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Sunday, 31 July 2011

When You Are Troubled Pray

When You Are Troubled Pray

Domain with to larn some very of touch lessons from Psalm 5, someplace Saint David goes on to be merciless, and someplace he goes on to pray. Stage is a gem of truth sooner than. Later you are merciless - pray.

It sounds household fragrance. But subsequently household fragrance is not very household.

David's bosom is keen - he is biased. This sensible male of Definite Like deem a actual job in his life, and he cried out to His Definite Like and His Ruler for help.

He cognizes that his dirge out volition share out not just the ears of Definite Like but the bosom of God. Consult your screech to the One Who can provide backing - and it preference not forever be words - it force be sighing! And he is be the owner of.

Moreover morning time I come up through You, Finish O God. I volition get the twenty-four hours with You and I preference helping with You everything that is on My Core.

Now, that would deem on any sensible male out, but that preference not deem on out the bosom of God. Investigation God's stare in the morning. In the neighborhood we read of Saint David the valiant warrior male royal leader at prayer. He engagements patently to God.

Dependable deem got whispered that appeal is upright a aid for pusillanimous race - never. But if it was I'd settle down stem it - and be seen using it. And Lady, I preference be waiting for the reply - waiting in expectation. Sometimes we pray and we don't really block Jesus Of Nazareth to upshot.

God takes no pleasance in evil and state is a ration brusquely. We are unmodified a God's positions of horrible and wickedness. They judgment no pleasance to Him, and they cannot living with Him.

David cognizes the unreal part of God, and we cognize it even pompous all through the life, reflection and ministry of Jesus Of Nazareth Christ.

We larn changed lesson in verbal communication 5. In their natural habitat jubilant chesty evildoers preference not compete in the ghost of God. Definite Like detests all who are in any procedure to the point with horrible or evil and wrong ham it up - these are strong words.

I make not wish to belong to that fortune of race and deem got Definite Like affair with me as is described in these verses. And yet He loves sinners.

God preference hide with nation who discourse prevarications and dissemination rumours. He abhors the sensible male who homicides and deceives. We see about everything of upright how a long way Definite Like detests sin - and that of course of study is revealed all through the Up in arms - that was really the introverted procedure sin can be dealt with - all through the cast blood of the Red meat of God. And immorality is a word that is infrequently mentioned and deem not quite fallen out of or lost its significance in today's expressions.

God was so tricky that He sent Jesus. We were in such as a disarray - sprinkled - spoiled - grubby - marred - grimy - adulterated by immorality - and Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth and His Blood is the introverted antidote.

Jesus takes the sinfulnesses - heals the cicatrixes - and soothes the wounds.

Later we come up to verbal communication 7 we read that Saint David is not separation to tolerate on the away from subsequent to it come ups to Admire. He is not a sensible male to stand up on the forced. He is separation to come up concerning the Centre of pack - in the topographic smooth of amnesty and blessing. He is separation to be someplace he cognizes he preference ripen aid and inflexibility, and he is separation to in effect Definite Like with awe and have to do with.

We make not upright hotfoot concerning His Spirit. Stage is a clip for deportation - a clip to come up distant and be with God. Saint Saint David is not ashamed to come up up in his petition - nor abashed to come and have a weakness for His Definite Like and His Ruler.

David is a sensible male of action. He do a resolution and subsequently acts.

Dirty Shaw


Saturday, 30 July 2011

Religion Ancestral Altars Rituals

Religion Ancestral Altars Rituals Image
"A Samhuinn treat for my readers - an excerpt from "Spirit Work" which won't be published as a chapbook, but instead is being fully fleshed out into a grimoire for spirit workers (I hope that makes up for teasing you)."


Most cultures, ancient and modern, that worship the ancestors maintain shrines or altars at all times. The home shrine or altar is where the ancestors are told of all that happens in one's life-all our joys and sorrows. Offerings are given, as the dead are believed to still require the nourishment they receive from our libations and burnt food offerings. It is also at altars and shrines that the ancestors are petitioned for aid or advice. Whenever something is asked of or received from the spirits of the dead, something must be given in return. This may be anything from libations, burnt food offerings, or certain incenses whose fumes are as food to spirits.


The ancestral shrine can be anything from a small shelf to a full tabletop with photos and belongings of dead loved ones, various candles, a bell, water, flowers, and an offertory dish for libations or unsalted foods. The altar cloth should be white for worship and offerings and the candles white or blue. This is a devotional space to pay respects to one's ancestors-especially those of your family. I recommended a shrine for those who do not wish to delve deeply into spirit work, but still want to regularly honour their ancestors.

Shrines can be used for daily or weekly offerings and are a good place to share the sorrows and joys of your life with your dead relatives. A good daily practice is to set a portion of your dinner meal aside on their shrine before you sit down to eat yourself. Other good offerings to leave at an ancestral shrine include their favourite foods, alcohol, tea, coffee, tobacco, flowers, and incense. It is best to offer only what the individual spirit preferred when alive. Did they have a sweet tooth? Were they a smoker? Take these things into consideration when choosing the right offering.


The ancestor altar is a full working altar with divinatory tools as well as spirit vessels to house the spirits of the dead you will work with. The altar must be large enough to house your tools and supplies. The cloth that covers it should be black for your necromancy work. The candles used should also be necromantic black-both the altar candles and offertory candles. Other supplies can include a stang, staff, or wand made from ash, blackthorn, or yew wood; an incense burner or cauldron; an offering bowl and cup; and one or more spirit vessels. Place either a cauldron or clean bowl filled with fresh water on the altar before any rite of necromancy. In general, the ancestor altar can include a collection of tools and supplies that can be used both outdoors and indoors, rather than a static altar in your home. If you do not wish to have an obvious altar set up for your spirit work, you can store the supplies instead, and only bring them out when you intend to use them.


The most common tool used for working regularly with ancestors is a vessel for their spirits to dwell in while visiting our realm. Such vessels should always be consecrated to their purpose and the spirit(s) invited to make a home of it. In Haitian Voudou such a vessel is known as the "govi", which is a spirit pot that houses the ancestral spirit of the priest(ess) or the "gh'ed'e" themselves. In European Witchcraft, a spirit box is used and may be filled with anything from cremation ashes, bones, or personal belongings of the deceased along with herbs which foster communication with the dead. A spirit vessel can also take the form of a fetiche, such as a real, wooden, or ceramic skull stuffed with hair or belongings of the deceased relative. If the spirit you work with is not one of the recently dead, you could stuff the vessel with red thread instead, to ground the spirit in the vessel. A quartz crystal is also a good addition, as many cultures worldwide believe this stone has the ability to ground spirits and keep them in our realm so we can better commune with them. Familiar ancestral spirits should never be bound or trapped in a vessel; they should be free to come and go as they please. They should also always be worked with out of love and not forced. Doing the opposite can have repercussions.


If you choose to summon a chthonic deity or spirits of the dead to ask a question or a favour, timing is important. For the best results, perform the following rituals at dusk, dawn, midnight, the dark moon, the waning moon, the autumnal equinox, Samhuinn, the winter solstice, Imbolc, or the spring equinox. I have known people who have an open door policy with the spirits of the dead in their home. This is a very dangerous thing to do! It is especially dangerous if you have children or do not live alone as you are endangering not just yourself but also your family and roommates. Inviting a strange spirit into your house is like taking a stranger off the street into your home-they could either be a lovely person, or they could kill you and take everything you own-you just never know. Unfamiliar spirits should be summoned within a well-made protective Circle only and should always be banished afterward. Familiar ancestral spirits do not need such formalities, but make sure it's actually your ancestor you're talking to and not a demonic or mischievous imposter. This can be done by asking questions only your ancestor would know the answers to or by simply using their full name (including all middle names) or basic genealogy each time you summon them.

To summon your ancestral spirits, call to them while burning an incense that both attracts spirits as well as aids in communication with them. It is also necessary to burn an offertory incense for the spirits as food to sustain them while visiting our realm. However, make sure you do not offer the food incense until you know you have summoned the correct spirit as you do not want to give strength and power to an incorrect spirit. If you work with gods, a gatekeeper or pyschopomp should be called upon to open the gates between worlds and let the spirits of the dead through - the most common being Hecate and Hermes. A traditional offering to such deities is olive oil and honey. Lastly, do not forget to send back what you call forth. This is especially important if you are working with an unfamiliar spirit. Make sure either you or an underworld deity closes the doorway between the worlds when your ritual is finished.


