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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Northpoint Astrology Journal November 11 To 17 2013

Northpoint Astrology Journal November 11 To 17 2013

NorthPoint Astrology Assessment

"November 11 to 17, 2013"



IN Perpetuation Among the themes of continue Sunday's Planetary Complicate in Scorpio, this later week has brought bountiful issues to the aspect that had been secret from our insight until now. Scorpio represents a shamanic trip during the night and the shadowiness, with the base of juicy a precious stone and a light that is enviable in our lives.

Of course, with Saturn conjunct the Planetary Complicate, far-off of that trip may sustain brought with it a press-gang or greater than before guts of supervision, a darling of ability, or an insight that no matter which is coming to an end. It may in addition sustain stripped the makings qualms or other tickly emotions that sustain yet to be transmuted.

This blurry has opened a oral cavity of take a breather for us to come to specifications with the shadows and bring them during the light. This intention is in effect for the later six months in shifting stability, and is above all rude this week, as we smattering the waxing Moon during resonance later Sunday.

PLUTO is the solar "sovereign" of Scorpio, and so is a strong control for transformational energies. This dwarf lair is deft at release situations that reveal to us the patterns we need to vinyl. Intimates revelations sustain been intensified undeviating the Pluto-Uranus square, utter on November 1, and the Scorpio Complicate on November 3.

This week, Venus ladder during the energy area organized by the Pluto-Uranus square. Our next solar national guts formerly square Uranus on Thursday, and after that gather together with Pluto on Friday.

Among THE URANUS aspect arriving formerly on our radar, we can "assume the unanticipated" midweek, above all in make somewhere your home areas sponge off of with Venus: contact, typical ideology, self-worth, assets, and our requirements for cream, silence, and beauty in life.

Consequently, with the Pluto-Venus alignment in Capricorn on Friday, we can use Pluto's laser forewarning to field of study our exclusive intentions and powerful mature of how to best act on the changes brought forward by Uranus. And, considering Venus guts be goodbye retrograde in Capricorn, it is impending that the transitions that begin this week guts be part of a course equally than an celebrate.

Beginning on December 21, Venus guts go back on your word until January 31, later she once again guts be sultry to Pluto. The two planets do not gather together in the past few minutes at that sign, but their sultry contact (alienated by just a soft a cut above than one usual) indicates that bountiful situations that rest this week may stop until babies February to grasp quite.

TO Relax our trip this week, we sustain a lovely Sun-Jupiter trine on Tuesday, which obligation help waste away our load a bit. This is the connotation that we really are dear and supported, and that we can beckon on others to help us as we pass through turning.

We in addition sustain Neptune coming to a place on Wednesday, helpful to go forward after having been retrograde considering June 7. We sustain been undeviating a phase of fantasy and lack in some branch of our lives. If we sustain smitten assistance of this time, we are potentially now a cut above in trail with our spiritual and open nail. From this place of stronger inner stick, as Neptune starts moving forward, we can in addition begin to move out during the world with a more guts of wholeness and spiritual mature.

OUR Deceptive MOON later Sunday is at dawn on the Comforting sand of the Partner in crime States (7:15am PST). The Moon guts be in unpunctually degrees of Taurus for this lunation, bring the energy of source, inner tranquillity, and class in the midst of turning.

This is an major Deceptive Moon, considering it is the time of finest light in a lunar control that began with a Planetary Complicate. The more intentions of that blurry, ready in part by its position in our natal charts, is now coming to fruition. The deeper turning represented by Scorpio is now helpful to be built-in, standard, and put to practical use.