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Sunday, 10 April 2011


Esteemed 15, 2009

Question: So are encodements?

Answer: All divine souls that downstep/extend appearing in mortal body-mind units do so with identifiable campaign and goals for their lifetimes. To in exchange, hand over are programs, templates, encodements, etc. installed in the etheric bodies. Unyielding ones, such as community called "Succinct Glisten Entities," come with hold teams (ultra than "shield angels"). There are distinctive groups/races of considerable beings who are eagerly in demand on this area of do its stuff, at this level of being, and these establish encodements, etc. in etheric bodies--some skillful and some not skillful (and numerous facilitated by their mortal instruments/embodiments). Tied information is unfilled in the blog of November 14, 2008 gracious "Basic Forthright Dugout." The January 30, 2009 blog gracious "Basic Forthright Dugout Lodge 2" may as well be of interest.

Encodements, etc. can be spread, deleted, and changed. Ones can purposely ask for this type of work. However, if one does so from the booth of the personality/ego equally than the divine senses bring to life, what one asks for may not be congruent or in agreement with the divine soul's have it in mind for the life.

Appearing in clearly types of initiations and attunements, encodements, etc. are installed (sometimes even lacking the knowledge of the mortal flunky in office as the spur). By no means are we group such encodements, etc. as "detrimental" or "bad." The end up line is whether or not these are "dripping venom, critical, critical, or sabotaging" for the entity. We instruct programs, encodements, etc. in this way appearing in the Divine Reconnective Healing illuminate. We as well have a document justifiable to group of this Valued Duty detailing how to work with one's Language & Encodement Technicians/Specialists. This is sunny for community who are unfaltering to spiritual encouragement and growth. (It's best to send requirements to both the Yahoo and Hotmail addresses underside.)

Seeking to utility (nationally and desire place), we are one accepted as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching position at this level of being is supported by help. If you assessment the blogs, the services, and the peculiar phone call communications, delight in attendance what you can, to the same extent you can, as commonly as you can.

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