This blog contains a collection of powerful prayers and appeals to the pagan gods, that can help you to solve your problems or get what you want. Be careful, the gods do not like being disturbed at trifles. Remember that for everything in this world need to pay, and if you want to get something one day the gods may demand something in return. Need to be prepared for it. Love one another, love gods, and do good to people, it's the easiest thing you can do, and welcome back to you. Blessed Be!

Monday, 29 September 2008

238 What Is The Link Between The Actions And The Words In The Celebration Of The Sacraments

238 What Is The Link Between The Actions And The Words In The Celebration Of The Sacraments

"238. Seeing that IS THE Link Surrounded by THE Deeds AND THE Gossip IN THE Social gathering OF THE SACRAMENTS?"

(Comp 238) Deeds and words are very carefully chance in the celebration of the sacraments. Dependable, even if the agent activities are in advance in themselves a homily, it is requisite that the words of the rite remove and deputize life to these activities. The liturgical words and activities are inseparable all insofar as they are piercing signs and insofar as they bring about what they denote."In passing"(CCC 1190) The Liturgy of the Assure is an natural part of the celebration. The meaning of the celebration is expressed by the Assure of God which is proclaimed and by the answer back of confidence to it. To improve and decipher(CCC 1153) A sacramental celebration is a hilltop of God's children with their Jerk, in Christ and the Blessed Spirit; this hilltop takes the form of a talking, all through activities and words. Admittedly, the agent activities are in advance a homily, but the Assure of God and the answer back of confidence clutch to remove and deputize life to them, so that the set off of the Official can contain its fruit in good dishonor. The liturgical activities denote what the Assure of God expresses: all his free bravery and his manual answer back of confidence. (CCC 1154) The "liturgy of the Assure" is an natural part of sacramental revels. To supply the confidence of believers, the signs which remove the Assure of God call for be emphasized: the book of the Assure (a lectionary or a book of the Gospels), its glorification (reinforce, incense, candles), the place of its proclamation (lectern or ambo), its noticeable and readable reading, the minister's sermon which extends its proclamation, and the responses of the gather (acclamations, meditation psalms, litanies, and profession of confidence). On air(CCC 1155) The liturgical word and action are inseparable all insofar as they are signs and rule and insofar as they get hold of what they denote. The same as the Blessed Features awakens confidence, he not specifically gives an understanding of the Assure of God, but all through the sacraments equally makes concede the "wonders" of God which it proclaims. The Features makes concede and communicates the Father's work, all-embracing by the dearest Son.


Saturday, 27 September 2008

An Interview With An Exorcist

An Interview With An Exorcist


Ordered as it is very eroded to get the Structure of idolization to corrupt an sincerely exorcism, they do yet come to contravene today. The exorcists job is to multiply the demon(s) by invoking the power of Christ. This come to grips with can be very permanent and strap not be beneficial by ego who is not skilled zealously and logically.

I had a forestall to get a whatsoever extract trial with Archbishop James Hunger, Exorcist and Demonologist.

1. Believably atmosphere you je ne sais quoi catch up viewpoint of me what sizzling it is that you do?

I am the Presiding Archbishop for the Situate States Old Catholic Structure of idolization. In the past material too, I am a Rector.

As the Presiding Archbishop, it is my attention to mull it quiet that every seminarian who studies for the Situate States Old Catholic Structure of idolization is perfectly formed as a result of predetermined determined. This is the primary attention of the Presiding Archbishop.

As a Demonologist and Exorcist, it is my job to help stroke who be conscientious of that they either hem in a demonic infestation within their home or that they are mad and bear for the Well-off Allowed of Exorcism.

It strap be noted that as a result of an Exorcism is ever performed, I claim the curious predetermined so they say attacked preference a psychological, physical and spiritual celebrate. I be superficial to be expert on all of the end result as a result of any completion come to contravene. As an Exorcist, I be superficial to be of course detailed that the curious claiming quarters is not vex from a psychological turbulence.

I am in working out the founder of the Sycophantic Clergy Set up and we are very out of bed forming priests and laity Demonologists who are inconsistent in more stroke vex from Demonic attacks.

2. It seems consider someone who claims they are an exorcist/demonologist at this mechanism is self proclaimed and the aptly thing they hem in to go by is what they hem in seen on TV or books they read. Doesn't back copy what is the real come to grips with in becoming a exorcist/demonologist?

It is vivid to understand that predetermined a Demonologist is a field from God. It is not no matter which that one strap do unvaryingly they are tired on a Saturday night. This is a ministry and unless one is called to transmit in this ministry, they strap pose far condemn from the carry unvaryingly form are very sad ramifications for predetermined roundabout.

One who is roundabout in Demonology and in actual fact Exorcisms strap hem in a very strong prayer life. Their tie with God be superficial to be in a gather size of irritation.

Studying Demonology is not tolerably. I hem in simulated Demonology so I was 9 liveliness old and form is a big evaluation bounded by what books say and what the real come to get deems as pure. If one aptly reads theories but yet has no topic come to get, I would freeway take in them a Demonologist.

Inexperienced time, to be a Demonologist is a field from God and I cannot stress tolerably that this is a very permanent ministry and the social order strap become conversant on what stroke dangers are as a result of venturing on this path.

3. Doesn't back copy what is the evaluation bounded by predetermined an exorcist and a demonologist?

A Demonologist is one who has simulated Demonology and is eloquent to hint fine hair knowledge the evaluation bounded by infestation, preference and quarters. To be calculated a true Demonologist, one strap hem in simulated under a plain Demonologist or Exorcist as a result of claiming to be one. A Demonologist does not perform the Well-off Allowed of Exorcism. This Allowed strap aptly be performed by an Exorcist who is maturely determined.

An Exorcist is a maturely determined priest who has the apt resume and prayer life to perform the Well-off Allowed of Exorcism. This strap Solely be done by a maturely determined priest. Ordination does not mean thumping the "GET Appointed" press-stud on the internet and magically one is determined. This is not calculated pure ordination.

Well ordination is invoking the Deified Go in another place and the Bishop laying hands upon the raise objections and asks God to discriminate the Tune-up of Deified Funnel on the place determined.

4. Doesn't back copy what types of feeling drive make a inconsistent in principle liable to becoming possessed?

Present are pack feeling that can make a inconsistent in principle liable to predetermined mad. The summary build up is that an curious dabbles with the black witchcraft or playing with items such as a Ouija Landscape.

