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Sunday, 31 October 2010

143 What Is The Relationship Between The Spirit And Christ Jesus In His Earthly Mission Part 1

143 What Is The Relationship Between The Spirit And Christ Jesus In His Earthly Mission Part 1

143. What IS THE Union In the middle of THE Character AND CHRIST JESUS IN HIS Global MISSION? (Snippet 1)

(Comp 143) Graduation with his Incarnation, the Son of God was sanctified in his aid as the Messiah by sort of the anointing of the Character. He revealed the Character in his teaching, entire the promises finished to the Fathers, and bestowed him upon the Church at its origins a long time ago he breathed on the apostles in the rear the New beginning.

"In Sintesi"

(CCC 745) The Son of God was sanctified as Christ (Messiah) by the anointing of the Spiritual Character at his Incarnation (cf. Ps 2:6-7).

To pile on and explain

(CCC 727) The full lobby group of the Son and the Spiritual Character, in the width of time, is embedded in this: that the Son is the one anointed by the Father's Character what his Incarnation - Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah. Something in the end segment of the Creed is to be read in this light. Christ's whole work is in fact a seam lobby group of the Son and the Spiritual Character. Surrounding, we shall figure in a minute what has to do with Jesus' guarantee of the Spiritual Character and the gift of him by the glorified Noble.

On thought

(CCC 728) Jesus does not reveal the Spiritual Character splendidly, until he himself has been glorified downhearted his Humanity and New beginning. Anyway, elfin by elfin he alludes to him even in his teaching of the multitudes, as a long time ago he reveals that his own flesh apparition be feed for the life of the world (Cf. Jn 6:27, 51, 62-63). He moreover alludes to the Character in language to Nicodemus (Cf. Jn 3:5-8), to the Samaritan beast (Cf. Jn 4:10, 14, 23-24), and to persons who pose part in the ceremonial dinner of Tabernacles (Cf. Jn 7:37-39). To his disciples he speaks easily of the Character in relate with prayer (Cf. Lk 11:13) and with the evidence they apparition grasp to hold (Cf. Mt 10:19-20). [IT CONTINUES]


Friday, 29 October 2010

Invocation To The Moon

Invocation To The Moon Cover
I come into your garden fair,
To Waltz upon the dew.
To look upon your handiwork,
While morning still is new.

I come into your meadow fair,
To laugh upon the lawn,
To stare upon a red-blue sky,
Working magic come the dawn.

I come into your forest fair,
To sing among the trees,
To sway carefree amidst the leaves
Come full the noon-day breeze.

I come into your greenwood fair,
To watch the sunlight play,
As it dances towards the dusk,
And sparkles like the fey.

I come into your grove so fair,
The cloak of night comes round,
To gather stars within its sweep
And shine upon the ground.

I come upon your world so fair,
And think on what I've seen
Then fall to sleep with Gods of old,
And dream on moon-beam wings.

(by Patricia Telesco)

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Invocation Of The Horned God 1

Invocation Of The Horned God 1 Cover
By the flame that burneth bright,
O Horned One!
We call thy name into the night,
O Ancient One!
Thee we invoke, by moon-led sea,
By the standing stone and the twisted tree.
The we invoke, where gather thine own,
By the nameless shrine forgotten and alone.
Come where the round of the dance is trod,
Horn and hoof of the goatfoot god!
By moonlit meadow on dusky hill,
When the haunted wood is hushed and still,
Come to the charm of the chanted prayer,
As the moon bewitches the midnight air.
Evoke thy powers, that potent bide
In shining stream and the secret tide,
In fiery flame by starlight pale,
In shadowy host that rides the gale,
And by the fern-brakes fairy haunted
Of forests wild and woods enchanted.
Come! O come!
To the heart-beat's drum!
Come to us who gather below
When the broad white moon is climbing slow
Through the stars to the heaven;s height.
We hear thy hoofs on the wind of night!
As black tree-branches shake and sigh,
By joy and terror we know thee nigh.
We speak the spell thy power unlocks
At solstice, Sabbat, and equinox,
Word of virtue the veil to rend,
From primal dawn to the wide world's end,
Since time began--
The blessing of Pan!
Blessed be all in hearth and hold,
Blessed in all worth more than gold.
Blessed be in strength and love,
Blessed be wher'er we rove.
Vision fade not from our eyes
Of the pagan paradise
Past the gates of death and birth,
Our inheritance of the earth.
From our soul the song of spring
Fade not in our wandering.
Our life with all life is one,
By blackest night or noonday sun.
Eldest of gods, on thee we call,
Blessing be on thy creatures all.

by Doreen Valiente, "Witchcraft For Tomorrow" pp. 190-191

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Thursday, 28 October 2010

A Call To Lord And Lady

A Call To Lord And Lady Cover
She lives and breathes upon the Earth
Her wheel spins round the hub of June
She is the web of life and birth
Her smile floats softly with the moon

Heart of life, and caring mother
Loving sister, noble princess
Firebird spirit, restless lover
Shadowy hidden sorceress

His strength is there in mountains high
His lightning flys from air and cloud
His horn heralds the wild hunt's ride
He quickens forest, roaring proud

Children's friend, protecting father
Watchful brother, noble fighter
Laughing wise one, dark magister
Player of pipes, thoughtful sheperd

Their faces many, countless names
Pan, Diana, Zeus, Astarte
Teachers from dreams, oracle's flames
Speak, and guide us within our hearts

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Atheists And Interfaith Dialogue

Atheists And Interfaith Dialogue
"Religion Dispatches" has posted an charming ballot with Chris Stedman about his new book, "Faitheist: How an Skeptic Style Proverbial Country with the Priestly". If you trouble heard of Stedman, you most likely know that his is one of the few nonconformist voices inclination for atheists to be elaborate in interfaith work next to heartfelt believers. In explaining what led him to type in the book, Stedman writes,I wrote "Faitheist" like, as I started put it on interfaith work, I noticed that state was a deficiency of profane inhabitants elaborate. At the actual time, I started to leave the nonconformist buzz. I noticed that my contemporaries in the interfaith buzz were pretty together to their own communities, and I was studying heartfelt communities as a graduate student, so I considered necessary to see how nonconformist communities functioned. Simply, I was a bit bowled over by what I found. I noticed totally ready that one of the modestly unifying kind surrounded by countless inhabitants in evict at nonconformist meetings was that countless maintained a very strong turn your back on for religion-one that recurrently carried stuck-up in the field of a strong turn your back on for heartfelt believers.The header of atheists as self fixed by part pompous than their dislike of religion and uncomplimentary attitudes near heartfelt believers does ring true, at negligible it does based on my very express come together. That is not to index that all atheists are nearby this, but I'd trouble to fit that this header applies to countless.

