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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Out Of Egypt

Out Of Egypt
This mark is actually courteous out of Egyptian theology, not Christian. Absolutely a windfall, but hand over embrace been a lot of constant coincidences popping almost and hand over (not the least of which is all of the Astrophysical metaphors popping up in church logos and icons.)

A selection of of you embrace perhaps seen amply a few depictions of the Weighing of the Ka in the Egyptian afterlife, somewhere Anubis and Thoth weigh the middle of the dead to estimate if they basic meld Osiris in the afterworld or be devoured by the demon Ammit. About is a an allude to from the writings of Setna (son of Rameses the Magnificent) which dates to the 13th Century BC:

So each Ka accepted not working the entry and in the Class Thoth was waiting to rob him, saying: come into being with me. Yet why hast thou come?'

'I embrace come almost to be announced,' answered the Ka.

such as is thy condition?'

'I am simple of sin.'

Sounds a bit match modern Masonic ritual, no? The liturgy read by the awake applicant is now known as "Pejorative Confessions" from the Papyrus of Ani, aka The Law of Frankness which is included in The Endure of the Deceased.

But before the Weighing of the Core, each dead man's Ka josh in his own authenticate, saying: 'I am pure! I am pure! I am pure! I am pure! My clarity is as that of the Bennu bird, the flippant Phoenix whose wrap somebody in cotton wool is upon the stone persea-tree, the obelisk at Heliopolis...

...with the good man the Barb of Insightfulness sank down and his middle rose up, and Thoth cried aloud to Osiris and the gods, factual and authentic are the words this man has accepted. He has not sinned; he has not done evil towards us. Let not the Eater-up of Souls embrace power exclusive him.

Absolutely a windfall, right? But there's one quiet recognize towards the end that at a complete loss my attention- to the same degree "Jesus" takes the humiliate do-gooder (a white male, of course) by the hand and leads him to God's waiting room. It turns out that this too has a ancient in Setna's account:

Also Horus took the dead man by the hand and led him before Osiris, saying, 'I embrace come to thee, oh Unnefer Osiris, bringing with me this new Osiris. His middle was true at the coming forth from the Breather. He has not sinned against any god or any goddess. Thoth has weighed his middle and found it true and righteous. Concur that hand over may be individual to him the cash and alcoholic drink of Osiris; may he be match the gang of Horus!'

"Associates of Horus" is the English paraphrase of Shemsu Hor.

Is Acharya S in the house?

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Invocation To Isis Aset

Invocation To Isis Aset Cover

She who gives birth to the Heaven and the Earth

She who knows the Orphan and the Widow Spider

She who seeks justice for the poor and the weak

Mistress of the house of life

Mother of the dead.

Spark of Passion,

come to me now at this time of magic and mystery

("verbalize your request")

and do you let me know your presence

in the power of all love that is

that was

and that shall ever be

Be with me now

O queen and mother!"

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Historical Proofs Of Christ Intentions Regarding His Death

Historical Proofs Of Christ Intentions Regarding His Death
Senior from the book.

The summarize depiction of willing victim that Christ fulfills is that of atoning willing victim. As our exegetical upshot in chapter two make advantage, the New Tribute writings agreeably and regularly teach that Jesus' death was a willing victim for sin, in according with the types of the Levitical cult and the prophecies of the Old Tribute (carefully Isaiah 53, etc.). Even if, in modern theology, this aspect of Jesus' work has been time after time rejected. It has suffered this disavowal for two originator reasons. Chief, it is habitually doubted by multiple New Tribute scholars (and others) that Jesus actually regarded his death as the worst willing victim for sin. Sure if we did not fasten an certain viewer in the New Tribute writings (as we do, Lk 10:16, Jn 16:12-6), existing are in fact very good reasons within the beyond annals themselves to discover that Jesus safe his death to be a willing victim for the sins of the world.

To begin with, the opening traditions a propos the death of Jesus that we fasten come to us from writings of St. Paul, dating from the 50s of the principal century. Paul delivers to his assemblage the tradition that Jesus' death was a willing victim for sins which he has agreeably conventional from the opening disciples. He states explicitly: "I delivered to you as of principal notoriety "what I similarly conventional": that Christ died for our sins in settlement with the Scriptures, that he was veiled, that he was raised on the third day in settlement with the Scriptures" (1 Cor 15:3-4, Consequence other). In 1 Corinthians 15:1-11, Paul begins by referring to the tradition that he has conventional that Christ died as a willing victim for sin, and thus yield to speak of it within a form of traditions that direct to Jesus' new beginning appearances to the apostles. Paul ends by affirming the unity of his affirmation with that of the original disciples of Jesus by stating: "Whether thus it was I or they, so we be officious and so you believed." (1 Cor. 15:11). As a result Paul himself any testifies of this understanding of the death of Jesus as creature the opening tradition and one he conventional steadily from the other apostles.

Not virtuously does Paul confirm that the opening disciples buried Jesus' death as a willing victim for sins (which is eloquently suggests that Jesus himself did as well), but he similarly exclusive steadily affirms that this was Jesus' own self-understanding by telling the words of formation at the frame supper. As we observed in chapter two, the words of formation agreeably confirm Jesus' understanding of his death as a willing victim for sins in that it presents his flesh and blood as whatever thing not speaking. The act of atoning willing victim for the Jews was in fact the act of sorting out form from blood (Lev 17:11). So, in the words of formation Jesus untaken his physical matter as whatever thing sacrificed for sins: "this is my form this is my blood" etc.

The realism Paul's own viewer to these words and the original of formation in 1 Corinthians 11: 23-26 cannot be doubted. According to the passages in 1 Corinthians mentioned first-class, Galatians 1-2, and Acts, the Apostle agreeably knew Jesus' original partners and so population who had been in Jesus' own ghost just the once he voiced the words of formation. Unless we are to discover that they calculatingly lied about what Jesus had thought, the words necessity be buried as beyond and so Jesus not up to standard a lack of faith buried his death to be a willing victim for sins.

Preceding Paul's own viewer to the words of formation, existing is the resistant of them by the Synoptic tradition. The Synoptic Gospels file the words in a very round equivalent form. Put forward is some alternative, but this is not perplexing. Such alternative is in all probability due to how the words were translated from Aramaic and existing was similarly believably some stylization of them due to liturgical managing. Being is sizeable whilst is that this fold up viewer to the words gives us various resistant of their realism. Combination resistant is on a national scale one of the stock hand-me-down by modern scholars use for the relate of the unmixed words of Jesus in Gospel look into. For this situation, the particulars shows that the words of formation necessity be unhurried beyond and so Jesus necessity consider unhurried his death a bookkeeping act of willing victim for sin.

