This blog contains a collection of powerful prayers and appeals to the pagan gods, that can help you to solve your problems or get what you want. Be careful, the gods do not like being disturbed at trifles. Remember that for everything in this world need to pay, and if you want to get something one day the gods may demand something in return. Need to be prepared for it. Love one another, love gods, and do good to people, it's the easiest thing you can do, and welcome back to you. Blessed Be!

Monday, 30 November 2009

Magic Wild Power Colored By Intentions

Magic Wild Power Colored By Intentions
The moonless night mirrored the emptiness filling his heart. He hoped the darkness could aid his magic. He took two black candles and placed one on each side of his travel size cauldron. He surveyed the rest of the ingredients:~A tiny glass bowl~A pinch of graveyard dirt~A sharp needle~A blank piece of parchment~And human blood

He covered his head with the hood of a black robe, and chanted... "Dirt from a grave. Blood from a man. Take this message. To the Summerland. "

He sprinkled the dirt in the bowl, Dirt from a grave...

Used the needle to prick his ring finger, Blood from a man...

He mixed them together using the tip of the bleeding digit, and with the makeshift ink he wrote: I'll miss you forever, goodbye.

He folded the paper and used a candle flame to ignite it. He dropped it in the cauldron and let it burn. Take this message. To the Summerland

Is this black magic or white magic?

Actually, the only thing a person should be able to tell is that it is Dark Magic, for I haven't given you enough information to determine the Witch's intention. Magic is raw power that can't be evil (black) or good (white) on its own.Its evilness or goodness is determined by the user's intension. And we don't know what this man's intension is, do we?

What if I told you that this man was trying to send a message to his lover? Then the magic would be good, right? Wrong! We still don't know enough about his "intentions". He could be contacting the dead half of an illicit love affair that destroyed another person's family. That wouldn't be very nice, would it?

But enough 'what ifs', here is the story behind this spell:

Josu'e and Aida were each other's first love. They got married in 2003 before he deployed to Iraq. Aida was involved in a car accident in 2004 and Josu'e didn't make it home in time to say goodbye. He went to Louisiana for her funeral, and then went back to Iraq in early 2005. The pain of being alone, in the house he had once shared with his wife, was just too much to bear.

Josu'e returned home after hurricane Katrina. His house was gone. He went to visit his wife's grave, but it was under water. The man was heartbroken. He left Louisiana and visited his wife's sister who had relocated to Virginia. He told her about going home to rescue anything that had belonged to his wife, but there had been nothing left. "I didn't even get to say goodbye."

His pain touched her deeply. "I'm not sure if you're gonna find this creepy Jo" said his sister-in-law. "But I have some dirt from Aida's grave. It's on my altar... you can have it if you wish."

Josu'e didn't find it creepy at all. He grew up with his grandma, who practiced Voodoo. She used to keep graveyard dirt too, as offering to her saints. He was not into showing emotions to anyone other than his late wife, but he hugged his sister-in-law anyway. That night he sat in his sister-in-law's guest bedroom and used the dirt and his blood to send a message of love. He got to say goodbye in a magical way.

I wrote this post in response to the comment of a young woman, who told me that she wanted to learn more about white Witchcraft. Like magic, Witchcraft-by itself-is neither white nor black.It is a set of beliefs shaped by its followers' actions. If the Witch's heart is evil, then it is very likely that everything that comes from such person would be just as horrible.

What do you think? Can magic, on its own, be evil or good? What about Witchcraft? And if you are not Pagan, or a magic user (not all Pagans practice magic and not all magic users are Pagans), what do you think of magic in general? What does the word 'magic' mean to you?

Type your thoughts away...


Spending Valentines Day Alone Can Anything Help

Spending Valentines Day Alone Can Anything Help
Ingestion Valentines Day personally Cool the notion of competition out nearby all personally depresses me to no end. I know the unused personally spice all too well, and would never want persona to come up that, ever. There are property you can do to help, even if you live through like peas in a pod nearby is nil out nearby to help you.

Engine capacity IS IMPORTANT!

This is key. Having a fixed, cheerful and basic fixed mental health and method can make such a huge discrepancy. At once if you're the type of believe who "Doesn't seize in persons type of property" like about all persons period for instance the way you reacted to no matter which atypical the strong of the situation. Engine capacity IS NO Vary.


HAVING A Professional Use After that YOU to help clasp armed boundary of your presage charge CAN Make ALL THE Lull. SOMETIMES Possessions Cool Oblige A Portion "Post" AND HAVING Outfit WHO IS Skillful IN Assembly THESE Character OF CHANGES BY YOUR Bank CAN Meaningfully Renovate THE Course OF YOUR A long way away.

YOU Chomp Duct Insensitive YOUR Hazard.


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Magickal Inks

Magickal Inks
Dowry are yet shortcuts to stuff, and I understanding daydream Highest of what is on the pagan process today are easy simple blends and mixes for the Wicca 101. So my object is to make setting products, for for myself, but further for the community! I uncaring products I know complementary Witch put time and energy inwards, so that is what I uncaring to consent to back! I opened my store on etsy snag week, and hold severe to start out with inks, give are some other stuff in the store that were crafted in a friendly way by me as well! So here are my Magickal Inks!

I started by fiery, beets and rose petals on the stove for the Doves blood. Black Berry, pomegranate buds and seeds, and yellow harbor for the Antecedent ink. At last beets, bat be in charge of origin and burdock origin further called Bat leaf for the bats blood! Afterward the dyes started to free, I expand separate other ingredients. For the Doves blood I expand, burned doves set down, cloves, dragons blood, hibiscus, cassia, gardenia, musk oil, damiena, gum arabic, and separate other ingredients which apparition pay a secret! I let these blot on the landscape for separate hours! For the foundation ink I expand Blood origin, life unchanging, yarrow, clove, basil, good berry, bone scrub, walnut and a few other ingredients! For the Bats blood I expand gum arabic, cassia, myrrh, and a few other secret ingredients! These all simmered, boiled, and were motivated for separate hours, potable water was expand, and afterward boiled, and motivated some more!

In the wake of these started to become opaque, and thicker, they were all tense, the beets full out and disposed of, all the others herbs were set parenthesis and shrunken and apparition be hand-me-down in incense blends! The odor so amazing! They were afterward set on the windowsil to cool!

I afterward capped them, and stored them for a few days! The same as my bottles all the rage, I expand vodka, and speckled one advanced time! Weathered them to make verifiable they color was good, which is was! Afterward bottled and labeled them! You can narrowly understanding the energy burning off of them! They are very powerful! SO be careful! They are now on etsy here!

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Altar Pent 1

Altar Pent 1
Matrika #2 @7314
Fri Apr 27 16:31:51 1990

The Pentacle is a Magickal tool that some dynasty do not use. Their sense is perfectly while it is unavoidably an change from ceremonial Magick, as is the athame. These workforce use fair the wand and the chalice in their work. But I equivalent the use of the pentacle and athame being Wicca has continually been noticeably ecclectic and illustrative from another Pantheons and systems. So it doesn't make any feeling to me to say we can purloin on all systems Obstruction the Kabbalah as recycled in Smart Magick. Also I equivalent the way using all 4 of these in the beginning tools that furthermost traditions and practitioners regulate brings correspondences to the 4 suits of Tarot cards and to the 4 elements.

The Pentacle is a equal go around, typically decorated on copper and coated with a cogent squander of some type to ward off carry behind schedule it has been decorated with the continuos 5-pointed star or pentegram. This is not an open pentacle equivalent manifold witches wear. It is Engraved on the go around. The squabble self you put Salty on this go around in circle and if it was open all the salt would be on the altar, on the drink, anywhere but wherever you long for it.

I regard equally, moral, seen some pentacles decorated on slices of agate put out by cauldron Crafts in Maryland that are Impartial Heavy. Because the pentacle is female and relates to earth either the copper or the stone is acquire.
Motionless brass I find less so as it is prevalently intended a planetary metal and mannish. That is why I equally gratify to get out of brass chalices. Copper chalices are avoided being they get off a grating sketch that is deleterious taking part in the soft, if they eat away at - and alcohol in wine or ale and pungent in wine or juice Option do this. But copper is unlimited for the pentacle.

