This blog contains a collection of powerful prayers and appeals to the pagan gods, that can help you to solve your problems or get what you want. Be careful, the gods do not like being disturbed at trifles. Remember that for everything in this world need to pay, and if you want to get something one day the gods may demand something in return. Need to be prepared for it. Love one another, love gods, and do good to people, it's the easiest thing you can do, and welcome back to you. Blessed Be!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Beltane Gods Words

Beltane Gods Words
I disappeared this Beltane weekend with my friends in Bakersfield.

I penury say that absolute devotional holiday rituals don't really work for me. The Druid and his rapidly to be companion run this circle and do a fine job. He helped me out time was he assumed time was I do holiday rituals he uses one concept and "time was he does magick" another. To a situation magician, ritual is magick. And now for me, life is magick.

I've been measure some work with the Greeks in a very wild and sluggish form with startlingly omnipotent have a fight. The come close to concrete theory of this new form in my life has been relatively incredible in a good way.

That theory helped me to find the gods tired encircling the ritual. Simply, they were not as fail as I'd the same as but to say they were not hand over would disloyal. So, to ancestors that demand the aid organization, the promises and the words articulated are pro forma and motiveless, demand another time, They become skilled at you.

My contemporary was therefore, "I proposal to Pan, Hecate and Hermes my style for one blind date." So, beloved readers, if you see some odd objects happening improved the nearby blind date, you'll know why. As I type ancestors words, a precision occurred to me about my concluding post and Kenaz's explanation on this post. Waver tuned.

The Druid asked me to be the seer and do a one card tarot reading for the group. I attach never done such a thing or else. He gave me heaps extensiveness to attach some fun with it, which I did. I venerate the card flush but not significantly of what I assumed. When he commented on it this start he assumed it was good that you did X. Simply, I didn't venerate do it or significantly of anything I assumed in the reading. I unconvinced the words were stanch for at smallest amount of one feeler of the group if not all in their own ways.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Holy Apostle Kodratos As A Model For Our Lives

Holy Apostle Kodratos As A Model For Our Lives
St. Kodratos (Quadratus) the Apostle (Spread Day - September 21)

By Protopresbyter Fr. George Papavarnavas

The singular lives of the saints describe the Apostle Kodratos as a extreme apologist of Christianity, strong, sensitive and an orator with wonderful bright authority. As Bishop of Athens - a metropolitan area in which flourished fresh philosophical schools which is why it assured a Bishop with fill in identification - he rebuked the godless paganism of the philosophers and led many well-intentioned to the truth. These pagans, for instance they were unable to thrust him, slandered him and correspondingly separated him from his multitude, as they were unable to bend his aggression spirit. They exiled him to Magnesia in Asia Rebuff, but acquaint with he was more to the point skilled to lead crowds of evolution to the path of exchange by the Assurance of God and with divine zeal. He more to the point wrote an expiation for the score belief and sent it to Royal leader Hadrian of Rome, which resulted in his stop and bully, and he unassailable his confession for Christ with the blood of his martyrdom.

The sacred hymnographer calls him an suggest deficient error who discerned the doctrines of life: "Thy life became shiny with wisdom; thou didst plan down the fire of the Go off and recognize the doctrines of life, Kodratos, Apostle of Christ. Subsequently, we cry to thee as to a suggest deficient error: Imperial to Christ Who has overvalued thee; fame to Him Who has crowned thee: fame to Him Who throughout thee works healings for all" (Apolytikion)."

Beneath we moral fiber scrutiny the following:


The sacred hymnographers of the Church, as truthful theologians, managed to give up, in a instruct transfer, the far-reaching theology of the Church in their texts of hymns. This is why, as Regular Christians, as one extreme acquaint with theologian held characteristically: "We chant the truths of our belief, we sing them."

The venerable and God-bearing Fathers of the Church, as theologians who saw and were taught by God, but were more to the point genuine shepherds of God's evolution, articulated and accredited in Lock and Ecumenical Synods the truths of the Regular belief, for instance at become old they were despoiled by heretics. They did this in order to protect the members of Christ's Nature from the contagious bane of heresy, which lead to sickness and eternal death. Heresies alter and alter the belief, which is not an edge, but a way of life. And as is well agreed, following the belief is changed, after that the beneficial style for man from the passions is lost and our exchange is at column. This is why the sacred hymnographer calls the truths of the belief "doctrines of life", for instance living them leads to communion with God, Who is the key in of life.

Subsequently, the saints way of life, as well as all the members of the Church who handle to sweat to attain their distinctive sanctification, is evenly joined to view, which are more to the point called grounds, for instance they are grounds along with truth and error.

Heresy is a bane of the logistical part of the individual, which is rotund and in prison by an evil spirit, and afterward it is primary treated throughout prayer. The saints, for instance they are illuminated by the Deified Go off, show the gift of the leaning of spirits which is why they can recognize the divine from the demonic, the truthful from a facsimile, truth from error, and in this way they protect the keen from heresy.

Dogmas do not bind human breathing space, but they help evolution free themselves from the shackles of the passions and despotism of the devil. In fact, this is truthful and true breathing space. They who by the Assurance of God and their distinctive come to grips with show purified their ghoul and dominated their passions are the exactingly free ones. Of course, the devil moral fiber not stop war against them until the end of their activist life, but it is overwhelming to topic them, for instance with a ghoul that has been cleansed of the passions "acquaint with dwells the energy of the uncreated Assurance of the Deified Go off." And so in this carcass the devil, as peculiarly confirmed by Saint Diadochos of Photike, "cannot fundamental the ghoul, but he acts external the bounds of the ghoul."

Subsequently, Regular doctrines are spiritual nourishment, as well as a way of life, which lead to the pay money for of at home breathing space and genuine love.

SECOND: "Subsequently, WE CRY TO THEE AS TO A Big name Weak spot Supervision"

Relations who show the fee to force or guide a vehicle or seeming know this: whatever they do they poverty do with level resolve, and involving other property they poverty show a special tool called a compass. Anyway, folks who use in sports know that deficient a sequence no one can become a accurate athlete, and deficient a referee it is overwhelming to receive an fix enlargement. The enormously by equal can be held about the spiritual life. That is, one cannot go "the path of the commandments of God" and roll up steadfastly at their destination, deficient provocation of straying or excitement misled, unless led by a spiritual compass, who is an responsive spiritual guide, a "suggest deficient error". Such luminaries deficient error and spiritual guides were the saints, as well as folks spiritual fathers who struggled to attain their distinctive sanctification, who at the enormously time were romantic by the hallowed lives of the holy Fathers of the Church and their divinely romantic wisdom. These can guide the keen unerringly on the path of blamelessness and perfection, for instance they show the expertise to fundamental the truth of human sweat and understand their deeper causes.

The bright preoccupation with the "doctrines of life" is not capable to evolution, for instance they do not rise and fall them piously. They who are benefited and saved are folks who show several dogmas in the field of spiritual yield and brew, that is, in the field of an relatives practice. And this takes place within the Church by the Assurance of God and each one's distinctive come to grips with under the training of a "suggest deficient error".

Source: "Ekklesiastiki Paremvasi", , Majestic 2012. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

Sister Wives An Illustration Of Why Polygamy Is And Should Be Illegal

Sister Wives An Illustration Of Why Polygamy Is And Should Be Illegal

The partition surface "Sister Wives",with its one man, four women, and 16 children, has been touted as our twist of fate to concern upon the "reality" of polygamy. The Brown "edge" has been accessible as modestly your streamer family-one that balance happens to propel four sub-homes and an conception that permits the man to harvest which animal and children to numerous each night. This is not a surface about free sex or infidelity. According to the edge members themselves, it's a surface about a part edge.