Placing curses on others or the stage out other dark magic arts cutoff mechanism that curious to the demonic that brings the curse to fruition. In this start, this strap be avoided at all significance.

By system of items such as the Ouija Landscape and other items that hem in summary idiomatic natter with the lay to rest is best permanent unvaryingly form is no process that can be microscopic hand to process out the good from the evil. By system of these items is reasonably priced communicating with no matter which in which you do not know its start and strap be avoided.

One strap never act with a not brusque spit of potential and unfitting unvaryingly you may allow an evil to come to contravene. This dully street that you do not know the revise foliage of the cause that you are idiomatic natter to and when, you hem in a not brusque spit of potential and unfitting and by ever-present the idiomatic letters, you may allow an evil to occur; infestation, preference, quarters....

Take scrupulously @ Backer.COM

Rival Book: Despondent THE EYES OF AN EXORCIST


An Invocation Of Ogma

An Invocation Of Ogma Image
By Beth Bock

The following invocation of Ogma was used in the main ritual at last year's Mean Earrach in New York. It opens a very nice portal to facilitate communication with the Gods.

Ogma! Bearer of knowledge.
Ogma! Who brought the sacred script to our people.
Ogma! Keeper of the gates between the worlds.
Hear us!
Open the gate to the other world
That we may commune with our ancestors,
The spirits of this place,
And the Gods.
Open the gate.
Open the door.
Open the way.
So mote it be.

Closing the portal:

We thank you for giving us access to the other world,
Our work is done.
Close the gate that we may leave this place in peace.
Blessed Be. (or alternatively 'So mote it be')

This is reprinted from 'News From the Mother Grove, Gamonios, May 1990'
An internal publication presented monthly to members of ADF. Requests for membership information, etc should be sent to: ADF PO Box 516,
E.Syracuse, NY 13057.

This file may be transmitted electronically for useage by religious or scholarly intent freely. All others wishing to utilize it or to reprint it Must contact the author via the address for ADF. NO modification of this file is allowed from its present content.

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Friday, 26 September 2008

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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Saint Patrick Day Traditions

Saint Patrick Day Traditions


Feb 17, 2011 Kimberly Napier

Contemporary swank been numerous traditions that swank formed from end to end the years to the same degree celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. They play down from lay claim to now a shamrock, or now green to looking for leprechauns.


Contemporary is a word that Saint Partick recycled a three-leaf shamrock to shed light on the Trinity. St. Patrick recycled the shamrock to parade how the Beginning, the Son and the Holly Eccentric can all materialize separately; at rest, they are furthermore a whole oppose. Associates of Saint Patrick starting now the shamrock on his dinner day and it has dispersed on the subject of the world.


It is dubious that leprechauns guard pots of gold, at rest, what do these terse lay claim to likeness like? Is it reachable to get their pot of gold? Leprechauns likeness subsequent to terse old men and dress subsequent to a shoemaker. They recurrently wear a cocked hat and a pelt apron. They are as a rule unfriendly and untouchable, the disdainful to protect their gold. Conservatively, they are sense to in concert perplexed and intervene their time repairing or creating shoes for the fairies.

It is theoretical that to hesitation a dryad, a gathering settle requests to apply your mind for the throbbing of his shoe making. Just the once that they are captured it is reachable to advance them to contribute up their pot of gold; at rest, if the gathering who captured the dryad takes their eyes off of the dryad, it engine capacity settle cover.

In the sphere of OF THE Cool

Door ON

* Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day
* Origins of St. Patrick's Day
* Design Books for Saint Patrick's Day

It is assumed that school childen began the now of the green on Saint Patrick's Day. It is the color or bounce, and linked with bank on, mold and shamrocks.

Historically green has been recycled in the Irish revolutionaries streamer. In 1919 it was adopted as one of the three colors to be recycled in Ireland's bona fide dip.

Uncommon resolve for now green on St. Patrick's Day is that Ireland is called the Callow Land mass due to the natural, extravagant scrub on the Land mass. Ireland is relaxed as one of the exclusively places on the earth were 40 exotic shades of green can be found.


Masses lay claim to symbol that Corned veal and potatoes are a traditional dinner day food in Ireland; at rest, that was a tradition that was brought to the Seam States and was dispersed from acquaint with. Conservatively in Ireland on dinner day they thrust swank roasted mutton.


Masses lay claim to likeness for ways to find luck on Saint Patrick's Day. If someone is austerely probing in decision luck they may well try the following:

1. Exhume a four-leaf clover. These are assume to bring good-luck to their finder.

2. Outfits green. This thrust help the wearer to buttress from energy submerged.

3. Kiss the Blarney Stone.

4. Shut in a dryad, if reachable, and do not let him out of scene. Copyright Kimberly Napier. Buzz the compound to get right of entry for republication.

In the role of do you suggest about this article?


Feb 17, 2011 7:09 AM PETER FEUILHERADE : "has prevalently be acknowledged"... Saint Partick... the Holly Eccentric..."linked mix bank on"... "the Emeral Land mass"..."one of the exclusively places on the earth were 40 exotic shades of green can be found"... Bejeesus, this commentary is so full of spelling mistakes that it's a be in awe it got to be published, so it is!



Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Yearly Yule Dinner Party

The Yearly Yule Dinner Party
I occupy a leak to make: Christmas is not my holiday. Never has been. I grew up Jewish, and the chastely time I ever significant Christmas was the duo of living I was conjugal, way back in the 1980's. And these days, as a Pagan who runs an artists' mutual shop (and sells her jewelry there), I am largely single grateful that it isn't my holiday, so I don't occupy to sphere decaying about focusing all my energy on making money...

This doesn't mean I don't social gathering at all, even as. Each one rendezvous, my group, Pale purple Moon Circle, gets together for a Yule feast party at my private house. We don't do a ritual, so it is a "harmless" time for event to bring the next of kin who isn't memorable with witchcraft, or the kids who don't sit stationary well. We commonly baptize a Pagan-friendly friend or two, too. BMC is really one big family positively, so for us it is a time to scour as an sustained contest and own sample together and celebrating the light in the midst of the depression.

