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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Raz Hatorah

Raz Hatorah

Sefer HaBahir, verse 3 refer to

"Unyielding interpretation: How do we know that Torah is called a blessing?"

As written in a real McCoy witness, The Sums Of All Impressive, the make figure mathematics of the peak 3 words of this refer to are 17, = "the good" that is all good.

The gematria of the 4th word is 227, with a last figure sum of 2. Thus, the make figure mathematics of all 4 words colleagues 19.

The 19th memo of the alef-beit is qof, extensively symbolizing kedushah and the "eye of the needle" express which the inspiring penetrates the immanent. Qof is quiet of the junk mail reish and zayin, which form the word "raz". In the word raz is the mystery of mashiach ben David and soothsayer of a heavy holy light brought down of Ein Sof =>

keter to malchut

19 has a figure sum of 10 (keter) and a last figure sum of 1 (malchut)

' Thus, confined to a small area within this 4-word refer to from the Bahir is the holy mystery "Raz".

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