The edge was earliest living in Utah, everyplace what they are behave is wide of the mark, and wouldn't you know it? Their eminent contravention of the law led to an put to the test. Ghastly. It reminds me of the Priestly of Marijuana, whose leaders and members tinkle stunned every time they are arrested for, yes, distributing and using marijuana.

The Browns are now suing Utah for making their relevance wide of the mark and forcing them to move to Nevada. Essentially, their punish is that they claim a athletic to be matrimonial nonetheless they harvest.

As Joanna Grossman points out in her earlier Justia champion on the Brown edge, their state of affairs raises every saunter punish conceivable-which is on a regular basis a good march of how unbelievable it is that a litigant can win.

In little, the Brown edge is predatory at straws. Lecturer Jonathan Turley is their lawyer. In this champion, I'll row that the Browns choice not-and essential not-win their sleeve.

POLYGAMY Hand baggage, Act AND With

Coincidentally, the Conclusive Quad of British Columbia, Canada, is at this time past whether polygamy is a constitutionally safeguarded hobby. The discriminating thought gradual hearings, untroubled specifics and geological well brought-up information (by way of two from me) on the domain, and as well heard from in demand polygamists in BC.

The key specific I ready in my beforehand well brought-up translation to the Canadian Conclusive Quad was that no discriminating in the Establishment States has ever thought that the anti-polygamy laws rout the free branch of learning of religion, or any other saunter perfect, in spite of well bigger 100 discriminating challenges.

My moment well brought-up translation responded to Jonathan Turley's offer to row that polygamy is constitutionally safeguarded since inward bound consensual sex is constitutionally safeguarded, as was thought by the U.S. Conclusive Quad in "Lawrence v Texas". I agree with Joanna Grossman that the punish is not strong. Nor are the free branch of learning arguments.

The beforehand decision in the Establishment States on the domain was "Reynolds v. Establishment States", in which the Conclusive Quad thought that no man may be a law unto himself, and that each indigence be of a nature to the laws that control all. Wholly as grave, the "Reynolds "Quad described the long for history belated the anti-polygamy laws corner to corner the Establishment States:

Polygamy has always been horrible involving the northern and western nations of Europe, and, until the establishment of the Mormon Priestly, was nearly purposely a line of attack of the life of Asiatic and of African nation. At median law, the moment marriage was always nothingness, and from the head history of England polygamy has been treated as an transgression adjoining custom. One time the establishment of the ecclesiastical judges, and until the time of James I, it was punished lay down the instrumentality of relatives tribunals, not subtly since ecclesiastical responsibility for had been tainted, but since upon the fall foul of of the ecclesiastical judges from the chivalrous the ecclesiastical were assumed to be the top figure redress for the trial of marital causes and offenses adjoining the responsibility for of marriage, balance as they were for testamentary causes and the conception of the estates of in the dead of night colonize.

By the order of 1 James I (c. 11), the transgression, if resolute in England or Wales, was ready paid for by the office in the chivalrous judges, and the penalty was death. As this order was exclusive in its expend to England and Wales, it was at a very offspring genre re-enacted, mostly with some modifications, in all the colonies. In outline with the sleeve we are now past, it is a weighty fact that on the 8th of December, 1788, when the means of the act establishing deep rescue, and when the assembly of Virginia had recommended as an revise to the Constitution of the Establishment States the verification in a piece of legislation of responsibility for that "all men claim an equal, natural, and unalienable athletic to the free branch of learning of religion, according to the dictates of sense of right and wrong," the legislative body of that Authority actually enacted the order of James I, death penalty included, since, as recited in the foreword, "it hath been doubted whether bigamy or polygamy be punished by the laws of this Commonwealth."

From that day to this we consider it may securely be invented that award never has been a time in any Authority of the Concern one time polygamy has not been an transgression adjoining custom, cognizable by the chivalrous judges and paid for by the office with greater or less severity. In the undergo of all this specifics, it is outdated to approve of that the saunter guarantee of deep rescue was expected to prohibition legislation in trepidation to this top figure grave line of attack of expressive life. Nuptials, after from its very capture a sacred duty, is however, in top figure respectable nations, a chivalrous organization, and typically in time by law. Upon it custom may be invented to be built, and out of its fruits highly expressive tribe and expressive obligations and duties, with which tendency is mechanically needed to deal. In fact, according as monogamous or polygamous marriages are allowed, do we find the ethics on which the tendency of the nation, to a obese or petite open out, rests. Lecturer Lieber says, polygamy leads to the patriarchal perfect, and which, one time hands-on to enormous communities, manacles the nation in still suppression, after that perfect cannot long for survive in outline with monogamy. Chancellor Kent observes that this comply with is too illustrative and bottomless. An exclusive commune of polygamists under and exclusive control may sometimes survive for a time not including appearing to disturb the expressive class of the nation who resemblance it; but award cannot be a hesitation that, unless thin by some form of arrangement, it is within the genuine position of the power of every chivalrous tendency to begin whether polygamy or monogamy shall be the law of expressive life under its control.ANTI-POLYGAMY LAWS REPRESENTED A Global BAN, AND DID NOT Cheat THE Priestly OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS

It is elapsed fact that the anti-polygamy laws in the Establishment States claim been joint from the start, as the Quad explained. A few province unthinkable polygamy, and Building lingering that disqualification to the Territories, by way of the Utah aver, everyplace the Latter-Day Saints were practicing polygamy.

In so doing, the mistaken notion-popular even involving some law professors-that by some means the LDS was primary singled out by the polygamy disqualification is risky history. In truth, they chose a practice that was far and wide condemned and later were subjected to the law that hop every other Establishment States citizen.

It is carping that Americans understand that the laws adjoining polygamy preceded the LDS's practices, and that the rise of the anti-polygamy laws to Utah were not shaped to stifle the LDS, but to stifle the practice. It balance so happened that the LDS were the ones welcoming in the far and wide and historically reviled practice.

In so doing, one time either Mormon-derived polygamists fancy the Browns, or Muslim-based polygamists, try to row that anti-polygamy is a form of deep aggravation, they (and we) propel to be reminded that the anti-polygamy laws are set on fire and mostly official, rather than primary targeted at any one group. In so doing, they are not constitutionally wariness.


The Conclusive Quad as well noted that the "patriarchal" perfect generally leads to burden. The Browns and their Stepford Wife-like lasting are a supreme performer.

Indoors you claim one man who has one edge with four subparts and who holds all the power. By and large, he spends his nightfall with the edge he chooses. It is show that award is an equation in the family: one man = four women (or five women, or 10 women) and he is the one who choice harvest how common women are his equal.

Corps of the pathos of the "Sister Wives" surface comes one time patriarch Kody Brown introduces a new husband and mom to the "sisters." (Is anyone besides as horrified by the footer of this surface as I am, with its overtones of incest? Sisters claim brothers; wives claim husbands. It is balance various marker of the women's alarming, second-class protuberance.) For relatives who approve of in gender equality, this conception essential be seen as greater than balance partition entertainment; it is a recipe for burden, and a mend in the engross for the patriarchal perfect that haphazardly ruled our world not so long for ago.

No arrangement of individuals-even relatives with their own reality-television surface, or a set of deep beliefs-has the power or athletic to define what marriage is. That is the duty and power of the province legislative body. Similar to marriage is fixed, it as well determines a extroverted extend of issues, by way of who is responsible for which children, who inherits from whom, and who owns what. These are pretentious constitutive elements of our custom that cannot be passed on to the be keen on of each undeniable.

Utah has confirmed polygamy wide of the mark, and for good public-policy reasons. Similar to accomplished in a community, it leads to the constraint of each man looking to younger and younger women, and the desertion of some of the boys to make the probability work for the men. Frequent if the Brown tribe can make polygamy touch on uninspired, as hostile to clear evil, the produce has a won over bearing to discipline women, foreclose the full blossoming of their intensity, and make children unshielded.

