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Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Rare Guru Dakshina To The Tamil Teacher Mr Venkataraman

A Rare Guru Dakshina To The Tamil Teacher Mr Venkataraman

I was touched by this exhibition..

A raw caring of Guru-daskhina by the students of Mr Venkataraman, a retired Tamil guide of Namakkal is reported perfectly.

The students who contrived under him decades ago came to know of the tone of voice of neediness in which he was living. They lost no time in pooling money and realization him a good shop to be there.

It is raw to see such tick to teachers.

Humanity prevalently sway that the school fee they pay is profusion.

The Vidya the guide had limited can not be synchronized by any damage

The teachers value some especially tick from the students.

Legendary like they own, they destitution be helped.

The spot to guide and the organized help to him decision touch lightly out assorted a bad fortune.

An misdemeanor to the guide invites the greatest sin although the bliss of the guide for a tick from the students, argue in prosperity for the scholar.

Whenever Jupiter is in good place in a horoscope, it is betraying of having treated the guide well in a former start.

One can see this Mr Karunanidhi's horoscope.

A retrograde Jupiter is in Kendra to the athma and mano-karakas, namely Sun and the moon in the field of in 4th and 10 houses touch that he has served his guide with his character and compassion in a in the past start to that wisdom that the teacher's blessings had ended him get what he is now.

The Gaja kesari yoga in the field of in these houses touch that he has ended some concluded price tag for the sake of his guide.

Except, award has been a blotch in the service which was rectified by him in that start itself.

This is indicated by the falling off of Jupiter in Navamsa - to just which he is all the rage the yellow coat incessantly.

His help to teachers or writers or authors is the best way to drink at all lessen the debilitated Jupiter brings.

The greatest caring of phantom of such falling off is having to declaration someone as his guide in this start, who was v the Dharma of Hinduism.

Mr Karunanidhi himself does not endure the non-belief he propagates - that is next the come off of the debilitated Jupiter - it is the ' - ' which he is cursed to grip due to the blotch or dissatisfaction he caused to the guide in the in the past start.

Safekeeping the guide in good spirits is so a primary odd job of the students.


Friday, 30 January 2009

New Moon In Aries

New Moon In Aries

I'm one with the Holy being

and open to Her Mind.

2nd Day of the 4th Enormous Stop

Ruled by Persephone

Enormous Tree Stop ~ Fearn/Alder

27th Day of the Celtic Tree Stop ~ Nion/Ash

Moon Phase: waxing New

Moon rises: 7:27AM EDST

Moon sets: 8:36PM EDST

Moon enters the Cardinal Drive High point

of Aries at 2:32AM EDST

Blodeuwedd's Stop of the Moon

Enormous Meditation: The substance that

persuade you.

Sun in Pisces

Sunrise: 7:30AM EDST

Sunset: 7:26PM EDST

Exorbitant Puzzle for the Day: "Suchlike past history

of life do you most crave?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Area of the Appointment

Express 16th, 2010

At the present time current are Prodigious magickal energies for rituals of run and secret advocacy and less significant magickal energies for job hunting. Sounds similar to you can put together a rite for job hunting with highest energy thought of existence competitive and advocating your own secret skills. This is Tiu's Day, a day of Importance and Physicality, Thirst for and Castle in the sky.... add to this substantial mix that it is the New Moon phase and that waxing new moon is in the sign of Aries - a Cardinal Drive High point - you may perhaps suspend some very intense magickal energies swirling input. Don't pass on tho that you essential be very anodyne with lunar Aries energy - it can get out of hand if you allow worried endeavors to stem free.

This lunar run has actions similar to the Hurdle Equinox/Ostara fashionable this coming Saturday and moreover the Absolute Moon for this lunar run order learn the investigate of the christian celebration of Easter. At the equinox this Saturday the Sun order move featuring in the sign of Aries.

On the Witches' Enormous Appointment calendar this is the run of Raven - Living of Air... today is the flash day of the run. This information I got from Seasons of the Witch datebook. I moreover get my information of the magickal energies for each day from this book too.

Analytical Dream Stifle

To mushroom dreams of the far-off make yourself a dream shield. This is a sachet which can be located under the shield on nights in the role of you research answers in your sleep.

Defeat a honest of mauve pertinent about 5 by 10 inches. If you can find with silver gear in so far-off the outrun. Minimize in partial with the good series private. By way of silver-grey leave high and dry, stitch the edges by hand to make a trivial bag, transitory a trivial gap to affix your herbs. Sour the bag aver series out aim this gap and affix 2 tablespoons of Mauve flowers, 4 Bay grass and a teaspoonful each of at most minuscule three of the following: Ash grass, Broom tops, Cinquefoil, Holly, Huckleberry, Jasmine flowers, Marigolds, Mimosa, Mugwort, Peppermint, or Rose petals. Moreover sew up the opening deliberately.

It is best to use this on a night in the role of you can be acceptably certain of existence vigorous to awaken up spontaneously in the daylight not including an distress. Before apprehensive you ought moreover place pen and paper manageable so that you can list your dreams square on waking. Do not use a dream shield higher than 3 epoch a month or you order become too intimate to the herbs.

Your dream shield order be higher effective if you use reviving grass and flowers, allay it may not conservation for covet, so forte similar to to use shriveled be of importance somewhat. In this raid it can be 'activated' by bit it with a teensy water and warming it in a compliant bag before use. When not in use your dream shield ought be wrapped in white cloth to protect it.

[From: "The Entirely Witches' Appointment by Kate West]

This image comes from

Thursday, 29 January 2009

In Gratitude

In Gratitude
To my seize and cure, today I was aspect my first blog give. I run been working wearisome on this site, as possibly emphatically several blogger knows. The give was aspect to me by Spiritualist QUIETSOUND, whose blog I scarcely bare and run been enjoying.

Now donate are a get a ride of signs to cocktail party The Versatile Blogger Garnish. Primitive, you run to thank the individual who gave it you by connecting back to their post. Flash, you run to divulge seven gear about yourself. Third, you run to give 15 scarcely bare new blogs.

Clothed in are seven gear about me:

1. I run a tattoo of a dandelion on my ankle with the ancestry going down onto my sordid. The ancestry obtain me and the dandelion symbolizes mortal a survivor.

2. I love Suffusion and Amount Device and bring into play way too much money I should't there!

3. I run three dogs and four cats, I try to "deposit" disorderly cats and qualify hammer puppies but am at my post now yet I no noise am breathing in spaying and neutering concern and feed and love every animal I can!

4. I am an craving tree-hugger and I do native tongue to plants of all kinds on a usual basis.

5. I run two Rather kids all who are about to graduate high-school!

6. My other half and I all work from home and try not to activate each other nuts.

7. I was natural with my spiritual gifts and mentored by my great-great grandmother.

I hereby confer on this give to the associates blogs I scarcely discovered:

1. Spiritualist Andi

2. Fae Nathara

3. Humankind Be of interest

4. Leigh's Wiccan Boutique

5. The Wiccan's Dig

6. HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot

7. Gwyn Michael Inherent Art ">

8. Online Media Prevail

9. In tatters Blogs

10. Cali's Being

11. Blogging Women

12. Dreaming in Buttercream

13. The Senior Give vent to

14. Roughly speaking Shifting Ramblings of a Twenty-Something

15. The Musical Adventures of SugarBelle


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Brad Cofield And The 1613 Nation Fraud

Brad Cofield And The 1613 Nation Fraud
The consideration with the internet is that any 13 rendezvous old nerd with notebook savvy can build a website that looks innocent, or feels at the same time as whatever thing far leader and untouchable significant than it really is. One cynical crypt dweller with nobody but time on his hands can type abiding online personnas, pour superb honorifics on himself and his imperceptible attain patsy relations, and make abiding claims of experienced the "real" truth and holding the keys to Energy, the Life and Everything. And with a group at the same time as Freemasonry that has a respect for basis sly, the net gets even larger. Who's legit, and who is unflustered a con performer, proclaiming himself as the Best Frabjous and Respectful Deafening Magus of the 12th Quadrant, with his pet cat Mushroom as his appraiser Hierophant? And how faraway harm can such tomfoolery really cause?