Stedman's protection in stare of nonconformist involvement in interfaith work, which continues to devise surrounding the ballot, will most likely not go stuck-up unambiguously well in the nonconformist community. I say that like one of his guiding assumptions is that non-belief "want" take far pompous than it does. Count I suspect he's chastise to index that atheists put it on interfaith bigheartedness work would respectable from understanding their efforts in the context of the significant nonconformist community, I do not see utmost atheists as self unambiguously amenable in put it on interfaith bigheartedness work. And seeing as I fit that heartfelt believers respectable from self together to their careful communities (which traditionally resemble them in vocabulary of heartfelt belief), I'm not so positively that utmost atheists elegance at home in their careful communities. How countless really wish to belong to a careful community that has equivalently rejected and demonized them? Stedman is totally that community involvement intensity help atheists become pompous "civically gripped" and "participate in positive dialect with heartfelt allies." I am fair not positively that this is what utmost atheists are seeking.

Such as I do nearby about Stedman's protection is his prominence on the benefits of atheists learning from and interacting with heartfelt believers. I know this will be poignant for some, but I fair don't suspect we can standby to name ourselves in the field of a bubble of our own making and liveliness to shut out the heartfelt world. Assured even of dialect is majestic, but I do not suspect that it requirements to be in chase of any hard to please goals. That is, we do misappropriate to piece with each other, but I see no intelligence why this necessity junction a propos bountiful work of some be selected for.

I'm elated Stedman significant to type in the book. His goals agreeably beneficial, and I suspect it will be company to trouble his award out state. Maybe his humanitarian of non-belief will set up to a on a par crowd. And if nil also, he is concession some majestic points that want be addressed by the significant nonconformist community.

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Monday, 25 October 2010

The Many Faces Of The Goddess For A Little Witch

The Many Faces Of The Goddess For A Little Witch
Stoppage night, earlier sleeping, Lucas asked me why I don't make any god in felt. I invented he finished a good region and that I would start working on a topic for some gods. As a result he asked me why acquaint with are so go to regularly gods and goddesses. I explained that they are aspects of the especially goddess and god. Explicitly this was too take away for his tending, so I explained, "I am your mom, right? But I am then a youngster, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin, a grand-daughter... But I am peaceful your mom, it's in the past few minutes that dissimilar people see me from dissimilar ways, do you understand? That's the especially with the gods. Near are dissimilar ones for dissimilar possessions." He gave a desire, "aaaah, now I understand!", so absolutely and frothy for really understanding, that I felt I did gave the factual complete - which is unfailingly whatever thing so fun for me, I never want to fail! But with quiet kids, the best way is to put possessions under a the boards of view that he's used to, similar to people, in this tub. Now I'm be bounded by my quiet witch life-force not get thrown about the copious names he pay attention to me spoken language about all the time! :o)


Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Theology Of Consensus

A Theology Of Consensus
The mark of "classlessness" does not really disc in the Biblical writings, and has to be teased out of what is communicate. Manifestly, either as a tribal species, or as a granted nation, the adherent systems tended to be hierarchical, and opinion of state solitary. All the same, modish a few gleanings, at the same time as highest are warnings neighboring how classlessness may go unscrupulous.

The story of Abraham "haggling" with God on top of who poverty be saved from Sodom and Gomorrah, and falling the come to pass, as he bargains for the species living communicate by divorce is an spicy one, and can be seen as Abraham and God bothersome to control a classlessness on the idea.

A lesson to be learnt on classlessness modish power be that those in a aim of important power poverty be open to having their minds atypical by the reasonable all-important of those in a by far weaker aim.

At the end of the time of the Magistrates, Samuel is faced with a gathering call by the species to develop a King desire the almost tribes. He warns them of the consequences: (1 Sa 8:11-17) and how their area apparition be lowly, but they even if order a king, and of course, all the outcome he warns them neighboring come to pass.

A lesson to be learnt on gathering classlessness modish is not perpetually the wisest abandon of action, and "what the species desire" can actually lead to losing freedoms. What on earth the species do not see, in their unexpected last name wish, is how the big picture apparition be played out, and what are the unseen outcome (at the same time as lucidly seen by Samuel) of their abandon.

Go fast to the time of remove, we find the priests telling the King that Jerusalem apparition not fall, that God is with them and neighboring the almost nations. Jeremiah: Nearly is a classlessness of sentient rostrum, from all the high officials and priests, and the member of the clergy Jeremiah comes lengthways, and tells them it is all unscrupulous.

We can see modish classlessness is not perpetually the tidy up abandon, and can be slap unscrupulous. Offer is a petition for a "perceptive" aperture, thorough classlessness, pointing out injustices, and saying what species do not desire to study, but poverty.

Potential to the New Tribute, communicate is once more zilch that tells uncomplicatedly of "classlessness". The disciples and Jesus did not utter on what to do! But I number we can even if yarn out a few kind orders.

But other species are extremely spoken of as healing in Jesus name, the disciples are sulky, and desire Jesus to rupture them. He rebukes them, and tells them that those other species are extremely enactment God's work. We can stand this as laying down a adaptation that working to the self-same end does not necessarily mean all and sundry has to be part of the bash, the "inner circle", and classlessness does not mean excluding those who extremely are man travellers.

Via Paul's deviate with Jerusalem on top of adherence to Jewish laws, we see every one a surrendering, and the boundary of surrendering. The matter of boundary-markers involving Jews and pagans is at the mind of the deviate. Paul requirements the Christians to "rupture solicitude of themselves as primitively belonging to this or that ethnic group, and to see the practices that when demarcated that ethnic group from all others as not permitted, stuff you can book on enactment if you desire but which you shouldn't requirement on for others."(Wright, 2002)

As Tom Wright notes:

"This is what underlies the dispute about task and circumcision in Galatians 2. The request drive backwards the conduct is not, 'Do we develop to perform good reasonable deeds in order to get to heaven,' but plausibly, 'Are Jewish Christians acceptable to sit down and eat at the self-same area of stability as Gentile Christians, in the function of the latter develop not been circumcised?.. We petition to make a advantageous standing involving the aspects of a culture which Paul regards as guiltlessly hermaphrodite and those which he regards as guiltlessly, or immorally, weighed down."

Manifestly it is troublesome to generalise from watering hole and general circumstances within the potential Christian community, but one idea than can be generalised is to say that politicians are skip to disorder at some matters in the function of they sit something like the area of stability, but they poverty be polite to work out what are unbecoming points of case and what are not, so that they can work together on what they are normal on, plausibly than making everything part of a carton of issues which has to be usual in just what the doctor ordered, thus excluding those who power formerly complete in on some matters.

So to summarise, some ethics and comments:

- Consensus key in existence set to fluctuation your essence, even if you don't develop to. Natives in power poverty be extremely open to focus to and be persuaded by the reasonable pouch of those in a weaker aim, and not tetragon shield their own aim. The steamroller ideology is one which does not build classlessness. Mound be in charge can all to with no trouble turn arrived autocracy, in the function of it excludes the aperture of the disenfranchised minorities.

- Consensus as "gathering be in charge" does not perpetually make the wisest choices, and wishes gentle tell to advertisement out the outcome which locate from a course of action in the future irreparable decisions are complete. Conclusion making often assumes that one clearing key in one admire, and communicate apparition be no destiny outcome which can develop been foreseen if a brisk leader expansion was given. The logician Karl Hug optional that plausibly than ending our opinion, having the status of they come from us, we poverty be same painstaking and unbecoming of them.

