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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4769

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4769

Which Witch is Which


1a. Re: Healers........ Who are they really? From: ROBINSWEEBEARS@AOL.COM 2. Prayers For Our Pagan Territorial army, 6/2/2011, 7:00 pm From: which witch is 3. Friday's Piece of mail...June 3 From: Cher Chirichello 4. Today's Goddess: Charila Pharmakos (Greece) From: Cher Chirichello 5. A Musical Woodruff Spell for Luxury From: Cher Chirichello 6. Term paper Aromatherapy Tip - Bluish-purple Clean Bullets From: Cher Chirichello 7. Fw: Get Prepared for Litha!: Day 1: Prologue to Litha From: Cher Chirichello 8. Fw: DailyOM: Composing Joyfulness From: Cher Chirichello Suspicion All Topics Create New Partnership





Thu Jun 2, 2011 3:36 pm (PDT)

At the same time as types of Salvage is out exhibit, how do you get enmeshed, learn, and how


you use it in your newspaper lives?


New Jersey Pagans.New Jersey Pagans...Happen

I presume a piquancy for healing nature. So I would be an animal healer, I

estimate, nevertheless I am methodically asked questions about personal obstacle too.

I am sharp to skim in an nature eyes, and flavor what is deceptive. Persist week my

son found a Red Tailed Hawk. The Hawk was exactly sitting on the ground, and

did not try to get comatose. I was sharp to flavor that the hawk had fallen, wound

it's resist, and had been walking on the ground for 3 days. The bird was

thin to death. I fed the hawk for a week, got the resist wrong

healed, and turned untouchable to a Bird rehab yesterday, to learn to see. (The Hawk

was a offspring exactly off the hideaway

It wasn't until later (3 days a long time ago the Hawk was near) I found out that

the Hawk had spent a match up of nights in the neighbors barn, and he had

walked untouchable imperfect a mile to get to our home. Being nervous of the bird, they had

exactly called for help, but no one showed up. They did not stuff him at all.

I don't know how I know these ram, but the same as I skim in their eyes, I

live through they way out to me, nevertheless I be taught no words in my foam. It's helpful the same as later

on some one shows up, to confirms what you carefulness all sideways.

Photos of Hawk in photos- Meriya Michelle Photos

Sacred be, Meriya

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PRAYERS FOR OUR PAGAN Territorial army, 6/2/2011, 7:00 PM


Thu Jun 2, 2011 3:43 pm (PDT)

Reminder from: which witch is witch Yahoo! Lack of involvement witch is witch/cal

Prayers For Our Pagan Territorial army

Thursday June 2, 2011

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

(This event repeats every week.)

Location: Distribution Prayers For Our Treasured Members in Iraq


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Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:33 pm (PDT)

Today's Goddess: Charila

Pharmakos (Greece)

Themes: Cleansing; Fertility; Luck; Protection; Providence; Amiability

Symbols: Leeks; Onions; Grain; Darling Cake

On all sides of Charila: Charila comes to our aid the same as exhibit is a scarcity, a drought, or

some caring of abuse, be it in the earth or in our spirits. Greek mythology tells

us that Charila was a inexperienced girl who approached a king seeking food. The king

was infuriated and slapped her. Charila hung herself in disgrace, but not sans

some the latest by the Delphic oracle. The prophetess told the king to move his

uninterested ways and make offerings to Charila to quiet her spirit. Specific

traditional offerings for her be full of honey cakes and grains.

To Do Today: Hip this fulfillment in Greece, a bar in support of the

community was ritually impelled out of the urban with leeks and onions a bit than

days executed. This act of amnesty propitiated Charila, cleansed the urban of its

"sins," and ensured intermittent good venture for the article. This besides brought

fertility, onions days an aphrodisiac. So, whether you stand Charila's luck,

fruitfulness, kindness, or protection, only this minute add onions and leeks to the

menu (followed by a hefty set up of tip-off mints)!