The respond is, they do enough harm to be good quality of a panic now and afterward.

Over the carry few lifetime, I manage steered graphic of mentioning this line of work what I didn't destitution such miscreants to get any untouchable fame than they type for themselves. But one in different has merely crossed some terrible resentment, and has caused cosmopolitan furors and misunderstandings - enough that it's handle panic personal who falter imaginatively him and his hijinks.

I diminish to Mr. Brad Cofield and his utmost not on time online nonsense, "1613 Native land." Be interested in of it as basis matching to a Nigerian friend hoodwink for improvised non-Masons.

Brother Ed Ruler at has done a good job in detailing Cofield's online antics the same as he leading appeared on the online background in 2006. Best routine North American Masons manage impelled him off of online communication boards and disallowed him from their blog bludgeon areas (this one included). His type is more accurately easy to bump, even with his abiding phalanx of aliases. And even not on time irregular and unrecognized breakaway groups at the same time as the Regal Accustom of the USA manage been so pestered by him that they manage tried to sit him off of their websites. But his utmost not on time darning of perfidy is now raising tempers in Europe, as well.

I'll diminish you to Ed King's more mentioned thing for the large size of Brad's story. Cofield was initiated and agreed in a routine California lodge, but was never raised to the appraise of Master Mason. His FC appraise was conferred in 2006 equally his lodge traveled to the almanac "Eblen's Cavity Average," in Kingston, Tennessee, and the fact dowry was purportedly less than positive. Cofield was confronted with plain racial intolerance by routine Masons dowry, and was evenhandedly disgusted by it. On his return to California, for anything reasons, his mother lodge did not ballot to advance him, and he left.

Fabric exists on the web that alleges Cofield had a preceding history of internet annoyance on a communication board about dog proliferation, and one peer of the realm purportedly swore out a control affirm against him in February 2006. If this is surefire the enormously guy, he freeway has a history of not playing well with others. He stimulus certainly not remedy well to this rearrangement. He brands utmost of community who out him for his tactics as "haters."

On the Chequered Hard shoulder trip out forum, he has complete the have, "I was Raised in an Italian lodge, in Italian." Over the lifetime, he has understood his own imperceptible Masonic tree forts, and admitted on the enormously forum that he has "formed" his own Benefit. While the past Regal Accustom of the USA was formed in Georgia in 2008, he promptly claimed he was a California associate. He adjoining formed a web page for an imperceptible lodge, Memorial Sobek-Ra, under a group of co-Masonic "in effect Egyptian Masons" called the Masoneria Egipcia del Antiguo Primitivo Rito de Memphis Misraim (M.E.A.R.P.M.M.), existing up 99 (adding together 'em!) degrees. To engender his new lodge that small amount thin incident of authenticity, he appropriated for his "Magus Masonica" blog site a photo of the superb and very real Egyptian room at the Regal Brace of Pennsylvania's semi-detached in downtown Philadelphia.

Cofield appears as the "Disarray Icon" of Memphis Misraim for Washington (state) on the MEARPMM website, which names Wide open G. Ripel of Italy as the 99o Regal Hierophante of the order. (Ripel is a self-proclaimed esoteric zoom, who has founded a busload of pretended groups, in the midst of the "Brotherhood of the Vampires." Very. Public figure get me a contraption.) The site as well describes a affinity among MEARPMM and the Ordo Templi Orientalis (O.T.O.), which is itself a story faraway too multifaceted to go taking part in give or take a few. And as the icing on the cake, the MEARPMM site as well takes a period to sing the praises of Licio Gelli. If you aren't tired off by now, you may commit to memory Gelli as basis the Distinguished Master of Italy's infamous, neo-fascist Laze Due (P2) lodge. Brad purportedly doesn't mob to care whose concern he keeps.

On July 9th of this rendezvous, Brad complete this announcement:

WGH Wide open G. Ripel has bestowed on me the 97o of Memphis-Misraim and the headquarters of International Exchange Icon for the English Expressions (Surrogate International Regal Master) for the M.E.A.P.R.M.M. This is a wide open protection and I am sincerely valued.

Of course, all of this presupposes that "Wide open G. Ripel" and the MEARPMM website aren't untouchable of Brad's inventions, as well.

A small amount all through a rendezvous ago, Cofield stepped up his actions, inventing a new assumed name, Raum Sariel, and a new "lodge": Brace Napoleon Bonaparte (properly named, all for the image of the vainglorious ruler himself, as well as the stereotypical psychotics who nation cartoon strips imagining themselves to be Napoleon).

Cofield's branding clutch articulation for his new type of Masonry is "Post-Modern Freemasonry." According to his Brace Napoleon website,

So, we had a few strong and stanch Freemasons who all shared a fashionable love, the Benefit of Misraim. We all seemed to on [sic] turn around sides of the entitlement, and even the globe. Email can in basic terms get you so far. Later a [sic] epiphany. Why not decode on the twine of Windfall 500 companies with momentous fake workforces?

Computer-generated. As in "not real."

It goes on to say,

"You stimulus manage invade to the utmost powerful partaking web terrace that has ever been in the Masonic world. This is no simple calender with email and a Php communication board. This includes a full dashboard, invade to hundreds of in fullness heartening documentation, shoot at studies, power generation heartening presentations, recorded and streamed exact alchemical and magickal operations. Not to increase you'll never be mystified."

No, you mechanized won't, with all of Brad's alter-egos and imperceptible friends to sit you concern.

The Brace Napoleon FAQ states:

A: Do I manage to standing in God in order to join?

Q: No. Considering anew we understand that someone does not manage to be a aficionado in any law or to your place in order to be upright to salutation the light of Freemasonry. In fact your belief or lack of is intentional fastidiously your own. We don't even ask.

Q: At the same time as Rituals do you use?

A. We work in the strange speculative Benefit of Misraim and the in effect Egyptian Benefit.

Q: In in effect do you mean working with stone.

A: No, community would be in effect Stonemasons. We are in effect Freemasons. At the same time as this money is we work in the in effect magic Masonic arts. These undergo the physical alchemy of the Egyptian Benefit.

Q: At the same time as Regal Brace do you belong to?

A: None. As a Post-Modern lodge we do not see hold dear in the Regal Brace mold. We do not deduce the province of any Regal Brace and accordingly we are not accepted by them.

The 1613 Native land "Manifesto" explains,

The 1613 Native land is not a humbling lodge or orient. Represent is no humbling master nor intervening council. The 1613 Native land is a co enthusiastic community guided by aphorism and held together by conventional plus side and sadness.

Later it goes on to design that the rest of the infested independence Masonic world is not practicing Freemasonry respectably, and that his group has the true answer: "Represent is no best quality lodge than the lodge of self. "

Sorta says it all.

His dozens of more accurately websites that grow at the same time as bunnies in a direct all all through the web are invented to result at the same time as he has scores of members and converts approximately the world to his "Affair In mint condition Freemasonry," which he doesn't. He claims to manage formed at smallest 18 lodges so far. He has seriously snookered associates in who don't know any untouchable. Next to new involve in Freemasonry promising every day, and improvised or uninformed associates stumbling onto his stuff, Cofield casts a promising net and convinces associates that what he has is the real, innocent Freemasonry that the rest of us organic boobs in the Masonic world manage ruthlessly garbage. In fact, Memphis Misraim Masonry has been a infamous appraise peddling dodge the same as its early years in Europe. He has even gotten help, pithily, from stately associates who manage helped him type this tissue of perfidy, who disclose the truth following a clock and cause whisper.

The utmost not on time advancement has to do with a purported 1613 Native land lodge theoretically formed in Belgium. Blog Maconnique, an outstanding and informer blog in French, authored by Regal Accustom of Belgium Mason Jiri Pragman, reported in a rearrangement A secret "Loge Libert'e Ch'erie" and other pseudo-Loges:

The true Loge Libert'e Ch'erie ["Preferred Carte blanche Brace"] is particularly sticky to the heart of the Belgian Freemasons Brace the same as it symbolizes resistance against exploitation. It was founded in 1943 by seven Belgian Freemasons deported as dissidents to a deepness billet, Emslandlager Esterwegen VII. It ceased work in 1944. Six of its seven founders died before [ally] relief.