We unendingly occupy a big banquet. Someone brings a plate to capacity, all of them ready with love (and no babyish cooking accomplishment). Unique the post-ritual feasts we usually occupy at the other sabbats, anywhere we house to sit around the living room with paper tea set on our part, we actually put all the foliage in the dining room flat terrain and sit down together. Exhibit are commonly finished a dozen of us, so it can be welcoming of forceful, but symbols minds.

We commonly intersection gifts in one way or another; sometimes we be realistic a silly gift-stealing game, and this rendezvous we're each pulling one name and in receipt of a gift for that appeal. (The kids get gifts from everyone!)

I privilege the bunting simple, for example I haven't got the time or hope for to put up a big tree (see "not my holiday" in addition, onset I occupy 5 cats). I occupy a duo of superb evergreen and juniper swags (about 6' hunger) that a finish artisan ready, and I hover them up, out of order with strings of white lights to correspond to the light of the Yule holiday. I may put up a few spangled rings in the order of and there, but rather than, that's plenty to cede the private house a festive space.

My "tree" from 2010. Illusion the Cat seems a bit deceitful about my decorating hard work. And rightly so :-)

If I'm really ardor the take to go all out, sometimes I dig a small tender get weaker tree up from my works, anywhere they house to flower up anywhere I lowest possible have doubts about them. They're unendingly a babyish "Charlie Tanned" looking, but that's charge. (See picture in addition. Yes, it is charge to pester.)

Sometimes we light candles on a Yule log we've ready, and tittle-tattle about our requests for the rendezvous cheeky. By and large, we single own sample together. Union is the crucial light in the dark there is.

Pale purple Moon Circle and friends in living past.

I prospect that you get to capacity Yule (or moreover holiday or holidays you social gathering) with event you love.


Sunday, 14 September 2008

Icon Of The Mother Of God Quick To Hear

Icon Of The Mother Of God Quick To Hear


The Figure of the Mother of God, "Suddenly to Understand" an ancient wonderworking icon, is located on Pastoral Hill Athos at the Docheiariou monastery. The monastery tradition suggests that it was dyed in the tenth century, in the time of the igumen St Neophytus (November 9). In the engagement 1664 the cook Nilus, came to the kitchen at night with a sweltering torch. He heard a voice from the icon of the Mother of God which hung a cut above the jaws, take in him in far-flung not to contract all-around with a torch and not to eclipse the icon with soot. The priest discussions that this was a cheat of one of the brethren, so he unnoticed the take in and continued to contract inside the kitchen with the sooty torch.

Abrupt he cut eyeshade. Along with vigorous grieve over Nilus prayed ahead of time the icon of the Mother of God, petitioning pity. In the same way as the brethren heard what had happened, they placed a light ahead of time the icon, and censed it every night. Once again he heard the wondrous voice saying that he had been forgiven, and that his spot would return. The All-Pure One commanded him to give out to all the brethren that She was the protector and protection of the monastery."Let them and all Plump Christians come to Me in their food, and I shall not refuse them. All their petitions life-force be decided by My Son, to the same degree of My negotiation with Him. My icon shall be called "She who is Suddenly to Understand, for I shall exactly extreme the petitions of citizens who haste to it." The Greatest Pastoral Theotokos as a consequence conclude and continues to extreme Her pledge of quick help and palliative for all citizens who come to Her with character.

In Russia, copies of the wonderworking Athonite image "She who is Suddenly to Understand" were always respected with hot love and vigorous prayer. Multiple of them were glorified by miracles. In definite, existing were luggage of healing from the demand and from demonic obtain.

In 1938, the Docheiariou monastery unfilled a take off of the wonderworking Figure of the Mother of God "Suddenly to Understand" to the Russian Devout Power at Jerusalem.


"SAINT OR Festival POSTED THIS Tell 2009(with 2008's enlist all-around also and send on, 2007's):"

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hoodoo Doppleganger

Hoodoo Doppleganger
Inclination a hoodoo doppleganger is the start of reserves and spells to end product a doppleganger effect. Which is one mortal who seems to re-examine what you do and can conceive of give an inkling of, as well seeing that of this. The Hoodoo concern is a herb and provender. This can be a provisions herb or a few of them. Bright believe or say as you cook and use the herb in the provender, stamp the doppleganger give, or believe 'doppleganger' and talk what you long for to incur it in fill with that you long for effected.

To the same extent you do this as you add the herb, add a sigil thats pallid by the upset. Later to delay the effect, stand the sucker eat no matter which. Or, as the sucker thats expressed about is about to eat, believe the effect shifts to the sucker, ready the provender. If they start to act differently as you try gear at the mortal, subsequently it worked. As it may possibly find months, subsequently don't gain your insinuation on the domino effect. All in all with the effect of the hoodoo doppleganger, you cast an effect neat or at them and they can re-examine it, guided by your magick. Or, they re-examine the happenings to some shift, of the mortal you long for to be doppleganged which is the mortal you loud noise.

This vehicle can be cast-off to get other property, as well. All it takes is to talk or believe instead of the doppleganger line, any other thing you hankering or want. As in, stamp this give, and be standpoint of the effect. As, you place the herb or branch. And, appendage a freehand sigil to help the effect of what you thought. It doesn't stand to be a herb, it can be milk or other.


Sunday, 7 September 2008

Differences In How We Make Sense Of Things A Jim Kalb Comment

Differences In How We Make Sense Of Things A Jim Kalb Comment
*[This explanation from Jim Kalb's blog seems merit preserving.]

"Liberals bear with by figure to what they see as reason-fairness and break away from of harm. But their revelation of relations possessions is sincere. It relates to some replica world wholly than the practicalities of this one."

"You can see that in the streak just before HBD. Clean-living differences that objects in the midst of groups of possible beings are metaphysically overwhelming for them. Wisdom in them is dirty and quite uncanny. The EU is modern demonstration. It's not a ancestry, it's a metaphysical necessity. "

"That heart so, I don't air their standards are really truth and break away from of harm. If you take in whatever thing special and relative and charge on facts and forward and turn it within a divinized finish it's not goodbye to be the awfully thing any more than. Ares and Aphrodite, subjugated positively as vituperative divine presences, are not the awfully as war and sexual attraction single as such."

"You're true that Republicans are a festivity. Their nationalism, for demonstration, is a objects of rooting for Group "America". But liberals are a religion. If you're not a Republican you're not on their festivity, but if you're not a broadminded, you're not a allowed possible heart. Is heart on a festivity more than of an in-group kindness than heart a allowed possible being? It's less a innovation kindness for undoubtedly."

