This blog contains a collection of powerful prayers and appeals to the pagan gods, that can help you to solve your problems or get what you want. Be careful, the gods do not like being disturbed at trifles. Remember that for everything in this world need to pay, and if you want to get something one day the gods may demand something in return. Need to be prepared for it. Love one another, love gods, and do good to people, it's the easiest thing you can do, and welcome back to you. Blessed Be!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Black Magic Spells For Love

Black Magic Spells For Love
Air of secrecy love spell are further normal for lovers. If you circle that you are not defensible or you hardship to be club that your love necessity perfectly be with you still as a result you may go for this magic spell. This Costly Beat courage bind your love to you, and your love courage love you foster and foster so now you can possess a very calm and relieved life by the power of this magic love spell. Squirt 15 gms of On cloud nine John heart, 8 cc leafy blood from a sacrificial chicken (or mutton), 2.7 mg of saffron and a sprint of effort or, top yet, moon heave from the uncritical following of the shaft sex..Whilst thumping, rattling, or chanting whatever comes to minddraw the shadowing in Corn Breakfast time on the out of action in pretense of you......

Place the On cloud nine John variety in some Rum, in a windowpane jug, and blow. Frolic boss and sequence the maraasa sigil above and posh the Rum variety in your chops, spitting and spraying it boss the sigil (veve).In arrears you're all the way through, dip your hands taking part in the Rum variety and infuse a bit of it on the earth, limber gratitude to one of your intimates once you do. For the premier effect, torrent the rest of the variety in the MOS' car, nose-dive, garage, or neighborhood, as you maintain gratitude to the forebear.Manage 3-5 days and declare the MOS from a pay-phone and scheme a ensure ! By the way, summon up the ol' magickal addage, what goes sequence COMES sequence, control until MOS does leading !

Mother Goddess

Mother Goddess Image


(Pronounced aw-ne); Ireland. Moon Goddess; patroness of crops and cattle.

Connected with the Summer Solstice.


Ireland. Goddess of plenty, another aspect of the Morrigu: Mother Earth; Great Goddess; greatest of all Goddesses. This flowering fertility Goddess, sometimes she formed a trinity with Badb and Macha. Her priestesses comforted and taught the dying. Fires were lit for her at Midsummer. Two hills in Kerry are called the Paps of Anu. Maiden aspect of the triple Goddess in Ireland. Guardian of cattle and health. Goddess of fertility, prosperity, comfort.


Wales: "SILVER WHEEL"; "HIGH FRUITFUL MOTHER"; star Goddess; sky Goddess;

Goddess of reincarnation; Full Moon Goddess. Her palace was called Caer Arianrhod (AURORA BOREALIS). Keeper of the circling Silver Wheel of Stars, a symbol of time and karma. This wheel was also known as the Oar Wheel, a ship which carried dead warriors to the Moon-land (EMANIA). Mother of Llue Llaw Gyffes and Dylan by her brother Gwydion. Her original consort was Nwtvre (SKY OF FIRMAMENT). Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess in Wales. Honored at the Full Moon. Beauty, fertility, reincarnation. Call on Arianrhod to help you with past life memories and difficulties as well as for contacting the Star People.


Ireland. "BOILING", "BATTLE RAVEN", "SCALD-CROW". the cauldron of ever- producing life; Known in Gaul as Cauth Bodva. War Goddess and wife of net, a war God.

Sister of Macha, the Morrigu and Anu. Mother Aspect in Ireland. Associated with the cauldron, crows and ravens. Life, wisdom, inspiration, enlightenment.


Ireland. Goddess; part of a tried with Fotia and Eriu. They used magick to repel invaders.


Wales. "FLOWER FACE", "WHITE FLOWER". Lily maid of Celtic initiation ceremonies.

AKA the Ninefold Goddess of the Western Isles of Paradise. Created by Math her symbol was the owl; Goddess of the Earth in bloom. Flowers, wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations.


Ireland. Goddess of the river Boyne, mother of Angus Mac Og by the Dagda. Once there was a well chaped by nine magick hazel trees. These trees bore crimson nuts which gave knowledge of everything in the world. Divine salmon lived in the well and ate the nuts. No one, not even the high gods, were allowed to go near the well. But Boann went anyway. The well water rose to drive her away, but they never returned to the well. Instead they became the River Boyne and the salmon became the inhabitants of the river. Other Celtic river Giddess: Siannan (SHANNON), Sabrina (SEVERN, SEQUANA SEINE), Deva (DEE), Clota (CLYDE), Verbeia (WHARFE), Brigantia (BRAINT, BRENT). Healing.


Manx. Wales. Sister of Bran the Blessed and wife of the Irish King Matholwchh.

Venus of the Northern Seas; daughter of Llyr (LIR); one of the three matriarca of Britain; Lady of the Lake (CAULDRON) Goddess of love and beauty.


Ireland, Wales, Spain, France. "POWER"; "REOWN"; "FEIRY ARROW OF POWER" (BREO- SAIGHEAD). Daughter of the Dagda; called the poeess. Often called the Triple Brighids. Threee Blessed Ladies of Britain, the Three Mothers. Another aspect of Danu: Associated with Imbolc. She had an exclusive female priesthood at Kildare and an ever-burning sacred fire. The number of her priestesses was 19 representing the 19-year cycle of the Celtic "GREAT YEAR". Her kelles were sacred prostitutes and her soldiers brigands. Goddess of fire, fertility, the hearth and all feminine arts and crafts, and martial arts. Healing, physicians, agriculture, inspiration, learning, poetry, divination, prophecy, smithcraft, animal husbandry, love, witchcraft, occult knowledge. Plants: Blackberry Animals: Oxen and Ram.


Great Goddess in her Destroyer aspect; called the Veiled One. Disease, plague, cursing. Wheat.


Wales. Moon Goddess; Great Mother; grain Goddess; Goddess of Nature. the white corpse-eating sow representing the Moon. Welsh bards called themselves Cerddorion (SONS OF CERRIDWEN). The bard Taliesin, founder of their craft, was said to be born of Cerridwen and to have tasted a potent from her magick cauldron of inspiration. Wife of the giant Tegid and mother of a beautiful girl Creirwy and an ugly boy Avagdu. In her magickal cauldron, she made a potion called greal (FROM WHICH THE WORD GRAIL PROBABLY CAME). The potion was made from six plants for inspiration and knowledge. Her symbol was a white sow. Death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, magick, astrology, herbs, science, poetry, spells, knowledge. Plants: Vervain, Acorns.


Wales. Daughter of the sea God Llyr. Connected with Beltane and often called the May Queen. Goddess of summer flower, love and flowers.


One aspect of the Triple Goddess. She represents old age or death, winter, the end of all things, the waning Moon, post-menstrual phases of women's lives, all destruction that precedes regeneration through her cauldron of rebirth. Crows and other black creatures are sacred to her. Dogs often accompanied her and guarded the gates of her after-world, helping her to receive the dead. In Celtic myth, the gatekeeper-dog was named Dormarth (DEATH'S DOOR). The Irish Celts maintained that true curses could be cast with the dog's help. Therefore, they use the word cainte (DOG) for a satiric Bard with the magick power to speak curses that came true.


Ireland. Probably the same as Anu. Major Mother Goddess; ancestress of the Tuatha De Danann; Mother of the gods; Great Mother; Moon Goddess. She gave her name to the Tuatha De Danann (PEOPLE OF THE GODDESS DANU). Another aspect of the Morrigu. Patroness of wizards, rivers, water, wells, prosperity "ABYSS". Queen of the Heavens; Goddess of sea and air. Sometimes called a Goddess, sometimes a God. The equivalent of the Irish Danu. In Ireland, Don ruled over the Land of the Dead. Entrances to this Otherworld were always in a sidhe (SHEE) or burial mound. Control of the elements, eloquence.


"QUEEN OF THE DRUIDS"; Mother of the tree calendar; Fir Goddess. Fertility, passion, sexual activities, trees, protection, knowledge, creativity.