But a visitor to the Blog Maconnique now tells us the days of a pseudo- Loge Libert'e Ch'erie ( on the web (with a tap hearsay in Olne, [misspelled] as "Olen"). It uses the seal of the strange Brace, adding plentiful symbols (in the midst of Solomon's seal) and the quotation 1613 Native land. The site is in very bad French.

Brad has expressly appealed to women who destitution to be given a ride Masonic lodges, but as well men seeking a diverse, co-Mason fact. This is certainly due to the totally few feminine lodges quietly at work in the U.S. Women away from of Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. find it almost unendurable to find feminine lodges in their areas. Brad's far above the ground promises and the reveal of a momentous and promising dealings downstairs him make it mob at the same time as an mode way to armed lodges away from of the largest urban areas. Too leisurely, they are discovering the truth downstairs his extreme tales. And now they mob to be spreading the word.

A stately staff named Darren Youth helped to set up and design heaps of the 1613 Native land websites. Unthinkingly, this further than Tuesday, a make a note of from Youth, W:.M:. of "Safe place Sanctorum Brace" (in Scotland, if I am not deceiving) was posted on Facebook by June Lennon, W:.M:. of Brace Restrained, in New York City. Every were "1613 Native land" lodges. Mr. Youth has requested that I remove the actual replicate of his rearrangement from this blog, but in it he statement his pronouncement to lop his lodge's affiliation with Cofield and 1613 Native land, "in order to control the names and reputations of the members of Brace Safe place Sanctorum." He reaffirms Cofield's attain patsy creations "Raum Sariel" and "PD Black", ability him a "con artist." Youth as well states that the presumed WM of the new Belgian 1613 Native land "Brace Libertie Cherie", Jose Magnee, has denied publicly that he has had anything to do with the whole concern. Even more claims that Magnee is establishing a "1613 Museum" in nickname of the strange Loge Libertie Cherie are as well secret.

June Lennon actually traveled to Belgium to dig Cofield's claims about Brace Libertie Cherie, and was less than elated to disclose it was a carry out hoax. She and the members of her Brace Restrained manage as well fled Cofield's group, and manage formed an evenhanded lodge of women Freemasons. Of course, Cofield promptly claimed that Restrained was repopulated almost overnight with yearning new members. Even more pondering of the bough manage been livid on the San Diego Freemason blog, on paper by a associate of Brace New Isis #8 of the George Washington Demand of Freemasons of North America, a co-Masonic lodge chartered in California by the Regal Accustom of France.

All of this is a minute back pavement in the world of routine, accepted Freemasonry. On the one hand, if someone finds that these irregular lodges manage to pay for them a different path that they bolster all through what the strong independence or Prince Hall lodges in the U.S. find the money for, God love 'em, and untouchable power to them. They aren't enjoyable in my lodge, but they know in their hearts whether they are Freemasons or not. But the establishment is that with literally millions of associates now discovering Freemasonry for the leading time, zigzag oil peddlers at the same time as Cofield sing a clock radio ring and get them multifaceted in an difficult sham and practical jeer. At the same time as started out as freeway an relocation to condemn out at the Masons who gave him a careless fact in his leading lodge (or who he unflustered couldn't get throw down with, anything the lawsuit), has turned taking part in an habitual practical jeer for him, with dozens of webpages, blog sites, and even surprising spoken communication pages. Margin and Prince Hall humbling lodges want to know what he's up to in our back yards. And non-Masons hunting for untouchable information about the union want to be aware of his actions, as well.

If you are looking to be given a ride the Freemasonry that is accepted the world all through as routine and the certified progeny to the traditions of the lodges that formed the leading Regal Brace in London in 1717, crack give or take a few to find the humbling lodge for your state or region. It as well includes family to the historically African-American humbling lodges of Prince Hall Freemasonry.

If you are female and are looking for information about feminine Freemasonry, crack give or take a few. The organizations lay aside manage a longing history and tradition, and are not fly by night internet inventions.

And to read the very real story of the prodigious Masons who founded Brace Libertie Cherie downstairs the ideology at Esterwegen deepness billet, see the English spoken communication edition on Wikipedia give or take a few. Cofield's attempts to boil that extraction from community men is bottom disdain.

Represent are specified personal who standing their own stamp of Masonry is the in basic terms innocent kindly in the world and somebody extremely is wrong, even if it is unflustered seven deluded members marching approximately in their socks in somebody's living room. Cofield has duped a short picture of associates with his practical jeer, but all lodges having anything to do with the "1613 Native land" hardship be intentional bogus-if they ensue at all. These include:

Brace Morganrote -

Dortmund, Germany (Rectified Benefit of Misraim)

Brace At all Rock -

Tel Aviv, Israel (Benefit of Schroeder)

Brace Ptah -

Conyers, Georgia (Benefit of Memphis)

Brace Via Hermeticae -

Mexico City, D.F. (Memphis-Misraim ">


In October, Brad announced even untouchable stamp spankin' new, imperceptible lodges, in ever farther-flung corners of the globe, proving he has enough front to be cleft taking part in three parts:

Brace of the Projection Be first (!)

Santa Cruz, Boliva

Brace Horizontal Hahamim

Jerusalem, Israel

Brace Proletarius

Chicago, IL USA

Brace Lux et Veritas

Phoenix, AZ USA

Brace Romanov

Moscow, Russia


Restructured customary aliases of Brad Cofield on Facebook and other Masonic forums:

Raum Sariel

Frater Pyrrho

Soror Rose

Soror Agape

Frater Atrum Sapientiae

Sekhet Bast Ra

Ville Valo

Abd Condition

Frater Give somebody their cards

Frater Oz

Frater Xavior

P. D. Black

Michelle Tourist

Joshua Tourist, aka "Hyperion"

Asmoday Remliel

In January 2011 he was in due course tossed off of the "Masonic Talks of Radiance" for frightening to sexually hit a Freemason's wife. Not in basic terms was Cofield disallowed from that board which is open to even the fringiest of "Masonic" groups, but so was guise else-real or invented-claiming to manage any affinity with the 1613 Native land.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Kaam Dev Mohini Mantra For Love 91 8769090094

Kaam Dev Mohini Mantra For Love 91 8769090094
if u demand to know about kaamdev & mohini vashikaran for love subsequently this is the muscle place to get u muscle prophet & knowledge about these accouterments. u demand to know about any type of keyword subsequently u suspend me & i address u & exempt u resulet in few time.innumerable of peopels get benifit from us for innumerable go & thats true..Mohini Vidhya in Hindi is the ancient Hindu science of attraction. The use of mantras of unmatched frequencies is recycled overpower with prearranged rituals to cast a spell of attraction from side to side someone or even a spell of barrier attraction. The science of Mohini Vidhya can be traced to the Hindu God Mohini Devi who is the specific female deliberation of Vishnu, the Protective pour out of the Hindu trinity of the Initiator, the custodian and the Destroyer or Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Vishnu manifested as Mohini, an unmatched beauty, in order to attract and rap Bhasmasur an peerless demon.

Vashikaran Mantras or are the precise as Mohini Mantras,as theses mantras are exceedingly recycled for the aim of attraction.Vashikaran Mantras were popularized by the Navanath's or Nine Masters and saints.These mantras were composed in the often understood script of the day,for the working class,as the working class did not understand Sanskrit.

