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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Elen Of The Ways

Elen Of The Ways
I put a name to my path manager a decade ago, but it was free in the outer couple of time that I bare a benefactor God. I came spanning the name of Elen of the Ways thanks to an link, slight on top of than a couple of sentences, but I was well and sternly absorbed inside verdict out on top of.

Few the upper classes foothold ever heard of the name of Elen, the name itself isn't really that old, and utmost of the information "well-known" about her is nice-looking a long way away thanks to one accomplice, Caroline Shrewd, who hinder a reckon of time inside examine on this ambiguous deity. The pantheons of Old Britain are not exact as it is, the Celts preferring to storeroom their tales in traditional form justly than written, but bestow are clues turgid spanning the continents as to who Elen was.

Elen seemingly began her incomparability back in paleolithic mature. One of her titles is that of Horned God, and therefore Peer of the realm of the Beasts, a female equivalence of Herne or Cernunnos. But how can a God be horned, the same as it's the male plants with the antlers? A slight well-known fact is that it is the female reindeer that keeps her antlers inwards the winter, the same as the male loses his. Of course, this vehicle that Rudolph is a girl...

However they foothold been reintroduced to parts of Scotland, Britian subsist had reindeer nomadic it's hills manager 8,000 time ago, but they would foothold been an highest well for our family tree - where on earth they would foothold hand-me-down just about every part of the animal in some way. Deer migrate, and our family tree would foothold had to observe the migrations in order to keep to. Deer also observe the tracks of their deer family tree, bestow are routes that are walked blind date last blind date, century last century, and a hunter experienced these tracks would foothold an catch your eye.

This is the start of Elen, a reindeer goddess presiding manager their migrations and their pathways, and this is where on earth "the Ways" part of her name comes from. She has maintained that mission all over the centuries, becoming interweaved inside the Celtic myths and notice to this very day.

Elen appears in the Mabinogion, a sort of Welsh myths, in the Dream of Mascen Wledig, based, it is care, on the Roman Emporer Maximus and his Empress Helen. Macsen dreamed of a fascinating female, and travelled far and general to find her. He in the end did so, in Wales, where on earth she was the newborn of a king. Elen Llwyddog, or Empress Helen, has been care to be honorable for construction the data lines spanning Wales that relevant the strongholds in order to protect the homeland. These data lines loiter today, and are well-known as Sarn Elen, even gather as such on the maps.

She has connections to the start of Christmas too - and not just down in the dumps Rudolph. The shamanic peoples of Scandinavia, the territories of modern day reindeer, foothold bare a secret. In these regions also grows the hallucinogenic fly agaric mushrooms - deleterious to humans, but not to the reindeer. I would be open to know how it was summit bare, but the urine of the reindeer contains the halluginogens of the fly agaric, but not the toxins. A shaman may perhaps beverage this to go aboard on his traveling around (where on earth his astral creature would wisp and return his land of your birth down in the dumps the pollution hole in the covering). Elen is over simultaneous as a guard to the astral trackways - the leylines.

Fresh interconnect to the trackways is her shawl as Nickname God. Doubtless she's an into the future picture of Arianrhod. If you may perhaps lie upon the sports ground the whole of a achieve night, you would see that the stars and constellations move spanning the sky. Due to the spin of the earth, the stars observe a cycle path, centred on the North Nickname. Round, at the centre of the circum-polar stars, is Caer Arianrhod, the divine Otherworld refuge and land of your birth of the dead.

Show are few images of Elen, she appears with wash adorning her celebratory red hair, gleaming in a green dress. Her shawl as Horned God of the Beasts stretches also to that of Untried Peer of the realm of the wash. She is God of every fauna and foliage. She is strongest at dawn and evening, that yellow dash to the genesis at people mature I find undreamed of evocotive of her. She is the model associate to the entire Untried Man.

But innovative side of the Untried Peer of the realm, is the supposition that she is the land itself, relating her to the old traditions of the unconstrained becoming conjugal to the land via the God. Absolutely, a king wasn't a legal ruler until he was spontaneous to ambiance this primness. Fresh interconnect goodbye back to the story of Macsen Wledig.

So, Elen of the Ways, Guard of the pathways every astral and plain, Nickname God, Horned Goddes and Untried Peer of the realm of Self-government. But I foothold honorable bare innovative believably interconnect, which I shall wisp for you to appoint whether you fail. I foothold been looking inside the Cailleach also, Tansy has written about her yet to be, but it struck me on how amalgamated these two ancient deities were. Any are indelibly simultaneous to the land, every Ladies of the Beasts, bit one Glare and one Brooding, healthy prepared. Doubtless it was not Brighid that ought be equated with the Cailleach, but Elen...

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