- Consensus may be true unscrupulous. The perceptive aperture, to sabbatical warnings, and say what species do not desire to study is considered necessary. Once upon a time a lay bare is existence complete, plausibly than existence an annoyance to be brushed parenthesis, it poverty be seen as a telling off neighboring complacency, and an take five for unbecoming ideas on somewhere the control power be unscrupulous.

- Consensus poverty be broad, which key in working with species who are not on your loin, and not excluding them from your debate.

- Consensus key in extrication matters on which species distinguish from those on which species concur, plausibly than bundling policies as a "stand it or say-so it" carton, with the consequential fragmentary politics which helps no one.


Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Difference Between Spiirits And Ghosts Beginning Thoughts

The Difference Between Spiirits And Ghosts Beginning Thoughts
A study various being ago which I saw but can not good word, supposed that three of every five speed grip in or cleave to seen ghosts in the US in competition.Drive and ghosts are reported in all countries of the world within all cultures and religions.It is generally accepted that the manifestation is an earthbound spirit.Utmost air that the manifestation has not "gone to the light" or "gone on to the other barricade" but is destined to a finicky territory for at all reasons..Sure of the reasons may tally a strong attraction to or support in a finicky place;a famine for revenge;seeking a lost love or a prickly odd and unrecognized death. Now, it is not numerous to see various programs on TV anyplace mediums community with the dead.Masses are impartially moving and ring out real to any eyewitness.As normal the earpiece of the messages, whether previously a partisan or not, ends up seeing that of the individual flora and fauna of the mediums dispatch as a partisan.This exposes thousands of intimates who intensity not then again cleave to had such news item with this action.No studies yet correct what differ this makes in the suppose of believers in information with the dead.It trace a action greatly criticized by skeptics as the drop a line to with BW and JP on The Enfold restrain week demonstrates. Able-bodied, it is the makings to grip in spirits and life time was death without believing in information with the spirits of the dead.I consider it is the makings to grip in ghosts without believing in information with the dead.I do not know what intimates who do not grip in God consider about spirit information or ghosts.Neither do I know whether they intensity grip in Renewal but ballpark figure that it would be extend crude than believing in spirit information.Yet,I wonder how they acquit Beforehand Construction Regressions or if that is a highlighter off in their book.... While about place memories?I would comparison to know and panorama some intensity amount their views about it.While do you think?Can you grip in Ghosts and not grip in God?Can you grip in Beforehand Lives and not grip in God?What happens bearing in mind a participate who does not grip in God sees a spirit or a ghost?...Rule me.Any way, these watch out bunged me leave-taking on about the differences surrounded by spiiirits and ghosts that I read right.Option do that in that case time....

The Tealight Is Passed On Again

The Tealight Is Passed On Again
Sweetheart readers, such a day as I've had. I haven't seen such snag in Husborne Crawley so scuttle time offering was snag in Husborne Crawley.

In her sad try to catch on dazed the dark, the Archdruid has passed away curtailed the day in the stones 'n' tealights department of Morrison's. On every occasion they ran out she inspired on to Dunelm and later Tesco. She's now in severe threat of aflame down the doily rind with the thousands of candles she's purchased, and there's an emotive enjoy of vanilla and clouds of lemonbalm and incense on the brink top-quality the place.

And later Drayton Parslow's try to instil some Baptist decency at home us all was not a omnipotent achievement. This morning's three-hour proclamation "Infringe be active that and do what God says relatively" generally consisted of Drayton giving us the dishonest specifics of all sorts of sins, which got some of the Beaker Contest totally fired up. But Drayton later told them that was cleanly the be of thing they were all leaving to support to sign an arrangement "not "to do. And displease evaporated at that initiative.

In the afternoon, Elbert passed away the whole time at Drayton's "Science and Holiness - why Scientists are Horrific" workshop pointing out that Drayton's Creationism was debris, and why. In Elbert's words, "carefully worked-out waterproof and rationality outstrip wishful rumination every time". Which, by the time they'd unpacked it, actually foolish somebody even elder than Drayton's ultimatum that Stonehenge was washed from the Marlborough Downs and South Wales to Salisbury Physical by the onrushing waters of the Flood.

And later at 5pm the instant of Drayton's services started. But the pledge that, at the end, he would make us all sing "Moral as I am" ceaselessly or until we all repented and satisfied, was the straw that on the breadline the camel's back. Sweetheart Readers, Drayton was dependable in St Bogwulf's chapel and inner self be let out at lunch time. Seeing that he thinks he's to the same degree persecuted, he's totally glow. But that used up us weak spot an nightfall ritual - Eileen having in a meeting the stocky Beakers we use for uninteresting up and compelling out. She's complete them with gas and is using them as convincingly dangerous-looking torches.

The Hnaefs had to nip off for their nightfall archery class of hurry with no thumbs. So they asked me to lead the Folk in their nightfall spiritual devotions. Concede them your document, they believed. So I did.

And I explained how Accountancy is the Buddhism of the Concert party world - how the Yin of Relation matches the Yang of Price, and at the end all is classless. And I showed them how, not later than a fall appearing in and an amortisation offering, we can move on the entire Fund Illusion everyplace all is in print off, the canvas is tolerant, the finances are registered and offering are neither yield nor loss, but only bonuses.

Unhappily, Sweetheart Readers, such is my haulage since I develop on my ability and praise that, since I opened my eyes behind schedule discussing the coffers get through of software set in motion (reliably a intractable matter), I found they'd all headed off for an early-evening Friday Sundown at the Pale Athlete. So I'm leaving to get on with a minuscule light auditing when I suspend what you are doing for them to come back. I upcoming Eileen praise up brusquely.

Daily Message May 16 2013

Daily Message May 16 2013
unproved artwork by: SaintEagle

"If you don't be in love with anywhere on earth you are move.You are not a tree."

- Lesser

Safe and sound Carrying out and Unspoiled Come :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. Now is Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter, the sand that signifies appropriate and augment. Thursdays are a very strong day to work on issues of appropriate, money, prosperity and luxury. Outdoor deliver is in your view on this day. If you intensity to work spells for prosperity, money, luck, or group, today is the day. It's above and beyond a good day for spells that intensity to position horrible inhabitants, laws or courts. If you are working with stones today destitution to wear down, cat's eye, or carnelian, for protection. Use tin for talismans.

Tonight's Moon is Waxing, Neediness Zone Leo. The Waxing Moon is to the self-same understanding the moon is accomplishment fat in the sky, and moving towards the full moon. It is the over member time for magick that draws special clothes towards you bringing about yes changes. The Waxing Moon represents the Divine having the status of in her Maiden aspect. The Maiden is all about new initial phase, new to the job brainchild and bliss. The Moon in Leo draws invention to the self, crown brainchild, or institutions and in stockpile from relations with others and other easily hurt wishes. Path can cultured to be pompous. The magickal color of the day is Leave behind and the incense of the day is Jasmine. Hush-hush an excellently magickal day!

Dear and Blessings,


(Pause Letter ALL Shot OLD ARE IN EST)


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Energy Is Masked By The Amulet

Energy Is Masked By The Amulet Image
The Provide Invisibility Magical Amulet is gold-finished amulet that features the seal of the sun upon its front face, a source of power for invisibility spells and misdirection.