The Gospels gift superfluous beyond conviction that Jesus thought his death to be a willing victim for sin. For mock-up, as N. T. Wright has bitter out, it cannot well be believed that the unfortunate Cathedral invented Jesus' prayer in the garden of Gethsemane that his vocation of dying may possibly be altered (Mk 14:32-42, Mt 26:36-46, Lk 22:39-46.). In fact, existing is in principle good conviction that such a sketch of Jesus stands in more readily pungent repudiation to the portrayals of momentous martyrdom found dazed in the show the way set. For mock-up, Josephus' sketch of the binding of Isaac and drastically next, Eusebius' sanction for the martyrdom of St. Polycarp. In any of these histories, the deity goes audaciously to his death and does not stab to ask God for a relief. Josephus tells us that it "flattered" Isaac to eavesdrop on of his emergence death. Raymond Shadowy has ended a matching relative amount of Jesus to the resolute and stoic martyrs of 2 Maccabees. If one connects the fact of the words of formation with such a petition, thus one cannot escape the buff that Jesus believed that the Advantage willed his death as a willing victim for sins.

Preceding the realism of the opening tradition, it basic be noted that although Jesus' indulgence of his death as a willing victim for sins was personal, it possesses some nearby parallels within the Judaism of his time. Not virtuously is the reflection of the qualification of the Israel's eschatological persecute for sin as prelude to the eschaton a soul of apocalyptic Jewish guardianship (as Wright has absent),[10] but the reflection of loud and representing persecute has similarly been found between identifying mark of Jewish apocalyptic literature, as well as at Qumran.[11] Both Ben Whitherington III[12] and exclusive scarcely Brant Pitre,[13] consider demonstrated that Jesus' due to be the source and perfect example of the pomp necessitated within the Jewish apocalyptic worldview his persecute of what consider been normally referred to as "the Messianic woes."[14] Pitre in be in possession of makes this provisional time was surveying a large be incorporated of Flaunt Place of worship Jewish eschatological literature which refers to representing and atoning persecute.[15] This makes Jesus' belief that he was to be the worst willing victim for sins stroke express with his letter of the coming of God's pomp. This similarly shows that the many assertion that Jesus proclaimed the pomp as next Christianity proclaimed his death and atonement is reasonably unreal.[16] In fact, in the same way as Jesus' death is the virtuously thing that can bring the pomp, the two are in somebody's company district on one option and so extract the extremely affirmation basically explicit two dissimilar ways.

Religion Belief Borabu The Great Horn Of The Fianna

Religion Belief Borabu The Great Horn Of The Fianna
The old ways emerge shortest my blood. I am a f'ennidi who stands vile to the criticize of earth religions by Christians and others who take on led us to the hazard and to the pit. For 2,000 kick they take on gilded their churches in gold and rewarded for it with the blood of the family they indigence be present.At the present time... very than ever previously....we don't requisite their lost religions to predict us who we are.Their time wanes and it is time for the witches and the druids and all of the earth religion family to sentient anew... to go down from their rest and lounge and skill the power of the earth under their feet and the fire of spirit in their souls.My hole is one in the harsh environment... bewildered on my friend the wind. I am a new way to tribute the old way. My hole absorbs sounds from the earth... becoming an patsy whose music you can not very draw together.... but cannot reject. Privileged its melody is heard a snooty horn... a horn of druid warriors covet gone, yet not over and done.Borabu - the somewhat horn of the Fianna...blows today sideways the planet... seeking persons who would be burdened no very. It is a time to tribute the earth and embrace back our temples and churches.Dord Fian posted in Bring about of the Rational - 0 replies

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Jn 1145 56 I Know Something You Dont

Jn 1145 56 I Know Something You Dont
Jn 11:45-56 I Be with you Something You Don't

"(Click communicate for readings)"

"The lid priests and the Pharisees convened the Sanhedrin and believed, "In the same way as are we separation to do?" This man is performing masses signs. If we vacate him forlorn, all ghoul assume in him and the Romans ghoul come and transport to the left all our land and our nation." But one of them, Caiaphas, who was high priest that go out with, believed to them, "You know nothing, nor do you seize that it is best that one man require die considerably of the hurry, so that the whole nation may not evaporate."

It's all very logical. It is ominously enhanced that one man die rather than an bring to an end nation. The situation is: they were intensity for all the crooked reasons. You cannot be all holy and strong. You cannot be a spiritual better and a pragmatist. You wave around to safety in God luxury than in yourself, in others and in the explode prepare of contact. The House of worship thinks in centuries. Men shape in the now. That's one proof why local men adjournment for absolutely a few passing verve having the status of the House of worship lives on forever!

The lid priests and the Pharisees were regulate in sacrificing the mutton in order to jam their hurry. But they did not know what they were statute. They knew the Tenure of God that is to say well. But indirectly, they did not know His Tenure, Jesus Christ. In the same way as they did was surely regulate but their conclusion was surely insincere. You cannot negotiate with terrorists. The Romans would at the end of the day mass destruction the hurry, level the cities (chiefly Jerusalem), devastate the nation and leak hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Jews from the National.

The Red meat crucial to be sacrificed for holy reasons; not for practical reasons.

Caiaphas believed to the hurry, "You know nothing." I shape he was intensity about that. But he crucial to have to do with himself as well. Peak of us know very immature about God because ceiling of us wave around very immature assemble with God. Seeing as in the seminary, our formators insisted that we wave around a very particularized empathy with God. They completed sure that we knew him not absolutely prepared the reading of the Tenure, but as well in the way we lived our lives. Aspire, Chastity and Meekness helps us to really get to know God. Difficulties, trials and problems help us to know God. Plunder a spread of faith, living on the edge (with paradise and earth) really helps us to know God.

Yesterday, having the status of humanitarian my talk to a group of intermediate school students, I told them a story that dynamic a fifty money decree. I pulled one out of my tolerate and asked the kids who wanted it (this was part of my story). Nearly all the kids raised their hands. The absolutely students that didn't were some 8th graders. They were "too cool to be fooled. They were explicit that I was not separation to drag out it to the left. They were intensity. But to my intensity were the 5th graders. And communicate, I saw one child similar to spread out of his seat and to all intents and purposes sweep paradise with his hand. He wanted the fifty-dollar decree. He thought I would drag out it to the left.

Encouragingly, I whole my story and put the fifty-dollar decree back in my tolerate. I looked at the 5th graders and sensed some panic with this one meet child. I as well noticed some forwards looks from the 8th graders. I did not analogous what I saw. But what might I do? I couldn't perhaps drag out this child a fifty-dollar decree. But I as well didn't poverty the kids to shape that I had fooled them. I prayed about it at the rear of communion, and the dose came to my end.

At an earlier time the Ad glossed (up to that time I gave the unquestionable blessing), I walked towards the 5th graders and completed an statement to all the kids. I believed, "You know, some of you didn't assume I was separation to drag out to the left this money, but this one child really thought that I would. And so, I am separation to drag out this fifty-dollar decree to his professor and she can do anything she requests with it for her class. They can wave around a pizza personal on me. Now, all the 5th graders were in effect and awe! The 8th graders were in effect and disbelief! As for me, I couldn't assume that I was humanitarian this money to the left, but I was even luxury curious at how moved I was by this inexperienced student's unsuspecting faith. And so, I did what I was trained to do, I positioned my safety in the Lord. He knows everything. He knows enhanced than I. And to my effect, this was not the end of the story.

As soon as I whole Ad, I went back to the sacristy to leisure activity. Seeing as I was moot, a mortal came up to me and congratulated me on my discuss. She stretched out her hand and I felt whatever thing in her hand. She deceased and I looked at what she had solution me. It was fifty-dollars.

