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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Evocation Of A Spirit Aligned With Geomancy

Evocation Of A Spirit Aligned With Geomancy
I am goodbye to compensate in advance. I by a long way do not think time to do this post decency. I am goodbye to get sidetracked, back search for, move sloping, do some loops, turn back on face-to-face and generally memorandum this in a unclear mien as the sentence hit. Offering is too far afield info that I deficiency to unique right now as it occurs. Someday, I may learn to craft posts desire Faust or memorandum ingeniously desire WitchDoctorJoe. Both of those may emerge in my nearby ultimate. They unconsciously phantom not emerge today.

I wrote that middle completed. Having cut out some precedent diversions that were needless to unique at this time, it isn't that bad but motionless...

The other side in May, I hit upon the structure, projected with Faust's help, to bring to mind spirits connected to each symbol of geomancy. I had a devise moved by my work in the back workshop with the Compassionate Deity. I would by a long way juggle a radio presenter of hierarchical powers and furthermore attraction an comparable earth spirit up completed the earth. Due to the nonreligious heat of Fresno summers the back workshop narrow I was do this in never got in enough manner. I whichever had two and a partly weeks of frugal back snag that slowed things down.

Mercifulness to the Druid's squeeze psychiatric therapy and a adjoin of occult arts, those issues cleared up specifically lucky.

So, I knew the ruler day of the go out with, July 23 in sidereal astrology was coming up. This is synchronize for me to miss as it is my bicentennial. Bizarrely, this is one of the reasons HD gives me for the way we let somebody in on. "You were inherent earlier to the beginning than you know." Referring to Leo barely and the directly time of my begin. It implies that man's moment is off. Loyalty me I think no structure what that resources and I don't precision. By lie over that make available palpably resources the Core and that make available possibly will be completed towards self characterize with invariable meaning.

Afterward July 23 coming up, I knew I had to idle. I appropriate couldn't. I was halfhearted. Objects got in the way. I was acute by debate of Jesus and how I was interpreting evangelism. I whichever know that my assistant was really looking speak to to it. I loathing leasing citizens down. I motionless did zip until Thursday night. As I hunch about what to do, a new devise emerged. Bizarrely, it fit concerning past magickal important and spirit prompts but I straightforwardly realized that later on.

July 23 is the beginning of Leo. So, we called a spirit that relates to the ruler decanate (10 degrees) of Leo AND the geomantic symbol of Fortuna Main.

Folks bookish about astrology phantom find all sorts of snag in the ultra. The gods protect fools and unacquainted magicians such as their hearts are in the right place or they get lucky.

So, about is what we did.

I set up my Solomonic circle in the temple room. Want time readers know that my circle is enclosed by the names of the Shemhamphoresch Angels not the traditional names of God you'll find in the Consequent Key. Fair beforehand the compose to-do of Sirius, the dog star, which is what I believe(d) is sidereal astrology's starting appear, I placed a design with a black mirror.

I purified with water and sacred with fire. I ran completed my chant I use for Solomonic work. Special that the angels sort five degrees of each sign, I called upon two of them as we were goodbye for a 10 pace sort, Vehuiah and Yeliel. I called them in a way that straight relates to the chant I use. In shared order they appeared. I am without doubt they were introduce in the past I sensed them but subsequently I felt their apparition, I asked them if they were about by their names (I'm learning to get that one right) and they expected, "Yes, we are about. Oh presumptuous one." Hard times Hard times phantom Robinson! Danger? Peshaw!

I furthermore described the design of the spirit I salutation to come up from the earth and rigorous in the mirror for my seer. Bizarrely, at the calling of the angels, my partner/seer felt desire she was weighted down with prosperity of sand all higher than her physique. The spirit I asked for had to be under the powers of Saturn in Leo (5 of Wands my begin card which I be attracted to comes from Tropical Astrology not Sidereal); of equipped disposition; of the ruler decanate of Leo; under the powers of Teth (Hebrew Square coupled with Leo) of the design of the geomantic symbol Fortuna Major; and that is under the charge of the angels I called.

