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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Pontificator Becomes A Papist Priest

Pontificator Becomes A Papist Priest
"In the name of an ideology of radical inclusivity, the Episcopal Church has moved significantly away from the apostolic and catholic faith of Jesus Christ," he said, adding that he "must be in the Church founded by Christ Jesus." Fr. A. Kimel"

This is probably old news but on December 3rd 2006, Al Kimel, a former Anglican priest will be ordained as a Catholic priest in the diocese of Newark, New Jersey at Our Lady of Souls Parish in South Orange, NJ.

He is the blogmeister of the award-winning blog "Pontifications" that he started as a Anglican priest about two years ago. He has chronicled his journey along with excellent commentary on theology, news and "all things Catholic."

He is about the eightieth Anglican priest to be ordained in the Catholic Church since the Pastoral Provision was made by the late John Paul 2 in 1980. Keep him in your prayers as well as the many Anglican folks who are struggling with the issues in their communion.

Apparently the flow of the tide "across the Tiber" sometimes goes both ways though. I read that there are forty Catholic priests a year who are leaving Catholicism to become Anglican. I suspect we are getting the best end of the stick in this exchange. It's about quality, not quantity. If you have read Pontifications, you will see the heart of a man committed to the Catholic Church and the folks that Father Kimel will serve will be blessed indeed.

St. John Vianney (patron saint of priests), pray for Father Kimel and his family as he accepts the mantle of responsibility of carrying forth the apostolic mission of the Catholic Church.