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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Celebrity Birth On 16 March

Celebrity Birth On 16 March

By Tracy Rocelyn

1932 - Baruch Modan, Israeli scientist (d. 2001)

1445 - Johann Geiler von Kaisersberg, Swiss-born cleric (d. 1510)

1934 - Ray Hnatyshyn, Governor-General of Canada (d. 2002)

1935 - Teresa Berganza, Spanish astronomical

1918 - Aldo E van Eyck, Dutch designer (Municipal Hall)

1609 - Michael Franck, artiste

1631 - Ren Le Bossu, French arbitrator (d. 1680)

1939 - Carlos Bilardo, Argetinian football file

1920 - Leo McKern, Sydney Aust, dancer (Sullen Lagoon, Profit, Mouse that Roared)

1920 - Percy Mansell, cricketer (leg-spin all-rounder in 13 Tests for S Afr)

1663 - Nicholas Siret, artiste

1941 - Robert Gu, superior of Cte d'Ivoire (d. 2002)

1729 - Georg W "Franz" Panzer, German vicar/librarian (Annales typographic)

1739 - George Clymer, US merchant (signed Decl of Ind, Structure)

1922 - Harding Lemay, North Bangor NY, headwriter (Inexperienced Making)

1750 - Caroline Lucretia Herchel, Hanover, Germany, 1st mod beast astronomer

1943 - Ursula Goodenough, American environmentalist, zoologist, lecturer and designer

1757 - Bengt Lidner, Swedish playwright (Medea, Yttersa Domen)

1944 - Andrew S. Tanenbaum, American Machine Science Educator, Paddock of MINIX OS

1946 - Michael Basman, English chess master

1927 - Daniel Patrick Moynihan, US PR expert to UN/(Sen-D-NY, 1977- )

1959 - Jens Stoltenberg, Prepared High priest of Norway

1927 - Olga San Juan, NYC, executor (Font Girl, 1 Touch of Venus)

1961 - Mel Tiring, NFL vast receiver/kick returner (Houston/Tennessee Oilers)

1800 - Emperor Ninko of Japan (d. 1846)

1963 - Phung Vuong, Saigon Vietnam, thief (FBI Limit Popular Price)

1963 - Jimmy Degrasso, American actor, drummer

1929 - Nadja Tiller, Austrian executor

1964 - Patty Griffin, American dancer and songwriter

1814 - Jules Eugene Abraham Alary, artiste

1931 - Don Richard Carpenter, critic

1822 - John Pope, Important Common (Association volunteers), died in 1892

1933 - Ruth Bader Ginsberg, justice (US Supreme Day)

1933 - Dirty Weill, American shareholder and philanthropist

1934 - Ray Hnatyshyn, Governor-General of Canada (d. 2002)

1966 - David Nascimento, soccer architect (Roda JC/FC Utrecht)

1936 - Thelma Hopkins, England, high jumper (Oly-silver-1956)

1839 - Ren F Armand Sully-Prudhomme, France, playwright, 1st Nobel champion (1901)

1967 - John Mangum, NFL safety (Fashionable Bears)

1968 - Jason van Blerk, soccer architect (Go Sudden Eagles)

1968 - Ananya Khare, Indian executor and guru

1851 - Martinus Beijerinck, Dutch microbiologist and botanist (d. 1931)

1856 - E Louis YY Napoleon Bonaparte, French/English prince

1969 - Steve Israel, NFL cornerback (SF 49ers, New England Patriots)

1970 - Kelli James, Medford NJ, fork hockey pitch (Olympics-96)

1940 - Keith Rowe, English guitarist (AMM) and painter

1971 - Eric Ravotti, NFL linebacker (Pitts Steelers)

1971 - Alan Tudyk, American dancer

1942 - Roger Crozier, Canadian ice hockey goaltender (d. 1996)

1876 - Charles Halton, Dirt free DC, dancer (Dr Cyclops, Tugboat Annie Sails Another time)

1974 - Heath Tint, cricketer (Zimbabwean pace bowler 1993-)

1974 - Lamont Burns, examine (NY Jets)

1946 - Hubert Soudant, Dutch conductor

1974 - Fotini Vavatsi, Greek archer

1975 - Sienna Guillory, English executor

1976 - Michelle Rae Collie, Ruffle Universe-Bahamas (1996)

1976 - Abraham Nez, Dominican baseball architect

1889 - Reggie Backpacker, South African steeplechaser (d. 1951)

1949 - Winner Garber, Montreal Quebec, dancer (Verve & Nights of Molly Dodd)

1977 - Donal g Cusack, Irish hurler

1978 - Brooke Burns, American executor

1951 - Ray Benson, Phila Pa, world power dancer (Household of Sullen Lights)

1979 - Edison Mndez, Ecuadorian footballer

1952 - Philippe Kahn, French-American capitalist

1980 - Felipe Reyes, Spanish basketball architect

1903 - Mike Mansfield, (Sen-D-Mont) massiveness twitch

1954 - Dav Whatmore, cricketer (Colombo Aust bat 1979, Sri Lanka file 1995-)

1903 - Nikolai Lopatnikoff, Contributor Estonia, artiste (Variaioni Concertanto)

1954 - Jimmy Track, singer/actor (Evita, Spender, Wailing II)

1954 - Nancy Wilson, SF, gemstone guitarist (Heart-Never, Doesn't matter what about Predilection)

1955 - Isabelle Huppert, Paris France, executor (Cactus, Heaven's Reply)

1955 - Jiro Watanabe, Japanese combatant

1955 - Bruno Barreto, Brazilian shout higher

1910 - Aladar Gerevich, Hungary, sabres (Olympic-gold-1948)

1957 - Treasure Moore, WBL examine (NY Stars)

1910 - Iftikhar Ali Khan, cricketer (Nawab of Pataudi, England & India)

1958 - Kate Worley, American clown book contributor (d. 2004)

1989 - Blake Griffin, American basketball architect

1991 - Wolfgang Van Halen, son of Eddie Van Halan he died on Procession 29.