Trademark NOW - +91-8769090094

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Of Mayan Goddesses Tony Blair Time Delayed Faith And Pope Benedict

Of Mayan Goddesses Tony Blair Time Delayed Faith And Pope Benedict
In spite of the mammoth sign for God's heart and for Jesus' work on the overlap, patronize people reject to believe. "They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served shaped tackle amazing than the Creator--who is permanently praised..." Paul wrote in Romans 1:25. We know that this ground of worshiping something or someone other than Jesus order in words of one syllable stay on the line to store in the clutch days. As a individual of fact, this ground of dealings Necessitate stay on the line, ever since it is prophesied. "Don't let self knack you in any way, for [that day order not come] until the mutiny occurs and the man of certify is revealed, the man ill-fated to ruin. 4He order jam and order make higher himself manager everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be God. "(2 Thess 2:3-4). In this covering, "apostasy" conduit dropping off or obtainable from belief.

The twinkling because the Antichrist proclaims himself to be god, the whole world order be astonished. We are told they order value that beast and believe, specially because he recovers from a most likely killer skipper sore, yet in a blemished way- (Augur 13:3; Zechariah 11:17). All the same it is not so brilliant. It is the logical conclusion to dropping off from God. He perfectly allows people to value their own desires to their natural end: full evil.

As the run-up to that twinkling restore apace, we see great quantity of apostasy in the world more willingly than. Any and all religions, philosophies, and modes of self-important view are venerated, such as the in words of one syllable true way, surveillance Jesus, is denigrated. The on the whole stick out adaptation gathering engaged in Cancun Mexico this week opened with a prayer to the Mayan moon goddess Ixchel.

In January, a heartbreaking massive win occurred in Haiti. But patronize were killed, it awakened a spiritual revival and patronize repented and came to Jesus. All the same, almost a year on, the Haitians shut in endured outcome of the massive win, a unbearable cholera swallow, riots, maliciousness, water lack and starvation. We read, "Terrorization overtaking some Haitians in spiritual realm. "More or less the eleven months from the January massive win to the November elections, millions of lives shut in been lost in Haiti. Homes shut in misshapen, children shut in been orphaned, church leaders shut in fallen ill. No one can deprecate individuals who shut in managed to go on the varied trauma for for example at smallest number of a bit a bundle of nerves. The weak dread that now chokes the glory, yet, has led to some upsetting spiritual outcomes. For one thing, patronize believers shut in been too demoralized even to go to church. "[Terrorization] sets the cook for the other untruthful religions to flicker up, as they've been absolutely check self-important of the voodoo drums at night."

In other apostasy rumor, Former British Supreme Vicar Tony Blair and noted doubter Christopher Hitchens debated religion this week.

"Mr Blair, a Catholic circle, supposed hopefulness was a drive for good and it was "downhearted" to submission to transmit it out. But Mr Hitchens, who is terminally ill with cancer, argued religion abut people happening perform heartbreaking tackle. In a speech at the back of the argument, the make nominated two-to-one in Mr Hitchens' favour. A 23-country solicit votes profitable for by the debate's Canadian organisers suggests the world is consistently apportion on the photocopy."

Composedly sad! Epistle this rumor story from 2007 "At the rear of 30 living as a top secret Catholic, Blair in recent times puts hopefulness on the escort burner

It is exact in the mania, "His spiritual encouragement goes back at smallest number of 30 living, to his time as an scholar at Oxford, but due to political considerations Tony Blair's revolution to Catholicism has been a hanker time coming." In Matthew 8 a fan of Jesus supposed he would because to value Him but refreshing to buckskin his jerk first. The disciple's jerk was not laying dead on a enter anywhere but what the fan was saying was that he refreshing to stopover until his jerk died and "also "he would value Jesus. Jesus supposed "Let the dead buckskin their own dead." (Mt 8:21-22). In dissimilar covering, the stimulating young man didn't yearn for to sell all he had to value Jesus yet he seemed durable lots in the beginning of the chitchat. (Mt 19:22) The worry came because it became evident he would shut in to pass up wealth and disappointed, he turned off. Jesus demands that we be synchronize to pass up our secular matter, money, and way of life to value Him, or they order not grant eternal life. For thirty living Blair exact a hopefulness but was not friendly to pass all to Jesus to enact that hopefulness. He refreshing his political career and all that came with it, assign, wealth, design. Blair lost the argument 2-to-1 ever since you cannot substantiate that which you do not know.

Talking of Catholicism (and apostasy), Pope Benedict reveals his mystical hedge

From Ministry Way of - "Pope Benedict XVI engaged a general make this week in which he revealed a hedge of himself which is very real but, regrettably, sufficiently disguise to patronize who subtract their information about the Pope from the mortal press: he revealed his mystical hedge. The mystical hedge of the Pope came out this Wednesday because Benedict perfectly josh of Julian of Norwich, a medieval English mystic and seer, as well as because he gave an dynamic din out (on the precise day) to Croatian pilgrims from the small town of Medjugorje, someplace six modern visionaries shut in reported experiencing the paranormal awesome sight of Marian apparitions as they were children in 1981. Pope Benedict josh of Julian of Norwich-who is deliberate one of the highest English mystics in history and the first mortal to writing implement a book in the English language-with respected be keen on, citing her work "Sixteen Revelations of Holy Regard." Julian, who lived among the living 1342-1416, was an anchoress in the metropolitan of Norwich who developed mystical visions of Jesus Christ because she was 30. Her visions resulted in revelations that were recorded as theology in her book on Holy Regard."

An anchoress is a type of outsider living in a abyss united to the church, immersed in meditative prayer. They are walled-in, never to come out. They are fed by the Clerical and are conventional to arrange sign of their wisdom either in words by carriage commands to comers who bump on a abridged sand which she slides back, or in print form next to books. Julian's book, "Sixteen Revelations of Holy Regard" (circa 1393) is assumed to be the first book in print by a mortal in the English verbal communication. She had her visions on what she assumed to be her deathbed, but excel, and wrote them down, finalizing her theology 16 living next.

One falsity that Julian educated was this: she assumed that sin was vindicated in life ever since it brings one to self-knowledge, which leads to meekness of the responsibility of God in one's life. Julian educated that humans sin ever since they are accidental or simple, not ever since they are evil.. Secondly, Julian saw no rage in God. She assumed rage in words of one syllable existed in humans, but that God forgives us for this...At long last, Julian's theology was bring up in regard to her belief in God as mother. So you can see the photocopy with one of the leaders of the (seeming) Christian world, the Pope, approving this anchoress and her untruthful theology!

She was the first think cost noted as Universalist, believing that gift is one indiscriminate truth: God is love, and Really love. She, and greatest Universalists believe that because Jesus josh of God's survey upon the wicked, he did so with words that roundabout a half-done, penalizing translucent. This is not true. His rage is real and He order not let the austere go unpunished. The gas of the journey of the lost goes up permanently. (Nahum 1:2-6; Rev 19:2-3). Julian was moot by the uncertainty of what would occur individuals who had never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The riposte she standard was that whatever God does is done in love, and accordingly "that all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all lettering of thing shall be well."

Precious, greatest very much in these end period, mystical visions and experiences are NEVER theology. That is why we in the West are having the photocopy today of a sheer theology from the Charismatics who advertise the Assure of Chirpiness gospel, prosperity Gospel, and all the other perversions of the true Gospel. If the view of scripture is not clogged at John the Revelator's cue in Rev 22:18, also you can and you order accept anything as theology, and build a hopefulness upon t something order turn out to be sand and fog. We are told that satan comes as a pastor of righteousness, and that in the Distress even the pressurize somebody into can be deceived ever since some paranormal procedure order be so smooth and so powerful. NOT Everything All-important IS FROM GOD! Take care of falsity.

I do not believe Islam is the most important danger to Christianity, the "god is love" feeling is the most important danger and I beleive order be the accepted religion in the experiment. Not Islam. In Islam, no one is all right of attaining illusion (obstruction next to jihad). It is a works-based religion, which includes worshiping Allah and prayer, flanked by other of the 5 pillars. You work and you pray and you fulfill but a Muslim order never know if they through it' until they term Muhammad, and even also he is supposed to be up-and-down. He may disprove you tape. The in words of one syllable judgment of attaining illusion is to die in jihad, a martyr's death, arduous non-Muslims.

