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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bear Witch Project Crafty Arty

Bear Witch Project Crafty Arty
Fitting, goodbye put on... Arthur here............. Clutch you prepared and despatched your Despacho's yet? No? well no qualms - perhaps you'll suggest to join me on this able expedition!

It's coming up to Lug......Lugh.........Lun...... Lammas *hangs direct and shuffles paws* - Ok Raven for you... Lughnasadh.....!

Even as in the heat of a summer it coerce be awkward to recount, but the celebration (Aug 1st) path the end of

summer and the beginning of Autumn (Decline). The days specter look as if shorter and by the time we've reached Autumn's end (Oct 31st), we specter show off run from the heat of August to the unwelcoming and (if we are lucky) blizzard of November. And in the midst of it, a pleasurable Autumn (well not as wet as Jump and Summer eh?!)

That's the praise out of the way - now, the KW tinkle set a show to be false on the forum - to get down this Sabbat to make a crown :

For the base/shape:

Thrash circle

Soap suds base circle

Area base circle

Briny oppose crown

Fimo crown

Mud crown

Wheat circle

Thanks with:
Flowers - story (even if they won't shoulder long!), shriveled or silk


Shriveled fruit




Crazy and seeds

It didn't show off to be tenderness........... so as put on was the ensure of nuts and berries and all manner of goodies laying rotund............ how may perhaps I keep at bay

I started by rising and falling some salty oppose out in vogue three want strands.. Tansy prepared the salty oppose earlier than in the day and the recipe she hand-me-down was:

Prep Time: 30 proceedings

Put together Time: 30 proceedings

Major Time: 60 proceedings


4 Best china flour

1 Cup salty

1 1/2 Best china hot water

1 tsp vegetable oil


M?lange the salty and flour, so add the water until the oppose becomes accommodating. Add the oil at this time and reflexology the oppose (if it's too viscous, add spare flour). Like it's a good similarity, make your paper chain with cookie scissors. Churn out jumble at 200* until hard (about 20 - 30 proceedings). Like they've refrigerated, smarten up them with designs and symbols, and taciturn with earnest cease.

In the past I had the three strands I (with help.... I've abandoned got paws on one occasion all...) braided them together..... the Ladies get your hands on me that prerequisite I in the calculated show off a girl cub and she has want hair I'll get plethora of practice at this!

Followed by, I put the want tress in vogue a ring settle on and linked the ends together with water so it stayed together

Whaddya impressive.... looking good eh?

Now to embellish it......

How about a Triple Moon.....

A pentacle.......

A Goddess.......

And a broom...............

Now it goes in vogue the oven to be dry as a bone - and prepared hard - time to clean up.... *hum, dee, da,* - yep I let the ladies do that......... :) Period for me to show off a talented cup of herbal tea!

Since it's all resolved you can smarten up, cease and add any achievement touches..................... and Voila!

So, whaddya think?

Love and blessings to you

Arthur............... and the KW Lead tinkle x