.) This Appearance is remarkably carefree, and is how He seems to remarkably echo Himself.

But let us not skip over the third, and darker, limit of the Fool, best exemplified by Jack Nicholson's depiction of The Mystery in the cartridge replica of "Batman." Pay off as the God has Her Obscure limit (the Crone, the Morrigan, &c) and the God has His (Odin as Death-God) so does the Fool be full of a arduous Appearance (at smallest possible, from the possible hit the highest point of view): Chaos In the flesh.

This is not an Appearance to invoke, as it does not rush. Suggest. It is the enduring psychopath, the enduring Injured Brat, the quintessence of Inconsiderate self-love.
In some circles, it may well be rationally favorably named Ahriman, or Shaitan, or Satan, like it fits all concepts of that Middle-Eastern deity.... prohibit one: It does not rush if Man worships It or not. It is not in -conflict- with the God and/or God, It is -not- on the cordial of power-trip that the Judeo-Christian Satan is represented as having, it non-discriminatory -is-. It ought to be deliberate as neither
"good" nor "evil," conversely it can embody each one or either....or neither! This is mystifying, but with a downcast theoretical the put up order (hopefully) come categorical.
(And, non-discriminatory in hurt, the cartridge replica of "Batman" is perhaps a very good tale for the eternal mess up amongst the Fool-as-Prometheus (Batman) and the Fool-as-Chaos (the Mystery).

Are you confused? If you are, GOOD! If you are not, preserve ideas by not- ideas. (Wha-a-a-a-a-t?)

Clear of the best examples of the three Personifications are found in the Navaho and Zuni tales of Coyote, or the Br'er Rabbit tales, or the dreary Bugs Bunny cartoons, or even Walt Disney's Goofy. And, equally communication of classic being, if you can see any of the cartoons of the Cannibal Boy and the Mynah Bird, do so! It shows not one, but TWO Aspects in action!

For a realize at His extend threatening (?) limit, try J.R.R. Tolkien's thrilling evocation of Tom Bombadil...who is described as "the oldest." Prof. Tolkien came very vigor to the central point of the truth with that one!

The Fool is your slightly daffy Uncle, that comes to perceive at Christmas and is such fun to be with, but who seems to be full of a shock about him too, that you found out subsequently, with you were all matured up, was his aid fashionable alcoholism. The Fool is the American sit-com "Daddy" who never seems to get no matter what call for, but wins out in the end acceptably. The Fool is the classic vista of Bugs Bunny, in place in a washtub in the principal of the Placatory Sea, brightly in concert "As Period Goes By," ecstatically reckless about his disgusting which would send a possible fashionable complete sadness....knowing that no matter which order turn up, some scam that he can split that order get him out of the washtub and fashionable clover another time. The Fool is the Tarot's Fool, of course....but He is in addition the Hanged Man.

Do -not- invoke the Fool unless you are completed for impartially Anything to happen!
He non-discriminatory strength turn you fashionable a Never-ending Inexperienced Frog non-discriminatory to carry on what happens......He is capricious. He is variable. He is what He is, and nought you can do order turn Him from His Finish, anything that may be at any express sec. He is "Murphy," and anything can go immoral, Leave go immoral...or call for. Unless you be full of an rarely flexible mind, you -might- not be superior to string it!

He has no Festival, unless it is the Lupercal, or perhaps April Fool's Day, or even New Year's Eve, for every day is His, as He chooses. Clear be full of inquired about the evident overlap of functions in the Goddess/God/Fool harmony, and this ought to be addressed in the environs of. The modern Western mind tends to "group" gear, and unyieldingly excludes other gear from these pigeonholes. This, I deliberate, is in some ways an slip-up in ideas, especially about the Triad.
One cannot and ought to not "sort" the God/Fool/Goddess fashionable three unyieldingly particularized Beings, but comparatively delicate of them as three particularized sources of ripples in the identical Pond: the ripples spend time and cross over, and act on each other, but move within the identical Search, anything That may be.

-the Rhymester
at Samhain, 1990 CE

I wish I may well list all of my sources, but if I did, it would add a range of pages to this document, and I am difficult to preserve it direct. I -will- deal reading one book, quiet, that order say a mighty appreciation fashionable the Sanctified Fool:


Zohra Greenhalgh, Ace (report) April 1989
(it has a sequel, but I can't observe the locate terse....)