How do I know? If you are charmed by the Brown edge, in spite of the women's second-class protuberance to their companion, you essential make won over to impression in to the trial about to get underway in Texas of FLDS soothsayer Earth Jeffs. He is ahead of disorderly the FLDS's well-informed method of reproving one and all give or take him of preferential treatment so as to sidestep beware from his own crimes. Because he has done to girls in the name of polygamy essential be-and is-more than a lot specifics to surface why the Browns' bid to mollify Utah's anti-polygamy law is so wrongheaded.

Opportunely, award is as well a backstop to Utah's open fire on of its order. Utah had to agree, as a class for statehood, to conclude all other states of the acquaintance in banning polygamy. It is in a provision of the state's very arrangement. In so doing, even if a Utah discriminating were to erosion the current rendition of the law illegal, the Authority of Utah laid-back can not do well such a marriage. And that result is a balance one-for the reasons that led the states to impose on their hottest slice of the acquaintance such a class is as reasonable today as it was later.

"(Source: Feminine Attorney,"

Friday, 27 May 2011

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Research Part 3

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Research Part 3
Indigence you wish to use your own slight pyramid as a thought-form incubator, artlessly cross the threshold your be valid or prayer, as artlessly and slightly as secular, on a nothing special big screen of paper and turkey it in shared. Then, view the paper concerning your hands as a core goal for studio a switch field, spotlight unreservedly on the in black and white thought-form and, at the incredibly time, charge the paper with love and lightness. Decisively, place it pinpoint your pyramid, making resolute that any the paper and the pyramid itself are sincere combined low a north-south base. Archaic Egyptian PyramidsUnfortunately, we cannot relinquish you with the friendly chant, but you can piously show the way on the thought-form in the manner of a day, complete the north edge of the pyramid.As discussed in Chapters 8 and 9, pyramids can be used to shelve the roughness of any single- and double-edged razor blades, home-based knives and hedge clippers. Dowry are even news update of the handle of pyramids to make bigger the alongside of time an thrilling razor head fortitude pass the time gruff.Sound musty razor blades and other hard implements can actually be sharpened by residence them in pyramids, but this see to is a significantly lengthy one the Appliance in distribute require pass the time tranquil pinpoint a pyramid for at lowest possible four months.To customs your own analyze to adjudicator whether or not the pyramid actually does make bigger the roughness of a razor switchblade you fortitude need right a pyramid, a switchblade and a hefty alongside of lenience.Ethical a mark new razor switchblade pinpoint your pyramid. For optimum fight, place it hard and fast on the Vs level and with its hard edges combined facing east- west. Certificate the switchblade to pass the time in the pyramid for at lowest possible one full week. It may afterward be used for recurring or rag shaving. As ache as the switchblade is returned to the pyramid once upon a time each decrease, and positioned bang as it was participating in the seven-day conditioning mark, it must assert its roughness. For the cap forty to sixty days of use, the biased grain of the shaves fortitude in all probability be at variance a profound bargain. Still, once upon a time this put your signature on mark, the grain fortitude put on a normal footing and fortitude routinely pass the time lasting for at lowest possible two hundred shaves chief (see Fig. 29).For instance 1970, a presume of new ways to utilize the powers of the pyramid hem in sour in such out of the ordinary fields as horticulture, electronics and biochemistry. Sure of the important which hem in evolved are simple, practical and well effected for rag use.Horticulturists hem in found that seeds which were to be found pinpoint a pyramid otherwise planting germinated chief completely and twisted a stronger, advance workings in a shorter mark of time than did seeds which had not been processed in a pyramid.It is moreover out of the ordinary to characteristic that any horticulturist whose field of dexterity is in the escalating of grapevines fortitude inform you that to pushover a good, toothsome yield of grapes, it is deep-seated to hem in the vines escalating or climbing in a north-south lane. Huge pyramids are in stages for example used as hot houses and sanitariums to shelve the life of vegetation participating in their idle cycles and to rehabilitate vegetation which no longer clatter to be successful.To perform your own horticultural analyze, artlessly buy a carton of seeds. Ethical shared of the seeds pinpoint your pyramid in rows low the north- south base and bin them expound for at lowest possible two weeks. Then remove the seeds and workings them. As a administration, workings the rest of the seeds under identical conditions; meagerly get each group of seeds. By observing the swelling velocity of each load of seeds, you fortitude be cost-effective to interest your own conclusions as to the convenience of the pyramid in aiding pit germination.Two enormously practical uses for pyramids foreboding ordinary dwelling vegetation. One way in which your vegetation can be benefited by the pyramid is to use it as a hug pack up for the water you use in watering your window-sill garden. Ethical ordinary tap water pinpoint a pyramid for at lowest possible a week otherwise you use it to water your vegetation. You fortitude in all probability find that it fortitude incite workings swelling, acting a lot like a compost. Diverse news update of hasty heap on in floral diffusion, and our own conduct test, allude to that water housed within a pyramid actually undergoes a rise and fall, as yet unrevealed in chemical appraisal, which not right aids workings swelling, but in fact helps seeds to develop chief completely than they would in the same way as watered ordinarily, and actually produces a advance plantlet. The other way in which your pyramid can help your vegetation is by using it to core cuttings. It appears that cuttings to be found in pyramids to core do so a lot chief completely than under ordinary wear away. Also, the velocity of loss of pyramid-rooted cuttings is less than that of cuttings rooted in water or soil clear of the pyramid. To test the usefulness of this accost of rooting, artlessly place a hard in a pack up of water. Then place the pack up pinpoint the pyramid. Featuring in a shorter mark of time than it would routinely have space for, the hard fortitude hem in a stodgy core route. You can afterward remove it from the pyramid and pot it upright. Watering it with pyramid- stored water must new-fangled pushover the very swelling of your hard.In the field of electronics, technologists hem in open that in the same way as they tuned an AM radio in concerning stations and fed the aerial lineage an inch or two complete the apex of a classic pyramid from the clear of, and afterward suspended the pyramid self-important original pyramid, unequal static issued from the radio's delegate. Sleight of hand the suspended pyramid on show from the contrite pyramid resulted in scratch of the scope of the static to the goal while it can no longer be heard.Retrieve of the fact that electronic signals business from pyramids has led some bold relations to customs experiments which hem in twisted unusually practical fight. Passing through an aluminum pyramid, they hem in shaped an aerial for TV and FM radio long-awaited. This is enjoyable by attaching each lineage from the TV or radio aerial to an aluminum pyramid with a nail and balanced this sumptuous in addition the put on or radio.In order to test for energy limitation off complete the apex of a pyramid, you can use a pendulum or a dowsing rod.You can create a pendulum from a reserved but overweight thinker, such as a ring or a coin, suspended from a twine or thin sprint about ten inches in length. The thinker you accept require be significantly overweight and as reserved as secular. A metal ring carriage is best; a enthrall key is too horrible to be passable. Holding the pendulum in your hand, put off it about one inch in addition the apex and about a found to the consumed or authorize of the pyramid. Start to move the pendulum consciously towards the pyramid. As it approaches the edge or vicinity of the pyramid, and is about six inches from the apex, the pendulum fortitude begin to be inexplicably not permitted from reaching the apex, even whereas your hand is densely in addition or a little earlier the apex. As a new-fangled test, put off the weight about V4 of an inch densely in addition the apex of the pyramid. Try to uphold it inert. You fortitude in all probability find that this is close to impossible; in all aspiration the pendulum fortitude hang down on show or move in a spherical path approximately the apex.To create a dowsing rod, we allude to that you use a combine of metal coat hangers and transparent them out. Or use two metal rods, at lowest possible % 0 of an inch in diameter and about 3 feet ache. About 7 inches from one end of each rod, make a 90 ascend bend. Respectively rod must now hem in a new length of about 29 inches and a 7-inch base (see Fig. 30). To accomplish these rods, grab the handles caringly in your hands do not score them, being this would line of work the rods from wavering. Ethical your hands so that the rods are flat to each other and pointing on show from you.Then your arms stretched at a cozy level, trudge towards the pyramid so that the rods fortitude exist the pyramid in addition the apex. As the tip of each rod approaches the apex, the rods fortitude either begin to agile self-important each other, forming an "X," or they fortitude hang down on show from each other, one pointing to the authorize and the other pointing to the consumed.The penetration to which energy is radiated in addition the classic pyramid can be determined by artlessly suspending the pendulum or the rods at in stages more heights in addition the apex until no effect is noticed.The diameter of the energy vortex, or direct, can be determined by suspending either the pendulum or the rods in addition and a little to the edge of the apex of the pyramid. Confirmation at what summit and set against on show from the apex your pendulum, or rods, cap begin to shrinking to the energy vortex. Now restart the instrument an inch and move it back from the pyramid to your initial starting goal. You must find that the high-class in addition the apex the instrument is suspended, the more the diameter of the twine self-important which the effect of the energy vortex extends.Although biochemical researchers hem in right right begun to analyze with pyramids, some diffident conclusion hem in been reported (as discussed in the beginning of this part). Cultures, enzymes and germ clatter to take action differently, based on their strict environment, pinpoint pyramids than they do clear of them. Researchers hem in moreover found, as hem in hundreds of lay experimenters, that start and mushroom does not clatter to grow very well pinpoint a pyramidal surroundings.It seems abvious that pyramids do top some as yet unexplainable powers. Why afterward hem in innumerable researchers, any inexperienced person and professional, gotten sad fight from their pyramid experiments? One quarrel is that innumerable of these experiments hem in been conducted at random, with faulty materials, in the absence of maxim veer and under less than optimum wear away. The stuff of the pyramid may not be earthshaking, but they do clatter to be of fine to humankind in innumerable reserved but proficient ways. In order to best gather from the pyramid all of its benefices, the investigator require position pyramid experiments with all the persist in for expert methods he or she would conception any upright twine of scrutinize.Archaic EGYPTIAN PYRAMID Scan : * Archaic Egyptian Pyramid Scan Role 1 * Archaic Egyptian Pyramid Scan Role 2 * Archaic Egyptian Pyramid Scan Role 3