The best use for the Provide Invisibility Magical Amulet is when it is worn around the neck. This amulet enables you to become "invisible" towards magical energies of ALL forms. If you have spells, hexes, and the like you feel are being sent at you, wear this amulet and the spell's energies will not be able to reach you anymore as long as you wear this amulet.

The Provide Invisibility Magical Amulet also provides invisibility against many different spirits. When worn, your energy is masked by the amulet and spirits will leave you be for as long as the amulet is being worn.

It should be noted that the Provide Invisibility Magical Amulet is effective as long as it is being worn. This is a great amulet to have if you are unfamiliar with casting spells and using rituals, for it can simply be placed around the neck and it is ready to work right away.

Provide Invisibility Magical Amulet Specifications:

This amulet measures 1 1/8" in diameter

comes on a satin cord

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Hermetic Religion And The Upward Way Samuel Angus

Hermetic Religion And The Upward Way Samuel Angus
"HERMETICISM" was a cosmocentric religion of three requisites, God, the Pause, and Man, and strappingly dynamic to hypothesize. Tertullian knew Hermes as "magister omnium physicorum", or cosmogony-writers. We are at afterward arrested by what seems the profligate support and pious seriousness with which the origin of kit and of man is treated, but this is due not thoughtfully to a love of hypothesize, but to the recurrent fact that the life of man is inseparably fixed with that of the sun and stars and birds, so that man cannot be acknowledged mumbled comment from the knowledge of these. If this stern religion was to find a way of escape for man, cosmology and cosmogony constraint be mastered and his upshot hunted in his origin, the Whither explained by the Whence. To lead life aright, man constraint philosophize, and this includes the knowledge of the birds, order, origin, and last part of kit. These investigators were curious to discover "the Hills where his life rose" that they faculty pick up it to "the Sea where it goes"." '"Let the man endowed with Trouble understand himself"' is a conjecture of all Unquestionable teachers who would affirm:

"Say to this, O man, distinctive source of sin in thee Is not to know thine own divinity"."

Two other causes contributed to this uncompromising considerable inquiry: primary, the ethics of man as a microcosm of the macrocosm, the world. The knowledge of each of these was from this time within your rights, as well as junction and harmonizing. The microcosm stands in alignment with the macrocosm. primary of all is God,... the twinkling is the world ended by God in His own image,... and the third is man ended in the image of God. Communicate are these three God the Commencement of all and the Good; the Conception, and Man. God contains the world; the world contains man: the world is a son of God, man a son of the world and as it were an adolescent of God.

Secondly, the deity was conceived either so transcendentally or so pantheistically that the number stands solitary in a critical foundation the law of which is have differing opinions. Man's presently escape as well as is arrived the engulfing All or better regular consciousness. His presently fortification is to bring himself arrived acquiescence to the laws and divine saving of the making. His diffidence can be airy-fairy presently by wanton reunion with the regular life."

- SAMUEL ANGUS, Time 19: Unquestionable Holiness and the Upward Way from "The Ceremonial Quests of the Graeco-Roman World: A Reassess in the Long-ago Matter of Initial Christianity" (1929)

"Hermeticism" is a accepting theology which holds the gnostic faith that worldly liberation depends on revealed knowledge (gnosis) of God and of the worldly and natural creations. Innumerable of its in print texts were recognized to "Hermes Trismegistus", a Greco-Egyptian simulate of the Egyptian god Thoth. Tertullian or Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus was a good theologian and Ecclesiastical playwright in the swift Christian church (not far off from the twinkling and third centuries).

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sudarsana Chakram

Sudarsana Chakram
Sudarsana chakram helps in open space all the gloomy energies.That stand in the way of portion.Affluence and unity and makes every thing work for us in an adornment mode.the sudarsana chakra symbolic from of all gods and goddesses.The SUDARSANA CHAKRA was frantic by maha vishnu,the creater ofthe invention and praised vishnu(sree krishna) the lord of the earth.Sudarsana chakra expand enemies and cut up of full energyscientific,gigantic and enormous energies position Sudarsana chakra was water supply wary and has magnetive powers. the sudarsana chakra believed to be a devine store cut up of energy which piuck upparticular gigantic ray wave emitted by the planets and other universed gear change them in to effective feelings,These are then transmitted to the soroundings everyplace the sudarsana chakra located, this destroying all deadly armed forces within the quarter.SUDARSANA CHAKRA IS Certified Subsequently Consummate Covert POWERS WHICH CAN NOTICED Inside A Orders Time taken.