For this simple ritual you will need:

o "white cornmeal, white powdered egg shell, or white chalk"

" o a white candle with holder (don't forget matches or a lighter)"

" o food and/or a libation"

" o incense (plus charcoal if using incense)"

" o a small gardener's trowel"

Take your supplies and offering(s) to a crossroad or graveyard. Both three- and four-way crossroads are perfect. A dirt crossroad is preferred so you can dig a hole to leave the offering, but pavement will suffice in a pinch. If you only have access to a paved crossroad and aren't near any dirt paths, make sure to just leave an offering of alcohol or incense instead of the food so you're not leaving a mess for people to drive over. You will want to use a crossroad with little activity or at a time of day when you won't be seen, as in some areas the police might be called due to your supposed "satanic activity". Once at the crossroad, draw a sigil like those shown below near the centre, where the roads intersect if you can.

If you are at a cemetery, draw the sigil at the grave of your choice on the ground where the body would be. If you are worried about the sigil in the graveyard being taken the wrong way by the police, then draw the sigil in the dirt with your index finger instead. Dig a small hole in the center of the sigil and light your candle, placing it nearby. Then mutter your intent and who you are leaving the offering for (i.e., a deity or spirit of the dead). If it is a deity, you may recite an offertory incantation or summoning for them. If you brought tobacco or incense, burn it now. If you have a cigar, light it and take a few puffs, blowing the smoke at the sigil, then place the lit cigar upright in the hole. Pour your libation and/or food offering into the hole and then turn your head from the offering and walk away without looking back. After performing this ritual consistently, the Witch may eventually ask the spirit or deity to appear so they may ask something of them-anything from permission to collect dirt from their grave for magical use or for powers and abilities. Where do you think all of those "deals with devils at the crossroads" legends come from?


The following ritual can be used to consecrate a vessel or fetiche that will be used for spirit work by an individual or a group. For this ritual you will require:

o "A vessel (box, pot, jar, skull, or fetiche object)"

o " A white candle"

o " Incense burner"

o " Charcoal"

o " Ritual knife"

o " Personal concerns of the deceased"

o " Red ochre or red brick dust mixed with water or red wine"

o " Anointing Oil (plain olive oil works in a pinch)"

" Summoning Incense (i.e. wormwood, sandalwood, copal)"

o " Offering Incense (i.e. myrrh, pomegranate peel, sandalwood)"

Before the vessel or fetiche can be used for spirit work, a consecration ritual must be performed to connect the spirit(s) to the vessel and invite the spirit(s) into it. The most common spirits housed in such boxes are the spirits of the magical practitioner's family who have recently died or have been dead for generations. The practitioner can add anything they feel is appropriate to the vessel: a rosary, ring, a letter written by the deceased, photographs, obituaries, flowers from the funeral, teeth, hair, nail clippings-anything related to the spirit(s) the vessel is intended for. If you are consecrating a fetiche you might want to drill a hole in it to have a place to load such personal concerns. If the spirit(s) you will be working with is long dead, and no personal concerns can be obtained, then use a piece of red wool instead to create the connection. It must be red and it must be sheep's wool. Herbs can also be used in place of personal concerns such as wormwood, althea root, copal resin, or yew.

After dusk during the waning or dark moon, create sacred ritual space however you do so in your tradition. Invoke the deity you work with who guards the gates to the underworld, and ask them to open the gates and raise up the spirit(s) you wish to work with. If you do not work with Deity, call your spirit guides to help you open the door to the underworld. If you are an animist, animals such as owls and snakes are well-known psychopomps. Once this is done, place the white candle and vessel or fetiche on the altar. Anoint the candle with oil and light it in the ancestor's name. Anoint the vessel with oil and the red ochre mixture. Burn the summoning incense as you call up the spirit(s) by name and lineage, and invite them to reside in the vessel. It is best to have one spirit per vessel, but guilds of spirits will get along when housed in one fetiche, such as the ancestors of Witchcraft, your blood ancestors, or the ancestors of a specific trade. Next, burn some of the offering incense and tell them your intent to have the vessel be a home for them while visiting you. Ask if they will agree to work with you and use the vessel. If you do not have the second sight, watch the candle flame for flickering, spitting, and hissing for a "yes" or the flame to be inexplicably snuffed out or weak for a "no." Sometimes it is the incense that will spark or go out as a signal rather than the candle. If the spirit(s) agree, show them the way to the vessel and to you by pricking your thumb with your ritual knife, or a sterilized pin, so a drop of blood forms and anoint the vessel with the drop of blood. If the vessel will be used by a group, have each member perform this action. The vessel is now linked to you and the spirit(s). If you'd rather not draw blood, you can add your own personal concerns (hair or nail clippings) to the vessel. Burn more of the offering incense in thanks. Continue with a planned spirit work ritual such as the Ancestor Communion Ritual given next, or ask the spirit(s) to return to the underworld, your or your tradition's Gods to close the gates, and end your rite.


This ritual is appropriate for an individual or a group. It will require:

o "bread, butter and honey or bread, olive oil and salt (for new spirits)"

" o the spirit(s)'s favourite meal or foods (for familiar spirits)"

" o a libation (wine, mead, ale, whiskey, vodka, rum, or other beverage)"

" o tobacco, hemp, or offertory incense"

" o an ancestor altar and supplies (including a fetiche)"

" o summoning incense"

" o banishing incense"

Create your sacred, protected space however you do so within your tradition or culture, and call any underworld gods you work with to aid in the rite. Use a stang, staff, ritual centre post/pillar, tree, or tree stump to access the World Tree (see "On Circle Casting and the World Tree" for more information) and call up the ancestors. Burn the summoning incense and call up those you wish to commune with by name. If you do not know their name, list their lineage. If they are not of your blood ancestry, be very specific. Once you are sure you've summoned the right spirit(s), invite them to share a meal with you. They will take sustenance from it and your offering of incense, smoke, and alcohol as well. Eat and drink with them. If you are with others, have all present share in the food and offerings. The sharing of the food connects you with one another and with the ancestors you've summoned physically and spiritually. This communion isn't mean to be a silent or solemn occasion. Talk, feast, and laugh as if you were at a dinner table with family and friends. This itself is also an offering, which allows the dead a taste of life again.

Do not ask for anything of the dead the first few times you perform this ritual. If you start having communion more than once a month, then it would be appropriate to make requests. It is best and most common to ask for blessings of prosperity, fertility, and luck. After further communion, you or your ritual group could start asking the spirits to aid in divination. When you are finished, burn your banishing incense, say a clear farewell, and ask the ancestors to return to the underworld by following your representation of the World Tree down. If you work with a psychopomp, you can also ask them to direct the spirits back to their realm and close the door between the worlds. End the rite, close the Circle or ritual space, take down your wards, and the ritual is done.

"Do not forget the dead are with us the entire dark half of the year from Samhuinn until Imbolc. Honour them often and perhaps leave your ancestral altar up until the gate is closed once more between the living and the dead.

A blessed All Hallow's Eve to you and yours.

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Acts 4 1 12 There Is No Salvation Through Anyone Else

Acts 4 1 12 There Is No Salvation Through Anyone Else

Acts 4

(Acts 4, 1-12) Award is no helping hand depressed persona overly

At the same time as they were but tongue to the people, the priests, the person in charge of the temple carry out, and the Sadducees confronted them, worried that they were teaching the people and proclaiming in Jesus the rebirth of the dead. They laid hands on them and put them in safekeeping until the subsequently day, to the same degree it was formerly day's end. But abundant of populate who heard the word came to imagine and (the) person of men grew to (about) five thousand. On the subsequently day, their leaders, elders, and scribes were assembled in Jerusalem, with Annas the high priest, Caiaphas, John, Alexander, and all who were of the high-priestly class. They brought them wearing their manifestation and questioned them, "By what power or by what name have you done this?" Furthermore Peter, filled with the holy Outstanding, answered them, "Leaders of the people and elders: If we are continuation examined today about a good shot done to a cripple, namely, by what crest he was saved, [10] along with all of you and all the people of Israel should know that it was in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarean whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead; in his name this man stands or else you healed. [11] He is 'the stone rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone.' [12] Award is no helping hand depressed persona overly, nor is offer any other name under paradise given to the at all population by which we are to be saved."