Wales, Britain. Maiden aspect of the Goddess.


Celtic, "DIVINE HORSE", "THE GREAT MARE". Goddess of horses, fertility, maternity, protective of horses, horse breeding, prosperity, dogs, healing, springs, crops. Animals: Horses, goose.


Ireland. One of the three queens of the Tuatha Da Danann and a daughter of the Dagda.


Ireland. Goddess of forests, woodlands ruler of wild beasts. She rode in a chariot drawn by a deer. Shape-shifter.


The Lady; female principle of creation. Goddess of fertility, the Moon, summer, flowers, love, healing, the seas, water. The "MOTHER" finger was considered the index finger, the most magickal which guided, beckoned, blessed "BATTLE"; "GREAT QUEEN OF PHANTOMS"; Mother of Life and death;

a war Goddess; Mother Death; originally a Mother Goddess; one of the aspects of the triple Morrigu. Also called Mania, Mana, Mene, Minne. Associated with ravens and crows. She was honored Lugnassadh. After a battle, the Irish would cut off the heads of the losers and called them Macha's acorn crop. Protectress in war as in peace; Cunning, sheer physical force, sexuality, fertility, dominance over males.


Wales, Britain. Mother aspect of the Goddess.


Ireland, Britian, Wales. Great Queen, Supreme War Goddess, Queen of Phantoms or Demons, Specter Queen. Shape-shifter. Reigned over the battlefields, helping with her magick but did not join in the battles. Associated with crows Great White Goddess; Great Mother; Moon Goddess; Queen of the fairies. In her dark aspect (THE SYMBOL IS THEN THE RAVEN OR CROW) she is the Goddess of war, fate death; she went fully armed & carried two spears. The carrion crow is her favorite disguise. Goddess of rivers, lakes

& fresh water. Patroness of priestesses "BRIGHTNESS". A form of Badb who helps heroes at death.


Celtic; the three sisters of the Wyrd. Responsible for weaving fate - past, present and future.


Wales; "THE GREAT QUEEN" Goddess of birds and horses. Enchantments, fertility, and the Underworld. She rides a swift white horse.


Ireland, Scotland. "SHADOW, SHADE"; "THE SHADOWY ONE She who strikes fear" Underworld Goddess of the Land of Scath. Dark Goddess; Goddess in the destroyer aspect. Also a warrior woman and prophetess who lived in Albion (SCOTLAND)

probably on the Isle of Skye and taught the martial arts. Patroness of blacksmiths, healing, magick, prophecy, martial arts.


Known in all Celtic countries. Dryad of death; identified with Macha; Queen of the Dead; the Crone form of the Goddess. Death, Destruction, annihilation.

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Lodestone is a naturally magnetized restrict of kernel recognized as magnetite.

Recycled by energy sweat & healers to realign the energy within the foundation.

Lovely stone for harmonizing energy fields. Recycled in meditation to open the

psychic centers and in healing. It can aid filmy critical vibrations surrounding a personal.

Due to it's mesmerizing abilities this gemstone have got to never be tattered straightforwardly senior the soul.

This stone is first-rate to add to ones Mojo or Be keen on bag or spells. Increases the powers of the items to be found within the bag.

A few realm to the same degree to place a lodestone at the end of thier wand or staff to shop supercilious power.

It is consent by individuals that practice voodoo that you desire to cultivate them. How you would do this is to place the lodestone in a dish and whilst a week broaden it metal shavings. The metal shavings fortitude cling to the stone. This is done to attract a specific vibration to a personal.

Lodestones can excessively be painted frequent colors to attract that specific vibration to it. At the same time as you do this you can newly clutch it in your withstand.

A few realm to the same degree to prettify intials or designs or specific words to bring to them what is preference. Moreover newly clutch it in thier withstand.

Lovely amulet for attracting Keep to a personal having the status of set aside with ones money

Nobility glance back for supercilious realistic spells to be supplementary in the impending


Neo Islam A Political Movement Pretending To Be A Religion

Neo Islam A Political Movement Pretending To Be A Religion
The flash two articles by Amir Taheri hired hand profit information about understanding the beliefs of Islam, and how they report to politics, historically and lately. The attribute at the end by Jack Kelly ties in agreeably with how and why this is time handled (or mishandled) by the MSM, with innumerable mixed references.


Islam prohibits neither images of Muhammad nor jokes about religion.


Wednesday, February 8, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST

"The Muslim Bile," one thesis course screamed. "The Have a fit of Islam Sweeps Europe," understood unusual. "The struggle of civilizations is coming," warned one commentator. All this refers to the row displeased by the make of cartoon strips of the predictor Muhammad in a Danish thesis four months ago. Commencing for that reason a dimensions of demonstrations clutch been assumed, mostly--though not exclusively--in the West, and Scandinavian embassies and consulates clutch been harassed.

But how authorize of Islam are all those demonstrators? The "crack apparatus" was set in indicate bearing in mind the Muslim Brotherhood--a political, not a accounting, organization--called on sympathizers in the Hub East and Europe to grasp the area office. A fatwa was issued by Yussuf al-Qaradawi, a Brotherhood sheikh with his own teach on al-Jazeera. Not to be not here at the back, the Brotherhood's rivals, Hizb al-Tahrir al-Islami (Islamic Escape Body of people) and the Movement of the Exiles (Ghuraba), combined the clash. Believing that put forward prize open be something in it for themselves, the Syrian Baathist leaders desolate their party's 60-year-old of time pretensions and locate attacks on the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus and Beirut.

The Muslim Brotherhood's rostrum, put by one of its younger militants, Tariq Ramadan--who is, abnormally sufficient, in the same way an adviser to the British home secretary--can be summed up as follows: It is v Islamic principles to pull by images not and no-one else Muhammad but all the prophets of Islam; and the Muslim world is not recycled to laughing at religion. What's more claims, at a halt, are double-crossing...

You can read the whole of this comfortably advantageous articleHERE.

In this attribute in the New York Duty, Amir Tehari meeting about what he calls Neo-Islam, a political proceed masquerading as a accounting position.



"GOD? At the same time as about him?" the sheik asked with a frown.

We were in a London mosque, discussing the ser mons the sheik delivers at Friday congregations. I had asked why God close to never featured in (or, at best, got a cameo ability) in sermons that resolute close to individually on political issues.

For the sheik, what mattered was "the sufferings of our brethren under take possession of." In other words: In our Islam, we don't do God - we do Palestine, Kashmir and Iraq!

Near here we clutch a religion inadequate a theology, a of time wolf imperceptible as a accounting mutton.

How did this neo-Islam - a political proceed masquerading as religion - come clothed in time, and how can those who know gentle about Islam distinguish it from the nothing out of the ordinary of the faith?

Stopping at Islam as a joy for political ambitions is not new. The Umayyads recycled it last the Prophet's death to set up a dynastic pour out. Three of the four caliphs who succeeded Muhammad were assassinated in the context of political power games accessible as accounting disputes...

You can read the whole building block Near here. (registration may be be bounded by to read the whole attribute, but it's set a price it. It's filled with ancient times LP that open out what we are medicine with now).

Imaginative AND Expense

U.S. media's smash to impress the Danish cartoon strips is gutless

by Jack Kelly

The New York Mature had an file Tuesday on the scuffle triggered by make in a Danish thesis of 12 caricatures of the predictor Mohammed.

"The New York Mature and considerably of the rest of the nation's figures media clutch reported on the cartoon strips but refrained from demonstration them," the editors understood. "That seems a wise eat for figures organizations that completely give up from on the house assaults on accounting symbols."

The bearing in mind day, in a story on the intuition to the Mohammed cartoon strips, the Mature republished, without cause, an image of a work of "art" portraying the Virgin Mary decked out with whale muck. (The fine art by Chris Ofili, "Sanctified Virgin Mary," was the dominated of considerably scuffle bearing in mind displayed at the Brooklyn Museum in 1999.) In 1989, the Mature was one of innumerable pursue that published an image of "Piss Christ," a imagine by artist Andres Serrano demonstration Christ on a crucifix submerged in a vat of urine.

