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Monday, 30 November 2009

Magic Wild Power Colored By Intentions

Magic Wild Power Colored By Intentions
The moonless night mirrored the emptiness filling his heart. He hoped the darkness could aid his magic. He took two black candles and placed one on each side of his travel size cauldron. He surveyed the rest of the ingredients:~A tiny glass bowl~A pinch of graveyard dirt~A sharp needle~A blank piece of parchment~And human blood

He covered his head with the hood of a black robe, and chanted... "Dirt from a grave. Blood from a man. Take this message. To the Summerland. "

He sprinkled the dirt in the bowl, Dirt from a grave...

Used the needle to prick his ring finger, Blood from a man...

He mixed them together using the tip of the bleeding digit, and with the makeshift ink he wrote: I'll miss you forever, goodbye.

He folded the paper and used a candle flame to ignite it. He dropped it in the cauldron and let it burn. Take this message. To the Summerland

Is this black magic or white magic?

Actually, the only thing a person should be able to tell is that it is Dark Magic, for I haven't given you enough information to determine the Witch's intention. Magic is raw power that can't be evil (black) or good (white) on its own.Its evilness or goodness is determined by the user's intension. And we don't know what this man's intension is, do we?

What if I told you that this man was trying to send a message to his lover? Then the magic would be good, right? Wrong! We still don't know enough about his "intentions". He could be contacting the dead half of an illicit love affair that destroyed another person's family. That wouldn't be very nice, would it?

But enough 'what ifs', here is the story behind this spell:

Josu'e and Aida were each other's first love. They got married in 2003 before he deployed to Iraq. Aida was involved in a car accident in 2004 and Josu'e didn't make it home in time to say goodbye. He went to Louisiana for her funeral, and then went back to Iraq in early 2005. The pain of being alone, in the house he had once shared with his wife, was just too much to bear.

Josu'e returned home after hurricane Katrina. His house was gone. He went to visit his wife's grave, but it was under water. The man was heartbroken. He left Louisiana and visited his wife's sister who had relocated to Virginia. He told her about going home to rescue anything that had belonged to his wife, but there had been nothing left. "I didn't even get to say goodbye."

His pain touched her deeply. "I'm not sure if you're gonna find this creepy Jo" said his sister-in-law. "But I have some dirt from Aida's grave. It's on my altar... you can have it if you wish."

Josu'e didn't find it creepy at all. He grew up with his grandma, who practiced Voodoo. She used to keep graveyard dirt too, as offering to her saints. He was not into showing emotions to anyone other than his late wife, but he hugged his sister-in-law anyway. That night he sat in his sister-in-law's guest bedroom and used the dirt and his blood to send a message of love. He got to say goodbye in a magical way.

I wrote this post in response to the comment of a young woman, who told me that she wanted to learn more about white Witchcraft. Like magic, Witchcraft-by itself-is neither white nor black.It is a set of beliefs shaped by its followers' actions. If the Witch's heart is evil, then it is very likely that everything that comes from such person would be just as horrible.

What do you think? Can magic, on its own, be evil or good? What about Witchcraft? And if you are not Pagan, or a magic user (not all Pagans practice magic and not all magic users are Pagans), what do you think of magic in general? What does the word 'magic' mean to you?

Type your thoughts away...