1802 - The Navy Part of Engineers is long-established to found and string the Allied States Bellicose Further education college at West Communication.

1812 - Bear a grudge of Badajoz (Procession 16 - April 6) - British and Portuguese martial tormented and bested French garrison popular Peninsular War.

1815 - Prince Willem of the Household of Orange-Nassau proclaimed himself King of the Allied Set down of the Netherlands, the preparatory walkway autonomous in the Netherlands.

1818 - Spark Bear a grudge of Cancha Rayada - Spanish martial bested Chileans under Jos de San Martn.

1861 - Edward Clark became Supervisor of Texas, replacing Sam Houston, who has been cast out from the arm for refusing to give birth to an sacrilege of dedication to the Integration.

1865 - American Polite War: The Bear a grudge of Averasborough began as Secondary martial endure exclusive casualties in the fixed months of the war.

1872 - The Wanderers F.C. won the preparatory FA Cup, the oldest football contest in the world, throbbing Formal Engineers A.F.C. 1-0 at The Indirect in Kennington, London.

1900 - Sir Arthur Evans purchased the land sphere-shaped the vestiges of Knossos, the chief Statuette Age archaeological site on Crete.

1912 - Lawrence Oates, an ill enthusiast of Robert Falcon Scott's South Rank trip, used up the exhibition area to die, saying: "I am make even leaving al fresco and may be some time."

1916 - The 7th and 10th US cavalry regiments under John J. Pershing crossed the US-Mexico natty to unite the trail for Pancho Log cabin.

1924 - In peace with the Peace of Rome, Fiume became annexed as part of Italy.

1926 - Soundtrack of Rocketry: Robert Goddard launched the preparatory liquid-fueled zilch, at Tan, Massachusetts.

1935 - Adolf Hitler planned Germany to rearm herself in commit a breach of the Versailles Peace. Sketch out is reintroduced to form the Wehrmacht.

1939 - From Prague Stronghold, Hitler proclaimed Bohemia and Moravia a German dominance.

1939 - Celebratory of Princess Fawzia of Egypt to Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran.

1940 - Imaginative table killed in a German bombing belt on the UK in Making War II popular a belt on Scapa Publish in the Orkney Islands, James Isbister.

1942 - The preparatory V-2 zilch test bring into being. It exploded at lift-off.

1945 - Making War II: The Bear a grudge of Iwo Jima complete, but a small amount pockets of Japanese rubbing persisted.

1945 - Ninety percent of Wrzburg, Germany is in pieces in virtuously 20 proceedings by British bombers. 5,000 are killed.

1950 - Communist Czechoslovakia's ministry of unknown associations asked nuncios of Vatican to become the world power.

1958 - The Ford Motor Sorority bent its 50 millionth vehicle, the Thunderbird, averaging here a million cars a time seeing that the company's institution.

1962 - A In the air Tiger Sequence Expand Constellation finished in the western Conciliatory Sea, with 107 off course.

1963 - Fly Agung erupted on Bali unlawful death 11,000.

1966 - Install of Gemini 8, the 12th manned American space leisure activity and preparatory space docking with the Agena Sketch Shop.

1968 - Vietnam War: In the My Lai assassination, between 350 and 500 Vietnamese villagers (men, women, and children) are killed by American troops.

1968 - Common Motors bent its 100 millionth vehicle, the Oldsmobile Toronado.

1976 - British Prepared High priest Harold Wilson impassive, citing personal reasons.

1977 - Assassination of Kamal Jumblatt the hub leader of the anti-government martial in the Lebanese Polite War.

1978 - Over and done Italian Prepared High priest Aldo Moro is kidnapped and is latter killed by his captors.

1978 - Supertanker Amoco Cadiz bit in two when say on shore on the Portsall Rocks, three miles off the seaboard of Brittany, resultant in the 5th-largest oil spill over in history.

1983 - Demolition of the radio get out of bed Ismaning, the compete stiff radio get out of bed in Germany.

1984 - William Buckley, the CIA focus fill in in Beirut, Lebanon, is kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists and latter died in incarceration.

1985 - Similar Work newsman Terry Anderson is full trapped in Beirut. He is limitless on December 4, 1991.

1988 - Iran-Contra Affair: Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North and Imperfection Admiral John Poindexter are indicted on charges of conspiracy to trick the Allied States.

1988 - Halabja toxin gas attack: The Kurdish conclusion of Halabjah in Iraq is attacked with a mix of toxin gas and boldness agents on the advice of Saddam Hussein, unlawful death 5000 population and injuring about 10000 population.

1995 - Mississippi distantly ratified the Thirteenth Reword, becoming the compete say to badge the destruction of slavery. The Thirteenth Reword is lawfully ratified in 1865.

2005 - Israel lawfully handed from side to side Jericho to Palestinian drain.

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