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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Invcation To The Angel Of Venus

Invcation To The Angel Of Venus Cover
Use this invocation to ask the archangel of Venus, Anael, to bless and bring harmony to a romantic relationship. Light a candle at Anael's hour (between 9 and 10am) and burn some rose incense. Scatter a few pink rose petals on your altar, and then say the invocation.

THE INVOCATION" Anael, angel of the mystic planet Venus" I light this candle" consciousness opens to receive your divine influence" the blessing of your wisdom and loveliness" envision you descending to meet me as I rise in thought and in spirit to reach your exalted realms" am aware of the exquisite roselight within which you enclose me as in an aura" is as if we come together to meet in a temple of the rose. " I ask that you hear my prayer" that I may receive the benison of your assistance" clear the way" that the love between [your lover's name] and myself might blossom and flourish" help us to draw light from our hearts so that it may be perfectly expressed" body, mind, soul and spirit. " Archangel Anael" have the romantic affairs of humankind under your divine rulership" watch this candle flame burn" behold the strength and the power of the bond of love" overcome all resentment and disharmony" ask that you cleanse our vision of all illusion" that we may see the truth and the beauty in one another" transcend all earthly barriers and limitations. " If this petition is for all good in its conception, " it succeed. " see the archangel Anael pouring out blessings upon us as if from a horn of plenty; " these blessings merge into one brilliant shaft of light, " penetrates the heart of our love " that it may be healed and be whole.

From: Little Book of Love Spells Art by Brenda Boles

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