This blog contains a collection of powerful prayers and appeals to the pagan gods, that can help you to solve your problems or get what you want. Be careful, the gods do not like being disturbed at trifles. Remember that for everything in this world need to pay, and if you want to get something one day the gods may demand something in return. Need to be prepared for it. Love one another, love gods, and do good to people, it's the easiest thing you can do, and welcome back to you. Blessed Be!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Invocation To Isis Aset

Invocation To Isis Aset Cover

She who gives birth to the Heaven and the Earth

She who knows the Orphan and the Widow Spider

She who seeks justice for the poor and the weak

Mistress of the house of life

Mother of the dead.

Spark of Passion,

come to me now at this time of magic and mystery

("verbalize your request")

and do you let me know your presence

in the power of all love that is

that was

and that shall ever be

Be with me now

O queen and mother!"

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