It appeared. [Cue dramatic music]

My seer is a visional occultist. I am acoustic. The appear of the rite was to get dialect completed her, not me. So, one time my ruler make available of, "We wish introduce to be no spite connecting we and thee," I asked the spirit to dispense us a sign for yes. The image was of a time protection project with time leave-taking in one influence. I asked for an image meaning no. The effect was the exact subterfuge straightforwardly with time leave-taking the contrasting influence. I thanked the spirit and ask it to sing the yes explanation for cleanness. It did. At this time, I had no structure what images my seer was seeing straightforwardly that she clearly understood the yes or no meaning of what she saw.

"Are you a spirit of the ruler decanate of Leo as conceived under Sidereal Astrology?" Yes.

"Are you a spirit of Fortuna Major?" Yes. This came with a quickness of good feel affection for transmitted completed my seer to me. In ritual, her emotions upshot my pedestal investment. Aside from that being a really cool effect, it is speedy and bland dialect. If she ever gets in assiduousness in ritual, I phantom know straight away and get us out of introduce.

The nearby was not a yes or no condemn and I wondered how it would be answered. "In the function of is your organize in cosmology?" The catalog 3 appeared. In the function of does that mean? Counting from the top down the 3rd Chthonic realm? Who knows? I knew it was too indefinite in the ruler place.

To the same extent this is the beginning of the go out with I asked a condemn to do with early period, "Can you aid me such as I start my projects so that they go as I intend?" Yes.

"Can you aid me by carrying great weight me such as the best time is to start my projects?" Yes.

My begin card is the five of wands, fighting. You may think noticed I can break fine concerning oral conflicts and get embroiled without delay. "Can you teach me or aid me in learning the grateful and negative line of conflict?" Yes.

"Can you teach or aid me in learning how to bank conflict?" Yes.

"Can you teach me how to conduct in my endeavors?" The time in the image ran in both commands. We took that to mean maybe. So I asked an spontaneous discern up condemn. "Does that mean you can sometimes but not always?" Yes. Makes judgment that some of my events would not fall within his realm.

"Can you straight help me conduct in my endeavors?" The explanation was one of puzzlment, ambiguity etc. So, I rephrased. "Can you use your powers to get things to crowd or citizens to do things that phantom aid me in my endeavors?" Yes.

"Can you teach me the true and well-brought-up meaning of Fortuna Main in prediction and all other forms of geomantic arts?" Yes and again introduce was strong clement sentiment.

"In the function of other things fall under your authority?" Dot. Specified discern up questions resulted in my seer perceiving that he possibly will get things to crowd at the record kindhearted era. He replied in the negative such as asked if he possibly will help us move back and speak to concerning time. Other than, I sensed a grayish narrow introduce. Specified rephrasing may think yielded principal outcome but this was not on my superiority list and well-defined things were to come.

"In the function of hand-outs may possibly you value that I am delightful and equipped to provide?" This time it was the spirit's turn to be mystified off guardian. It in due course gave us an explanation. I asked, "Do these things verification to Growth to you?" Yes again with strong grateful sentiment. "Inner self you teach me luxury about how you are germane to Growth the nearby time I call?" Yes.

I asked that condemn from the time when I did a former tarot reading on the slap of this devise. I phantom not arrange the all-embracing thing but I phantom say the card that represents the setting was the 5 of wands. It was the Spotless card to be introduce. The effect card was the Chariot. The Chariot is coupled with Growth. If your hunch is cancer? In the function of the heck? That phantom be explained shortly.

"Inner self you come to my plea and drill your powers to aid me?" Yes.

"In the function of shall I plea you?" To-do, hiatus.

"Do you think a name?" Yes.

"Do you know our English alphabet?" No.

"Do you know the Hebrew alphabet?" Yes.

"Is the ruler commentary of your name in the ruler partly of the Hebrew alphabet?" No.

"Is the ruler commentary of your name in the instant partly of the Hebrew alphabet?" Yes.

"Is the ruler commentary of your name plantary?" Yes.

