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Monday, 19 April 2010

Cleansing Ritual

Cleansing Ritual Cover
1. Ritual cleansing of the people involved:

Cleansing of the Body- Bath in Sea Salt to remove any impurities on ones self. Meditate using an incense that will help create the proper frame of mind, ridding oneself of all negativity.

2. Preparing the Altar:

The following items should be on the Altar: Goddess and God candles, spirit candle, earth, water, your athame, sensor, oils and sea salt to be using in the cleansing, any incense to be used during cleansing, finally some pieces of clear quartz crystal that have been charged and programmed to provide protection. Obsidian also works very well. Frankincense, Myrrh and Dragon's Blood mixture will work for the incense. We used equal parts of each. The Altar should be grounded. This can be done by first clearing out anything
under the altar, then placing a piece of hematite resting on a bed of chamomile under the Altar on the floor. This will force any negativity created out of the altar into the ground.

3. Cast a circle starting at an area just around the altar, call on the Lady and the Lord for their protection, guidance, and help to rid the house of negativity. Gradually increase your circle leaving one opening to the outside, a door works best. A person should remain outside of the circle to be symbolically chased out of the dwelling. When you are finished thank the Lady and the Lord for their help and take down the circle.

In some cases where an evil spell is present, or a negative force is at work, extra precautions must be taken. If there is anything, or a place in the house that feels cold or strange, that area should be thoroughly gone over for any remaining physical influences.

When going around the house to cleanse with sea salt, a spray bottle of sea water (or water to which sea salt has been added) will help immensely. Spray all of the mirrors, phone jacks and electrical outlets with the sea water which will leave a residue of sea salt then it dries. Don't forget the plumbing, making sure sea salt does down all of the drains and is placed around the taps. Also with the toilet)s) make sure salt is placed in both the tank and the bowl.

*** WARNING ***

Make sure that electrical power is off in the room(s) where you are spraying outlets with the sea water.

In some cases it may be necessary to rub down pieces of furniture with a myrrh oil mixture.

Make sure that all areas of the house are cleansed being especially careful of windows and doors. If an entity is expected to be present work around the house with a door being the last place cleansed to help drive it out.

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