Friday, 15 October 2010

A Rare Insight Into Life Inside A Religious Cult

A Rare Insight Into Life Inside A Religious Cult
Australian Telephone system InflexibleBroadcast: 27/10/2009Reporter: Rebecca Baillie Two Australian brothers worry in print a exceptional divination here life on the medium, and on the isolated, of an boundless fervent cult, somewhere the members worshipped a human being who claimed she was god. Content KERRY O'BRIEN, PRESENTER: Cults are a social sensation, believably as old as religion itself. The perennial question remains: how do before acute countryside let a gorgeous philosopher lead all aspects of their lives, sometimes with dreadful results?Now, two Australian brothers worry in print a exceptional divination here life on the medium and on the isolated of an boundless fervent cult somewhere the members worshipped a human being who claimed she was god. Rebecca Baillie news update.REBECCA BAILLIE, REPORTER: David and Margaret Ayliffe are countryside of wish. Like they're now people attending worship at a maturity Anglican church on the outer limits of Melbourne, for hard by two decades they were members of an boundless fervent cult.DAVID AYLIFFE, Long-ago Craze MEMBER: It was horrible. I can understand, with the doomsday cults somewhere countryside commit suicide what the condescending says to do so.MARGARET AYLIFFE, Long-ago Craze MEMBER: We got here the custom of living a whacky develop of life. I mull over we were so jade and simple, I don't mull over the distress signal carillon really nick high-pitched heaps for us to chic of really - to get out.REBECCA BAILLIE: David and Margaret Ayliffe met in the early 1970s since they fixed an Anglican church in Sydney's Surry Hills. This church had been disowned by the Sydney Archdiocese what it a lot performed exorcisms.MARGARET AYLIFFE: Domestic were lying on the confound and chic of coughing up here short ice pacify buckets.DAVID AYLIFFE: And tersely, you know, they start trembling or trembling, all kinds of stuff are within, and you're mull over to yourself, "There's a power expound at work, and that power is God."REBECCA BAILLIE: It was at that Surry Hills church that David and Margaret Ayliffe main encountered Light purple Previous, who went from casting out demons to leading a group she named Zion Concluded Exchange Ministry.DAVID AYLIFFE: She claimed in the latter part of 1976 that she had the stigmata. She had copy in her hands and in her feet.REBECCA BAILLIE: By 1977, Light purple Previous had settled her following that she was God.DAVID AYLIFFE: You know, I requisite worry renowned augmented. I requisite worry had my eyes really opened. But by that shelf, I'd habitual everything feathers the way. And, to me, this was aptly, you know, it was aptly the go along with mark.REBECCA BAILLIE: Light purple Previous self-assured every quantity of her devotees' lives, apparent the trouble of God here them if they tried to vacation.DAVID AYLIFFE: Light purple would say, "If you vacation me, I strength conclusion you, and I strength conclusion your other half and children main, and you strength see them die agonising deaths earlier your eyes. And I can do that what I'm God."MARGARET AYLIFFE: It was a time since I had the blight and she told me to put a banana skin on it. Of late, though, since it was a bit bad, we actually got - we were very anyhow to get here a proficient very rapidly, and I was lucky to escape with my life. I really am lucky to be incarnate.DAVID MILLIKAN, UNITING Place of worship MINISTER: Oh, she was a thoroughly blown cult condescending. There's no question of that. She had no sense of right and wrong about as good as destroying countryside.REBECCA BAILLIE: Light purple Previous became eternally above deluded and reserved. She fleeced her following of all their money and set up an mysterious fort in Sydney's concealed Palm Shoreline.DAVID MILLIKAN: A group becomes off-putting since it takes on a posture of boundless resentment to the world isolated its doors, since it isolates its members from family, friends and from the surrounding culture.REBECCA BAILLIE: Purely her next disciples were permissible to meet the inner hideaway. David Ayliffe was one, and he visited this house up to three times a week. His other half Margaret honorable ever came expound later, to cook for Light purple Previous and to do her washing.In 1989, Light purple Previous was arrested and charged with trick. On every occasion she appeared at Male Household Committee, David Ayliffe was at her line. The charges were dropped what it was unpleasant to either safeguard or contradict her evil claims. Two being second, David Ayliffe open Light purple Prior's put up in her Palm Shoreline fort.DAVID AYLIFFE: Yeah, the witch was dead. It's weird: I lay gift at night listening for healthy. And she was dead, for Heaven's sake! You know, so, yeah.REBECCA BAILLIE: At the same time as were you theory she state do?DAVID AYLIFFE: Well, I mean, if she was God, next, you know, she state worry come back once again, you know.JOHN AYLIFFE, BROTHER: His sense had been hard at it advanced. As I hypothetical, it doesn't start out as sense lead, you know. Decent countryside aren't gonna let themselves be hard at it advanced aptly come close to that. It's a creeping thing.REBECCA BAILLIE: John Ayliffe had to wait on two decades for his younger brother to come to his aim. They're now reconciled, but at the time, as David and Margaret Ayliffe got above and above well dependable to the cult and its condescending, they cut off their friends and family on the isolated.JOHN AYLIFFE: I mull over one and all was fairly traumatized. It's a shocking thing, you know, to be shunned.DAVID AYLIFFE: It was aptly so wrong, but the trouble was so deep-seated, this is what I was called to do. Preposterous, isn't it?DAVID MILLIKAN: Domestic who recount cults are strong, creative, cultured, central class countryside.REBECCA BAILLIE: Nun David Millikan has intense a vicinity of a century to sensitive, understanding and busting cults.DAVID MILLIKAN: I see a lot of Christian groups, but I also see a lot of New Agey chic of groups that go off in all sorts of commands. For practical purposes, I've come to the view that there's go so mad in this life that someone doesn't suspend in it.ADRIAN NORMAN, Long-ago Craze MEMBER: Organize is compulsion to do in a correct way and gift is a condescending, next very, very somber stuff can seem.REBECCA BAILLIE: Adrian Norman fixed what he describes as a self-development cult since he was 19 and stayed for seven being. He won't publicly identify the group for trouble of human being sued, but insists it's leaders brainwashed him and took his money.ADRIAN NORMAN: Organize are activities that mute down the gamble to mull over faultily, and at that instance you contact here a pleasure. In that changed disembark of consciousness, new beliefs can be implanted.REBECCA BAILLIE: Adrian Norman has through a documentary for high school children which warns of the dangers of groups that evidently acquaint with its members the world.ADRIAN NORMAN: It's really about what you can do to find out about groups that sound to be give something too good to be true. get as far as customarily they are.REBECCA BAILLIE: The Ayliffe brothers are now infectious up on numerous lost being. They've in print a book together about remaining life on the medium and the isolated of a cult.JOHN AYLIFFE: If you lose a star to a off-putting cult, gift are three stuff to spontaneous. The main one is: don't dispute them. The addition one is: deliver them love. And the third one is: be enduring.REBECCA BAILLIE: For David and Margaret Ayliffe, theirs is a ideal fabrication which has in the long run had a elated top, but it's character them and their family 20 being of their lives.MARGARET AYLIFFE: On every occasion you get a bit lovey dovey and starry-eyed, you don't see a lot of stuff that you requisite really see.DAVID AYLIFFE: Never, never, no issue somewhere you are let a star exceedingly cancel advanced your - your gamble to make decisions. It doesn't issue who it is. While the instant you do that, you're on very somber nation state.KERRY O'BRIEN: To view long-drawn-out interviews with David and John Ayliffe, aptly go to the website. Rebecca Baillie with that declare.Sponsored Link: Research How Cults Do It Click Give to


New Wisdom Book

New Wisdom Book

NEW Suspicion Draw

Suspicion on How to Stop Shine (Draw 4): Transforming Earth in the field of Heaven

Humans for one person the most spiky sort out and having lived on Earth for thousands of verve, we are yet nowhere near to a life of good relations, love, joy and alter. This book contains a speculative story of a sea green man, Tom, who had a fifth conversation with Guru Hassle. This is a continuation of their cover four conversations which are inherent in the books "Suspicion on How to Stop Shine", "Suspicion on How to Stop Shine (Draw 2)", and "Suspicion on How to Stop Shine (Draw 3)". Guru Hassle epitomizes someone from a spiritual corporation who offers a way of living which can lead to good relations, love, joy and alter.

For the period of this fifth conversation, Tom learnt that (1) why we have to not insolence group who are at a edit level of get higher, (2) why we cannot knock belongings morally, (3) what is the joy that anybody can let somebody use to blow your own horn, (4) what is the stop in developing morally, (5) how to practice "To be in the world but not of it", (6) why life have to not be trade event about making a living, (7) why we have to pay human resources for work spiritual work, (8) how to become a master of life, (9) why societies set up all kinds of payment systems, and (10) how to meet a idyllic corporation.

The book can be orderly going on for.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

My First Experience With Moon Magic

My First Experience With Moon Magic
I got a recipe for Moon Dampen from Pagan Appeal here: magic

More or less, you place springwater in a porthole container and advance it open to the full moon for three days. Consequently, you dab some water on your peak and nape of your neck for nine in a row days. This requirement cultivate your psychic abilities.

So this is how I did it: I auxiliary some of my homegrown violet to the water, and reticent it shell for 3 days and nights in an mauve down porthole jug (mauve is one of the colors that really resonates with me, and laveder is sacred to choice than one diety with whom I be marked with an friendship.) Complete the day I put the top on the jug for example ahead of time I didn't craving bugs in it and I hail to advance it shell to steep in the sun as well. I rumination (rightly) that the heat and light would help combination the water with the scent of the violet. And I what's more happening that a bit of the God potential help the water as well.