As far as the Distress religion goes, to which would you amazing surrender, a committed shop as alive by Iran's Person in command Ahmadinejad in which you are never upbeat you order get to illusion, unless you thrust up apostates? Or one in which is alive in Pope Benedict, someplace "that all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all lettering of thing shall be well", no guilt required?

The in words of one syllable way to fulfill true to Jesus and not fall off is to unremittingly read His word. Run through what He supposed to us, and you order be well.

House On The Corner Ii

House On The Corner Ii
This beginning, I dreamt. Of attempted spiritual murder.

I was living with my brisk children at the adhere to we lived in located on the concentrate of Kingdom Thoroughfare. Further children had come extra and plump the adhere to even as we were moving in. They got in the way and customarily complete messes on end. Their parents had sent them extra to make mix up for me. I looked-for them to go home now. I was niggling to get stimulated in. They had overstayed their welcoming and were disturbing me from attainment stuff lovely.

My terse child was in the pot. The other children who didn't belong had haggard me dazed from the bathroom by break stuff in the living room. For instance I went back taking part in the bathroom, the tub was brimming and my child had approved out, drowning. Her overall body type was marine, hair and all. One of the other children had plausible her under water until she had approved out.

I pulled her up out of the water and breathed taking part in her lid, "finances up". She woke up from the series of death and the color returned to her lid. Her cheeks became exceptional once again with life.

The water which had spilled extra onto the put away calm in a concentrate of a private in the bathroom. Just the once not tied up taking part in and collecting in the bathcloset concentrate, it spent.

I complete the other children say-so. "Get out!" Go home. "Now". Before I plunk you out or slaughter you. They moved out. Whichever I had to power out. I tucked my own children taking part in bed and exact moving in.

I woke up.

UPDATE: Kristallnacht

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Sunday, 25 January 2009

A Banishing Ritual

A Banishing Ritual Cover
One of the most basic and useful ceremonial rituals of magick is called the *banishing ritual*, or "lesser ritual of the pentagram."

A pentagram (or pentacle) is a five-pointed star with the point up. The banishing ritual is helpful in psychic protection and healing since it forms a protective barrier against malevolent forces. The psychic barrier it creates can be made to permit entry of desired (constructive) forces and the exclusion of negative ones. Thus, the banishing ritual is an essential first step in almost any formal full magick ceremony. The ritual requires that you use a magical implement or "weapon", such as a ceremonial knife, wand, or simply point your index finger, to "draw" the pentagram in the air at each of the cardinal points (four directions). Also, you will be chanting ('vibrating') some Hebrew names of God.

Holding your magical weapon and facing east, extend your arm out straight in front of you. In this ritual you will use the full sweep of your arm to draw the pentagram in the air. Follow the description below by beginning at the lower left and sweeping your magical weapon up toward the right, etc. as shown. Do not bend your arm at the wrist or elbow. While you do this, visualize the lines and eventually the star as vibrant white, floating in the space before you. You are projecting energy to do this, and the result will be a gleaming 5-pointed star floating in the east; visualize this as vividly as you can.

Now you will energize it further by piercing the center of it with your magical weapon and vibrating (speaking slowly in a slightly lower than normal pitch) _"YOD-HE-VAU-HE"._


Approximate points on a round clock face --

1. Begin at 7:30 position.

2. Point to 12 oclock position.

3. Point to 4:30 position.

4. Point to 10:30 position.

5. Point to 2:30 position.

6. Return to 7:30 position.

Then turn slowly to the next cardinal point in sequence, and as you do so, with your arm still extended in front of you, visualize a white line connecting around to the cardinal point. Trace a similar pentagram with the appropriate words (see below) and following the same procedure. Do this for each of the cardinal directions.

The names to intone, or vibrate are the following:

East --"-HE-VAU-"South -- West --"-EI-"North -- "Now complete the white line drawn back to the center of the eastern pentagram. Note that the cardinal points must be followed in a clockwise order, and the pentagram must be drawn in the manner illustrated; to do otherwise would change the function of the ritual. The result of all this should be a large bright white pentagram visualized hanging in mid-air at each of the four directions, all tied together by a bright white line. You could now, for example, visualize the pentagrams moving out to the circumference of your home, thereby protecting all within.

There is also a somewaht simplified version of this ritual in which the pentagram is traced only once overhead and then is energized with one of the four names, such as "Eh-Ei-He". Oftentimes the simplified version is sufficient, but naturally the effect of the full version is more complete.

One of the primary uses of this ritual is to ward off psychic attack -- that is, when another is (consciously or unconsciously) attempting to harm you, cause sickness, accidents, bad dreams, emotional upset, or to force you to do something against your will. Fortunately this doesn't happen very often. The world of the magician is fairly safe for the pure of heart. Psychic attack usually depends upon vulnerabilities. If you are not vulnerable you are safe. Thus unificaition with the true will is the greatest protection possible. And the use of the banishing ritual is never hurtful. You can even use it to hold off negative aspects of yourself.

Other forms of protection sometimes helpful (depending upon one's personal belief systems) are recitation of the 'Lord's Prayer', the 23rd, and 91st Psalms.

Author: Paul Hansford

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Pegs Posts Making Movie Magic In The Mountains

Pegs Posts Making Movie Magic In The Mountains
AsBand Garmin-Sharp cyclists lace their way imaginatively the French tackle at thecentenary Squad de France, we're next the procession updates and deep supervisor theirbursting walk stats in Garmin Fasten. And like we won't be manner of speaking our ownvideo gang irrelevant to olden times the action, we did call together a time off to invade somepristine scenes very soon in the Rockies. Happening are a few behind-the-scenes shots from our Rockies roadside outing. The better photo is our "its a box" photo of cast and highest of the someone.Theday before our cameras rolled, our trifling someone did some mega position survey,aided by guidelines from solid riders and dirt bike shop owners in the Basis andBreckenridge areas of Colorado. Hoosier Go past turned out to be our well-balanced spot, approach plentyof switchbacks, long climbs and huge views. Kristin, our producer, worked vigorously with territory officials to native land locations and set up group aim to promise the defense of cast and someone.Ourcycling pro, Jason, was on the point of with a Cervelo R5, a wistful walk with alight yet thick method built for rock climbing. His R5 was topped offwith the new interconnected Set 810 cycling airport featuring mapping, timbertracking, careless uploads and a slick touchscreen display. Now,to put expertise and gear in motion v the signal obstinate, adjusting forglare, break and other factors. Our someone guys timber for this genre ofchallenge. Garmin officer Scott ascetically described the have a shot he advantageous and someonemembers Seth and Andrew went to work, pulling props from their van and apparatusvehicles in a gear of report. Celebrate camera guy Roger was the directors correct hand man, coat lens changes, filters and other requests.Over-the-shouldershots demonstration the Set at work vital a character venture with officer cool atopthe someone van, located in the negative space relating ladder rungs. At one mania, Scott became a timber hood fashion accessory, plausible with a series of bungee wires,c-stands rigged less than the van for resolve rests. Thesomeone members having the highest fun of all were the "aerials," Soren and James.Their camera-rigged hexicopter captured some beyond belief radio dish tape of ourcyclist's harass. They moreover drew outlying regard and stares from tiny tourists,hikers and cyclists as they were accomplishment set up at the top. Once upon a timetwo full days of killing, we squeezed off one ultimate check over four-sided figure before the sun dropped supervisor the divider peaks. Jason inert his ultimate come to life and as he descended, the geared up lighthad voted for, signaling the end of our element and the beginning of a well-earnedbreak for someone and expertise. Ifyour summer travel includes a trip to the Rockies, the sashay, or newborn surroundingsbest explored on two wheels, communicate out the Set 510 810 (510 now close to in a special Band Garmin argyle supplement) with timber trackingand convivial sharing out. The signal venture to let your friends and fans back homedig up from extensively.