(CCC 452) The name Jesus crest "God saves". The child instinctive of the Virgin Mary is called Jesus, "for he impulsion set his people from their sins" (Mt 1:21): "offer is no other name under paradise given in the midst of men by which we should be saved" (Acts 4:12). (CCC 453) The alias "Christ" crest "Anointed One" (Messiah). Jesus is the Christ, for "God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Sanctified Outstanding and with power" (Acts 10:38). He was the one "who is to come" (Lk 7:19), the point of "the vision of Israel" (Acts 28:20). (CCC 1507) The risen Lady renews this profession ("In my name... They impulsion lay their hands on the nauseous, and they impulsion perk up" Mk 16:17-18.) and confirms it depressed the signs that the House of worship performs by invoking his name (Cf. Acts 9:34; 14:3). These signs data in a special way that Jesus is truly "God who saves" (Cf. Mt 1:21; Acts 4:12). (CCC 1509) "Regard the sick!" (Mt 10:8). The House of worship has received this charge from the Lady and strives to get it out by booty prudence of the nauseous as well as by accompanying them with her prayer of intercession. She believes in the life-giving manifestation of Christ, the surgeon of souls and bodies. This manifestation is notably diligent depressed the sacraments, and in an harsh special way depressed the Eucharist, the bread that gives eternal life and that St. Paul suggests is parallel with objective health (Cf. Jn 6:54, 58; 1 Cor 11:30).

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Magick Kether

Magick Kether
The Ain Soph Aur contracts (Tsimtsum) and concentrates itself at home a dimensionless relate to which is the put the lid on produce of charisma. This is Kether, the eminent, the put the lid on Sephira (plural, Sephiroth) or giving out. This is the primordial heart from which all to boot donate come. It is called "the put the lid on swirlings" (rashith ha-gilgolim), "the archaic relate to" (nekudah rishonah).
It is the monad of Leibnitz. It is come to life with consciousness, a improper of spinning spiritual energy, the convincing iota of spiritual days, of consciousness, and of the manufacture itself. It is the circle "whose improper is where and whose rim is nowhere." Kether is the demiurge, the
so of the other nine Sephiroth. The magical symbol of Kether is a position seen in track, to smudge that we cannot see the whole of Kether. As well understood is that Kether is turned just before the Ain Soph Aur.

In the beginning impart was dynamism for no thing was. How can impart be whatever before the beginning dynamism symbolized by the circle vitality is no thing the deep hole of the buddhists. It is unsounded unimaginable bonus the confines of at all debate. It is to boot the outright the all and in some way contains the manufacture(s) in potentia. Here are three veils of destructive days as they are called bonus the tree which represents the clear
manufacture. These veils interrelate to at all boundaries not to limitless come through.
Material concepts batter down no further than than Kether the degree one in the diagram.
The outright the deep hole cadaver bonus our connect so want as we farm at all beings. The three veils are called (from the unconstrained inward so to speak) Ain or dynamism Ain Soph or the limitless and Ain Soph Aur or limitless light; they are words just the situation upon which we assignment the tree of life.

The excessive we can connect with finite consciousness is Kether the degree one in the glyph of the tree of life. Kether is equated with the highest inspirational form of god we can conjecture whose name is detail as eheieh i am -- that is the self-existing one tangible individual. Kether spelled Kaph Tau Resh is the eminent the degree one situated at the original of the average string (the string of timidity or string of what's left). In Kether impart is no form but tangible individual just. We cannot speak pungently of Kether as it is just one walk back and forth this edge of non- existence; therefore faintness must suffice. At the level of Kether impart is no duality pairs of opposites have yet to be. We have overall trouble conceiving of Kether it individual unclear and gentle and lacking signal.

Top that Kether individual the eminent is not the head; it is of our manufacture but not in it. Kether corresponds in the microcosm to the Sahasrara chakra the thousand-petaled lotus of the yogis the industry of light upper the original which one visualizes in the Qabalistic include line up.

Kether is symbolized by the image of an ancient bearded king seen in track
-- track since we cannot look upon the full position of Kether; track since Kether looks just before dynamism on one edge and the manufacture on the other.
Titles detail to Kether in qabalistic literature piece days of
existences; covert of the concealed; ancient of ancients; ancient of days;
the archaic point; the relate to within the circle; the highest high; amen.

We may deal with that the full tree exists in each of the four worlds. Not just are the worlds parts of the tree of life but each world is built according to the diagram of the tree. Stylish a gossip be required to be issued the tree of life is a marker of the at all consciousness. It is a tool for organizing take notes and has no days unconstrained the consciousness of man. New tools (such as quantum conjecture)
are useful in other ways. The tree is but one way of show the manufacture. It is a attitude of using the consciousness not a net of knowledge.

Kether in Atziluth (the classic world) is tangible individual lacking attributes or arrangements. We may fancy Kether as a blinding white light undifferentiated at home rays by the prism of form. Kether in atziluth is indefinable; we can just smudge it. In western theurgy every consumption be required to begin with the charm of the god-name of Kether in atziluth and have its unadulterated organize in that name (Eheieh).

All Theurgic operations must be in accord with limitless law. The charm of deity under the name of eheieh is an drop off of the eternal constant tangible individual which underlies and maintains everything. As such it is the paramount modus operandi of all magical working. In Kether is the tangible so of all energy. It is just by stuffy the self with the feat of this tangible individual that one can tap the so of limitless power. Soul resultant from any other so is slanted and thin and thereby terrifying. In Kether we whisper the untold collection of energy from the overall unmanifest; energy from any other industry is production to the height of entropy and in the end must be accounted for. The magician working already (than by Kether) must pay in pain and misery for his use of magical powers. By working in accord with the divine diagram the Theurgist avoids the karmic teenager of rasping to that diagram. We may not tug the machinery of the manufacture to please our own whims and cravings with impunity. A magical act is blameless just at the same time as it is intended to allow the theurgist to flight with the overall spring of embryonic life. The overall work is dynamism manager than learning to flight with that spring.

Kether manifests itself in the world of Briah eat the guardian angel Metatron.
The angels of Kether the Chaioth ha-qadesh holy living creatures pass by in the Yetziratic world. These are the four holy creatures of Ezekiel's spirit.

In the world of assiah the label of the industry of Kether is rashith ha- gilgalim the put the lid on swirlings. This has not just figure to the international admin of matter at home nebulae but makes us believe of the motions of particles on the sub-atomic vital.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Trance And Evocation

Trance And Evocation Image
One more teaser for the Book of Summonings.

The topic of trance and imaginal vision is much debated in modern grimoire-magic circles. I understand the position of those who assert that a combination of the rhythm and focus of the rites themselves with the direct power of the spirits can provide all the vision or presence of the spirits that might be needed. However, I am mainly on the side that asserts that modern people can benefit from deliberate trance induction and imaginal leading in making contact with the Others.

Here's an excerpt from the single article on trancework and mental exercise in the Book of Summonings. (I actually think the article is my best job yet of constructing a concise set of practices to build skill in the kind of trance vision that supports spirit contacts.)

The Sorcerer's Eye - Trancework for Spirit Arte

In the work of spirit art the question of how the spirits will or won't appear to the magician is often discussed. Books of magic often make it their business to describe the appearance of their beings, and sometimes to discuss the mechanisms by which the spirits appear. As these old writings have been interpreted by modern mages several types of spirit appearance are commonly described:

" MATERIAL MANIFESTATION." In the most traditional descriptions, the spirits are said to gather bodies of the subtle elements of the air, of mist or smoke, and thus be visible to the material eye. While some schools place a great deal of emphasis on this kind of manifestation, we will treat it as a bonus, which indicates an especially strong connection with a spirit. It is good to follow tradition and let your Fire of Sacrifice generate a good sweet smoke, but material manifestation isn't required for a successful conjuring.

" MANIFESTATION IN VISION." This is probably the most common method used world-wide by shamans, priests and mages. In this manifestation the spirit makes itself present through the imaginative faculty of the mage, as a spontaneous or willed envisionment. In many variants this includes sleeping dream-states, but it also includes a variety of waking dreams and visions. In some traditions the rites, herbs and work of the invocation are expected to spontaneously generate the required trance-states, but in others the imaginative faculties are deliberately cultivated. This system is written with the latter approach in mind.

" MANIFESTATION BY EFFECT." This is also an extremely common method of dealing with the spirits. When the invocations are well-worked the mage may perceive the presence of the spirit by a feeling. This can vary widely - a sense of peace or fear or comfort or alarm that comes to mean that the spirit is present. Often the sorcerer simply proceeds with the spell, confident that the spirits are hearing her, and their presence is then judged by the outcome. Divination is a direct means of seeking to commune with the spirits by effect. The spirit is perceived as present when the divination tool says so, and when communication happens.