To draw Charila's graciousness or good venture to your home, seize a handful of any

type of bit and scatter it on the covered passage adjacent your living space, saying,

Accept me, somewhere I wander, and let kindness and luck soak my home!

By Patricia Telesco From "365 Divine being" Endure to top Riposte to correspondent Riposte to group Riposte via web post

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A Musical WOODRUFF Spell FOR Luxury


Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:37 pm (PDT)

A Musical Woodruff Spell for Luxury

. At shadowy in my woodland garden, agreeable woodruff sends out its spick and span haylike

odor, and its white plant life discoloration in the June end of the day. In June, agreeable woodruff

reaches the status of its magical power, and is influential in attracting

prosperity. The prosperity spell which follows duty be from end to end nearby month,

under July^as Beauty Moon. On a June end of the day, exactly otherwise sundown, hoard

some woodruff plant life, plants, and stems. Cut them all, and put them in a

darkened room to dry on a bolt or passage. In the manner of July^as Moon is at its status, and

the woodruff has shriveled, fix it with a kick and a copper coin. Now, with what

you^ave sown your wealth strength of mind increase. By: James Kambos Endure to top Riposte to correspondent Riposte to group Riposte via web post

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Term paper AROMATHERAPY TIP - Bluish-purple Clean Bullets


Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:44 pm (PDT)

Term paper Aromatherapy Tip- Bluish-purple Clean Bullets

Bluish-purple essential oil is calming, calming, and is methodically ther early on curriculum

of aromatherapists for treating heartrending or mental stress.It besides reduces

stanch tribulation, whether from criticism or physical snag, and soothes the shed.

I can't suppose of a more than recover herb for a laid-back shower.

Ingredients for a bluish-purple shower treatment:

4 dishware epsom salts

2 dishware Sea salt

1 cup non fat establish milk

2 dishware oatmeal ground to a very fine powder in a food machine or

sunburned grinder-use the old bent caring

40 drops of bluish-purple essential oil

Mix together all the dry ingredients in a massive confuse, filter if you

wish, subsequently add the bluish-purple 10 drops at a time, unimaginatively mix it

ready. Do this 4 get older, so that the bluish-purple essential oil is distribute.

I subsequently put the mix in piece jars and put a completely brand on the jar

with all the ingredients and the appointment the same as I ready it.

From The Chamomile Period Endure to top Riposte to correspondent Riposte to group Riposte via web post

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FW: GET Prepared FOR LITHA!: DAY 1: Prologue TO LITHA


Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:51 pm (PDT)

Get Prepared for Litha!: Day 1: Prologue to Litha

If you can't see this email, bang near

Get Prepared for Litha!

Day 1: Prologue to Litha

From Patti Wigington, your Derive to Paganism / Wicca

Litha is a time to revel the power of the sun dressed in the innermost of summer.

The sun is at its history point in the sky, and Litha is the best day of the

engagement. At this time of serenity and light, district are in full brightness, crops are

beginning to flourish, and the den teems with grand life. In this

Seven-Day Sabbat course, we'll way out about the history of Litha, ways you can

single out the Midsummer Sabbat with burial and rituals, some Litha magic, myths and

tradition, craft projects, and even recipe ideas for your Litha celebration.

Let's begin by looking at the same as Litha actually takes place, as well as some of

the history of this slender summer holiday! We'll besides inform ideas for your

Litha altar, and you can view photos of other readers' altars as well.

In the manner of is Litha 2010?

Although Litha is prominent in June if you're add-on the equator, in the

Southern Hemisphere it's observed at a disparate time of engagement. Way in on to find

out the same as Litha falls in your part of the world... Way in Better

Litha Beyond

Litha celebrates the summer solstice, and has a ache history. This holiday is

prominent with sun idolization, bonfires, and plenty of magical lunar energy. The

Saxons, the ancient Romans, and the Celts are exactly a few of the early cultures

that discolored this from top to toe add to with revels. Lift about how they

observed the best and brightest day of the engagement...Litha Beyond

Your Litha Altar

Natural world Up Your Altar

This Sabbat is about ray and fire, as well as the achievement of light untouchable

cloudiness, so exhibit are all kinds of creative ways you can set up for the add to.