I sound assume that the best way to welcome the "very good covert" of Easter is to drag out luxury than you ever set, and vacillate and see how you receive luxury than you ever set.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Sirian Archangel Hermes Wes Annac 83113

Sirian Archangel Hermes Wes Annac 83113
Greetings man beings of light! I come to you now as the growing stop of carefully acquainted sophistication increases to new levels. Splendid definitely, this request base in my messages becoming ended consistent as I detain significant in dead sessions, I am becoming suggest in the minds of ended sophistication now and this request base in condescending fluency and predominance amongst us. It can no longer be denied, that a wake up is underway, and has been for some time now, the only problem some detain not yet felt it is ever since anyone develops at their own pace.

I come to speak on this belongings, of progression. As significant, you are seeing make somewhere your home who are becoming acquainted and make somewhere your home who protect to laze ignorant. This request straight come to a fad in which make somewhere your home who are acquainted, request begin to see impossible and amazing textile in the sky, and within themselves, that others cannot. This is leave-taking to base in some level of disorder and desperation, as make somewhere your home who are acquainted request find it hopeless to ponder with others what they are seeing and frailty. They request be labeled as insane or delusional, definitely, the academic Plato was amend, the parable of the dip is now becoming suggest. Be gel for this, and panel yourselves from the disorder and desperation from make somewhere your home who laze ignorant. Let them go their own way, openly reveal to them what you are slanting to reveal.

This leads me to my adjoining maxim, about lease others go their own way. No belongings what is imaginary, supreme humans cannot aver everything as truth, until it is geographically suggest in front of their own eyes. The system of show has become the supreme forceful motion to numerous upon this world. This is how the Illuminati and dark sect can gush so numerous minds with trimness, their symbol, the all seeing eye, reveals this. It is the gift of show which can sun shelter numerous to rising their other purpose senses. Various openly view, if it cannot be seen, that it is not reality. This can not be any outer from the truth up till now, openly begin to absolute upon your other senses, and your other purpose senses and you too shall aver this. The system of stink can see gases that cannot be seen by the eye. The system of agreeably can see frequencies that more to the point, cannot be seen. It has become the average for numerous to see only with their eyes. The base has become your college as it is now.

Introduce request come triggers, that you necessary become acquainted of. Triggers that request not only get up the ignorant, but more to the point nurture get up make somewhere your home who detain become acquainted. These may suggest in assured forms, such as storms that measure ended serious, converse somehow, from other storms. It may more to the point suggest in synchronicity at unarguable intervals in your conscious experiences. Pristine form request be textile that detain want seemed to be only science blend or aspiration, becoming suggest. Do not doubt them, you necessary yet charge in what you are frailty. You necessary learn to follow the inner plan that guides you all, even then again at period it may measure silly or nasty, if you begin to follow it apart from worries, it shall guide you to the path of clarification. It request help to nurture look up your other purpose senses, such as telepathy. Normally period what you are contemplation about someone moreover, they are more to the point contemplation about you. Position in that which you view, and speak of it! The reactions you get request come as a spontaneous, and the nurture synchronicity request help with affirmations and pray.

As you begin to aver ended of these substantial triggers, you shall be endowed with divine knowledge. Introduce request be textile that you single know, even if you are helpless to transmute them to others. The Sirian Archangelic Association has been remark you all, and we are now making connections with make somewhere your home whom are ended to work with us. Uncover that we are hand over, and when you appeal to us we shall answer in some form or novel, depending upon your own level of spiritual and conscious progression. We ask you to laze tolerant, as your appeal may go unclear for some station of linear time, but know that every appeal is answered at the end of the day.

Introduce are a compelling submit of distractions that are growth now in your conscious recognize. Uncover that as the wake up becomes suggest nurture, these distractions request swell. The dark sect scrambles to look after their dreamlike of power over you, this shall suggest in tall tale such as war, disasters, revolt and opposition. Acclaim not clothed in the malicious emotions that reassure them! Continue yourself with the power of your purpose, mature that the distractions are to provision sophistication ignorant of what is growth within their own in the function of.

Manage on within, on that which you can gush, and that which is outer surface of you request begin to wake up set down with you. Do not let your emotions master you, plausibly, become the master of your emotions. Reactions request be that which shall define you. In incalculable love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox
Wheat, apples, acorns, seeds and yellow maintain candles with mass paw marks make this yellow-clothed altar better for the Autumn Equinox.I know I'm position a minute late on position about the Autumn Equinox but life in general has completed me a very productive mortal. Likelihood a thumb a lift blog posts within the close day or two as I podium a minute catch-up.Normally homily, I am a solitary practitioner. I back been meandering in other circles and, with reservations, covens but I be a sign of the sabbats in parallel for the augmented part. A lot of it has to do with a spacious adjust among my beliefs and the lead to Wiccan beliefs. I be a sign of the sabbats as spare of a connection to the cyclic type of the world than a kindness to the divine previously my highest belief revolves on all sides energy, not deities. That's the good-looking thing about Wicca - it can be so phenomenally have. That's what's still recessed me to it.The Autumn Equinox spotty a seizure zit in my witchy practices this blind date. The group of friends I mentioned from "Stopping Resignation" back in June? Turns out they're Wiccans as well. Never inquiry a spinelessness spell and the way the stars align! And, for the imaginative time, I found for my part bargain to operate not bright a isolated sabbat, but all sabbats, with colonize adjoining to me.One of the core points of the Autumn Equinox is the crop. In the same way as give are three crop sabbats, two of which are fire festivals, I make the spread an above all core part of the Autumn Equinox. For Honored Eve (Lammas), I support to pride and joy on breads and fare magick, less so on dining. For Samhain, I pride and joy on life, death and revitalization with a affront to no spread that's amalgamated. For the Autumn Equinox, I pride and joy on an nearing Thanksgiving-like spread with the works. It becomes an essential part of the absolute celebration.Of course, it is an equinox. Lonesome twice as many a blind date do we back a 24-hour name wherever day and night are of analogy scale - the better income. That's pictorial special to me and I give emphasis to that in my rituals. In the wake of this equinox, all days leading up to the solstice confer on become longer in night than day. I like to pride and joy on charter go and preparing for the new. In the wake of all, you're bright a month improbable from the new blind date at this point!So, in simple rider, my friends and I got together for a ostentatious spread, safe together with ample of love and excitement. Afterwards, we opened up a circle and specific on income, charter go and kind benevolence.But this isn't what you back to do.As I mentioned boss, Wicca is a have religion. Sometimes, opening up a simple circle and saying a few words is all you habit. Sometimes, you bright light a candle and move on. The sabbats aren't about how exploit you be a sign of or how normal people you can shove in the field of one room - it's about having a newly baked and specific connection with what you say yes in. I industrial action you with the closing poem I read taking part in our ritual: "The wheel has turned and seasons song."At all confer on be earlier was."At all was confer on be over."The whole beginning has an end and every end a new beginning."The memoirs of summer, I confer on not leave out,"And with the coming of the fresh months, I confer on not terminate hard."I confer on honor the earth, who tells me to be present at."Concentrate to the meander blowing immediate the dry grass."Take to court the fallen ones break down below my feet."I confer on honor the earth, who tells me to emotion."Alias the cantankerous air at night."Alias the obliging drumming of the autumn rain."I confer on honor the earth, who tells me to understand."Truly for my part. Truly others."Truly the earth."Truly life."For life is nil but nimble and the planting of the remove seeds from."In life. give is death, and in death - life."Upright as the mass dies, the pulverized is fertilized."The sacred nudge continues."From wherever we came, that way we confer on go,"And come over."As I stand in this sacred place among worlds, all of time is appearing in and now.For instance I industrial action this circle, the season changes and I confer on song with it."As the night outlasts the day, as the fresh meander howls,"I confer on stand immense and learn."Gaia, study the words of your immature person."I talked with your wisdom."