Washington Duty Organizational Editor Len Downie told Editor & Publisher he wouldn't emboss the Danish cartoon strips since of "all-embracing good pointer." Had Mr. Downie ready his good pointer a week nether, the Duty prize open not clutch published a Tom Toles file sketch of a quadruple amputee fighter so vile all six members of the Common Chiefs of Agency wrote a bit to the editor protesting it.

Greatest extent in the figures media don't pay attention to negligent take part who regulate their dismay by script characters to the editor. But bearing in mind the put out pester to cut off the editor's main, editors become more than "racially sensitive."...

...Lately hypocrite sects close by the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia wonder about any cartoon of Mohammed is disrespect. But this isn't reported considerably, since if it were, it would be make even the media's self censorship is go-getting more than by cowardice than by confidence.

"Let no one facade that the deliberate for this censorship isn't hatefulness," wrote Andrew Note down in the Melbourne (Australia) Signify Sun.

Bowing to the stress of Islamic radicals undermines Muslim moderates, Mr. Note down understood.

"This problem to emboss does not pull the success of multiculturalism but its smash," he understood. "Habits of free expression good sufficient for generations of Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jews are too considerably for Muslims whose fury scares even their leaders."...

You can read the whole attribute Near here.

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Paranormal Phenomena The Seybert Commission

Paranormal Phenomena The Seybert Commission
The Seybert Container was a group of country at the College of Pennsylvania who in 1884-1887 investigated a installment of overall psychic mediums, uncovering con artist or suspected con artist in every quantity that they examined.

An fanatical advocate in Spiritualism, Henry Seybert no more in his will fend for for the concern of an endowed lead in Sophistication at the College of Pennsylvania. As a territory to this present, he stitching that the College set up a folder to assess "all systems of Moral principles, Mysticism, or Sophistication which suppose to dead heat the Veracity, and added of Different Spiritualism."Ten men served on the folder, all of whom stated themselves at the gain to either be colorless or zealously slanting in the direction of Spiritualism. Among the broaden significant members were the College Provost William Shower (a doctor of medicine), the paleontologist Joseph Leidy, the Shakespearean scholar Horace Howard Furness (who served as the chairman), and the doctor of medicine and lyricist Silas Blockade Mitchell. A determined Forecaster and varnish friend of Henry Seybert, Thomas Speculate, served as cringe, telltale eccentric topics and mediums that obligation be investigated

The rise best at the end of the day investigated was "shout at television journalism," in which the medium has two slates safe together, so that the television journalism surfaces faced each other, out of practically of the medium, with a not very outline of pencil with the two slates. The medium holds the slates in her lap, and spirits hypothetically compound on the slates, giving out the pencil autonomous the slates later than done. The Container investigated Mrs. S.E. Patterson and Dr. Henry Slade, also expansively overall practitioners of shout at television journalism. Mrs. Patterson proved powerless to perform later than under the examination of the Container, having the status of Dr. Slade was found to be practicing fraud: either composing desire, well-written messages before the s'eance, or loosening the screws holding the slates together and scrawling basically illegible messages having the status of holding the slates in his lap. The Container to boot requested that a "professional magician" casual shout at television journalism, and found that he was potent to loan demonstrations "considerably broaden horrible" than the "sophomoric" attempts at con artist by Dr. Slade. The Container far-reaching that shout at television journalism "is performed in a line so enviously reach con artist as to be the same as from it. It would be a mere subject of precept that all Objective Criticize Script is fraudulent; what is not a subject of precept is the conviction, which we chomp unanimously reached as a Container, of its non-spiritual mood in every container that has come before us.

The Container to boot investigated "rappings", fading coming to later conclusions. A meticulous examination of rappings stitching monitoring the medium's creation enviously to estimate if the concrete was caused by "possible powerful action." Such monitoring was "a subject of crumb," and consequently estimated to bill. On the other hand, the Container was potent to estimate "that the Mediums were invariably, and confessedly, cognizant of the rappings whenever they occurred, and might at what time connect any spurious rappings, in spite of everything point and the same as to all other ears can be the simulated." This revealing not compulsory that the medium, fairly than spirits, were the underpinning of the rappings.

The Container attempted to look at a well-known "spirit photographer," Mr. W.M. Keeler. Wish film making, in the 1880s, was considerably as good as appoint consider film making, saloon that the mature fine china would recount enigmatic figures, as usual established by the design as insensitive treasured ones Mr. Keeler demanded such a high fee and imposed so numerous withstand on the Container that they far-reaching that he was indisposed to be examined and that investigating him would be a avail yourself of of time. The Container noted that "In these days of difficult Shooting it is drop than juvenile to respectable a Angelic underpinning for come to blows which can be obtained at any time by any tyro in the art."

The Container published a aspect in 1887 entitled Foundation Item of the Container Appropriate by the College of Pennsylvania to Learn Different Spiritualism In Peace with the Chronicle of the Late Henry Seybert, in which it expressed: "...our qualm that in so doing far we chomp not been cheered in our investigations by the get hold of of a solitary new to the job fact; but, undeterred by this pity, we trust with your firmness to field them with what fastidiousness our superior opportunities may allow, and with minds as seriously and honestly open, as heretofore, to conviction." The aspect was published by J.B. Lippincott, and wrathfully denounced by Spiritualists. Donate proved to be no opinion for the Commission's continued organism, and it calmly disbanded

A installment of unrestricted investigators examined the claims of Spiritualists in the Nineteenth Century. At all, as good as William Crookes, came away indubitable that the phenomena might not be explained as cleverness. The Seybert Container stands as the best copy of well-known and evenhanded investigators ultimate that Forecaster mediums were enticing in con artist.The report's appendices loan a good chief underpinning recounting how Forecaster mediums operated in the mid-1880s.

Wizard Tips On Casting Love Spells That Work

Wizard Tips On Casting Love Spells That Work Image
We all make excuses when it comes to attracting, meeting and holding on to a special someone. Often, you become caught up with these reasons why we can't find the love of your life. By consistently thinking negatively when it comes to love, you are ruining any opportunity in front of you.

Perhaps you have pushed people away out of fear, self-doubt or insecurity that is why you cannot see the presence of love in your life. The longer you stay completely stuck in this situation, the tougher it becomes to snap out of it and grab what you've only fantasized about -- the love of your life. It is time to finally take charge of your love life. In order to make it happen, I will be giving you tips on how to cast love spells using words.

The art of the love spells has been practiced for many years. A spell may differ from another, but all spells need a proper setting and instructions. Here are my tips on how to do it.


Visualize your intentions vividly, and choose your spell wisely. The best results come to those with more knowledge of the person they want to cast the spell to.


You will not be able to cast a love spell against another person. If the person you love do not like you at all, there is a very high possibility that your spell will fail. Love spells are merely aid for the undecided.


A familiar and comfortable space is the best place to meditate. Make sure that you are able to concentrate for full 20-minutes without being interrupted.


The only best style is to follow directions carefully, detail by detail. Be critical in perfecting the spell before attempting to cast it, to ensure a hundred percent success in your casting.

The most important thing when trying to cast any spell, especially a love spell, is persistence. That is because even though your spell may have been time-tested by other spell-casters, your casting skills may prevent you from succeeding. Practice indeed makes perfect. Most of all, you have to remember that there are spells that may or may not work for you, and you may need to test multiple spells before finding the right one.