In this system we will use a combination of deliberate waking-dream trancework with observation of effects and divination. If and when a material manifestation occurs, these will have made you ready.

The work of learning to focus and manage the impulses of the mind is a topic for a different instruction. In fact here in this grimoire we can give only the simplest set of exercises. These can, if practiced, lead to sufficient skill to enhance the effect of the rites. The alliance rites, especially, depend on the ability to enter a Threshold Vision and see and speak with images of the spirits.

The Threshold Realm

One of the primary spiritual powers of Druidry is the Power of Seeing. In the later folklore of the Gaels we hear of an da sheiliagh - the double-sight or second sight. That sort of seeing is commonly used to discern events at a distance, but there are also tales of the ability to see the Other Folk, their halls and lands and works. In this spirit arte, we will seek to draw the spirits close enough to our common world to be seen with this Inner eye.

In many kinds of trance and vision exercises the seer enters an imagined series of landscapes and environments. However we will use vision is a somewhat different way - we will establish an Inner vision, as part of the ritual space in which we work, and the events of the rite will then play out in both the material and the vision eyes of the magician. We will consider this half-constructed, half-discovered imaginal world to be a Threshold, a place Between the common world and the independent reality of the Other Places. This avoids the risk of taking our own imagined visions too seriously, yet reminds us that the spirits can arrive in that place as surely as we can. The forms we see (and make) in the Threshold may or may not be the 'true' forms of the spirits but that need not prevent us from speaking to them through those forms. The Threshold is a medium for reflection both of our common world and of the Other realms beyond.

While we may consciously shape and influence it, the Threshold realm exists without our conscious making. Just as the landscapes of dream occur as if subjectively real so the places of Threshold are often waiting for us when we arrive. Just as in a lucid dream we can shape events and places, but the life of the Threshold realm goes on, even around our conscious constructions.

It is this state of strange awareness, where the magician exists as a symbol of himself, and the symbols of the rite may move and speak as beings, which allows the spirits easy access to our awareness. The mage learns to stand strong in the Threshold, and to deal directly with the spirits, even while remaining physically active in the rite, making offerings, singing and speaking aloud. In the simplest form of the Threshold Double Sight there is no distinction between the 'vision body' of the mage and the material body - it is simply that the eyes of vision are open and the hands of vision are working.

Why Do We Need Trance?

It is worthwhile to ask ourselves how these techniques relate to traditional patterns of magic. Pre-modern writing about magic seems to assume that visions will simply occur when the conditions are right. There is very little discussion of states of mind or of methods to induce proper states of mind, beyond theological notions of 'righteousness' or 'holiness'.

I believe that the distinction lies in the kind of world in which the ancient mage lived, and the kind in which we live today. For the ancients mental access to imaginative states and spontaneous visions seems much more a part of common life. The low levels of mental stimulation, lack of artificial light and constant presence of fire and smoke, along with a strongly oral culture and many other aspects of pre-technical living, would have inclined to a strong and well-developed imagination. This imagination would have come into play as the magician immersed himself in the symbols and ideas of his system, producing envisioned events of dreamlike power.

In contrast, modern minds have been taught a strong separation between imaginal content and 'real' or significant events. We are taught to disregard our dreams, to dismiss our imaginary playmates, and to distinguish plainly between self-generated 'fiction' and accepted fact. We live by an industrial clock rather than by the rise and set of the sun, and sleep in prescribed doses. For such as us, it simply makes sense to use specific techniques to induce trance states that can replicate the more naturally-occurring trances of traditional peoples. Thus, I hold with the importing of techniques of mental discipline and vision into the traditions of ritual spirit arte.

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The God Inanna..............................

"My surprise gave me the publicize,
gave me the earth,
I am Inanna!
Kingship he gave me,
queenship he gave me,
waging of row and bite into he gave me,
the floodstorm he gave me,
the tropical storm he gave me!
The publicize he set as a peak upon my height,
the earth he set as flip-flops on my feet,
a holy robe he wrapped exclaim my custom,
a holy stick he located in my hand.
The gods are sparrows, I am a falcon."


Inanna (I-nanna, Emperor Moon) - Inana - Inninna - Innin - Ninanna - Nin-me-sa-ra
(Mesopotamian: Sumerian) Innate God of love, war, fullness and infinite variety; pin goddess of the Sumerian pantheon. (She corresponds to the Babylonian/Akkadian ISHTAR).
Inanna originated as goddess of the distinguish save who each year ritually marital Damuzi, the distinguish harvest god. Her attributes are so copious, so varied, and so habitually differing that she is effortless a muddle up of a selection of nearer goddesses.
The originator Cavort of the Seven Veils was Inannas downer stylish the Underworld, her sister Ereshkigals realm, anywhere she was gradually stripped exposed as she passed out of action the seven gates. Introductory went her peak, later bracelets, subsequently necklace, breast pins, belt of birthstones, subsequently earrings and before I finish her gown.
No acts of dissemination took place on earth to the same degree Inanna was in the Underworld.
Such as she bare that her merely way out was in thrash for someone in addition, she betrayed Damuzi stylish steal her place. Inanna's time in the Underworld is a myth of the lunar track, Damuzi's a myth of the seasons.
Inanna numbers in many myths and epics, along with The Smash hit of Gilgamesh. She got Enki smashed and tricked him stylish bestowing copious attributes and powers upon her. In the myth The Upsurge of Inanna, Enki, An and Enlil all allow their powers to Inanna, making her the Emperor of the Conception. Inanna is a femme fatale whose lovers endlessly circle to come to apologize for. She is brazen, madcap, and difficult. Gilgamesh risked death the same as he spurned her advances, comparing her to a back way out that would let icy air stylish the situate.


Our Lord - Emperor of the Conception - Mistress of Fantasy - Emperor of Fantasy - Lord of Uruk and Nineveh - The Stow - Protectress of Harlots - Emperor Moon - Nin-me-sa-ra, Lord of Countless Offices


love, war, fullness, rain, prostitutes, lightning, crash, snuffle, celebration, aggression, fair custom, stars, planets, locks, essence, filament, the natural world

"To torment, ignore, make fun of, taint - and to admire -
is your ground, Inanna.
Downheartedness, debacle, heartache - and joy and good high spirits - is your ground, Inanna.
Trembling, affright, fright - gleaming and glory -
is your ground, Inanna."


Inanna is Nanna's childish person, sister to Utu, Ishkur and Erishkigal. She is sometimes premeditated An's childish person.


Mars - Moon - Uranus - Venus (as whichever the be born and the sundown star)
STAR: Inana is allied with Sirius, the Bowstar

ELEMENT: Earth - Dampen

star of eight or sixteen points - a bundle of reeds tied in three chairs with decoration - rose - sacred tree or mannered totem


winged, with tiered bitterness, horned helmet and weaponry folder - exposed, with jewelry - standing atop a mound - with winged lions


cow - lion - lion cub - dragon - Inanna is habitually attended by Imdugud, the thunderbird

PLANT: rose - distinguish palm - filament

VEHICLE: chariot washed-out by seven lions - reed wiliness - lion


Nineveh, Uruk (Iraq) - Inanna's temple was the Eanna (Private residence of Fantasy), in Uruk

NATIVITY: January 2


sexual latitude - fullness - healing - love spells - sex magic - lethal love - power - well-chosen - dissemination - row, outstandingly battling evil - tempests - rain - feature - fullness of the natural world - destroying the secure
- making the imperishable withdraw - fair custom - a promotion - enlarged assume at work - guarding storehouses - igniting or extinguishing
fires - oracles of war and row - money spells (Ninanna)

Call up Inanna: at dawn - in warehouses - anywhere prostitutes amble at night Respect Inanna by making hand-outs to her at dawn

"The overweight queen of fantasy, Inanna, I moral fiber hail!
The merely one, come forth on high, I moral fiber hail!
The sugary torch that flares in the sky,
the adorable light warm obtrusive counterpart the day,
the overweight queen of fantasy, Inanna, I moral fiber hail!
Of her standing in the sky counterpart the sun and moon,
well-known by all lands from south to north,
of the opulence of the holy one in fantasy
to the Lord I moral fiber sing."

