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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What Saint Porphyrios Of Kavsokalyva Said About Old Calendarism

What Saint Porphyrios Of Kavsokalyva Said About Old Calendarism
Deserving Porphyrios of Kavsokalyva hypothetical the past about Old Calendarism:

"If you are going to happen in the world, run through the calendar of the Place of worship, that you may not bring nuisance to the everyday, unless you pressure to happen on Growth Athos."*

Common if you happen on Growth Athos, the imposing Leader driven the following: Be in communion with the Place of worship and the Monasteries and do not happen in the delirium of "zealotry", for it is in the same way as of your slapdash zealotry that introduce is a fissure within the Place of worship, each private raising their own standard to put forward their distinctiveness, and not an Normal mindset which is decorated with modesty and control.

This is why he stressed:

"To preserve our unity, we requisite be superior to the Place of worship, to her Bishops. When we are superior to the Place of worship, we are superior to Christ. We requisite view for the Place of worship. Let us not hold the criticisms of her assemblage.

At Growth Athos the spirit I astute was Normal, tomblike, holy, rumbling, deficient quarrels, deficient fights, deficient reproof. Do not procure the critics of the clergy. Common if we see with our eyes something negative done by a nun, let us not procure it, nor put money on about it, nor connect it. The vastly goes for the lay members of the Place of worship and for all everyday. We are all the Place of worship. Whoever criticizes the Place of worship in the same way as of the mistakes of her assemblage, in order to supposedly help and prim her, make a big flaw. These everyday do not love the Place of worship. And of course, Christ either. We love the Place of worship once with our prayers we bind each member and do at all Christ does. We loss ourselves, we conduct vigil, we do everything being Him, Who once they hurled their swear at Him, He did not retaliate; once He suffered, He made no bullying"' (1 Pet. 2:23).

* The Place of worship of Greece, to which St. Porphyrios belonged seeing that in Athens, follows the New Reference book, seeing that utmost of Growth Athos chooses to run through the Old Reference book, as it is tolerated by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Source: From the book "Serious Medication According to Saint Porphyrios". Restatement by John Sanidopoulos.