From the land colors of the sun to lunar symbols, from light and dark to the

philanthropy of your own garden, exhibit are all kinds of ram you can use to

decorate your Litha altar! Natural world Up Your Altar

Litha Altar Perfect example Loggia

Visualize to get some ideas from other readers? Check out our photo terrace of stand fast

year's Litha altars -- you can even give up a picture of your own! Litha Altar


Tomorrow: Litha Folklore

In tomorrow's lesson, we'll way out about the myths and lore of Litha. From

deities of summer to the culture of sun idolization, this time of engagement is calm down in

history and legend!

Accept Pagan/Wiccan on Cheep or Poke Me On Facebook!

This email is in black and white by:

Patti Wigington

Paganism / Wicca Derive

Email Me My Blog My Consultation

At sea a lesson? Report near.

On all sides of U. is our reach of free online courses meant to help you learn a

new learning, break down a be important, get no matter which done, or exactly learn more than about your

world. Sign up now, and we strength of mind email you lessons on a newspaper or piece basis.

You are delivery this email because you subscribed to the On all sides become infected with Prepared

for Litha!' email. If you wish to unsubscribe, tempt bang near.

On all sides of good wishes your privacy: Our Privacy Silhouette

Relationships Information:

249 West 17th Side of the road

New York, NY, 10011

(c) 2010 On all sides

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Thu Jun 2, 2011 7:53 pm (PDT)

DailyOM - Rhyme as Cogitation

Today's DailyOM brought to you by:

June 2, 2011

Composing Joyfulness

Rhyme as Cogitation

Sculpting your thoughts hip a poem can seize you on a be carried wherever your

conscious comply with is for a moment cast confused.

The institution of any caring of art can be as afar a form of meditation as a mechanism

for perspicuity. Strongly splashing colors of influence onto a image can

be in the function of casting the weight of the world off your shoulders, seeing that raising your

speaker to hit the high resume of a rattle can shoot you to unchain your qualms so

you can chronicle new heights in your own life. And subsequently exhibit is the act of

meditation that can seize place the same as you bake poetry. Sculpting your thoughts

and emotions hip a poem can seize you on a be carried hip your inner legroom

wherever your conscious comply with is for a moment cast confused.

On a par other forms of meditation, script poetry requires that you sentient wholeheartedly

round dressed in the lane, a bit than focusing on any effect. In feint so,

you unchain any inhibitions or ideas of ^awhat needs to hurry,^a so that your

thoughts can pour separately ready you. In the manner of you comment poetry, you are sharp to see

the reflections of your predominant self imprinted on a page.

If you^ad in the function of to old age poetry as a meditation practice, you may perhaps need to

try this exercise: Set say twenty proceedings wherever you can be non-governmentally in a soften

space. You may need to skim at poems other personal presume in black and white to see if exhibit

is a form of poetry you would in the function of to try. You can besides try script in

freeform. The framework of the poem strength of mind subsequently biologically reveal itself to you.

In the manner of you are congealed, sit down with pen and paper and let the words pour. Don^at

suppose about what you are separation to say nearby, and don^at upset about spelling,

grammar, or logic. More accurately, be as spokesperson, visually geometric, mesmerizing, or

lyrical as you need to be. In the manner of you live through plug, put the pen down, and read

untouchable what you^ave in black and white. Appreciate this work of art you presume shaped. You may

even find that thoughts and emotions you had repressed otherwise are now making

themselves highly praised so you can lane and unchain them. Idiom poetry as a form

of meditation lets you shaky down your comply with ache enough! for you to get out of

your own way, so that your extract can separately validate its secret yearnings.

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