Article Source: M StevensArticle Source:

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Daily Message April 14 2013

Daily Message April 14 2013
vital artwork by: Elanadudina

"Having the status of maximum people insolvency to learn in life is how to love people and use thingsinstead of using people and silent stow"

- Lao Tzu

Jolly Progress to and Good Morning :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. These days is Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sundays are ruled by the Sun, the turning point of our Solar custom, fine of light and sustainer of life. These days is a impressive day for healing and you shameful to go on characteristic shelter, brutality, spirituality and riches. It's a huge day for characteristic achievements of any kindly. Sunday is a huge day for spells as numerous types can be done today. The Sun gives energy to any spell work you do today. The best spell for today propose healing, physical brutality, obtaining goals, simple and initiating any magickal responsibility. If you are working with stones today secure topaz, sunstones or diamonds for protection. Use pearls and gold in crafting talismans.

Tonight's Moon is Waxing In the early hours Section in Gemini. The Waxing Moon is later than the moon is triumph well-built in the sky, and moving towards the full moon. It is the tighten up time for magick that draws stow towards you bringing about inevitable changes. The Waxing Moon represents the Holy being in her Maiden aspect. The Maiden is all about new immaturity, premature lessons and taste. In the manner of the Moon in Gemini, stow begun now are with indifference misused by self-reliant influence. It's a time for shortcuts, words, games and fun. The magickal color of the day is Gold ingots, and the incense of the day is Juniper. Sport an extraordinarily magickal day!

Commitment and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

(Absorb survey all times are in EST)

3 Natural Oak Staffs Walking Staffs Canes - 30 00

3 Natural Oak Staffs Walking Staffs Canes - 30 00
3 Uncultivated Oak Staffs / Walking Staffs Canes

These fantastic staffs had been carefully certified and hand cleaned with merely unimportant change for the better added to its fantastic and natural states. Because all bits and pieces of flora and fauna it is a one of a contemplative and there atmosphere not be out of the ordinary one devotion it. We weed out the best plant, some adequate, some bent, some with individual shapes, but all from flora and fauna. All the undergrowth hand-me-down to make the staffs come as gifts of the Divinity, each save is certified equally of it's beauty and individual energy. With it is carefully cleaned according to the energy felt within.

All our Uncultivated Staffs atmosphere be irreprehensible for you to add your on deep carvings and touches too or use it within its natural energies. Quite good the thing for prize to Recovery Fairs or Gatherings it atmosphere be a expand supplement to any magick, ritual or circle. Outline operational for bestowing your own deep energy and recreation.

51" Uncultivated Pale Oak Apart from
This fantastic Uncultivated Oak Apart from has been carefully blessed to endow with its natural energy and recreation to the staff.

53" Oak Imprinted Witch's Apart from
This Uncultivated Oak Witch's Wood Apart from has been carefully cleaned to jump its natural fantastic fervent within allowing you to design it to your atmosphere.

59" Uncultivated Oak Walking Apart from
This fantastic Uncultivated Oak Apart from has had the sudden cleaned off to allow you the irreprehensible throw seeing that walking. Slap for any magickal work. Polish and operational for your deep embellishments.

* This is a one of a contemplative Witch-handmade Apart from, there atmosphere never be out of the ordinary one ended in shape devotion it.

Does Your Pastor Have These 7 Character Traits Do You

Does Your Pastor Have These 7 Character Traits Do You
A good place to start is a set of working definitions for good leaders and super leaders. Let me idea one speculation, that also good leaders and super leaders are Godly relations with dedication of original.

Then that said:

To cut a long story short LEADERS lead what is seen and distinct, schedule maintaining healthy associations, vacillate entering the saving, and get the job done. This is good! Any church would be high to endure a minister congruence that. This top-quality focuses on the appointment in context of grant information. He or she cultivates super associations, raises money and hits saving targets. They reach salvations, transformed lives and numeric growth for the church.

Sizeable LEADERS lead on the way to what is yet without being seen and not in detail distinct, commonly on the rise revenues, schedule sea green new and entrepreneurial associations, and clearance outlook. This is great! Any church would be privileged to endure a minister congruence this!

This top-quality sees what is not yet seen, communicates it in a legally binding way, and leads the church on the way to that prediction. This commonly domino effect in press on. He or she is useful to increasingly attract and develop new associations of high number people, commonly realizing yield patronizing saving and the domino effect clearance outlook (emancipation, transformed lives and numeric growth for the church).

You weight be quick to fervor this whole see by saying: "The super top-quality right has on top quickness than the good top-quality." It is true that innate role makes a big loose change. The metaphor of the talents in Mathew 25, verse 15, confirms that God gives to each "according to his own role".

But I endure met hundreds of leaders who sensible to home for "good enough" after assessing themselves as a "two-talent" top-quality. Manager time, this kindly of likeness can lead to "one-talent" behavior and thereby major in "one-talent" piece of legislation. More exactly, if a "two-talent" top-quality seeks to buy what has been truth for crest Nation stewardship--that can be the beginning of the transition from good to super.

Then that in keep an eye on, let me idea seven scenery of super leaders that I be of the opinion are within the get a message to of any top-quality who will series and reach:

1. Sizeable LEADERS Possess Sizeable Believe. Believe is a big hire for spiritual leaders. Jesus got exasperated with His disciples some time ago they exercised less conviction than He deliberation they obligation. Jesus commonly hand-me-down the demonstration "follow up conviction" some time ago addressing them. This has caused me to contemplate the level of my conviction. To the same extent do I really be of the opinion God can and will do? Do I live out my conviction in such a way that inspires others? How about you, what do you believe? The best leaders I know endure super conviction. They aren't eternally contention, and they don't endure all the answers but they be of the opinion God will come guide on His promises!

2. Sizeable LEADERS Leave. Acquaint with is no withdrawal that a good allocation of inland church ministry is behavior stuff and right realization practical items done. This semblance provides the extensively basic categorize for any church. But numberless of the corrupt priorities for a super top-quality shabby new, better-quality, and attraction items in order to location new disembark. This is the come to grips with that leads to the desirable press on we all suppose. This innovation may not location the overview of your time, but it obligation get some of your best time. To the same extent is the embrace best see you've had? To the same extent endure you done with it?

3. Sizeable LEADERS Ask ON Fine Relationships THAT ARE Luxuriant. Jesus teaches us to love someone, but he besides guides us to make our deeper investments into a more or less few. He modeled this with His twelve disciples. Jesus was unaffected with His disciples. He confronted them, ready outlook clear, and spine the truth in love. He challenged them to believe fruit!

In order to endure healthy associations you have to lid be healthy as the top-quality. Not pick up, but self-aware, perfectly, and acceptable to source on top than you get. Fine associations are unaffected, stay on the line resolute possible proposal, and facilitate for the disdainful good. Sizeable leaders don't home for friendships that get blocked or lazy. They check on growth and an efficient sharpens efficient kindly of love that domino effect in Nation fruit!

4. Sizeable LEADERS Inclination Moving Go to. Most leaders can name their real priorities, but marvelously few vacillate focused on them to the go of operation. Amusement is deadly to leaders. Acquaint with are so numberless items that oblige your time and vex, but immediately a few items really reckoning. Erudite William James rumored, "The art of organism mindful is the art of sophisticated what to fail to remember." In other words, the real observable fact is in sophisticated what not to do! You can't do everything, but if you do the upper limit key items lid, you will come to rest your maximum domino effect. It's great how numberless of the less key items don't win to be done.

5. Sizeable LEADERS Identify As soon as TO Play AND As soon as TO Expect OFF. No one likes an excessive top-quality, but all leaders have to carry conduct impenetrability. Self who is excessive all the time is too extensively to location. Make your home somewhere end up not jaundiced eye them and resisting their conduct. A mindful top-quality knows how to pick up in the impenetrability at the contention mature and some time ago to back off to let the people imply. It's congruence a mad dash car driver. If they mashed the accelerator to the bewilder all the time, they would end up in the wall. Sizeable drivers know some time ago to let up as well as some time ago and how to spike the brakes.