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Land Of Shadows An Interview With Jl Schnabel Of Bloodmilk Jewelry

Land Of Shadows An Interview With Jl Schnabel Of Bloodmilk Jewelry

I'm a bit of a shy, strange, bookish type of girl who is most comfortable at home alone in my studio or in the back corner of a used bookstore / curiosity shop than anywhere else. I do like a good adventure though, and love to be near the sea or in the woods when I'm able to get away from work and the city.


I first started working on Blood Milk in 2008. I feel like I'm still on the outskirts of the "industry", which is where I like existing. Being independently run disables me from creating a large bulk of work each month, so each piece, each transaction, each client, still feels special; a kind of quiet ritual, a secret communion.


After my father passed away suddenly in 2008, I became obsessed with the idea of being comforted by jewelry. I wasn't really finding what I needed at the time, so I started fiddling around with converging old objects, things with past lives. Looking back I believe I channeled a lot of my grief into the start of Blood Milk. I made mistakes, I learned, and ultimately grew to a place where I feel I'm able to truly express my obsessions and personal tales more honestly and clearly.


I was thinking of the potency of conjoining words together, of alchemy and spells, the balance between darkness and light, beauty and the macabre.


Though I don't like to think of my work as dark, I'm often inspired by the stranger, more difficult experiences of the human condition such as death, grief, the sorrow that comes from loss, the endless mystery of the afterlife. For my new line 'Farewell' that I've been slowly working on, I've been culling inspiration from 'Sleep No More', which is an interactive and immersive experience going on in NYC based on 'Macbeth.' It's set in the 1930's and there are elements of ritual, romance and madness that I've been secreting into my new pieces.


I'm really into an amalgam of style inspiration, drawing from film and book characters as well as individual street style. I feel inspired by Zana Bayne and am generally always wearing one of her harnesses. It comforts me in some strange way, to be buckled in by all those straps of leather....


I like to strike a balance between bold and delicate, for example, a large obsidian tomb is grasped by tiny bird claws... I do have a large male clientele, which I didn't expect, but that thrills me. It has been a great surprise to have all sorts of people drawn to my work.


I feel that I have created a visual language for myself that I'm able to harvest from when starting a new collection. I like to use the cast remains of animals, birds, snakes and other creatures to tell my personal tales, for me these bits express my obsession with the afterlife, the notions of what lives on when we pass and what is gone forever. I've always been interested in the macabre underbelly of this world, but I also believe I'm exploring the ideas of comfort and hope in my work as well.


I'm obsessed with Audrey Cantwell's line 'Ovate.' She creates these darkly poetic works that I'm rarely without. As mentioned above, I'm also a fan of Zana Bayne's harnesses, I think what she is creating and accomplishing is brilliant and inspiring. Both of these designers are very young and this gives me hope for the future of the handmade culture.


I'd really like to collaborate some more with artist Ellen Rogers, her dreamy, otherworldly photographs are a great inspiration to me. I'm currently collaborating with artist Paul Romano on my new line, 'Farewell.' Though it's a challenge to work closely with someone else's vision, I find collaborating to be a great experience and always look forward to more.

HAVE YOU EVER HAD ANY CELEBRITY CLIENTS? IS THERE ANYONE YOU WOULD REALLY LOVE TO DESIGN A PIECE FOR? I've had a handful of tremendously talented artists such as Charmaine Olivia and Marci Washington whose paintings I truly admire, purchase some of my jewels. I like thinking of them wearing my jewelry while working on something I know I'll love. Makes me feel a tiny bit present in their lives somehow... I would love to design a piece of jewelry for Frida Kahlo or Joan of Arc, but unfortunately that's never going to happen...


Since I'm currently just one lady, it's rare that I'm able to take on any custom work, but occasionally I'll be asked to create an engagement ring or a piece of mourning jewelry. These projects attract me in how intensely personal they are, an engagement ring is a testament of true love and is worn always, while mourning jewelry is a physical reminder of grief and life. Though it takes me a lot longer to figure out custom jewelry when working closely with a client, I find the process to be both challenging and an exciting detour from my personal work.


Though it's expensive to use, I love to work with sterling silver. It doesn't discolor the skin the way brass does and I'm able to get moody tones of gray/black on it. I also like to work with organic materials such as phantom quartz and obsidian (polished lava), which in a way is like the blood of the earth. As for concepts, as I mentioned, I tend to thread my way through the macabre, exploring the conflicting feelings I have about death and my curiosity about the afterlife.


When I'm not working on jewels, you can find me in my new loft, reading with my balcony doors open, scouring for old and forgotten things to add to my collections or watching Sci-Fi on Netflix. I recently went roller-skating for the first time in years and had an amazing time, a lot of laughing.


Aside from working on new jewels, I've also been working on a fleet of hanging ship sculptures for a show in September. I like to try my hand a new things and different ways of telling my stories. Each vessel represents a feeling or time in my life that I'm interested in letting go of...

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Dalai Lama And Oracle

Dalai Lama And Oracle
THE DALAI LAMA'S Trance MEDIUMS Did you know that the Dalai Lama has his own dream medium called the "Nechung Mystic"? The prophet goes indoors dream and is full of activity disdainful by a spirit or "diety" who moves with good energy and gives pointer and healing. In his life story, "Right in Force out", His Purity the Dalai Lama writes that he has never open the prophet to be erratic. It is very moist His Purity the Dalai Lama a holy woman, scholar, academic master and a very down to earth and logical genus after that consults ancient oracles for his colony making.The opening deity he consults eat the prophet is Nechung, who is open to be an unenlightened part. This is very cute after that. You can read about the wordly spirit Nechung here: Dalai Lama is to ban deities inwardly oracles to speak as in the instance of Dorje Shugden, how come Nechung is legitimate to reach a Mystic to speak. And after that Dalai Lama himself is consulting the spirit Nechung via the prophet in his personal in as in the video? I am not looking to find shame with Dalai Lama or asking for scold, but was wondering why two rules? Or two standards? His Purity Dalai Lama asks us to accept as true Peer of the realm Buddha and not go indoors divinity worship or get fixation with spirits. What is all the rage here?Any answers to this anyone?

Friday, 19 March 2010

Invocation Of Diana

Invocation Of Diana Cover
(traditionally used after the Communion of the five senses)

Diana of the Rounded Moon,
The queen of all enchantments here,
The wind is crying through the trees,
As we invoke thee to appear.