I asked if it was this commentary or that and obtained an explanation. In this mien we obtained a four-letter name. I asked if this was his name. Yes.

I asked how I should plea him. To-do [stupid secular].

"Can I plea you using the rescue we appropriate used?" Yes.

"Can I plea you appropriate using your name?" Yes.

"Is introduce anything we can do that you would like?" It gave us some answers that I'd think no difficulty in filling.

"Do you wish to effect now?" Yes.

I copiously thanked the spirit and legitimate it to effect. Authorized in luxury of a social judgment as in I'd indicate you to the doorway if you vanished my home. It was not in a authorization judgment. Offering was no famine for a demob.

Special the check design of this rite, I was not goodbye to cheek that circle with out a good banishing. Passing through my sword, I did an LBRP. Other than, introduce was a disagreement.

In conduct yourself the Q-Cross, I expressed a make available about what the q-cross meant to me. While I called upon the archangels I tease to each one carrying great weight them how and what I salutation them to banish. I prayed to them and asked their blessings. Gabriel responded in a way I phantom never not take the trouble. Michael, was nearby with an huge fire blessing. Uriel towered ultra us. It was the straightforwardly time I've called on them and seen one generous than than the rest.

This was the record compliant, soothing, affectionate, clement, packed, purifying and cleansing banishing I think ever done. A lot of prayer is inwardly my rites now and it is works so very well for me. My amount with and understanding of those four angels skyrocketed connect night. I was extremely stimulated.

Atypical working with HD, we did not sit more or less a watch concerning space in some typical of incoherent divine one time discoloration. We were cautious and matured to go. We wrote down the answers to the questions and talked about our perceptions.

In my box the record powerful parts of the rite had zip to do with the spirit handle. While I sacred with fire, the sky opened up with astral lightening. The hazy sky had a roomy red hue. This view maintained as I walked about the circle. It was huge. Last intense moments were as described at banishing. The rest of the time felt desire likely chief space.

While I did the gemantria (precise principles of mail and coupled meanings) using the spirit's name. I didn't come up with far afield. Other than, the diverse meanings of the Hebrew mail of the name did go in with matching. For those of you that do not know, Hebrew mail think a catalog, meaning, and other correspondances take credit. For instance, aleph is 1, air and ox. Beth is 2, Mercury and assembly.

I went to bed connect night and as I was declining off to snooze, it occured to me that all weigh down is based on shakiness. I hunch of diverse conflicts I think been in and found that explanation well-brought-up. Next I came upon one that didn't fit. "I am not wobbly about that! No, but she is!" This provided absorbed deep thought concerning someone at work that that drives me and patronize others more or less the frequent bend.

Gotcha. The ruler lesson from the spirit came without delay.

This dawn I hunch, "I think this sidereal astrology thing all unscrupulous. If the ruler day of the sidereal astrology was July 23, shouldn't this be sidereal Aries?" Closely the explanation was no. We're in Cancer! Growth the effect of my tarot reading. Growth which was the meaning he accredited to the hand-outs he asked for. I famine to learn luxury about sidereal astrology at this time.

So my astrology was all messed up. I opened with a prayer to HD, which is not a deity I'd coupled with these angels. I complex three remarkable techniques concerning one rite in a way I've never done in the past and did a lot of connect petite spontaneous thinking and the rescue of obtaining the name came out of vanished front line. Parts of this were really f ed up mechanically. My complexity was put on submit. Other than, introduce are other parts to be victorious of.

Awful, firm the answers and what I've erudite in the past the calling, I am marking this as a absorbed slap as far as the opening fire support and the closing banishing. I am calling this a guarded slap with the spirit. All the answers and knowledge I'm being paid feel greatly but it is desire parley self extremely for the ruler time. We'll see.

I did think a very clement dream connect night. I was food and I was well-known with that. YIKES! Having that dream one time and evocation is worrying. I am not without doubt how or if I should give back to that. It did self-possession to do not harm to us, our dear ones or our soil. I am very willing I got that self-possession.

This image shows the temple this dawn.