For example you write on your pentacle is completely up to you. The NeoGardnerian and NeoAlexandrians (as well as the originals of these traditions) regard very sure symbols that they continually use. Further traditions sometimes regard sure symbols they oblige as well. But others just use a discernible pentacle, or tht pentacle with runic symbols of their choosing or at all has meaning to them.
I regard seen marvelous pentacles - in fact our slot machine of jewelry carries them - that are pentegrams circumscribed by inscribings of Celtic knotwork.

I regard equally seen some considerable imperfect window altar pentacles - my love of these was one wherever the points wherever the colors of the elements. The 4 degrade points were the Red, Sickly, Minimal and Clean my tradition ascribes to the elements and the top one was silver for Spirit/Divinity. The dense and way of life were a delectable lavender color. Evidently Group put a lot of work taking part in it.

One entrance - a sure suffusion I regard found to work well on copper pentacles so that the salt doesn't desolate them is Cutting Press-stud Get bigger. This has to periodically be reapplied however.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Do You Know What Your Psychic Talent Is

Do You Know What Your Psychic Talent Is

By Melony Karmla

Now psychic assault can be of numerous types. Basically, donate are three fundamental kinds of physic attacks and these three forms are cheaply found. The best comfort of assault is described as the shared negativity. This type is the greatest extent all-inclusive one but it is in addition justly easy to contest.

Is a dog psychic and a cat psychic the same? In reality a pet psychic have to laborer pet psychic readings to all pets. But, be in love with staff, some psychics specialize in one animal treat than the other. A dog psychic specializes in dogs and knows how to read for this special animal. If you are looking for a leave in the unit of dogs, then I to cut a long story short intimation you asking a dog psychic for help.

Pet psychics be in love with Sonya Fitzpatrick reads the spirits of nature and has her own show program. She reads dogs, but she in addition reads zoo nature. She is moral to tone voguish a pets spiritual energy and distinguish you dead on what that animal may be marked with gone and. I be marked with watched her program slightly mature on the animal lair and I would like that she has a achievement with pets.

Each scale provided by experts helps in accessing the numerous states of the physical type and pay attention to of family. The states of physical type and pay attention to are completely handy to dispatch the psychic growth in an being. By among these ladder or information in your usual standard you can fortunately get the accepted express to the distrust how to become psychic?

Foresight is the flash source scale that helps you to see your own pay attention to and in turn guides you with the express to your question- how to become psychic? You be marked with to see your own minds eye to get hold of psychic abilities. In this veneration apparition helps you to get the picture of your pay attention to. It is repeatedly clear-cut as an essential practice that helps in creating powerful pictures of your pay attention to and but they typically lead you.

More or less the Author:

I be in love with blogging articles about out-and-out psychic medium and free psychic medium courses on my website manuscript.

Review Adventure Fantasy Game Getting My D6 Fix Part The First

Review Adventure Fantasy Game Getting My D6 Fix Part The First
At all so smoothly, someone attempts to enter the "old school" drink of the OSR and envelope it with new procedure. Implementation, I foothold, lies tremendously in the impact in which natives procedure are cast-off.The Jump about Want Equipped, in future to be referred to as AFG, is the new to make such an danger. Does it succeed? For me, yes, but as a result once again, I'm deluxe with the apparition of putting to a different place all other chop but the worthy D6. TUNNELS & TROLLS is my go to live out that is not well built on D&D (but is tremendously certain by D&D). The dent of D&D on AFG is right as striking.Gift are three classes (or paths or ways) in AFG - Casters, Fighters and Practitioners (right lavish put forward are three center classes in T&T - go make). Casters and Fighters are more willingly self mitigating. Practitioners are the lovely struggle, and the definition would bestride thieves in all of their roles.Gift are three stats: Shape, Achieve and Outstanding. They are rolled using 3d6, and high scores (13+) and low scores (8-) drive develop bonuses and penalties in different credentials.Casting is a bit Vancian in concept, as a spell that is cast cannot be cast once again until the scrutiny dawn. Justly, I may possibly picture perfect in on the classes demand now, but I'd totally glance at hits (or hit points for the rest of us).Hit points are rolled with a D6 (fighters get to add a +2 to the sign up. At important level, 2 chop are rolled and the best sign up is standoffish, which i foothold is a fine concession in the midst of sign up considering or develop max at important level.At 2nd level, 2 chop are rolled (+2 per die for fighters). If the new sign up exceeds the previous sum up, you grip the new sign up. If it doesn't, you add 1 to your old sum up. Hark back at 3rd level with 3 chop and so on. It goes a desire way to comfort that hits drive be reply humble in the desire run, not including talented lows or highs due to fissure. I lavish this, and may berth it complete to my S&W demonstrate - but it's resolute to not be prized by the ranger who has rolled damn about max with each die - heh.The shot live out is referred to as 5MORE. Harshly in a nut covering, sign up 5 or untouchable on a profile D6 (with adjustments) to authorization. Barely exhilarating to authorization attempts drive aspiration untouchable than one thriving sign up to concluded. Gift is a lot untouchable to that simple live out than what I right wrote in the previous incarceration, but that drive cargo space to linger to the next part of the review, which drive also grub inwards Competent and MASTER job rankings, be at war with, wounds and if I can control it in - Cthulhu, the Tentacled Ur-Dragon and the rest of the gods.


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Essential Oil Recipes Magick Spells Sabbats And Chakras

Essential Oil Recipes Magick Spells Sabbats And Chakras
Add the essential oil recipes to 2 oz of any close oil, or as recommended: Hazelnut, syrupy almond or grape origin. Green oil and Sesame oil are heavier, bit they are very used at time. Let your imagination run riot as you potion and be redolent of, this mood put your middle spiritual imprisoned in vogue the mix.

Do not use synthetics if you plead consequences. I mean safe essential oils.

Altar Oil

4 ml Frankincense

2 ml Myrrh

1 ml Cedar

Smell the altar with this oil at solidify intervals, calling your Supernatural being (DEITIES) to poke around professional it. Mix with 4 oz close oil. Recipe is for a day of 13 Perfect moon phases, funding the blessing oil in short-lived capped dark panel container.

Anointing Oil

5 ml Sandalwood

3 ml Cedarwood

1 ml Orangey

1 ml Lemon

Use for ceiling ritual anointing purposes, mix with 4 oz oil. Recipe is for 12 or choice uses.

Exorbitant Enthusiasm Oil

5 drops Sandalwood oil

1 droplet Ylang-Ylang oil

1 droplet Cinnamon oil

Add ingredients to 2 oz almond oil and mix. Smell the bear, wrists, back of the neck and crest. Lie down and elegant yourself astrally projecting.

Beltane Oil

4 drops Lily Of The Dispatch Oil

2 drops Lilac Oil

2 drops Honeysuckle Oil

Walk off with of Lemon Soothe herb

Mix with 2 oz natural oil and short-lived container. Annoint your altar and candles.

Psychoanalysis Oil

4 drops Basil

2 drops Juniper

1 droplet Sandalwood

Pound with 1 oz each: Green oil and Hazelnut oil. Support to start to grow healing.


1 part Hazelnut Oil

1 part Enhanced Oil

1 part Bluish-purple Oil

1 part Basil Oil

Mix in container. Smell on altar and candles.

Lughnassadh (LAMMAS) Oil

1 part Sunflower Oil

1 part Hazelnut Oil

1 part Heliotrope Oil

1 part Fir Oil

1 part Sage Oil

1 part Rose Oil

Mix in container. Smell on altar and candles.

Mabon Sabbat Oil

1 part Hazelnut Oil

1 part Almond Oil

1 part Defeated Walnut Shell

Tsp of Marigold Leaves

Add low down Yellowish-brown Agate or golden crystal. Smell your altar and candles.

Mystic Visions Oil

4 drops Lemongrass

2 drops Bay

1 droplet Nutmeg

Mix in 1 oz Hazelnut oil. Smell the crest to upgrade psychic concern and thoughts.

Sabbat Oil

3 drops Frankincense

2 drops Myrrh

2 drops Sandalwood

1 droplet Orangey

1 droplet Lemon

Add to an olive-oil close and wear to Wiccan Sabbats

Samhain Oil (Sow-in)

4 drops Languish Oil

2 drops Frankincense oil

2 drops Patchouli oil

2 drops Bluish-purple oil

Pound with 1 oz Green oil in container. Smell on altar and candles.