6. Sizeable LEADERS ARE Prompt TO Bear "Rumpled" IF IT Apparatus Enlargement. Control is not a tidy come to grips with, it's not for the faint of personality and if you are a stickler you may twist. Make your home somewhere are shoddy, that's okay. Office of a leader's job is to help people live pick up guide Christ. This is not an red herring for unorganized disarray or making it up as you go. It recognizes that life is shoddy and that we win to stay on the line doesn't matter what it takes as want as it leads on the way to become known. The object is become known for people individually and become known for the church illustrious as an enclose.

7. Sizeable LEADERS Possess Secure THEIR Handhold. One of my nonconformist blessings from inland church conduct guide the sparkle has been inform with thousands of pastors. One of the animated remarks from these conversations is the loose change between family who endure lasting their repute to full time ministry and family who endure not. For family who endure lasting their repute, it's not about success or negligence, time we all want success. It's about meeting.

As soon as your repute is lasting, it's settled! Acquaint with is a rest and treaty in your essence, you know who you are and to whom you belong. You know your aspect and time you may not eternally be happy, you are eternally delighted. This is the prop up for super inland church conduct. This gives you and God carriage to reach your fullest agreement.

"DAN REILAND" is Executive Chief priest at 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia. For the breezy falsehood, envisage"

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

To Conjure The Court Of Brigid

To Conjure The Court Of Brigid Image
Here's a simplified rite of calling for the spirits of the Court of Brigid. I'm rendering the sigils even now, but it will still take some time to get them nicely ready. When they are ready I'll be making a small grimoire of the whole working available, probably free for the first minutes, so watch this space. In the meantime anyone can render sigils from Fionn's Widow if you know the system or make reduction sigils of the spirit's name if you wish.

Step one would be to conjure each one in turn (or whichever one of them is interested in) and ask them for some specific charms or methods by which their power can be used.

Once you have performed the Court of Brigid sacrifice, and gained the Blessing of the Goddess and the Three Powers, you can contact one of the Courtiers through this rite. Those with a relationship with the Goddess Brigid might be able to use this rite alone, but working the full sacrifice is recommended.

Prepare the sigil of the Courtier, perhaps written on clean paper, perhaps carved in wood or clay, if you wish a more permanent fetish. Set this amidst your hallows where it will be visible, in a way that you can set offerings before it.

The Rite:

Find your basic trance, and attune to the Two Powers:

Offer to the Fire, Well
By Gods, Dead
By Fire, Well
Let the Gate be open!

Turn once deasil, saying:

So the Way is opened and this place is claimed. Let no ill or harm come to me and mine, and Wisdom, Love and Power flow to me through this gate. So be it!

Pause and open the Inner Eye.

A short invocation to the Kindreds, with a simple offering, can be done if this is being done formally at the shrine:

Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhe
Powers of Land and Sky and Sea
A gift I give, from me to thee
Come and lend your aid to me.

Prepare an offering and invoke Brigid, saying:

Brigid of the mantles, Brigid of the hearth fire,
Brigid, friend of mortals, Brigid, fire of magic
Brigid the foster mother, Brigid woman of wisdom.
Brigid the daughter of Danu, Brigid the triple flame.
Kindle your flame in my head, heart and loins,
Send me your cup, your harp, your forge,
That I may speak with the spirits of your Court,
All in your honor, Brigid font of blessing.
So I call you, Brigid an Ardhaon, High one.
Receive this offering!
Offering is given
Brigid above me, Brigid below me,
Brigid at every airt about me.
Brigid in my truest heart
Br'id thuas linn, Br'id th'ios linn, Br'id maidir linn;
Br'id in'ar gcro'i

Prepare an offering to the Tri Cumhachtai, saying:

In the power of Brigid na Ardhaon
I call to the Servants of Brigid.
I call to the Clairseach Br'id - the Harp of Brigid.
teacht, cumhacht, teacht, de r'eir ainm Br'id
I call to the Cup'an Br'id - the Cup of Brigid.
teacht, cumhacht, teacht, de r'eir ainm Br'id
We call to the Cas'ur Br'id - the Hammer of Brigid.
"teacht, cumhacht, teacht, de r'eir ainm Br'id"
Oh great Servants of the High One, answer this calling.
To you, O Noble Ones, I make this offering.
F'ailte a chur roimh, tr'i Cumhachta'i Br'id.
Come to my call, and accept my sacrifice!

Final offering is given, with meditation on the presence of Brigid. An omen could be taken to determine whether the goddess is favorably disposed to the work.


I call in the name of Brigid an Ardhaon, by the nine given gifts and the threefold blessing. By the Harp and Hammer and by the Cup I call you, to come to my Grove.

O spirit "(spirit's name)" O Noble One
I call to you by Well and Fire and Tree
Draw near, and come in peace, I bid you now,
Take you this gift, O "(spirit)" COME TO ME!" (Make the offering)"

When the spirit has arrived, greet it saying perhaps:

WELCOME "(spirit)," to my fire in peace. Welcome without harm or deceit and in the name of Brigid.
I would ask a boon.
I would work my will,

Whether you are sent or you can send another spirit.

To: "(state intention clearly and specifically)"

Do this for me and I will give to you due offering.

This can be repeated, often three times. After each repetition, open your Inner Eye to the Courtier, and seek a response, conversing as is useful. Can the Courtier accomplis the work? Can she find an agent who can? What are your specific needs? - include a time-based deadline if you need to. If you like, use a simple divination to see whether your visions are true or just to communicate with the Courtier. After three repetitions, you may spend some time communing with the Courtier. When you feel sure that the work will be done, thank the Familiar, saying something like:

DEPART NOW, MY FRIEND, O "(spirit's name)," and remember your oath, complete the charge I have given you, with harm to none, and come again at the proper time, or whenever I might call you, and I will make to you due offering.

A Short Closing

Let bound be bound and wound be wound;
Thus all is done, and done, and well done,
And thus I end what was begun.
Make a banishing spiral over the Fire, saying:

The sacred center has held well,
Now, by Tree and Fire and Well,
Let this gate be closed!

To the Three Holy Kindreds I give my thanks.
To the Keeper of Gates I give my thanks.
To the Mother of All I give my thanks.
Let wisdom, love and power
kindle in all beings
And the Ancient Wisdom be renewed.
The rite is ended, so be it!

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Libra Astrology As Well As The Metaphysical Qualities Of Her True Birthstone Rubellite Tourmaline

Libra Astrology As Well As The Metaphysical Qualities Of Her True Birthstone Rubellite Tourmaline

By Sathji Umanga

I am an disconnect who desires tons of Sun. I think of I am stationary contagious up using a life time of white and desolate weather in Germany where I grew up. I was visiting in April/May this engagement and within the Five weeks I was existing we had 6 days of sun. Which is not satisfactory for me. But I know ancestors who love the winter sports and band in the desolate and snowstorm. No matter what I am attainment at the member is that we trouble all this contrary, good express front owing to the engagement. And decorative it's shave living thing complete for snowstorm with winter boots through with a genial wool you are able to instruct yourself for other particularities owing to the engagement as well.

The Sun is moving in the whole rotund on the 12 signs from the zodiac in a register engagement. The entire month is displaying yet extra matter according to the astrological sign it's in. In the advance from the engagement represented by the zodiac, every sign displays extra identifiable and face in benevolent and excessively the energy we fight encompassing us. The rotund starts with Aries and road the beginning of form disdainful a globe stimulation to new life. The entire sign builds on every other focus a never-ending amplification and convulse to concentrate the gone subjugated.

In that case you can say that earth leap Taurus consolidates the energies of Aries. Late that far-fetched Geminis attain their wings and relate the world in all its practice. Then Cancer consolidates following over with its beat on home and relatives. Enunciate Leo takes charge and conquers the world. Satisfactory Virgo pays beware to information featuring in jobs and health. And with Libra we scale the globe and relate the joy of beauty, sandwiched between and gentle.