Out-of-date hymns quoted at home are adapted from The Treasures of Darkness: A Precedent of Mesopotamian Religious studies, by Thorkild Jacobsen

More Norris Nonsense God Fearing Applicants Need Only Apply

More Norris Nonsense God Fearing Applicants Need Only Apply
Champion on the devoted gravy train - why am I not surprised? I surprise what Norris' opinions are on Keith Ellison?

Our Founders' recommendations for presidentPosted: February 5, 2007

"Who would our Founders motivation for go today? Like would they countenance for in free officials?"

I dunno, I'd guess someone who wouldn't "lie" to get us all the rage a war that's sharp our economy?

"On May 26, 1790, I receive we were liable some answers to fill questions, in the past an crucial audience such as Massachusetts Bureaucrat, aged C.E.O. of the Saunter Talks and signer of the Edict of Self-government, John Hancock, and Lieutenant Bureaucrat and distinct signer of the Edict of Self-government, Samuel Adams, as well as the next full convention of whichever secretarial Massachusetts' Houses."

So next he cites that deceitfulness steal of shit Barton as his firmness. Nearby goes honesty, spot on down the toilet.

"Rev. Daniel Fosters' inspiring negotiation to these courts" is a want read for character unfortunate with the a great deal of our people and criteria for righteously outstanding construction. Pay go into liquidation concern to the end of his notice wherever he speaks to each of fill put away excellent."

"Give support to was a New Braintree minister, who was invited to circulation a dialect in the past the newly-elected officials - a secretarial tradition in the founding existence of our Republic. "

"The words he shared that day were not now encouraging but thoughtful of a indiscriminate consensus and beliefs of what the general public (not genuine clergy) standard of their constitutional leaders. Its components tranquil face what I would influence a manual for the secret ballot of the organization or any other nominated ambassador."

"Such an underlying supervision carbon copy would be astride, but not be supervisor to, the following:"


Say whaaattt? I distrust this puts rewarding to that drivel. Here's a higher sampling:

"Improbable, a newsletter give details complained that the Constitute can lead to "Mahometans, who ridicule the code of belief of the Trinity" becoming our lawmakers - the length of with "Quakers, who... make the blacks saucy," and Jews, who possibly will order Americans to repair Jerusalem. (One anti-constitutional pamphleteer raised the determination of the pope becoming go.)

"The Constitution's defenders, including a delivery of Christian ministers, responded to such attacks by stressing how important it is that religion not eliminate its mettle from temporal dispensation, as well as how vault it is for politics to influence in the aid of religion. James Madison insisted that any law favoring one devoted group leader others "degrades from the equal argument of Population all fill whose opinions in Religious studies do not bend to fill of the Legislative dispensation."

"For Give support to and our Founders, ascendancy is a predict assignation,' an bound university of God, and 'an important mean of delivering us from the tribulations of the apostasy; and certain to create us for the extra categorical manacles the gospel enjoins.' As such, it too has Jesus Christ, not some indefinite and neutered god, as its understanding. "

It's callously plain that this ascendancy, if it "were "founded as a Christian nation, we'd keep in check a delivery of items stuff inherent within the founding records, fill for example

* Passage of Jehovah/Yahweh.
* Passage of Jesus.
* Passage of the renewal.

I possibly will alike add, that liable Christianity's extremely unconvinced monitor in re: knowledge of other religions, I more readily be unsure we would've even "had "a devoted proviso respecting and prohibiting ascendancy collusion.

"Next, secretarial leaders are to be regarded as ministers or servants of God, unless they regulate from obeying and executing his laws. "

Holy crap! Keep on I checked, this is a "nation", not a frickin' church. Get a conduct already!

"And as courts are august by Christ, and act under his flag, they could do with be rigorous to be his character, and basis his religion in the world.... If they start for God, and for good to the family, they are to be subjected to, before, "we want to obey God, more readily than men.'"

This benevolent of Christofascist folderol gets spot on up my cause. Anything happened to 'my formal is not of this earth'?

"Give support to warned, except religion is not august and supported by men in chairs of shape aspiration, the character of the Lady drive in a while recoil, and the fire of God be disseminated leader the city.'"

So let's pine for the part in the Constitute that says 'No devoted oaths shall be sought to entrap shape bough.

"Bit the Framers conflicting the statute of kings or priests, they advocated and intermingled their Christian believe and politics. As John Jay, the ahead of schedule High-class Legality of the Affiliate States, wrote to Jedidiah Morse on Feb. 28, 1797, "Vocation has liable to our family the higher of their rulers. And it is the mission as well as the sincere and wire, of a Christian nation to punish and support Christians for their rulers."

True, it's a beneficial amend of pace, seeing John Jay quoted righteously. Of course, he wasn't prescient, was he? It would seem never foresaw the fact that Christian white kids would be shoulder-to-shoulder with Hindu kids, Asian kids, etc.

"The carbon copy leads us to speak of civil ascendancy, as bound of God, in the hands of the mediator; of civil rulers, as holding their folder and dispensation under Christ; of their mission and magnificence as his Ministers, and of the mission and sincere of the family under their bearing."

Live, entrap on a minute: didn't he say previous that the Framers conflicting the statute of kings or priests? And now free, they are by the transitive properties, actual "ministers"? Like embarrassment action is this guy on?

"Unlike today, no official next would keep in check ever even believed of Foster's words as stanchly derogatory or sexism, for Christianity was the now religion upon which our Republic was founded. It was clergy, not imams, who were called to speak in the past legislatures. Smooth Jefferson did not be thinking about a rift in the company of mosque and authority, genuine as he can never keep in check imagined "a democracy in which its congressmen were sworn all the rage ascendancy upon a Quran."

And there we go once more. He's evidently surprising with the Bond of Tripoli, give details 11, which states "As the Assemblage of the Affiliate States of America is not, in any comply with, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no renown of frostiness against the laws, religion, or silence, of Mussulmen; and, as the supposed States never entered all the rage any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is acknowledged by the parties, that no let off arising from devoted opinions, shall ever repeat an pause of the harmony tide in the company of the two countries." I keep in check alike liable a firmness that states before as well. Of course, the statements drive be disputed (I detest allegory: don't you?), via weasel wordage.

"According to Give support to, in order to start virtuously, secretarial leaders are to exonerate three chief obligations: "

* "It is their mission to backup the formal of Christ, which consists in "dignity, and stability, and joy in the Holy Apparition.
* "It is the mission of Christian rulers, to hold and security device to the family, their liberties and properties. (Which I'm strong included their national borders!) "
* "The Christian regulator drive assume the complaints, and cash the grievances of the family he governs."

I really don't be sold for a fig from the cursed tree about what some minister supposed "three centuries ago". We're tranquil in the 21st century. Get up to notice, willya?

"Can you ruminate if our give secretarial leaders were destined to these codes of conduct? Respectability genuine possibly will be obtained by civil government!"

Yeah, and I can see the civil annihilation that would keep to from it: disrespect laws reinstated, devoted bigotry run predominant, and the dungeons of Inquiry resurrected.

"The concern Christian rulers pay to religion in their hearts, and in their ascendancy, drive be their basis gone they are called to lay down their folder, and their lives; it drive relax the vista in the past them, and embalm their recollection gone they are dead.... Religious studies is, and ever has been, restrained the character of a people; as it insures the fancy and protection of Fantasy.'"

Like it "ensures", my friend, is racial intolerance, bigotry, and there is satisfactory remnant that shows that religion is What on earth but the character of a family. The ancient Israelites, as Lewis Black noted, were about 'ten hairs vetoed from a baboon.' Do me a fancy, overkill me the public speaking, and do some actual reading on history. You live in keep in check a "shitty" stick to monitor.

"WHO Be obliged to BE OUR Bordering PRESIDENT?"

"Foster's notice was welcomed with a breathtaking longed-for with this esteemed Massachusetts' library of America's Founders, 14 existence after the Edict of Self-government and the extremely year that Rhode Island undivided the 13-state, three-year passing of the Affiliate States Constitute."

Hodgepodge of Founders? Nearby were now "two "of them.

"The spirit of fill deed, as well as the spare The system Fathers, tranquil gather us to add to our criteria for electing secretarial leaders ancient times pull, style, incident, and descent skill. They influence us to geared up godly men and women. "

And not a bit in addition. Exclusion is the enemy of autonomy. Wait: spare The system Fathers? Sure of fill fellows are tranquil about, are they?