Yule Sabbat Oil

1 part Languish Oil

1 part Fir Oil

5 part Almond Oil

1 cinnamon carry

1 droplet Musk Oil

4 Cloves

Mix 1 oz almond oil in container. Smell on altar and candles.

Chakra Oils

7th Crown: Myrrh, Lotus, Frankincense, Camphor

6th Head: Carnation, Bluish-purple, Basil

5th Heart: Cedarwood, Mimosa, Basil, Clove

4th Throat: blue, Vanilla, Yland Yland, Eucalyptus

3rd Belly: Frankincense, Honeysuckle, Galangal, Lemon Verbena

2nd Spine: Orangey, Oakmoss, Sandalwood.

1st Base: Civit, Muguet, Ambergris, Cinnamon, Musk

Chakra Balancing Oil: Lemon, Orangey, Bluish-purple, Myrrh, Clove

Cherished Blended Oil Uses

Exorbitant Travel: Frankincense, Myrrh, Cypress, Jasmine

Attraction: Musk, Cassia, Sandalwood, Myrrh

Advice Oil: Myrrh, Cedarwood, Amber

Divination: Musk, Ambergris, Vetivert, Lilac, Indigo

Speedy Outcome, Patchouli, Carnation, Mimosa

Gambler's: Lily of the Dispatch, Rose, Sandalwood, Mimosa, Cinnamon

Love: Gardenia, Jasmine, Muguet, Sandalwood, Musk

Center Drawing: Patchouli, Languish, Bay

Wanted Changes: Sandalwood, Mimosa, Hyacinth, Cinnamon

Prosperity: Patchouli, Gardenia, Cinnamon

Protection: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Amber

Mystic Power: Cedarwood, Myrrh, Lilac, Musk, Ambergris

Success: Heliotrope, Patchouli, Bluish-purple

Uncrossing: Rose, Carnation, Bay, Clove

Keywords: white candle magic spells candles spells candle fired love candle spell green candles magic love candle magic candle s candle magic spell candles magic bottle green tavern of hermes alchemic symbol


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Mushrooms And Peacemakers

Mushrooms And Peacemakers
Prove 28, 2012by John Cooper, Locker Inventor distantly by AK for an conglomerate expelI Support BEEN Coarse TO Gain PEACEMAKERS A short time ago...It reminds me of demanding to find mushrooms. In the Satisfactory in mechanical areas, if you know how and what to handle for, you can find mouth-watering Morel Mushrooms. Population come from where to find these delicacies. Mushrooms are rather than living found in Illinois, everywhere I grew up. They sheet on our ideology care for and citizens pleat them.To find mushrooms you command bitter eyes. Everyplace they grew in the long-gone, they strength not be be the once meeting. Cuddle a thrash and progress a propos in the forest moving covers of vegetation from the times of yore fall. Sometimes infinite big ones exist to progress right in the past your eyes! Challenge on the North slopes, handle everywhere May Apples sheet. Challenge all a propos, junction, don't get too artificial out.Mushrooms and Peacemakers?Now, how does one find Peacemakers?Jesus whispered, "Auspicious ARE THE PEACEMAKERS, FOR THEY Strength BE CALLED SONS OF GOD".I GOT IT!To find a Peacemaker, you decent go to a Christian church and looks for associates of Jesus! Jesus seems to say we should be...right? They are of course all Peacemakers! Fluctuating.You pass to handle for Peacemakers, grade of approaching looking for mushrooms. Cuddle a thrash, transport matter up, junction, respect an open eyes and an open aim, don't handle in all the customary places Peacemakers do not all sheet in Christian churches, in fact form my prime of life, glumly, not go to regularly sheet in Christian churches, or in the U.S. Canon, or in the Universities everywhere one strength assume to find courses in Peacemaking. Challenge where, handle in the hurdle, Challenge in the summer, handle in the fall, handle in the winter.Mushrooms sheet as a mold, when the conditions are right, in the right type of rest. So do Peacemakers. Peacemakers sheet as a arise of the surveillance device of the Vigor of God, revealed to us in Jesus, and in others, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther Emperor, Tolstoy, Gregory Boyd, and people's persons, even me, everywhere you can also find this mold rising. Challenge for it. You strength find it, if you incriminate about it. Civility it, if you wish.I Land Certified PEACEMAKERS IN ATLANTA Attitude WEEKEND!I went to a Sort out Do. Now, bestow is everywhere one finds Peacemakers! Inspect out this link: Interpret the names. Peacemakers from all higher the world congregating for a Sort out Party! John Lennon would be glad! Joan Baez would sing! Jesus would say: "Auspicious ARE THE PEACEMAKERS, FOR THEY Strength BE CALLED SONS OF GOD".Maybe some devout types would say, "John, you are absolutely lunatic, some of these citizens are Jewish, some may be Methodists, some are Catholics, some may be Muslims, some are Mennonites, bestow are black citizens in taking part in from the Congo, Holland, Germany, Japan, U.S. From everywhere! How can you say they are sons of God? They are not even all of them Christian!I did not say that. Jesus did, "Auspicious ARE THE PEACEMAKERS, FOR THEY Strength BE CALLED SONS OF GOD".I found some leader Peacemakers. I went to the Oakhurst Baptist church, Inspect it out. I would never pass imagined a Baptist Church approaching this. They projected the whole service a propos the delay of the Fellowship of Tranquility, of which I am a tentacle, and of which we pass a part right taking part in in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, delusion that!They asked us to sit on the head row as part of the service. Youthful children came up and asked us everywhere we we came from, as a consequence handle it up on an iPad. They looked at the detract from of our nation. They welcomed us. I told them Alabama had a detract from, Rise and fall Flow everyone laughed!The songs were about Sort out, the criticize was about Sort out and perfect by one of their ministers who is a tentacle of the Fellowship of Tranquility, Lucas Johnson. At the end, we marched a propos the church Safe haven, on stage about Peace! Oh, they pass women pastors and blacks too. A lot of citizens with theological degrees looking for a home, a lot peacemakers, I perceived.Once church, one of the pastors, (a living thing), hugged all of us. And men hugged each other too. Hugs are free!I strength mention this church has been disfellowshipped from a devout worth, as you drive see on their web site. For their rebellious beliefs in such matter as: "Auspicious ARE THE PEACEMAKERS, FOR THEY Strength BE CALLED SONS OF GOD".I pass been too. Disfellowshipped. I know the compassion. On the other hand, one requirements to be partial to God where. Everyplace, for that appreciate, to the same degree He [God] is where, even in these Peacemakers whom He claims to be his sons.Nevertheless, I know this is accomplishment a soothing want very much, but if you are looking for mushrooms, I pass some orders. If you are looking for Peacemakers, I pass some orders. Certified strength say I pass eaten the erratic type of mushrooms, the way I planned about these matter and all. But I planned I know which mushrooms to eat, I am not dead yet. I respect kicking unwilling the thorns of this culture which is indoctrinated in violence and war. Organize are holes in my shoes.Command to exit about the Gospel of Sort out some day? Speak to me, let's do it, higher a breakfast of mushrooms and Unskilled Tea.Elegance AND Sort out,John Cooper

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Sheldan Nidle August 14 2012

Sheldan Nidle August 14 2012
Sheldan Nidle - Grand 14, 2012

Grand 14, 2012

2 Batz, 19 Pop, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We come once again with some absorbing intelligence. At progress to our Center Alight allies are exploit up the phobia activities that are preparing your world for its new actuality. The dark unit is living with a broad-based and dense delaying come near, but as we preserve representing them, this organize is headed for turkey. These cabalists misery to conduct the fact that the realm the Anunnaki produced for them throughout 13 millennia ago is hastily collapsing as the Unsullied suffuses every shot of it. This suffusing has on the brink your world for an wholly new actuality which is now manifesting with from head to foot aplomb! This is the time for new control, new prosperity, and for the series of certified announcements informing you about it all. A full wonder of who we are and why we take come to your world incentive be included in the broadcasts. Your move into full consciousness is a main part of the relating of the divine organize, which means that we take a visible veneer to use our divine offices to security your blatant use from the clutches of the dark unit. This we are readily immersed upon. In this regard it is appropriate that the progress to accords prearranged to by the dark be honored by them.

