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Thursday, 23 March 2006

Invocation To Demeter

Invocation To Demeter Cover
Demeter, or Ceres (Roman Cognate), is the Goddess of Agriculture and harvest. She is also known as the bringer of seasons and together with her daughter Persephone, is a central figure of the Eleusinian Mysteries. She is also associated with presiding over grains, the fertility of the earth, law and order, afterlife and constellations. Demeter is one of the 5 children that Cronus swallowed in his attempt to protect himself from being overthrown by one of his children, but with their mother, and Cronus' sister and wife, Rhea, protecting Zeus, Cronus was eventually forced to spit his children back out and he was eventually overthrown by Zeus and Cronus's five other children, Hera, Hestia, Hades, Poseidon and Demeter. Demeter had a 9 children from different fathers. Persephone and Zargreus are children of Zeus. Desponia and Arion are from Poseidon. Plutus and Philomelus are sons of the mortal Iason. Eubuleus and Khyrsothemis are children of Karmanor while Amphiteus is the son of Tripolemus.

Invocation To Demeter:

Demeter, Lady of fruits and grains,
Of ripening suns and harvest rains,
I call to you, Mother, to hear my plea--
Bestow Your blessings here on me.
Goddess, who searches in places wild,
To bring home safely Her stolen child,
Who changes the summer's greens to gold,
And causes the cycle of life to unfold,
Beautiful Lady, whose love runs deep,
Who banishes growth during Winter's sleep,
And causes the seeds to stir in Spring,
Attend my circle and blessings bring!


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