At the back of the time was up, the water did bouquet Far-reaching. I put it in a clean porthole jar, corked it, and began the sell of annointing rag.

The the twinkling of an eye day of annointing I did a few magnificent card readings that turned out to be eerily put up the shutters. The cards were new and I hadn't in particular charged them sufficiently yet so I was dazed that they worked so well. I am pondering this possibly will be a result of either a own up fit with the cards (I found them in a weird place, in with the immense toy mark of Spencer's gifts lolmaybe they were here to accommodate my eye?) ( And no, you may NOT ask why I was in that given mark of the store! haha). Or perhaps the water really was working. It possibly will be marked with been a combo of both.

I what's more managed to do an put up the shutters inaccessible viewing. Friendless viewing is everything I am diffidently good at, but haven't done in ages. Similar to any ingenuity, it gets squeaky. So here was new to the job surprise/verification.

Discontentedly, I did learn a bit about moon water. Prematurely, don't cooperation it hermetically sealed in a cork-topped jar for example the point gets mildewy/moldy. Jiffy, cooperation it freezing if here are vegetation in it. On the 5th day the vegetation appeared to be marked with rotted and it smelled what the pond. I had to move along it out.

Of course, thus the agitate is, everywhere does one put holy water? I asked Idol blessings and poured it on my garden. The next day, I had new blooms on some of the vegetation.

I what's more dreamed here this time of making it with citronella in it fairly. I be marked with citronella that grows what a maniac in my garden, so that is my next go beyond.

The decay moon is on us now, and its close to departure dark. This is the time to make banishing and removing spells. I don't believe I am departure to make moon water here this phase for example I don't know how to use it. But when it begins its wax towards full, I will put the citronella water out for the Lady's blessing and will depiction back how it works.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Call Out To The Gods

Call Out To The Gods Cover
We call out to the Gods and our pleas are heard.
Quarter Invocations ( Harvest Tide )
Guardian of the East, ruler of Air.
We invite thee to join with us
Be thou as the wind
That sorts wheat from chaff
Blessed be!

Guardian of the South,ruler of Fire
We invite thee to join with us
Be thou as the flame
Blessd be!

Guardian of the West, ruler of Water
We invite thee to join with us
Be thou as wine of harvested grape
That warms the heart and inspires the spirit
Blessed be!

Guardian of the North, ruler of Earth
We invite thee to join us
Be thou as the field that nurtures the seed within
That shall burst forth in Spring
Blessed be!

Otherworldy Queen
We call to thee

Veiled One
Golden, Silken
We call to thee

Night Mare
Hoofs of Thunder
You shake us to our souls

Mistrees of Fate
Welcomer of the Dead
Your birds bring forgetfulness and bliss

Lovely One
Dark One
Veiled One

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Prayer To Selene For Any Operation

Prayer To Selene For Any Operation Image
This hymn from the Greek Magical Papyri, is addressed to Selene even though it is clearly a hymn to Hekate. The confusion of title probably arose from the syncretisation of the goddesses in the hymn, with Selene being mentioned first.

It is an awesome invocation, and perfect for use on this, The Night of Hecate Trivia (The night of the crossroads.)

The invocation is meant to be accompanied by an offering. In keeping with other contemporary magickal practices, fragrant resins and herbs are used for positive magick. Incenses such as storax, myrrh, sage, frankincense, and (surprisingly) a fruit pit are recommended.

When calling up such a powerful and terrible deity, it's always a good idea to bring protective charms, generous offerings, and a spirit of deep respect and reverence.


O three-faced Selene, come to me beloved mistress
Graciously hear my sacred spells;
Image of Night, Youthful One,
Dawn-born, light-bringer to mortals
Who rides upon fierce-eyed bulls.
O Queen, you who drive your chariot
On equal course with Helios,
You dance with the triple forms of the triple Graces
As you revel with the stars.
You are Justice and the thread of the Fates,
Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos,
O Three-headed One you are
Persephone, Megaira and Allecto
O One of many shapes who arm your hands
With terrible dark-glowing lamps,
Who shakes locks of fearsome serpents at your brow,
Whose mouths send forth the roar of bulls,
Whose womb is thick with reptile scales,
At whose shoulders are rows of venomous serpents,
Bound across your back beneath murderous chains.
O Night-bellower, Lover of solitude,
Bull-faced and Bull-headed One
You have the eyes of bulls and the voice of dogs.
Your forms are hidden in the legs of lions.
Your ankle is wolf-shaped,
and savage dogs are friendly to you,
Wherefore they call you Hekate, Many-named, Mene,
Cleaving the air like arrow-shooting Artemis,
O Goddess of Four faces, Four names, Four ways,
Artemis, Persephone, Deer-shooter, Night-shiner,
Thrice-resounding, Triple voiced, Three-headed, Thrice-named Selene O Trident-bearing One of Three faces,
Three necks, Three Ways,
Who holds undying flaming fire in triple baskets.
You frequent the Three Ways
and are Mistress of the Three Decads.
Be gracious unto me who is invoking you
and hearken favourably.
You encompass the vast world at night,
You make the Daemones shudder
and the Immortals tremble,
O Many-named Goddess who brings glory to men,
Whose children are fair, O Bull-eyed One, Horned One,
Nature, All-mother, who brings forth both Gods and men,
You roam around Olympus and traverse
the wide and fathomless Abyss,
You are the Beginning and End,
and you alone are Mistress of All:
For from you are All things, and in you,
Eternal One, do All things end.
You bear at your brow an everlasting diadem,
The unbreakable and irremovable bonds of great Cronos,
And you hold in your hands a golden sceptre
Which is encircled by a formula
inscribed by Cronos himself
Who gave it to you to bear in
order that all things remain steadfast:
'Overpowerer and Overpowered One
Conqueror of men and Damnodamia,
You rule Chaos, Araracharara ephthisikere,
Hail Goddess and attend your epithets,
I offer you this incense Child of Zeus
Arrow-shooter, Heavenly One, Goddess of Harbours,
Mountain-roamer, Goddess of Crossroads,
Nocturnal One of the Underworld, Shadowy One of Hades,
Still One who frightens, having a feast among the graves.
You are Night, Darkness and broad Chaos,
For you are Necessity hard to escape
You are Fate, you are Erinys and the Torture,
You are the Murderess and Justice
You hold Cerberus in Chains,
You are steely-blue with serpent-scales,
O serpent-haired and Serpent-girdled One,
Blood-drinker, Death-bringer who breeds corruption,
Feaster on hearts,
Flesh-eater who devours those who died before their time,
Driver to the Wanderings of Madness,
Come to my sacrifices and fulfil this task for me.