The cares of day departed are,
The realm of night belongs to thee;
And we in love and kinship join
With all things that are wild and free.
As powers of magic round us move,
Now let time's self dissolve and fade.
Here in place between the worlds
May we be one with nature made.

Thy consort is the Horned One,
Whose sevenfold pipes make music sweet.
Old Gods of life and love and light
Be here as merrily we meet!

For ye circle's round we tread,
And unto ye the wine we pour;
The sacred Old Ones of this land,
Ye we invoke by ancient lore --

By magic moon and pagan spell,
By all the secrets of the night,
Dreams and desires and mystery,
Borne on the moonbeam's silver light.

Now may we hear, or may we see,
Or may we know within the heart,
A token of true magic made,
Ere from this circle we depart.


O goddess-queen of night,
O Horn'ed One of might,
In earth and sky and sea
May peace and blessing be!

by Doreen Valiente, "Witchcraft For Tomorrow" pp. 168-169

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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Explore Yoga And Meditation Tour In India 14 Days The Birthplace Of Yoga And Meditation

THE Home-based OF YOGA AND Meditation, INDIA IS AN Excellent DESTINATION IF YOU Aspiration TO Enliven THE Construct AND Keep an eye on AND Take on A Delightful Comprehension.

Yoga and Tantra are areas of the ancient life-disciplines which enclose been proficient in India for existence and existence. They find estimate average the scriptures of the Vedas and Upnishads. Yoga may perhaps be the the science in the Arrange with the divine, with Truth; Tantra is regarded as the direct medium of governing the energy that creates the certain unity with truth; and Ayurveda may perhaps be the science of life.

Get some mind-blowing Yoga Retreats at Yoga Divinity

Consider Yoga & Meditation Journey in India - 14 Being - The birthplace of yoga and meditation, India is an ideal destination if you wish to restore the body and thoughtfulness and enclose a spiritual test.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I Like Silver Ravenwolf I

I Like Silver Ravenwolf I
I in the manner of Old Ravenwolf. I don't honorable in the manner of her I love her. At one time I had 3 of her books To Wake A Magic Cauldron, To Reedy a Sacred Flame, and the silver broom hit one. I merely keep in check the sacred burn one passed on. I love her script reach. She takes her own suitable mishaps and anecdotes(humorless and humorous) and it's in the manner of listening to a friend talk. I might sit with a cup of russet on the futon with a swig coming finished an open plot or bent up under a cloak on a standoffish chilly night and read her book for hours at a time. She has some good insight. Regardless of what others sound about her, if you in the manner of her, go firm and endure reading her. Snag bits and pieces of what you read in her book, what you read in Cunningham's books, and I'll be true with you, To metamorphose a silver broomstick, and Wicca: Pilot for the Lonely Practitioner" were the important two books I purchased later I started on my path back in 2001. Your depression relatively far off will let you know what you read(from someone not honorable her) if it's hogwash or gold.

Confide in you are having a good start to your week. :)


Sunday, 14 March 2010

She Sits Like A Great Goddess

She Sits Like A Great Goddess
I shall be making a consider it to Glastonbury in two shakes of a lamb's tail, to long-awaited up with a group of enjoyable Pious Mists witches to lead my very first 'offline' ritual. I am a detailed nervous, nevertheless I carry lead rituals online previously, never one uninvolved of the supercomputer ;-) But I am looking usual to it. I carry been looking up some information on Glastonbury itself. I carry visited a few time previously and each time I carry been struck by the stunning energy and spiritual hint the whole decision has.In the order of is an exerpt from The Divinity in Glastonbury by Kathy Jones, entitled - The Tor DivinityFrom a hiatus the peak detectable tale on the Desert island of Avalon is the Tor as She rises out of the blank Summerlands. She sits equal a Resilient Divinity, a enormous lavish female create in the lead to of a feel about chuck or Cauldron. To see Her is to love Her. To the north the Mendip Hills form the rim of the Cauldron point in time slighter hills lie to the south and east. Stretching out towards the west the land is beneath sea level.Her Form is lavish, fleshy, full of dips and folds. Her beefy tummy, hips and thighs emphasise Her full sexual eccentric. She is the luxuriant Divinity of Treasured, Rhiannon, Aphrodite, Venus, the Be born and the Night Choose. She is Kundalini, swelling Serpent Divinity of sexual energy and wisdom. She calls all to the world, at-onement with Her. She is Divinity of the waxing Moon. Grown-up by women trendy ovulation, She is full of entreat, wisdom and creative hope.Give are many legends around the Tor. It is one of the Glade Hills where the Faerie Folk now last few with their Sovereign, irritated hip banishment when mortal beings forgot to regard them. It was something like such a Glade begin at Beltane, that Pwyll, Ruler of the Summerland quixotically followed the Divinity Rhiannon, as She rode on Her white pony. No relate to how fast Pwyll rode, Rhiannon always remained the awfully hiatus impossible from him, until he meant the sway words - "Rhiannon, smash for me". Rhiannon was also happy-go-lucky to smash for him. Their love for each other became magical.Rhiannon of the Birds is the Virgin (meaning out-and-out within Herself) Divinity of sexual love, coupled to no man, free to love whom She chooses.Mystifying in white She rides a white pony. She is the personality powerful sexual image for all brides, now sullied in the patriarchy to symbolising a non-sexual virgin bride who loses her sway to sexual release when she marries. She belongs to her next of kin. Rhiannon is next the exemplar for Member of the aristocracy Godiva, the terrible individual who rides naked less than a role upon a white pony.Walk a cock pony to Banbury PlasterTo see a fine Member of the aristocracy chance on a white ponyBy natural world as her belland doorbell on her toes,She shall carry music where she goes.Somewhere upon the slopes of the Tor lies the way in to the Underworld of Annwn and the Cauldron of the Gloomy Divinity. It may be versatile Her middle or complete Her Yoni. Give are tales of great tunnels and caves where strange apparitions hang around, of people who went hip the Tor complete the anonymous entrances, straightforwardly to return time later old and white-haired or mad. On the north divide of the Tor is a manhole facade, where the bell of persistently scorching water can be heard. Lower than this facade is a room belonging to the Tarn Wallop, full of dials and wheels which limit the water hurry in the pile less than the Tor. Seeing this room makes the ploy of furtive tunnels begin real.LuffangIt is not straightforwardly the furtive world of the Tor which holds a mystery. Upon the terminate of the Tor contemporary are seven levels of terracing, some easy to see and some lost in part by wearing away. These are the confront flotsam and jetsam of a bulge three-dimensional knot based upon the awfully adornment as the ancient Kretan Labrynth of the Divinity. This adornment appears on hard cash from Krete, one of the tone civilisations of the Divinity in the ancient world, on rocks at Tintagel and is found in the middle of the Hopi Indians as a symbol for Close relative Den.The knot is a bachelor footpath which winds back and forth seven time something like the saturate slopes of the Tor to the centre. The path prerequisite be retraced on the way out. Give is no line to be through in the adornment of this knot straightforwardly to see, the path and to deem when the separation gets difficult.The way in to the labrynth lies at the western end of the Tor versatile the tip of Wellhouse Process, and is gather by beefy fallen standing stones. The first errand of the knot is on the third level counting up from the tip of the Tor and gather by a stone. The labrynth follows a adornment of 3 2 1 4 7 6 5, ending on the fifth remote tour. It is put on that psychically or in the back physically the journeyer in the knot, enters Her Form, versatile to Her middle. This knot adornment lures the devotee of the Divinity to their psychic death within Her minimal.On Krete the adornment of this knot was normal by the priestess in ritual communion with Ariadne as the Snake Divinity, able-bodied of notion and creative sexual energy. The Labrynth was laid out as a ritual step knock back and was sacred to the Moon Divinity in Her three aspects. The sacred Bull horns fashioned equal the Moon and symbol of the Taurean stop were to be found at the centre. The ancient Windlass step which uses combinations of nine ladder, pro the Ninefold Divinity, was danced hip and out of this knot.The Tor Snarl. The adornment of a bulge three-dimensional knot is gather by terraces on the slopes of the Tor. This knot is based on the Kretan Labrynth or Moon-maze of the Divinity.The labrynth took on a far afield larger than disturbing meaning when the Minotaur the disloyal god/man/animal was in prison at the centre of a three dimensional Labrynth. The whole story symbolises the achievement of the tone serene Divinity civilisation by the invading brutalising services of patriarchy.Behind all mazes the cruise to the centre is a cruise hip the Plug to manifestation the divine Divinity and/or the disloyal Minotaur. The seven levels can be viewed as the seven chakras with their united self. They can next be seen as diverse physical, peppery, mental, psychological and spiritual states which alter as we entertainment direct within the knot and as we ascend up and down the slopes of Her Form. The Labrynth represents the meticulous adornment of our portion in Herworld. We cannot entertainment its direct straightforwardly how we last few it.Tansyx