"As a guest swarm on Fox's 'Hannity & Colmes' a trouble weeks ago, I ended unambiguous my compel for "Newt Gingrich" to run for go, "a fortune WND reported on a few existence ago." Many since keep in check asked me, 'Why Newt?' In quick-thinking, like apart from characteristic beforehand shortcomings, I receive Newt is a Republican as they recycled to be and, even extra, meets the criteria definite by men of old, evidenced in his books, 'Rediscovering God in America' and successful the Designate.' He's by no approach a faultless man or contender, but I distrust one of few true close Republicans spare. I don't condone his indiscretions of the beforehand, but, as with other leaders even in Scripture, I alike don't clout him from ever running for an bough once more like of them."

Newt Gingrich? I'll reveal you something: Gingrich's done some good bits and pieces, and some bad bits and pieces, but if he were a Democrat with the extremely damn monitor he holds, Norris would NOT be nominating him.

"In an age wherever the left are separation spot on and the spot on separation left, we appeal someone at the circle of our people who holds to behind the times doctrine but can tranquil lead all the rage a audacious new age. I receive Newt or someone when him can fit the be active. At this honorable, I'd love to see him run. And if not? I'll be measuring the candidates by 'Our Founders' recommendations for go.'"

Hey, dude, the egregious crap you spewed was supposed by a "minister": it not well qualifies as 'Our Founders' recommendations for C.E.O..' Jeez loweez, did you get kicked in the understanding once too often?

"In the words of Rev. Give support to, 'This is the way to keep in check the mischievous spirit, and blessing of God with them, and upon their bearing.'"

Let's see what the Founders actually DID say, shall we?

"Is it not the character of the family of America, that at the same time as they keep in check rewarding a proficient regard to the opinions of aged period and other nations, THEY Hug NOT SUFFERED A Sun shelter Glorification FOR ANTIQUITY, FOR Arise, OR FOR NAMES, TO OVERRULE THE SUGGESTIONS OF THEIR OWN Unblemished Take-off, THE Skillfulness OF THEIR OWN Site, AND THE Schooling OF THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE? To this manly spirit, posterity drive be refreshing for the acquisition, and the world for the turn of phrase of the unlike innovations displayed on the American theatre, in fancy of relations nationality and shape joie de vivre. - James Madison, Federalist No. 14, November 30, 1787

"Equivalent and dictate uprightness to all men, OF Anything PERSUASION, Religious OR Political." Thomas Jefferson, Essential Inaugural Point in the right direction, Sleeve 4, 1801

"The top figure sacred of the duties of a ascendancy [is] to do Equivalent AND Impartial Legality to all its the general public.

-- Thomas Jefferson, chronicle in Destutt de Tracy, "Political Penny-pinching," 1816. ME 14:465

And that's that.

I get really shaky of these family who signal to distrust they're channeling the Founders' spirits: it's preposterous, it is. 'A return to traditional doctrine is a grudging oblige to turn back the watch, or as Flanders put it so well: "I wish we lived in a world extra when the America of days gone by, that now exists now in the minds of us Republicans".

Grow the also post, next.

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Christopher Columbus And The New World Part 1

Christopher Columbus And The New World Part 1
"We may relatively allow that the dominated of history, as in the main skilled, is one of the greatest tiresome of all subjects. On the other hand, the study of how the dominated of history has been manipulated is for sure one of the greatest captivating of all subjects. - Michael Tsarion, Astrotheology and Sidereal Myths"

"The slanting of history has done chief to trick humans than any barely thing crystal-clear to mankind." -Jean-Jacques Rousseau"

"Register is the lie in the main conceded upon." -Voltaire

Our Rockefeller textbooks confess us that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. The vocabulary says "to expose" way "to learn no matter which shroud," but the tens of millions of resident "Indians" would clear in your mind go up against Columbus' become aware of of anything. Most likely the occult meaning of "become aware of" coincides with Columbus' occult knowledge of real somewhere he was leaving. Most likely the word dis-cover, way morally that: "to take away the lid off no matter which that has been cloaked up."

"The Phoenicians were not cosseted to the Mediterranean and the Central East. They landed in Britain jaggedly 3,000 BC and interfering Phoenician artifacts control been found in Brazil, as well as reachable Egyptian bamboozle in the Utter Canyon in America. The Phoenicians landed in the Americas thousands of go previously the artificial conjure up coincidental excellent crystal-clear as the jump of Christopher Columbus. The circumstances that the effortless tradition of the Americas speak of capacious white gods' coming from the sea bringing advanced knowledge is equally that is right what happened, if you neglect the gods bit." -David Icke, "The Main Secret" (63)

"A long time ago critics objected saying Columbus' authority was unfeasible, he commonly countered those objections saying he "power expose some very handy desert island or continent about 750 leagues to the west"." At this base the ships would be cost-effective to re-stock on food/supplies and hang about on towards Asia. So low and prospect Columbus discovered a "very handy continent" right 750 leagues to the west.

"In the agreements signed on April 17th, 1492, (The Capitulo) and on April 30th, 1492, (The Titulo) the mystifying fact is that chief politeness is liable to the rulership and handling of testing lands that power be discovered en be in power than to a segregate of ill-gotten gains from wealthy Asia." -Alex Christopher, "Pandora's Box - The Essence Covert Pitch Tabled the New Manufacture Directive," (42)

In Scotland's Knights Templar Rosslyn Chapel, at hand are definite depictions of corn and aloe cactus found on the archways and detention. These plant life were with authorization discovered in America and excel brought to Europe in the 16th century. How as well as did the Masons accommodation Rosslyn Chapel, done in 1486, know about these plant life at nominal 6 go previously Columbus set sail?

"The government story that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas is preposterous. A few miles from Edinburgh in Scotland today motionless stands Rosslyn Chapel, that holy grail of the Brotherhood Exclusive. It was built in the prototype of a Templar outraged by the St Clair-Sinclair bungalow and is a host of esoteric symbolism. The foundations were laid in 1446 and it was done in the 1480s. How huge as well as that the granite at Rosslyn includes depictions of sweetcorn and cacti which were wholly found in America and Christopher Columbus did not expose that continent until 1492! How may possibly this be? Grant is, in fact, no mystery. Christopher Columbus was not even close to the excel white reputation to land in the" Americas". The Phoenicians, Norse, Irish, Welsh, Bretons, Basques and Portuguese, all sailed to America previously him and so did Prince Henry Sinclair of Rosslyn, as acclaimed in a unrefined book by Frederick I. Pohl called "Prince Henry Sinclair's Trip up To The New Manufacture 1398. "Sinclair" ready the jump with innovative Brotherhood history, the Zeno bungalow, one of the greatest relevant Black Prize families in Venice. Sinclair and Antonio Zeno landed in what we Christian name Newfoundland and went stranded in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) in 1398... The Brotherhood had crystal-clear about the Americas for thousands of go and Christopher Columbus was recycled to make the government become aware of so that the commandeering of the Americas may possibly begin." -David Icke, "The Main Secret" 178-9

Columbus' supporters were European crowned heads and the Templars. His father-in-law was a originator Templar Knight and Catherine de Medici of the Illuminati history (listed with others) financed his voyage. Columbus' three ships sailed under the Templars Red Mixture exhaust, recycled today by the Red Mixture and Switzerland. The sovereigns furthermore sent out fleets of conquistadors and swash-buckling pirates on high the Be first and Bones exhaust - their remit to rape, race, and search all they may possibly from the New Manufacture.

"The Be first and Bones outraged recycled by the secret convention comes from the adventurer lead and outraged bones. They weren't morally a set of swashbucklers have a weakness for you've seen in the movies. No, these were agents sent onto the high seas by the British stately bungalow to populate the Americas." -Michael Tsarion, "The Unruly Use of Revered Symbolism in the Media" Natter, Plot Con 2003

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This semester we squeeze discussed initiation rituals and how they are notice by others. We squeeze looked at how they are experienced and public with in their culture and covering cultures. For example discussed the symbolism that is use to determine an belief and how people use symbol to run into power and fetch movements and shift in their own lives and occupancy. For our resolution glasses case we are to look into a religion we are not formulary with and using the skills we squeeze university in class offer an assess of that religion. I squeeze vote for Wicca, or "Neo-Pagan"," religion to look into. Helen Berger in "Voices from the Pagan Interview "(2003), states "is an sun umbrella request covering sects of a new church gesticulate, the principal and maximum indicative form of which is...Wicca" (Berger et al. 2003: 1). This Blog examines the relationship among rituals and religion by analyzing the touchable and culture that is part of Wicca.

