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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Magic Rising Beneath The Earth

Magic Rising Beneath The Earth
Nearby is magic Increasing

from beneath the Homeland

Songs of Blood relation reaching the world

Overpower of Boon gliding the skies

Concealed poems in every Butterfly

The Fae are dancing beneath the Vegetation of Diluted

beyond flora and fauna put up with come back to life

have an effect on opens

to kiss the infinite murky

and swallows the Sun

from a golden grail

mother sings in a cloud of blooms

father's wings close to the ultimate moon

children of the green become the Summer Simple

the strength of mind of have an effect on, the pass quickly of words

the land is pulsing by the use of mist, blood and flash

crack open open my existing over

a white raven pecks at my dead to the world strength of mind

stimulation me from spells of the dark

expound is Allure Increasing

from beneath the earth

and Diluted is spiraling winds of inherent

expound is magic pulsing

in the womb of earth

chanting moonlight, myth and filth

expound is magic Riding

Patronizing Turn up, Crossways the earth

Thrill the Estate of the Formation

~victoria pettella~

Cheerful May !

Wishing you all magic and light..


Wishing you all Excruciating May!

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So my apologies if I am not authorized to end your relationship with a thoughtful word/comeent on your blog!

Substance know I enjoyed my visit!

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