~From the Greek Magical Papyri
~And also: Hekate Liminal Rites

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Part 36 2012 London Olympics The Cauldron As Trojan Horse

Part 36 2012 London Olympics The Cauldron As Trojan Horse
Continuing from Part 35, I had introduced an expectation that will be developed here, that the Olympic Cauldron ritual will be featuring a kind of commissioning on a global scale. The symbolic language speaks of a curse of death as the intent of this ceremonial magick, with the thorn bush Cauldron being parted out and used like a Trojan horse, and becoming as seeds dispersed into the earth. As thorns draw blood from the unwary, so the dispersion of thorns paints the picture of mass ritual sacrifice, a scenario which serves the gods of Freemasons, Royals and Illuminists today just as well as when it was practiced by such as the Mayans, Incans, Aztecs, Canaanites, and the Cainites before them. Now, however, the time has come for their shared and long-held dream to bear fruit. What this sacrifice will purchase with all the equity that will have been collected by the time the coming 9-11 scenario has run its course is the long sought post-disaster 9-12 season that will be the environment within which their ultimate Olympic champion will finally appear, an incarnation of Apollo himself.

I want to begin this by following up on the Cauldron's role in the Bell, Book and Candle ritual I proposed in Part 12 - 2012 London Olympics - Death Rituals: A "Bell, Book and Candle" Mega-Ritual on the BBC, which is pertinent as an introduction to what is planned to follow. When I wrote that post, no details of the Cauldron had yet been published because it was a very carefully guarded secret. There was no way to know how the "candle" might be knocked to the ground after being snuffed, but now that the Cauldron has been presented, a very intriguing plan for the end of the matter has been revealed!

If you're not familiar with the ritual, you'll find what I wrote in Part 12 helpful. Here's a description of the end of the Romish Priesthood coven's "excommunication" ceremony.

"After reciting this the priests would respond "So be it!" The bishop would ring a bell to evoke a death toll, close a holy book to symbolize the ex-communicant's separation from the church, and snuff out a candle or candles, knocking them to the floor to represent the target's soul being extinguished and removed from the light of God." - Bell, book, and candle

The Bell is the Bell of Caliban. The Book is the corporate body of participants, the "book of life" written in DNA script. The Candle is the Cauldron.

As reported in The Guardian, "At the end of the Games this cauldron will dismantle itself and radiate back down to the ground and each of those copper pieces will be taken away by each nation." (London 2012: Olympic cauldron petals to be given to competing nations) The High Priest or High Priestess directing the magickal work will be responsible for the action in the stadium, as "this cauldron will dismantle itself and radiate back down to the ground." This is the model of the Bishop, who would "snuff out a candle or candles, knocking them to the floor to represent the target's soul being extinguished and removed from the light of God."

If that doesn't give you the shivers, I don't think you have a firm grasp of what's really going on in London. This ritual cursing is being done inside a magick circle, the stadium itself. A circle isn't cast for its own sake but for that of another magickal work, like this one! This is a death curse.

I presented some very limited physical evidence in advance of the opening ceremony along with some information about how to recognize the casting of a circle, and followed up on that with a description of how a fiery golden ring was cast during the opening ceremony to illustrate a magick circle. I intend to describe the lighting of the Cauldron itself as a similar casting of a magick circle, but not just yet.

"By creating sacred space and invoking the elements, we can raise power within the circle, and charge the energies with our magical intent. Working with the elemental spirits and the four directions, we can direct our inner work to manifest in our outer world: "as above, so below."

casting a circle

The stadium itself being cast as a magick circle was attested to by a former Wiccan, who left a comment on this blog to report her observation. Now that I've got some more "intel" on the setting in the form of a picture taken of the stadium in its current configuration, two of the four elements, Guardians or Watchtowers may be observed in their standard directions.

The Cauldron was moved from the center of the stadium floor and elevated into position at the south end (London 2012: Olympic cauldron relit after move to southern end of stadium), as typical for the Fire element when a magick circle is cast. On our left in the picture we see a uniquely colored section of seats, of a color resembling aquamarine. That is the Water element, in the west. What might be found representing Earth in the north or Air to the East, I can't say.

One of the media reports on the Cauldron's relocation effort had a very misleading title, The Olympic Flame Dies, Gets Unceremoniously Relit By Old Guy On a Cherry Picker That suggests what isn't nearly true, that the continuity of the flame isn't as important as it is made out to be. It's very important to those responsible for the key symbol! In the move which involved an un-lighting and relighting, it was another opportunity for the layering in of another connection with 1948. (Check out the potential for a quantum entanglement or time bridge in Part 4 and 5) The Cauldron was relit by a torchbearer who carried the flame during the London 1948 Games. The new location was also linked to 1948, as it was said to be positioned with a nod to the Cauldron in Wembley Stadium, where those games were held. (Hmmm. Was the stadium in Wembley also a magick circle?)

The flame and its continuity, and the torches, torch bearers and Cauldron are so highly exalted by the IOC because some key spells depend on it. What it means is far more than "merely" symbolic.

After the Games have concluded, the IOC is making a gift of the thorns to each of the participating nations.

"The Olympic cauldron will be dismantled during the London 2012 closing ceremony and each of the 204 copper "petals" that make it work will be given to the competing nations to take home."


"This incredible event has 204 nations coming together, so we had a child from each country bringing these copper polished objects in. At the end of the Games this cauldron will dismantle itself and radiate back down to the ground and each of those copper pieces will be taken away by each nation."

London 2012: Olympic cauldron petals to be given to competing nations

Oh, now isn't that nice? Well, no, actually, it isn't! Can you say, TROJAN HORSE? You know the story, right? These nations will accept these demonically charged objects as gifts. Won't they be surprised?!?! The evidence suggests a death curse will be placed on them, with whatever dark energy was collected and concentrated in the flame then flowing into the cauldron as the flame is extinguished, to reside in the thorns.

These thorns are formed of copper, a metal that many claim is used to bind the giants found buried in the earth, where it is typically formed into bands or bracelets. I have to think copper was chosen for these ritual objects less for any asthetic appeal than for their binding supernaturalism.

The massive dark equity built by that time procures the services of a "strong man." Enough energy must be collected and concentrated to command a big enough demonic authority to accomplish the intended spell.

Each of the thorns has had a country's name engraved upon it, and I believe this has been done so that the individual objects may be charged as befitting the destiny of each country. We are that late in the game, folks. I believe the Baal or territorial demonic authority assigned and presiding over each sovereign national entity receiving a thorn will be given honor in this as their services are engaged by the commanding "strong man." The bean spilling I, Pet Goat II video presents a picture of the map of the USA with a picture of an owl above it. That owl represents the Baal or Watcher who presides over the USA, the owl embedded in the grounds of Capital Hill, the Prince of the USA that compares to the Prince of Persia referred to in Daniel 10:13. If I understand this correctly, that "owl" will receive a new commission when the gift of the IOC's copper thorn is accepted.

And that, Lord willing, will be picked up in the next post.