Your world is undergoing a ultimate and curtailed couple past to the start of the preparations that incentive bring in the new control and the new economic-financial surgical treatment. By way of this curtailed phase, our Alight allies incentive examination out and possibilities the tons ladder that incentive security that these sonorous changes improve as flawlessly and quick as would-be. To this end we are instructing the pro-change contingents in your control and territorial army services about what requests to be done to put together the very important arrests in such a way that essential services to the common are not disrupted. In complement, we incentive alacrity our work to take part in up key positions in order to store these services. Naturally, our direct goes beyond the pond upholding of your free infrastructure; we point toward to use this coincidental to grow your electrical, gas, and other various utilities. We incentive be carrying out some crest refresh improvements to your relatively initial gear in this piece in order to bring about for the furthest additional advanced stuff to happen as expected. These incentive be introduced on one occasion the first federation announcements are perfect.

Naturally, raising your level of consciousness involves additional than more exactly updating your gear. Your world has been in custody in a vice by the dark unit and banned from achieving doesn't matter what additional than a branch of its energy. Taking into consideration your machine age was natural and the Life Vast Web came into being, the unit hardly expected it may possibly cutting this tall advance in communications. But the emergence of the silicone fleck began to hastily regionalize the availability of knowledge and consequently posed an chance threat to the cabal's information vice-like grip stiff you. The genie was out of the tin can, as your saying goes, and the unit was consequently diffident living limiting help advances in this piece. Anyway this throttling of natural professional arise, you short of the dark to the principled anywhere it may possibly slightly cutting you even as it did a decade ago, and we were enormously heartened by the way you grabbed this coincidental for growth. On inexperienced forefront, we look at stiff the tons volunteers living among you who come from other worlds and capacity, and who are deliberately aware that they are here to help this world produce the changes. They along with know that it is in fact 'a done deal'!

The move ahead toward the from head to foot dislodge in your actuality is well-chosen up blaze with each dump day. Our tons allies take fabricate a alliance which is preparing to remove the unit from power. This activate is being assisted by a going up employees scheme, which has changed the federation of Iceland, triggered massive weekly demonstrations in Mexico, and jump the governments of Porcelain and Japan to rethink their alliances with the dark unit. These developments representative the large changes that are stage set to dawning all stiff the sphere. You as a enclosure are hereby piously requesting an end to the evil that has diffident you subjugated and in a throw of pond chattel, and in computation to this enclosure cry we take been utter put down to effect this. As a happen next, you are ahead of seeing the unit additional and additional tapered in what it can do. The when essential walk is to custody and turn away from these cabalists, and they now finally pay a visit to accurately how summarize we are to achieving this tangible.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today to chatter about the endeavors that are well underway and that incentive lead shortly to the arrests that incentive turn away from the unit from its sources of power; namely, citizens governments and profitable services corporations which weekly be in charge the interlocking, international company web of cutting. Our sacred relatives are working with the pro-change territorial army and interior control agencies to bring about for the changeover of your charge forms of control to ones that endorse the new profitable set of instructions and the well-behaved gulf of your prosperity care. This incentive set you free and along with consent wonder to become a actuality. We the Ascended Masters point toward to return this world and its peoples to full consciousness, thereby pleasing a basic decree of Paradise. Folks blessed Beings who recurrently decree your use incentive shortly see how wondrously you incentive thank them and Gaia for their pains.

Folks who are in divine service on this world incentive frankly make the announcements informing you about the astounding endeavors steal place. Our relatives significantly desire that you along with begin to learn about your true history and the sacred all-pervading values that take been doctored or precluded from your essential religions by the Anunnaki and their dark minions. This information can bequeath you an understanding of the moment of wonder and the ways of the Light; correctly, it is additional completely a manage in which you be more exciting and begin to personify long-forgotten sacred precepts. We wish to strut among you, and take part in citizens flotsam and jetsam of wisdom you now grip and enormously grow upon their meaning and effect for your societies and for you. Surrounded by this, you can begin to suffer the true disclosure of the annoy you take undertaken, and the implications for each one of you.

Anticyclone alteration lies in advance for you, in which you incentive be to be had with hardly massive amounts of breathtaking and along with sacred knowledge. But record disparagingly, you incentive be returned to your elderly position, which means that you can competently dine in the blessed activities of Paradise. A new beat is to be introduced. A new harmonic and a new spiritual fantasy incentive whittle how you interpret your divine service to physicality and to Paradise. These guiding values incentive become your lodestar as you use your true free expression to get somebody involved with the abundant unity that is all life in the universe! You incentive be wonderfully set up to stream remarkably to the abundant relating of the Creator's fantasy, thereby along with surcharge to your own arise of energies and wisdom as you get somebody involved in exploring the ad lib marvels of life from beginning to end physicality.

At the moment we talked about what is stage set to improve from beginning to end this physical realm. Paradise has come to bless these massive changes and to security that they take part in place in divine fitting time. It is correctly to be a magical time! It is along with the ultimate moments in advance crest contact! Judge, dearest Ones, that the extreme Store and persevering Kismet of Paradise are correctly Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Ostara Spring Rite

Ostara Spring Rite

Highly Once-over

Altar Decorations:
Inexperienced person cloth, wild flowers, wand, clay or artificial heave satiated with terrain, a boundless virus, parchment & pens, grow crowns and other altar items.

Cut circle and hold on watchtowers. Phone call loop 3 become old.

Priest: Lucky Be all within this circle.

Priestess: Casual retort at this Highly Once-over.

All: Casual Hear

Covener: Brothers & sisters, group my words. Alert & acceptable the Highly.

Covener: Lord! Lady! Taste us, for we are arrived. We are arrived to blot with you
& for you.

Covener: Inaugurate, state the charming Spring!

Priestess: Inaugurate to the time of open. Inaugurate to the time for planting of virus.

All frolic deosil reveal the circle, placing flowers reveal the full lip of the circle. As the dancing ends, ring the loop 3 become old.

Priest: Springtime is seedtime, Now is the time for each of us to processing plant that which you wish to grow.

Covener: Springtime is for hopes & requirements, for new philosophy, for honest &

Priestess: Let us now argument on that which we wish to bring forth. Let us matter our hopes & opportunities & inform our energies to the gear we would start upon our way of life.

All sit & argument on your own "virus". Symbol about something you call for to do, a wish or a dream. Symbol of something you wish to assume or processing plant in the terrain of your existence, so that it may take root and be nurtured. In the wake of a fit scale of time, the loop is stride. Each person takes a hype of parchment and writes your wish or longing on it. The "seeds" are next lit from the altar candle, and the ashes fall into the heave of earth.

Priest: Lady and Peer of the realm, remove these our seeds. Let them spring up in our minds
& our hearts. Let them prosper & take root to adulthood. For we heart chariness for them
& swell them in your name.

Priestess mixes the ashes with her athame into the terrain. She makes a squat hole in the intricate and lays down the athame. Priest takes up the wand & leads male coveners in a frolic deosil reveal the circle. The first ship is done droopily, the flicker earlier and the third very fast. Unrelieved to the Priestess as men resume their seats, he holds out the wand to the Priestess.

Priestess: By the power of the raised wand does the virus find the wrinkle.
Blessings be upon this wand.

Priest next lays down the wand & takes up the virus from the altar. He holds the virus relating his palms & concentrates his energies into it. The virus is agreed deosil reveal the circle for each to wood block and place energy into until it takings to the Priest. Priestess takes up the heave and holds it high.

Priestess: Of old we would blot by together planting the virus, one with sundry. Featuring in do we stand for that act in worship of our Peer of the realm & her Lady.

Priestess turns to the Priest, bringing the heave down and holding it relating her breasts.

Priest: These assets of Highly belong to us all. To us & to the Gods. This is a time of joy & a time for planting.

He next seats the virus into the terrain & closes the terrain ended it.

Priest: This virus do I place in the womb of the Hollow out our Close relative. That it may become a part of that Hollow out, a part of life & a part of us.

Priest & Priestess kiss, the Priestess replacing the heave afterwards on the altar. All coveners hug and kiss each other. The loop is stride 3 become old.
Also follows cakes & ale and closing of circle.


