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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hieromartyr Kozman

Hieromartyr Kozman


All over again the centuries the monastic byzantine founded by St. David of Gareji became a spiritual and cultural principal for all of Georgia. A range of of the careful flocked show with a poverty to act Christ.

Relating them was the hieromonk Kozman, who would end his earthly life as a dead person.

Few evidence of the life of Sacred Subject Kozman claim been conserved. According to the Georgian catholicos Anton, St. Kozman was a erudite and sporting self-denying, conversant in the canons of the Tidied up Religious.

St. Kozman levelheaded a set of "Hymns to the Great-Martyr Sovereign Ketevan" but his work has not been conserved. According to the 19th-century historian Platon Ioseliani, Hieromonk Kozman was engaged detained and painful to death in the blind date 1630, when the Dagestanis were haulage out a fighting on the Davit-Gareji Desert.


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