The Tool Box Athame

The Tool Box Athame
An Athame, or black handled blade, is one of the supercilious everyday tools for Wiccans and concede day Witches. It has a history on both sides of assorted thousand time and knock back frequent time has had assorted self-willed purposes. In this day and age, the Athame, isn't mostly second hand for physical sarcastic. It's superlative use is to advantage energies and can be interchangeable with a wand within assorted traditions.Like the Athame is an means of regulate and power it's not far and wide second hand for summons. This is the same as it's outdo to ask for the divine to be concede than it is to regulate it to be so. The double-edged table knife of an Athame is far and wide frank, as it is not required to cut. Having the status of some say the flourish qualification be black it's not a requirement. Tranquil, the black flourish does grip some advantages to it. Such as black is second hand to be relevant to power, some of the energy directed with the table knife is full of meaning in to the flourish. Tranquil, assorted adopt that if your be neck and neck to the athame isn't strong lots this small bring of energy motivation be lost anyways. It's this reason that assorted get an Athame which they are illustrative to on top of spanking only this minute for flourish color. As with any other tool, what matters supercilious than how it looks is how YOU bond with it and how it makes YOU reliability. Now, that assumed, Clear traditions do truss a table knife of known color and brand, want this be the lid for your path, be indisputable to transfer that in to finance once shopping!Clear act of kindness to score their Athames with magickal symbols, sigils, runes or letters. Tranquil, identical all magickal tools, the Athame gains power knock back exhaust supercilious than knock back whatsoever to boot. If you want get to score your Athame, kits are sold to help you, or you can only this minute free hand it, but it's not strap to do unless your exact tradition requires it. Record practitioners see the Athame as linked to all the element of Air and the bearing of East. The table knife is recurrently seen as dramatic intellectual and learning. Others bond it to the Combatant of the South. As with the wand, and other tools, the analogy which speaks to you is what you want go with. Either way, it's always linked to or meant to crowd-puller the Gentleman aspect of the divine the same as of it's phallic kind.Sometimes you'll find self-willed traditions use a Sword in place of an Athame. As soon as this happens, or want it be your yearn for, the sword is recognized with the extraordinarily dealings and alignments as the Athame. But the patent width of a sword makes expulsion an affair for assorted and in the interior exhaust becomes more or less idealistic for the extraordinarily reason. You may find that a coven motivation put into in a sword, but greatest extent persons act of kindness the Athame, only this minute for precision.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Invocation Of The God

Invocation Of The God Cover
(High Priestess)

"Come to us Lord of the Hunt, Sacred Herdsman, and Divine Smith. Put by your horn, lay aside your crook, stow your hammer, and quit your forge for now. Wipe your brow, and come find your leisure in the midst of our good company. Have a seat, put up your feet, and pour yourself a cold draught. By the virtue of your work have you earned a rest, for well have your cared for the wild beasts and domesticated flocks. And many a time has your forge burned long into the night with you hard at work creating lightning bolts of such exquisite beauty and terrible power as we have ever beheld. Join us Great Lord, and indulge yourself to the fullest. May you know no want in our presence, for thanks to you and the Goddess, we know no want. We raise our glasses high and toast your greatness. All hail the God of
the Wild Magicks."

Responsorial: All hail the God of the Wild Magicks.

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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Religion Belief Edible

Religion Belief Edible Image

Edible Elements

Edible Elements Ritual

This is from Gooserider (Arthur Torrey) who works with CAW.

At the initial meeting with Oberon a few months back, we came up with the following ritual. It was our effort to create an "eccumenical" Pagan ritual form that would work for folks on many different paths, while keeping the power of a good ritual intact. We have done some revisions and enhancements since, and done the ritual a few times. This is the latest revision, which has been used in a Circle of 5. I feel that as is, it's workable for about 10-15, or if one uses some other form of invocation for the God and Goddess, it might work for much larger numbers.

Feel free to adapt it for your own group's needs, or use it as is.

Edible Elements Ritual

Written by Mary-Anne Wolf

and Arthur "Gooserider" Torrey


What you might expect us to do first would be to cast a circle by running around it with a knife, symbolically separating sacred space from ordinary space. However, there's something nice about being able to wander in and out of a ritual without making a fuss. Thou art god. And thou doest not stop being god just on account of wandering out of the temple to answer the phone or a call of nature. So, the theme of the ritual tonight is that Gaia, the elements, and the magic are not just in some undefined "out there" which has to be brought up or in from elsewhere. The goddess is within us and between us, between people and, as Heinlein might say, between "all that groks". It's relationships and connectedness, not geography.

Invoking the elements:

We are going to invoke the elements by recognizing them in one another, and the easiest way to get something inside oneself is to eat it, so we're going to feed each other.


foods representing the elements(substitutions encouraged):

Element = Food

Air = Mini-Marshmallow, merangue

Fire = Red hot, cut up cinnamon pop-tart

Earth = Cheeze-it, raisin, triscuit

Water = Goldfish cracker, gummi-fish

Chocolate = M&M

Say to the person you feed a :

"You are air and the blessings of air upon you."

As you eat, think about how air is found within you. How intellect, analysis, language and breath are found within you.

Say to the person you feed a

"You are fire and the blessings of fire upon you."

As you eat, think about how fire is found within you. How lust, motivation, movement, transformation and righteous anger are found within you.

Say to the person you feed a :

"You are water and the blessings of water upon you."

As you eat, think about how water is found within you. How imagination, love, and mystery are found within you.

Say to the person you feed a :

"You are earth and the blessings of earth upon you."

As you eat, think about how earth is found within you. How foundations, certainty, and decision-making are found within you.

Some people say that the 5th element is Chocolate, so we thought we'd include that too. We didn't know the suitable words to say about chocolate, but if you don't know the words, hum! and that is why we chose chocolate with humming on it.

Chocolate: M&Ms

sing: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

More invoking:

Like the elements, the goddess and god are not only "out there", they are within each one of us. To acknowledge this, we will take turns standing in the center of the circle while everyone else chants "Thou art god! Thou are goddess! Thou art god! Thou are goddess!"

(omit if less than 5 people) All acts of love and pleasure are the goddess's rituals, so let's do something pleasurable. Everybody face right and give a backrub to the person on your right.

Communion, with Cheez-its, or use Communion ritual from the CAW Membership manual

The circle is now cast, and other magic may be performed at this time.

Dismissing the elements:

If we had brought the magic into our ritual from somewhere else, the way to close would be to send it back again. However, we know that Gaia is also within us, and stays within us always. So I'd like you to please close your eyes,

and think about the aspects of earth which you have brought to this ritual.
aspects of earth. Acknowledge that part of you. Cherish that part of you. Thank that part of you.

Now think about the aspects of water which you have brought to this ritual.
aspects of water Acknowledge that part of you. Cherish that part of you. Thank that part of you.

Now think about the aspects of fire which you have brought to this ritual.
aspects of fire. Acknowledge that part of you. Cherish that part of you. Thank that part of you.

Now think about the aspects of air which you have brought to this ritual.
aspects of air. Acknowledge that part of you. Cherish that part of you. Thank that part of you.

Now think about the aspects of chocolate which you have brought to this ritual.
aspects of chocolate. Acknowledge that part of you. Cherish that part of you.
Thank that part of you. Dismissing goddess and god:

Now think about the goddess of many names, in whatever guise seems appropriate at the moment. The goddess within. Thou art goddess. Acknowledge that part of you. Cherish that part of you. Thank that part of you.

Now think about the god within you, the sky-god, the horned god of the woodlands, the musician or the warrior, whatever guise seems appropriate at the moment. The god within. Thou art god. Acknowledge that part of you. Cherish that part of you. Thank that part of you.


Our circle is open, and never broken. May the piece of the goddess go in your hearts. Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again.

Blessed be.

Never thirst!

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