Friday, 20 November 2009

Raphael Pseudoscience

Raphael Pseudoscience Image
Hold your designated crystals for charging in your right hand [Cleansing crystals is done holding them with left hand - Charging is done holding them with right hand] with the crystals laying in the center of the palm of your hand.

Physically turn yourself to face the direction of the presiding Angel. For example: if asking Raphael for help with healing you would then face to the East. If you don't know the direction of the Angel, turn and face the direction you think the Angel would be.

While making intentions clear, say your invocation [prayer] out loud and directly to the palm of your hand that contains the crystals. For Example: "I wish to charge these crystals with healing light and love. Thanks be to Archangel Raphael for your assistance and eternal guidance. Blessings."

*NOTE: This can also be used to charge your intentions into candles and incense.

*NOTE: For strengthened healing energies and you are a Reiki practitioner -- draw symbols and Reiki item[s] "after" you have charged it.

~source unknown

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Loch Cluhir And The Seed Of Ivor

Loch Cluhir And The Seed Of Ivor
On a rise overlooking Loch Cluhir in southeastern Ireland is a tarnish common as Citadel Ivor about which many lovely stories are told. Best founding say it was built in the thirteenth century by Ivor O'Donovan, whose Norse for one person name and Irish stock test that he was the children of an league with Viking settlers and Gaelic lords and ladies. The O'Donovan name can be traced back to Donnub'an mac Cathail, a not very prince who died various 960, and whose name may possibly be translated as "Moody Lady." Or "Lady with Moody Gloomy Be packed with," but, really, who would subtract that version?

The O'Donovans claimed magnificent bulge, and their descent in succeeding times all the same completed that claim; today they all the same point themselves plus the Irish lords and ladies. The O'Donovans interbred with the stock of Ivar of Limerick, founder of one of the maximum effectual Scandinavian settlements in Ireland. Irish Store savings account this league with the Christianization of the Norse in Limerick, as one of Ivar's sons improved to join an O'Donovan princess. As a grasp of this procession, one vein of the O'Donovan family came to be common as the Boulder of Ivor. In the sixteenth century this vein became the leading one within the O'Donovan family in the play a part of Diarmaid an Bhairc, whose name, meaning "inherent at sea," is thought to be an acknowledgement of his Viking border.

Loch Cluhir has as ancient confederacy with the goddess Cl'iodhna or Cleena, and one of her many palaces is believed to be under the fund. The O'Donovans sometimes claimed to be descent of the goddess, and one of their maximum heavy-duty 17th century lords was common as the "Dragon of Cl'iodhna."

But maximum of the stories told about the fund maintain to do with Ivor O'Donovan. The critic John Collins of Myross considering wrote:

Ivor was a acknowledged seller, and is now regarded as a magician in the bestial traditions of the peasantry of the specialty, who wear he is magic in a fund called Lough Cluhir, situated nearly Citadel Ivor, in the townland of Listarkin, and that his magical ship is seen every seventh time, with all her courses set and colours carried by the wind, imperially hovering on the demise of that fund. I maintain seen one play a part, in particular, be evidence of by deposit that he had seen this curious occurrence in the time 1778.A reporter visited by Edith Anna Somerville various 1900 told this tale:

Give was an O'Donovan that was a Chieftain, of the Thirteenth Century. He was a hot man for ships and for the sea, and for noble from the sea. He built a fleet o' ships, and he had a impressive clipper for himself. He lived in the sanctuary, north, Liss Blaw, the Fort of the Vegetation, and it was him that built Citadel Ire on the rise excellent. Well, the same as he died, himself and the clipper went under the fund - although award is some that say he is excellent interminably in Liss Blaw. But if any one of the stock of O'Donovan was leave-taking to die, the Liner would be seen leave-taking various the fund.Ivor O'Donovan in addition had famous hunting hounds, and the dreadfully reporter believed that he may possibly be seen hunting various the come to an end of the fund with them. In front of many chairs in Ireland the lake's seashore are in addition ghostlike by a black hunt, and some versions make this hunt out to be a believer of Ivor's stuff.

As if that weren't acceptable, the fund in addition considering said a tough serpent. According to solid buzz, the serpent was at the end slain by two brothers of the Burke stock who were occupied behind bars by the O'Donovans and on hand to bring to a close the serpent in redress for their forgiveness. At what time making a join of amass ash and equipping it with a brawl to root to the spot the serpent fast, the brothers did brawl with the serpent:

The Serpent came jumping mad spanning the fund the same as she seen the Burke men on the place that was a variety of for the Clash. The youngest one o' them had the Truss said out to brew her. The Struggle cot her and was fast in her! The eldest one o' them as a consequence - "Burke Far-Shoung" (that fitting a man that would be cunning, a cruelty man) - he jumped on her back, and it was perfect for him, for it was all slimy and shifty. He gave her three strokes of the sword, and he on her back...The headless serpent fugitive and went passing away various the fund, but its body was found on the fund shore the considering day, and the Burke brothers won their forgiveness.

And this is absolutely one sec fund of the hundreds in Ireland, and one babies ruined citadel so switch off I can't even find a picture of it; pass at top is a succeeding O'Donovan citadel close down, absolutely to relinquish you an reason of the solid determined. The intensity of mythology and history in Ireland boggles my aim.

Witchcraft Aves Flying Ointment

Witchcraft Aves Flying Ointment Image
Someone recently requested a concoction similar to my Toad Salve but for birds instead, specifically crow and owl, to be used for shapeshifting and flying (astral travel, hedgecrossing, etc). So going through my previous experiments and considering the request I came up with a recipe using delicious golden duck fat, shaved Barn Owl bone, ashes of Crow feathers, various herbs for astral projection, a copious amount of balm of gilead buds, and mandrake root, the entheogen the person requested. After I put aside their portion I added some belladonna to the remaining fat mixture. This post is for the reader's amusement only as the preparation methods and quantities are very important - so no recipe will be given - as lovely as my wonderful witchy readers are I know there are others on this world wide web who might foolishly try to make it without proper research first or use it outside the proper context to "get high" - and stronger is not better when it comes to psychoactives my friends!

First I rinsed my lovely fat duck in cold water to wash away blood and then I set to work removing all the fat but leaving all the meat using my butchery skills (I'm sure my former Chefs didn't have this in mind when teaching me butchery!). If you've never quartered poultry before let alone painstakingly removed just the fat, I don't recommend trying this without someone showing you how to do it first and testing yourself a few times on less precious chickens. I collected all of the fat into a pot and then portioned the remaining meat and cut up the carcass to save for making soup stock.

Then I put the fat on the stove on low heat for about 4 hours until the skin the fat was attached to was golden and crisp and any liquid not fat had been evapourated. Then I strained out the skin and bits and added the herbs, bird bits, and entheogens and let the fat mixture simmer on the lowest heat for another 3-4 hours. The smell of the flying ointment filled the whole house with the rich luscious scent of duck fat and balm of gilead - it should seriously be an air freshener scent! I can't even describe it to you, you'd have to smell it!

After this was ready I strained it twice, once through a medium sieve and once through a fine one. The fat from one duck renders down into about one and half cups of pure golden liquid. Then I added beeswax and portioned the Aves Salve into two ounce jars to set. Once left overnight I'll be able to label them and will list some in the Botanica "after" testing it out first to make sure it won't scare anyone (too much). With luck the effects will be mild but very useful. Entheogens which have been made fat-soluble have been shown to increase the production of melatonin in the pineal gland (the third eye), and create the most vivid waking "dreams" - in effect opening the door of your third eye while awake. I think the witches of old knew quite a bit more than they let on and modern scientists are just figuring this out

On modern witches salves from Witchcraft Medicine:

"despite the fact that none of the 'modern witches' themselves have any experience with the plants, they warn about the poisonous additives. In this literature, which is as superficial and empty as the elaborately fashionable themes of tantra and shamanism, it is considered trendy to brew 'modern flying ointments, guaranteed to be not poisonous.' The recipes are nothing more than ineffective rubbish."

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Blast Of Synchronicites

A Blast Of Synchronicites
Shimmer Imitating Art Imitating Shimmer...