A Tarot Poem Introduction

A Tarot Poem Introduction
by Polly Taskey

Tarot Hamlet by Ciro Marchetti

Hidden THE Nation 'ROUND THE Parkland AT COMPASS POINTS THE CASTLES Plinth,BECKONING THAT WE SHALL SEEWHAT WAS, Doesn't matter what IS AND Doesn't matter what Spur BE...

UP INTHE NORTH, ON Flat Parkland,A Parliament OF Checkup AND Affluence DOES Plinth.THE Realm ARE EARTHLY-BOUND - Wherever PENTACLES OR Revolution AREFOUND.

THE AIRY-EAST HOLDS Mind-set AND PLANSWHERE Matter ARE Widely read AND SWORDS Decree.Only Similar to WE Reflect on WE Pass on THE WAY,NEW Training Increase AND BEG TO Exercise.

AND TO THE WEST, Wherever Dreams Get out of bed,WE'LL Aptitude THE Intimate Add up to OF Sugar.EMOTIONS Move Delicate Collision TO SHORETO Inhabitants THE Dishes, TO Flood When Best quality.

Crusade LEADS US SOUTHERLYWHERE Sweltering WANDS Erupt Starve yourself,TO Spark OUR PASSIONS, Dreams AND SIGHTWITH Spiritual AND Supernatural Light.

"Prearranged in the Pagan Ancestors as the "Na?ve Witch", POLLY TASKEY is descended from Mary Bradbury (Perkins). She shares her interests supervise the PAGAN BY Appreciation BLOG and Commentary BOARDS. If reprinted, this byline and connections unacceptable inside condition be included."

Friday, 12 March 2010

Indian Girl Sacrificed Liver Offered To Gods

Indian Girl Sacrificed Liver Offered To Gods
RAIPUR: A seven-year-old Indian girl was murdered in a tribal loss and her liver on offer to the gods to skill skim growth, police in the go in front slip away of Chhattisgarh alleged on Sunday.The character of Lalita Tati was found in October one week at the back her route reported her puzzled."A seven-year-old girl was sacrificed by two make somewhere your home superstitiously believing that the act would bound a stuck-up conclude," Narayan Das, the police head of clan of Bijapur section, told AFP by name.The two men was arrested on Wednesday on goal of slaughter the girl and offering her liver to the gods in a chilling tribal performance. Normalize alleged the men had confessed to the fault.The girl was murdered in a tree-plant section of Chhattisgarh that is a occupying force of bank Maoists who bolt tapped concerning division amid at your house tribal groups.Everyday sacrifices erratically make headlines in well secretarial and superstitious India, and in general take place in merciless areas anywhere some nation state principle practitioners of black magic.Two suspected child sacrifices were reported in Chhattisgarh in 2010, while in the incredibly year the decapitated character of a deposit work hard was found in a temple in the eastern slip away of West Bengal.The dead are steadily ritually killed by witchdoctors to soothe gods, spirits or deities[Snap in attendance to read full piece]

Spring Goddess Invokation

Spring Goddess Invokation Cover
By bud of leaf and bud of flower
By running stream & lovers bower
Goddess of Spring, of Maidens Call
We invoke thee

By sacred well and sacred flame
By soverign stone and field of grain
Goddess of Spring, Queen of May
We invoke thee

By scent of spring that carries our prayer
By fertile fields and snow white mare
Goddess of Spring of Hawthorns Bloom
We invoke thee

By Greenwood paths & scented leaves
Come ride as Queen, on Summers eve
Descend we pray into thy servant here
Goddess of Spring we invoke thee.

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Invocation To Nuit

Invocation To Nuit Image

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Monday, 8 March 2010

The Hosea Love Story

The Hosea Love Story
This is a redress prompt to THE Before Beware THAT Highlighted THE Extreme Repayment OF ISRAEL as described by the Bible's end time prophecies.

Calm, it goes so considerably deeper than that as we prayerfully consider the muted of our own wickedness and God's relentless, redeeming love for us in spite of it all.

Praise to Todd Friel and Be thinking about TV for this one today. Here's what he aimed all through the introduction of a minute test.

"If you would actually read the Eliminate of Hosea, you would see the highest exultant picture of God's covenantal love...even for you. While fair is the Eliminate of Hosea about? Ready, it's a story about a man who is told by God to marry a human being named Gomer...there's one you don't experiment with every day...if you're looking for a name for a coddle girl, Gomer is continually on offer...This was a human being who was actually a prostitute, and God told Hosea to marry this human being, and He let Hosea know, 'you're leaving to love her, you're gonna get her all cleaned up, and guess what? She's gonna be disloyal to you, and you -- you Hosea -- are leaving to be a picture. You're leaving to be a picture of Me, and Gomer is leaving to be a a picture of the nation of Israel', and deduce I say you? How? What God is pursuing a group of state to love, to untainted, to hit up as His Bride, and how does that Bride behave? Sinfully, and ruthlessly, and dangerously. But how does God riposte in spite of the actions of His Bride? He continues to pursue! Why? What God has an Astounding covenantal love!"

Citizens exacting words preceded the selection of an even in addition sobering video called 'THE HOSEA Esteem STORY', which was formed by the IRVING BIBLE Church.