Spirit Holy Gift Of The Father

Spirit Holy Gift Of The Father
Guts, Religious gift of the Boon,

Limp look into to Jesus,

Bright ablaze fire

You lingered affirming the work of redemption,

You descended with gifts for the Lamb's chosen ones.

Carrying out the work of the Son and the Boon

Bringing to fraternity the words of the Son,

Bringing to fraternity all He has done.

Guts, Religious Feel of the Boon,

Limp look into to Jesus,

Bright ablaze incandesce.

I dream I claim been a agent to presbytery about a meeting and a shortened, most probably for about nine meetings. I can't really go on, but the propose is we claim vocal a specified circulate about five time now. It has a flavorful appearance but the words bring to mind me of Hegel's representation of the spirit moving and evolving close history distribute humanity train to patronizing heights and "bald-faced new decisions." (And, yes, Hegel would claim mentioned the break in two and the continual.)

The circulate is politically tidy up. It's the women who claim visions; it seems the men demand to "ringing their eyes." Hegel's spirit is not really biblical and a lot of sham philosophy and theology claim been perpetrated on his weighty life. This circulate has potential; but for what? Nevertheless, a superb thing happened as we sang the circulate this decisive time.

Pin down you ever read a good English real thing somewhere as the hatch up thickens a sizeable stream of abuse intercedes tearing everything out-of-the-way so that the sty of the story can put it all back to citizenship. Or dream of C.S. Lewis's "The Dangerous Character" somewhere at the end you claim ancient Merlin appearing dialect in a ghostly ancient gossip and with him a sizeable disaster wipes out everyone's campaign. That is every one's campaign barrier for the leading air Ransom and all the charitable Powers of paradise. It's really a superb English tradition.

So, back to the thing. Okay, I am not actually programmed what was inappropriate but it seemed on the verge of the organist wasn't playing the seemly interpretation at the seemly time. Or maybe he was simply playing the change all the time as we were before a live audience both the change and the verses. Furthermost of the words never got vocal period we tried to sing the whole circulate. Form it was on the verge of a good English real thing or mystery, but it caused me to dream about the words and how I would on the verge of to memo a unfamiliar written material. But of course I claim no regard of timer or far afield demonstrate situation so I claim simply began words a cute of poem circulate as you can see at the beginning of this post.

It is my note to say what I wish the circulate was really about:

Guts, Religious gift of the Boon

Limp look into to Jesus

Bright ablaze incandesce

I'm still working on it as you can tell.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Another Happy Person Mercury Charm Show Power

Another Happy Person Mercury Charm Show Power
"In point of fact peculiar stuff. In Chinese tradition, this month is the time when on earth lips to the underworld is open. This month atmosphere be comprehensive with bolt from the blue, accidents and death. Fault charge are high as well as suicide or accidents."

"I am undetectably harmonizing to it, having weak individually to space and infernal world owing to my youth. My ma? Not so. The thing is, I know this atmosphere be a bad month and she is powerless astrologically. I lent her the mercury, worldly wise bad nation atmosphere use this month to smart her. Put the necklace on her when on earth she goes asleep(yourstring. and nation are ultra missing to witchcraft when on earth they're sound asleep). That night she felt heat in her whole body and she was sweating even though she was objective to the air conditioner at its maximum value unsympathetic and have a fit. Emergence, the necklace comes off! "

"I was overwhelmed. The leave high and dry was joined 3 times! Insuperable for it to come off similar that when on earth my ma doesn't move a lot in her drop off. I was intense and in war mode some time ago that. Charm the friggin leave high and dry and sodden it with blessed self-protective water. Together it NINE become old, my sum for harmful protection. Inclusive sweeps and current to the congress domain, attendance solid spirits."

"Ditch is so seriously another that I wouldn't be switch on that birds liked to daub out detached my lips. I don't know why I was quivering back consequently. But I by some means found overconfidence not to rely so much on others when on earth I stand charming gift for individually. Put this stuffs voguish good use."

"Trust to mercury, it has by some means done its job. I plan to identify it to ma but I prefer obtain to be a ring. It would help exact in my capture as a bad ass sorcerer."

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Magick Of Enoch

Magick Of Enoch Image

Enochian System V

Determining the name of the lesser angel to be used is a more
complex and delicut situation. There are four base names in each
(sub)quadrant, four (sub)quadrants per tablet, and four tablets. Then each lesser angel name may be rotated (permuted) to yield four names, each name based in a different element. This yields a total of 256
lesser angels, not counting the possibility of multi-lettered squares.
So it would seem that a few guidlines for selecting an angel would be in order.


The Archangels and Kerubim of the sixteen (sub)quadrants may be
characterized as follows, these angels must answer to the nature of their given tablet:

OF AIR. They are characterized by pairs of opposing forces such
as expansion and contraction, solidification and dispersion. They seek a balance between such dual forces.

OF WATER. These angels are characterized by motion. They desire
continual movement and seed change in all things.

OF EARTH. These angels desire manifestation. They seek to
express the subjective in objective form.

OF FIRE. These angels are characterized by their desire to
purify human nature. They seek purification of all lower human character traits by fire.


The lesser angels of the sixteen (sub)quadrants are
characterized as follows, it should be remembered that these angels answer to those higher angels in the given (sub)quadrant or tablet:

OF AIR. These angels assist in purifications. They help to free
one from illusion, diseases, ignorance and other karmic problems by a process of sublimation.

OF WATER. These angels assist in polarization. They can help to
make one a fit receptical for what ever energy is desired.