Hobby is salaried on femininity when broadcast a pretentiousness from the objects recycled, to who use them and how they are recycled from first to last a pretentiousness. Wiccans find deity by their two maximum indicative Gods: The Holy being, and God (or be idle) and hand over extra deities that are found listed out other religions. Practitioners may recount with one set of gods: Greek, Roman, Celtic or deities found in other culture, or the practitioner may be eclectic in that they haul from all culture. Because is sought after among the Holy being and the God is a link that represents wealth this characteristic is lavish ritual called the Really nice Use. The Buzz Priestess and Monk offering the feminine and masculine aspects of the Holy being and Den as they manipulating specific objects, which they expected to be strongly gendered orientated. Give are relations that are Wiccan that abide the "rituals ponder, motif, and stick the Wiccan ideology of a gender-balanced freedom throughthe announcement of these ready ritual actors and the gendered objects they manipulate."

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Was Jesus A Vegetarian

Was Jesus A Vegetarian
Did Jesus eat meat? For innumerable population, you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with us. A good and tight friend of pit had questions about this group of thing, and taking into account I did a bit of consider, I noticed that grant was an interest in this dominated. Like so, it is a really stem, and neediness to be suffused, explicit the context we are goodbye to be seen at it in.

The delivery goes a bit because this, and a really delivery it is indeed: "In Genesis, God tells us that man and creature evenly balanced did not eat principal, in God's artifice world, but vegetation and vegetation. To be a good Christian, neediness we get a hold this? Each, back Jesus is God, did he eat principal for example he was on the earth?"

I bind it best to be seen at this previous, in its forgotten context. In the beginning, God shaped the Conception, a diminutive surplus 6,000 time ago. He ended man, bird, dinosaur, every creature that walks on all fours, every beast of the water, everything that has the current of life within it. For that reason God gave them the vegetation. This is what he said:

"I bestow you every seed-bearing spread on the go through of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They behest be yours for harvest. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the fowl in the sky and all the creatures that move on the arena - everything that has the current of life in it - I bestow every green spread for harvest." ("Genesis 1:29-30")

It is true that in the beginning, even grant carnivores ate vegetation. In the role of happened? In the role of altered so that principal enjoy took place? The Flit of Man. In the same way as Lucifer tempted Eve, who in turn tempted Adam, the whole of Institution cut to sin - harvest was included in this. Beasts of the noisy proceeded to go round each other as harvest, but back grant was profuse spread life in population days, it was upper limit geological not methodically.

But this was not to conclusive. Man may have available continued its spread enjoy up until the Keen Paddock. When the Paddock, for example Noah and his contour got off of the Ark with all of God's creatures, it prerequisite have available been because stepping off onto an outlandish sphere. No matter which was altered. Dowry may have available been sea vegetation, yes. But it probably took a diminutive but for concrete vegetation to take root and come in the sphere of the world - unless Noah and his contour had full some onto the ark.

Regardless, stepping onto this new world with diminutive spread life and diminutive life in public, the creatures - fowl, lions, tigers, dinosaurs, the because, prerequisite have available gotten avid. As did man. Dowry were simply 8 population who came off the ark, yes. But that is understated a lot of harvest to be vanished. So what happened?

For instance the loss of life throughout the earth, the creatures that came off of the Ark multiplied, and began to go round each other. Fish bait such as the Piranha came in the sphere of being after the surge - now that vegetation were unusual, the "alter effect" of economics took place, and plants chose the at that moment best source: principal.

The delivery is moreover asked, did Noah eat principal after the flood? Substantially, God gave him everything. "For that reason God blessed Noah and his sons, saying to them, 'Be indigestible and amplify in production and be suitable for the earth. The terrify and panic of you behest fall on all the beasts of the earth and all the fowl in the sky, on every creature that moves through the arena, and on all the buddy in the sea; they are explicit in the sphere of your hands. No matter which that lives and moves behest be harvest for you. Quite good as I gave you the green vegetation, I now bestow you everything." ("Genesis 9:1-3")

That being invented, is it irregular for us to hardship to eat principal, should we, as Christians, be vegetarian? You can be, but God provided us with auxiliary harvest sources, and all depending on relatives fondness, grant is not a hint biblically irregular with expenditure principal.The delivery was as well asked, "Did Jesus Eat Meat?" If the Son of God did not eat principal, it would mean we neediness not to as well.

Even so, that is not the case. Abide "John 21", for slice. When his revival, Jesus had his disciples cast out, and for example they at a complete loss buddy, and returned to coast, grant he was, put with a fire for cuisine. We are told that they ate the buddy - which is principal. Just starting out suit would be Passover.

Passover has not altered its traditions back the Exodus in 1446 BC. Conservatively, Jews took a lamb or goat and ate them complete Passover dinner. We are told that Jesus diffident the Passover laws, and as such, he ate lamb, or goat - which is as well principal.

Passover is a Divine day which celebrates the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. It was a commanded composition. You can find the full rules are exact are explicit in "Exodus 12". In basic specifications, on Passover, a lamb was killed and roasted. "Exodus 12:3,5" says, "Study to all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth of this month they shall push to them each man a lamb for a father's legislative body, a lamb for a legislative body... Your lamb shall be short dirty, a male of the previous year. You shall push from the conventional person or from the goats."

Even if yes, it is true that what Jesus and his disciples ate could have available been a goat or even a conventional person, it was upper limit geological a lamb. The celebration of Passover for Jews is understated in effect - numerous a lot of the Nation Law found the previous five books of the Bible, for example Jesus died, Passover was understated in effect. His death and revival did not show to be false the title of the Passover.

In fact, "Exodus 12:14" says, "And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and you shall involve it a celebration to the Member of the aristocracy throughout your generations; you shall involve it a celebration by an ordinance perpetually. You prerequisite formalize this day as a religious silver jubilee to bring to mind you of what I, the Member of the aristocracy, have available done. Honor it for all time to come."

The inclination and economical of it is, yes, Jesus did eat principal - even if he did not have available lamb, goat, or conventional person, he ate buddy. Even so, if he did not eat at Passover, he would be opening the Passover laws, and we are told that these he diffident. We can come to the logical base that Jesus was not a vegetarian.

It is from this that we can understand that Christ is our Passover lamb. "1st Corinthians 5:7" says, You prerequisite remove the old mold of sin so that you behest be utterly uncontrived. For that reason you behest be because a new percentage of rear short any mold, as indeed I know you actually are. For our Passover Gala is put, now that Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed."

Jesus ate Passover lamb, he was our lamb, and he is the Ham of God, who takes dazed the sins of the world. He can push dazed our sins if we simply have possession of with our maw, "Jesus Is Member of the aristocracy," and if we have a desire for in our cape that he is risen from the dead, we behest be saved. Command for mercy of sins article, as we sin article, and try to exchange truth everyplace attainable, calm as Jesus commissioned us. ("Matthew 28:16-20")

Just starting out tight friend had razor-sharp out "Romans 14". Popular is the lettering, push from it what you behest, tight reader. "Undertake population whose suppose is penniless, short quarreling surplus doubtful matters. One person's suppose allows them to eat everything, but another nature, whose suppose is penniless, eats simply vegetables. The one who eats everything prerequisite not luxury with hold in contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything prerequisite not recount the one who does, for God has well-known that nature." ("Romans 14:1-3")

"Who are you to recount someone else's servant? To their own master they stand or fall. And they behest stand, for the Member of the aristocracy is impressive to make them stand. Certified reflect on one day auxiliary sacred than another; others reflect on every day evenly balanced. Everyone should be very affirmative in their own head. Persons who regard one day auxiliary sacred as special do so to the Member of the aristocracy. Persons who eat principal do so to the Member of the aristocracy, for they bestow prayer to God; and population who ahead do so to the Member of the aristocracy and bestow prayer to God. For we do not remain to ourselves solitary and we do not die to ourselves solitary." ("Romans 14:4-7")

"If we remain, we remain to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Member of the aristocracy. So, whether we remain or die, we belong to the Member of the aristocracy. For this very foundation, Christ died and returned to life so that he break down be the Member of the aristocracy of each the dead and the living. You, moreover, why do you recount your brother or sister? Or why do you luxury your brother or sister with contempt? For we behest all stand ahead of time God's outlook seat. It is written: ' As absolutely as I remain,' says the Member of the aristocracy, every break on behest bow ahead of time me, every spoken communication behest have possession of to God.' So moreover, we behest all bestow an present yourself of ourselves to God." ("Romans 14:8-12")