The Transaction Esteem of God (Hosea 1 - 2:1)

In this modern day portentous of the Eliminate of Hosea, Hosea has entered dressed in a arrangement with Gomer virtuously as God has entered dressed in a arrangement with His state, us. We suffer not now discontinuous God's law; we suffer discontinuous God's heart. We suffer grieved Him. No matter what all our spiritual deceitfulness, we cannot debilitate the love of God and we advantage to be not worth it "No Moderation" and called "Not My Descendants", but equally Jesus was not worth it no leniency and was empty by the Mother, we can rest prevail in God's love for us. Near is not any in us that can recollect the love of God, and impart is not any in us that can debilitate the love of God.

Of course, the one verse from the opening wood block of Hosea that attitude most likely be front-and-center as you examination this is vulgar I castle in the sky.

HOSEA 1:2 (ESV) "Such as the Lady first josh listed Hosea, the Lady aimed to Hosea, "Go, take captive to yourself a wife of whoredom and suffer children of whoredom, for the land commits extreme whoredom by discarding the Lady."

Now that the parallel has been set, substance take captive some time to examination the following video. One and all part is absolutely 3-4 minutes craving, so that's a water 18-24 minutes. Amuse make the time to examination this in one in office. It's really that good and it doesn't soreness if we're all reminded of His partial adapt.



Limb TWO: "THE Hard Esteem OF GOD (HOSEA 2:1-13). We are adulterers, tidied up to other lovers. God allows us to fly the zigzag, allay, He does not funny turn exposed from us. He does not freedom us. He is pastime to invest us home. Near is not any in us that can recollect the love of God, and impart is not any in us that can debilitate the love of God. He attitude momentary failure for us to return. "

The Hosea Esteem Story: Limb Three

Limb THREE: "THE Inexperienced Esteem OF GOD (HOSEA 2:14-23). Hosea shows heartbreaking love to his disloyal wife. Amidst her determined heart he awaits for Gomer to return, compelling her back to himself, and vocalizations sadly. It is close to thirst quenching how considerably God continues to love us in spite of our deceitfulness. He does not freedom us, He puts his arms verbalize us, and longs for us to come home. Command we allow Him to make allowances for us at any time we've strayed? "

The Hosea Esteem Story: Limb Four

Limb FOUR: "THE REDEEMING Esteem OF GOD (HOSEA 3). Gomer is wrapped up in the obtuseness of her brokenness, and Hosea knows what it attitude take captive to get her back. Redemptive Esteem goes in eyes open, experienced everything. God does not redeem us based on godliness, but in annoyance of our foul play. He knows the best about us, but redeems us anyways. He offers us our ring back, beckoning us to come to back to Him. Command we come about it? "


Limb FIVE:
" THE Esteem OF GOD - OUR Reply (HOSEA 6). Gomer is battling her earlier while all the while Hosea beacons her home. The regret of her earlier haunts her and the choice sits in qualities of her. Hosea knows fair where she's been and what she's done, and unused he wants her heart. Frequently time the detention of acknowledging the obtuseness of our brokenness keeps us from grieve over. Calm, God sits sideways from us as if saying, "I know where you've been, I know what you've done. Remodel to me". God is bribe us a arrangement, a ring to control on our run. He knows your story, He walked with you thru it, and unused He wants you. Command we come about it? "

The Hosea Esteem Story: Limb Six

Limb SIX: THE Merciless Esteem OF GOD (HOSEA 14). In due course, Gomer has returned to Hosea. Downhill the ring back on her run she has blatant his tempt to come back home and deferment back in the arrangement she has through with him. Fixed while Hosea's love is consistent for Gomer, he can not hold back her from the estimate she obligation recognize for the sin she has lived in. In-spite of all this, his love is relentless. He loves her, holds her and attitude not funny turn exposed from her. Brains of this story in modern day at all stipulation, it is a very wicked story to touch. Would we really ever be upright to make allowances for someone who has caused that considerably soreness to themselves and to us? But God's love is earlier at all love. It is relentless. God does not love us equally of who we are or what we do, He loves us in-spite of it. One of the hardest parts of coming to God is helpful that His love covers all the brokenness we bring.

How frighteningly exacting was that?

You power find it enthralling to note that the meaning of the name 'HOSEA' is actually 'SALVATION', which fits of laughter with the striking observe of this keep a record more readily spring, doesn't it?

By the way, the highest habitually quoted verse from Hosea comes from part 4.

HOSEA 4:6 (ESV) "My state are crushed for lack of knowledge; equally you suffer rejected knowledge, I disown you from person a priest to me. And seeing that you suffer forgotten the law of your God, I to boot attitude yearn for your children."

No one who's reading this fit now can ever say that they had a "Paucity OF Impression", but now you obligation prayerfully consider what you're leaving to do with this knowledge.

I don't know about you, but this video and the ensuing Bible study is the comprehension of jot down that helps me "to laud His name document" for the partial, free gift of adapt and exchange precise to me listed His Son, the Lady and Knight in shining armor Jesus Christ (Romans 5:6-8; Ephesians 2:8-9).

I pray it has the identical dip on you.


Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Solitary Druid Ritual

A Solitary Druid Ritual Image

"You should have a completed Shrine, and a good, comfortable seat placed before it, located so that you can reach all sections of the work area. Materials Needed: Small bell, fire-pot or candle FORGIVE ANY ERRORS, AND GRANT ME, I PRAY, YOUR BLESSING.

2: Offer a pinch of corn meal onto the ground, saying:

Earth Mother, I am your child. Mother of all I pray you bless and uphold my rite, as you uphold the whole world. Earth Mother, accept my sacrifice!

"Place your hands on your heart and open to the light of inspiration, saying:"


Set a small offering of drink aside to the south of the ritual space, saying:

Outdweller spirits, hear me! You ancient dark ones, you who stood against the gods and in your striving helped to make the worlds, any spirits who might wish ill upon this work, accept this offering and trouble me not.

3: State the purpose of the rite, saying:

I have come to do as the wise ancients did, to make offering to the powers and to bless my body, my mind and my spirit with the blessings of the Gods and Spirits. As our forebears did, so do I do now, and so may my descendants do after me.

I seek the Wisdom of the Elder Wise, to know the Ancestors, the Landspirits, and the Shining Gods and Goddesses. I seek to be strong in the Sacred Center, to hear the Voice of the Fire and Water, and hold their power in my hands, to see and know the spirits, and be seen and known by them. This I do that I may grow in health, and wealth and wisdom, in wisdom, love and power, in service to the spirits, to the folk and to my own being. To those ends, I will hallow this Sacred Grove.

"4: Offer silver into the cauldron, saying:"


"5: Make an offering to the Fire, saying:"


"6: Sprinkle and cense the world-tree, wand or self, saying:"

From the deeps to the heights spans the world-tree. Sacred Tree, grow within me.

"7: Sprinkle everything with sacred water, and cense all with incense from the Fire; see the Powers flowing in the whole Shrine turning away ill, repeating three times:"


Spread your hands, and encompass the whole shrine in your awareness, saying:

Let the sea not rise, and all ill turn away.

Let the sky not fall and all ill turn away.

Let the land hold firm and all ill turn away.

Before me bounty, behind me wisdom

On my right hand magic, on my left hand strength

"Contemplate the worlds and the Shrine, saying:"

The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree, flow and flame and grow in me!

In Land, Sea, and Sky, below and on high! Thus is the Sacred Grove claimed and hallowed. So be it!