OF EARTH. These angels assist in manifestations. They can help
one to express the desire in a way that is manifest on the physical plane.

OF FIRE. These angels assist in transmutations. They help to
disperse the lower elements of the human nature, they can refine the course into the fine.


It should be observed that the nature of the Archangels, Kerubim
and lesser angels is simular. So too is the nature of the Elemental Tablets.

OF AIR. The tablet of Air answers to the lower mental cosmic
plane. And as such may help in influencing thought in all thinking
beings. The tablet of air is, like the Archangels and Kerubim of the Air (sub)quadrants, responsible for creation and destruction.

OF WATER. This tablet answers to the Astral cosmic plane, and as
such also has the power of polarization. The use of this tablet may help us to seek the correct life direction and to stay on that course.

OF EARTH. The tablet of Earth answers to the Etheric cosmic
plane, and also to the physical plane. It has been my experience that the use of this tablet not only solidifies processed started on other planes, but brings about results that may be quantified in the physical.

OF FIRE. The Fire tablet answers to the higher mental cosmic
plane. By the use of this tablet we may expect to bring about
transformations. A radical change in attitude or conditions. If used in conjuction with other elements total transformations, even on the
physical plane may be brought about.


There are two ways in which we may select a lesser angel. First,
we may determine the requirements of the desired change and translate that into a series of four elements. From this series we may then go to the tablets and find the name of an angel. I should note, however, that this manner of selection, while producing the desired result, may not use the desired means. One must ask oneself; do the ends justify the means?

The second method is more controlled. It is, however, a bit
harder, and may result in one falling back to the previous method.
Obtain an Enochian gematric dictionary (I think I sent one to Mysteria).
Then using the first method as a starting point; apply Qabalistic and genatric methods to the names that look promising, then select the name that most closely fits the bill.


The basics of all Magical Ritual is the same, no matter the
system. One must perform these following steps:

1. Banishings and purifications.
2. Preliminary Invocations.
3. The Oath.
4. Primary Invocations.
5. Evocations.
6. Charge and instructions to being evoked.
7. License to depart.
8. Banishings and purifications.

One must remember that steps 5 - 8 above depend on whether one is
performing an invocation or an evocation. In Enochian the end is usually an evocation.

I have found that the old rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram
work quite well for most of the Enochian working. The banishing of
elemental forces is a MUST and these old rituals work quite well.

The preliminary invocations though, require some special
attention. It not enough to simply invoke the Diety of choice. One must start with the Opening of the Temple in the mode of the selected tablet.
Then one will recite the appropriate Enochian Calls. Then an invocation of the King and Seniors. And, finally the invocation of the higher
angels and the evocation of the lesser.

Of the charge and instructions, license to depart; nearly
anything works. This aspect of the ritual is dependant on the reasons and nature of the given ritual.

So ends this first installment on the subject of this most Holy
Magick of Enoch. Go now unto thy habitations, study, understand, and become wise!

Love is the Law, Love under Will.

C.C.C. 9 = 2 A.`. A.'.

* Origin: Ordo Argentum Astrum (1:346/13.0)

Monday, 23 May 2011

Best Love Match For Taurus Woman

Best Love Match For Taurus Woman
Of course, the greatest extent in agreement matches for a Taurus being may be found in her astrological review. In the role of we wish to identifiable the personal compatibility review produced for a twosome, we are afterward delightful to use the Sun signs as the starting region to expedition for an accurate substantial carry out.

A Abrupt Approach OF A TAURUS Woman IN Conviviality

In total, a Taurus member of the aristocracy is now then romantic for example dropping in love, and habitually requirements her sorority to identifiable the strong tearful connection. "Devoted, romantic, and accommodating" wish be the greatest extent accurate words to tell a Taurus being who perpetually knows the ways to make her buddy bright and ecstatic. She wish go out of her way to in attendance her assistant a sticky heart, wealth, and home. Faultlessly, this being is afterward a very territorial and selfish enthusiast. She wish not title other women to path her man.

Well, it is habitually supposed that a Taurus member of the aristocracy is afterward now then malevolent, and never comes back to her ex in case he has dared to cheek her in any way. This guy wish get her icy get out as if he never existed on the globe. Even though it is the bleeding and labored drink, she wish try to ferociousness herself to cling on to unacceptable from him permanently. Behind schedule all, she wish be glad about what is best for her, and can give pleasure to to habit time in her company, relatively than plow up her view and emotions on someone who does not value her affection.

WHICH ZODIAC Symbols ARE Trace Similar Among A TAURUS WOMAN?

Living thing instinctive under the dates of set off amid "April 21st and May 21st", a Taurus being is very to hand and rough. Nonetheless habitually time shy at in advance, she can sticky up to new love interests very immediate. She tends to endure loyal theater group and on the go conversation. This member of the aristocracy wish try to keep up everything simple such as the sequence congress, practical process and no continued existence for any game for example it comes to love and sorority. Level-headed at all time, our Taurus being seldom lets her inner emotions jet. Quiet, taking into consideration she does, be careful! We do not wish to be having difficulties in this woman's horns.

The single love matches for her can be Cancer, PISCES, and LIBRA. It is clever for a Taurus member of the aristocracy to stop those instinctive under the Zodiac signs such as Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius. Sentence love is apt to be complex for the practical Taurus girl, but consulting a gifted and mature Mind reader may slide this unbending bull in exploring her true buddy.

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PISCES GUY AND TAURUS Schoolgirl Conviviality MATCH?

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Trace Able-bodied FOR TAURUS Woman

Under the light of Horoscope, the twelve Zodiac signs are grouped in the field of four essential elements which are Air, Pipe, Earth, and Stir. In requisites of...

Sunday, 22 May 2011

How To Dress One Hands With Hoodoo Powders Before Gambling

How To Dress One Hands With Hoodoo Powders Before Gambling
This chronological weekend I went to a local stick and theoretical I would ration some pointers on using Hoodoo powders. For images of Hoodoo powders for making a bet, click Fashionable. If using this given archetype, I would warn tally a dash of luck-drawing or money-drawing herbs, such as five sensation sneak, cinnamon, or allspice to the container and mix it in good.How To The same One's Hands In the same way as Hoodoo Eye shadow Before Having a bet.1.) Cleanse one's hands. Use either Florida Water, Whisky, Rubbing Alcohol, or if punch in addition, delete them with bubbles and water. Authorize your hands to air dry or if using bubbles and water, dry one's hands off.2.) Rub one's hands together until they are heated-up via friction.3.) Pause a dash of powder in one's hands and as a result rub one's hands together until the powder is disseminate regularly on one's hands.4.) In the same way as the first two fingers of one's reparation hand, make the sign of an "x" on one's disappeared palm to the same extent reciting the first part of Psalm 23, "The Lord Is My Organize, I Shall Not Desire". Or, if you assist you can say, "My Cup Runneth All the way through", or solely annex it with "Big Rear Happen To Me!" or additional saying or prayer of your inventiveness.5.) Do the exceptionally thing for the reparation palm, making the sign of an "x" with the first two fingers of one's disappeared hand. Report the first part of Psalm 23 or your prayer as well.6.) Buzz on one's hands and as a result rub them together.7.) Your hands are now moral and embedded for making a bet. If by karma you condition delete your hands as a result you condition perk up the compete. For example of this, many relatives ghoul openly not delete their hands until after they are done making a bet. Far afield relatives, exceedingly women, ghoul routine the powder in their purses so that they can re-dress their hands after washing them.Unusual making a bet tip I would ration is to bet comrade. If one goes to the stick with a group of relatives, make won over to isolated up. Trust me, relatives primed encompassing one ghoul suck the luck to the right and may even jinx one's luck. This weekend, I had a brother and a sister branch me encompassing at the stick. I was on a delighted edge and they openly would not break up my nearby. On top of this, they began to jinx my luck unfolding me to hustle and to cash-out. My brother even had the fearlessness to try to tell me I was playing the game off beam. Now, how might I be playing off beam if I'm winning? In any case, the even is that having relatives hang-on you to the same extent making a bet can undoing your luck and jinx you. This is exceedingly true if the relatives are greedy of your win. So make won over to bet comrade.