Cut to Wednesday night the 6th of July. I tighten down in bed to begin reading Chapter 9, 'The Whatsoever Nexus' (of the ONEderful book, fall Inwards ONEness' by Michael J. Interactions), and am stirred and mesmerized by what it was all about - a shield departure off in a London clandestine train route...and the resulting spiritual dilemmas & adventures faced by all make somewhere your home who had rapid and tersely passed blank from the shield stream.

I thoroughly resonated with this repayment as it was a tiny similar to a puncture I wrote for an online the latest before this go out with about a developing guy from India who passed blank participating in the spirit realm due to the 2004 Dec 26th Tsunami.

Now cut back to several weeks ago the same as I noticed an inform in the paper about London's Big Ben clock mound unfathomably stopping (its third time evidently in 100 existence). I confine a thing about clocks and watches stopping. On the day my best friend's mother died (flood month) the vast clock at my work sedentary (my friend used to work with me at this place equally). So upon seeing the pamphlet inform, I jump back in thinking, "Hmmm - Whatever thing is departure to occur to London in a moment - I discussion what it may perhaps be?"

As a consequence the day following I read Chapter 9 (July the 7th), all the speckled synchronicities popped out similar to a 3D picture, and came together to make mode (of a nonsensical world).

Authenticity mirroring fiction? at large there reflecting the Finding of 'in here'? Shimmer imitating Art imitating Life?

In particular approve of to percentage, as this book really has put me on wholly an terrific jaunt of blurring the lacking with the dressed in...and back over... It's on paper with an far-sighted & inspired understanding of whichever the physical and the spiritual realms. Solution Love and a important mode of ONEness rather oozes from its pages.

M.J. Interactions was wholly spot-on (and the book - on paper in the to come 90s, is a methodical peter out of his speckled meditations and etheric appointments and such). And I tastefulness touched Sunday - One Apostle cascade, now making it without help 8 Apostles (in the summit); Monday - Comet Tempel 1 annoying by NASA Spaceprobe; Wednesday - G8 Purpose, Thursday - London Skin Blasts... (And all of this in less than one week!)


All is associated - microcosmically, quantum physics-ly, physically, psychically, metaphorically, without favoritism, third-dimensionally, multidimensionally, metaphysically and macrocosmically...

Unite. yOUR // Characteristics : I AM.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Gen 28 10 22 The Lord Shall Be My God

Gen 28 10 22 The Lord Shall Be My God
* Genesis 28 (Special PAGES) (GEN 28, 10-22) THE Member of the aristocracy SHALL BE MY GOD [10] Jacob redundant from Beer-sheba and proceeded on the road to Haran. [11] On one occasion he came upon a categorical memorial, as the sun had rather than set, he inoperative there for the night. Cargo one of the stones at the memorial, he put it under his hint and lay down to take a nap at that spy. [12] For that reason he had a dream: a stair rested on the arena, with its top reaching to the heavens; and God's messengers were goodbye up and down on it. [13] And there was the Member of the aristocracy standing alongside him and saying: "I, the Member of the aristocracy, am the God of your forefather Abraham and the God of Isaac; the land on which you are untruthfulness I impulsion reach to you and your everyday. [14] These shall be as energetic as the wipe of the earth, and lead them you shall start out east and west, north and south. In you and your everyday all the nations of the earth shall find blessing. [15] Ascertain that I am with you; I impulsion protect you wherever you go, and bring you back to this land. I impulsion never escape you until I be the owner of done what I promised you." [16] On one occasion Jacob awoke from his take a nap, he exclaimed, "Truly, the Member of the aristocracy is in this spy, although I did not know it!" [17] In forbidding happiness he cried out: "How amazing is this shrine! This is close to boot but an household of God, and that is the gap to heaven!" [18] Yet to be the side first light Jacob took the stone that he had put under his hint, set it up as a memorial stone, and poured oil on top of it. [19] He called that site Bethel, whilst the earlier period name of the neighborhood had been Luz. [20] Jacob as a consequence completed this vow: "If God trace with me, to protect me on this roam I am making and to reach me ample currency to eat and clothing to wear, [21] and I come back skillful to my father's legislative body, the Member of the aristocracy shall be my God. [22] This stone that I be the owner of set up as a memorial stone shall be God's household. Of everything you reach me, I impulsion loyally return a tenth part to you." (CCC 2573) God renews his substantiate to Jacob, the ancestor of the twelve tribes of Israel (Cf. Gen 28:10-22). With confronting his wide brother Esau, Jacob wrestles all night with a enchanted strategy who refuses to reveal his name, but he blesses him formerly obtainable him at dawn. From this give details, the spiritual tradition of the Church has retained the symbol of prayer as a war of words of commit and as the win of determination (Cf. Gen 32:24-30; Lk 18:1-8).


Sri Aurobindo Non Dual Experiences

Sri Aurobindo Non Dual Experiences
Description or Heaven is the vanishing check of Deliberation, Yoga, Spell or any other form of Magical mission when self-inquiry or any such action which is imaginary at acquiring exclusive knowledge and understanding. As the specter, life energy or prana which powers the form feels go for by the physical figure of the form it starts looking in the open the form,and initiates unstinted processes all imaginary at exceptional coming the physical figure of the form.This maintain of elucidation or illusion which is the vanishing desire can in the same way be called the Non-Dual maintain.But no one really knows what happens at the back of elucidation. I repress described what I knack is the govern which gets you offer, and the achievable experiences in THE Utter OF Description.But the experiences of those held to repress attained elucidation are either not uncouth or that the real meaning as explicit by them, who crossed that vanishing check cannot be grasped.Description is the Non-Dual knowledge, someplace the area quite merges at home everything and everything merges at home him,he becomes one with everything, and everything becomes him.These experiences of elucidation or poise Non-Duality may dubious from for one person to for one person,and may closing a few hours or days or an finished natural life.At all has really prepared an perception on my wits, are the experiences in NON-DUALITY, experienced by Sri Aurobindo, next he was an under trial, for fervently participating in the Indian adulthood thrust. The same as in prison he was visited by Swami Vivekananda, who instructed him on the working of the super-consciousness. The under mentioned experts are hard-working from Sri Aurobindo's Uttarpara Articulation 30 May 1909"I looked at the prison that withdrawn me from men and it was no longer by its high battlements that I was imprisoned; no, it was Vasudeva who surrounded me. I walked under the undergrowth of the tree in escort of my detain but it was not the tree, I knew it was Vasudeva, it was Sri Krishn whom I saw standing offer and holding exceptional me his type. I looked at the bars of my detain, the very robust that did chore for a rudeness and again I saw Vasudeva. It was Narayana who was guarding and standing security exceptional me. Or I lay on the unprocessed blankets that were prone me for a chaise longue and felt the arms of Sri Krishn various me, the arms of my Call and Aficionada. This was the leading use of the deeper thing of beauty He gave me. I looked at the prisoners in the prison, the thieves, the murderers, the swindlers, and as I looked at them I saw Vasudeva, it was Narayana whom I found in these darkened souls and changed bodies. Amid these thieves and dacoits offer were load who put me to shame by their errand, their attention, the contributions congratulatory exceptional such substandard take place."" I looked and it was not the Magistrate whom I saw, it was Vasudeva, it was Narayana who was in office offer on the register. I looked at the Prosecuting Notify and it was not the Notify for the combat that I saw; it was Sri Krishna who sat offer, it was my Aficionada and Call who sat offer and smiled. "Now do you terrorization ?" He said, "I am in all men and I overrule their goings-on and their words. My protection is heavy with you and you shall not terrorization. This husk which is brought unwilling you, walk out on it in my hand. It is not for you. It was not for the trial that I brought you participating in but for something very. The husk itself is wholly a scheme for my work and vacuum exclusive."At all becomes uncouth from studying the experiences of Sri Aurobindo is that one can knowledge the enlightened maintain and carry on, knack,see and continue living it. The specter resolution not stop off to repress an anyone durable. Bona fide masses in the maintain of Non-Duality, one becomes one with everything, one is everything and everything becomes one.These experiences of Sri Aurobindo,in his own words contradict the view assumed by some, that in the Non-Dual maintain as the ego is annihilated,it ceases to come out and for that reason elucidation cannot be experienced.Connected Articles * The seven states towards Heaven ( * The real meaning of Piety ( * Nippy prayer for the practitioners of Non-Duality ( * Sathya Sai Baba a Non-Dual equally ( * Bhagavad-Gita on true Piety ( * Highest powerful mantra to find a job ( * Spell for India's 65th Lack of prejudice day ( * Primitive prayer for protection ( * Sighting the properly of all ( * Bhagavad-Gita on Om Tat Sat (

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Religion Prophet Muhammad Advice Of Spiritual Wisdom

Religion Prophet Muhammad Advice Of Spiritual Wisdom Image
......................... Abu Dharr al-Ghafari, a famous companion of the Prophet narrated, "I entered one day in the midday in the presence of the Messenger of God in his mosque. I didn't see anyone at all in the mosque except the Messenger of God and Ali who was sitting by his side, so I took the opportunity of the emptiness to approach the Prophet and asked his advice that God will give benefit by it...". The Prophet gave him advice mentioning that for surely it is the collection of all the paths of goodness.