"Like so let us slow brief outlook on one another. Sooner, make up your head not to put any stumbling partition or low spirits in the way of a brother or sister. I am affirmative, being very persuaded by the Member of the aristocracy Jesus, that not a hint is infected in itself. But if individual regards everything as infected, moreover that nature is infected. If your brother or sister is spill ever since of what you eat, you are no longer show business in love. Do not by expenditure destroy your brother or sister for whom Christ died." ("Romans 14:13-15")

"Like so do not let what you know is good be uttered of as evil. For the disorder of God is not a business of expenditure and intake, but of rightfulness, become quiet and joy in the Divine Energy, ever since individual who serves Christ in this way is attractive to God and receives at all support. let us therefore make every endeavor to do what leads to become quiet and to helpful culture. Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of harvest. All harvest is clean, but it is irregular for a nature to eat whatever that causes someone very to slip up. It is take five not to eat principal or write wine or to do whatever very that behest prevail on your brother or sister to fall." ("Romans 14:16-21")

"So, anything you have a desire for about these supplies involve concerning yourself and God. Sanctified are population who do not reproach themselves by what they eat, ever since their expenditure is not from faith; and everything that does not come from suppose is a sin." ("Romans 14:22-23") This chapter is a good beam to submit to for example issues food-related view.

I look-in this take notes has recognized deep and paying special attention. If you have available any questions or clarification, undergo free to email, holiday the facebook page, or polish beneath. Abide precision, tight reader, and may God bless you. Troy Hillman

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dangerous And Chaotic Times With Pluto Stationing To Square Uranus

Dangerous And Chaotic Times With Pluto Stationing To Square Uranus

Stage MOON

moon phase

In this day and age September 16th. It doesn't repeal a weatherman or an mystic to around you the the world is experiencing capacious upheavel, enthusiast brouhaha and in a while socio-economic magnificence. Costume with the Moon inward bound the ceiling discreet and negotiating sign Libra this first light, the structural underpinings of the representation and the matrix are undergoing essential substitution. Yes even with the new pursuit represented by Libra entered the setting @ 5:55 AM and additional justic-oriented mindset represented by Mercury makes an appearance in vogue Libra @ 4:22 PM

the venomousness of strong substitution has been unleashed.

The pursuit of charmers, diplomats and undefined courts chutzpah pin down a massive run for election in store. Extra the contiguous two days we chutzpah find out whether Care IS THE Snooty Responsibility OF Good manners or if the world is in time premier to Drive Dearest NOT WAR! Astrological fall down and deconstruction of fill in transits: Before time WE Endure PLUTO STATIONING Take its toll on September 17th @ 10:05 PM, in Capricorn @ 6 degrees 58 proceedings Amongst protests inclusive and persuasive reactions we are seeing the possess of stirring and unelaborated power. An armada of U.S. and British naval power is growth in the Persian Gulfin the belief that Israel is with a defensive things on Iran's dormant nuclear armaments program. Sticky tag that the Libra Moon and Mercury are square Pluto, the power the person behind

This is a time when on earth perceptive and survival are sorely demand but are pushed observation in favor of drastic comings and goings.

Several old wounds (Chiron in Pisces sextile Pluto) pin down been reopened under the role of religion.

and Mars transiting in enthralling Scorpio square Venus in Leo which has resulted in complex, bumpy confrontations.

Amongst Pluto line up look forward to power the stage and commandeering attempts to be present.

Citizens who pin down hid in the shadows are unleashing long-standing secret armed.

The occupy yourself includes sides that are tired when on earth ancient urges are acted upon.

Revelations and deeper secrets chutzpah be revealed. This is a time of by and large cleansing but to what end? From the pious and fundamentalist sects this is an subsequent time : Rosh Hashanah, the Event of Trumpets and the first of the Thrill Divine Days begins at Dusk today

Dusk today for Jerusalem, Israel it is 6:44pm LMT and ends at dusk of September 18th.

A arrange set below for the start of Rosh Hasanah has Aries climbing with excitable Uranus in the unfathomable 12th era contrary the Moon-Mercury and the Sun. This is a time when on earth the craving to free oneself from all margins, prisons is strong and excitable. Mars, the warrior and ruler of this arrange is in the 7th era and in Scorpio. The 7th era somewhere all the open enemies are gathered in the straits of Hormuz. The N North Node and Juno are as a consequence in the sign of the Scorpion in their home pedestal in the 8th era

A variety of pious adherents ultimately Christian some Hebrews are ascribing this holiday with mystical and revelatory language saying this is the time when on earth the Adulation Occurs We see with Neptune the sphere of spiritual truths and illusions TSQ the Nodes all kinds of beliefs chutzpah be shouted forth. To the same extent Mars now transiting in Scorpio and conjunct persistent star Zuben Elgenubi at the mangle or pan found in the southern Knock about of the Scorpion placed constellation of Libra. this is workable to be a time of fill in expressive sort-out and a sequence when on earth bitter nippy work is pleasing to restructure the world community. Melancholy astrologers, imagine Robson pin down a additional heavy-going interpretation: Amongst Mars, Zuben Elgenubi chutzpah bring "Shrill quarrels, entailing carnage or death THIS IS A Epoch Taking into account PRAYERS ARE NECESSARY! September 16th - As I hypothetical the Moon and Mercury inward bound cardinal Libra as a consequence translates the light and power of the outlook Uranus-Pluto confrontations on September 18th./19th. In this day and age in the appropriate title relate to the unexpected and spur-of-the-moment changes this afternoon as the Moon Squares Pluto @ 5:33 PM. This can be a time of leap power struggles when on earth darker emotions imagine challenge and territoriality can be set off.

best to work near clean-up up your bearing of the path. September 16th: an bomb time occurs when on earth this Libra Moon is Invalidate Uranus in excitable and incendiary Aries @ 5:42 PM Hopefulness the Unusual. Tabled with some disruptions in the classes of accomplishments amid fires, explosions and bumpy attain On the intelligent bearing and existing is continually a intelligent bearing this aspect can obtain tor to new stuff and fill in discoveries within and in need

In other words best to sprint these increase armed for substitution to unite on track projects

SECONDARILY: Responsibility AND Wrap TO THESE Great CHANGES ON SEPTEMBER 18, 2012: URANUS SQUARES PLUTOwhich is fair @ 11:55 AM PDT or September 19, 2012 @ 2:55 AM EDT or September 19th. @ 5:55 AM Customary Epoch. This is the 2nd. of 7 water supply persuasive Cardinal Waxing Squares in vogue Tempo 2015 that chutzpah model the downright sphere with a capacious stimulation and momentous transformation. As I pin down hypothetical these are reckless become old framed by incompetent and revolutionary energies. Energies congruence to the the arena amid 1932 and 1934 but with much additional momentous equipment yielded by the by and large choice.

These energies chutzpah catalog everything amid socio-political and fiscal areas. Per case economically: Bad Omen: Egan-Jones Slashes U.S. Provenance Rating in Function to Fed's QE Raw and technical disasters are not chastely human but are go through incessantly.

Per case ">at the Louisiana sinkhole somewhere men tampered with the deeper armed of the earth

Or on track shudder swarms and volcanic eruptions

Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Unit or myriad places involvement the sphere somewhere the earth's tectonic plates are variable big time. Headstrong and bitter conflicts amid diverse factions of societies and culture may perhaps mean fill in loss of life. 'Nothing would go on with of Israel if they attain Iran: 'we would no longer be stop to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty'It chutzpah repeal some unsympathetic charity to anticipate a fill in attain. Strikes, protests as in Pakistan, and attempts at amassed bargaining recoil some of the manifestations of these transits.

Trade chutzpah be present with massive victims voguish this arena, when on earth prayers are want.

As we saw yesterday September 15th. protests pin down escalated and build up inclusive and disagreements are farther than religion and connote borough too ! In Southern China Thousands of Chinese targeted Japanese cars and businesses in the southern Chinese cities of Zhuhai and Guangzhou on Saturday as protests build up to other fill in cities flanked by promising tautness amid Asia's two principal economies outstanding a group of disputed islands. Paramilitary police with shields and batons tried to deterioration back, and now and again scuffled with, the soldiers of slogan-chanting, flag-waving protesters. In this day and age September 16th: U.S Defence Secretary Leon Panetta states that China-Japan "subtitle towards war."