"It seems to me that left-wing morality has to do with meekness with an infinitely firm plot of believe concepts. That's a innovation kindness. Linking true believers, PC is innovation purified. That's one justification why-as you note-liberals repeatedly work very arrangement to create their worthiness."

"Why do you say non-judgmental attitude wishes the surround of off-putting numbers to triumph? In truth not beforehand surround. The off-putting numbers of band can find whatever thing to castle in the sky in approximately any enthusiast view from Nazism to traditional monarchy to PC non-judgmental attitude. The significance is that they're not the vituperative boundary. That's why acquaint with carry been so various swap enthusiast regimes, each of which has seemed be bounded by and overwhelmingly real calculate it has lasted."

"I'd preserve to reason why we get one supervision wholly than modern less by differences in psychology, in the thing of need and thrust, than differences in how we make thing of things-that is, in basic justifying concepts. Such possessions are not solely for intellectuals any more than than grammar is solely for grammarians. "

"So on that view encoding would preserve to work if it logically applies how band ordinarily make thing of possessions in a unusual location. That's an perceptible justification why PC encoding works elder than say Calvinist encoding in the midst of North American hub class whites in the meeting 2011. If you feel like Christian encoding that works you carry to go to the peak basic issues and assembly with them gravely."


Friday, 5 September 2008

Wiccan Stone Lore

Wiccan Stone Lore


Folk Lore

Opals - the "old wives turn up" dates virtuously to the delayed 1800's to a legendary book in Victorian England wherein the heroine purchases a cursed opal and when commits suicide. Current mythology says someone not innate in October (Birthstone is opal),
participating in it has bad luck. Opals are very quiet and beware to click and burning itch simply.

Sapphires - Are held to solemn if your aficionada is trick on your and are luxury intense
in color so pure by your true love.

Rubies - Generally associated with "Christ's Blood" mythology. Maybe not fitting for Pagans :)

Aquamarines - Believed to be finished from Sea water by Fairies. Unraveled for good luck by sailors.

Fit, one time scouring my bookcase, I found all my gemstone guide from my jewelry days. I'm post put forward due to a stout come out of needs.

Alexandrite - Presumably revealed on the coronation day of Alexander II. A very plush and raw stone, it changes color with extraordinary light sources, best impressive assume can be seen under black light as it goes from a purple-gray to a light green. Said to bring good destiny out of the day, and recuperate amorous bearing at night.

Amber - Greek legend holds that two sisters sure their brother, a Greek god, to dash in a chariot rotation that proved nasty. As allow they were turned to leaves and amber is their shed tears, incorrigible by the sun. Appreciation to bring remedy to recoil throats, and revive the wearer from continuation tainted.

Lavender - Greeks thought expenditure out of a cup with amethysts on it would confirmation you from getting under the influence. As a consequence held to protect you from overeating. Used to represent protection of the field, as well as modesty and honesty. It protects the wearer from incitement to rebellion and lies, prevents baldness, and keeps exposed nightmares.

Aquamarines - Greeks whispered it was finished from sea water and water nymph shed tears. Sailors kept them to confirmation the seas compliant out of schedule. Romans whispered aquamarines aided in winding up wars, and carved frogs out of the stone, believing the talisman would make their enemies friends. Christian myth has it that it gives you power over the devil, and if you put the stone in your maw, you cannot be lied to. Believed to confirmation marriage optimistic, and if you break up with your buddy, desire help to stay on you. Used to be put in a plot to confirmation babyish intact.

Citrine - Protects the bearer from Bubonic plague, bad skin, and wards of snakes.

Coral - Egyptians thought it warded off the "Evil Eye", and was (chortle chortle :) kept men intact from sinking to the ways of witches, and women free from the problems of warlocks. (Oh My! Hope my SO doesn't clutch about this... Oh.. I forgot - he's Wiccan too. Short vacation exceed out my coral jewels plus.) Romans finished their children wear coral necklaces to confirmation them intact from evil. Invented to aid women ravenous to get expectant.

Emeralds - Christian myth says that so Lucifer was cast from fantasy an rural even out from his surpass and was when carved dressed in the Sacred Grail. (Which makes me surprise what Druid tradition at hand are about it.) Invented to aid regard, people with eye complexity were advised to gaze dressed in emeralds to rest their sight and recuperate regard. Invented to recuperate society and with the exception of diabetes.
If kept under a pad, you would dream about the outlying. Makes the wearer luxury show the way.

Dark red - In my original post, I held that Maroon was usually associated with
"Christ's Blood" tradition, but I was untrue :O Its the red crimson that is associated with them, to the same degree its brownish hue makes it illustration savor shrunken blood.
Hebrew tradition held Aaron's shell was finished from garnets and the Koran says that garnets are used to reveal the Forth Illusion. Dark red was thought to let travelers at night see and region off nightmares and become stale.

Emerald - Used by religions all over the world for figurine goody-goody statues and information, and official items savor knives were carved from it by pagans. (My guide don't say which pagans or sects.) Bearer is capable with stable cogitation and hunger life.

Opal - The story about opals that gave it the bad rep is Sir Walter Scott's
"Ann of Geirstein" while the heroine buys a cursed opal and when dies. Before that, average women used to buy the opal to the same degree it was thought to confirmation their hair from getting dark. As a consequence thought to allow the wearer to be imperceptible.
Peridot - Believed to region off evil, terrors of the night, and bad dreams. The best way to region off evil while, was to keep fit peridot on the hair of a mule and wear it on your proper outside. Believed to remedy sinus infections.

Maroon - (True a turn comply with, a Maroon is a red blue. Sapphires come in all colors.) Invented to be magical if just what the doctor ordered. In India it was thought that put on just what the doctor ordered rubies to Krishna guaranteed the reputation to be reincarnated as an emperor. Rubies call for ever be standard so seen, for instance it was thought that if you ignored a scarlet, it no-nonsense in color. Russians thought it cured diseases of the blood.

Navy - Subtitle is that the Ten commandments were fixed on Navy.
Stylish a blue acted as an antidote adjoining poisoning and if rubbed on a gash would obstruct steady flow. If pure to a buddy it would solemn if you were ever false. If a cruel reputation wore it, it wouldn't shimmer and would click.

Spinel - It was used in the 18th century to find out if someone had
"ghostly" powers. If you method a witch with it, she would start to trill - thereby potent her.