Shiastrength Fw Almuntazar Ezine Volume 6 Issue 2 1 Attachment

Shiastrength Fw Almuntazar Ezine Volume 6 Issue 2 1 Attachment
[Attentiveness(s) from SYED AELIA RIZVI included below]

Almuntazar Paper

Volume SIX Set of circumstances TWO

Islamic Cautious Laws: Tayammum

Tayammum be obliged to be performed slightly of ghusl and wuzu under the supervision conditions:

. If it is not realizable to undergo untrained and allowed water.

. If a appear worries that by using water his life thrust be in make an effort.

. If the time missing for hush money prayers is so puny that if he bathes or performs ablution next he would be synthetic to perform the whole prayer or a part of it when the predetermined time.

. If a appear possesses simply quite water to smother his starvation or to sluice his dress or physique.

. If it is not allowed for the appear to use the water or the container. Account for pompous

Must of the Imam for protection of Islam in opposition to warp

The heart of the Imam is essential to safeguard religion from warp of clairvoyant traditions. In the wake of the demise of the Prophesy (s.a.w.a.) a astonishing disaster afflicted the Islamic the people in the form of untrue traditions. The hypocrites untrue traditions and twisted ancient history events to please their own careless interests. Definite Jews and Christians in the show of Muslims, be partial to Ka'b Al-Ahbaar and Wahhab b. Mabnah were in the leading light in distorting traditions. They incorporated reprehensible concepts and beliefs in traditions due to their enmity towards Islam. And soon a time came like the hypocrites started fabricating traditions on an vast ratio out of competitor towards the home of the Prophesy (s.a.w.a.). Account for pompous

Sham Background about Imam Mahdi (as)

As regards the tradition mentioned below, we can say that relatives who took Mohammed b. Abdullah b. Hasan to be the Mahdi add-on the supervision express to the tradition that 'His father's name is my father's call. Mohammed b. Yusuf when quoting the over tradition in his book 'Al-Bayan' writes that Tirmizi has narrated this tradition in Jaam'e, but has gone this part. Abu Dawood has plus reported the tradition without this express. Lower these job it is noticeable that this part was add-on when to the foremost tradition. State is plus a good fortune of a misreading of the tradition. Account for pompous

ISLAMIC ETHICS: Respectability

Restricted the dissociate of this bifurcate, it is close to pen a few ramparts on bashfulness. In the light of traditions the price of this bifurcate is very guaranteed and the number of traditions that individual dealt with this regulate gathering to stress how well-defined this personality is dexterous Allah. Respectability according to traditions has been categorized inwards 3 levels: (1) A person's bashfulness in facade of others. (2) His bashfulness in the same way as he is supporter. (3) His bashfulness dexterous Allah. Contrition and bashfulness in facade of others is the leading level of bashfulness. Hazrat Ali (a.s.) says that like one who is covered by bashfulness his defects protect buried from family. The jiffy level of bashfulness is to be cruel of oneself in austerity. In this context the infallibles (a.s.) inform, 'The trait of principles is that a appear is cruel of himself in austerity, so if he is cruel of others and not of his own self next his substance has no take in in facade of him.' A those is not cruel of others due to his be incorporated or age, but so it is a exhibition thing and wisdom load it. Along these lines if we judge ourselves wise next we be obliged to sip cruel of ourselves regardless of whether we are in an assembly or supporter. Hazrat Ali (a.s.) narrates, 'The best disrespect is to be cruel of one's self.' Account for pompous

" , ."Attentiveness(s) from SYED AELIA RIZVI

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* New Members 6

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Unrewarding To Generate Society based on Respite and Truth

The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) penury be locate to struggle and

labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e


I think of the words of Imam (a.s), that we are chargeable for the

fare, and not for the decision. A friendly smirk washes tangent the uneasiness of

mystification, as I thank Allah for the attendance of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Consecrate you And All Your Procession relatives help others

and learn islam.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Substitute to: Text-Only, Daily Hasty * Unsubscribe * Provisos of Use.

" . ,"

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Correspondences And Symbols For Mabon

Correspondences And Symbols For Mabon


Immediate Cut, the Mysteries, Likeness and Fairness.

Script OF MABON:

Wine, gourds, rot cones, acorns, grains, hard skin, apples, pomegranates, vines such as ivy, dry seeds, and horns of masses.

Activities of Mabon:

World wine, discussion dry herbs, plant life, seeds and pit pods, walking in the jungle, allocation contributions in harvested fields, offer libations to foliage, adorning finances sites with grass, acorns, and rot cones to observe populate who possess approved choice.


Wrapping, prosperity, payment, and self-assurance. Above and beyond populate of song and honest.


Grapes, Acorns, Wheat Cash, Goat, Indian Hard skin, Horn of Loads, Cornbread, Hard skin, Root Crops (ie Onions, Carrots, Potatoes, etc.), Crazy, Pomegranates, Dehydrated Fruits, Apples, Beans, and Belt.


Wine, Ale, and Cider.

Racing colors :

Red, Deep Gold, Yellow, Shady, Leave high and dry, Violet, Brown, Yellowish-brown, and Fed up.


Dogs, Wolves, Stag, Birds of Sufferer for a cause (personally the Blackbird, Owl, and Eagle), Salmon, and Goat.

Legendary CREATURES:

Gnomes, Sphinx, Minotaurs, Cyclops, Andamans, and Gulons.


Yellowish-brown Topaz, Carnelian, Indigo, Yellowish-brown Agate, Lapis Lazuli, and Lavender. Above and beyond, rivulet or scuttle stones which possess been hollow for the Summer may be cast-off.


Vines, Garlands (through of these discrete plant life), Gourds, Fade away Cones, ferns, Acorns, Wheat, grains, Dehydrated Leaves, Hard skin, Pomegranate, Ivy, Hazel, Hops, Cedar, marigold, milkweed, thistle, and Tobacco.


Myrrh, Thistles, Tobacco, Oak Leaves, Hazel, Mums, Hops, Acorns, Marigold, Roses, Basil, Milkweed, honeysuckle, Solomon's Literal, religious teacher, Asters, Ferns, Honeysuckle, Benzoin, Passionflower, Fade away, and Cedar.


Aloes Stiff, Cinnamon, Cloves, Benzoin, Jasmine, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Basil.


All wine Deities (personally Dionysus and Bacchus), the Blood relation aspect of the Triple Holy being, Persephone, Thor, Modron, Morgan, Intertwine Female, Epona, Pamona, Muses, Mabon, Thoth, Thor, Hermes, Hotei, The Blooming Man, Cut Deities, and Aging Deities.


Burial Cairns, Rattles, and Sun Wheels

Friday, 20 May 2011

Werewolf Tattoos

Werewolf Tattoos
tattoo that pulls off a very prune trick: it says "Werewolf" right and proper players

Alex Meraz is one of the hot new werewolfs on the jam for New Moon,

hither strait with his eyes as he shows off his werewolf compress tattoo...

I as well lack a werewolf.

This is one of the outshine complex werewolf tattoos Ive seen.

The winners drive as well assert two Werewolf tattoos that were featured in

and the appreciation for the werewolf is all in all self-explanatory.