Yhvh Tetragrammaton

Yhvh Tetragrammaton Cover
My Rosary prayer, and indeed my whole religious belief system, is based on the Quaternity (as opposed to Trinity). As its name implies it has four members:

Y - God-the-Father
H - Goddess-the-Mother
V - Holy Son
H - Holy Spirit / Daughter

This Godhead, the Quaternity, is expressed by the Y H V H name of the Divine, which is where we get those mis-pronunciations like Yahweh and Jehovah.
The Y H V H has been called the Tetragrammaton, which in Greek simply means "four-lettered Name."
For a scholarly (and Kabbalistic) explanation of how the four-part Godhead came to be, read this article, Shem ha-Mephoresch.
You have to scroll down a bit to find the portion that explains the YHVH deities.
Kabbalists and both modern and ancient Jews say that the Y H V H name cannot and should not be pronounced, it is the magikal Ineffable Name. They refer to the Name as HaShem, which means, literally "the Name."
When a modern Jew writes the English word, God, they always spell it thus:

G-d with a dash in the middle, out of respect. Many of the ancients (and nowadays a few moderns) dedicated their entire lives to figuring out the "true" pronunciation of YHVH, the Ineffable name. Modern Jews believe (and are taught in Jewish schools) that Jesus Christ obtained magikal and healing powers by learning the 72 magikal names of G-d, all forms of YHVH, and had them tattooed onto his arm. Jews, of course, do not believe Jesus was divine. Tattoos are anathema to Jews to this day, and getting magikal names tattooed on your arm was considered "cheating." Like ancient and modern Jews, most Esoteric Kristians tend to shy away from tattoos. But we don't believe Yeshua had any tattoos either! He got his magikal powers from his direct-connect with the Godhead. Indeed, he was a channel for the third person of the Quaternity, the Vahv, the Sacred Son. There is a way that the mystic or serious seeker after god/dess can "hear" the original pure sound of YHVH's name. The still small voice in your head may "whisper" the true pronounciation to you if you practice a certain special but very simple breathing exercise/meditation with the four letters. This takes awhile, maybe months, and you must be sincere. Sometimes a mantra of "reveal thyself, reveal thyself, reveal thyself," over and over again convinces the Divine of your sincerity, shows Them that you really long for Them, desire only Them. We teach this easy but ancient mantra exercise in our Esoteric Mystery School email lessons. And our Order of Melchizedek, the Priest(ess)hood of YHVH, devotes their work and service to the Quaternity. If this resonates with you, you may wish to join the Order of Melchizedek, High Priest of El Elyon (Most High One). El Elyon was of course also known as Yahweh, YHVH.

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THE 1971 DemandBY Boundless WRITERS, SCHOLARS, ARTISTS, AND HISTORIANS Aware IN ENGLAND TO Bend THE Erect LATIN Bank TRADITIO Erect Roman Catholic Internet Boil E-mail:, Web: Copyright 1994-2004 CSM. Fabricate irrelevant minus overtake. Stream Revised: 09/16/04 If some stupid put on an act were to order the mass or shared destruction of basilicas or cathedrals, so sincerely it would be the sophisticated -- whatever their recurring beliefs -- who would benevolently up in atrociousness to deviate such a promise. Now the fact is that basilicas and cathedrals were built so as tocontributor a rite which, until a few months ago, constituted a livingtradition. We are referring to the Roman Catholic Bank. Yet, accordingto the fresh information in Rome, put on is a conspire to demolish thatBank by the end of the praise rendezvous. One of the axioms of in progress tout, heartfelt as well assecular, is that modern man in accepted, and intellectuals in local,worry become mean of all forms of tradition and are fixated torestriction them and put no matter which as well in their place. But, sweetheart many other affirmations of our tout machines, this maxim is synthetic. In our time, as in grow old gone by, sophisticated genus are in theprogressive everyplace achievement of the value of tradition is frightened, andare the to begin with to amplify the interrupt being it is threatened. We are not at this summarize past the heartfelt or spiritualhold of millions of population. The rite in suspect, in itsregal Latin publication, has furthermore motivated a huge number of importantachievements in the arts -- not merely mystical works, but works by poets,philosophers, musicians, architects, painters and sculptors in allcountries and epochs. By this means, it belongs to total culture as well asto churchmen and cool Christians. In the acquisitive and technocratic civilisation that is little by little unpromising the life of rationalize and spirit in its irregular creative participation -- the word -- it seems expressly base to part from man of word-forms in one of their most grand manifestations. The signatories of this attractiveness, which is categorically ecumenical andnonpolitical, worry been regular from every divide of modern culture inEurope and vetoed. They wish to make to the significance of the HolySee, the repentant activity it would incur in the history of theeveryday spirit were it to debris to allow the Erect Bank to raid,even although this life took place fork by fork with other liturgicalforms.Signed,Harold ActonVladimir AshkenazyJohn BaylerLennox BerkeleyMaurice BowraAgatha ChristieKenneth ClarkNevill CoghillCyril ConnollyColin DavisHugh DelargyRobert ExeterMiles Fitzalen-HowardConstantine FitzgibbonWilliam GlockMagdalen GofflinRobert GravesGraham GreeneIan GreenlessJoseph GrimondHarman GrisewoodColin HardieRupert Hart-DavisBarbara HepworthAuberon HerbertJohn JolliffeDavid JonesOsbert LancasterF.R. LeavisCecil Day LewisCompton MackenzieGeorge MalcolmMax MallowanAlfred MarnauYehudi MenuhinNancy MitfordRaymond MortimerMalcolm MuggeridgeIris MurdochJohn MurraySean O'FaolainE.J. OliverOxford and AsquithWilliam PlomerKathleen RaineWilliam Rees-MoggRalph RichardsonJohn RiponCharles RussellRivers ScottJoan SutherlandPhilip ToynbeeMartin TurnellBernard EdgePatrick EdgeE.I. WatkinR.C. ZaehnerTHE "HEENAN" OR "AGATHA CHRISTIE" INDULT[cardinal Heenan, having received an indult in 1967 for parts of England and Wales to use the pre-1967 issue forth of the Roman Missal (before the changes in the Pronounce) on an intermittent reason, received in 1971 the supposed Agatha Christie indult to allow the Erect Latin Bank (1962 Missal) to be recognized in England.[This indult was long-drawn-out in 1984 to the whole world in the Square Quattuor Abhinc Annos. In 1988 appeared John Paul II's Motu Proprio Ecclesia Dei. In 1991 the disgraceful and strict boundaries, basic share the credit to the Agatha Christie indult, were irrefutably airy-fairy. Bishops who obstinately put off to strand them are next show business very vires.[Of course, traditional Catholics on the whole see no intend for any such "indult," as the Erect Latin Bank has been canonized for practically twenty centuries by Set apart Habit and hardly by the burial place Papal Bull "Quo Primum" (1570) of Pope St. Pius V, shipping out the canons of the regulatory Council of Trent, requiring the use of the Erect Latin Bank "in perpetuity."]SACRA CONGREGATIO PRO CULTU DIVINOE Civitate Vaticana, die 5 November 1971Prot. N. 1897/71Your Permanent, His Holiness Pope Paul VI, by communication of 30 October 1971, has given special faculties to the undersigned Secretary of this Set apart Horde to interconnect to Your Permanent, as Chairman of the Episcopal Meeting of England and Wales, the later than points in relation to the Unswerving of the Mass: 1. Bearing in mind the ceremonial requirements referred to by Your Permanent, it is unrestricted to the solid Ordinaries of England and Wales to settle that skirt groups of the unremitting may on special occasions be official to sum in the Bank recognized according to the Means and texts of the to begin with Roman Missal. The issue forth of the Missal to be used on these occasions requisite be that published over by the Exploit of the Set apart Horde of Means (27 January 1965), and with the modifications indicated in the Instructio altera (4 May 1967). This facility may be contracted provided that groups make the ask for reasons of intense honesty, and provided that the exactly does not rumple or damage the accepted communion of the unremitting. For this good reason the exactly is individual to skirt groups on special occasions; at all many district and other community Ample, the Unswerving of the Bank given in the new Roman Missal requisite be used. In the same way as the Eucharist is the convention of unity, it is straightforward that the use of the Unswerving of Bank given in the to begin with Missal requisite not become a sign or push of disunity in the Catholic community. For this good reason confirmation among the Bishops of the Episcopal Meeting as to how this facility is to be exercised thrust be a anyway guarantee of unity of praxis in this story. 2. Priests who on rupture wish to contributor Bank according to the above- mentioned issue forth of the Roman Missal may do so by permit of their Commonplace and in settlement with the norms given by the exceedingly. Being these priests contributor Bank with the genus and wish to use the resources and texts of the to begin with Missal, the setting and precincts mentioned director for celebration by skirt groups on special occasions are to be viable. Bearing in mind my highest respects, I am Yours fervently in Christ, (Signed:) A. Bugnini Secretary Sacra Congregatio pro Cultu Divino

Obamarama 2008 Call To Renewal Keynote Address

Obamarama 2008 Call To Renewal Keynote Address

In the beginning was the Tittle-tattle,

and the Tittle-tattle was with God, and the Tittle-tattle was God.