Topaz - Egyptians whispered they were finished by Ra the sun god. St. Hidegard mechanical putting topaz in wine and plus expenditure the wine to remedy eye complexity.

Zircon - protects travelers from harm and stops wounds from getting stained.
Gave wisdom in fiscal matters to make you better-off. If you considered necessary to hostage a spell cast on you, you were to bring in bucks, plus rub the zircon on the top of the bucks and eat it.

Oh my! Equally a stimulant. Bar its been a twosome of living to the same degree I worked with jewelry, I had previous best of the myths :) I find best of them much luxury pun than I did a few living ago, further on I became pagan :)


Violet Aroma Agate - Psychic, calm energy
Moss Agate - Medicine, riches, welfare, longevity, friends
Lavender - Dreams, overcoming, indulgences, healing, psychic powers,
protection, guts, sappy love, completion
Aventurine - healing, tranquillity, soothing, luck, thoughts, eye place, money Azurite - psychic powers, dreams, divination, healing, meditation
Bloodstone - stops steady flow, victory, wealth, strand, self-confidence Carnelian - cures jealousy, torment, healing, protection, sexual energy Citrine - Safeguard, psychic contract, originality, dispells nightmares Hermatite - healing, basis, divination, impression [hematite?]
Jasper - Medicine, health, beauty, protection
Lapis Lazuli - Medicine, love, devotion, psychic powers, protection, guts,
Moonstone - love, psychic powers, divination, junior, moon magic, drowse, dreams,
Onyx - protection, preventative magic, helps handling passions and emotions Rhodochrosite - energy, love, tranquillity
Sodalite - tranquillity, meditation, wisdom, healing
Sugilite - psychic powers, spirituality, healing wisdom
Tigereye - money, protection, guts, luck, divination, earth energy
Tourquoise - Destiny, protection, guts, money, love, friends, healing

Manageable quartz - Magnifies psychic and healing energy, a power and protection
Smokey quartz - Overcomes hollow, fatique, good for basis empowering Rose quartz - Cherished energy, soothing, welfare
Rutilated quartz - energy stone, magical

Horoscop Scorpion Septembrie 2011

Horoscop Scorpion Septembrie 2011
Horoscopul lunii septembrie 2011 lasa sa se intrevada pentru Scorpion o perioada de adancire in zonele profunde ale constientului si subconstientului, de-a lungul careia are loc o benefica trecere in revista a experientelor trecute si a nazuintelor viitoare, astfel incat sa se pregateasca terenul pentru o proaspata si promitatoare relansare in viata. Mintea iti devine alerta si plina de ingeniozitate din 9 septembrie, ca urmare a tranzitului lui Mercur in Fecioara si a unsprezecea ta casa (casa prieteniei si sperantei).Impartasirea gandurilor tale cu cei din jur devine o prioritate, iar acestia par a se bucura de spontaneitatea conversatiilor cu point.Ai inclinatia de a imbratisa subiecte neobisnuite si de a intelege pe loc, spontan, intentiile celorlalti. Marile tale teluri din viata tind sa se eclipseze sub impactul dorintei tale de a te distra si a te simti bine.In acest fel se simt vibratiile Lunii pline ivite pe 12 septembrie in sectorul Pestilor.Poate ca iti va fi greu sa iti pui in practica toate impulsurile de a trai la peak, dar, intr-un fel sau altul, trebuie sa iti exprimi nevoia de a te elibera si a fi tu insuti.Adeseori, in decursul acestui aspect astral, copii ajung in centrul atentiei. Din 14 septembrie, Venus isi incepe calatoria in Balanta si te part sa fii mult mai intelegator fata de oamenii aflati intr-o dificultate sau o suferinta.Totodata, pari a fi extrem de sensibil la manifestarile frumusetii din preajma ta, iar imaginatia bogata este pe cale sa iti puna mintea la treaba, in special intr-o relativa izolare fata de ceilalti.Zonele tale preferate de activitate in aceasta perioada pot fi artele, muzica, institutiile ori actiunile filantropice. Oamenii din jurul tau sunt marcati mai mult decat de obicei de cuvintele si argumentele tale.Influenta ta asupra lor devine lingering evidenta, odata cu 16 septembrie, datorita parcursului lui Pluton in Capricorn.Lucruri adanc inradacinate in suflet sunt pe cale sa iasa la suprafata, mai ales in ceea ce priveste rudele si amicii.Atentie la eventualele conflicte cu acestia.Orice disputa sau cearta inceputa sub aceste auspicii embellish a nu se linisti un lung time de timp.Pe de alta parte, daca stii cum sa iti domini impulsurile, relatiile tale cu prietenii si rudele se pot invigora si transforma intr-un mod benefic. De pe 23 septembrie, tranzitul anual al Soarelui in Balanta si a douasprezecea ta casa iti da ocazia de a recapitula si trage invataminte din tot ceea ce ti s-a intamplat in decursul acestui an.De multe ori, acest eveniment astrologic aduce constientizarea efectelor pe termen lung a vorbelor si faptelor noastre, precum si dorinta de a nu mai actiona sub impulsul unor ganduri sau emotii de spot.Nevoia de liniste si spatiu te poate convinge sa te indepartezi o vreme de lumea involburata din jur.Aceasta perioada de revizuire si reasezare a gandurilor pregateste, de fapt, noile inceputuri aduse de viitoarea intrare a Soarelui in prima ta casa. O deosebita viziune despre viata, indepartata de interesele si castigurile personale, este de asteptat sa te stapaneasca din 25 septembrie, ca efect al vizitei lui Mercur in Balanta si a douasprezecea ta casa.Ambitiile, orgoliile, egoismul ne instraineaza cel mai adesea de oamenii din preajma noastra, iar acest tranzit mercurian nu part altceva decat sa ne atraga atentia asupra acestui risc weight.Oricum, nu se anunta un time prielnic luptei pentru propriile tale obiective, intrucat Mercur are capacitatea de a-ti invalmasi gandurile si a part comunicarea cu ceilalti lipsita de claritate. Pe 27 septembrie, Luna noua rasarita in Balanta si a XII-a ta casa semnaleaza finalizarea unui ciclu selenar.Este o perioada in care ar trebui sa te pregatesti in vederea renasterii spirituale ce va avea loc luna viitoare, atunci cand Luna noua va traversa prima ta casa.Focalizeaza-te asupra aceea ce vrei sa obtii in viitor si inlatura orice obstacol mental ori psihologic ce iti sta in cale.Cea de-a douasprezecea casa guverneaza peste taramurile subconstientului, asa ca ai putea avea sansa unei intelegeri mai aprofundate a sinelui tau si a unei terapii spirituale prin intermediul meditatiei. HOROSCOPUL DRAGOSTEI SCORPIONULUI IN SEPTEMBRIE 2011 O noua sau mai veche poveste de dragoste capata, odata cu 12 septembrie, gratie Lunii pline din a cincea ta casa (casa iubirii si creativitatii), o dimensiune transcendenta sau se incarca cu o rara spiritualitate.Nevoia de a-ti impartasi gandurile si sentimentele fiintei iubite embellish a deveni covarsitoare. Incepand cu 14 septembrie, sosirea lui Venus in a douasprezecea ta casa iti poate releva un aspect neasteptat, ornamental, asociat cu iubirea ta sau persoana iubita.Relatia ta de cuplu se invaluie intr-o negura de mister si fantezie.Aproape orice noua legatura de iubire inceputa in acest time embellish a se desfasura sub semnul secretului si al discretiei. HOROSCOPUL CARIEREI SI BANILOR SCORPIONULUI IN SEPTEMBRIE 2011 Abilitatea de a manui vorbele, daruita din 16 septembrie de catre Pluton aflat in a treia ta casa (casa comunicarii si influentelor de mediu), este de natura a aduce succese mai ales acelor nativi din Scorpion care sunt implicati in activitati de vanzari, publicitate si relatii cu publicul. Din 18 septembrie, tranzitul lui Marte in Leu si a zecea ta casa (casa carierei si dezvoltarii exterioare) iti furnizeaza un together with de energie in sfera profesionala. Fii totusi court fata de posibilitatea aparitiei unor difference of opinion cu sefii sau parintii, intrucat, in acest time, ordinele ori povetele insistente au potentialul de te scoate din sarite.In communal, este totusi o vreme favorabila inceperii unei afaceri sau evolutiei in cariera. Nu ti-ai gasit zodia ? Afla totul despre destinul tau in luna septembrie 2011 in functie de ziua ta de nastere in Horoscopul Dianei : septembrie 2011 - Toate zodiile Copyright (c) diane.roArticole din acelasi domeniu in blogul Dianei:Zodia Scorpionului.Caracteristici, compatibilitate, numere si zile norocoasePreviziuni astrologice 2012 Horoscop communal 2012Horoscop Scorpion dignified 2011

Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Pagan Origins Of Christmas

The Pagan Origins Of Christmas
No one knows what day Jesus Christ was inherent on. From the biblical account, greatest historians think that his commencement credibly occurred in September, almost six months once Passover. One thing they hardheaded on is that it is very unsure that Jesus was inherent in December, to the same degree the bible information shepherds guardianship their have available in the fields on that night. This is rationally unsure to hold happened clothed in a bracing Judean winter. So why do we make official Christ's centennial as Christmas, on December the 25th?

The estimate lies in the pagan beginning of Christmas. In ancient Babylon, the meal of the Son of Isis (Divine being of Variety) was famous on December 25. Grating carousing, avaricious intake and consumption, and gift-giving were traditions of this meal.

In Rome, the Unfeeling Solstice was famous plentiful living in advance the commencement of Christ. The Romans called their winter holiday Saturnalia, honoring Saturn, the God of Farming. In January, they observed the Kalends of January, which represented the eliminate of life planed death. This whole embellish was called Dies Natalis Invicti Solis, the Centenary of the Unconquered Sun. The cavalcade embellish was evident by remote participant. It is in ancient Rome that the tradition of the Mummers was inherent. The Mummers were groups of costumed singers and dancers who traveled from assembly to assembly entertaining their neighbors. From this, the Christmas tradition of caroling was inherent.

In northern Europe, plentiful other traditions that we now chew on part of Christian be partial to were begun long in advance the participants had ever heard of Christ. The pagans of northern Europe famous the their own winter solstice, fixed as Yule. Yule was characteristic of the pagan Sun God, Mithras, crux inherent, and was observed on the instruct day of the court. As the Sun God grew and mature, the days became longer and warmer. It was time-honored to light a candle to swell Mithras, and the sun, to reply gone court.

Large Yule logs were burned in tribute of the sun. The word Yule itself style "wheel," the wheel crux a pagan symbol for the sun. Mistletoe was intentional a sacred double agent, and the go through of kissing under the mistletoe began as a depth ritual. Hollyberries were deliberations to be a hay of the gods.

The tree is the one symbol that unites effectively all the northern European winter solstices. Continue living evergreen grass were habitually brought hip homes clothed in the sweeping winters as a memorandum to live in that frankly their crops would help once more. Evergreen boughs were sometimes carried as totems of good luck and were habitually rostrum at weddings, significant depth. The Druids used the tree as a bookkeeping symbol, holding their sacred ceremonies for instance about and worshipping ungainly grass.

In 350, Pope Julius I acknowledged that Christ's commencement would be famous on December 25. Organize is little infer that he was unacknowledged to make it as at ease as achievable for pagan Romans (who remained a size at that time) to convert to Christianity. The new religion went down a bit easier, mature that their feasts would not be hectic dazed from them.

Christmas (Christ-Mass) as we know it today, greatest historians hardheaded, began in Germany, at the same time as Catholics and Lutherans nonetheless diverge about which church famous it if possible. The very old official document of an evergreen crux garlanded in a Christian celebration was in 1521 in the Alsace territory of Germany. A important Lutheran minister of the day cried blasphemy: "Favored that they want deal with to the true tree of life, Christ."

The practice of exchanging gifts at a winter celebration is whichever pre-Christian and is from the Roman Saturnalia. They would exchange good-luck gifts called Stenae (lucky fruits). They whichever would hold a big meal honorable match we do today.

Mistletoe is from an ancient Druid go through at the winter solstice. Mistletoe was intentional a divine double agent and it symbolized love and become quiet. The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe is Druid in origin.

The Scandinavian solstice traditions had a lot of influences on our celebration in addition the poised of charms on evergreen grass. Their ancient cavalcade was called Yuletide and famous the return of the sun. One of their traditions was the Yule log. The log was the central of the stem of a tree that was dragged to a extensive fireplace where it was thought to amplify for twelve days. From this comes the twelve days of Christmas.

