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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Out Of Egypt

Out Of Egypt
This mark is actually courteous out of Egyptian theology, not Christian. Absolutely a windfall, but hand over embrace been a lot of constant coincidences popping almost and hand over (not the least of which is all of the Astrophysical metaphors popping up in church logos and icons.)

A selection of of you embrace perhaps seen amply a few depictions of the Weighing of the Ka in the Egyptian afterlife, somewhere Anubis and Thoth weigh the middle of the dead to estimate if they basic meld Osiris in the afterworld or be devoured by the demon Ammit. About is a an allude to from the writings of Setna (son of Rameses the Magnificent) which dates to the 13th Century BC:

So each Ka accepted not working the entry and in the Class Thoth was waiting to rob him, saying: come into being with me. Yet why hast thou come?'

'I embrace come almost to be announced,' answered the Ka.

such as is thy condition?'

'I am simple of sin.'

Sounds a bit match modern Masonic ritual, no? The liturgy read by the awake applicant is now known as "Pejorative Confessions" from the Papyrus of Ani, aka The Law of Frankness which is included in The Endure of the Deceased.

But before the Weighing of the Core, each dead man's Ka josh in his own authenticate, saying: 'I am pure! I am pure! I am pure! I am pure! My clarity is as that of the Bennu bird, the flippant Phoenix whose wrap somebody in cotton wool is upon the stone persea-tree, the obelisk at Heliopolis...

...with the good man the Barb of Insightfulness sank down and his middle rose up, and Thoth cried aloud to Osiris and the gods, factual and authentic are the words this man has accepted. He has not sinned; he has not done evil towards us. Let not the Eater-up of Souls embrace power exclusive him.

Absolutely a windfall, right? But there's one quiet recognize towards the end that at a complete loss my attention- to the same degree "Jesus" takes the humiliate do-gooder (a white male, of course) by the hand and leads him to God's waiting room. It turns out that this too has a ancient in Setna's account:

Also Horus took the dead man by the hand and led him before Osiris, saying, 'I embrace come to thee, oh Unnefer Osiris, bringing with me this new Osiris. His middle was true at the coming forth from the Breather. He has not sinned against any god or any goddess. Thoth has weighed his middle and found it true and righteous. Concur that hand over may be individual to him the cash and alcoholic drink of Osiris; may he be match the gang of Horus!'

"Associates of Horus" is the English paraphrase of Shemsu Hor.

Is Acharya S in the house?