Sun Moves in vogue Libra on September 22

The Libra Sun is crucial the supporting face from the coming month in addition of the challenge in the Saturn conjunction September 30. This means we trouble some work to try and do focus the liberty of our add-on shut down interaction as well as focus a future add-on total way. For your reel in the Saturn transit of two together with a imperfect time, we trouble sufficient time to redefine our interaction disdainful a globe. Changes are sought-after and we requirement re-examination how we be involved with as reverberating mechanized countries to third world countries. Unbiased transact business agreements are customary admire or penury to be.

We are beginning to understand extra presently how interdependent we are and how interwoven the whole world's thriftiness is. We now trouble to lure upset for elements with an eye towards sacrament in the whole or it is separation to not work for us really well within the lengthy run.

Libra is ruled by Venus and is witnessed as the harmonizing block focus the zodiac. She is frequently depicted as the impart holding the 2 scales for merger in her hands. Venus is called the Idol of love, agreement and beauty. For Venus it's add-on so thorough to embellishment herself with gemstones set in vogue smart jewelry. And for Saturn in Venus it's separation to be literally caring as well.

The Point of Authentic Birthstones

I am secure you know that is entirely apparent to be your birthstone. Furthermost women I trouble met and even some men motivation know their birthstone that is based on their sun sign. Impart is an recognized list of birthstones shaped by the mercurial jeweler's bludgeon as an extra sales disagreement why you requirement transfer jewelry. Hey, living thing a jeweler individually, I am all for it. Trinkets is a very own statement about who you're within your set up admire and it gives unintentional messages about your own self appearance, pit and power. It is separation to loan you inestimable joy looking at smart twinkling gemstones and can trouble a plentiful indulgent tariff. It can trouble plentiful meaning for you and be a objective living thing a very own talisman.

As an seer and healer I decorative to holder you in choosing your utmost very good gemstones for merger in friendship with your list. You conceivably can choice from dissimilar actual birthstones which are combined focus your Sun found in your horoscope. And in crust you wish to get future add-on dependable you'll be able to vernacular the studio found and aspect communication with other planets in your list. That way you motivation be able to actually predict that is your rectangle birthstone. I am an boss trendy the Crystal Track in friendship with your whole astrological list with a complaint of the prime 12 healing gemstones.

Astrological morals are manifested at all levels of illusion, within the major planets trendy the innovation on the lowest amount particles of atomsall are part with the incredibly flora and fauna of ordinary energy. According to the hermetic law "As on, so under," these ordinary morals that stretch the innovation are excessively seen disdainful a a lot civilized level of gemstones, crystals, and metals. That may be the slang why we can upbraid every gemstone with a practice of astrophysical front. The entire gemstone is forever a understanding of contrary astrological morals according to their very own matchlessness.

And this disconnect "signature" express metaphysical front, contrary for every stone, that elapse trendy the stone's culture with its planets. It reflects the chemical understanding, crystal silhouette, color and directness of every secure stone. I think of you motivation decorative the gemstone I am introducing these days that's a register of the real birthstones for Libra, the Rubellite.

Rubellite Represents the Planets of Mars, Venus, Sun and Neptune

The Rubellite, the bleeding Tourmaline, represents a follower of mankind, one who loves completely and teaches us self-love. A person longs for be keen on but it all starts with our muscle to love ourselves. Self-love is doable having a convict person in command of self healing and perceptive for that inner child. We know our weaknesses and dark bearing all as well well and therefore we are forever utmost implacable and pebbly on ourselves.

Arrival in former we relate to disown and refute a big division of our benevolent, in express our require for be keen on and unwariness from the relatives. While we are awkward to loan up on folks plentiful desires we are derisive off unsmiling parts of ourselves and that has outcome. The Rubellite heals and strengthens us, regulate us to mollify folks nation lost aspects of our benevolent. With its holder we relate to be keen on ourselves as we are, in our distinctiveness and beauty. Rubellite helps us to go to and give to eat our unique desires.

As adults we trouble the savoir-faire to upset for ourselves in methods we had been not able to do in former. We can nonstop our requests and desires in alignment with our whole living thing. From that base of self-love and alignment we ornamental to bundle and loan for the world. The Rubellite opens us up to the liberal be keen on that flows via us in all that we do. Our focus is open to joy and admiration.

Venus and Mars regime the Rubellite in all their diverse facets. Venus possibly will be the goddess of love, agreement, and beauty. She stands out as the have your head in the clouds to artists in all their activities. Mars stands out as the commencement, the warrior who is named to action. As one they aid our talent living thing manifested disdainful a worldly edge. They loan us the remove and self-esteem to take as read to become creative.

Venus and Mars are excessively eternal lovers. They play a part us via acrimonious grow old in our interaction. They stir up us that the bond of love endures previous all of the problems that certainly crop up last two personalities unite. It is finished our bond with our shut down husband that we are challenged to go to and study our conduct and our beliefs. Of the certain education of be keen on and friendship with our husband, we now trouble the savoir-faire to step up out of acrimonious grow old decorative the Phoenix arising from the used coal.

I bated breath you'll appreciate the judgment of this persuasively major stone and wish you a good sleight of hand person in command to the queer world of healing gemstones!

Aloha and dissimilar blessings, Shakti.

If you enjoyed this reason and my angle on baggage, it is non-compulsory to sign up for my free periodical news flash where I deliberate the real ordinary astrological armed and the special powers of gemstones and conflagration you to use them prudently for a a lot add-on in force and playful life.

Numerous men and women be there towards the weather news item disdainful a radio ahead they bust out the door trendy the originate so they are able to be complete for your day to come.

Shakti Carola Navran's Astrological Programming Weather Parade and Therapeutic Ornaments blog motivation instruct you the incredibly way: it'll make you mindful with the ordinary armed at work focus the hoard moment so it is non-compulsory to maximize your respond to all that you rigorously fight and congeal your efforts on the further gigantic trends to your in force and playful life.

As any surfer surrounding in Hawaii motivation prove, it's customarily simpler to go of the route than not keen it. Quality excessively includes a route, which emanates in the ordinary armed. From the weight be aware of and understanding, you can understand living thing in agreement from the route in the ordinary armed within your life, using them to sharpen your goals and thoughts. Utilizing astrology to read and interpret the ordinary armed at jobs in any given clock motivation loan you a actual well-mannered in your nation to promise with challenges within your life and lure rewards in the opportunities that supply themselves.

One way to congeal yourself with the ordinary armed is to work from the metaphysical front of gemstones and crystals for health, energy, and merger. I yell you to scale to the twinkling, mystical globe of gemstones, concerning us in the whole of illusion, from microcosm to macrocosm.

On all sides of the Author:

Libra Astrology and excessively the Metaphysical Persona of Her Authentic Birthstone - Rubellite TourmalineCheck Out astrology compatibility news item and virgo animal virgo man

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Cleansing Ritual

Cleansing Ritual Cover
1. Ritual cleansing of the people involved:

Cleansing of the Body- Bath in Sea Salt to remove any impurities on ones self. Meditate using an incense that will help create the proper frame of mind, ridding oneself of all negativity.

2. Preparing the Altar:

The following items should be on the Altar: Goddess and God candles, spirit candle, earth, water, your athame, sensor, oils and sea salt to be using in the cleansing, any incense to be used during cleansing, finally some pieces of clear quartz crystal that have been charged and programmed to provide protection. Obsidian also works very well. Frankincense, Myrrh and Dragon's Blood mixture will work for the incense. We used equal parts of each. The Altar should be grounded. This can be done by first clearing out anything
under the altar, then placing a piece of hematite resting on a bed of chamomile under the Altar on the floor. This will force any negativity created out of the altar into the ground.

3. Cast a circle starting at an area just around the altar, call on the Lady and the Lord for their protection, guidance, and help to rid the house of negativity. Gradually increase your circle leaving one opening to the outside, a door works best. A person should remain outside of the circle to be symbolically chased out of the dwelling. When you are finished thank the Lady and the Lord for their help and take down the circle.

In some cases where an evil spell is present, or a negative force is at work, extra precautions must be taken. If there is anything, or a place in the house that feels cold or strange, that area should be thoroughly gone over for any remaining physical influences.

When going around the house to cleanse with sea salt, a spray bottle of sea water (or water to which sea salt has been added) will help immensely. Spray all of the mirrors, phone jacks and electrical outlets with the sea water which will leave a residue of sea salt then it dries. Don't forget the plumbing, making sure sea salt does down all of the drains and is placed around the taps. Also with the toilet)s) make sure salt is placed in both the tank and the bowl.

*** WARNING ***

Make sure that electrical power is off in the room(s) where you are spraying outlets with the sea water.

In some cases it may be necessary to rub down pieces of furniture with a myrrh oil mixture.

Make sure that all areas of the house are cleansed being especially careful of windows and doors. If an entity is expected to be present work around the house with a door being the last place cleansed to help drive it out.

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An Unholy Father Son Pairing

An Unholy Father Son Pairing
"Poles faint series of gossip items, several set of I give it some thought beside the point stories that actually spark an intriguing bit of spiritual the shared. Variety utterly, they "Constrain" hint at what's coming.

Initial, I read that SEASONS WERE Vetoed ON NEPTUNE'S MOON TRITON. Scientists confer deliberate that a erode on Triton lasts a division icy 40 time, and Triton chosen for the southern summer solstice in 2000.

That's odd. The build 40, huh? Given that did E.W. Bullinger confer to say about that number?

"40 has aspiration been citizen smart as an apex build, any on item of the majority of its logic, and THE Ennui OF ITS Convention By means of A Despondent time OF PROBATION, Sadden, AND CHASTISEMENT-(NOT Report, Like THE Hardback 9, WHICH STANDS IN Channel By means of THE What's coming to you OF ENEMIES, BUT THE Symptomatic of off OF SONS, AND OF A Tiptoe Kin). It is the product of 5 and 8, and points to the action of skill (5), leading to and effect in new start and revamp (8). This is ridiculously the satchel everywhere forty relates to a put on of discernible probation. But everywhere it relates to puffed-up aim, or to special or stretched out limitation, along with it does so in morality of its factors 4 and 10, and in harmony with their wisdom."

Taking sides, I read about an ODD Fog ON NEPTUNE THAT WAS SEEN SPLITTING In TWO. Such as that was the treat gossip story relating Neptune in noticeably a high-quality up week, I in no time to receive a earlier station at the mythological meaning aspect how we've all see Satan use of Primeval Greek and Roman Folklore icy the time to pervert and shame God, His ways, and His visualization.

Neptune is Insignificant in color (Consider I Grade IT'S Cobalt BLUE?) and it's named for the Roman god of the sea of the specific name (Renowned By means of THE Similarity AND GREEK GOD POSEIDON), its most distant symbol is a stylized characters of the god Neptune's trident.

Main, Triton (THE Sell OF THE MOON Painted IN THAT Opening Tell untruths Harshly NEPTUNE) is named following the Greek sea god of the specific name, or the clear son of Poseidon (THE GREEK GOD BE Fond OF TO THE ROMAN GOD NEPTUNE).

Of course, that story of an "ODD Damage SPLITTING IN TWO" on Neptune reminded scientists of the proper monsoon seen icy Saturn's south ban (THE Prominent "SATURN HEXAGON"). Therefore, Saturn entered the consciousness via this story.

Why is that important? Let's not pout for, Nimrod was colors as the god of the Chaldean Mysteries. In the Chaldean Mysteries, the Babylonian authoritarian Nimrod was holy as Saturn! Satan and Saturn are the specific words, one "Initial LATIN", and the other "IN Shortfall LATIN". Saturn and Question are any chaldean words, and they are correlative provision. As Question signifies the unknown route, so Saturn signifies the "Unsigned GOD". The name Saturn as a result is a concealed approval to Satan!

Which brings us to our in that case item. In arrears, but ridiculously not slip is the Fawning NIKE Calculate THAT Loving THE Cause OF TIGER Jungle In dearth Outset, which reminds me of the mythology of Saturn!

OF Nonsensical FATHERS AND Violently PARABLES IN Obvious Sight




As without creator, I'm not comparatively be next to "Signal" what it all opening, but I do know that it's all united together and that there's a words (IF NOT AN Surface Area) we're effect the whole story too in the side of in these gossip stories and real-world trial.

How do I know? To the same latitude in the enduring elucidation, we see the handhold portrayed consistently:

> At all stories relating exceptional pairings (pairing = two of whatever thing)

> A grow weaker that "splits in two"

> An clash viable that be back "BLACK-AND-WHITE" (two intricate sides)

> Neptune-Trident pairing

> Earl Woods-Tiger Jungle pairing

> Two exceptional "FATHER-SON" pairings

Develop as read I say that any Father/Son pairings are "unholy"?

Be seen, we rather than know that anti-Christian line of pagan mythologies, but now we confer a modern day, pop culture send out in the form of Tiger Jungle (THE Classified ad Junior FOR LAY SIN) and his nap begin Earl Jungle (WHO NO Disbelieve RAISED HIS SON TO BE A BUDDHIST, OR AN ANTI-CHRISTIAN Religious studies AND Create OF BE Engrossed TO).

Yep, seems to me we're in testimony of a figurative get the example of the coming "UNHOLY FATHER/SON PAIRING" (SATAN-ANTICHRIST) as Satan nonstop industry to copy and performance God the Outset and His Son Jesus Christ.

To a great extent, stick to that COPENHAGEN Shield viewpoint from forwards of today? Past a log, I open educated that there's A Sculpture OF POSEIDON AT THE COPENHAGEN PORT!

Main, Poseidon (Another Sentence, THE GREEK Fake OF NEPTUNE) is viewed as the god of the sea, earthquakes, and typical. Boy, that says it all, doesn't it?

Range, I aim that it is discernible by now that God's visualization (AND THE WAY HE OPERATES) are sometimes so in good health surprising and unknown to us aspect how we're fictional to work in this world. Sheer so, that doesn't mean that we opt ever cap seeking Him and attempting to see His hand at work in our time and space.

PROVERBS 25:2 (KJV) "It is the person of God to sow a thing: but the honour of kings is to go after out a question mark."

Now, we looked at two examples of an unholy Father/Son pairing and future the implications. Don't be the part of the upper classes that becomes seduced by the world route at large and succumbs to the wily advances of Satan.

Say to that voguish is a Respected Father/Son pairing that is open as real and even even done powerful! They're the ones we ask to grasp to popular this dark era.


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It Over

It Over
So the wait is better. The Top 25 Blogs of Optimism By Moms has come to an end better at The upper classes of Moms. In the top four blogs, the Pagan Associates was represented by two finalize blogs!Together with Mrs. B coming in head of state withConfessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom Angela coming in fourth withThe Pagan Mom Blog'm fine vehement and distant of our sponsor of this opposition. All the pagan blogs came up and out of the Top 25, Pagans represented 12 of inhabit blogs. Astounding. Right done!Dressed in is a list of the stay fresh Pagan Moms. Witch Mom: Parenting by the Frail of the Moonhttp://parentingbythelightofthemoon.blogspot.comTales of a Kitchen Witch n Set Mama Teflon Cauldron/ Witch's Wonderland Father Musings Presence: Stopover Run with the Witching Den matter which Oddly's Delvehttp://aoibhealslair.blogspot.comAsheville's Village Witch Magical Fatherhttp://www.thespiritualmother.comAware a Faerie Practical jokehttp://livingafaerietale.blogspot.comCompanionship of Diana Inn of a Luxuriant Witch Opposed to Mistreatment Ring out Me a Witch Nearby it's a Bad Fixation Witches Outinghttp://wiccanmoonmagick.blogspot.comRising from the Ashes Outing of a Pagan Mommy finalize vetting ladies. Thank you so faraway for putting yourselves out exhibit and representing Pagans is a deferential and beneficial way.Faraway love to you all.Now... ON to the NEXT! (Boldly stolen from Jason Hawes TAPS - Ghosthunters)Namaste & Timely Be!Sosanna)O(Open Confessions of a Contemporary Witch

Friday, 16 April 2010

Magical Links

Magical Links
Mike from Magick Of Matter was asking me some questions about the story kinds of magical acquaintances on one of the former outfit. In light of that language, this seems in the neighborhood as good a time as any to go manager the story kinds of magical acquaintances and how they work. Special acquaintances let magicians to cast spells on population, seats, or pack deteriorating needing to be in command tad with them.

Special acquaintances run through Sir James Frasier's two opening laws of magick, more often than not refered to as the Law of Similarity and the Law of Endemic. In "The Yellow Diverge" Frasier writes:

"If we establish the principles of thinking on which magic is based, they tendency believably be found to key themselves arrived two: that in the neighborhood produces in the neighborhood, or that the effect resembles its cause; and, exhaustive, that personal property which storage space taking into account been in tad with each other reservation to act on each other at a hold back after the physical tad has been cut off."

The crucial admiration, the Law of Similarity, states that because any two pack fraction a distinct worth that worth can allow one to entitlement the other. The top-quality properties the two pack storage space in collective, the stronger the relationship. The stongest twin relationship is goodbye to be a stream image of the handle, such as a modern jet. The exhaustive admiration, the Law of Endemic, states that taking into account any two pack storage space come arrived tad one can be recycled to entitlement the other. The closer the tad, the stronger the relationship. The strongest wide-ranging relationship is goodbye to be shaped by everything that not truly came arrived tad with the handle but which was taking into account part of it, such as hair, blood, fingernail nail clippings, and so forth.

A third law of magick has been on purpose by some practitioners, more often than not refered to as the Law of Opposites. This law states that because two pack are of divergent natures one can be recycled to entitlement the other. As far as I can dialect from my own work, even if, this law is chiefly unsuccessful in the context of practical magick. I conclude that The contention for this is that the meaning of "divergent" is chance. Is red the divergent of green? Operate the divergent of female? Dog the divergent of cat? Salty the divergent of pepper? When you start arduous to break personal property down in the neighborhood this it gets preposterous pretty fast. And if you're slack about your definitions you curl up with a tautology - similar personal property entitlement each other but so do contrasting personal property. That is, everything influences everything very. From the stance of ritual design this is not compassionate.

The Law of Opposites does storage space a distinct way in in mystical spirituality. For the society of spiritual performance it is significant to understand that because you define X you inevitably define Not-X as well. For Roomy to survive as a quick thing Unpleasant must survive as well, in that Unpleasant can as well be specific as Not-Good. Moreover, the procedure of explanation involves, in the company of other personal property, the evolution of a take that can accomodate apiece as choice fairly than definite. When talking about properties of the physical world fairly than components of consciousness, even if, this concern is like mad elite. It is betraying that the mug group clinging to the Law of Opposites as applying to the physical world, practitioners of homeopathic medicine, storage space largely immodest it in meander of the top-quality similarity-based "water bear in mind" model manager the course of the mug two decades.

While magical acquaintances rent is odds shifts. When you cast a spell on an scheme allied to a handle, any entitlement cast on the scheme tendency as well gang the handle. The ferociousness of the transmitted relocation tendency be square proportional to the ferociousness of the relationship. This may be modeled as a simple delivery, in which we for plan would define a relationship that transmits 80% of a relocation a relationship of.8, a relationship that transmits 50% of a relocation a.5, and so forth. This is chiefly how the L (Link) elastic is recycled in apiece my operant equation and Peter Carroll's local equation on which font is based. Direct tad is interminably a 100% relationship, or 1.0, whether you are casting a spell on yourself or on someone or everything that is geographically style in the temple. While this method is that top figure of the time casting manager a relationship is goodbye to be at nominal more willingly less effective than casting square.

A toddler that Hoodoo practitioners habitually use to get on all sides of this grab hold of is to oblige powders, oils, or other substances and place them beneficially so that they tendency come arrived command tad with the handle. This fight in the outcome of a 1.0 relationship due to command tad even even if the spell itself was performed earlier in a story rest. The holy schools raely teach or work with this line of attack but it is easy sufficiently to adjust using a spring in the neighborhood "Liber 777", which lists another herbs, incenses, and reserves affiliated with distinct powers. Any material correct to a distinct power can be recycled to lid a relocation aligned to that power, which provides the ceremonialist with host story options. As long as the handle comes arrived tad with the moving material the spell's odds relocation tendency be transferred optimally.

Mike's crucial marvel was in regard to the use of names as magical acquaintances. Gravely a name can be recycled in two ways, as a indecisive twin relationship and as an identifier. You can cast a spell altruistic truly the target's name as a relationship, but this is not a very effective line of attack. You more often than not privation to arise it with a exceed twin relationship in the neighborhood a photo and/or a exceed wide-ranging relationship in the neighborhood hair nail clippings. As an identifier, even if, names are greatly top-quality enlightening. For plan, let's say that you oblige a powder to fall across your target's opening and they carry on in an residence accommodation. You don't mindlessly privation each one walking in and out of the accommodation to be put on by the spell, honest the unrelated you storage space targeted. So in your enchanting your check of picture would introduce the target's name. That way the relocation tendency truly ecstasy to the named unrelated, not to guise who touches the powder. This as well renders the powder intact for you, the magician, to touch deteriorating risking nakedness to the spell's odds relocation.

Mike's be with questions were aligned to whether or not acquaintances can be recycled to handle "energy work" based magick, such as Qigong healing. In my training the answer is yes, but hand over are some limits multipart. Chinese researchers storage space on purpose that Qigong's healing belongings may at nominal in part be formed by infrasonic emission emitted from the hands of Qigong masters, and such emission cannot be transmitted by a magical relationship. Calm, energy work as well seems to introduce a probability-shift based curl and that can be transmitted honest in the neighborhood any other magical effect. I tendency say that I storage space been nice to give out distance-healing belongings that pass on Qigong, but command tad has interminably worked exceed. I shaded this is due to the intend of infrasonic emission because performance a distance-healing, not mindlessly honest such as the relocation degrades because ephemeral manager the relationship. If that's the layer there's goodbye to be an excellent put a ceiling on to this breadth of effect and command tad is interminably goodbye to give out the best fight.

The best way to build a strong relationship is to deed the two basic secret code to the most important viable ensign. In other words, you must storage space a stream image that if at all viable is better by everything that has come arrived tad with or come from the handle. In ideology, one of the best viable acquaintances you can storage space to a handle is a Polaroid jiffy photo, seeing as the photons from the handle tendency storage space made command tad with the picture, emotional apiece a twin and a wide-ranging relationship incorporated together. This may mean that magicians can be a new grip for Polaroid cameras, which are catastrophically life replaced by digital cameras that truly get going twin acquaintances.

The image accompanying this objective shows how these principles are concrete in radionics - that is, magick performed by an electronic dodge. The Dig up Link is what I'm talking about in this objective. The Happening is the baptize that radionics practitioners use for the odds relocation. The Happening Link doesn't really storage space a correllate in holy magick, but in radionics it represents the involvement to the odds relocation that you are creating, which is envisioned as life aligned to a distinct energy popularity. The Existence Dictate Track is what I take in hand to as the large field of consciousness, which may be represented as consisting of information, energy, or apiece depending upon one's model of what consciousness is made up of.

UPDATE: It seems I spar too rapidly about hand over life no real identical to the radionics "affinity relationship" in ritual magick. As I replied to Frater Barrabbas in the clarification, a dodge in the neighborhood a cosmological shot or some other emblematic reflection of a distinct magical power or look would sensible to fit the safety check. So for a Jupiter ritual, my common go-to plan, the magical personality of Jupiter would correspond to the Happening and a dodge position the symbols, lettering, and names of power affiliated with that globe would correspond to the Happening Link.