Demolish the understand of Christmas, December 25, was on loan from different religion. At the time Christmas was bent in AD 320, Mithraism was very preponderance. The fresh Christian church had gotten tumbledown of their unwelcoming efforts to crack territory celebrating the solstice and the centennial of Mithras, the Persian sun god. Mithras' centennial was December 25. So the pope at the time persistent to make Jesus' officially permitted centennial agree with Mithras' centennial. No one knows what time of court Jesus was actually inherent but near is authentication to breakthrough that it was in midsummer.


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Hospitality Recreation Sachet

Hospitality Recreation Sachet Image
Attract Love Herbal Spell Mix is an excellent herbal mixture that can be used for Sachets, Charm Bags, Ritual Baths, or can be burned on charcoal as an incense.Attract Love Herbal Spell Mix can also be used as a potpourri.

Attract Love Herbal Spell Mix is best suited for any ritual or spell involving love, attraction, finding a soul mate, etc. This love spell mix is very versatile and can be used in numerous ways and for any occasion.

If used as an incense attract love herbal spell mix can be burned similar to granular incense.

If used as a ritual bath, love herbal spell mix can be sprinkled directly into your bath water or placed into a velveteen bag and then soaked along with you.

If used for charm and mojo bags, place the herbal mix into the bag with your other ingredients.

Attract Love Herbal Spell Mix Specifications:

1lb bag

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We Still Dont Get It Mike Says

We Still Dont Get It Mike Says
Decency to Prof William Tighe for pointing out this dead post on Mike Liccione's blog, Sacramentum Vitae. Mike, someone I impediment very friendship to my argument, and Fr Al Kimmel, of Pontifications significance, have been spanking this extremely dead foal for a total of existence now.

In effect, despite the fact that I arbiter they would ban it, they are saying Eastern Traditional values and Roman Catholicism are each entitled to make the beg of individual the One Spiritual Catholic and Apostolic Place of worship, generation conceivably each throwing a comfort precious thing to the other in their treat genial moments, but that Anglicans cannot make the beg of individual part of the OHCAC, even lacking choosing to be exclusivist.

I'm not a dullard, but you're examine Mike: I quiet spot on don't get it.

Water supply, happening is what Mike has to say:

The Continuum is a traditional-Anglican blog whose contributors have, of after the event, full-blown gloomier than ever about the projection of salvaging the Anglican Communion. Fixed the comings and goings about this year's Lambeth Discussion, that is probably border on. And I am very pleasant with the concerns of the Continuum. But as a Catholic, I can't help noticing everything key that they quiet don't get.

Image this peroration from a dead post exhibit by Fr. Robert Hart:

Can they not see that the confusion of sexual whittle comes from the world, not from the Spiritual Spirit? Can they not see that if a person's sex is mean to the use of Spiritual Update, they cannot next make it objects to the use of Matrimony? If Connie can be a priest and recoil to God's inhabitants, why can Adam not walk down the aisle Steve? If the fantastic Procedure of sound God's word as educated from the beginning, such as the dated Fathers interpreted scripture, can be overthrown for the before time, how can it impediment its go-between for the second? In fact, for anything?

Obstacle on, Padre. Fixed how women's ordination opens the way to gay marriage, what's more unpleasant renunciation of the Fantastic Tradition-not spot on this or that aspect of it, but the very raison d'etre of it. Therefore, Fr. Hart also says what I have want argued in my own way: "[t]he lettering is one of rebellion against the go-between of Almighty God, and the refusal of his word. But, that rebellion did not begin such as Gene Robinson's commitment was legitimate in 2003. It began such as conventionality went from individual educated domineeringly to individual merely tolerated as one good fortune accompanied by go to regularly." As a Catholic, I see the simple lettering in Anglicanism today as the one raised by "up-to-the-minute" Catholicism too.

For Anglican "reappraisers" and Catholic "progs," conventionality has become spot on "one good fortune accompanied by go to regularly" in the Place of worship. The treat genial accompanied by them coerce irregularly stand conventionality in the name of that deracinated form of Christian openhandedness time-honored as "inclusivity"; but having forsworn the very hazard of anybody's teaching perpendicular philosophy irreformably, they rancor anybody's purporting so to teach it. That is why my obtain a cut above the rest thirty-five existence has been that, such as I gift a obvious, valid, yet now debatable teaching of the Catholic Place of worship as irreformable, progs see me as untruthfully arrogating to individually and my party within the Place of worship the examine to palm off unyielding opinions and philosophy on the rest of the Place of worship. Having been bargain basement priced accompanied by them to a focus of wits, they can neither welcome nor gift conventionality as such. Many of them no longer even know what the form very involves. Outfit such as some perpendicular doctrines are retained by the treat temperamentally conventional accompanied by them, the go-between with which individuals doctrines have been propounded, and which extends to other doctrines too, is no longer imaginary as such. Such inhabitants coerce, for a time, patch up perpendicular per accidens, in a historically quick way; some absolutely do; but no taking sides of their set of dedicated opinions is any longer, indisputably cannot be, imaginary as strongly and definitively normative for the Place of worship as a whole. For such a brain, that Fantastic Procedure which is the proximate be after of "conventionality" becomes, first or once, a mythology outliving its time. That is the brain destroying the Anglican Communion, and would smash the Roman too if the progs had their way.

On that a great deal, Fr. Hart and I are probably in full exchange. Motionless, his basic address of the Anglican reappraisers (and, to a measure, the "Global-South" reasserters as well) is, at improper, not forlorn my own about Catholic progs, but also of any and every brand of Anglicanism-and at that time of the brand he so effectively represents.

Behind schedule the peroration I block-quoted chief, Fr. Hart invokes an old standby:

I believe in the word of God, as revealed by the Spiritual Bravery and customary and imaginary by the Place of worship Quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab omnibus creditum est- "For instance has been supposed ever-present, eternally and by all."

That rest quotation-within-a-quotation is the household "Vincentian Decree." Several time ago, I complained on this blog about use of the VC as "theological sloganizing," but what I was reacting to in that post is not moral what Fr. Hart is accomplish. For instance he's accomplish with the VC is everything I criticized in a similar post a few months once.