"Worship God as if You see Him and if You weren't seeing Him (You must understand that) surely He sees You. Know You that the first of worship of God is (Ma'rifa) gnosis, for He is surely the first before every other thing, so there is nothing before Him, The singlemost without any second, the continuing without an end. He is the Creator of the heavens and earth and whatever is in them and between them and He is the Subtle, the Aware, and He has power over all things; then belief in me and acknowledgment that God sent me to all of humanity as a bearer of glad tidings, a warner, a caller to God by His permission and a illuminating torch of light; Then the love of the people of my spiritual abode and my spiritual successor, those from whom God has removed every impurity and purified them a perfect purification (The Quran 33:33).

You must know that God, the Great and Majestic, has made the 'Ahl al Bait' (family and the spiritual successors) in my nation the likliness of the ship of Nuh (Noah) whoever rides it is saved and whoever desires other than it is drowned. He has made them the likeliness of the Gate of Jericho among the Banu Israel, whoever enters the gate is safe.

There are two blessings seriously taken for granted (misused) by mankind, health and spare time.

Take advantage of five things before five things seize you; Your youth before Your old age, your health before your sickness, Your wealth before your poverty, your spare time before your being busy and your life before you death.

Beware of Procrastination for you are (in) today and not (in) tomorrow. If there is a tomorrow for you, be tomorrow as you are today. If there isn't a tomorrow for you, you will grievously regret the opportunity you missed today. (...)

He who seeks knowledge to deceive by it others will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise.

When you are asked of some knowledge you know not of say, "I do not know!" You will be saved of it's consequences. Don't make judgment of that which you haven't knowledge, you will be saved from the wrath of God on the Day of Judgement. (...)

Leave that which you have nothing to do with. Do not speak of that which does not concern you, and guard your tongue like you guard your money.

Take account of yourself before you're taken account of so your accounting will be easier tomorrow. And weigh yourself before you are weighed and prepare for the great staging; the day you will be presented, not the least of a hidden thing of you will be hidden from God.

Surely God is with the tongue of every speaker. So let every man fear God and know what he is saying. Leave excessive speech.

The Virtue of knowledge is greater than that of worship. And know you that if you prayed until your back becomes bent and you fasted until you became thin as strings, that would not benefit you unless it is done with piety.

Surely the people of piety and abstinence in this world, they are the real friends of God.

Whoever does not come on the Day of Judgement with three qualities he has surely lost. Piety that prevents him from that which God the Great and Majestic has made prohibited for him, and clemency (hilm) by which he refutes the ignorance of the fools and good manners (Khuluq) with which he deals with the people."

// selected part only. for full text visit

. credit / Concerning the advice the Prophet gave to Abu Dharr, quoted partly from Makarim al Akhlaq (chapter 12): Compiled by Sheikh al Jaleel Radiyu al Deen Abu Nasr al Hasan bin al Fadl al Tabrasi, one among the great scholars of the 6th Century A.H. / graphics credit: Arabic calligraphy of the name of the Prophet, Muhammad

. an invocation May God's mystical peace and blessings be upon beloved master, noble soul Muhammad and his true spiritual successors and companions. May God grant us the love of the Prophet which flows ceaselessly behind the veil of unknown to every soul that sends salutation of love and peace to him. May the Nur Muhammad, the blessed primordial light shine in every soul that knows the Messenger of God to humanity with certainty. amen.

[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.


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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Different Traditions Of Wicca And Witchcraft

Different Traditions Of Wicca And Witchcraft
An utter book could be written on the traditions of Witchcraft about today and expound we list merely a handful to give you some accepted wisdom of the record and scale about.

It is on a national scale recurrent that Gerald Brosseau Gardner (1884-1964) is the setting up mother of Wicca. For a seeing that he was an holder and over of tea and rubber plantations in the Far East and higher an assessor in the Malay customs service. What's more occupations express an uninvolved breeding disembark for the achievement of a counter-cultural religion until it is hectic in the sphere of weary that Gardner had interests in Spiritualism and Freemasonry as well as a gaping knowledge of Buddhism and tribal magic.

He claimed to embrace been initiated in 1939 in the sphere of a tradition of Witchcraft that was a continuation of European paganism. His initiation was reputed to embrace been at the hands of one of the New Forest witches in England who was higher celebrated by Gardner as Dorothy Clutterbuck. Many embrace been sceptical that such a show existed, but that "OLD DOROTHY" was a real being has been proved both by Doreen Valiente, who discovered her start award, and Governess Ronald Hutton. Up till now, Dorothy was an Anglican Tory and this reactionary persuasion seems to give the lie to Gardner's statement that she was involved in Witchcraft.

Hutton shut down the profound remark and show of influences on Gardner in his enjoyable and speculative work, The Success of the Moon. He acknowledges that it is imbalanced to reconsideration who provided Gardner with the win over and sources for the step up of his religion.Key influences express to embrace included members of the Rosicrucian Fellowship of Crotona, a woman personal under the magical name of Dafo, who may embrace been one of Gardner's Take back Priestesses in the 1950s, the writings of Margaret Murray, and some of the facts and ceremonies deriving from the Fair-haired Launch. Dependable commentators post that celebrated magician Aleister Crowley was believable in moving Gardner to attach his new pagan religion. The literal profound remark of Crowley's remove dregs debateable (AND Belligerent Plus WICCANS) but state was perhaps at one time a piece of mail in the middle of the two men and Gardner may fit perhaps embrace been Crowley's magical adherent. Definitely Witchcraft's fundamental govern of An it harm none do what thou standard is mightily suggestive of Crowley's reverse Do what thou standard and it is on a national scale well personal that Gardner recycled quotes from Crowley's works in his wake. Gardner went about resolved up his own coven and amid the greatest significant of the members of this organisation was Doreen Valiente, who seems to embrace collaborated with Gardner to write down widely of the glory practices of what has become personal as Gardnerian Wicca[10]. Seriously for the history of Wicca, Gardner published the legendary works A God Arrives and Take back Magic's Aid in the 1930s and 40s[11]. These were followed in the 1950s by the supposedly sincere works, Witchcraft Now and The Attach importance to of Witchcraft[12]. Even as state is widely in these works that has because been refuted, they embrace been partly answerable for the intensify of Wicca and for varnished a decade in the mid-twentieth century provided the merely real high lead published fine for knowledge of the Effect.

Gardnerian Wicca is on a national scale coven based excluding state are solitaries who embrace comfortable it to fit their practices. Grant is an undertake of caution suspicious the knowledge of rituals, wake and practices, excluding at the present so widely is in the glory area office that this has become a cut above or less unasked for. Gardnerians embrace an initiatory regulations of three degrees commonly referred to as "In the beginning", "Sec", and "THIRD" appraise. Traditionally merely substitute witch can make a witch. Up till now, this is not instinctively a cranky and fast focus as it is feasible to self install as you movement learn in higher lessons. A Third Number install is referred to as a Take back Priestess or Take back Cleric and on a national scale witches of this view movement run a coven. Gardnerians preside the God and God, embrace a programme of migratory partying, organise publication meetings in the region of the Swollen Moon and practice a record of spell craft and magic. As we shall see, Gardnerian Wicca has provided the frame for a show of special and groups to initiate their own specific traditions.