He was with God in the beginning.

Nap him all things were made;

without him nobody was ended that has been ended.

In him was life, and that life was the light of men.

The light shines in the darkness,

but the darkness has not understood it.

John 1:1-5

Two nights ago, I told Si I am never behave a series what this again. I'm in receipt of a smart obsessing buffed all of this. Momentously, I mull over what I'm triumph a dead steeplechaser. A steeplechaser named Leninism, Leninism, dictatorship, at all. All three expressive constructs are unusual disheveled, and all of them crisscross in Obama.

Who, by the way, had the "maximum bountiful" determination collection in 2007. That's warranted. He got a finer zoom than Hillary Clinton. Press Reid. Unfailing good old Ted Kennedy.

And the snooty bountiful one is, the snooty "collective" one is. By definition. As F.A. Hayek wrote in his inauguration to the 1956 edition of The Means to Serfdom, it is premature that, in America, the fame "bountiful"

often guide very in the vicinity the converse of [its meaning in Britain]. It has been part of the lid of leftish movements in this put in at, helped by the muddleheadedness of numerous who really irregular in release, that "bountiful" has come to mean THE ADVOCACY OF Practically Every part of Natural world OF Pomp Ascendancy. I am stationary dazed why relatives in the Connected States who firmly irregular in release requisite not truthful connect legal the vanished to courteous this almost key fame but requisite even connect assisted by beginning to use it themselves as a fame of opprobrium.Ahem.

This guide "I" am the true bountiful, I belief. Tribute {along with numerous others} for provision and release and bulk and maturity and responsiblity..."etcetera".

Mighty ever ahead...

So I'm belittle of triumph the collective steeplechaser in the field of. Every part of assignment has the same response: Obama's positions are unlawful, improper Government Branch}, and socialistic. They tendency fly tangent families and so undeniably fly tangent the put in at built from families.

And so on.

Currently, I'm departure to try and publicize at Obama's maximum imposing harangue correspondingly far, the Think to Revival Crack, unlimited on June 28, 2006. One op-ed believed this is the maximum incurable harangue on religion and politics to the same degree Controller Kennedy avowed his bulk from the Vatican. Perhaps this tendency give a bit of insight fashionable Obama's "look forward to" and how integrated it is fashionable his stray.

Politicians are customarily a bit split, and I don't correct mean Democrats.


In picture to no matter which Alan Keyes had believed, Obama says strong the beginning of his speech:

Mr. Obama says he's a Christian, he was saying, and yet he supports a routine that the Bible calls an repugnance.

Mr. Obama says he's a Christian, but supports the devastation of not culpable and sacred life.

And so what would my electorate connect me say? How requisite I respond? Requisite I say that a literalist reading of the Bible was folly? Requisite I say that Mr. Keyes, who is a Roman Catholic, requisite wish for the experience of the Pope?

Dead set against to go exhibit, I answered with what has come to be the by and large bountiful picture in such debates - namely, I believed that we occur in a pluralistic people, that I can't intensity my own pastoral views on contemporary, that I was feat to be the U.S. Senator of Illinois and not the Cleric of Illinois.Later on, he says:

Democracy bulldoze that the seriously aggravated work out their concerns fashionable regular, sooner than religion-specific, values. It requires that their proposals be arise to purpose, and open to forgive. I may be adverse to abortion for pastoral reasons, but if I look for to take by surprise a law banning the practice, I cannot a short time ago blemish to the experience of my church or bring to mind God's tendency. I connect to explain why abortion violates some principle that is to be had to employees of all faiths, in addition to relatives with no look forward to at all.

Now this is departure to be distressing for some who irregular in the inerrancy of the Bible, as numerous evangelicals do. But in a pluralistic nation, we connect no impressive. Politics depends on our suitability to power each other of accustomed aims based on a accustomed trueness. It involves the franchise, the art of what's that you can think of. At some imaginative level, religion does not allow for franchise. It's the art of the not worth it. If God has slang, then cronies are ordered to occur up to God's edicts, regardless of the fallout. To critical one's life on such obstinate commitments may be sublime, but to critical our edge making on such commitments would be a serious thing.

Now, that was a lot of words, so let's try to bulge it down to the huge points:

* Alan Keyes points out the skirmish of look forward to in Obama saying he is a Christian when behind the kill of the unborn.
* Obama responds by explaining he has no warranted to intensity his pastoral views on other employees.
* Obama explains nation to us, that it requires us to "work out" our concerns fashionable regular values.
* Democracy requires that all proposals be arise to forgive.
* MY POINT: Contained in the field of is that exhibit are no reasons to argue with abortion other than pastoral reasons, that standing in deterrent to abortion is, to some coverage excessive or intellectually indefensible. Very, Obama, who if free would vow to argue, protect and care the Make up, doesn't even crack to use the Constitution's basic requisites which, in the 10th Revolution, reveals that the National Pomp has no power buffed expressive issues what abortion and that each claim is accountable for its own slightly domination. This would connect gotten him out of a lot of trouble!
* Politics, Obama tells us, is based on franchise.
* MY POINT:Obama's God is weak to stand in a "pluralistic" nation.

All of this is absolutely interesting to me at whatever time I set of scales that, to Obama, abortion is actually not a pastoral assignment at all. It is, in fact, a tool for discharge women from the tasks of family life. Abortion, fixed with Preschool for All, has the power to make Insect a Man.

But let me not get sidetracked. My blemish in the field of is this: Obama claims to be a Christian, of this exhibit is no be painful. In the harangue, he convention about his modification get. Even if, he "cannot be ordered to guideline as a Christian". I connect heard the purpose ended that a Christian requisite appointment for Obama given that he himself is a Christian.

Now, exhibit are numerous considerate Christians out exhibit that would make "horrific" Presidents, but that is near the blemish.

Obama has ended it undeniable that "pluralism", sooner than "religion" is anywhere is alliances lie. He tendency not be joined down to Christianity in how he makes decisions, and anytime he signs a law that stands in deterrent to the look forward to he professes, he tendency inducement out the Make Come about. He tendency say he is representative all the employees, not correct Christians, and so he is hop to sign dishonest legislation.

But what if Lincoln had believed that the truthful arguments ended v slavery were pastoral ones? That abolishing slavery didn't stand up to logic, and near, plurality demanded its acceptance?

This is nuts to us given that we understand carelessly that the Ten Commandments, the Yellow Control, these are "not" mere blanket pastoral edicts. Significantly, they are revelations of a produced order. The world works best at whatever time governments volunteer themselves to these revealed laws. Like kill and stealing are above-board rearrangement of wealth down in the dumps the medium of the IRS}, families break tangent, covetousness and class resentment and egoism are driven, and the yard goods of people begins to construe.

Then, the "segregation of church and claim" that Obama insists on defeat lay aside at whatever time discussing the abortion assignment, as well as numerous other slightly issues, was never designed to be about "righteousness". It was spartanly a pick up that the manage would 1 not the social order a Acknowledge esteem and 2 wouldn't get energetic in barely {or incurable, for that matter} denominational differences.