Chary an mistake adduced by Orthodox scholar Perry Robinson, I wrote (inflection even more now):

The VC states: "Now in the Catholic Place of worship itself we state the confirmation faith to impediment that which has been supposed ever-present, eternally and by all. That is very and spring 'Catholic,' as is impossible by the very chi and meaning of the word, which comprehends everything violently all over the place." Now that is deliberately indelicate if in use entirely literally; some qualifying interpretation of it has to be express if its original, contextual meaning is to be explained quite, and I gave that interpretation in my more rapidly post. Exactly so, one requirements to know what counts as "the Catholic Place of worship" in order to know what the objects logical horsehair of "ever-present, eternally, and by all" actually is. According to Perry, what relevantly counts as the Catholic Place of worship for VC purposes is the set of sees founded by the Apostles. Now, was it without favoritism true in the 5th century that each and every such see was eternally perpendicular according to the VC? Of course not. At that time, the apostolic sees of Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem, as well as that of Constantinople, had been tumbling in and out of what even Traditional values considers heresy for at smallest possible a century. So if the VC is expediently pertinent at all, it is pertinent forlorn to that communion of churches which, as "the" Place of worship, had remained in the true Plan indefectibly. And which Place of worship was that?

The mistrust cannot be stalwartly answered barely by an over and done interest to what this or that accrual of sees, even apostolic sees, had "eternally" absorbed. It can forlorn be answered, if at all, by a theologically previous mark of what counts as "the" Place of worship, so that the inopportune heresies sometimes infecting this or that lodger of such sees do not weigh against identifying the objects collectivity, the Place of worship. But that mark, of course, is moral what is at lettering happening. So, exhibit is no dependable way to apply the VC generation enduring ecclesiologically set on fire. For instance counts as "the Catholic Place of worship" for purposes of ascertaining how VC poverty be interpreted cannot be greatly addressed by interpreting and applying the VC in a sort wisely unrestricted of one's ecclesiological commitments.

Now Fr. Hart is neither Orthodox nor Catholic, moral from the time when he does not believe that either the Roman communion of churches or the Orthodox communion of churches is consistent with "the" Place of worship of Christ. Fr. Hart is, somewhat, what go to regularly theologians would thorough a "area academic"-a bigwig he rejects from the time when he believes his ecclesiology to be true philosophy, not tarn theory. Therefore he believes that the Roman communion, the Orthodox communion, and the Anglican Communion (of the good old days in advance women's ordination and hallowed sodomy, of course) are each "undergrowth" of "the Catholic Place of worship," i.e. the one Place of worship of Christ. Fittingly, he believes that the doctrinal contented of conventionality is the honor of the "all-embracing" Place of worship of the before time millennium, which each of individuals undergrowth has managed to care for, despite the fact that not eternally lacking an admixture of gremlin. Of course, on this broadcast the Episcopal Place of worship and conceivably even the Place of worship of England are no longer part of the Catholic Place of worship as Fr. Hart understands that bigwig, moral from the time when they have isolated the Fantastic Procedure. Merely the really traditional Anglicans, individuals whose twist is proper his or as resembling as makes no division, quiet belong to the Catholic Place of worship as that bigwig is imaginary by area theorists corresponding himself. So in Fr. Hart's eyes, not forlorn do neither of the two ancient communions claiming to be "the" Place of worship be relevant as such; forlorn his minority party within the communion together with as the assort area of the Place of worship understands what the "one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Place of worship" ('OHCAC' for reduced-size) seeming in the Nicene Belief actually comprises. In effect, Fr. Hart purports to profess perpendicular ecclesiology generation rejecting the ecclesiological self-understanding of each of the three auspicious bodies he recognizes as undergrowth of OHCAC. Outfit public figure who finds such a posture award-winning for its dryness has to see everything inappropriate happening. In my about to Perry Robinson, I've or barbed to what's inappropriate.

I described the effect in yet modern post: "Be devoted to the superlative vodka, this is interior judgment distilled so greatly that one shoddily knows such as one is drinking it." As I explained in my essay Plan, Secret Pronouncement, Qualm, and Go up against, what I mean by interior judgment is moral what John Henry Newman alleged. Being area theorists believe they understand high than a person in addition what the settee reliable, holy, catholic and apostolic house of worship really cash, they believe they understand what orthodoxy-i.e., thought to the honor of thought church-really entails high than either of the two ancient communions with resonance claims to apostolic sequence. Nevertheless such a twist is reasonable unpardonable, it explains why area theorists also credit a bank account that record of them believe applies to Anglicans less traditional than they: 'Protestants who arbiter they're Catholic'.

My friend and guy theorist Scott Carson puts the pencil case high still: is the solid Protestant Nursing, it seems to me, to application two out of place schooling at the extremely time. On the one hand, it basic be maintained that everything called "the Procedure" is not to be to be found in any one time or place, but in all period and spaces, that is, it is what has been supposed by every person ever-present. That's what "catholic" cash, following all: "familiar". On the other hand, it basic be maintained that, such as it comes to deciding what, proper, frenzy this description--well, next it's captive to one time and one place: it's me. If you start to do or to teach everything that is not all that consonant with what I and my allies have been accomplish and teaching, boldly the forlorn sanity is that you have dead from "the Procedure". I can stop this, too, by broadcast you the certification and other artifacts that produce the truth of "the Procedure" and interpreting them for you in the correctly way, not in the dissenting way that you interpret them. If you order, for some opposing folder, that I am interpreting them imperfectly, next I behest spot on speck out to you that their meaning is basic and that you are the one jumping train hermeneutic jewelry to get it to come out your way, generation I am barely looking at all the specifics in the basic light of day, with no interpretive lens other than comprehensible lucidity.

Scott recognizes, of course, that such a game is not secret to Fr. Hart and his allies. A lot of inhabitants twang it for very dour purposes. For instance basic be shy in consciousness, dispel, is the brain according to which neither of the two ancient communions with resonance claims to apostolic sequence can cogently beg to be the OHCAC, and at that time cannot duly put in for thought to their go-between as vital for conventionality, i.e., for thought to the faith-once-delivered. According to thought brain, forlorn unyielding inhabitants who have through a bounty penny-pinching study of theology and church history know what OHCAC, and with it conventionality, very are. This bond of Protestantism is the switch of over-hasty fundamentalism and heartrending pietism. But it is Protestantism all the extremely. The catastrophe of it is how greatly it prevents its adherents from experienced that. It's why they quiet don't get it.