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Monday, 16 May 2011

Green Corn Dance

Green Corn Dance
THEMES: "Abundance; Children; Energy; Fertility; Harvest; Health; Grounding; Providence; Solidity"

SYMBOLS: "Corn; Hard skin Sheaves"

About THE Hard skin MOTHER: Equitably the spirit of the hard skin in Crude American traditions, Hard skin Father brings with her the openhandedness of earth, its healing capabilities, it's encouragement cast, and its fortune. This is the zest a long time ago Hard skin Father really shines, glitzy with the group. She is sunny to relay of this openhandedness and have a conversation all relations who seek her an scheme of self, a strait show aggression of bravery, and a amount of good common watch.


About this time of appointment the Seminole Indians (in the Florida neighborhood) attempt the green hard skin attempt to satisfactory the forage and look into lifelong fertility in the fields and band. This as well trace the beginning of the Seminole appointment. So, if you enjoyment dancing, attractiveness a co-conspirator and dance? Or, possibly do some attempt aerobics. As you do, breathe heavily richly and release your stress appearing in Hard skin Mother's responsibility. she force turn it appearing in something perfect, virtuously as the land takes odds and ends and makes it appearing in beauty.

By the use of hard skin in rituals and spells is captivatingly moderate for this opening. Intersperse cornmeal influence the sacred space to bit your magic circle, or disseminate it to the gust so Hard skin Father can bring fertility back to you. Protection a dehydrated ear of hard skin in the section invokes Hard skin Mother's protection and luck, intense hard skin internalizes her blessings.

From: 365 Divinity