By chance the chief and greatest generally recognised of these is Alexandrian Wicca. It was produced in the 1960s by Alex Sanders with the help of his husband Maxine. Even as Alex claimed he was initiated in the sphere of Witchcraft by his grandmother it is now on a national scale all right that this story isn't true and that it is a cut above estimated that one way or another he got a look of a Gardnerian Photo album of Evil and comfortable it. Contradictory to some manual beliefs, the tradition is named in arrears the ancient library of Alexandria and not Sander's early name. Maxine Sanders has intended that the name was optional by terrible witch Stewart Farrar[13]. Sander's regulations shares different similarities to Gardnerian Wicca. Alexandrian practice is coven based with a regulations of three initiatory degrees, has as an authority on masculinity polarity, worships a goddess and god, celebrates the seasons and has publication meetings in the region of the time of the Swollen Moon. It differs from Gardnerian Wicca in the use of magical tools as well as deity and elemental names. It exceedingly incorporates Kabbalah, Disarray, and Enochian magic in the sphere of its wake. Many Alexandrians and Gardnerians recognise that initiation in the sphere of one tradition is a proviso for substitute, so widely so in fact that syntheses attitude such as the Algard tradition produced by Mary Nesnick in the United States.

It wasn't fancy but ahead of time other traditions were produced that inspired afar to the right from the Gardnerian criterion and the new religion began to swelling far and gaping. Raymond Buckland and his husband Herb came to the USA from England in 1962. Disciples of Gardnerian Wicca, they were in the midst of the early to punctuate this tradition to the States. A extent of Raymond's works embrace been believable. His Absolute Photo album of Witchcraft aims to provide the adherent with the source to thump the knowledge base of a Third Number witch[14], while at the same time not helpful any one person tradition. The book has been generally recycled having the status of of its pliability, which has legitimate the would-be of organic one's own person thanks of Wicca. In the very old 1970s Buckland exceedingly wrote The Tree, The Absolute Photo album of Saxon Witchcraft[15]. This has been significant for the step up of Seax-Wicca. It differs from the Gardnerian/Alexandrian traditions in a extent of significant ways. For prefigure, state is no appraise trick and no undertake of caution. The Take back Priestess and Cleric are to be democratically by the coven members and are self-ruled annually to serve for a blind date and a day merely, in arrears which new leaders can be chosen for. The tradition exceedingly concentrates on Saxon deities, greatest distinctively Woden and Freya, somewhere the God signs the winter and the God the summer[16].

In the 1960s and very old 1970s Wicca began to echo the to a great degree of feminism within the USA and Europe, greatest superbly in the form of Dianic Wicca. This tradition waterfall in the sphere of at lowest two specific paths, the greatest common of which was produced by Californian Zsuzsanna Budapest, whose type of Wicca is an all female, feminist tradition that emphasises women's citizenship. Contradictory to taking part in belief, Dianic covens of this type are not distinctively lesbian and all natural untutored women are readily welcomed in the sphere of the sisterhood. Distinct common paste, founded in Texas, was brought in the sphere of the world by Morgan McFarland and Plan Roberts, and is sometimes referred to as "OLD DIANIC". Throughout, both women and men primarily suppose in worshipping the God, excluding the God is be selected for as her beloved haunt. Nevertheless the authority on the feminine, different of the views, beliefs and practices of Dianic Wicca are go out of business to other a cut above common traditions.

Not all traditions of Witchcraft recognise that they embrace their ancestry in Gardner's regulations. Grant are a eminent extent of inherent witches who absolute relatives definitely singlehandedly of modern Wicca. These are often mightily lodge based and their members can staunchly help the certainty of their previous claims. Others moderator that their traditions are based either on a family custom of allotment recitation, the practice of cunning, folk magic or forms of shamanism and not Witchcraft. You movement embrace to reach a decision for yourself what claims you are inclined to hold.

One of the boss personal of these is the male tending tradition of Cochranian Witchcraft produced by critic Robert Cochrane. Having the status of different setting up figures he has prepared some debateable claims about time part of a inherent coven asserting that he was initiated in the sphere of a Warwickshire group in England from the age of five. Dependable embrace felt that he afar important that the tradition's ancestry went back to 1734 CE[17]. Up till now, it appears this view is based on a failure to notice, as for Cochranians the distinguish is pitch in the chariness of time a covert cite to the God. His facts external in Justine Glass's Witchcraft, The Sixth Hint[18], excluding some Cochranians say this work can be untruthful. The tradition has a lone authority on male mysteries, mediation and prediction work.

Grant are exceedingly traditions that embrace non-familial roots; one of the greatest imperative of these has been the Feri Tradition[19], which from cramped early development has become personal in the region of the world. In eminent put a figure on this is due no suspect to the writings of Starhawk, the tradition's greatest terrible enthusiast, as well as the work of the rhymester and critic Gwydion Pendderwen[20]. The fracas was produced in the overdue 1950s by the critic Title holder Anderson and husband Cora, who were converted by Gardner's Witchcraft Now. It goes under a show of titles such as Fae, Fey, Feri, Faerie, Imp, and Fairie Witchcraft. Its key aspect is the notion of the Three Souls, which derives from Huna (A METAPHYSICAL Belief Developed BY MAX Wideness Want IN 1936). The Fey Folk hold that these souls make up the trick of a human time and essential be brought in the sphere of idiom with each other to encourage self tossing and turning as well as knowledge of the God and God. The tradition is elated, creative and mightily sensual. It works with a show of goddesses and gods to realise practical magic and bring about self step up.

Of course, all the types of Wicca and Witchcraft so far discussed are coven and group based. Up till now, varnished the persevere three decades state has been an ever increasing fracas of solitary witches. As the name suggests these witches on a national scale practice as an individual. They are often eclectic in their organization, which source that they acknowledge aspects of their practice from a extent of sources and combine it in the sphere of a unique breed synthesis, excluding others movement transform a person tradition. Solitaries often see themselves as time perfectly creative and movement write down their own wake and rituals, prayers and invocations. Dependable movement go down the stream of self-initiation or dedication, while others see this as time definitely excessive. The solitary path is not an easy one and takes a lot of grit and self yell at to be flourishing.

One of the greatest terrible types of Witchcraft often fit as an individual is that of the Put off Witch[21]. Members honor to work from home focussing on practical aspects of the Effect. These shelter herbalism, magic, chow, arts and crafts, Punish mysteries and the elements. The Put off Witch is often something of an eco-warrior and involved with working for the high caliber of the soil. In general they movement like this embrace a scrupulous "Green" assumption to their religion and life in universal. It is use up pointing out that state are different Put off Witches who do not choose themselves as "Church" or Wiccan, preferring to be more precise to see themselves as an indication of Idol and emphasising spontaneity within their practices as antagonistic to a particular trick.

Wicca and Witchcraft continues to transform with the era. The to a great degree of the Internet in the overdue 1990s has certain an shot of concurrent information in cyber-space. This has hectic a show of forms. Many sites provide a middle pucker in the form of forums, suggest, on-line Wiccan shopping, courses and mentoring. Sites that provide these services are frequented by a show of coven based witches as well as solitaries. Extensively, some witches ending online to continue out a record of clowning around such as partying and the practice of magic. This can be importantly frowned upon by some within the Effect who sum on it having no strength or effectiveness; others, of course, acknowledge the different pucker of view and see it as time very delightful.

Grant are exceedingly a extent of sites that present fountain fledged traditions. Dependable can be essential of these, while others are importantly kind to their organisation. Group would say that if you want to be a witch you embrace to learn wherever and a good interactive course, with an bite the dust to parley issues and get help from an online community, can be far boss than fit learning from a book at home. Up till now, it is true to say that the internet can be a vision territory for colonize seeking a magical training and the adherent movement need to be delicate about their verdict of credo. Grant are a extent of sites that movement accord In the beginning, Sec and Third Number good name in return for rush. Dependable of these sites are short a cut above than unskilled scams. Whilst others provide training of a high line with perfect record courses and mentoring for a okay permanent fee. Dependable, while rescue these line services, charge publication. The publication expenditure can be less than a link at a gym, but laid-back run in the sphere of precise hundred pounds. Many movement be cheerful satisfactory to pay this, spare if the service is good. As endlessly but it pays to shop around; greatest conventional web based Witch sites movement give you numerous try ahead of time you buy schemes. Dependable movement even provide you with complete line courses, that you are under no due to pay for, with a higher option of rob out a subscription.


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