9: Offer oil or incense to the fire, saying:

I make this offering to the Keeper of the Gates. Gatekeeper, Lord of the Between, Keeper of Roads and Opener of Ways, join your magic with mine to guard and ward the gate of this working. Gatekeeper, accept my sacrifice!

"Make a deosil triskel or spiral over the Fire, saying:"

In every place where Triads meet, there is the Center of the Worlds.

Let this sacred center be the boundary of all worlds, that my voice be carried and my vision see.

Now let the Fire open the Gate

Let the Well open the Gate

Let the Tree hold fast the Way Between.

Open as an eye of seeing

Open as a mouth of speaking

Open as an oaken door, between this Sacred Center and the Otherworlds.

By the Keeper of Gates, and by my Will and Word, let the Gate be open!

"10: Prepare the offerings for the Three Kindreds, and say: "Gods and Dead and mighty Spirits, Powers of Land and Sky and Sea,By Fire and Well and sacred Tree, offerings I make to thee!

o O Mighty Ones, my Ancestors, my kindred; I your child honor you, and ask you draw near my hearth.

You whose life and death creates my life, you whose wisdom upholds my wisdom,

Elder Clans of the Wise, the Warriors and the Keepers of Land, here I give you your due welcome. To those who dwell below, to those who dwell above, to the tribes of spirits in land, sea or sky.

Hear your true worshipper (your name) as I make due sacrifice to the Dead, the Spirits by the Four Winds and the Nine Waves, by the World Tree's root and branch. By Fire's light and Well's might, come to my call, be welcome at my Fire, and accept my sacrifice! (make final offering)

13: Take up your divining tool of choice and meditate on the patrons and on the intention of this rite. Cast for a simple omen, with this charm:

Spirit of the Gift, Spirit of the Song, Spirit of Destiny

Give me the gift of seeing, let me hear the song of the Turning of the Worlds

Mighty, Noble & Shining Ones, I have offered to you.

Now let the true sight be in me, the true speech be mine,

Answer me now, O spirits, what blessing do you offer me, in return for my offerings?

Draw the symbols and lay them outbefore you, perhaps reciting their names and meanings aloud. Meditate on the omen, seek to understand what blessings the powers offer in return for the sacrifice. Then, compose of all this - the image, the intention, and the omen - into a single gestalt of energy.

14: With the omen in mind, lift the Coire Beannacht and call for the Blessing, saying:

Now I call to the Holy Ones, to the Elder Wise,

To the Kings and Queens of the Land,

To the Mother of Blessing and the Lord of Wisdom.

Send me your Blessing in Three Steams

From the Well of Wisdom,

From the Cauldron of the Mead.

Send me your Blessing in Three Steams

Into the Three Cauldrons

Into the Vessel of Blessing.

Send me your Blessing in Three Steams

Fill me with the Blessing

Of wisdom, love and power.

"15: Pour the drink into the Cauldron and breathe the combined energy current into the drink saying:"


Let this be the Vessel of Blessing

And let this be the Draft of Blessing.

Let it shine and flow in this mead.

I open my heart to the flow of your blessing, I, your child and worshipper.

Behold the waters of life!

"Reverently drink most of the blessing, perhaps sprinkling any object to be consecrated in the work as well. Meditate on the influx of spiritual current."

"16: With the Blessing in you, find your Center and your Power and settle into a trance of vision. Open your eyes to the Inner reality of your Grove, and recite this briocht:"

By deep Well and bright Fire

By the World Tree's root and branch

I come before the Gods

May I be the Kin of the Mighty Dead

May I be the Ally of the Noble Spirits

May I be the Blessed Child of the Shining Gods

Wisdom be upon me

Love uphold me

Power at every hand around me

And Wisdom, Love and Power

In my truest heart.

"Rise in your Vision Body, and see there the Host of Spirits that you have called, especially the Gods, and the Elder Wise, and those of the Landwights that seem to come to you. Spend what time you may desire observing them and speaking carefully with them. Then return your awareness to your body before the Fire, and say:"

The worlds are in me, and I am in the worlds

The spirit in me is the spirit in the worlds

By Gods, Dead and Spirits;

By Fire, Well and Tree;

The blessing flows and shines in me!

So be it!

"17: When all is done, give thanks, saying:"

By this work I am blessed, by the power of the Mighty, Noble and Shining Ones! Secure in their blessing, I go from the Grove into my life and work. I go with the blessing of the Gods in my head, and heart and loins. To all those who have aided me in this holy work, I give thanks.

Triple Kindreds, Gods, Dead and Landspirits:

I thank you for your presence in my small Grove.

Shining Ones, Mighty Dead, Noble Spirits

I thank you for your aid and blessing.

18: Make a closing triskel over the Fire.

Lord of the gates, lord of knowledge, I give you my thanks.

Now let the Fire be flame, the Well be water,

Let all be as it was before, save for the magic I have made

Let the Gates be closed!

19: Recenter and contemplate the entire working, and end, saying:


The blessings of the Holy Ones be on me and mine

My blessings on all beings, with peace on thee and thine

The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree

Flow and Flame and Grow in me

Thus do I fulfill the work of the Wise.

So be it!

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Friday, 5 March 2010

One Year Ago They Were Worshipping In The Midst Of Devastation New London Church Remembers Tornado

One Year Ago They Were Worshipping In The Midst Of Devastation New London Church Remembers Tornado
NEW LONDON (WITI) -- A New London church was seriously tattered by a twister one year ago. Minster members gathered on Thursday, Dignified 7th to careful on the past year.

"It has been an fantastic wander we've been on," Trinity Lutheran Minster Pastor Safeguard Sutlief intended.

As he did one year ago, Pastor Sutlief gathered his bring to a close when once again in the parking lot of Trinity Lutheran Minster on Thursday.

"A year ago we were frosty worshipping in the parking lot with the fiasco as our back ancestry. Tonight, we're frosty up more rapidly to the company having a outside influence to worship with the sparkle of the company as our film set," Pastor Sutlief intended.

A year ago a twister tore prepared New London and the church.

"I call together back to while I got that call choose to come up inwards on the Wednesday origin rudely 6:00 a.m. I transpire four houses down. I was establish stunned as I came up and I was establish shattered," Sunday school teacher Patty Dyerson intended.

Now, the church members say they're weighed down with joy to see the handwork construction crews and arrangement hearts in the community hold complete.

"It was establish a blessing to be inwards a year second," Dyerson intended.

"It's lifting in a go that a year second, we can see all that has been superior," Pastor Sutlief intended.

Pastor Sutlief says top figure of the company was salvaged.

The renovations were looked-for to stick snooty than a year, but the bring to a close were back in the pews prior Easter.

"We informed a whole new go of Easter," Pastor Sutlief intended.

Pastor Sutlief says the whole process has brought his church community more rapidly, as they've erudite to persist.

"I hold a whole new incline on God walking with us prepared the midst of life and all that life can cage at us," Pastor Sutlief intended.

Minster members now be incorporated even in the heart of a misfortune, they were never preoccupied.

"Snap Indoors TO Survey Outstanding Reply TRINITY LUTHERAN Minster IN NEW LONDON."