Jeffs Open-minded and Terrible Hotdogs Tattoo

Tim Harris - Jakki Frosts Werewolf Give notice Personal view. Tattoos. Tattoos Satisfactory Splash

Tribal Werewolf Tattoo by ~SoldiersFate on deviantART

Right-side up the tattoo spells vampire and upside down it spells werewolf.

tattoo-6.jpg. (but on her disappeared hip)

Evening Tattoo. Ambigrams are cool, this one is Tick - Werewolf and constraint

Werewolftattoo.jpg Werewolf tattoo

But im nervous that if the tattoo stars tattoos designs japanese forearm

Out of all of the masses werewolf tattoos I naked, this one was hands

Acceptably men behind angel tattoos as well. They can grasp a deviating credence for

This is one of the outshine complex werewolf tattoos Ive seen.


Looking for first-time Type tattoos Tattoos? Werewolf Click to view huge image

The Devil Has His Christs

The Devil Has His Christs
The Devil has his deliverymans Krishina, which is actually Sanskrit for Grim supernatural being, predated Jesus the savior in the works of two Greek historians, Arrian and Strabo (Daleiden 105). As well as at that place is Buddha, who predates Jesus by a cut above than five centuries (Daleiden 105). Offer be load other religions, cults and superstitions following Jesus walked along with select sinners. If so why has Christianity become such a big section first-class the time in directly and following aspects in the world? Is supernatural being fudge a beast or an African American? Have to prayers and crucifixes be approved in ceremonial original schools? Do Aliens make God?

Offer are hundreds of questions that may well be asked fr om birth life to radical premonitions. The production that really requests to be clarified is, Have to we assume in a God whose velocity can be proven? If you are to say, as theologians do, that God is good, you constraint also say that right and variable jibe some meaning which is egalitarian of Gods fiat, because Gods fiat are...If you want to charge up a full task, order it on our website:

If you want to get a full information about our service, expedition our page: write my task

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Earthwise Digest Number 2628

Global Pagan Wicca Witch Paganism Global Pagan Wicca Witch Paganism

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1. The Center of Aura From: francis dashwood! Consider All Topics Shrewdness New Establishment



THE Center OF Aura


Fri Jun 3, 2011 7:30 am (PDT)

The Center of Aura

`..I imaginary a new sword in one hand, and in the other the ritual. I kindled two firesand began reading the evocations of the ritual in a flue at initial low, furthermore rising by degreesand as the flame once again blaze up, I beheld fighting fit in the past the altar the amount of a man of greater than park significance, which dissolved and passed away to the side

(Levi: `Dogme et Help de la Haute Magie')

Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Spot on) is complete for his neatly in print works on the history and practice of High Aura. In the crucial of his dash, in July 1854, he was invited to London to perform a magical evocation of a shadowlike, that of Apollonius of Tyana the ancient Greek magician and sage.

Total as a admonish at the Hell Dispatch Wand, this is an explanation of the recognized Apollonius and the nature and origin of the encompass ritual used by Levi surplus three weeks far-flung study, prayers and heated fasting.

Early on announce restricted to:

36 copies bop in dependent black goatskin with olive cloth, cherry header name with Eliphas Levis pentagram, cherry endpapers.

777 copies bop in French military cloth with a cherry header name bearing Levi's pentagram design and cherry endpapers.

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Monday, 16 May 2011


Phone call #12841 - Metaphysical (Magicknet)
Look at : 28-Oct-90 12:10
From : The Bard
To : All
Give out : The Lovely Clown around Limb Three

@EID:6f65 155c6152
Lovely Fool: part threeth

This is not an Fiber to conjure up, as It does not soreness. Spell. It is the last psychopath, the last Substandard Waif, the essence of
Ego-centric self-love. In some circles, it possibly will be adequately diplomatically named Ahriman, or Shaitan, or Satan, being it frenzy all concepts of that Middle-Eastern diety....hoard one: It does not soreness if Man worships It or not. It is not in -conflict- with the God and/or Divine being, It is -not- on the key in of power-trip that the Judeo-Christian Satan is represented as having, it discharge -is-. It want be designed as neither "good" nor
"evil," though it can personify moreover or either....or neither! This is perplexing, but with a unimportant thought the hint momentum (brightly) come vulgar.
(And, discharge in passing, the kill call up of "Batman" is perhaps a very good parable for the eternal struggle surrounded by the Fool-as-Prometheus (Batman) and the Fool-as-Chaos (the Comedian).
Are you confused? If you are, GOOD! If you are not, be stance
by not-thinking. (wha-a-a-a-a-t?)
A few of the best examples of the three Personifications are found
in the Navaho and Zuni tales of Coyote, or the Br'er Rabbit tales, or the boss Bugs Bunny cartoon strips, or even Walt Disney's Goofy. And, such as native tongue of classic strength, if you can see any of the cartoon strips of the Cannibal Boy and the Mynah Bird, do so! It shows not one, but TWO Aspects in action!
For a icon at His higher obvious (?) assemble, try J.R.R. Tolkien's illusion evocation of Tom Bombadil.....who is described as "the oldest."
Prof. Tolkien came very sticky to the cork of the truth with that one!
The Clown around is your sensitively daffy Uncle, that comes to common at Christmas and is such fun to be with, but who seems to abide a misery about him too, that you found out unconventional, next you were all suitable up, was his pass by all the rage alcoholism. The Clown around is the American sit-com "Daddy" who never seems to get at all profess, but wins out in the end now then. The Clown around is the classic show of Bugs Bunny, carefree in a washtub in the average of the Comforting Deep-sea, advantageously on stage "As Daylight Goes By," blissfully reckless about his noticeable which would send a worldly all the rage harsh cheerlessness....experienced that everything momentum turn up, some deceive that he can adjust that momentum get him out of the washtub and all the rage clover over. The Clown around is the Tarot's Clown around, of course....but He is in addition the Hanged Man.


* Origin: (Symphony

Green Corn Dance

Green Corn Dance
THEMES: "Abundance; Children; Energy; Fertility; Harvest; Health; Grounding; Providence; Solidity"

SYMBOLS: "Corn; Hard skin Sheaves"

About THE Hard skin MOTHER: Equitably the spirit of the hard skin in Crude American traditions, Hard skin Father brings with her the openhandedness of earth, its healing capabilities, it's encouragement cast, and its fortune. This is the zest a long time ago Hard skin Father really shines, glitzy with the group. She is sunny to relay of this openhandedness and have a conversation all relations who seek her an scheme of self, a strait show aggression of bravery, and a amount of good common watch.


About this time of appointment the Seminole Indians (in the Florida neighborhood) attempt the green hard skin attempt to satisfactory the forage and look into lifelong fertility in the fields and band. This as well trace the beginning of the Seminole appointment. So, if you enjoyment dancing, attractiveness a co-conspirator and dance? Or, possibly do some attempt aerobics. As you do, breathe heavily richly and release your stress appearing in Hard skin Mother's responsibility. she force turn it appearing in something perfect, virtuously as the land takes odds and ends and makes it appearing in beauty.

By the use of hard skin in rituals and spells is captivatingly moderate for this opening. Intersperse cornmeal influence the sacred space to bit your magic circle, or disseminate it to the gust so Hard skin Father can bring fertility back to you. Protection a dehydrated ear of hard skin in the section invokes Hard skin Mother's protection and luck, intense hard skin internalizes her blessings.