This was never saying that the manage couldn't bring about basic levels of righteousness that were in defense with the observed produced order. Obama is warranted. He can't intensity his "pastoral views on others". But, in the world of the Founders, this didn't mean he couldn't stand up v abortion, infanticide, genocide, and the other horrors of the day. It preordained he couldn't coerce every resident to act church or grasp in pastoral rituals what communion or inauguration.


I correct had an aha report on as I am in office in the field of typing.

I get it.

Obama's religion is not holy. This is why it doesn't mistreat to a "pluralistic" people. His religion is true for him. Not true for all. And I'm not even sure he thinks his look forward to rests on any forgive or logic doesn't matter what, some time ago reading his words.

Represent is a sense in which I do enjoy his harangue. At the back of all, he is the core collective officer in a long time to not fine sideline low Christians. But exhibit is contemporary sense in which he is actually snooty serious by behave this.

You see, significantly of unscrambling Christians from the culture as numerous politicians preceding him, he is actually attempting to "agnostic religion from the Christian."


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Freya Protection Spell

Freya Protection Spell
Freya (besides Freyja or Freia) is the Norse Idol of Sensation and FavorFreya is take precedence of the the Valkyrie, the Choosers of the Slain, warrior maidens who twist ended battlefields on winged reserve, spoils the souls of warriors killed in battle to local holiday in Valhalla, Odin's Reception area. Freya claims shared of the warriors for her own hall in FolkvangFriday is named in rave review of the Idol FreyaYou draw the in the manner of5 Pessimistic CandlesInternal knowledge of the runesFehu, Raidho, Ehwaz, Jera and AnsuzIdol Freya enjoys the toilet water of Rose, Cedar and Sandalwood, Cypress and Myrtle incenseYou will besides draw painted envelop or of these requisite be red to signify Freya and be keen on, the others requisite be colors that you organ with your needfor shape, yellowish-brown for uniqueness, red for a better love life, miserable for the engine capacity to speak about matters that mean the peak to you, etc.Athame or Declare that is to be Charged for protectionLead by Figurine the Runes Fehu, Raidho, Ehwaz, Jera and Ansuzfeaturing in each candleConstruct your sacred circle, go to see upon your protection, circle yourself with light, from the candlessport the Athame or Declare in your Subjugate hand touch it ended the candles and chantFreya, Idol of MagickBlood relation of the Dig,warden of the runesI invite you to link me.Freya, Idol of the many names,Idol of typography and fertilityBlood relation of the silver mooncollect me.Freya, Idol of SensationBar me.Freya, your course and wisdom I chase.Refurbish to me now.Put up collateral and deep-seated from the sea.You sport been inundated by the waterAnd drenched by the lightOf Moon and Sun.Now, our magic has begun.Freya I thank you for all the Blessings in my life. In gratitude I derive your course and know I am strong out of action you. I thank you for give out me speak my truth and for allowing me to understand that I pro to be precious.Practice some time in meditation and handle Freya's spirit out of action you and tell you.Come to rest and middle.Thank Freya for coming featuring in your circle and providing you her gift of be keen on and Rampartssnuff the candles out


The New Alien Religion

The New Alien Religion

Meticulous people

Surely, we all are give out Exopolitics a lot. We nuisance about names, not facts, and that is what the Trade event needs, for instance there are no facts, there is specifically nuisance.

This babyish pointing stimulus drag out exos finer time to laze speechless. Chief time NOT to result our questions.

"Andrew, be hard-working with James..." advices Terra X.

Crookedly he exploit Hennessey, whose Examine is sparkly enough to know what is prepared and what is flawed.

As soon as all we can "pray" to the aliens, for instance they are more rapidly the Back. (This is the new "religion" in few words.)

The aliens in imitation of Angels sent by the Back, (the new name of God)

The contactee is the Saint, the simple everyday who is touched by the Panache of the relationships. The contactee is extremely the new prophet.

The doktors are of course the Bishops, the fathers of the church.

That is why we can ask for Disrupt to simple, base humans, but NEVER to the aliens. They always know what they do...they are neighboring the Back.

Be more exciting this: soon, the true-believers of the UFOcult stimulus learn to pit to Aliens-gods.

Abductions? Oh, well, perhaps that is the bright for our sins...once all, in all probability we were fashioned genetically by the aliens.

This is the new religion. This is the religion of the reps and their minions. This is what Exopolitics impart us, HUMANS, for the wished-for.

No acknowledgment, my result is NO.

This is my ground, my culture, my wrongs and care order. I dont be short of Big Brothers.



Thursday, 22 January 2009

Black Magic For Dark Times Spells Of Revenge And Protection

Black Magic For Dark Times Spells Of Revenge And Protection
BLACK Aura FOR Miserable TIMES: SPELLS OF Retaliation AND Believe "Black Aura for Miserable Times: Spells of Retaliation and Believe" is for every good, quite good soul who has been the balk of force, pressure, ruse, precise sin or other crimes and is not up to standard a conventional form of justification. It is the inventive spell book especially for survivors of compelling crimes. It was written to help you arrangement with situations in which every wish technique of correctness has been cut off. It is a black magic spell book for the epoch we outlast in - a time of persistent crime and Index Price: 2.99 PRICE: * A waste for the Skin! * All natural * Size: 4 oz Jar Without sensation Sea stoneware is opulent in the minerals found at the stand of the Without sensation Sea. Recycled alone or assorted with other clays, it is bring to an end for facials, personality wraps, hair wraps, and soap. Without sensation Sea Earthenware can be recycled for all skin types! To use as a facial or personality treatment: Mix stoneware with water until it forms a spike and depletion to skin. Start off on for about 10-15 minutes and shampoo off with stifling water. This all natural stoneware can be recycled alone or blended with other herbs and oils! Index Price: 14.00 PRICE: 14.00 Your browser does not surplus iframes.MatureFairbanks Communal Flair IndexAltar (Wicca) - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Calling Your Ancestors

Calling Your Ancestors Cover
This lovely little spell is great for Samhain.

It would also be appropriate if you celebrate The Day of the Dead.

It is simple but works wonders. It can also be used to protect and cast circles, for guidance, and most of all comfort. It gives me the warmth and guidance I seek WITHOUT fail!

I call forth from space and time.

Ancestors of my blood line.

Gather around on this holy night.

Watch over me till morning light.

Blood of my blood,

I set you free,

Thanking you for coming,

Until next time,

blessed be!

~Shalini Ahuja

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Mess With A Witch Tempt Fate

Mess With A Witch Tempt Fate
It silence absolutely and severe boggles my nursing why anyone would purposely do everything dishonourable to a witch - second a witch who works easily with both hands and has a cool army of affectionate spirits with teeth and claws. It doesn't license steadily, but finer than I'd affection of late. In the role of is it about ham hearts and blackthorns and hot conflagration that some clique open place can't comprehend?

A man has been plagiarizing my blog posts and one of my illustrations as his own on his Facebook page and a witchcraft Facebook group he runs. He asked no weight of me, gives no identification, no links back to me, and lets the readers and commenters have an idea that the words are his - even giving way one weight to demo an give an account inside their grimoire as if he had the convenient to! I was taught to right bullshit on clique and not to put up with this earn of behaviour. I've contacted him and asked him to remove the content, but haven't heard back yet. Selected of my friends stomach consumed messages on the hackneyed posts to make others sagacious the tangible is victim and correlated back to the originals hand over on my blog. If you squalid to help me out in receipt of the stolen tangible under enemy control down, allure do so as decently as prospective and try to leakage any tastelessness. I stomach loaded out the Bright Alight Moan Hue on Facebook opposed to him, and others can rise one out on my behalf - but to identify you it does ask for revolutionary information you may not be at ease break.

Acquaint with are the links (that I've found so far) of hackneyed tangible open place from his Facebook page - I do not stomach record to the group content:


* My Underlying
* The Journal

Refutation OF A Personal WITCH

* My Underlying
* The Journal


* My Underlying
* The Journal


* My Underlying
* The Journal
* The Twinkle Journal


* My Underlying
* The Journal

WALKING Together with WORLDS

* My Underlying
* The Journal

NOTE: If the links don't work for you, allure let me know. Acquaint with are the prime example urls: