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Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Holy Martyrs Processus And Martinian Of Rome

The Holy Martyrs Processus And Martinian Of Rome


The Saintly Martyrs Processus and Martinian were pagans and they served as guards at the Mamertine plodding in Rome.

Denote criminals were thought in this plodding, by way of them some Christians. Reflection the Christian prisoners and listening to their preaching, Processus and Martinian ever more came to the knowledge of the Liberator. Taking into account the holy Apostle Peter was acquire up at the Mamertine plodding, Processus and Martinian came to upmarket in Christ. They usual holy Naming from the apostle and liberated him from plodding.

The jailer Paulinus learned about this, and he demanded that Sts Processus and Martinian disown Christ. But they courageously confessed Christ, and they squabble at the golden statue of Jupiter. Paulinus common that they be slapped on the superficial, and moreover seeing the steadfast standpoint of the holy martyrs, he subjected them to persecute. The martyrs were beaten with charming rods, scorched with fire, and in the last part, confused inwards plodding.

A concrete elevated and devout female, by the name of Lucina, visited them in plodding and gave them help and provide for. The torturer Paulinus was in two shakes of a lamb's tail punished by God. He sever unsighted and died three days second. The son of Paulinus went to the city superior hectic that the martyrs be put to death. Sts Processus and Martinian were beheaded by the sword (+ ca. 67).

Lucina buried the bodies of the martyrs. At the present time their tomb is in the south transept of St Peter's Basilica in Rome.


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