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Friday, 19 March 2010

Invocation Of Diana

Invocation Of Diana Cover
(traditionally used after the Communion of the five senses)

Diana of the Rounded Moon,
The queen of all enchantments here,
The wind is crying through the trees,
As we invoke thee to appear.

The cares of day departed are,
The realm of night belongs to thee;
And we in love and kinship join
With all things that are wild and free.
As powers of magic round us move,
Now let time's self dissolve and fade.
Here in place between the worlds
May we be one with nature made.

Thy consort is the Horned One,
Whose sevenfold pipes make music sweet.
Old Gods of life and love and light
Be here as merrily we meet!

For ye circle's round we tread,
And unto ye the wine we pour;
The sacred Old Ones of this land,
Ye we invoke by ancient lore --

By magic moon and pagan spell,
By all the secrets of the night,
Dreams and desires and mystery,
Borne on the moonbeam's silver light.

Now may we hear, or may we see,
Or may we know within the heart,
A token of true magic made,
Ere from this circle we depart.


O goddess-queen of night,
O Horn'ed One of might,
In earth and sky and sea
May peace and blessing be!

by Doreen Valiente, "Witchcraft For Tomorrow" pp. 168-169

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