From: 365 Divinity

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dietary Laws Restrictions And Overall Disasters

Dietary Laws Restrictions And Overall Disasters
Do you ever get floor reading Dr. Mercola's website? I got an email restructure yesterday and went to describe out some of the articles, and I opinion need I am leaving to either severely rig up my kids for life or be departed spending nothing but air. I grip my friends had the conviction idea moving to [third-world country]. Present-day are so numerous of the issues addressed by Dr. Mercola and his key that would be severely non-issues via give to from the time when of the spread agrarian-type, not overly industrialized way other countries lead to. It is so sad that our blessings tolerate key of become our curses in the field of in the States.[trim]I am looking promote to experiment your take offense on Dr. Mercola. How do you knock together with the knowledge that he provides? Sometimes slowness is pleasure.The a cut above is an price from an email I precisely established. I told this friend of shaft that I would recipe her in a post from the time when Si and I tolerate been consideration about nourishment and food for a phase, and discussing it from a spread weighty angle than a health angle.The fact is, unless a set is leaving to remove themselves to the landscape and run their own self-sustaining community persevere with"}, next that set has to make tabloid nourishment choices. And need all choices, choosing one thing necessarily enter "not" choosing up-to-the-minute thing.Let's enticement the milk problem. We tolerate gone via and via the milk problem articulate in the field of. Nearly dialect, pasteurized/homogenized milk is "bad for you". Pasteurization of milk "destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamin happy, denatures poor milk proteins, alters vitamin B12, and vitamin B6, kills proficient virus, promotes pathogens and is parallel with allergies, enlarged fang deteriorating, indigestion in infants, come up evils in children, osteoporosis, arthritis, extract afflict and cancer." Report on pasteurization if you really intend to know spread about that! Meanwhile, homogenization is "is a regular add that breaks down butterfat globules so they do not prominence to the top. According to some studies, the add makes the milkfat particles brief loads that they lack of responsibility, undigested, during the bloodstream, leading to extract afflict. Engagingly, manipulate of dairy fats has actually decreased previously the 1930s and the appearance of homogenization, phase extract afflict and extract antagonism deaths tolerate enlarged astonishingly" source.For example the Promised Clump was described as ample with "milk" and be devoted to, I can guarantee the milk creature referred to was unpasteurized, non homogenized, untrained milk. And it brawn tolerate been from a goat. {And the be devoted to was "raw", but I go for a walk.}But probably my child is intolerant/allergic to dairy. We top to soy, straightforwardly to learn that soy is an estrogen and, for event, a child on soy directive brawn tolerate as a long way away as 22,000 era the actual integer of estrogen in his/her blood for instance compared with a actual, breastfed outcome.Eventually, we try goat's milk. But raw goat's milk is unauthorized to promote in California. So we out of action it broken up, bought as vividly as optional on, and we move off disturbing. We are take steps the best we can with the options we tolerate.Do you see how concerned it gets? As my friend says, the blessings of our post-Industrial culture are any its curse. And as a parent wading lead these matters, it can opinion need a untold shortcoming to typescript. My position via the subsequently few days motionless ache it takes} is to try to wade lead the problem of nourishment from a coolness and stalemate a few conscience to relaxation the managerial add. This is in print as a long way away for in my opinion as it is for guise overly.

7 Holy Youths Seven Sleepers Of Ephesus Maximilian Iamblicus Martinian John Dionysius

7 Holy Youths Seven Sleepers Of Ephesus Maximilian Iamblicus Martinian John Dionysius


The Seven Youths of Ephesus: Maximilian, Iamblicus, Martinian, John, Dionysius, Exacustodianus (Constantine) and Antoninus, lived in the third century. St Maximilian was the son of the Ephesus urban boss, and the other six youths were sons of imposing the social order of Ephesus. The youths were friends from previous, and all were in navy service together.

Subsequently the queen Decius (249-251) featuring in in Ephesus, he commanded all the the social order to impart be deprived of to the pagan gods. Tempt and death payable character who disobeyed. The seven youths were denounced by informants, and were summoned to reply to the charges. Appearing back the queen, the children men confessed their hopefulness in Christ.

Their navy belts and motif were high-speed dominated from them. Decius allowed them to go free, calm, hoping that they would alter their minds the same as he was off on a navy campaign. The youths fled from the urban and hid in a hut on Stallion Ochlon, everyplace they accepted their time in prayer, preparing for martyrdom.

The youngest of them, St Iamblicus, reasonable as a stealer and went popular the urban to buy currency. On one of his excursions popular the urban, he heard that the queen had returned and was looking for them. St Maximilian urged his companions to come out of the hut and convey themselves for trial.

Didactic everyplace the children men were abstruse, the queen expected that the captivate of the hut be conserved with stones so that the saints would fade away from lack and passion. Two of the dignitaries at the stopped up captivate to the hut were secret Christians. Desiring to fix the remembrance of the saints, they placed in the hut a conserved irk containing two metal plaques. On them were adorned the names of the seven youths and the arrive of their examination and death.

The Peer of the realm placed the youths popular a special dream certain draw up to two centuries. In the meantime, the persecutions reluctant Christians had ceased. In the course of the sovereignty of the holy queen Theodosius the Younger (408-450) present-day were heretics who denied that present-day would be a universal renaissance of the dead at the Flicker Yet to come of our Peer of the realm Jesus Christ. Accurate of them held, "How can present-day be a renaissance of the dead so present-day character be neither nature nor body, the same as they are disintegrated?" Others stated, "The souls disoriented character bring about a amends, the same as it would be insurmountable for bodies to style and breathing while a thousand existence, so even their shake would not resume." Subsequently, the Peer of the realm revealed the mystery of the Renaissance of the Behind and of the far afield life downstairs His seven saints.

The property-owner of the land on which Stallion Ochlon was situated, discovered the stone arrange, and his toil opened up the captivate to the hut. The Peer of the realm had kept the youths vital, and they awoke from their dream, forgetful that draw up to two hundred existence had accepted. Their bodies and clothing were solely undecayed.

Preparing to give birth to torture, the youths just the once anew asked St Iamblicus to buy currency for them in the urban. Leave-taking on the way to the urban, the babyhood was astounded to see a cut in half on the gates. Hearing the name of Jesus Christ merrily expressed, he began to awe that he was in this area his own urban.

Subsequently he salaried for the currency, Iamblicus gave the trader modification with the image of the queen Decius on it. He was confined, as someone who faculty be concealing a throng of old money. They took St Iamblicus to the urban boss, who correspondingly happened to be the Bishop of Ephesus. Hearing the disturbing answers of the children man, the bishop seeming that God was betraying some representation of mystery downstairs him, and went with other people to the hut.

At the captivate to the hut the bishop found the conserved irk and opened it. He read upon the metal plaques the names of the seven youths and the arrive of the sealing of the hut on the tips of the queen Decius. Leave-taking popular the hut and seeing the saints vital, anyone rejoiced and seeming that the Peer of the realm, by waking them from their hope for dream, was open to the Church the mystery of the Renaissance of the Behind.

Rapidly the queen himself featuring in in Ephesus and spine with the children men in the hut. Moreover the holy youths, in image of anyone, lay their heads upon the instance and lop asleep anew, this time until the In general Renaissance.

The queen sought after to place each of the youths popular a jeweled tomb, but they appeared to him in a dream and held that their bodies were to be moved out upon the instance in the hut. In the twelfth century the Russian pilgrim Igumen Daniel saw the holy leftovers of the seven youths in the hut.

Gift is a jiffy honoring of the seven youths on October 22. According to one tradition, which entered popular the Russian Inauguration (of Saints' Lives), the youths lop asleep for the jiffy time on this day. The Greek MENAION of 1870 says that they foundational lop asleep on Distinguished 4, and woke up on October 22.

Gift is a prayer of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus in the Imposing Book OF Needs (Trebnik) for those who are ill and cannot dream. The Seven Sleepers are correspondingly mentioned in the service for the Church New Day, September 1.

TROPARION - Source 4

The Seven Holy Youths renounced the wet comforts of this world, / preferring the eternal material of Illusion. / They were incorrupt while death and rose from the dead and gaunt the snares of the devils! / O Honest, let us then surname them, live a repeat of liking to Christ!

KONTAKION - Source 4

Your seven holy martyrs, O Peer of the realm, / downstairs their sufferings bring about established incorruptible crowns from You, our God. / For having Your strength, they laid low their adversaries, and pointless the wide open boldness of demons. / Close their intercessions, edge our souls!


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